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Thumbs up for Metco success Lower Hutt's Metco Engineering is doing its bit to bring costeffective manufacturing back to New Zealand. Metco owner Paul Jessup says New Zealand companies often don’t realise their products can be manufactured more cost effectively at home and with less hassle. “Our clients are now coming back to New Zealand to manufacture when they see what we are able to offer them." Since purchasing Metco in 2002, Jessup has invested around $6 million in equipment and machinery while staff numbers have risen to 60. The company's success was recognised in the 2013 Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Awards when it won the Supreme Award. See story page 30

Happy in his work: Metco machine operator - Lemisio Moemai

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Going Green

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Building Boats

Tamaki College students are helping those in their community and learning how to run a business at the same time.

The new Ceres building could become New Zealand’s first five-star Green Star rated distribution facility.

Architects H+K has completed many landmark projects throughout the Northland region.

Whangarei firm Ship Repair NZ has built a new car ferry for long-term client Sealink.

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hatham Rock Phosphate (CRP) continues to take positive strides towards production of its strategic, multi-million tonne organic rock phosphate deposit on the Chatham Rise. A Mining Permit was granted by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals branch in December, which was a major milestone for CRP, says managing director Chris Castle. “It significantly de-risks the company as it means we’re halfway to being fully permitted. “It was a lengthy process. We had hoped to gain the permit in three months following our application but it took 14 months in the end.” He says this was partly due to the permit being the first granted under the amended Crown Minerals Act which came into force in May 2013. “We had applied under the previous legislation, so our application was transferred to the new regime. “With new staff working to a new Act, the decision making process took a bit longer than expected.” Castle says that the project will contribute around $900 million to the New Zealand economy and around $250 million a year in exports and import substitution. Chatham Rise rock phosphate has proved effective as an ultra-low cadmium direct-application fertiliser which can reduce run-off effects on New Zealand waterways by up to 80 percent, he says. “We have a strong business case for what is a very strategic material. "If there was a disruption in supplies from Morocco where most of the world’s phosphate is currently mined, it would create huge issues for the planet.” Castle says CRP has used the time while the Mining Permit was being considered to significantly improve its Marine Consent application. This was submitted to the Environmental Protection Authority at the end of March, and is the final remaining milestone before mining can commence. “We’ve gathered a lot of new information that answers key questions interested parties wanted to know. “We have also had sections of our Environmental Impact Assessment peer reviewed by overseas experts who have suggested improvements.” He says CRP’s current application is a “much better document” than the preliminary version written last April, and the company is confident of a successful outcome to the process.

Chris Castle: “We have a strong business case for what is a very strategic material.” “Unlike the Mining Consent, the Marine Consent process has a statutory time limit of six months before a decision has to be made. “All going well we will be fully permitted by November this year and mining by late 2016 or early 2017.” In the last few months, Castle has made repeat visits to London to meet potential UK-based investors, who indicated their interest in investing by way of private placement, subject to CRP establishing a secondary listing on the London AIM market. The CRP board agreed to proceed with the AIM listing, which should be completed in the next few months. “We’re working through the documentation for the listing, a process that is running parallel with our attractively priced rights issue to existing shareholders which we announced in mid-March,’ says Castle. Shareholders will receive renounceable rights to one new share at $0.15 per share for every ten shares held. CRP will issue 14,422,529 shares to raise approximately $2.1 million under the rights issue, which will be fully underwritten. In other “good news”, CRP has started

working on an updated resource statement which incorporates new sample data gained at sea in 2011 and 2012. “The statement will meet the Canadian standard 43101 which is a bit like a JORC report here. It is a requirement of our listing on any other secondary market.” Castle says being an exhibitor for the first time at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention - the world’s largest minerals investment and trade show - held in February, was “beyond his wildest dreams” in terms of the attention CRP attracted. “PDAC is the mecca for mining and we had a booth in a very good location near one of the main entrances. Numerous brokers talked to us, which certainly justified the effort in going there.” Castle works with a large team of up to 20 consultants and firms contracted to CRP on numerous projects. “I am the frontperson most of the time but everyone else is working really hard. It’s been seven years since we first applied for the prospecting license. “However it usually takes around 10 years to set up any mine. Time goes by quickly when you’re having fun.”


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Changes at the top for Solid Energy Hugh de Lacy The changing of the guard at struggling stateowned collier Solid Energy has extended to the chairman of the board of directors, Mark Ford, who is standing down because of ill-health. Ford’s announcement came hard on the heels of the appointment of a new chief executive to replace Don Elder, who resigned in the wake of the company’s meltdown from the crash in global coking coal prices in 2012. Ford will retain his seat on the board, and though deputy chair Pip Dunphy will stand in for him in the meantime, the Minister of State Owned Enterprises, Tony Ryall, has yet to name his replacement. The new chief executive, who takes up the post in early May, is Australian Dan Clifford, the manager of the Ulan coal complex, incorporating two underground and one opencast coalmine in New South Wales. Ulan is owned by Glencore Xstrata which is one of the biggest companies in the FTSE top-100, employing 190,000 workers at 90 sites in 50 countries.

The company was created a year ago with the formal merger of Glencore International Plc and Xstrata Plc, though the two had been closely linked by marketing agreements since 1997. With investments in metals, minerals, agricultural and energy products, Glencore Xstrata produces and markets more than 90 commodities for industries ranging from automotive to food processing and power generation. Clifford, 42, has had more than 20 years in the mining industry, mostly in Australia but also in South Africa, and has worked for heavyweights Anglo Coal and BHP Billiton as well as Glencore Xstrata. He has a degree in mining engineering, a First Class Certificate of Competency for underground coalmines and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. The Ulan complex that he presently manages produces 11 million tonnes of coal a year – nearly three times Solid Energy’s output – and employs 900 people. Clifford will take over at Solid Energy from Garry Diack who has been interim chief executive since Elder resigned.

Clifford is expected to have his work cut out for him rebuilding a company that has been forced to halve its workforce to about 800, and requiring a $100 million government lifeline to keep it in business after the crash in the price of coking coal, which comprises about half of its annual 4m/t production. Clifford has so far declined to comment on his appointment, announced just ahead of AuditorGeneral Lyn Provost’s report into the company’s problems, which she put down to its poor communications and its failure to consider worstcase scenarios when developing its strategy. Outside the scope of Provost’s inquiry was the phenomenal hike the company made in the estimate of the value of its business in 2008, from $500 million to $7.8 billion, and which rang alarm bells at Treasury apparently ignored by the Government at the time. The five-year period covered by Provost’s inquiry began immediately after, and did not include, the company’s revaluation. Provost’s report, released in late March, also noted the lack of experienced mining personnel on the board.

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Young entrepreneurs helping out A new initiative at Tamaki College is helping to solve some of the community’s IT problems, and giving students a valuable insight into running a successful business. Karen Phelps reports. A group of enterprising young East Aucklanders have helped to set up a successful business – and they haven’t even finished high school. Called the Geek Café, the business is run from Tamaki College campus and sees teenagers helping solve the community’s IT problems. The café is the brainchild of Tamaki College, the Manaiakalani Education Trust and students when the idea was raised of setting up a business on the school grounds that would utilise the many talents of the students and help provide a real-life business scenario for them to practise their skills. As the school was already operating an online learning system, which sees students equipped with netbooks and completing their courses online in the school environment, IT seemed a natural fit. “At the college each teacher has a google site set up for the class,” explains Nikki Carter, employment director of the Manaiakalani Education Trust, which was established in 2011 to support local schools by helping them gain access to external digital resources and networks. “This means students don’t need to carry around text books and notes – everything is done by computer and lessons completed online," says Carter. “As the students were already IT savvy it seemed natural to set up a business where they could pass this information on.” Carter says the Geek Cafe is operated as a real business: customers must pay $20 per hour to utilise services and the students are all paid like regular employees. “In order to apply for one of the Geek Cafe jobs students have to fill in an online application form, send in their CV and go through an interview process and training. “No skill is more important than another – all students are paid equally,” explains Carter. The Geek Cafe also has its own specific marketing team who decided to primarily target the older generation.

