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To Return or Not Return Your Trays?

Concern: In fast food restaurants, people simply get up and walk away, leaving their mess on the table. Is this behaviour our culture or should we make a change? By Maisarah


A common sight at fast food eateries and food courts

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ray-return policy is widespread across the globe and considered a normal etiquette in most countries whereby the patrons of food establishments clean up after themselves at fast food restaurants and food courts. The tray-return habit is to ensure we maintain a hygienic eating environment for ourselves and also the next person to use the table. Why should I return the tray? The whole point of eating outdoors is to avoid cleaning up after myself and besides, by not returning the trays, I’m helping the economy as food chains will be forced to employ someone to do the dirty job so to say. This is the common answer we came

across when asked whether we should have a ‘Tray Return’ policy here. Here’s some insight; the cleaners will be hired regardless of tray returned or not because there is actually a lot more work that needs to be done besides picking up trays at tables. If keeping our tables filthy will help keep their jobs, we should take it a step further and guarantee their jobs by randomly throwing trash around the table and floor to ensure longevity in their occupation. So remove this false justification from your head as the cleaners would rather wipe down the tables and sort and clean the crockery and cutlery rather than pick up your trash. Continued on page 4

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TOSSING FOR GOOD BUSINESS Celebration: Southern University College students brighten up Thistle Johor Bahru’s Yee Sang Dinner


histle Johor Bahru recently hosted a ‘Yee Sang’ dinner for its corporate clients and long staying guests. About 350 guests attended the dinner held at the Orchid Ballroom. Donned in Chinese and office attire, the guests were welcomed by the management team of the hotel led by Edward Kollmer, the General Manager. The guests were treated to an 8-course set Chinese menu specially prepared by Executive Chef Imran Hamid. Dishes included the Prosperity Yee Sang, Twin Happiness Seafood Soup, Hong Kong Style Wok Fried Cod Fish, Szechuan Smoked Chicken, Crispy Prawns with Mayonnaise, Braised Asparagus with Black Mushrooms, Aromatic Rice in Lotus Leaf and the much favourite Fried Durian Fritters with Thai Coconut Jelly as dessert. The highlight of the evening was the tossing of the ‘Yee Sang’ where all the guests lined up in front of two long tables and wished for good business, prosperity, good luck and happiness. The dinner started off with an exhilarating lion dance performance followed by loud drumming sounds of the “Chaozhou Dagu” (large Chinese drums) systematically and cleverly performed by the students of the Southern University College. The guests were

Thistle Johor Bahru’s General Manager Edward Kollmer also entertained to traditional Chinese dances. “Gong Xi Fa Cai” and may the Year of The Golden Horse bring us an abundance of good health, prosperity, good luck and happiness. We can all look forward to a successful year ahead and a solid business relationship that will last for years to come.

Words cannot express how much I greatly appreciate your continuous support”, said Kollmer in his addressing speech. Guests had their photos taken beside the Golden Horse placed at the entrance of the Ballroom and were presented with goody bags before the dinner ended on a successful note.


Johor Bahru MP Tan Sri Shahrir Samad with BCSG JB launching their new centre located at No. 12, Jalan Ru, Melodies Garden, Johor Bahru.

Auto Bavaria Johor Bahru Performance Day at Puteri Harbour saw exhilarating driving of BMW’s finest. (Pic by Zarakay)

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Iskandar Malaysia

The Iskandarian speaks to everyday teens to derive their suggestions and opinions about Iskandar Malaysia. The Iskandarian also invites all youths to share your thoughts with us via email at: What is your opinion on the impact of JB transformation towards the youth community? It definitely has a positive impact on the society especially the youth community. How do you think is the best way to get youths involved in culture and heritage programmes? For starters, more outdoor and indoor activities should be organised and there should be advertisements and banners regarding it to create awareness. This way, you would attract more participation.

Seen at AEON, planting more trees is definitely a yay on anyday! -Submitted by Anonymous (AEON Bukit Indah)

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What are some suggestions you have to make JB city centre livelier? I think the city could be more developed and kept clean. Some changes are there but it should be better and if JB city really attains the likes of Venice, I’m sure that by itself will make the place look livelier! If your friend is visiting JB, where would you bring them? I’d take them for shopping at City Square as there are good outlets for the youth and of course to LEGOLAND Malaysia.

Does the upgrading of shopping complexes such as City Square and Galleria brought any impact towards you? Yes, it has. At least it feels good to go there now with all the renovations done. What do you think is one key success factor to make JB Transformation programme a success? The community must work together. What is lacking in Johor Bahru? Besides the current theme parks, I think there should be good museums, and also well equipped public parks.

Muhamad Azizi B Mohd Saberi Age:19

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SECOND BATCH OF CREATIVE INDUSTRY TALENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME Opportunity: Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) and Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios (PIMS) recently jointly launched the second batch of courses under Iskandar Malaysia Creative Industry Talent Development Program (IMCITDP)


Malaysian’s like to use Japan as a point of reference for many things and going with the look east sentiment, in Japan, if someone leaves without returning his tray, the other customers will cast disapproving looks at him or her. Cleanliness is not one of the strong points of Malaysians. We have flunked in our public toilet sanitation habits, we have failed miserably when it comes to simple no littering campaigns and now we’re also facing more embarrassment when it comes to the cleanliness of the places that we eat at. We Malaysians take a lot of pride in our food but the aftermath of our one hour lunch break indulgence is repulsive to look at by our fellow Malaysians and not to mention the tourists. In 2011, an article in the New Straits Times said, “Many tourists have described Malaysia as a good tourist destination but were not very happy about the cleanliness of tourist spots, especially toilets. Cleanliness and protection of the environment was crucial for Malaysia to become a major tourist destination in the world.” The article was quoting Former Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen who went on to kick start a campaign themed; ‘1Malaysia Green, 1Malaysia Clean’, to help spread the awareness. With all the right efforts in place, yet we fell short and failed to realise a very basic logic. Our country generates a lot of revenue from the tourism industry and 2014 being Visit Malaysia Year means we the citizens have to change some customary (lazy) habits to ensure we retain high tourism receipts. If we don’t keep clean, we’re not thinking clean either. Most of the images we have included

in this article was snapped at fast food chains nearby prominent schools and universities which means the litterbugs are mostly students who are not ethically conscious about cleaning up after themselves. Singapore our clean and green neighbour kicked off a tray-return initiative last year. The initiatives’ key driver is the National Environmental Agency and though the campaign has hit a few snags, it has picked up momentum this year and “tray-return partner” decal pasted at the storefront of food outlets constantly serve as a reminder to the patrons to do the right thing. We Malaysians pride ourselves as very capable people and at times more capable than our across the bridge neighbour based on the fact that they hire more of us compared to us hiring them. So keeping in-sync with this mindset, we should be able to do better and shout out loud to our neighbours and the rest of the world that we Malaysians prioritise cleanliness and will self impose tray-return without any policy being drawn up by the government. We all like our eating places to be clean, pleasant and tidy, and cleaning up after ourselves is part of the consideration for others. It is as simple as that and by practice it will become second nature to us. If we want to make true of Iskandar Malaysia’s vision to be a strong and sustainable metropolis of international standing, we have to start small by instilling common discipline and hygienic habits. All this may seem a lot of fuss over something very small. But, as a society, if we can’t even get the small gestures right, we’ll never be able to tackle the real problems.

he collaborative endeavor aimed at training and strengthening the levels of professionalism and skills among film production personnel especially in various aspects of international filmmaking. The Minister of Communication and Multimedia, YB Dato’ Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek officiated the event which was organised at the University of Kuala Lumpur. In his speech it was stated that under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), the government has identified the Creative sector as one of the key contributors to growing Malaysia’s Gross National Income (GNI) through investments and job creation. IRDA Chief Executive Datuk Ismail Ibrahim said 30 intensive courses will be offered to the second batch of trainees, covering film-making skills such as production management, arts department, casting, location management, and management techniques for film. There will also be Master-Classes designed for Malaysian filmmakers offering trainings in screenwriting and adaptation, cinematography, production design, global producing and working with distributors, among others. “The first batch of 146 trainees graduated on 28 May 2013 after undergoing 10 weeks of intensive vocational training from international industry experts in hairdressing, makeup, wardrobe management, production accounting, set construction, grip and electric departments. Many of the graduates have been employed by local and international

production companies,” said Datuk Ismail. Similar to the first batch, the second training will offer courses to be instructed by qualified and experienced experts in the respective fields, allowing the trainees to gain valuable knowledge of international best practices in film making. “In meeting the projected talentrequirements of incoming foreign productions, some of the courses taught to the first batch of trainees are now offered by accredited training centres under the Department of Skill since the fourth quarter of 2013. This will enable more Malaysians to be trained in the seven skills areas,” Datuk Ismail added. “IRDA will continue working with the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, Malaysian film and creative industry associations, vocational schools and institutions of higher learning, in particular University of Kuala Lumpur, to encourage more Malaysians to take up these skills,” said Datuk Ismail. PIMS Chief Executive Officer Michael Lake said these courses will be held in collaboration with MET Film School from the United Kingdom, which brings to the Program its extensive network of world-class and experienced mentors and trainers. The second batch of trainings will commence their courses at various times from January 2014 through to July 2014. Eligible Malaysians can now register for future trainings under the IMCITDP at www.


