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A Victorian Festival of Christmas Friday 27th - Sunday 29th November 2009

Buy tickets before 30th September to receive a 10% discount! Christmas Shopping * Victorian cast of hundreds Victorian Father Christmas * Fagin’s Tavern... and snow too! 023 9283 9766 or Supported by

HMS Victory l Mary Rose Museum l HMS Warrior 1860 l Royal Naval Museum Action Stations l Harbour Tours l The Historic Dockyard

Photo courtesy: The News

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o me, emotionally, the new school year is like the start of the calendar year but without the freezing temperatures, strained relationships with my extended family and a fridge full of left overs. It is a time for looking back over what I have achieved so far this year and then thinking, good grief, there’s not too long until Christmas, I must write that novel/tidy out that cupboard/despatch some of the children’s toys without them knowing pretty sharpish. Because before I know it, it will be the New Year and those things will be on the resolution list for the fourth year in a row. Luckily, this year I feel I have achieved something. I now have a regular column in The News – see – although the Liz Bourne Editor and local accompanying picture might spark another resolution mother of three to add to the list – regular hair cuts, maybe?!

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Building a relationship, Step by Step Step by Step are pleased to launch their specialist workshops, providing mums and daughters with the time and space to develop strategies for one of the most challenging transitions ever, from child to woman. Step by Step are a local company that support Women to eradicate feelings of fear of failure and guilt that are often associated with this relationship. Women tend to either put their mum on a pedestal and admire her with envy, wishing they could be half the women she is or was. Or they look down on her with contempt at the way she raised them. Either way can disable women from being who they have the true potential to be. Some mums and daughters have found the balance and have developed into independent adults that work alongside each other in harmony. But when this is not the case the emotional roller coaster is heart breaking. Step by Step have developed a series of workshops that walk you through three steps to a great relationship with yourself and then with your mum and/or daughter. For more information call 01329 286 648.

Professor Pot t y

Hello, Boys and Gi rls. Did you have a nice holiday? Dexter m y dog and I hope th at you managed to do and see all the thing s that you wanted to during the summ er. Here is a quiz ab out holidays. Don’t forget to sa y hello if you see us doing magic at a party in your area. Until ne xt time… Bye bye fro m me and woof wo of from Dexter!

This H is how mos t people like the weather on holiday. This O is all around if you’re camping. This L is a name fo r suitcases and bags . This I is a cold cream y treat on a cone. This D is a chair fo und at the seaside. This A means you are not in this coun try. This Y is the colour of sand on a beac h.

Why do families choose Riverford? Paul and Sue have been delivering in this area for six years, and have recently asked some of their customers why they buy fresh produce through Riverford…

Taste: By cooking fresh ingredients from

scratch, over priced and over packaged processed food can be avoided. It is great to hear of children helping unpack the box and then helping prepare meals. Getting a box has led families to being more inventive with their cooking.

Value for money: This is an important factor for many families. Riverford regularly check the price of the fruit and veg boxes against buying supermarket equivalents. The boxes are on average at least 22% cheaper than supermarket organic produce.

Convenience: No pester power and fewer supermarket visits. It is like having an allotment, but without the hard work. Riverford deliver directly to your door; there is no extra delivery charge. Choice: You do not need to order a box, or

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a life!

Organised Mum’s Life Book is the perfect diary to keep you organised throughout the school year. Starting September 09 and lasting for 16 months this week-to-view diary incorporates a number of clever features including tear out shopping lists, stickers to highlight important events, plenty of space for diary entries, meal plans and budgets to name a few! Stylishly designed inside and out, the Life Book is available for £12.99. Visit organisedmum or call 0845 644 7507 for a brochure. We have five Life Books to give away. For your chance to win one, just send your name and address to: Life Book Giveaway, PO Box 731, Southsea PO1 9AR or send an email to:, with ‘Life Book’ as your subject. Closing date is 16th October 2009. Only one entry per household.

Little Learners Day Care • Age from 3 months to 8 years

• OFSTED registered with good outcome

• Discounts • Preschool funding • Qualified caring staff • Ample car parking • Holiday leave

Hilsea 023 9269 6402

Fratton 023 9275 6104

• Learning through play the Highscope way!

Little Learners Day Care Ltd, Nuffield Health, Alexandra Park, Northern Parade, Hilsea PO2 9PB

Telephone 023 9278 2726

Park Lodge, 28 Clarkes Road, Fratton Both branches are open: 7:30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday

September/October 2009 Families Solent East 3

Potty answers: Hot, Outside, Luggage, Ice-cream, Deckchair, Abroad, Yellow

Brand new site for Mega Party Supplies

Clubs Classes

Today, I want to be…

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I asked my six year old last week. ‘A deep sea diver and a dinosaur’, she replied. I felt that I could help her with her youthful ambitions by booking her swimming lessons, but I have to admit to being a bit stumped when it came to morphing into a prehistoric creature. Also, I know that if I asked her again this week her reply would be completely different. And this is the concern of many parents – you pay for a ten week course in Chess Strategies but by week three, your child has lost all interest in the game and would prefer to be playing Badminton instead. So how do you decide what club or class to book your child into? From the familiar scenario above, it may be best to stick to those that offer a free first session. Other than that, it is great to choose something that maximises your child’s skills and interests which invariably change from month to month and from year to year. If your child, aged three, shows some talent at the local toddler tennis session, don’t get ahead of yourself and plan his/her path to Wimbledon 2023. Accept the fact that by the age of five he or she may prefer to sit quietly and make farm animals out of play dough. To help you with the dilemma, we have put together some guidelines for each age group…


Babies largely require milk, clean nappies and love. But there are classes for babies that, although are said to be beneficial to your little one, may be even better for you! Having a baby can be isolating and the thought of having a regular day in the week where you meet up with parents with similar aged babies can be a life line.


As babies turn into louder, more mobile creatures, so their demands change. Never before, or maybe since, has it been more necessary to get out and about to meet other parents! Luckily, there are plenty

Teach your baby to swim...

of choices and whatever your toddler prefers doing, whether it be running around like something from the local zoo or sitting quietly putting together an impressive collage, you will find something to entertain them. Toddlers do get bored though so maybe do a few weeks of one, then try another.


So now they are at school, their fragile minds are susceptible to the influences of the dreaded Peer Group, some of whom may have older siblings and are therefore even further vulnerable to more grownup pressures. Whilst before they were quite happy watching half an hour’s educational TV a day followed by an enjoyable session of making and decorating cup cakes with their mother, they now want to have a Hannah Montana lunch box, sing in a mid-Atlantic accent, and be on Big Brother when they grow up. Luckily, there are plenty of classes available to steer them away from the clutches of Disney, or worse.

Pre-teens and beyond

OK. So now it gets tough. They have had a good number of years being influenced by their school chums. High School Musical is replaced by Slipknot. But don’t despair, there are a number of excellent classes available for children of this age that cater for their interests and keeps them away from a sofa and hand-held console. For a detailed list of clubs and classes are available in the area, take a look at But whether your child is a budding tennis ace, the next Tracy Emin, or, indeed, a dinosaur, do remember that being bored is also very good for children. Some time each week to entertain themselves, rather than being guided by an organised activity, is all part of growing up. Give a child a stick, some space and the freedom to explore can be the most important activity they can experience.