“We give presentations at retirement villages, hand out business cards, posters and flyers at local stores. “We targeted the elderly as they are the ones who need the most help with technology and we thought it would be a good thing to help them,” says Lata Toa, 17, from the marketing team. The cafe opens its doors each Wednesday. Students teach customers to operate their digital devices, computers, mobile phones and i-pads. The service also extends to teaching customers how to scan slides, photos and make on-line photo albums. While customers are learning about IT the cafe also offers tasty food, tea and coffee for sale produced by the school’s barista and hospitality students (all recipes are designed to fit in with the curriculum for the qualifications the students are completing). Students of accounting and carpentry (they made the tables outside the cafe) have also utilised their skills in the initiative. Lindsey Bull, 71, is one of the cafe customers and is obviously more techno savvy than most – she has an ipad. Bull says having the students show her how to use technology has made her life easier. “The students have the patience to teach us that our own children often don’t have. I’ve got to know some of the Geek Cafe team quite well. “I just panic when I try to do things on my own but the students work really well with you so you have time to learn and relax,” says Bull, whose winter project is to turn the digital files she has created by scanning her collection of photos into a book. And it’s not just the older generation that is learning: “That was something that was introduced to me; it was weird,” says student Mareta Tangata, 17, who didn’t previously know what a 35mm slide was until a customer brought one in for her to scan to a digital file.”

“We targeted the elderly as they are the ones who need the most help with technology".

“The best thing is seeing a customer come in with a confused face and leave with a happy face because they know what to do.”

While customers are learning about IT the cafe also offers tasty food, tea and coffee for sale produced by the school’s barista and hospitality students.

“It’s good to give back our skills and pass that onto people who need help. “Technology is being upgraded so fast that people don’t always know how to use it. “The best thing is seeing a customer come in with a confused face and leave with a happy face because they know what to do.” But although the Geek Cafe provides plenty of opportunities to learn, Carter says that the focus has been firmly on ensuring it operates as a real business model. “All costs are featured and covered,” says Carter. “If we make a loss we look at why and how we

can remedy that. The students have learned how to get an IRD number, about joining Kiwisaver and pay rolls so there are a heap of learnings that wrap around this idea. “It’s a way to utilise the schools resources and the student’s knowledge and prepare the students for life outside school. “I think it’s definitely something that more schools could do.” • The Geek Café is open every Wednesday 9:30am to 1pm at 111 Taniwha Street, Glen Innes, Auckland


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Rotorua Central redevelopment a boost for city Karen Phelps It’s a multi-million dollar investment that aims to connect the central shopping district of Rotorua with the city’s mall. Rotorua Central shopping mall is undergoing an upgrade which includes closing in the mall by constructing a roof over the open air walkway, renovating shop fronts and constructing a plaza outside the main entrance. Outside the mall a six spout fountain, which will light up at night, will be constructed along with seating and two pedestrian crossings to make access across Amohau Street, where the main CBD shopping area is located, easier. The changes will help connect the mall with the rest of the central city shopping zone, says Malcolm Short, chairman of directors of the developer Pukeroa Oruawhata Holdings Ltd. Rotorua Central comprises 48,000sqm of which 42,500sqm has already been developed. In the early 1990's it was a 14 hectare abandoned railway yard until the shopping centre was constructed in the mid-1990's. The land was developed as one large section to avoid the costs and restrictions of subdivision. By 1996 The Warehouse, Burger King, Shell Petrol Station, Sizzler Restaurant and other projects were completed. Short says that Rotorua Central is one of the largest single-site retail shopping complexes

in New Zealand and has the highest pedestrian count in Rotorua. Short says the upgrade will modernise the mall and improve the offering for customers. Fletcher Construction, which constructed the original mall, has been contracted to undertake the $14 million upgrade project. Structurally and logistically the 12 month project has been a huge undertaking with much of the construction taking place after hours to ensure the shops could still be fully operational, says Fletcher Construction regional manager Mark Ritchie. “Working over a mall with the public walking through meant enormous amounts of project planning in advance. "We had to stage the project in bite size pieces and erect temporary works to provide safe pathways," says Ritchie. "Anything that might potentially have been a health and safety risk to public or tenants was undertaken after hours,” he says. Ritchie says the project was especially satisfying due to Fletcher Construction’s long standing relationship with Pukeroa Oruawhata Holdings Ltd. “It is very satisfying to see they are delighted with the outcome. It’s transformed the mall into a vibrant space,” he says. Pukeroa Oruawhata Holdings Ltd is one of four companies owned by Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust, which was originally established in 1981

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Rotorua Central is one of the largest single-site retail shopping complexes in New Zealand.

to administer the urban land of Ngāti Whakaue, an iwi of Te Arawa occupying land around the southern shores of Lake Rotorua. Short says that Pukeroa Oruawhata Holdings Ltd has been criticised in the past with claims the mall has taken shoppers away from the central city district to the detriment of tenants located there. He points out that Ngāti Whakaue owns 95 properties in the city. “We’re not about to disadvantage our tenants located there. "The mall is actually bringing people to the city centre. "Now it’s up to the shops there to sharpen their act so that people will want to go there for those specialty stores,” he says. Short says that Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust seeks to undertake any developments in an environmentally considerate manner both aesthetically and practically. “For example, on the larger commercial

properties there are always areas of the land which are landscaped. "The Trust also tries to recycle as much of the infrastructure that is removed once a lease has expired. An example of this is rubble extracted from the Trust’s commercial properties that is recycled for beautifying and landscaping the side of a stream that runs through an area of land owned by Ngāti Whakaue at the entrance of Rotorua.” Short says that Pukeroa Oruawhata Holdings Ltd has been working in conjunction with Rotorua District Council and Rotorua Chamber of Commerce, of which it is a member, to provide feedback on how a better shopping experience could be achieved in the city centre to draw more shoppers to the district. Pukeroa Oruawhata Holdings Ltd is presently working on a concept plan to develop land it owns on the lakefront and the plan will include retail and recreational areas to draw people to that end of the town.

"It is very satisfying to see they are delighted with the outcome. It’s transformed the mall into a vibrant space." Symonite is a highly experienced specialist supplier, fabricator and installer of Aluminium Composite Panels for the construction industry. Now servicing the Bay of Plenty and Waikato from our Hamilton branch


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New Countdown for Crofton Downs Karen Phelps Countdown has opened its brand new Crofton Downs supermarket in Wellington. The store replaces the previous Countdown store in the same location and marks the 168th Countdown supermarket in New Zealand. Located on Churchill Drive and opened by local MP Peter Dunne, the event marked the culmination of nearly a year long construction. The 3120sqm supermarket closed for an expansion and refurbishment in January 2013 to allow for a larger and more modern supermarket and retail area. Countdown national construction manager Simon Scott says that the original store, built in the seventies, was no longer of a size or design to offer the neighbourhood a good range of product. Countdown had acquired the store in 2003 out of the Woolworths portfolio. The site presented its challenges to the construction process. Perched by the side of a railway track and set into the side of a hill extensive earth and retaining works were required before construction could commence. Ebert Construction was the main contractor on the project and it was the first time that Countdown had worked with this company. The experience proved so positive that Countdown has since contracted Ebert Construction to undertake new store builds on Lincoln Road and St Johns in Auckland. The new store incorporates many of the design elements of Countdown’s new generation stores, and has been carefully designed and constructed to reduce its impact on the environment. It features energy-efficient CO2 refrigeration plant systems, night blinds on refrigerated cabinets, sliding covers on freezers, heat reclaim off the refrigeration coils and energy efficient lighting to help minimise the store’s carbon footprint. The store’s full-service departments range from a large bakery, baking fresh goods daily; an expansive produce section, service deli, seafood