Highlight: Food delivery leader Foodpanda and Convenience store chain giant 7-Eleven announces tie up.


oodpanda Malaysia announced its latest initiative to revolutionise the delivery industry with a tie up with convenience store, 7-Eleven. This service extends to delivery areas where Foodpanda operates including the Klang Valley, Subang, Cyberjaya / Putrajaya, Johor Bahru and Penang. Items currently on the menu include high-in demand snacks, beverages, confectionery and prepaid reload cards with more new items to be added in the near future. 7-Eleven Malaysia has tied up with Foodpanda Malaysia in leveraging on their delivery experience and logistics. Foodpanda Malaysia is currently the largest food delivery platform in Malaysia. Ronan Lee, General Manager (Marketing) of 7-Eleven Malaysia says, “I

am happy to announce that we are the first and only convenience store in Malaysia to provide delivery services to selected areas in collaboration with Foodpanda as an “extra convenient” option for consumers”. “We think customers will appreciate the convenience that both Foodpanda and 7- Eleven will be providing with this tie-up”, said Claudio Abitante, Managing Director of Foodpanda Malaysia. “We currently see an increase in demand for convenience store items – as we see customers requesting for snacks on top of food delivery orders”. Foodpanda operates between 10am to 11pm daily. You can order your favourite convenience store items for delivery from via their website, iOS and Android application. Payment can be made via Credit Card, PayPal or cash on delivery.





Youths ‘Chill’ with the Menteri Besar Highlight: Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin made an informal visit to Petit Outdoor to touch base with the youths


etit Outdoor became the venue for youths to get closer to Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin as he made an informal visit there to touch base with the wants and needs of the current youths. Sharin Hashim, the owner of Petit Outdoor, has built his own climbing center from scratch after over 20 years of experience in competitive and leisure indoor and outdoor climbing. His team was the first team of climbers to conquer ‘Nenek Semukut’, a 700 feet high scenic twin peaks known as the Dragon Horn’s of Pulau Tioman, and were certified by the Malaysian Book of Records in 2002 for this feat. The informal evening with Khaled saw representatives from JOHO, Johor Bahru Readers and Writers from JB Arts Festival and The Iskandarian, to name a few. All quarters expressed the need for showcasing the talents of the youths and how further engagement from the State Government is needed to foster closer ties. “The state will encourage and support all forms of engagement with the youths of today as it is our role to facilitate the need. Apart from getting them involved in joint programmes, we also want to see the values that they can impart to the society and help nurture more socially

Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, Youth Exco Y.B. Datuk Zulkurnain Bin Hj Kamisan and IRDA’s Social Development Division Head Nor Hisham Hussein having an informal evening with the youth at Petit Outdoor conscious efforts,” said Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin. He added that the State will also look into organising expos at shopping malls to help promote products done by the youths and to showcase their talents and services in various


The Menteri Besar spent over two hours entertaining questions and providing solutions to the youths while enjoying the food items and bbq prepared by the host.





LEGOLAND MALAYSIA LAUNCHES LEGOLAND EDUPLAY EXPRESS Community: LEGOLAND EduPlay Express will tour 1000 schools in Malaysia offering children a LEGO themed learning experience.


housands of children around Malaysia are about to benefit from an innovative, unique learning concept and it is set to take place on a bus. This is because LEGOLAND Malaysia is taking its educational experience to the road, on an exclusively designed LEGO themed bus that is aptly named the LEGOLAND EduPlay Express. The LEGOLAND EduPlay Express was recently launched at a special event held at the Sekolah Kebangsaan Temenggong Abdul Rahman 1 (STAR 1) in Johor Bahru which was chosen as the first destination. It was officiated by Tuan Haji Yasman b. Jamsir, Head of Sector for Human Development and official representative for the Director of Jabatan Pendidikan Johor, together with Ms Thila Munusamy, Director of Sales & Marketing, LEGOLAND Malaysia. Thila Munusamy said, “We are really excited to be able to transport part of the LEGOLAND experience around the country. The LEGOLAND EduPlay Express will tour about one thousand schools this year, building fun into learning. Our educational programmes are about inspiring big ideas among the next generation of

scientists, engineers and artists”. LEGOLAND EduPlay Express will visit the schools around the state of Johor, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur for this year alone. This tour will run until the month of November 2014. The educational programs available on the LEGOLAND EduPlay Express are based on those offered in the Park. This means that students will be able to try their hand at the interactive programs that feature mechanics from the programs which are currently held daily in the LEGO Academy and the Build & Test Centre. LEGOLAND Malaysia will also introduce its “Play + Learn” package for schools trips. This package will include cool hands-on Workshops and unlimited fun at the Theme Park for as little as RM 55 per person. Free entry to the Water Park will also be included in the package from now until end of March 2014. For more information on the LEGOLAND EduPlay Express and LEGOLAND Malaysia’s school packages, please visit the LEGOLAND Malaysia website:


Want to share your ideas? Email us today:

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Johor Bahru chapter brought Chinese New Year joy to the kids of Grace Covenant Children Home by handing out red packets and organising a lantern making competition.

The Iskandarian Issue 19 | MAR 2014 Advertisement

The Iskandarian Issue 19 | MAR 2014 Advertisement





The Iskandarian Monthly Drill The Iskandarian aspires to be the voice of the rakyat and with that in mind, our Editor touches base with CEOs and Chairmen of organisations to Drill them with questions to hear their opinions and perspectives.

Sreedhar has over 27 years of experience in consulting and senior management, about ten of which was with Arthur Andersen, a major international management consulting group. He was formerly the CEO of Encorp Media, which included ntv7, radio and internet media, Director and Chief Technology Officer of Efficient E-Solutions Bhd, CEO of BRIS Information Services Sdn Bhd, CEO and Founder of The Malaysian Insider and has held top positions in many other big corporations. He is currently the President and CEO of Asian Broadcasting Network (M) Sdn Bhd (ABN) and sits on the Board of several private companies in Malaysia. Established in 2011, ABN is Malaysia’s first Digital Cable TV Network provider. How did this revolutionary idea take shape? We refrain from using the word TV because we’re a fixed network that provides streaming TV content or access to the internet. So when we first launched this digital network, it was to provide ‘triple play’ services whereby you have video, internet and voice. But that terminology will go away eventually because with the same network you’ll be able to have multiple services. So in the future, the platform will be Multimedia Services. The revolutionary idea took shape with our stakeholders who saw cable networks in other countries and realised the benefits of such services being provided to Malaysians since there is no real alternative from current service providers to provide paid TV services as well as access to the internet especially with this particular technology. The technology that we use is not new but it is the most used platform to provide paid TV services by both developed and under developed countries. We understand that cable is everywhere but Malaysia just has not embarked on a big cable rollout. So our stakeholders saw the need to provide the platform as it will bring down the cost of paid TV and internet services to the consumers.

What is the reach ABNxcess in Johor

Sreedhar Subramaniam President & CEO ABNxcess / Asian Broadcasting Network (M) Sdn. Bhd.

and what are the plans to further market it here?

early days how companies have failed during the recession times and as a consultant, my task was either to look at how to close We are still in infancy stages in Johor. We’ve down companies or how to turn around already done 20,000 houses here but our companies. During this period, one of the things that was very goal is to hit 200,000 clear to me was that houses by the end of this “Right now we successful companies year. We’re putting in have 122 channels paid attention to three more contractors on the important things which ground and hiring more ready to be is good technology, people to do in-house viewed and we’re good process and good constructing as well. This people. Naturally, when technology is new and we definitely looking you hire people, you don’t have a lot of local to increase more tend to look for the expertise, so it’s taking people with the right some time to train our channels” skills and experience guys to get it right. The but even then, you plan is already in place see them fail because of a lack of and it’s a matter of execution. character such as integrity, honesty and punctuality. So if you want to do well How many channels are currently regardless of good or bad times, you need to being aired and will there be an have the three things with emphasis to good increase? character. I have a mantra; “Anyone can be Right now we have 122 channels ready to a good person based on their knowledge be viewed and we’re definitely looking to and background but if you want to be a increase more channels. We actually have great person, you need to be a person of a capacity to broadcast 200 channels which good character”. In my experience, I’ve we’ll probably utilise by next year. We’ll be seen individuals taking shortcuts to make moving to our new location in Technology things happen in this highly competitive Park Malaysia and when we are fully set up environment and when they do that, they there by the end of 2015, we should be able usually operate with not so great character to broadcast more than 500 channels. Some (laughs). question the need to have so many channels, but our objective is to provide choices to our Tell us more about being the former subscribers.

How is the competition with Astro?