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The postnatal workout that s Safe helps you get fit, have fun and s Functional spend time s Safe spend time with with your you baby. s Safe s Progressive ss Functional s Functional Effective Safe for new mums s Safe ss Progressive Fun! s Progressive Functional exercises s Functional ss Effective Progressive programmes s Effective s Progressive ss Fun! Effective results s Fun! s Fun! Effective ts 641854 s 01428 Fun!


To w find out out more more please please contact contact Rachael: Rachael: To find

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4 Families Solent East September/October 2009

Art Club

ages 5 to 8 years

Birthday Parties

Tots Club ages 1 to 4 years

Local classes in

Emsworth Chichester

●Arts and crafts ●Creative play ●ARTbeat™

07887 661588 tammylynne.lane CRB checked and insured

Be artful give the top reasons as to why Art is an important activity for kids…

Get Babyfit ● Art develops concentration

● Art stimulates both sides of the brain

● Studies show that children who participate in art activities, read better and do better in maths and science

● 33% of children are visual learners

● Art is a perfect channel of expression for any age

● Art enhances perceptual development

● Art introduces many facets of learning especially through using themes, colours, shapes and textures

● Art develops hand-eye coordination ● Art develops an awareness of the physical environment

Babyfit is a postnatal workout that helps new mums get fit, have fun and spend time with their baby. From as early as the first midwife check, mums can improve their health and fitness and shed those ‘ baby pounds’, whilst meeting other mums – all without the worry of childcare. The exercises are designed to be safe and effective for new mums; and the founder of Babyfit, personal trainer Rachael Elliott-Hughes, is always on hand to give advice and guidance if needed.

● Art is great fun!

Music Matters Music provides a fantastic and fun activity that offers countless benefits to a child’s development, as well as a source of inspiration for making every learning experience great fun. The important role that music plays in a child’s social and intellectual development is supported by research that’s shown how music:

1. Enhances and facilitates a child’s speech development Through singing simple songs, a child learns how language is constructed, words can be broken down into syllables, key consonants can be stressed and the sounds of speech are slowed down.

2. Cultivates a child’s social skills and develops their self-confidence Music offers a way for a child to explore different emotions and moods that they can identify with, but are unable to articulate.

3. Assists numerical development

By enhancing spatial-temporal reasoning and special recognition, processes that help an individual to retain mental images without having an actual physical model and allows a person to organise items mentally according to criteria such as pattern, size, colour, etc – essential abilities necessary for mathematics.

4. Supports intellectual development

Music can be considered as a pre-language and hence Professor Gordon Shaw, Concepts in Neuroscience, states, “Introducing your child to music at an early stage can be useful in exercising the brain for certain higher cognitive functions”.

Telephone 023 9278 2726

Increasing Access to Music Workshops

It is great news for families that the significant role that music plays in a child’s intellectual and social development is being supported through the increasing use of music in Foundation Stage settings. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) emphasises the importance of music, dance, rhymes and songs in supporting every child’s development across the curriculum. There are a growing number of music initiatives on a national and local level, which aim to ensure that music, as a learning resource is easily accessible to parents, carers, teachers and children in their early years. Boogie Mites music and movement programmes is an example of these initiatives. Developed with support from Portsmouth Early Years and Family Learning Services, and highly recommended by Early Years practitioners, Boogie Mites is enjoyed by children in schools and nurseries in Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Surrey, London and Sussex. Boogie Mites music workshops are now available to parents with pre-school children in many Children Centres in these areas. The original music and engaging programmes are specifically developed to support the EYFS and offer practical examples of how to incorporate music into everyday activities, making it part of family life. Take advantage of the music provision now available: your child will have great fun and enjoy the life long benefits of music in years to come.

Useful links ( (Parents’ music room)

September/October 2009 Families Solent East 5

Clubs Classes An exciting new concept in children’s event photography!

Overcoming Dyspraxia in the Beat of a Drum From ballet to rock school, from sewing clubs to fencing, there is a vast array of classes available to children today. But what happens when your child finds it difficult to join in with regular classes either due to problems socialising or due to a physical difficulty?

Which club for my dyspraxic child?

My son has always had problems with coordination, sequencing and processing information. In addition to these more physical signs of the condition, he is also easily frustrated, prone to temper tantrums and vulnerable to distractions. He was eventually diagnosed with dyspraxia (dyspraxiafoundation. but only when his self-esteem was at a very low level. So the thought of signing him up to any club where he could meet new people and learn a new skill was unthinkable, the irony being that he would really benefit from regular swimming classes, for example. He attends an independent school that caters for children with specific learning difficulties. The school is very flexible and brings in a range of different activities to help and engage the children. But when they announced that the children would be participating in a drumming course my heart sank. How would my son cope, with his coordination, sequencing and concentration difficulties? But I needn’t have worried.

Drumming Down Dyspraxia research project

Available to ‘Families’ readers Free 10”x8” and 7”x5” photo for bookings made before October 31st 2009

Little Milestones Photography has been created by Jo LockwoodSaunders, director of the successful and well established maternity image specialists, Rare Moments Photography. Jo has teamed up with fellow professional photographer Dawn Cane. They are a dynamic team dedicated to capturing children at their most natural and beautiful – having fun! Little Milestones provide a popular service to local baby and toddler classes and nurseries, children’s parties and christenings. Each photographer is CRB checked and insured, giving reassurance to parents while class teachers can comfortably give access to Little Milestones where parents with cameras are often not permitted now due to local safeguarding children policies. Christenings and birthday parties are a speciality at Little Milestones, enabling parents to step out from behind the camera and enjoy the celebrations, comforted by the knowledge that treasured moments are being captured by a professional. Little Milestones make your event photography simple and easy. Photos are taken and uploaded to a secure, password protected gallery on their web site. Your photos can then be purchased online in the comfort of your home with no selling involved. Packages are available for christenings and parties attract an hourly photographer fee. Coverage of baby and toddler classes are free of charge with commission available to those booking Little Milestones. Also available are popular gift vouchers ideal for christening and birthday presents with a difference!

6 Families Solent East September/October 2009

A research project carried out by the Oldham Music Service in 2007 and funded by the Arts Council of England showed how drumming benefited children diagnosed with dyspraxia. The project aimed to improve skills in rhythm and timing, movement, self-awareness, social interaction and co-ordination. A small group of children aged 7-11 years diagnosed with dyspraxia attended sessions involving drumming and Dalcroze Eurhythmics, a music education method which aims to give the whole body an experience and understanding of music theory. After a year the children were assessed and it was shown that drumming really helped with their self esteem as well as handwriting and other tasks requiring coordination. At the beginning of the course the children were quiet and introverted, only able to use one hand on the drum. As the sessions progressed, they became more positive and relaxed, and could clap in time and keep a beat on an African drum, alternating the use of the right and left hands, and play a rhythm with varying hand patterns. The children showed improved strength and increased stability, better hand-eye and eye-foot coordination, and improved visual and auditory memory.