MP Peter Dunne opens the new Countdown Crofton Downs - the event marked the culmination of nearly a year-long construction. department, walk in beer chiller, Lotto outlet and Westpac ATM. The store also features 13 checkouts including four self-serve checkouts so customers can scan and pay for their shopping themselves. The store also includes four retail outlets at the front which will be occupied by the previous pharmacy, a cafe, hairdresser and a further outlet to be filled. Scott says it was important to include the retail outlets as part of the new store

plans as they had previously been there for some time. The Countdown car park has 162 spaces. Countdown managing director Dave Chambers says the $24.7m investment represents the company’s continued commitment to the wider Wellington region, and follows recent new store openings in Petone, Tawa and Newtown. The new store has created 60 new jobs. “It’s no secret we’ve been working to increase our presence in Wellington, and we’ve invested $101 million in the last year opening

new stores and refurbishing our existing stores, with more investment planned," says Chambers. "The customer response to our new stores has been fantastic, and we’ve also been able to employ 380 new people as part of our Countdown team.” Resource consent has also been lodged to build a Countdown in Courtney Place.

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DEVELOPMENT Âť Progressive Enterprises


The new Crofton Downs store incorporates many of the design elements of Countdown’s new generation stores, and has been carefully designed and constructed to reduce its impact on the environment.


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Programme focused on reducing waste Karen Phelps The opening of Countdown Crofton Downs was attended by representatives from The Salvation Army, who is Countdown’s national charity as part of the Countdown Food Rescue programme. “Wherever possible, our policy is to donate food that is still fit for consumption to our community charity partners – both perishables and general grocery items," says Countdown spokesperson Kate Porter. "In the last financial year, this policy has seen Countdown Food Rescue donate more than $1.4 million of food to The Salvation Army, Kaibosh, 0800 Hungry, Fair Food and other local charity partners to provide food to people in need." The most common items provided are canned foods which go to The Salvation Army, and bakery items and vegetables, which go to the company’s perishables food bank partners such as Wellington’s Kaibosh. In the last financial year Countdown also provided just under $700,000 of food to farmers, largely made up of bread and vegetables that were no longer fit for human consumption for feeding stock. At Christmas time Countdown stores step it up a gear to help the Salvation Army feed 17,000 Kiwi families in need over December. Each Countdown store donates $500 worth of groceries (over $83,000 in total) as well as running a national campaign in stores to call for customer donations to help as well. Porter says that while Countdown Food Rescue, which was launched in 2011, means that food that can no longer be sold has a secondary benefit it

Reducing the amount of waste is a key focus for all Countdown supermarkets. also fits in with the company’s waste minimisation policy. “We’re working harder than ever to make our stores ‘greener’ and are committed to helping to achieve an overall 40% reduction in our company’s carbon footprint by 2015 (on projected growth levels), bringing our emissions back to 2006 levels. "Since 2006 we have reduced waste to landfill by 38%, despite having 28% more selling space (new stores, upgraded stores) than we did in 2006. "Our rate of recycling waste is now double of what goes to waste.” In order to achieve this, the company has initiated a number of schemes. Since 2003, all

checkout staff in Countdown supermarkets have been encouraged to reduce the number of plastic bags leaving stores. “Our ‘Pack 7’ is about reducing the number of bags by packing at least seven items in each plastic bag and we also ask our customers if they need a bag for three items or less. "All our stores have re-usable bags available for customers to purchase. These bags have been particularly successful in recent years." Countdown stores and sites also have a sustained focus on recycling plastic and cardboard. The amounts of these items recycled have increased by 30% since 2006.

Waste reduction is also part of the company’s core business. Porter says that one of the biggest things Countdown can do as a business to reduce food waste is to forecast and merchandise as efficiently as it can. “We work very hard as a team and with our suppliers to make sure each of our stores has exactly the right products for their customers, so as little as possible goes to waste in the first place," she says. "This of course not only helps us to achieve our waste minimisation goals but also helps us to serve our customers even better.”

“Proactive approach, good quality work and high level of knowledge, I look forward to working with Monarch in the future.” James Donald, Senior Consultant, WSP, Countdown

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Shopping online continues to grow Karen Phelps Countdown has been in the business of online grocery shopping for the last 15 years and is the only supermarket nationwide to provide this service. Countdown national online manager Tony Petrie says that the popularity of the service is increasing. “In the past five years we’ve seen a significant rise in customers using our delivery service. Increased use of purchasing over the internet in general has meant it’s fast becoming the norm to order groceries online too," says Petrie. "Currently we’re seeing double digit growth in customers using the service year on year.” Petrie says that the Countdown service is unique in that when an online order is processed, groceries are hand-picked by a specially-trained

personal shopper who ensures the goods picked are the same high quality if they were picked in store by the customer and are delivered in specialist trucks with chillers and freezers. Customers can also tailor their order with instructions for their personal shopper: “For example how ripe they want their bananas or instructions for delivery – to the front or back door, or extra quietly if there’s a sleeping baby," says Petrie” He says that one of the key advantages and a huge time-saver is that customers can retrieve their personal shopping history and favourite products when for when they come back to re-order. Other popular features of the online service include access to recipes for meal inspiration and a ‘useful lists’ section with prepared shopping lists for specific occasions. Countdown also has 52 stores that offer a ‘click

"Customers using our service tend to be time-poor and value the convenience of shopping from home as a way to save time.”

When an online order is processed, groceries are hand-picked by a specially-trained personal shopper and are delivered in specialist trucks with chillers and freezers. and collect’ service where customers can order online, have their groceries handpicked in store and then the customer can pick up their order at a time that suits them at the customer service desk. In 2012 Countdown also launched a shopping app for iPhone and Android users that allows customers to access their local Countdown supermarket from the palm of their hand. The free app combines a digital shopping list with barcode scanning capability, prices, tailored specials and recipes, and can also connect to the customer’s online shopping account via the mobile

site to complete the transaction. “Online shopping is popular with people everywhere from big cities to smaller towns. "We’ve had more than 250,000 downloads in the past 18 months, so we know customers are embracing this new technology. "The biggest benefit we hear from our customers is that online shopping is convenient," says Petrie. "Customers using our service tend to be timepoor and value the convenience of shopping from home as a way to save time.”