We don’t really see them as competition as we welcome other paid TV operators to use our platform as well. So what you normally see as competition might actually translate as broadcasters working together on a media platform. We already have Media Prima in our frame and are in discussions with RTM and we welcome local content providers so we’re actually in a different game so to say. We’re providing a distribution network to allow people to have access to this content via a very good technology platform called hybrid fibre coaxial.

Apart from being the CEO of ABN, you’ve also been the CEO of other big organisations, what is your secret of success and what strategies have you enshrined as your core principle? I spend the first 12 years of my life as a management consultant. I’ve seen in the

CEO and Founder of The Malaysian Insider?

We faced a lot of resistance for starting The Malaysian Insider. In 2007, the technology to operate an online newspaper was very cheap and easy to set up. So having come from an IT and Media background, I felt there was a strong need for a media platform to provide fairly independent and unbiased news. From a business standpoint based on costing and technology, it was the perfect period for launching it, so in early 2008 when we got it running, The Malaysian Insider gained traction very fast and today it’s a well known brand even though I’m no longer a part of it due to other commitments.

During the official launching of ABN by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in June 2013, he mentioned that ABN can reach a bigger market. How true is this statement in terms of

realised subscribers? We are breaking records every month in terms of installation and our market research done twice by independent consultants, was very clear that paid TV services in our country is one of the highest. This is because of the infra cost incurred and with our technology, we incur a lower cost which translates as lowered cost for our subscribers. There is a huge demand so we are quenching this thirst progressively.

Some sceptics have said that ABNxcess will become a white elephant project and face the similar fate of Mega TV which began transmissions in November 1995 and was operated by TV3 until it dissolved in 2001. What’s your take on this? There is actually a big difference in terms of technology for ABNxcess and Mega TV. Mega TV was going to be a wireless analog MMDS platform. That technology has its pros and major cons if you’re going to compete with a satellite competitor. So pitting an analog platform against a digital provider, it was a losing battle from the start. ABNxcess however is not a wireless network and the bandwidth we have access to has no limitations.

Any plans of including MediaCorp channels into ABNxcess? We are in discussions with MediaCorp and we might have a different version of MediaCorp channels on our network. Simply put, the answer is yes but pending on the outcome of discussions on when we’ll be able to broadcast.

Your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Have a good understanding of the industry you’re looking to get into, find your own niche and plan your resources well. Have good character; endurance and ‘never give up’ mentality.

Any job opportunities available for the Johor region? We’re looking for people who can do network construction, and home installation. They can either be in-house or work as contractors and we also have openings in sales. So, we’re hiring right now.





RM 1.5 Million for Cyling Lanes and Pedestrian Pathways Highlight: Iskandar Malaysia will have cycling lanes and pedestrian pathways as part of their Smart and Healthy City community programme By Maisarah & Zarakay


he Federal Government has allocated a total of RM1.5 million to Iskandar Malaysia to upgrade and provide cycling lanes and pedestrian pathways. During the announcement, Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin also said that the state government has allocated RM100,000 for this initiative. “The government is committed in turning Iskandar Malaysia and Johor Bahru in particular, into a metropolis where smart and healthy living is given the same weight as physical development,” he added. The announcement was made after launching the bicycle lanes and pedestrian pathways at Taman Seri Austin which also has two recreational parks that have been gazetted as smoke-free parks. Present were Johor Bahru Mayor Ismail Karim, Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) Chief Executive Datuk Ismail Ibrahim, United Malayan Land Bhd Chairman Tun Musa Hitam and group Chief Executive Officer Charlie Chia. IRDA’s Chief Executive Datuk Ismail Ibrahim said that the programme is a translation of IRDA’s objective of developing Iskandar Malaysia as a smart, healthy and green metropolis. He mentioned that focus group discussions involving community members and cyclists will be held to gain feedback from the users on the effectiveness of the programme. “We have a blueprint of where these lanes and pathways will be upgraded or built. We will carry out this project in stages and will cooperate with the relevant

(from left) IRDA’s Federal Commissioner Datuk Benjamin Hasbie, IRDA’s Cheif Executive Datuk Ismail Ibrahim (3rd from left), Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin and Tun Musa Hitam (pic by Zarakay) municipal councils,” said Datuk Ismail. Taman Seri Austin, a development by Dynasty View Sdn Bhd, was also recognised as the first Township Role Model in Iskandar Malaysia in relation to the Smart Healthy City and Community Programme during

the announcement. The township launched the first designated bicycle lane in Johor in April 2012 which runs approximately 7.3km around the development and is well designed with proper signages that have been integrated into existing roads.

ATF2014: Iskandar Malaysia’s Doors Open to All Highlight: ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF2014) delegates and other invited guests at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching were given a warm welcome note to visit Iskandar Malaysia


ourists visiting Johor enjoy international standards of leisure along with a wide range of accommodation choices, exciting dining experiences, a variety of entertainment options and great infrastructure. Plans are also in the pipeline to further develop Johor’s position as a premier tourism destination with more projects to open in the near future. This was the message conveyed during ATF2014 to fellow delegates. Among the highlights was LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort as a catalytic development of Iskandar as it is the first LEGOLAND Resort in Asia and continues to be a huge success with locals and international tourists. “The opening of the resort transforms LEGOLAND from a tourist attraction to a unique holiday destination. With the resort fully opened, families can stay longer and enjoy all the rides, slides, shows and attractions that LEGOLAND has to offer,” said Thila Munusamy, Director of Sales & Marketing, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. Also highlighted was Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park as the destination choice for families wanting to enjoy a unique themed experience, charming visitors with popular global characters from its exciting

attractions, LAT’s Place, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club. “The region had developed progressively with among others, world class attractions which transformed

tourism industry in Johor,” said Datuk Ismail Ibrahim, Chief Executive of IRDA during lunch session hosted by Iskandar Regional Development Authority for ASEAN Tourism Forum delegates and other invited guests.





Traders Brings Joy

Highlight: Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour celebrated Chinese New Year with students of Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti Nusajaya By Maisarah


raders Hotel, Puteri Harbour, has embarked on its five-year journey through EMBRACE, a Shangri-La’s Care for People Project in which the hotel commits to a long term partnership with a chosen beneficiary on a children’s health or education programme. Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK) Nusajaya, Gelang Patah, which caters to children and young adults with Down Syndrome and Autism, is the chosen beneficiary of the hotel’s corporate social responsibility programme. 49 individuals who suffer from Down’s Syndrome and Autism, aged between 5 and 50, visit the centre daily for rehabilitation and training in handicraft skills. “We are dedicated to promoting activities that will enable these young adults to secure new opportunities for themselves. For the centre, we hope it will be selfsufficient and fully sustainable in the near future,” said the hotel’s General Manager, Sigi Bierbaumer. Traders will also offer internships and permanent jobs to the centre’s students to fulfil their commitment of ensuring at least two per cent of their permanent staff is made up of people with disabilities. The PDK centre was set up in Kampung Pok in March 1999 and later moved to its premises in Jalan Leong Bee, Gelang Patah, before occupying the new building which was constructed in partnership with UEM Land.

(2nd from left) Traders Hotel General manager Sigi Bierbaumer tossing yee sang at PDK “We are sincerely helping PDK Nusajaya and to further compliment this endeavour, Traders will set up handicrafts corner to promote the items done by the individuals here and all proceeds will be channelled back to the PDK,” said the hotel’s Communications Manager

(pic by Zarakay)

Aidah Abd Rahman. PDK Nusajaya, Gelang Patah is located at Jalan Persiaran Nusa Perintis 1, Taman Nusa Perintis 1, 81220 Gelang Patah, Johor under the guidance of Rojitah Misran and the centre’s committee of welfare.

Partying to Raise Funds


rty Party raised RM6620 in funds to help out a cause. Their 1920’s Gatsby Xmas Party theme at Bar Banyan raised funds for Berkat Children’s Home and Johor Breast Cancer Support Group. Doris Boo, President of Johor Breast Cancer Support Group commented, “Grateful thanks to Arty Party for their kind donation. The money goes to building a 6-foot brick wall at the new centre (Back wall) to keep our girls and new centre safe. Special thanks to Suzie Yap for making it possible.” Raffles tickets sold at RM10 each at the party entitled the sponsors to lucky

draw prizes consisting of Arty-Party Hamper, JARO Hamper & artist painting collection sponsored by Arty-Party & artists. Ininy sponsored their fabulous accessories collection, beverages was sponsored by Bar Banyan; home brew by artist Limei and lastly REPS Fitness Centre sponsored 1 & 3 full month’s membership vouchers. Everyone’s support was a great vote of confidence towards Arty-Party. For more updates login to Join Arty Party’s next art bazaar, ‘Art By The Bay Market’ on 29th March at Danga Bay from 12pm till 6pm.