Did my son cope with the drumming classes?

Many of the children at my son’s school have difficulties with coordination so it was with great anticipation that the parents watched the children’s performance. But the children ably followed a complex sequence and responded to the teacher’s instructions with great concentration. There was an audible sigh of relief! My son certainly enjoyed his drumming sessions, blasting my rial School: chilterntutor Children at Chiltern Tuto anxieties out of the door and the drumming sessions no doubt helped the children with their self-esteem, but best of all it was fun!

Out bout A

Havant Literary Festival 2009 Friday, 25th September to Sunday, 4th October


here’s plenty for all the family at Havant Literary Festival including story-telling, workshops, poetry, competitions and even comedy. WordFest at Staunton Country Park on Sunday, 4th October offers Caribbean music and storytelling; poet and comedian Ian Billings (pictured) reciting his fun verse and encouraging children to put their own pens to paper in the Gothic Library; children’s comedy workshops led by BBC Talent finalist, comedian Richard Ryan, and stand up comedy for seven year olds and over. Pre-schoolers can enjoy more storytelling, this time on a shoe theme at Taletellers – 10:30am on Saturday, 26th September and Sunday, 4th October at Havant Arts Centre – where you can also see a giant shoe just like the one the old woman lived in! All the libraries in the Borough will run Book and Boots craft and storytelling sessions and Havant Library is offering free tickets for a very special pre-schoolers session with ‘Tattybogle’ author, Sandra Ann Horn. Bookends bookshop in Emsworth is running colouring and Shop Window ‘Treasure Hunt’ competitions and, still in Emsworth, don’t forget to visit Shedman, the poet in a shed! Ofsted inspector turned independent publisher Jane Schaffer says she wasn’t burnt at the stake during her time at Ofsted, but it was a close thing! Come and hear about her amazing story and her passion for quality children’s books at Nineveh Bookshop and Gallery Gallery, Havant on Friday, 3rd October. For details of all these events and the entire Festival programme, visit the web site at

1 of 2 family tickets to Exbury Gardens and its Ghost trail

26th October to 1st November


ith skeletons, scarecrows and other ghoulish characters on route, dare you ride the Exbury Ghost Train? Enter the pitch-black tunnel at your peril! Family fun, full of interesting stories, dreadful puns and even more terrible jokes, hosted by Napoleon Bone-aparte and sidekick Batty the Vampire. Come in fancy dress and receive a free treat bag. It’s all aboard for a Halloween ‘Phantom- mime’! Ticket price is £3.50 per person plus entry costs to the Gardens. Explore the Gardens too, where there is magnificent autumn colour and a spooky tree trail to follow:, 023 8024 5750. For your chance to win a family ticket, just answer this simple question: Who are the hosts of this year’s Exbury Ghost Train? Send you answer along with your name, address and contact number to: Exbury Ghost Train, Families Solent East, PO Box 731, Southsea, PO1 9AR, or send an email to:, with ‘Exbury’ as your subject. Closing date 16th October 2009.

Have a hauntingly good time at Beaulieu this half-term 24th October to 1st November


ook out for some strange happenings in the neighbourhood at Beaulieu this half-term – it will be quite a spectre-cle! In the National Motor Museum, you can join Phantom Tours and hear the ghostly histories of some of the 250 vehicles on show. On selected days, talk to real ‘Ghost Hunters’ in the haunted Abbey Cloister and hear Spooky Stories from the costumed guides in Palace House. Children can take a lucky dip in the Witches Cauldron and be given a Gruesome Face Painting. All young Warlocks and Witches in Halloween costume will be granted half price entry (excepting Saturday 31st, after 3pm). For further information visit: or call 01590 612345.

1 of 5 family tickets to Beaulieu’s Fireworks Spectacular On Saturday, 31st October from 3pm Beaulieu’s annual Fireworks Spectacular is one of the largest in the south. For your chance to win a family ticket for up to 2 adults and 3 children, just answer the following question: How many vehicles are on show in the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu? Send you answer along with your name, address and contact number to: Beaulieu, Families Solent East, PO Box 731, Southsea, PO1 9AR, or send an email to:, with ‘Beaulieu’ as your subject. Closing date 16th October 2009. Telephone 023 9278 2726

Celebrating 10 merry years at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Friday, 27th to Sunday, 29th November


elightful dreams of Christmases past become a reality at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard as the Victorian Festival of Christmas celebrates a 10th successful year. Visitors will be magically transported into a Dickensian-style bygone era of snowy white streets with a festive fairground and seasonal carols. Hearty food is on the menu including the much-loved roasted chestnuts and mulled wine; and pleasure can be found throughout the dockyard with parlour games, bawdy Music Hall, a nativity farm and a traditional ‘green’ Santa, who ensures this hugely popular event is fun for all the family. Visitors booking before end of September can save 10%. Ticket prices include entry to all the festive entertainment and entry to the attractions at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, HMS Victory, the Mary Rose, HMS Warrior 1860, the Royal Naval Museum and Action Stations. (Harbour Tours are not included.) Ticket prices are… Adults: £12.50; Seniors: £10.50; Children: £10.50; Family (up to 5 people with a maximum of 2 adults/seniors): £37.50. Further information and ticket booking at September/October 2009 Families Solent East 7

Although we aim to be as accurate as possible, the events listed on pages 8 to 10 are compiled several weeks beforehand and may be subject to change. Also, some events may have a charge that applies but is not recorded here. So please contact venues in advance to check full details.

September WEDNESDAY 9th Heritage Open Day

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard 023 9283 9766 to reserve a place,

Free access to buildings and the unseen collections of the Historic Dockyard.

THURSDAY 10th Heritage Open Day

Royal Marines Museum, Southsea 023 9281 9385,

Free special tours.

Heritage Open Day

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard As Wednesday 9th listing above.

FRIDAY 11th Steam Gala

Watercress Line 01962 733 810 to book,

Help celebrate the wonders of steam on this popular railway.

Heritage Open Day

Royal Marines Museum, Southsea See Thursday 10th listing above.

Heritage Open Day

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard As Wednesday 9th listing above.

SATURDAY 12th Goldilocks and how many Bears? 3-7 yrs

Steam Gala

Chichester Farmers’ Market

Roman Gladiators

SATURDAY 19th Horseplay 3-5 yrs

Watercress Line As Friday 11th listing above. Fishbourne Roman Palace 01243 785 859,

Displays of gladiatorial contests and hands-on activities for all the family.

Heritage Open Days

Fort Nelson, Fareham 01329 233 734,

Enjoy guided tours of the Fort with parts not normally open to the public.

Round Tower, Portsmouth, 11am-4pm

Discover more about the Tower including a chance to use maps, documents and family trails.

Eastney Beam Engine House, 1-5pm

Watch the magnificent engine in full steam.