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Renovation expertise paves the way Karen Phelps Specialising in the renovation market meant that Ashton Builders has not only been busy throughout the economic downturn but has experienced good business growth. “The renovation market didn’t really slow down with the economy,” says company managing director Grant Ashton. “Especially with land being so expensive people renovate rather than move. Good wordof-mouth referrals have meant the company has continued to grow,” he says. Ashton started the company in 2007, after completing his apprenticeship in Mount Maunganui with an award-winning building company specialising in high-end luxury residential homes on the beachfront. The experience of working on detailed and complex homes gave him a wealth of knowledge, which he has put to good use on the projects he now completes for clients in the Auckland region. His company specialises in major renovation projects and additions as well as smaller projects and new homes. Ashton says renovations can be highly technical and require dedicated specialists to deliver the best outcome. The company recently completed a $550,000 renovation project at Half Moon Bay, which saw the company gut and renovate the interior of the home, re-clad it and modernise the outside with new landscaping. “Our vast renovation experience means we have seen most scenario’s before,” he says. “Working closely with an experienced builder and designer at the early stages of the design process is paramount to creating a design, which meets the client’s requirements and budget.” In terms of new home builds Ashton Builders offers a complete design-and-build service. The company also offers house-and-land packages, at present in Pokeno Village Estate. Ashton Builders has just completed one home in the estate and is due to begin another. Pokeno Village is planned to cover 400 hectares and will include residential houses, an employment zone, parks and sports grounds, school facilities, plus neighbourhood walkways with native planting and open spaces. A reinstated Market Square will become a focal point for the community. Ashton says that as Auckland expands satellite towns like Pokeno will become increasingly important. Ashton acknowledges that re-clads, another significant area of business for the company, can be difficult projects for the client due to the emotional nature of the situation. “We assist by assigning a project manager to oversee the project to provide sound, practical advice, co-ordinate the work as well as all personnel required to ensure the project is

Ashton Builders specialises in major renovation projects and additions as well as smaller projects and new homes. completed to a high standard. We’re here to help the client through every step of what can be a stressful process.” Ashton says the company’s success is built on professional systems, detailed budgets, good project management and an honest upfront approach. “We use only experienced and qualified subcontractors who meet high standards of workmanship. “In order to foster a great client relationship we prefer to meet clients in person when possible and keep them well informed. It’s about being as flexible as possible to meet their requirements and honouring our promises.” Ashton says he aims to continue to grow his business by about 30% and enter two projects in the 2014 Registered Master Builder House of the Year Awards.

Ashton Builders 0508 4ASHTON

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Bishop’s Gate Business Centre First Floor, Unit 2b 2 Bishop Browne Place Flat Bush AUCKLAND 2013 phone +64 9 273 9114 email

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Versatility brings firm steady growth Karen Phelps Billings Construction Ltd has expanded from a staff of three to eight in the last 12 months, with company director Ryan Billings saying the fact that the company offers a wide variety of services has assisted growth. Ryan Billings started the company eight years ago, despite the fact that he had not previously worked in the building industry. However building runs in the family though – his father Ivan and brother Elliot run Billings Builders which subcontracts to Ryan’s company on the bigger projects. Another brother Nathan is a qualified architect and offers assistance with the design process. Ryan started Billings Construction when Waikato Shed Company was looking for someone to which it could contract its building works. He seized the opportunity to put his project management skills to good use and quickly secured the contract, employed carpenters and started organising projects. Billings is quick to point out that his staff are the company’s number one asset. “We simply couldn’t do what we do without our team,” he says. Staff now offer skills in roller and sectional doors, aluminium joinery, carpentry and concrete work. Billings Construction works mainly in the greater Waikato area, and undertakes a wide variety of services including preparing and laying concrete, supply and installation of long run roofing, sectional and roller door installation

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and maintenance, steel shed construction and residential housing. The company also completes labour-only contracts. “We will basically take on anything anyone brings to us as we have such a wide range of skills in our team,” he says. “This has included building chicken sheds, a veterinary clinic at Morrinsville and steel sheds up to 35 metres clear span.” Billings Construction uses HazardCo health and safety systems to ensure a safe workplace at all times. Billings says he operates a “no return” policy: “While of course we will go back to fix anything that goes wrong we aim for this to never be an issue in the first place. “We aim to complete the job to such a high standard that we never need to return to site.” The company is a real family affair. Wife Lidewij does administration and the couple’s children Keeley, 17, Lia, 15 and Tait, 12, all help out cleaning vans and sorting tools in the weekends. “The main thing I want clients to know is that the boss takes an active role in managing each project. I’m always at the coal face meeting customers. “The focus is on building a strong company to set ourselves up for the future and we do that by offering a good service at a fair price.”

Billings Construction offers a wide variety of services.

Billings Construction

P: 07 889 7784

07 889-5207

Locally Owned & Operated 24 Hour Service

• Power Tools • Veebelts • CRC

• Drills • Abrasives • Bearings

• Nuts & Bolts • Welding • Hydraulic Hoses

141 Thames St, Morrinsville •

• Onsite Diesel Refueling • Batteries • Bulk Delivery • Lubricants • Filters • Specialty Products A/H 07 849 1432 Mobile 0274 939 491 Phone 07 849 2943


Suppliers of: • Sportswear • Corporate Wear • Team Wear • Uniforms • Sports hardwear • All forms of Work Gear • Embroidery & screenprinting 232 Thames Street, Morrinsville Phone/Fax: 07 889 7772 Mobile: 021 207 6053

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BUILDING » Watts & Hughes Construction

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The leading edge in green building Karen Phelps The new Ceres building could become New Zealand’s first five star Green Star rated distribution facility, says Watts & Hughes Construction contract manager Jim Wylie. Health food store Ceres has a history of setting new standards in the realm of environmentally friendly and sustainable operations. The company became the first BioGro certified organic distributor in New Zealand in 2001 and in 2009 became the first EcoSocial certified company in New Zealand, a certification that recognises an ethical and socially responsible sourcing philosophy based in the company’s operations. So it was no surprise when the company needed to build new premises the mandate to Watts & Hughes Construction was for a Green Star rated building, a certification which assesses the environmental impact of a building’s site selection, design, construction, materials and maintenance. Construction on the building at 82 Carbine Road began in November 2012 and was completed in August last year. An existing derelict building on the site was disassembled to obtain materials for re-use and recycling – a basic requirement for green star certification. Items including steel and crushed concrete were used in the new construction. Designed by Williams Architects, Wylie says Watts & Hughes was involved in the project from the design stages giving input with regards to buildability requirements. One of the biggest challenges was the poor soil conditions of the site – vacillating between rock and extremely wet ground. Unsettled materials were removed and the site

The two-level building has a structural steel portal frame with precast panels and a long-run metal roof. re-compacted. An important innovation in the project was the use of post tension slab, which gave the building strength but also prevented cracking in the floor slab resulting in a very hygienic environment. The two-level building - which comprises 1000sqm of office space on the second level and a 4000sqm ground floor warehouse and bulk store - has a structural steel portal frame with precast panels and a long-run metal roof. Wylie says that everything from the building materials, carpet and installation, to the windows, fittings and even the building positioning was chosen with minimal environmental impact and optimal energy efficiency in mind. Some of the “green” features included in the design are a rainwater collection system along with low water usage fittings and a solar hot water system. The need for mechanical air conditioning and artificial lighting has been minimised with extensive use of natural ventilation and light. A fully automated building management system monitors lighting, CO2 levels and water and energy usage. There is also a dedicated recycling area to minimise the volume of waste that could end up in landfill.

The Ceres Building is built to the highest Green Star certification standards.

Materials used in the building include recycled hardwood flooring in the boardroom and sustainable cedar cladding in the stairwell. Wylie says Watts & Hughes Construction prefers to add true value to a project in terms of having input into buildability and materials – in order to give additional benefit to the client. He says that the Green Star certification system is becoming increasingly popular.

The Ceres Building contains numerous innovative “green” features.

Watts & Hughes Construction 09 573 5750 “In five years it will be the norm to build in this way. We see it as the leading edge in the trend of construction.”

We are delighted to supply the precast concrete components for the Ceres Building. Is it a great endorsement for us that Watts & Hughes continue to work with Wilco to supply precast for their ongoing construction projects. Over 50 years of service to the greater Auckland, Waikato and Tauranga construction markets, knowledgeable in-house estimators, engineers, drafting staff and skilled manufacturing personnel, supports our commitment to quality and service.