Soaring the Skies With Kites

Highlight: More than 900 people registered for the 19th Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival 2014


total of 412 local participants and 245 from more than 40 countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Canada and the United States took part in the kiteflying category of the event. Themed ‘Wind Garden’, this year’s event attracted more than 900 participants in total. The event was organised by the Johor government through the MPPG and the Johor Tourism Department to promote tourism in the state. The event, which also has the collaboration with the Malaysian Kite Association and the Johor Kite Association, has been recognised as the world’s largest annual kite event. The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar and Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin officiated the festival. Pasir Gudang Municipal Council (MPPG) president Onn Jabbar said this was the first time the event had been launched at national-level since its inaugural in 1995. “The participants will also join the International Kite Festival in Kedah and Thailand right after the PGWKF ends,” he said. “Currently, we have already gathered 120 participants who are interested in joining the festival in Kedah on Feb 25 and Feb 27, and the one in Thailand on March 1 and 2.”

The 19th Kite Festival at Pasir Gudang

(pic by: Nicholas Vincent)

Huge Turnout Again at Chingay Parade Highlight: The annual parade saw thousands taking to the streets to celebrate the 21st day in the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar


lthough most Chinese end their Chinese New Year celebrations on the 15th day with Chap Goh Meh, devotees of the Old Temple (Johor Ku Miao) in Johor Bahru city center end it with the Chingay Parade. The procession was led by the Johor Bahru Tionghua Association, which manages the temple, and assisted by five clans representing the Teochew, Hainanese, Hakka, Cantonese and Hokkien communities. The parade was honoured as the best domestic event in the 2009 Johor Tourism Awards and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s attendance in 2012 certified it as a national cultural heritage. Thousands of Chinese clan members, temple devotees, lion dancers, dragon dancers, stilt-walkers, puppeteers, pugilistic troupes, cultural dancers and brass band performers took about seven hours to complete the route. Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin officiated this year’s parade and said that the association had full support from the state government to seek a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage status for the Chingay parade. “It is also an important annual tourism product for Johor that is able to attract local and foreign tourists,” he added. Although it is not required for individuals to prepare offerings or prayers in their homes, many, whose businesses or houses, happen to be situated along the parade route prepare fruits and other offerings in the hope of having a bountiful year.

Chingay Parade in Johor Bahru

(pic by: J’son)

The Iskandarian Issue 19 | MAR 2014 Advertisement

The Iskandarian Issue 19 | MAR 2014 Advertisement


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March 2014

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier White Lies: Coming to S’pore Dealing with Depression Movie Updates Captain America and Need For Speed Synopsis >>pg 3

Mar 2014 | Page 2

The Iskandarian | WAVES Lifestyle

Editor ’s Note

White Lies Live in Singapore

Priya Manikam


e saw some fun celebrations in February, and March may seem rather quiet with no festivities or public holidays! That doesn’t mean you have nothing to look forward to as we bring you a list of activities under our Calendar of Events. Students and travelers may be interested as there are Education and Travel fairs taking place. So mark your diary now. British rock band, White Lies will be performing LIVE in Singapore on 22nd March at the Hard Rock Hotel. Hope you got the tickets and get ready for some head banging! We have two movie treats for you this month – Need for Speed and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Check out the synopsis and start planning your movie dates. Rose, our motivation columnist focuses on an intense subject this time and if you know anyone suffering from depression or want to get out of it – you may be interested to learn more. On a lighter note, Tony brings us some sweet indulgence from Niniq Bistro and Bakery. As always, for those wishing to share their clothing line, travel tales, or like us to review your restaurant/property, or want to appear under the Personality column, drop us an e-mail at admin@waveslifestyle. com today and be featured. That’s it from me this time.


idas Promotions is proud to present one of Britain’s most popular indie rock bands in the recent years - White Lies. They will be performing their full live show in Singapore at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa on 22nd March 2014. Title: White Lies • Venue: The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa • Date and Time: 22 March 2014, 8pm Hailed as the next Great White Indie Hope, White Lies’ musical style has been described as dark yet uplifting by the media, drawing comparisons to Joy Division, Editors, The Bravery and Interpol. This electrifying indie rock band was formed in Ealing, London on October 2007 with members Harry McVeigh, Charles Cave

and Jack Lawrence-Brown. White Lies’ debut album To Lose My Life was released in January 2009, debuting at number one on the UK Albums Chart. Upon the release of To Lose My Life, White Lies became the first British act in 2009 to achieve a number one album, and the first album to debut at number one. The release of singles “Unfinished Business” and “Death” led to tours and festival appearances in the United Kingdom and North America, including a headline performance at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend and a place on the 2009 NME Awards Tour. At the beginning of 2009, White Lies was featured in multiple “ones to watch” polls for the coming year, including the BBC’s Sound of 2009 poll and the BRITs Critics’ Choice Award.

Their second album Ritual was produced by Alan Moulder from Depeche Mode and was released on 17 January 2011. The band supported Muse at a number of European stadium shows between June and September 2010, and played the 2010 V Festival in the United Kingdom. BIG TV, their third and latest studio effort, was released on 12 August 2013. The album debuted at no. 4 on UK Albums Chart and the band also they made their Main Stage debut at Reading and Leeds Festivals. It has been announced that the London trio is on the lineup for 2014’s Coachella music festival. Source : Universal Music Singapore

Mar 2014 | Page 3

The Iskandarian | WAVES Lifestyle

How to Deal with the Energy of Depression (part 1)


f you have a family member or a friend who is suffering from depression, then this article may be useful for you. Depression is an energy that we can’t see but may be able to feel even though we are not suffering from it. People who are suffering from depression would feel greater intense in their life than others who are not. Therefore, to help them heal takes patience because in the high intensity of this energy, no one can think of any solution except running, avoiding, denying or ending it. Patience and compassion To be with the person who is experiencing

depression takes patience and compassion. Without these entities of love, the journey towards healing takes longer than usual. Here are some tips that you can use in helping the one you love walk through depression and hopefully heal from it spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically too: Empathy instead of sympathy Empathy is about walking in the other person’s shoes, whereas sympathy is about expression of own-self that derives from the experience and knowledge. Empathy is to feel and that’s it. Sympathy is about expressing concepts that comes

By Rose Osman Personal Motivator & Energy Coach yourpersonalmotivator Twitter:@BucketOfRoses

from conditioned-mind. Remember that empathy is love and sympathy is gesture. Understanding A person, who is suffering from depression, hardly understands message or advice from others. In the period of depression, they are feeling the intensity of emotions and thoughts which are greater than any other senses such as hearing. For others to reach them, we must give something they can feel. The advisable respond is to give


something opposite of depression; which is LOVE, because the person who suffers from depression can feel this emotion. After all, love is a powerful energy and always greater than any other energy in the universe and this could help them heal from within. Note: *This approach of healing is not a medical advice for depression but a spiritual and energy healing for the emotions. Please consult medical professional if you need one.


Captain America : The Winter Soldier

Need For Speed

Genre: Action-Adventure Malaysia Release Date: March 27, 2014 Cast: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Emily VanCamp, Hayley Atwell with Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury Anthony and Joe Russo Director: Producer: Kevin Feige Executive Producers: Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Michael Grillo, Alan Fine, Stan Lee Screenplay by: Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely (credit not final)

Genre: Action Malaysia Release Date: March 13, 2014 Cast: Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots, Scott Mescudi, Ramon Rodriguez, Michael Keaton, Rami Malek, Dakota Johnson, Harrison Gilbertson Director: Scott Waugh Producers: John Gatins, Pat O’Brien, Mark Sourian Executive Producers: Tim Moore, Frank Gibeau, Patrick Soderlund, Scott Waugh, Max Leitman Screen Story by: John Gatins and George Gatins (credit not final) Screenplay by: John Gatins and George Gatins (credit not final)

fter the cataclysmic events in New York with The Avengers, Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” finds Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, living quietly in Washington, D.C. and trying to adjust to the modern world. But when a S.H.I.E.L.D. colleague comes under attack, Steve becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue that threatens to put the world at risk. Joining forces with the Black Widow, Captain America struggles to expose the ever-widening conspiracy while fighting off professional assassins sent to silence him at every turn. When the full scope of the villainous plot is revealed, Captain America and the Black Widow enlist the help of a new ally, the Falcon. However, they soon find themselves up against an unexpected and formidable enemy— the Winter Soldier. Based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series, first published in 1941, Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is produced by Kevin Feige, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, from a screenplay by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, and stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Emily VanCamp and Hayley Atwell, with Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is presented by Marvel Studios. The executive producers are Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Michael Grillo, Alan Fine and Stan Lee. The film releases on 27th March 2014, and is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

he film centers around Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul), a blue-collar mechanic who races muscle cars on the side in an unsanctioned streetracing circuit. Struggling to keep his family-owned garage afloat, he reluctantly partners with the wealthy and arrogant ex-NASCAR driver Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper). But just as a major sale to car broker Julia Bonet (Imogen Poots) looks like it will save Tobey’s shop, a disastrous race allows Dino to frame Tobey for a crime he didn’t commit, sending Tobey to prison while Dino expands his business out west. Two years later, Tobey is released and set on revenge, but he knows his only chance to take down his rival Dino is to defeat him in the high-stakes race known as De Leon—the Super Bowl of underground racing. However to get there in time, Tobey will have to run a high-octane, action-packed gauntlet that includes dodging pursuing cops coast-to-coast as well as contending with a dangerous bounty Dino has put out on his car. With the help of his loyal crew and the surprisingly resourceful Julia, Tobey defies odds at every turn and proves that even in the flashy world of exotic supercars; the underdog can still finish first. “Need for Speed” is presented by DreamWorks Pictures, produced by John Gatins, Pat O’Brien and Mark Sourian and directed by Scott Waugh. The screen story is by John Gatins and George Gatins and the screenplay is by George Gatins and John Gatins, based on the video game series created by Electronic Arts.