Southsea Castle, 10am-5:30pm

Guided tours including to parts not usually open to the public.

Royal Marines Museum, Southsea See Thursday 10th listing above. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard As Wednesday 9th listing above.

SUNDAY 13th Goldilocks and How Many Bears? Ages 3+

New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, 2pm, £5 023 9264 9000,

Silly puppets and even sillier singing! Bring Your Own Bear – BYOB!

Steam Gala

Watercress Line As Friday 11th listing above.

Roman Gladiators

Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, 11am and 1pm, £7.50 023 8067 1771,

Fishbourne Roman Palace As Saturday 12th listing above.

Toy Life 5-10 yrs

Various locations As Saturday 12th listing above.

Krazy Kat Theatre Company presents this fun show.

Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, 10:15am-12.15pm, £6 01243 774 557 to book

Come and create a colourful, fabric collage based on a still life of children’s toys after looking at the beautiful still-life paintings of the Scottish Colourists for inspiration.

Culture in the Park

Queen Elizabeth Country Park, 1pm 01730 403 059

Plenty of free activities for the whole family, plus a range of performances frm professional artists.

Knots and Rigging

Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, 11am-12 noon and 2-4pm 023 9283 9766,

Learn about the rigging on the Mary Rose and try your hand at making anti-boarding netting and knots.

Heritage Open Days Knots and Rigging

Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard As Saturday 12th listing above.

WEDNESDAY 16th Looking for the Invisible – the Birth and Rise of Dark Matter Astronomy Ages 11+

Intech Science Centre, nr Winchester 01962 863 791 to book,

Another popular space lecture by Dr Roberto Trotta.

FRIDAY 18th Heritage Open Day

Cowdray Ruins, Midhurst, 10am-5pm

Free entry to Cowdray all day. See the Tudor kitchen in full working order, with demonstrations of traditional cooking and crafts.

8 Families Solent East September/October 2009

East and North Streets, 9am-2pm

Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, 11am, 12:30pm and 2:30pm, £6 023 8067 1771,

Postman Pat, Special Delivery Services Paultons Park, Ower 023 8081 4442,

Meet Postman Pat and Jess the Cat when they visit Paultons for the very first time.

‘Star’ Fish Weekend

Blue Reef Aquarium, Portsmouth 023 9287 5222,

Come face-to-face with living characters from fi lms like Finding Nemo, Shark Tale and Little Mermaid and learn all about the true stories behind their fictional namesakes.

SUNDAY 20th Hoof! 3-10 yrs

New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, 2pm, £5 023 9264 9000,

SUNDAY 27th Meet the Tudor Gunner

Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard As Saturday 26th listing above.

Autumn Fayre

Butser Ancient Farm As Saturday 26th listing above.

October FRIDAY 2nd Chichester Farmers’ Market East and North Streets, 9am-2pm

SATURDAY 3rd Rainbow Fish 4-7 yrs

Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, 11am and 2pm, £6 023 8067 1771,

Steam in the Gardens Exbury Gardens 023 8089 9422,

Steam engines of all shapes and sizes on show, from full-size traction engines to miniature road vehicles.

What happens if you’re a horse and your owner is more interested in your friends than in taking you for a ride?

World Space Week

Phobias Day

Displays with satellite models and activities. Including special live planetarium shows by space engineers.

Overcome your phobias and learn more about the most commonly feared animals.

Archaeology in Action

Drusillas Park, Alfriston 01323 874 100,

Hampshire Farmers’ Market

Intech Science Centre, nr Winchester 01962 863 791,

Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, 12 noon and 2-4pm 023 9283 9766,

Palmerston Road, Southsea 10am-2pm

Hands on activities for all the family.

Postman Pat, Special Delivery Services

Hampshire Harvest Weekend

‘Star’ Fish Weekend

A free family event celebrating Hampshire’s food and farming.

Paultons Park, Ower As Saturday 19th listing above.

Blue Reef Aquarium, Portsmouth As Saturday 19th listing above.

SATURDAY 26th Kush-Ka Workshop Ages 4+

Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, 11am and 1pm, £6 023 8067 1771,

Meet the Tudor Gunner

Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, 11am-12 noon, 2-4pm 023 9283 9766,

Join in with a Tudor gundrill.

Autumn Fayre

Winchester Cathedral, 10am-5pm

Apple Affair

West Dean Gardens, nr Chichester 01243 811 301,

See over 100 varieties of apples, sample and buy apple-based foods and drinks, and take part in a range of apple-themed events.

SUNDAY 4th Rainbow Fish Ages 4+

New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, 2pm, £5 023 9264 9000,

A funny, fishy tale bursting with magic and fun.

Butser Ancient Farm 023 9259 8838,

Hampshire Farmers’ Market

Midhurst Farmers’ Market

Steam in the Gardens

Celebrate the autumn.

Capron House Car Park, 8:30am-1:30pm

Market Square, Petersfield, 10am-2pm

Exbury Gardens As Saturday 3rd listing above.

Visit for more information and discount vouchers. World Space Week

Intech Science Centre, nr Winchester As Saturday 3rd listing above.

Archaeology in Action

Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard As Saturday 3rd listing above.

WEDNESDAY 7th Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Kings Theatre, Southsea 023 9282 8282,

Fantastic musical for the whole family.

THURSDAY 8th Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Kings Theatre, Southsea As Wednesday 7th listing above.

FRIDAY 9th Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Kings Theatre, Southsea As Wednesday 7th listing above.

SATURDAY 10th Frosty Windows 3-6 yrs

Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, 11am and 1pm, £6 023 8067 1771,

Make an Original Print 11-14 yrs

Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, 10:15am-12.15pm, £6 01243 774 557 to book

SUNDAY 11th We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Ages 3+ Theatre Royal, Winchester, 11:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm 01962 840 440,

Big Draw Weekend

Half Term

Autumn Countryside Show

Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Singleton As Saturday 10th listing above.

Archaeology in Action

Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard As Saturday 3rd listing above.

WEDNESDAY 14th Our Dynamic Sun Ages 11+

Intech Science Centre, nr Winchester 01962 863 791 to book,

Another popular space lecture by Dr Helen Mason.

FRIDAY 16th Chichester Farmers’ Market East and North Streets, 9am-2pm

SATURDAY 17th The Night Keeper Ages 4+

Big Draw Weekend

Tudor Life Ashore

As part of the Big Draw weekend, Exbury will be welcoming accompanied children free of charge into the Gardens.

The Big Draw 09

Quay Arts Centre, Newport, 10am 01983 822 490,

A free event to help create a multilayered ‘against the clock’ image using Renaissance drawing and painting.

Autumn Countryside Show

Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Singleton, 10:30am-5pm 01243 811 348,

Experience the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside at harvest time.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Kings Theatre, Southsea As Wednesday 7th listing above.

Archaeology in Action

Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard As Saturday 3rd listing above.

Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, 11am and 1pm, £6 023 8067 1771,

Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, 11am-12 noon and 2-4pm 023 9283 9766,

Find out what life was like for the families of the Mary Rose crew.