BUILDING » Cove Construction

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Individual approach key to success Karen Phelps Unlike many builders who were hitting tough times during the recent recession for Cove Construction, which started in 2010, it was the company’s busiest time. “We had signs everywhere and really marketed the business. One of the first jobs I did was a leaky home repair on the beachfront. “It just went from there and in the first year I ended up completing six jobs and employing eight staff,” says company owner Nick Gill. Now just four years on his company employs seven full time workers including four qualified carpenters and three apprentices. The trusted group of subcontractors the company works with have also been a big part of Cove Construction’s success, says Gill. Cove Construction completes any size job from small decks to high end architectural homes. Gill says he has found completing smaller jobs for customers builds trust which can lead to bigger projects further down the track. Gill also favours a completely transparent pricing method so that people know exactly what their build will cost. The majority of the work that Cove Construction completes is beach homes, largely for clients out of town and based overseas. The company completed builds for clients residing in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia last year alone. Gill says establishing good communication with customers is even more important in such circumstances. “There has to be a high degree of trust. We provide regular photos and communicate by email

Cove Construction undertakes work in the Whitianga and Coromandel regions. so they can see where their build is at each step of the way,” he says. Trust is something Gill says he had to work hard at in the beginning – he started the business when he was just 25 years old. Now after a large number of successful projects the references he has received are testament to the high quality of work the company completes.

Gill also brings unique skills to the job including specialising in asphalt shingle roofing. “When you live on the coast it’s a cost-effective form of roofing as it can’t rust. It’s guaranteed to last 30 years,” he says. Cove Construction undertakes work in the Whitianga and Coromandel regions. At present Cove Construction is working on a million dollar plus architectural home at Hahei. Staggered up the side of a cliff the home has the appearance of floating, says Cove. Piles need to be driven nine metres into the ground. The company is also working on a cedar clad home at Matarangi and another at Whitianga. Gill is a licensed building practitioner and a member of the Certified Builders Association.

Wife Hollie takes on office duties meaning it is a real family run business. Gill says he has reached his initial business growth goals early and aims to keep continuing. “We’re not a large contracting company so we are able to treat each customer individually and offer a caring, personal service. “Our customers are more than a job number to us. I have a good client base and aim to keep up the good name and good crew I’ve established.”

Cove Construction 4 Tironui Place

New Zealand’s largest most respected national supplier of Concrete Products

Certified Concrete • Masonry • Paving Retaining Walls • Floors • Veneer Walls 0800 800 576 07 849 4879


Proud to Support Cove Construction We are a fully qualified, small team, focused on providing you with friendly, personalised service and a top quality result. Whether you are in the market for a small kitchenette or a houselot of interior joinery including built-in furniture, bunkrooms, kitchens, vanities or shelving, talk to us about your requirements and we can make your vision a reality. Phone: (07) 866 4513 Mobile: 021 719 349

Proud to be Cove Construction’s Preferred Painter Phone 07 867 1545 Fax 07 867 1525 Email FREE PHONE 0800 888 901 P.O. Box 450. Whitianga 3542

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BUILDING » Urban Homes

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Urban celebrates 10-year milestone anniversary. That journey is especially satisfying given Klinkenberg admits the company has been through some challenging times with the building industry hit hard during the recession. “Being through that really helped us to get stronger, forcing us to develop our systems and processes,” he says. The building process is segmented into six distinct stages, each one designed to empower clients and facilitate the most positive outcome for them and underpinning each step is the commitment to keep the communication stream healthy at all times. “We are so focused on quality that I make a promise to every client that I personally oversee every project we do to some extent.”

Sue Russell Award-winning Hamilton residential building company Urban Homes has no intention of resting on its reputation, instead company owner/operators Daniel and Bronwyn Klinkenberg continue to ‘live’ their mission statement: ‘Through superior quality, customer service and communication we will treat your project as our very own masterpiece’. “Our mission statement is incredibly valuable. It says in the best possible way just exactly how we go about every project, no matter how big or small,” says Daniel Klinkenberg. 2014 is a milestone year for the couple, as they look forward to celebrating Urban’s 10 year

“We are so focused on quality that I make a promise to every client that I personally oversee every project we do to some extent.” Klinkenberg says he is involved from “day one”. “When building with Urban the home owners have access to a web-based, swipe of a finger, stream of information in real time. “Any possible variation they have to approve. They can click on each variation as it happens. “We’ve been using the programme for three years and it’s a really great tool.

“The owners really feel part of everything that is happening as their home is being built.” Early discussions are always about price and time-frames. Having a range of standard plans at hand is often the way the process begins. Klinkenberg points out that often his company is working with “quite modest” budgets.

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Urban Homes

Specialising in Residential Roofing New Roofing • Metal Tiles • Longrun P: 07 854 1494 M: 027 523 8283 E:

Plumbing | Gasfitting | Drainage Laser Plumbing - Hamilton East Unit 7, 394 Grey Street M: 027 247 3836 F: 07 858 4902 PO Box 24033 Hamilton E:

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BUILDING » Urban Homes

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Urban Homes has a range of standard plans that clients can choose from as well as building from architect’s plans.

THE ‘FUSION282’ SHOW HOME OPENING WEEKEND Come and see for yourself the latest in Innovation & Design Perfectly positioned in a sought after semi-rural setting – our new Fusion 282 show home has been purposely designed to suit both town and country living. Fusion 282 is currently under construction on the corner of Airport Road and Newell Road in Tamahere and will be open for viewing on the

24th & 25th May - 11am to 4pm. Owners - Daniel and Bronwyn Klinkenberg

P.O Box 11060, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3251 | P: (07) 839 5570 | E: |

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BUILDING » Urban Homes

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Celebrating 10 years of achievement ­ • From page 14 “Building a home is the single biggest cost most people ever have in their life,” says Klinkenberg. “I’m very conscious of this so it is important that throughout there is a sense of surety that the outcome will be what is expected.” Ten years of award-winning Urban Homes will be celebrated in style this month at the grand opening of the company’s new show-home at 2 Fusion Lane, Tamahere, on the outskirts of Hamilton. The event is something the Klinkenbergs are keenly looking forward to. “We have former world champion and commonwealth games gold medal cyclist Ali Shanks as our special guest of honour and some amazing cycling related promos we’re giving away on the day.” The 282sqm architecturally designed home is located on a corner site and uses a clever design eliminating internal hallways. “Leading-edge concrete thermal mass inslab underfloor heating, LED lighting and a clever floating ceiling detail in the living rooms are just a few of the features of this innovative home.” The pavilion-style home also features bagged brick veneer cladding complemented with black cedar weather boards. Currently the company has 12 new homes are on the go. On average it builds 15-20 new homes annually and is to expecting double this in the next 24 months.

Urban Homes builds around 15-20 new homes each year. The company has a team of eight staff, including a full-time quantity surveyor, an office manager, a full-time site supervisor and several building teams. “Most of our homes take five to six months to complete and must pass a comprehensive 144 point check list over and above the usual Council requirements.”

“We have an eye for detail all the way through. It’s how we’ve grown our reputation and increased our business every year.”

Urban Homes

• For further information about the new showhome and 10 year birthday bash contact Urban Homes on 07 839 5570.

07 839 5570

Genuine quality & fantastic value... Weekdays from 8:30am-4.30pm &sat 8.30 - 12.30pm, 431e Te Rapa Road (service lane) Opposite Bunnings, Hamilton, Phone: 07 850 9084 Email:

Chosen as the preferred painting contractor for Urban Homes Professional people - professional finish

Congratulations Urban Homes

Lifetime memories are created in kitchens.

