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LOVABLE ROGUE: 18 months old baby faced. Needs life partner to enjoy long walks in the country, share ball games, licking and to enjoy good any food and a bowl of water.

CHASE AWAY my fears and fill my empty cracks. Seeks stamina, staying power, GSOH needed and must be a good mixer.

STAFF WANTED: Unstable surface seeks levelling influence. Must have 3 legs and one good eye. Friendship, maybe more.

BUBBLING spurting (capable of all orientations), enthusiastic with sturdy hose. Primed for action.

No apologies for the randomness of our camp report but we did spend a little time browsing the ‘Soul Mates’ section of Stroud Life and we were Camp 3 of 4. We finished what Camp 2 left and started what Camp 4 finished and we had fun. It was a lock – it was pulled down and we played our part in rebuilding it.

GOOD LAYER REQUIRED – must be prepared to share bed with others. No ties.

Thanks to Bernd for assisting and then leading when I abandoned ship, Shantelle for assisting when I abandoned ship, Lizzie for beautiful food all week until she abandoned ship and finally the Ship Inn for not abandoning ship or kicking us out. Helen Gardner

page 15

Profile for The Inland Waterways Association

Navvies 242  

Magazine for volunteers restoring the waterways.

Navvies 242  

Magazine for volunteers restoring the waterways.