SUNDAY 18th The Nightkeeper Ages 4+

New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, 2pm, £5 023 9264 9000,

Striking visuals, puppetry, live music and a lot of mess.

Beatrix Potter Story Telling

Marwell Wildlife, Colden Common, 11am and 1:45pm, 01962 777 966 to book, Storytelling sessions including drinks on arrival and lunch.

Trafalgar Salute

Fort Nelson, Fareham 01329 233 734,

Gunfiring and presentations to commemorate the 204th anniversary of Nelson’s great victory.

Hampshire Farmers’ Market

Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Singleton, 11am-3pm 01243 811 348,

WEDNESDAY 21st Trafalgar Salute

Fort Nelson, Fareham As Sunday 18th listing above.

Exbury Gardens As Saturday 10th listing above.

MONDAY 26th to FRIDAY 30th Autumn Adventures

Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard As Saturday 17th listing above.

Adapted from the picture book written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.

Bring a selection of drawings, print-outs, magazines or photographs of plants, animals, birds and use these images to trace through to a perspex plate, ink up and print out your image using a printing press.

Exbury Gardens 023 8089 9422,

Tudor Life Ashore

Wickedly wonderful seasonal activities including make a mini scarecrow, carve a pumpkin and plenty of arts and crafts.

Roman Army Week

Fishbourne Roman Palace 01243 785 859,

Sign up as a Roman soldier and carry out the necessary activities to complete your training.

SATURDAY 24th OCTOBER to SUNDAY 1st NOVEMBER Ghosts and Ghouls

Fit for Sport Kids Camp 5-12 yrs

Half Term Activities

Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth, and Taro Leisure Centre, Petersfield: 9:30am-4:30pm, £23; extended day 8:30am-5:30pm, £30 0845 456 3233, Early bird 10% booking discount: book by 2nd October 2009 and quote ‘strawberry’

A selection of activities including: Pumpkin Trail, HMS Warrior 1860: 24th October – 1st November; Doctor, Doctor, Mary Rose Museum: 24th- 27th October; Ghost Story, HMS Warrior 1860: 24th-27th October; Hands-on Halloween, HMS Warrior 1860: 27th-28th October.

Chessell Pottery Barns, nr Calbourne, £4.95 studio fee 01983 531 248,

Beaulieu, nr Brockenhurst 01590 612 888,

Activities include phantom tours, spooky stories, gruesome face painting, and Halloween quiz sheet.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard 023 9283 9766,

Wizard Week

Watercress Line 01962 733 810 to book,

Lots of fun for all the family.

Half Term Activities

Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth 023 9285 7520,

Fun activities for the kids all week: face painting, activity sheets, meet Spinny the Tower mascot and much more.

Monsters Week

Magical Woodland Week

Make your own woodland-inspired pottery designs. Price covers all materials, assistance, use of decorating sponges, plus glazing and firing of all items decorated (ready to collect within a week).

MONDAY 26th to SATURDAY 31st Spooktacular

Appuldurcombe House, Wroxall, 7:30pm 01983 840 188,

Spooky Halloween activities in the Haunted House!

Blue Reef Aquarium, Portsmouth 023 9287 5222,

As well as revealing the truth behind some of the world’s most famous sea monster stories there’s even the chance to come face-to-face with some real monsters of the deep.

Boo’s Haunted Cottage

Halloween Hocus Pocus

Isle of Wight Zoo, Sandown 01983 403 883,

Halloween themed craft activities. On 31st, real bats from the IoW Bat Hospital will make an appearance.

MONDAY 26th OCTOBER to SUNDAY 1st NOVEMBER Exbury Ghost Train

Drusillas Park, Alfriston 01323 874 100,

Drusillas’ friendly ghost opens the doors to his haunted cottage.

SUNDAY 25th to FRIDAY 30th Wizard Week Isle of Wight Steam Railway, Havenstreet 01983 882 204,

Educating children in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle whilst encouraging them to try their best and have fun. Multi-sport sessions and chill-out sessions, including arts and crafts.

Enjoy the magic shows, explore the enchanting Woodland Walk, enjoy a warm and relaxing steam train ride. But are you brave enough to meet the bats?

Exbury Gardens 023 8089 9422,

With skeletons, scarecrows and other ghoulish characters on route, dare you ride the Exbury Ghost Train?

TUESDAY 27th to FRIDAY 30th The Return of Dr Terror

Fort Nelson, Fareham 01329 848 500 to book,

Dare you descend into the dark tunnels to meet mad Victorian collector, Dr Terror? Halloween activities all day.

Palmerston Road, Southsea 10am-2pm

Telephone 023 9278 2726

September/October 2009 Families Solent East 9

Although we aim to be as accurate as possible, the events listed on pages 8 to 10 are compiled several weeks beforehand and may be subject to change. Also, some events may have a charge that applies but is not recorded here. So please contact venues in advance to check full details. TUESDAY 27th to THURSDAY 29th School Holiday Activities

Winchester Cathedral, 10am-12 noon, £2 01962 857 224 to book,

Chance for children to use their imagination to create something to take away.

Sea Service

Royal Marines Museum, Southsea, 11am-1pm 023 9281 9385,

Try your hand at the many tasks the Royal Marines have performed at sea.

SATURDAY 24th Whingerella Ages 5+

Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, 11am and 1pm, £7.50 023 8067 1771,

Clay Pumpkins Ages 5+

Making Space, Leigh Park, 10am-1pm, £15 023 9247 2491,

TUESDAY 27th Boogie Pete Live Ages 2+

New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, 2:30pm, £7.50 023 9264 9000,

Get ready to Boogie with Pete from CBeebies’ Boogie Beebies!

Haunting Halloween Ages 7+ Making Space, Leigh Park, £50 023 9247 2491,

A 4-day fi lm workshop giving you the opportunity to direct, fi lm, edit and star in your own horror fi lm.

Spooky Designs 5-16 yrs

Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, 10:15am-12.15pm and 1:15-3:15pm 01243 774 557 to book

Have a ball with bats and all things spooky. Turn paper and card into witches and ghosts for a spell.

Spy Trail

Needles Old Battery, Alum Bay, 10:30am-3:30pm 01983 754 772,

Use terracotta clay to make your own ceramic hollow pumpkin.

Follow a fun trail.

Trafalgar Day

Mottistone Manor Garden, Mottistone, from 11am 01983 741 302,,

Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, 11am-1pm and 2-4pm 023 9283 9766,

Drawing, crafts and activities in celebration of Nelson’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Pirate Trail

Needles Old Battery, Alum Bay, 10:30am-3:30pm 50p 01983 754 772, Follow a fun trail.

SUNDAY 25th Fun, Food and Fireworks Festival Cowdray Ruins, Midhurst, 11am-6pm

Pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, as well as a food festival. Cooking demonstrations, and entertainments all day, fi nishing with a firework display at the end of the day.