Telephone: 07 849 4818 Facsimile: 07 849 4815 PO Box 10176, Hamilton Email:

Call Deirdre or Glenn now to get your dream kitchen underway.

Custom Designed Kitchen & Bathroom Furniture 07 847 4563

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Byrne + Enright Architecture Limited is an Architectural Design practise based in Hamilton and provides Architectural and Development consultation services in the Waikato, Coromandel, Auckland and Bay of Plenty regions and is recognised for providing innovative design solutions to many satisfied clients. The architectural character of each building we design is unique because every design is a response to several factors, climate, views, topography, site context, functional program and the aesthetic sensibilities of our clients, infused with our own architectural vision. Phone: 07 839 5774

Looking for a new bathroom but need help? Our professional team can guide you on the best products to suit your needs and budget. Great products, leading brands, competitive prices.

Zip Bathrooms are proud to be a preferred supplier to Urban Homes 27 Somerset Street Hamilton Ph 847 3389 Open Mon to Fri 7:30 - 5:00PM Sat 8:00 - 1:00PM

BUILDING » Stewart Hanna Ltd

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Hamilton firm on top of its game Sue Russell ‘Chippy’ by trade, Steve Ross, director of Stewart Hanna Ltd is as enthusiastic about the industry he is passionate about as he was the day he first started on the tools. Ross has owned the Hamilton-based company outright for the past seven years but the links to its founding are still very much alive in the form of Stewart Hanna, the company’s founder, who works four days a week in management. “It has been a real strength in our evolving on as a company to have retained Stewart in a way that has given him well-deserved down-time, having established the company back in 1972,” Ross says. Ross devotes his time and energy into getting out, finding and securing the projects, pricing and interacting with architects. Most of the company’s work comes from repeat clients, something he says is a direct consequence of building strong relationships. “When you are working with clients you have built a history with it is a very good place to be because the understandings are in place. “On top of this I have three very highly experienced foremen who control the projects at a day to day level on-site. “Everyone works with the same expectations of standards and attention to detail,” Ross says. Communication with clients is one of the company’s core strengths and Ross says that the philosophy underpinning every project - “to treat each job like it is your own” - has created the reputation the company enjoys. Beyond building beautiful homes, Stewart Hanna Ltd is a skilled practitioner when it comes to doing alterations, shop fit-outs and a raft of commercial builds, from education to medical centres. “We’ll take on any project, big or small and each one gets the same attention to detail and competitive pricing that we’ve become known for,” Ross says. When it comes to balancing the commitment to deliver excellence with the amount of work on the company’s books at any one time, Ross says it is an issue he keeps a close eye on. “Because building projects are happening in different time sequences things tend to fall into

Stewart Hanna Ltd has created many stunning buildings in the Waikato region. place if a job comes up at relatively short-notice, even when we are busy. If you’re working on a project it doesn’t mean you’re working on it full-time but just as much it is important to remain focused and not over-commit.” Last year Ross decided to enter the Registered Master Builders awards taking out a total of seven awards plus the NZ National Award for “Heart of the Kitchen Award”.

“We’ll take on any project, big or small and each one gets the same attention to detail and competitive pricing we’ve become known for.” “Stewart had entered the competitions once before years ago and I thought as I was VicePresident of the Waikato Master Builders branch at the time that I should enter these prestigious awards,” Ross says. He thinks the option to become a Licensed Building Practitioner has added strength and integrity to the building industry; professionalising the status and responsibilities builders carry. “It is a good thing for the whole industry and coincidentally with the leaky homes crisis it’s a status that delivers certainty to clients. “These days there are real liabilities we carry.” Of the team of 12 builders currently employed at Stewart Hanna Ltd four have already chosen

to become licensed building practitioners. Ross believes it is a good thing that builders these days can choose their level of professional credentialing. Ross plans to grow the company a little bigger but he is conscious of the need to remain involved in every project the company takes on. “You don’t want to lose that personal touch. It is incredibly important to me.”

Stewart Hanna Ltd 07 847 9993

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STEWART HANNA LTD PLACEMAKERS HAMILTON PlaceMakers Clarence Street PH: 07 846 6700

PlaceMakers R


Know how. Can do.

level 3 | vero house | 127 alexandra street | hamilton

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BUILDING » Designgroup Architects H & K

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Collaborative approach works well Karen Phelps It’s a unique offering in the design market in New Zealand and allows talented designers to operate their own practices but also to work collaboratively with members from around New Zealand. Designgroup New Zealand Ltd is an association of architectural practices located throughout the country and one of the directors of Designgroup Architects H+K Geoff King says being a member of the group allows his Whangarei-based practice to offer clients the benefits of nationwide coverage. “The joint venture management philosophy of Designgroup allows for the appropriate levels of resources to deliver the necessary service and attention required to make a successful project no matter where the client might be based in New Zealand,” he says. Designgroup members have offices in

Whangarei, Auckland, Napier, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown and the consortium provides specialist advice, resources, and knowledge. It is a different approach to architectural design but King says it has allowed his firm to participate in some significant projects. “Members of Designgroup meet regularly and can cross fertilise ideas between offices. “We can call on staff from other offices for larger projects and benefit from the buying power of a larger group for operational expenses keeping our overheads lower for clients,” he says. For example, Architects H+K worked on a project for the Corrections Department where the drawings were undertaken by a consortium member in Napier, the project management was from another member in Wellington, while Architects H+K took on the contract administration part of the project.

“We can call on staff from other offices for larger projects and benefit from the buying power of a larger group for operational expenses keeping our overheads lower for clients.” The company is currently working on alterations to existing premises for the Ministry for Primary Industries in Whangarei as part of Designgroup. Being part of the consortium also allows Architects H+K to contribute its specialist knowledge to projects around the country, particularly around the areas of medical imaging (radiology) and operating theatres. King says this type of work requires a sound knowledge of medical processes, in-depth research and attention to detail. As an example Architects H+K has just completed an operating theatre project for Northland Orthopaedics.

An additional site had been purchased next to existing premises and Architects H+K was tasked with fitting a full operating theatre and day recovery ward on a tight site. Because Architects H+K has planners and well as architects on staff this proved incredibly valuable at the planning and resource consent stage of the project to ensure things went as smoothly as possible, says King. Other projects completed by the company demonstrating its versatility include Switzer Residential Care in Kaitaia, Kerikeri Retirement Village, Kamo Home & Village in Whangarei and

P: 09 438 2989 F: 09 438 9073 E: Regal Plus Joinery Ltd, proud to be associated with Architects H+K Locally owned, providing custom designed high quality kitchens with friendly, helpful advice and where quality workmanship is guaranteed.

A: 35 Commerce Street P.O. Box 1741, Whangarei 0140

kitchens + balustrades + custom furniture + stairs +


BUILDING PARTNERS FOR 30 YEARS WITH ARCHITECTS H + K We provide building solutions for a wide range of industry sectors, including:

• Commercial - Retail - Hospitality • Industrial • Educational • Health • Public Environments • Residential Phone: 09 438 4975

Fax: 09 438 2114

Mobile: 021 959 167

BUILDING » Designgroup Architects H & K

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Architects H + K works across a variety of sectors and has been involved in many landmark projects; top, Holt house, above Claphams Clock Museum and Information Centre. imaging facilities for The Radiology Group in Whangarei, Gisborne and Orewa. Architects H+K had its beginnings in 1987 and is now owned by King and Roger McLean, who joined the firm as a director in January of 2009 after successfully managing his own practice. The firm recently lost Alan Walker, who became a director in 2010 after holding a senior associate position within the firm for two years, when he sadly passed away in January. King says the company is the largest architectural practice with a dedicated base in Northland. It works on projects throughout the region providing specialist and personal services within many sectors including commercial, residential, healthcare, education, town planning, interior design and project management.

