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WRG’s agony aunt returns

Dear Deirdre, I’m having terrible trouble with my camshaft. I’ve tried all

kinds of lubricants but here’s a problem with stiffness which is really affecting my performance. Just the other day I was giving a young WRGie a lift home from a dig and she made a comment which I thought rather disparaging. I’m at my wit’s end – can you advise? - WG, by email Deirdre writes: this is a problem which affects many men. Fortunately I receive regular emails which promise ways to alleviate the problem. I’ll forward them to you.

Dear Deirdre, I was widowed several years ago, shortly after my re-

tirement. Fortunately my local WRG group have really offered companionship, and my spaniel Butch enjoys coming along on digs. I’m becoming puzzled however by some comments made by a lady about my own age, recently divorced, who brings her golden Labrador Ruby to digs. She’s been suggesting they might like to become closer and makes strange comments about how life can be very lonely for old dogs. I’ve repeatedly told her that Butch has been ‘done’ and her bitch is clearly too old for a litter, but she keeps making these suggestions. What can I do? - JS Deirdre writes: I think your communication problem might be solved by a heavier consumption of alcohol at your next WRG social. I suggest you buy the lady a drink and explain that dogs often go a bit deaf as they age, but repeated licking of the ears can get their attention. I’m sure she’ll get the message, even if you don’t. Let me know how you get on. Have you a question for Deirdre? Write to the editor or email

WRGieotypes No 10: The Thing found in the BCN Is it a bird? Is it part of a plane? It lies on the towpath, black and stinking. "Oh, that'll be a truck engine," Tom says authoritatively, removing his grappling hook. "But that doesn't explain those squashy bits round the edge," Janice points out. They kick it across the towpath where it sits leaking rainbow-speckled oil. "Maybe it's a disability vehicle," Mike speculates. "Look, that could be the steering wheel." Eventually everyone gets bored and moves on.

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Profile for The Inland Waterways Association

Navvies 235  

Navvies 235. Magazine for volunteers restoring the waterways

Navvies 235  

Navvies 235. Magazine for volunteers restoring the waterways