Pirate Trail

Needles Old Battery, Alum Bay As Saturday 24th listing above

MONDAY 26th Trick or Treat Bags Ages 7+ Making Space, Leigh Park, 10am-12 noon, £6.50 023 9247 2491,

Decorate your own Halloween Trick or Treat bag using fabric pens and stick on fabric.

Children at War

Needles Old Battery, Alum Bay, 12:30pm, 2pm and 3pm 01983 754 772,

Discover what it would have been like to be a child during the war.

Drawing Fun

Needles Old Battery, Alum Bay, 10:30am-3:30pm 01983 754 772,

Join in with drawing activities based on shipwrecks.

THURSDAY 29th Beauty and the Beast

Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham, 2:30pm 01329 223 100,

The show starts with some children learning parts in the show whilst the rest of the audience are taught songs. There is a short interval and then the show begins.

Clay Day Ages 8+

Jubilee Stores, Newport, 10am-2:30pm, £15 01983 822 490,

Play with clay with a spooky theme!

Jewellery Workshop 9-12 yrs

Jubilee Stores, Newport, 10am-2:30pm, £35 01983 822 490,

Family Fun Day

A two-day workshop, ending on Friday, 30th October, showing you how to use traditional techniques to make jewellery out of copper and silver.

Enjoy a day out with the family in these stunning gardens.

Vibrant Vile Victory!

WEDNESDAY 28th Peter Pan

Kings Theatre, Southsea 023 9282 8282,

A stunning performance from the students at Victoryland Theatre School.

Day of the Dead Masks Ages 7+

Making Space, Leigh Park, 10am-12 noon, £6.50 023 9247 2491,

Get inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead and make your own colourful skull mask.

Space Hoppers 3-7 yrs

Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham, 11am and 2:30pm 01329 223 100,

With friendly astronauts as your guide, jump into your space suits and float up into new and dazzling galaxies.

Shimmering Fish

Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, 11am-1pm and 2-4pm 023 9283 9766,

Make your own sparkling, shining tropical fish.

The First Civil War

Arundel Castle 01903 882 173,

The Castle during the visit of Empress Matilda in the time of King Stephen: Norman knights, weapons, combat and crafts.

HMS Victory, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, 11am-1pm and 2-4pm 023 9283 9766,

A special Halloween drop-in session on board the ship to explore some of the more gruesome aspects of her history.

Shipwreck Stories

Needles Old Battery, Alum Bay, 12:30pm, 2pm and 3pm 01983 754 772,

Stories by Hampshire & Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology.

Peter Pan

SATURDAY 31st Bleak Expectations Ages 5+

Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, 11am and 1pm, £7.50 023 8067 1771,

A romp through Victorian London in the 1800s.

Scary Monsters!

Quay Arts Centre, Newport, 10am-1pm 01983 822 490,

A free family drop-in workshop to make Halloween monsters.

Halloween Fun 4-9 yrs

Sustainability Centre, East Meon, 1-3pm, £5 01730 823 166 to book,

With natural materials, Halloween hats, spiders webs, ghoulish dainties and a little horror hunt to fi nd hidden Halloween favourites.

Meet the Tudor Doctor of Physic

Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, 10:30am-4pm 023 9283 9766,

Discover how strange his remedies and treatments seem today.

Halloween Trail

Needles Old Battery, Alum Bay, 10:30am-3:30pm, 50p 01983 754 772,

A fun, but spooky, trail!

A Fright at the Museum

Dinosaur Isle, Sandown, 6-8:30pm 01983 404 344,

The museum will be transformed for an evening of ghouls and ghosties and things that go bump in the night.

Peter Pan

Kings Theatre, Southsea As Wednesday 28th listing above.

Kings Theatre, Southsea As Wednesday 28th listing above.

The First Civil War

Arundel Castle As Wednesday 28th listing above.

FRIDAY 30th Pumpkin Carving Ages 7+

Making Space, Leigh Park, 10am-12 noon, £6.50 023 9247 2491,

Design a scary face then learn how to carve it into a pumpkin. Parents requested to stay to assist with the carving.

Battle Drums

Needles Old Battery, Alum Bay, 12 noon, 1pm and 2:30pm 01983 754 772,

Meet a Victorian military drummer and discover how commands were conveyed by drum on the battle field.

Peter Pan

Kings Theatre, Southsea As Wednesday 28th listing above.

10 Families Solent East September/October 2009

Families Solent:E & W fireworks



Page 1

Half price n ry r fo f r yo y ung ent nt Wa W rlocks and W tc Wi t hes in Hallow owe ow ween costume.*

Saturday 31st October Beaulieu, New Forest, Hampshire SO42 7ZN Junction 2 M27

01590 612345 *This applies to full admission prices between 24th October and 1st November excluding Saturday 31st October after 3pm.

Telephone 023 9278 2726

September/October 2009 Families Solent East 11

Children’s Centre news

Hampshire Sure Start Children’s Centres take to the road Families in rural areas of east Hampshire now have information and services delivered to their doorstep thanks to a specially designed mobile children’s centre launched by Hampshire County Council. The mobile children’s centre, operating from Petersfield, was commissioned and designed by Hampshire County Council to ensure that services offered by children’s centres are fully accessible by residents living in the more rural areas of the county. They include a meeting area, crèche area, side pod which can be used for consultations with midwives and other health professionals, a kitchenette, toilet and extendable canopy to provide a sheltered buggy park. Children’s Centres are designed to be one-stop shops offering advice and support to families who have children under five years old. Currently Heath, Hillside and Tree Tops in East Hampshire offer stay and play sessions, tooth brush exchange, a home visiting service, access to health professionals, Chatterchums speech and language group, family bounce and rhyme, music makers, and baby massage for families living in the Headley, Liss, Petersfield and surrounding areas.

Paulsgrove Children’s Centre, Paulsgrove Paulsgrove Children’s Centre is now thriving since extensive refurbishment in the spring and boasts a new range of groups from the start of autumn term. Paulsgrove will also be relaunching their centre on Friday, 18th September as part of the National Sure Start Children’s Centre Awareness Week. There will be lots of fun activities including a bouncy castle, Boogie Mites, learning about animals, face painting and lots more. There may also be a celebrity popping along! For further details please contact Michelle or Debbie on 023 9238 3995.

Drayton & Farlington Children’s Centre, Cosham

Merry-Go-Round Children’s Centre, Wickham

Merry Tots, a weekly drop-in play session for parents and their under fives, has been running in Wickham with great success. The Centre offers art activities, outdoor play, singing and rhyme in a friendly environment. The Wickham Sessions run on Monday mornings, 9:30-11:00am. The Children’s Centre launched Merry Tots Whiteley, a new outreach service in July 2009. Parents and children had the opportunity to meet all the staff from the Centre, and participate in a variety of activities. The group is proving very popular with parents and children, with new parents arriving each week. The group is located at the Whiteley Community Centre and operates every Monday (except bank holidays) from 1:15pm-2:45pm. The Parents Forum has been re-launched and meets four times a year and their next meeting is on 29th September, 10am-12noon at the Centre. All are welcome.