Clients include government departments, school boards and commercial organisations. The company has undertaken a number of landmark projects in the region including Claphams Clock Museum and Information Centre, alterations to the Whangarei museum and heritage park Kiwi North, St Francis Xavier Church, Kaitaia Fire Station and the Kaipara District Council Chambers. “Every project that we undertake is different,” says King. “It’s about providing the right solution for each specific site, brief and client.”

St Francis Xavier Church

Designgroup Architects H+K 09 438 8426,

Altherm Aluminium (NORTHLAND) LTD


“The Architects’s Choice” 18 Hewlett St • PO Box 11002 • Whangarei 0148 Phone 0800 533240 • Fax 09 438 9120 Email

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BUILDING » Cooper & Cooper Renovations / Construction Pro

Cooper and Cooper Renovations has carved out a reputation for quality.

Business North

Bathroom Pro assists clients with the entire bathroom renovation process.

Keeping clients well informed Bathroom division joins the fold Sue Russell The ability to adapt and evolve through some tough years has led Graham Cooper to experience the success he now does devoting his time to ‘high end’ renovations. He established his company, Cooper and Cooper Renovations Ltd in 2003 to service the greater Auckland area so when the 2008 financial crash impacted seriously on business his attitude was to just dig deep and continue on. Looking back now at a company that has undergone stellar growth since this time, he’s glad he remained true to his passion for renovation. “My father and grandfather were builders so it’s in the blood. At the time of the crash we were already established doing million dollar-plus renovations so business wasn’t affected. I just didn’t give in and we’ve grown from strength to strength since this time,” Cooper explains. While he loves being on the tools, his expertise these days is tuned toward guiding the future growth of the business and fulfilling management roles. One of the most important roles Cooper has is to put good energy and time into introducing the way the company works with clients. He says this is critical given Cooper and Cooper has a unique methodology when it comes to the quoting process and to managing client communication throughout a renovation. At Cooper and Cooper Renovations Ltd a large amount of time is put into talking through the options, guiding clients to think through systematically just what they want to achieve backed up by comprehensive planning and research. Integral to the building process and a real positive for his clients Cooper says is the smart app ‘My Build’ which keeps everyone up to speed with the work in progress from their lap-tops, computers or phones. Cooper and Cooper Renovations 09 818 0189

“My Build is a great way to manage the communication with clients. They can tune in to see building progress at the swipe of a finger and it is also great from the builders perspective because all the data and notes are kept in the one source.” Using the MyBuild system means that the owners can ‘visit’ the site virtually at any time, something Cooper says is a real positive for many of his clients and their busy professional lives. Cooper and Cooper Renovations Ltd offers an in-house quantity surveying summary before working drawings are developed, saving the potential for expensive changes once the project has progressed through the consent process. “When we start talking potential changes to a home with clients we discuss it room by room and our quantity surveying data is geared this way as well. It works much better for our clients while the impact of any changes in design can be readily understood.”

• Prenail Frames / Trusses • Structural / Outdoor Timbers • Panel Products • Mouldings • Hardware

Eric Martin - Director 027 923 688 66 The Cancourse, Henderson, Auckland, 0610.

P: (09) 838 8075 F: (09) 836 1480

Karen Phelps Seeing the need in the market for a bathroom specialist, Auckland-based building company Construction Pro has added a dedicated bathroom division to the company. Called Bathroom Pro, the division employs its own team of builders that specialise in bathroom renovations. “We realised the need in the market place for good project management of smaller interior renovations such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries,” says Ben Wood from Construction Pro. “These renovations include a lot of different tradesmen in a short period of time and quite often in a small working space. “Managing these trades is what Bathroom Pro is set up to do. It’s proved really popular.” Bathroom Pro assists clients with the bathroom renovation process from feasibility and design through to the finished renovation. The Bathroom Pro services begins with a consultation to go through design options. “We meet clients at their home and go over their requirements, measure their room and provide some suggestions on a practical layout. “We then help with the design and offer our knowledge to give the client creative ideas,” explains Ben’s wife Bree who heads the Bathroom Pro design process. A proposal is then put together including a description of project works and the products being provided. A meeting at a bathroom showroom with a Bathroom Pro representative enables clients to go over the products that will be used. Bathroom Pro can offer a wide range of products through associations with various wellknown market brands. Ben says that the company likes to support and work closely alongside local businesses like Diamond Fusion and The Tile Depot. He says that because Bathroom Pro staff have been dedicated to bathrooms for so long experience means they can often pick up any issues before the project starts so clients are always aware of the total costs involved.

Construction Pro was started by Ben after he trained as a builder in New Plymouth before moving to Auckland where the company is now based. It services the wider Auckland area and undertakes new houses, renovations and extensions projects. In the past year it has built a number of different style homes such as single level brick and tile to four-level split level homestead style homes in weather board. Bree says that the company has distinguished itself in the market by offering many specialised services all under one roof. “By doing the design, building and project management we can provide one easy point of contact for our clients,” she says. Industry training is something that Construction Pro promotes. Among the company’s staff of ten there are currently three apprentices training through the Master Builders BCITO programme. In 2013, one of the company’s apprentices Jalon Logan took on the Auckland regional title at the Master Builders Carters Apprentice of the Year competition and gained a third placing. Ben says that Construction Pro is presently looking to continue its growth with a particular emphasis on expanding the Bathroom Pro division.

Construction Pro

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BUILDING » Cannon Construction

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Enjoying challenges of the trade Sue Russell An ambitious Tairua beach house ‘build’ is keeping Chris Chilcott, owner of Cambridgebased Cannon Construction and his team busy these days. The qualified Licensed Building Practitioner says that the challenges that come with building a substantial architecturally designed home on a steep site all add to the enjoyment that he and his team are experiencing as the building gradually takes shape. “Excavation of the site took place in March and we anticipate that the construction will take us through the remainder of the year. “The expectation is that the build will be finished by Christmas - in-time for the owners to enjoy over the summer holidays,” Chilcott says. Chilcott started Cannon Construction in 2007 in tough economic times. Before this, he had contracted his building expertise to another Cambridge building company. This proved his ‘foot in the door’. “I think when you prove yourself as being honest, reliable and always doing the best you can - word of mouth takes you to another level. This has been key to the development of Cannon Construction,” he says. “We also have an exceptional team who all strive for the same high standards. “Without our like-minded team - we would not be where we are today.” He most enjoys the challenges of ‘creating’ and being able to look back at a completed project is always cause for considerable pride. Renovations are something he especially enjoys. This type of work brings extra challenges and an extreme eye for detail is required especially when the brief is to retain the existing character of the residence. “When you can drive past a home that you have helped to create, see it being lived in and developing over time, this gives me immense satisfaction.” Looking back at the time he first entered the building industry Chilcott explains that among his peers he was the only one who decided to take up a career within a trade. “I got a bursary at high school but unlike most of my peers I chose to take up a trade rather than go to University. “Universities were and still are a big draw card for lots of high school graduates. This is now reflected in the staffing shortages that we experience today in the industry,” he says. Chilcott says the new Government Licenced Building Practitioner qualification is a great way to professionalise the status of builders.

Cannon Construction is working on this stunning Tairua beach house designed by Studio John Irving Architects.

“When you can drive past a home that you have helped to create, see it being lived in and developing over time, this gives me immense satisfaction.”