Source & Cover Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Malaysia

Source & Cover Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Malaysia



Mar 2014 | Page 4

The Iskandarian | WAVES Lifestyle Calendar of Events

From the Land of Smiles … Thailand (part 3) By Priya Manikam & Mithil Tawde

march 2014 JB, 1st Mar ‘Walk with Friends” 2014 Walkathon @ Bkt. Indah

JB, 4th - 5th Mar Le Tour De Langkawi @ Pontian & Kota Tinggi

Spore, 4th Mar Eric Clapton @ S’pore Indoor Stadium

JB, 7th - 9th Mar Matta Johor Travel Fair @ Danga City Mall

JB, 8th Mar GP Joran Fishing Competition @ Sg.Lurus

JB, 14th Mar Education Fair @ AUG Office

Spore, 16 - 18th Mar Festival of Media Asia @ Capella, S’pore

JB, 21st - 22nd Mar Facon Education Fair @ Persada

JB, 22nd Mar Johor Celebrity Golf 2014 @ Ponderosan Golf Club

JB, 29th Mar KT MTB Challenge @Ladang REM KT

JB, 29th Mar Art by the Bay @ Lazio, Danga Bay

If you need more information on the above mentioned events, drop us an email at:


n Thailand, Phuket is one good place to run away to from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. It’s no doubt a popular destination for tourists due to its many clusters of islands which are suitable for those wishing for some sun, sand and sea. As we had only two days here, we headed to a resort at Patong Beach for some rest and relaxation (R and R). After landing at Phuket Airport and clearing Immigration, do pick up the free maps that are neatly stacked near the luggage area. You will be then greeted by hoards of tour operators and head to a counter to take a minibus to your hotel. Why minibus and not taxi? Well, it costs way too much for the latter and the minibus would only cost about 150-160 Thai Baht per person. Do take note that Patong Beach is about 35km away from the airport. Phuket town is considered closer to Patong, so it really depends where your hotel is booked at and what you intend to do in Phuket. So choose accordingly. As we opted for some ‘R and R’ and away from the bustling area – we checked into Amari Coral Beach Resort at

Patong Beach. Unfortunately, this resort lies on the hilltop and away from the main Patong Beach and as its name suggests – “Coral” beach resort – so don’t expect to swim in the sea here as you would be scarred by the corals and rocks! However, the resort has a great swimming pool set against natural backdrop which has a lovely view and you will not feel left out of an outdoor action. The resort provides a complimentary shuttle ride up and down the hill to Patong beach. As Phuket was badly hit by the 2004 tsunami, this resort would give you the assurance of safety based on its location on a hilltop! Patong Beach This beach is famous for its white sandy beach and clear turquoise sea and also for its choices of restaurants and nightlife; including its transvestite cabaret shows. To make it easier, we’ve come up with a list of things for you to do here: • Basically it’s an ideal place to just chill, go for a swim and if you are energetic enough – try out their various water sports. • Indulge in authentic Thai cuisine and note that Amari Coral Resort has an amazing array of Thai cuisine during its

breakfast buffet itself! • Go shopping at Jungceylon – Patong’s first full-fledged modern, air conditioned shopping mall. Make sure you are good in your bargaining skills. • No trip to Phuket is complete without attending its famous cabaret shows and Simon Cabaret tops the list. You can purchase cheaper tickets (including free pick and drop to your hotel) from tour operators along Patong beach. You will be seriously amazed to watch the “Lady Boys” perform and some of them are quite pretty that you keep thinking are they or not?! Definitely worth every penny spent. However, it would not be wise to bring very small children to this show. • If you want to have some fun, check out Bangla Street at night where the nightlife comes alive and there are some acts which you might not have come across in the South East region! Do not bring your kids to this area at night as it may be awkward and uncomfortable. Caution: Ignore all touts along this street as well. • If you have extra days, head to Phuket town and be touristy. That’s all from us this time, until we meet again at another destination.





AFTER SPM, WHERE DO I GO? (part 7) American Degree Programme / American Degree Transfer Programme (ADP/ ADTP)


he American Degree Programme/ American Degree Transfer Programme (ADP/ADTP) is not so much a pre-university programme, but more of a degree programme offered to students who have just completed their SPM examinations. The programme takes place over the course of approximately four

years; two of which will be spent in Malaysia, and the other two at an overseas university, usually (but not limited to) the US. A point to note here is that transfer to an overseas university is not guaranteed. Upon completion of the initial two years in Malaysia, students are required to apply to their university of choice (subject to a list of universities that accept the ADP/ ADTP) and be accepted into the university. Only then will their credits be transferred and they can proceed to completing their

degree for the next approximately two years. Students are also required to sit for either the IELTS or TOEFL before proceeding to the second part of the programme. Students can take up to six subjects per semester. They are allowed to choose their own subjects as long as those subjects are related to the degree course they intend to take. Grading is done using the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) system and coursework plays a big part in the grading, besides the written examinations.

Those who are interested in pursuing this programme should have obtained at least five credits during the SPM examinations. For those who sat for the UEC, a minimum of 3Bs and 2Cs are required. What is unique about this programme is that it’s a much faster route to getting a degree. Basically, the more subjects a student takes during a semester, the faster they will be awarded their degree. Essentially, they are able to get a degree four years after SPM, or even less. Follow this multiple part series next month

Gaining the Competitive Edge


unway College Johor Bahru has been providing quality academic programmes to students at its campus in Taman Mount Austin for close to a decade now. The College offers a range of programmes for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) school leaver at Pre-University and Diploma level as well as a Professional Accounting pathway leading to the internationally recognised ACCA Qualification. The Diploma Programmes cater to students who are interested in the fields of business, information technology and hospitality. Off-late, the buzz in Johor has been about the rise in tourism numbers and the emergence of international hospitality brands which have played a vital role in putting Johor Bahru on the map. Employers require qualified and skilled employees to meet the diverse and unique needs of the hospitality and tourism sector. The Diploma in Hotel Management offered by Sunway College Johor Bahru is a 2 years and 20 weeks programme that groom students to be industry-ready while also preparing them for continued education. The combination of theoretical and practical components give students a more meaningful and effective learning experience. The programme introduces students to core business and hospitality concepts. More importantly, it gives them in-depth exposure to the core departments of front office, housekeeping and food and beverage operations. “The activity-based nature of the programme enables students to acquire vital

skills in areas such as leadership, teamwork and planning. Learning beyond the classroom develops students’ critical thinking and confidence. That is why the College established the Hospitality Training and Education Centre (HOSTEC), a dedicated training facility within the campus to give students easy access to facilities which are modelled after the actual set-up of a typical hotel. The availability of such a facility provides students with a realistic environment to enhance their learning process,” explains Principal, Hor Poh Choo. To ensure that the programme maintains high academic standards while remaining relevant to the industry, the College has established strategic affiliations with universities and industry partners. Feedback and inputs received via this partnership enables the curriculum content to be constantly updated to prepare graduates to be employment-ready as well as sufficiently adept for the rigour of university studies. “The quality of the programme has translated into outstanding graduates who enjoy rewarding career pathways and excellent academic progression. Some of our graduates have been admitted into established universities in the UK and Switzerland while others have opted for gainful employment with leading international hotel brands like Shangri-la, Starwood and Resorts World,” continued Hor. The College places strong emphasis on student advancement and has established a graduate placement support unit under the Student Relations Department to assist graduating students with university choices as

well as job placement. An Executive Trainee Programme was recently initiated to provide a seamless career progression for graduates into the hotel and resort industry in collaboration with Le Grandeur Palm Resort in Senai, Johor. Students pursuing their studies at Sunway College Johor Bahru may apply for tuition fee waivers through scholarships, bursaries and other forms of financial aid available, provided they meet the criteria for eligibility. “Our first scholarship was awarded in 2005 and to date, the College has awarded over RM4 million worth of scholarships to deserving students pursuing their studies with us,” said Hor. Hor added that the scholarships represent Sunway’s commitment towards giving back to society and making a difference in the lives of students and more scholarships are expected to be awarded with the release of the 2013 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) results.