Halloween Activities

Drayton & Farlington Children’s Centre is a new centre to the north of Portsmouth which will have fun groups available from September. The Centre is situated in The Link which is part of Cosham Baptist Church on the Havant Road in Cosham. With only a minute’s walk to Cosham High Street and only a few minutes from a bus stop or the train station, this Centre is very accessible from anywhere in the city. For more information call Louise Barker on 023 9237 8393.

Willows Centre for Children All services judged ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in June 2006 As one of Portsmouth’s Children’s Centres, we provide: l

All year childcare available from 7:45am to 6pm for children aged 3 months to school age


5 free morning or afternoon term-time education sessions available for 3 to 4 year olds


Health clinic and breastfeeding support


Fun sessions for adults, babies and young children

Merry-Go-Round Children’s Centre, in partnership with The Treehouse Theatre Company, presents the following… The Enormous Pumpkin Storytelling, role play, singing and dancing Tuesday 27th October: £3.50 per child ● Merry-Go-Round, Wickham: 10–11am ● Whiteley Community Centre: 1-2pm Halloween Handicraft Halloween related craft activities Thursday 29th October: £1 per child ● Merry-Go-Round, Wickham: 10am-12noon Places are limited, please book early to avoid disappointment. Buddens Road, Wickham, Fareham, Hampshire PO17 5HU; 01329 834874;

12 Families Solent East September/October 2009

023 9266 6918 Battenburg Avenue, Portsmouth PO2 0SN and

Find other loca l Sure Start Children’s Cen tres at: schoolsfinder.

Education Dyslexia: a case study By Linda Jones Joe works hard at reading, but it never seems to get any easier. He knows he can do other things well so why can’t he read like the other children in his class? His teacher says he is bright in all areas but struggles with literacy. Joe has a problem called dyslexia. Dyslexia is difficulty with literacy, and the problem is to do with the way the brain works. It means that a person has a specific learning difficulty with reading writing and spelling, not that they are slow at learning in general. Plenty of talented people struggle with dyslexia. Reading is like a workout for your brain. You need to do the following steps, and all at once: 1. Understand the way speech sounds make up words 2. Focus on printed marks (letters and words) 3. Connect speech sounds to letters 4. Blend letter sounds smoothly into words 5. Control eye movements across the page 6. Build images and ideas 7. Compare new ideas with what is already known 8. Store the ideas in memory Children who have dyslexia struggle with the beginning steps. It’s no surprise, then, that trying to read, and dealing with dyslexia is so tiring and difficult! Dyslexia means a person’s brain has trouble processing letters and sounds. This makes it hard to break words into separate speech sounds. When it’s hard to do that, it’s really hard to connect speech sounds to written letters and blend them back into words. Children who have dyslexia might get frustrated or sad because reading and spelling are so hard. Their behaviour at school may deteriorate and they may feel like failures. Designed Reading Speaking to teachers, to meet Writing Special Educational the unique Spelling Needs Coordinators needs of Maths (SENCOs) and specialists your child will help discover what Registered ing 6-16 the problem may be. with OFSTED nefit ye Be ar They will benefit from specialist teaching and lots of patience. For a FREE assessment 023 92 755 923 today Also, some parents support their children ww through using a tutor. As a qualified teacher I now run a Kip McGrath Education Centre which tutors in Maths and English. The children we tutor have many different kinds of strengths and weaknesses, including dyslexia. We design individual lesson plans which give children lots of success. They soon begin to feel more positive and confident which in turn helps them learn. It is possible to help children like Joe to overcome dyslexia and reach their full potential. Many creative and successful people have struggled with dyslexia, but it hasn’t stopped them from chasing their dreams! To book a free assessment at Kip McGrath Education Centre give Linda or Howard a call on 023 9275 5923.

Professional tuition in

Maths & English

ll of a ds ol


Telephone 023 9278 2726

Unlocking the potential of dyslexic & dyspraxic children A small school for boys and girls aged 7 –11 with specific learning difficulties

Our supportive environment uses innovative teaching programmes that work

Children are taught individually and in small groups by specialist teachers

Chiltern Tutorial School Contact Bruce or Jane Gaudie

01962 717696 • 07855 766675

Going back to school with a winning combination from Labels4kids For the second year running Labels4Kids has been nominated as one of 10 uk finalists in the Dell Small Business Excellence Awards. Labels4Kids was started by a uk mother of three, Ann-Maree Morrison, who was tired of tracking down her boys’ lost property at school and play group. Ann-Maree has three boys at school and is well used to the hassles of labelling their clothes and kit in preparation for another hectic year at school – and has all the possible labelling solutions you can imagine. Launched in 2005, Labels4Kids supplies a range of labelling products, from waterproof vinyl microwave and dishwasher proof labels to clothing labels that stick on, iron on or sew on. Ann-Maree has also developed a line of personalised gym bags, bag tags and id bands. A wide choice of colours and images is provided. Quick turnaround is important to her customers who are keen to get clothing and other belongings labelled before that school start rolls around all too quickly. Labels4kids will also help your school to earn commission to spend on school requirements, with fundraising schemes in place for commission on the full range of products. Labels4Kids staff are happy to give advice to those new mums who just don’t know where to start with their labelling requirements. Labels4Kids’s business continues to grow during 2009 thanks to an ever increasing army of valued customers who spread the word. During the difficult economic times parents would rather spend a little on naming their children’s property than having to pay to replace lost property.

Whitelines: a new concept in stationery The traditional dark lines of ordinary paper can interfere with design and writing, but with Whitelines there is no visual interference. The soft grey colour reduces the glare associated with white paper, making it easier on the eye. With this in mind, it has been shown to benefit those with reading difficulties such as dyslexia. This Swedish product is the first in the world to be carbon neutral, achieved by using a state-of-the-art factory which reuses carbon dioxide in a closed loop. And CO2 generated from transport is offset via a treeplanting scheme in Uganda. ‘The lines are softer and you don’t really see them’, said Myles, aged 9, ‘but it is better than the black lines because you stare at the black lines, and with these you concentrate on your writing not the lines’. Available in a comprehensive range of notebooks, exercise books and refi ll pads in both lined and squared paper, Whitelines is bound to have something that meets your needs. For more information visit

September/October 2009 Families Solent East 13

Mayville High School

Excellence through nurture

Education Moving on up is made easy at Mayville High School When your child starts school, moves into juniors or progresses onto seniors, as a parent you want to be calm in the knowledge they are happy and ready for each stage.

Excellent academic results • 6 months – 16 years Dyslexia unit • Gifted & talented programme • Co-educational with core subjects taught separately • Small classes • A wide range of sporting & creative opportunities 35-37 St Simon’s Road Southsea Hampshire PO5 2PE

023 9273 4847 Senior School Experience: Thursday 24th September 5pm – 7:30pm

Drop-in-Day: Thursday 1st October 10:30am – 6:30pm

At Mayville High School we think we have the balance right. We provide continuity, and support. All this coupled with the school’s family atmosphere makes children feel happy and secure to deal with change. Four-year-old Faith Adams and George Hartridge, both Kestrels, Mayville’s Pre-schoolers, have moved to the reception class this September. Faith says she’s ‘Excited’, and when you ask George about starting school he says ‘Yes please.’ Nursery practitioner, Leza Tremorin, who looks after the Kestrels, says ‘While starting school may be a big day for mum and dad, it really isn’t for the children. They’ve already met their teachers and know their new classroom.’ George’s mum Kate agrees: ‘They are prepared. They are wearing a uniform already so it’s no great surprise.’

“I want to be a doctor ” Whatever your daughter wants to be, we’ll get her there...

Visit us on our

Open Day Saturday 3 October 9.30 am to 1.00 pm Find out what we can offer your daughter from Nursery through to the Sixth Form.

Portsmouth High School 023 9282 6714

Part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, a family of 29 schools

14 Families Solent East September/October 2009

7-year-old Maggie Dennis and Mickey Slaven have moved from the Pre-prep to the Junior School this September. Mickey couldn’t wait to be a junior, because, as he says, he ‘Gets to play football, rugby and cricket.’ Maggie is equally upbeat about the change. Her grandmother Christine says ‘Mayville is a small school, the children know exactly what they are doing, they are so confident, it’s an ideal environment.’ Mary Jones, Senior Teacher for Pre-prep and Nursery, says ‘Year six children have been doing paired reading with the new juniors, in a buddy system. Their new classroom is housed in the Pre-prep building, this makes it a kind of half way house, so they can get used to being juniors.’ It’s a new year at Mayville, with new challenges for everyone, but ones you can rest assured pupils are fully prepared for.

Directory Advertisement

Business opportunities


Forever Living, 01329 232 084. Call

Rare Moments Photography, 07891

Usborne Books, 01329 662 998,

Scott Lymath Photography,

Hesione Waugh for details of how to build a successful business around family life. Build an exciting and profitable business selling Usborne Books.

Clubs & classes

4 5452 or 02380 445502 Artybobs, 07887 661588, Creative art and craft sessions, ages 1-8 years in Emsworth and Chichester., 07977 132 653, Baby signing classes in Portsmouth and Southsea.


434 318, Pregnancy and baby portraits. Modern images taken around Portsmouth. Wedding and event services. Family friendly studio.


0845 644 5452 or 02380 445502

Hiscock Gallery, 023 9282 5330,

11 Stanley St, Southsea. Art and craft supplies; specialists in framing and fine art printing.

Tuition Maths and English tuition.

01566 784946. 10 holiday cottages in Devon with indoor pool and other facilities.


Only one application needed ®

Non toxic 32 Years Experience

Private Tuition in Your Own Home All Subjects, All Exams, All Levels �

Primary, 4/7/8+ prep school entry, 11+, SATS

Common Entrance, Scholarship, Dyslexia, Remedial

GCSE, AS & A-level, Univ., Adult & Languages

0845 644 5452 Kip McGrath Portsmouth, 023 9275

5923, Professional tuition in Maths and English for children aged 6-16 years.

Beadz by Louise, 07885 519 453, Jewellery making parties for children and adults.

NYDA is effective, safe, easy to use and only needs one application to kill all head lice and nits. NYDA kills lice within five minutes and eggs – nits – within eight hours. Applied as directed, a single application is enough to treat each infestation – there is no need for repeat treatment.

845 644 5452,

Head lice – we only have to hear the words and our head begins to itch! Anyone can catch head lice and children are particularly at risk, especially during term time. ® But now there is a new solution for the problem – NYDA . ®

First Class Learning, 01329 662 098,

Beaufort House Guest House, IOW,

01983 403 672, Family-friendly guesthouse just 5 mins from Sandown’s beautiful sandy beach.

ion ... t a c i l p e ap Only on that’s it! ... and

Vision Photography, 023 9262 0140,

Appuldurcombe Holiday Cottages,

01983 840 188, Family friendly cottages around a 300 acre estate on the Isle of Wight.

Get rid of head lice with just one treatment

Advertise in our direc tory from as little as £4.50 per mo nth. A range of opt


NYDA contains no toxic insecticides or pesticides. It contains 92% dimeticone, an ingredient also used in hair conditioners, and which is approved for use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products for babies, ® children and adults. NYDA is easy to use, has a fresh fragrance and leaves even long or curly hair manageable and easy to comb. Because ® of its physical action, lice cannot develop resistance to NYDA . Unique formulation ®

NYDA has a unique formulation, containing two-silicone based ingredients (dimeticone). It works in a completely different way to conventional insecticide-based or herbal head lice treatments. By penetrating deeply into the breathing system of head lice and larvae ® – the intermediate stage of development – and into nits, NYDA causes rapid and irreversible suffocation. And by killing lice at all three stages of development, their life cycle is interrupted and eradication is complete in one easy step. Clinically proven ®

eradicates NYDA head lice at all 3 stages of development – lice, larvae and eggs. Scientific studies have proved that it is effective, safe and well tolerated.

ions availab budgets. Minimum boo le to suit all kin paid in advance. Call 023 g of one year, 9278 2726 or email editor@families for more information.

Make your child’s party one to remember with 20 8580 3911 Comedy magic • Hysterical laughter • Music, fun & games • FREE goodie bags • CRB (Police) checked • 023 9255 1018

The Squidgybug Shop, 023 9246 3792,, 5 Mengham Road, Hayling Island. Children’s themed party supplies, cards and gifts.

Telephone 023 9278 2726

020 8580 3911

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Pharmaceuticals since 1835

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September/October 2009 Families Solent East 15



Santa’s Christmas Wonderland is the most enchanting Christmas experience in the south. See the seasonal illuminations before you enter Santa’s grotto where adorable animated characters and animals greet you at every turn as you make your way through this enchanted snow scene. Children meet Santa in his toy factory and receive a super present. Adults enjoy hot fruit punch and a mince pie in the olde-worlde atmosphere of the Christmas-themed Village Life Museum, served to the accompaniment of an animated soldier band!


A family ticket is for 2 adults and 2 children and includes entry to Paultons Park and its rides and attractions. You must visit Santa at the time printed on your ticket but you can enjoy the rest of the Park and its attractions at other times during the day. Paultons Park is just off Exit 2 of the M27: call 023 8081 4442 or visit for more info. For your chance to win, answer the question beneath and then send your answer along with your name, address and contact number to: Santa’s Christmas

Wonderland, Families Solent East, PO Box 731, Southsea, PO1 9AR or send an email to: competitions@, with ‘Paultons’ as your subject. Closing date is 2nd November 2009. Prize winners will be notified by post. All tickets are pre-booked and winners must advise Paultons Park of the age and gender of the children within 7 days of receipt of prize notification. Tickets are issued individually for set session times on Saturday, 21st November 2009 only, and cannot be exchanged for any other date.

Competition question: Where can the adults enjoy a mince pie?

Families Solent East magazine, September / October 2009, Issue 24  

The free local parenting magazine for families with children aged 12 and under in Southeast Hampshire, West Sussex and the Isle of Wight, UK

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