In addition to the merit-based Entrance Scholarships, the College also offers a Community Bursary to students from out of town intending to pursue a diploma programme at Sunway College Johor Bahru. “We understand that living away from home would incur additional expenses for lodging and hope that the 30% tuition fee waiver offered by the Community Bursary would help,” continued Hor. This scheme has particularly benefited students who choose to venture out to Johor Bahru in the hope of securing employment in the city upon graduation. To know more about the programmes available, Sunway College Johor Bahru will showcase its campus to interested students and the general public during its Open Days on 29 and 30 March 2014. For more information, please call 07-3596880 or visit





Frost the Trail Iskandar Malaysia - The Run for Social Responsibility


rost & Sullivan’s Frost the Trail Corporate Challenge is back! After running for 8 years in Singapore and 4 years in Kuala Lumpur, this event will be held for the first time ever in Nusajaya, Iskandar Malaysia. The inaugural Frost the Trail Iskandar Malaysia will take place on the 13th April 2014 at Puteri Harbour. Frost & Sullivan’s Frost the Trail Corporate Challenge is an exciting race, where individual participants and teams of four compete around a 5km (Team) / 10km (Individual) circuit. Through this event, Frost & Sullivan aims to give back to the community, enhance teamwork, emphasise the importance of healthy living, while providing an excellent opportunity to interact with industry peers in a casual and relaxed environment. Starting and ending at Puteri Harbour, the 5km (Team) / 10km (Individual) route that you’ll be frost-blazing will take you through a breathtaking view of the marina and rugged roads: an all-in-one adventure filled morning. All participants (Individual & Team Category) will be flagged off together. For the Team Category, all four members of each team will be timed individually and a total group time will be collated. These group times are then ranked and the fastest team will be named the winner!

100% of the donations (taxdeductible) from this event will go directly to support our beneficiary, OrphanCARE. OrphanCARE’s mission is to place orphans into loving homes as well as to provide an alternative for unwed mothers and a safe haven for babies who may otherwise be abandoned. A unique trail race indeed, this is our way of giving back to the community. So sign up with us and let’s ‘Frost the Trail’! If you have any enquiries, would like to register or be a sponsor, please email or visit www.frost. com/frost-the-trail-im for more information. Frost the Trail Iskandar Malaysia is co-organised by Frost & Sullivan, i2M Ventures and Medini. Mah Sing Group is a Gold Donor while Supporting Partners include Columbia Asia and IUVO Solutions Sdn Bhd. Traders Hotel is the F&B partner while The Iskandarian is a Media Partner.





Facing the Fear Theory X of Losing and Theory Y Your Job Managing


owadays, almost everybody worries about what will happen in the future in regards to their job. The prospect of not knowing if you will be downsized can be very stressful. As a result, here is a list of techniques and suggestions on how to manage the fear of losing your job. The first step is to get into the habit of always updating your skills just in case something would happen. Learning how to use a computer or learning how to use the latest software are ways to keep abreast in today’s market. Continuous education in your field of work will also help you. If for some reason you do lose your job, having the proper skills will reduce the fear of being unemployed. Stay active in your current job. Communication with your employer and co-workers is very important. If you communicate with your boss and coworkers, you should have a general idea on how safe your job is. Knowing where you stand in your company can help predict whether your job is safe. Always keep the lines of communication open in your work environment. Sometimes we tend to exaggerate

when we start to worry. Instead of worrying about what could happen, try to focus on the facts of a certain situation. Don’t assume anything and do not focus on your negative thoughts. In addition, try to read something uplifting that will make you feel better. Take it day by day. Do not worry about what may happen next week or next month. Things change all the time and it is almost impossible to predict what may or may not happen. Do the best you can today and hope for the best. If you have trouble managing your anxiety of being unemployed, then talking to a counselor can be of some help. Remember that people lose their jobs all the time and they are able to find other jobs. Just don’t let your fears and worries get the better of you. Stan Popovich is the author of “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods” - an easy to read book that presents a general overview of techniques that are effective in managing persistent fears and anxieties. For additional information go to: http://www.


heory X and Theory Y are theories of human motivation created and developed by Douglas McGregor at the MIT Sloan School of Management in the 1960s. Douglas McGregor, an American social psychologist, proposed these theories in his 1960 book ‘The Human Side Of Enterprise’. As the theories remain central to organisational development and to improving organisational culture, they are valid basic principles from which to develop positive management style and techniques. The techniques are a simple reminder of the natural rules for managing people, which under the pressure of day-to-day business are all too easily forgotten. There are two fundamental approaches to managing people. Many managers tend towards Theory X, and generally get poor results meanwhile managers who use Theory Y; produces better performance and results, and allows people to grow and develop. Theory X Management assumes employees are inherently lazy and will avoid work if they can and that they inherently dislike work. As a result of this, management believes that workers need to be closely supervised and comprehensive systems of controls developed. A hierarchical structure is needed with narrow span of control at each and every level. According to this theory, employees will show little ambition without an enticing incentive program and will avoid responsibility whenever they can. Theory X managers rely heavily on threat and coercion to gain their employees’ compliance. Beliefs of this theory lead to mistrust, highly restrictive supervision, and a punitive atmosphere. The Theory X manager tends to believe that everything must end in blaming someone. He or she thinks all prospective employees are only out for themselves. Usually these managers feel the sole purpose of the employee’s interest in the job is money. They will blame the person first in most situations, without questioning whether it may be the system, policy, or lack of training that deserves the blame Theory Y Management assumes employees may be ambitious and self-motivated and exercise self-control. It is believed that employees enjoy their mental and physical work duties. According to them, work is as natural as play. They possess the ability for creative problem

solving, but their talents are underused in most organisations. Given the proper conditions, Theory Y managers believe that employees will learn to seek out and accept responsibility and to exercise self-control and self-direction in accomplishing objectives to which they are committed. A Theory Y manager believes that, given the right conditions, most people will want to do well at work. They believe that the satisfaction of doing a good job is a strong motivation. Many people interpret Theory Y as a positive set of beliefs about workers. A close reading of The Human Side of Enterprise reveals that McGregor simply argues for managers to be opened to a more positive view of workers and the possibilities that this creates. He thinks that Theory Y managers are more likely than Theory X managers to develop the climate of trust with employees that are required for employee development. It’s employee development that is a crucial aspect of any organisation. This would include managers communicating openly with subordinates, minimising the difference between superior-subordinate relationships, creating a comfortable environment in which subordinates can develop and use their abilities. This environment would include sharing of decision making so that subordinates have a say in decisions that influence them. Theory X assumptions are that individuals dislike their careers. Theory X people have to be supervised. As for Theory Y, assumptions are that individuals like their careers and are willing to take part in responsibility. Theory Y people don’t need supervision and can be expected to turn good productive value in their jobs. Theory X and Theory Y relate to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in how human behaviour and motivation are main priorities in the workplace in order to maximise output. In relation to Theory Y, the organisation is trying to create the most symbiotic relationship between the managers and workers, which relates to Maslow’s needs for self-actualisation and esteem. For self-actualisation, the manager promotes the optimum workplace through morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack (or minimisation) of the effects of prejudice, and acceptance of facts. We must accept that prejudice exists in others, even as we try to minimise it in ourselves. These issues relate to ‘Esteem’ when the manager is trying to promote each team member’s self-esteem, confidence, achievement, happiness, respect of others, and respect by others.





ACCUMULATING WEALTH? ¬ Stocks or Property?


his is the question I always hear from people: stocks or property, which to invest? For those who love properties, they’d say, “Of course property, because if you look at the popular tycoons around the world; Lee Kah Shing, Donald Trump, and even billionaires in Malaysia, many earned their first bucket of gold through buying properties”, but for those who are keen to invest in stocks, they’d say, “It’s definitely stocks, look at Warren Buffet, he became one of the world’s wealthiest men through buying and selling stocks.” In this article, we’re not going to argue which one is better; instead, we’ll discuss the nature of each financial tool. Once you know them better, you can determine which one that serves you well. These are the few considerations:

1) Capital Size Obviously, you’d require much higher capital to invest in property. For example, if you’re buying a RM300k house, you’ll need to pay at least 10 per cent of the first installment,

Tey Bin Yuen is the founder of BY Enrich Resources and the author of ‘Life beyond the Comfort Zone’. His books are available at major bookstores in Singapore & Malaysia. He’ll be conducting a seminar ‘Profit from Share Investment 7’ on 15 Mar 14. Reach him at

smaller capital required to participate in the share market.

which is RM30,000. Isn’t this considered a substantial amount for a middle income earner? However, in the share market, you can invest with as low as a few hundred dollars. Additionally, once a person buys a property, it’s unlikely for him to buy another one in a short term due to limited capital. But with smaller capital, you can buy a few companies even though you might have acquired a few before. This is owing to much

2) Liquidity When you buy a property, you can easily deal with a couple of hundred thousand. This inevitably makes the property market less liquid. For instance, if you want to sell a property at RM250k, you might only end up getting a RM230k offer, which is RM20k in difference. In comparison to the share market, if you’re selling a counter of RM1.26 per share, the offer price could be as close as RM1.25. Once the transaction is done, you own part of the company instantly (if you’re a buyer) or you’ll receive the cash within three days (if you’re a seller). Unlike property, the transaction could take weeks to months. 3) Return Both property and stocks can achieve high returns. If you invest in a RM300k property and pay RM30k as down payment, once your property appreciates to 20 per cent in a year,

you’ll make 200 per cent (60k profit divided by 30k cost).

In the share market, you too, can make this kind of gains if you buy undervalue companies at the right time. So you want to ask again: stocks, or property? - Besides the above considerations, it also depends on which one you’re good at, because if your competency level increases, the risks will come down. If you have already excelled at one of them, it’s a good strategy to stick to it and replicate your success.





Sweet Indulgence at Niniq Bistro and Bakery


achel from Niniq Bistro and Bakery invited me to visit their outlet at Taman Setia Tropika. Inside this branch, the décor is simple yet elegant. The wood and marble furniture are heavy and of classic design - the type seen in well appointed Indonesian homes. The comfortable environment is very clean and air conditioned. Niniq’s owner Angela’s mum is from Surabaya, Indonesia and thus we can see many Indonesian touches in the bistro. The name Niniq comes from the word “ninik”, the endearing Indonesian term for “little girl”. The café is located at the ground floor level and on the second level; it is for private parties. In this post, we shall focus on Niniq’s popular cakes. The Chocolate Decadence is Niniq’s top selling cake. It is dubbed as ‘CCTV’ by the customers because of the way it looks and the name stuck! The cake has a deep, rich

chocolate mousse encasing a spongy base and costs RM6.20 a piece. Next was the Durian Strudel, and it is a Must Try here. It’s based on Angela’s mum’s recipe and made with fresh D24 durians with no preservatives. It comes in a creamy chilled fresh D24 durian in between fluffy, flaky crispy crusts, sprinkled with fine sugar crystals. At just RM6.40, you get a little bit of durian and strudel heaven on a plate. The L’opera cake is another specialty here and I love it because I like any kinds of food with a mix of flavours and textures. Niniq’s L’opera is a blend of sweet-bitter flavour with an interesting mouth feel of fluffy sponge, creamy chocolate and nutty almond bits. This cost RM5.80 a slice. My friends know how much I love apple pies, especially freshly baked ones and Niniq doesn’t fail you as their American Apple Pie rendition is made with a buttery crust and chunky cut apples. It was definitely

a lovely treat and costs RM6.80 a slice. As for matcha (Japanese green tea) lovers, do try their Matcha Indulgence for a different taste. This also costs RM6.80 a slice. There were many other “toobeautiful-to-eat cakes” at Niniq and it’s always a struggle admiring how lovely the cakes look and chomping down on them to enjoy the inviting taste. Besides that, Niniq has a good range of coffees, teas and juices to complement their cakes. Do indulge in a cuppa for a finishing touch. Overall, Niniq Bistro and Bakery is a nice place to enjoy excellent cakes, good coffee and tea at reasonable prices. Niniq also serves Indonesian dishes which I will come back for.


oul Thai Restaurant and Banquet added some Chinese festive cheer to the community with their annual Chinese New Year open house. Guests who turned up were treated to a spread of authentic Thai and local delicacies while being wowed by acrobatic lion and dragon dance performances. Towards the end of the night, all eyes were glued to the sky as everyone was mesmerised by the 5 minutes long

Restaurant name: Niniq (Taman Setia Tropika) Address: 52, Jalan Setia Tropika 1/24. Taman Setia Tropika, Johor Bahru Map: GPS: 1.545787,103.713547 Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm (Closed on Sunday) No pork, no lard, no Halal cert Restaurant name: Niniq (Taman Pelangi) Address: 65, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru Map: GPS: 1.482152,103.774914 Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm (Closed on Sunday) No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

fireworks display. Executive Director of Soul Thai, Mr Vincent Ho was delighted by the strong turnout and seeing everyone soaking in the Chinese New Year atmosphere. “It is a good way for us to bridge with the surrounding community through festive celebrations like this. Throughout the years, they have been very supportive towards us. We just want to share the joy and extend our gratitude back towards the community.”

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n Malaysia, obesity is a fast growing menace caused by the proliferation and growing popularity of fast food outlets and a more sedentary lifestyle caused by TV and computers, cars, escalators and lifts. Therefore, exercise has to form a core part of your routine to curb unhealthy habits. What are the benefits of exercise? From boosting your mood to improving your sex life, exercise can increase your quality of life now, and in the future. You will feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer. It is true that exercise can provide numerous benefits both in the short and long term and the health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. Check out these seven ways why exercise can improve your life.

No. 1: Exercise controls weight Exercising can help prevent excessive weight gain or help maintain weight loss. How? When you engage in physical activity; you burn calories. The harder and more intense that activity is, the more calories you burn. Exercise needn’t take a large chunk of your time. You don’t even have to attend a gym to make a positive start. For instance, you can be more active throughout the day

in simple ways by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to the shop instead of driving. Once you feel the benefits of that, you may wish to raise your goals and join a gym where you can be guided by a fitness expert to achieve your goals. No. 2: Exercise combat diseases It’s a simple fact that heart disease is one of the major killers, maybe people lead a stressful life and this leads to high blood pressure. Even if your weight is fine, you can suffer from these maladies. But by becoming more active, you can boost your high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good,” cholesterol and decrease unhealthy triglycerides. This one-two punch keeps your blood flowing smoothly, which decreases your risk of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, regular physical activity can help you prevent or manage a wide range of health problems and concerns, including stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, and certain types of cancer, arthritis and falls. Exercise has long term benefits; you can be more active in your twilight years, less dependent on family members or others to look after you. *In part two we will look at the 5 other benefits -By Kim Lee Tan – REPS Fitness, Johor

Light on the subject By John Lee


hotographers are often glib about their craft being literally “writing with light”. In practice, many fight with light, forcing it to do as per their will especially when working with fashion and body art. At best, lighting is invisible and we only see the aesthetics of the shot, not noticing how it was achieved. Making light invisible While photography begins with light, it does not end with it, but with the image: Great artistry is shown by creating an image which has all the elements melded together seamlessly and one which does not call attention to itself. Note that special lighting such as “rim lighting” on the hair or “ring lighting”, produces specific and recognisable visual signature. The issue is not about forcing conventions onto your practice but recognising that different modes of lighting carry different emotional values. Natural lighting Sunlight is not only free; it is beautiful, but pay close attention to tiny details such as the position of shadow falling over the face. Mix lighting Warm afternoon light from the windows may balance perfectly in power against the white balance of the room light; creating a warm intimate atmosphere.

One more light The range of lighting effects available with one light is incredible. So adding another multiplies the possibilities to infinity.

Reflecting glory A reflector bounces light from the main source which diverts light into shadow areas bringing out hidden details. It is the single most cost effective accessory. You can use a

sheet of paper, a bed sheet or plastic sheet or even your shirt. The more fully it is placed into the light source, the more it reflects and the closer it gets to the subject filling the light.


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Cover Story Singaporeans are not targeted by criminals in Johor >>page 27

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Singaporeans Are Not Targeted

Safety: Singaporeans are not targeted by criminals in Johor as falsely perceived by many according to Johor Police Chief


ohor Police Chief Senior DCP Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said criminals do not target their victims based on their nationalities, but rather when the opportunity rises. Based on police’s statistics, out of the 17.4million Singaporeans, who made their ways into the country via Johor last year, 0.000022 per cent or 397, were victims who had brushes with the criminals. He said the small number of cases involving Singaporeans was proof that Singaporeans were not targets of criminals, here. “Criminals do not target victims based on their skin colour, gender, race or nationality but strike when there is a chance to commit crime, anywhere,” he said. “Just like any other visitors who came to the state, they must be vigilant at all times and avoid giving an opportunity for criminals to victimise them,” he added. There is a common negative perception among Singaporeans that Johor is generally considered unsafe and that criminals specifically target them. Datuk Mokhtar said the perception arose following the spread of inaccurate news, especially exaggerated in the virtual world by those faced with ‘verbal diarrhea’ in the light of social media freedom. As such, he said, police officers would constantly monitor development in the social media sites and provide much faster response to prevent the spread of false news that could affect the entry of investment to the state, especially in the Iskandar Malaysia region. Datuk Mokhtar said that the state’s police are in ‘full control’ and declared his state to be “safe beyond doubt”. Overall, there were 17,105 crime cases in the state last year, or about 10 per cent less than in 2012. In other news, Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says the safety of foreign investors in Malaysia, particularly Singaporean investors, are guaranteed. He said the ministry has taken appropriate measures to ensure their safety, especially in Johor. Apart from Malaysia-Singapore diplomatic ties and people-to-people relations, security issue was of utmost importance to the two friendly nations, he said. “There have been concerns among Singaporeans when they travel to Johor Bahru due to negative publicity in the Singapore mass media on the perceived low-level safety in Johor. “What we know is that Singaporeans are the biggest investors in Iskandar Malaysia economic corridor

Johor Police Chief Senior DCP Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff. (Bottom pic) Police personnel on a cycling tour to get closer to the communites (pic by PolisJohor & Pelakar Warna) and Malaysia must provide the safety and security assurance for their huge investments,” he told Bernama in an interview. Ahmad Zahid said adequate security measures have also been taken to ensure investors’ safety at places they

visited in Johor. On organised crime, Ahmad Zahid said the rate in Johor was higher than the national rate. “The rate of decline of organised crime at national level is around 8.3 percent but in Johor the rate has increased

to 12.7 percent,” he said. Ahmad Zahid said there were more than 6,000 policemen in Johor who have been given specific tasks. He said the security measures were taken not only for investors in Johor but also nationwide.





Property Investment ¬ The End of Property Bull Run in Malaysia? Ed Cheong is the Singapore founder of the Iskandar Malaysia Investors Forum and Rafflesland Group of Companies which provides platform for property investors to gain insights and world-class investment strategies. He is contactable at


s I write, a new anti-speculation measure is being tabled to limit bulk purchases of multiple units by single buyers to four. Above that, each transaction will need special approval. Many equity investment houses like RHB, predicts that Iskandar developers will suffer due to the huge housing units in supply. Taken together with the still fresh concomitant of rules and punishing taxes on foreign buyers, these research firms have a case to make. I believe that

we will be seeing a full lull in 2014 for condominiums and even landed housing as overall sentiment hit home hard. So what do I think about the residential property industry in such a down cycle? How can developers work through the year? It never fails to amaze me how commoditised the property industry can be compared to other asset classes. In the banking sector, each class of investment has its own economics, structure, ethics and regulations needed to deal with it. Property need not, as it is a hard asset meant for physical consumption. The downside is that it is affected easily by inelasticity, commercialisation, commoditisation and regulation disruptions. With the background of the global financial crisis in 2008, general global sentiment towards non-physical investments have cooled. Consequently, banks willingly value property based

on last done transactions which cause a self-fueling rising price trend. There lies the danger of a runaway housing market which now requires governmental intervention. The bad news to developers is that no responsive government will shy away from regulating the market. The regulations we have in Malaysia and Singapore will be here for at least another few years. The only thing that can change is how developers and sellers raise their own game. Many traditionally rely on relaying positive messages and rising prices, real or imagined, to instill buyers’ confidence, greed and fear. That game is hard ball and tough-lucked. My suggestion to industry players is to follow the proven steps of value innovation. First, focus on quality of products and then accurately inform and educate the market on the intrinsic value of offerings. Second, totally reengineer

Design Concept: ¬ WILD contemporary Kent Ng is Homlux Interior Furnishing Sdn Bhd’s Chief Designer


ith modern contemporary homes on the rise, designers have to constantly come up with new ways in which they can interpret the theme and infuse the home with more interesting features and the owners’ personality. In order to inject new life into popular modern contemporary homes, Kent from Homlux Interior Furnishing does several things - he injects different visual levels, plays with the lighting, accents and textures as well as completely remodelling the house to give it a fresh take. Due to its homely, inviting feel and interesting grains, wood has always been at the vanguard of interior designs. Incorporated into many homes, it can be turned into a modern tropical contemporary home that most of us yearn for. In one particular remodelling, Kent played with different visual levels; giving the living area a suspended feel, making the guests imagine that the TV console is able to float on its own. This concept is also exemplified in the dry kitchen counter top area.

the functionality and emotionality of marketing property. Eliminate low value, mass marketing and train sophisticated banking-standard investment consultants ideally with a strong passion in the arts. Thirdly, move from transactional outsourced engagement to more in-house specialists with a strong bond to their companies. Hire less but better people who have the heart to make a positive difference in clients’ lives. These are common sense approaches but require strong leadership to commit to. The challenge before us is not to wait for a turnaround but to turn the corner as better drivers. I am sure not all players can approach the future like this but then Steve Jobs has proven to many industries how one man can put a dent in their universe. If you are a developer or corporate player and have questions on reengineering your staff, feel free to write to me.

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The Iskandarian

quick Reads LBS plans RM2 Billion project

Property Corner ¬ Timing the Purchase

LBS Bina Group Bhd is planning to develop land in Iskandar Malaysia into a mixed development project with an estimated gross development value of RM2bil. The mixed development, sited on 5.5 acres of land, was proposed following the acquisition of 4.23 acres from the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) for RM71.82mil. The project will comprise 2,700 units of residential and commercial properties, spanning an estimated period of eight years. The group said the proposed development was expected to commence in 2015 at an estimated development cost of RM1.5bil. It plans to finance the project via a combination of internally-generated funds and/or bank borrowings. “The proposed development presents an opportunity for the group to enhance the overall project of the existing land in such a prime location to allow the group to incorporate complementary commercial products, including retail units, shops, hotel suites and small officehome office units,” LBS said.


RM2.5 Billion Deal From Chinabased Company

Highlight: Eco World and Tropicana are among the latest to announce their launch dates

Iskandar Investment Bhd, the catalytic project developer of Iskandar Malaysia, has secured a RM2.5 billion real estate investment from China-based company, Qingdao Zhouyuan Investment Holdings. Qingdao Zhouyuan is a subsidiary of Hebei-based real estate developer, Zhouda Real Estate Group. President and Chief Executive Officer Datuk Syed Mohamed Ibrahim said the investment project, over three phases, will commence next year and be over a period of about 10-15 years. Currently, Iskandar Investment is also in discussions with several foreign investors from China, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, India and Singapore in the Iskandar Malaysia project. The discussions are expected to be finalised in the next six months. The ceremony, witnessed by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, was held in conjunction with the third World Chinese Economic Forum. The total sales value (TSV) of the project, 80 per cent owned by Qingdao Zhouyuan, is RM157.6 million with an estimated initial investment reaching RM1.2 billion.

A.Devadason CA(M), FCCA, MDRT Deva is a partner in the firm of Dason & Dason, Chartered Accountants who specialice in tax advisory and consultancy. He can be reached at

s it the right time to purchase a property now? Should I delay until the price falls? Should I buy now before prices go up? These are the common questions that I hear on and off. Sadly, for both the person asking and the person listening, I just simply can’t see the future! The questions, however, are not without answers. Let’s assume the property is for own accommodation, then the answer is simple: It just simply doesn’t matter when one buys. Allow me to illustrate my reasoning.

Let’s say a double storey house in Nusa Idaman is purchased at RM800k for personal stay and due to persistent demand, in one year’s time, similar units are now being sold in the primary and secondary market at amounts in excess of RM1million. How does this augur for the purchaser? For starters, there is a gain of RM200k due to capital appreciation. The purchaser will be patting him/herself on the back for such a fantastic investment decision. The glaring thing however, is that the gain is merely a paper profit where it’s only academic unless it is disposed and the value is monetised. Secretly, the purchaser may be cursing for not getting 2 units in the first place, one for dwelling and the other to flip. What if the situation is reversed? Prices take a dive for whatever reason and the market value is now hovering at RM700k range. What now? Did the purchaser lose RM100k? Again, it’s just a paper loss. Maybe a bruised ego to boot but that’s about the

damage that the buyer is going to sustain. Since he/she is occupying the house, a sale is unlikely and thus no loss will be recorded. In the end, it really does not make sense to time the market when there is a genuine need. The only thing is the natural human behaviour of wanting a bargain where an item is procured on the lowest possible price. In essence, it’s merely to satisfy the inner ego. The matter is entirely different when one purchases with the hope of profiting from an anticipated price increase. Now, this is speculative and timing is of the essence. Some would call this investing but some call it “time gambling”. If this is what one is hoping with the purchase, then all the best as any drop in price may spell financial disaster! The final outcome will depend on one’s financial prowess and holding power. To the genuine buyers out there, now is as good a time as anytime and may you find your ideal unit.

More Launches in Iskandar

Artist Impression of Tropicana


co World Development Group Bhd will be launching two township development projects in Iskandar Malaysia in May, following the success of its flagship project EcoBotanic@Nusajaya launched last September. Chief Executive Officer Datuk Chang Khim Wah said the projects – EcoSpring and EcoSummer located in the Tebrau growth corridor – would be launched concurrently. He said the company was targeting different buyers for the projects, which have

different architectural features. Phase 1 of EcoSpring would have 200 residential properties at an indicative selling price of RM1mil onwards, while the 500 units of EcoSummer would have a price tag starting from RM650,000. Meanwhile property developer Tropicana Corporation Berhad officially launched Bora Residences, which is Phase 2 of the Tropicana Danga Bay mixed integrated development in the growing region of Iskandar Malaysia in February.

Tropicana Danga Bay is a mixed development project located on 37-acres (15 ha) of prime freehold land within Zone A of Iskandar Malaysia. It offers a blend of both lifestyle and commercial properties. Tropicana Danga Bay has an estimated Gross Development Value (GDV) of RM8.3 billion. It is set to be a commercial centre for a multitude of business trade centres such as retail, food and beverage, banks, budget hotels, medical services, educational services and office space.

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