David Borsos Plastering Services No job too big or small

“To keep my licence I have to provide a record of training and activities that prove I remain upto-date with latest building practice, changes to building codes, health and safety, all the things that go into being a highly competent builder.” The LBP scheme was introduced in 2012, the same year Cannon Construction began. Under the scheme to build or supervise the construction of homes in key areas critical to the integrity of the building, the builder must be a Licensed Building Practitioner. These key areas include design and construction of foundation, framing, roofing and cladding. Chilcott is also pleased to see initiatives such as the recently introduced training grant, set up by government to encourage more students to enter the trades.

“Essentially the training grant means you end up receiving a qualification at no cost. “That’s got to be a good thing and a big incentive for people to consider going in that direction.” Meanwhile with the variety of work his company carries out and the versatility of being about to complete a job solely or alongside other local tradesman means that Chilcott and his team are looking forward to experiencing another bumper year.

Cannon Construction 021 782 232

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BUILDING » Venture Developments

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High quality homes offering choice Karen Phelps Venture Developments has recently opened two new showhomes, which one of the company directors Mark Fraser-Jones says demonstrates the company’s desire to offer more choice to customers than a traditional group housing company. “Venture Developments specialises in offering modern, high quality architecturally designed housing that represents good value for money,” he explains. The new showhome opened in Pokeno earlier this year at Kilbryde Crescent is based on a new concept plan where living/dining and kitchen areas are separated to one side of the home and bedroom and family areas to the other.

The home features a strong focus on indooroutdoor living with a covered deck area to each side of the house. A new showhome at The Lakes in Tauranga has also just opened. As with the the new Pokeno showhome it also features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The two showhomes, which are a similar plan design, showcase the adaptability of the plan range, says Fraser-Jones. The Tauranga showhome is clad in linea weatherboard and brick while the Pokeno showhome is clad in cedar, plaster and brick giving each home a unique look, he says. Venture Developments has even produced its own unique style of bricks developed in conjunction with a local concrete, which are showcased in the Pokeno showhome.

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“Venture Developments specialises in offering modern, high quality architecturally designed housing that represents good value for money.” Venture Developments was started in 2008 by Fraser-Jones, who comes from a business background, and qualified builder Ben Graham. The pair met while working together on one of Fraser-Jones development projects and saw the need in the market for architecturally designed homes that represented good value for money. They employed a local architect to come up with a series of 60 plans utilising smart design in terms of use of space and environmentally friendly features to cut down the life cost of the home.

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Venture Developments offers three ranges: classic (traditional brick homes), Location (architecturally designs) and Venture (designed with a garage at the back of the home and particularly suited to a certain style of development). Key features of the plans are the minimisation of hallway space to utilise this in other parts of the home, raking ceilings to give a sense of spaciousness and luxurious features such as stone benchtops to ensure the house stands out from the crowd.

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BUILDING » Venture Developments

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Looking good: the input of Venture Developments interior design team comes as standard with each of the company’s projects. Energy-efficient LED lighting comes as standard and homes can also be wired to include photovoltaic solar energy technology. Based in Tauranga, the company has branches in Pokeno and Christchurch. Fraser-Jones says the company’s offering to the market has proved popular with growth occurring quickly. He partially puts this down to the high standards of design and workmanship attained in each home the company completes. Venture Developments also offers a full package price for a build including blinds, driveways, fences and clotheslines giving customers greater security over the cost of their project. Customers can choose from the company’s range of plans (which can also be customised to suit individual requirements) or Venture Developments also undertakes design-andbuild projects from scratch when clients bring in their own ideas and inspiration and Venture Developments matches them with one of its awardwinning architects to create the home of their dreams. The input of the company’s interior design team also comes as standard with each project. Venture Developments also offers a range of

house-and-land packages, which Fraser-Jones says have proved popular. The company currently has packages available in the Pokeno Village Estate. This development, located at the foot of the Bombay Hills and less than an hour from Hamilton and Auckland CBDs, enjoys all the benefits of a country lifestyle without sacrificing the convenience of the nearby cities, says Fraser-Jones. Pokeno Village is planned to cover 400 hectares and will include residential sections, an employment zone, extensive recreational parks and sports grounds, additional school facilities, neighbourhood walkways with native planting and open spaces plus a market square that will become a focal point for the community. The company also has house and land packages in Tauranga in Ballintoy Park and The Lakes and in Papamoa at Golden Sands and Excelsa Village. In Christchurch the company has packages available in Sovereign Palms, Kaiapoi.

Venture Developments 0508 2 VENTURE

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BUILDING » Formsteel Technologies

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Innovative systems prove popular Sue Russell General manager of Mangere-based Formsteel Technologies, Patrick Whiteman is proud of the products, services and reputation the company has built over the last four decades. First founded in Onehunga in the early 1970’s as a steel roll forming company mainly servicing the rural sector and producing long-run roofing, the company has developed into a high strength building systems expert. “From inception over time we moved into designing and constructing steel members like

beams and purlins then on to steel fabricated system developers. We make the product ourselves, including the machinery used to make them,” says Whiteman. Today Formsteel Technologies deep profile long-run steel products are used in the design of carports for the residential market, and in all types of rural buildings, including covers for animals, barns and feedpads. The system is also applied to dairy sheds, meeting stringent MAF hygiene and milk supply standards but it is in the industrial arena that the largest volume of work is now undertaken. “We produce innovative strong buildings, ideal

for warehousing and large storage facilities, for school and community halls and for hangars in the aviation industry,” says Whiteman. Whiteman says that another key benefit from using Formsteel building systems is that on average a saving of 10% in building costs can be delivered. “We do it a different way and how this is achieved is that the member is constructed

differently creating a high tensile product with a large web area which results in the same strength integrity but with much better use of resources.” Savings are made by controlling the production process to give the client exactly the amount of material needed for the design of the building, whereas typically with hot rolled structural steel there is a wastage factor and material left over.










BUILDING » Formsteel Technologies

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Formsteel Technologies’ deep profile long-run steel products are used in many situations. In the late 1990’s the company developed the Svelte Floor tray flooring system for concrete to be poured into and a decade later this technology was enhanced with the development of preformed ends on the Svelte Floor product, allowing faster concrete laying and better concrete integration with the structure. About 15 full time staff as well as a few part time staff work at Formsteel Technologies and currently on the books are a large number of projects in the rural sector, given how popular covered animal shelters have become in the last few years. Formsteel is marketed throughout New Zealand by about 70 distributors spanning the country and of late a significant number of projects have come from the Christchurch and Auckland building boom.

The company has also designed building systems for the Pacific Islands where storm conditions are routine and where wind speeds of up to 300kmh are not unusual. Whiteman says the company thrives on finding individual solutions for clients. The comprehensive development process starts with generation of 3D initial concept from the first conversation or site visit. Highly detailed 3D computer based planning programmes then bring to life the detailed design process. It can also provide that level of technical detail to the design engineers and architects working for the client on the project. With the advent of a new 50-metre clear span product, which uses new technologies, projects such as a 50m x 50m 12-storey

storage building have now been constructed with ease. “Our approach right from the start is geared towards giving our clients a building system which will give them an edge not only because of its structural integrity but by delivering a building they can win work in.”

Formsteel Technologies

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Benefits of cold steel A long-held misconception about constructing with cold-formed steel products has finally given way to a mainstreamed understanding of the advantages the product brings, something architecture and engineering firm Hawthorn Geddes celebrate. One of the company’s four directors, Peter Geddes, says the advantages of using cold-formed steel products they design, compared with the more traditional hotrolled steel product, speak for themselves. “With the old hot-rolled steel material imported from Australia and China, it had to be cut up and welded together to create the right size member. This is not the case with this product which is produced as a thin galvanised plate between 1.5mm – 3mm thick. As a sheet it can be formed into a range of structural formations,” Geddes explains. Because the raw sheet product, made in New Zealand at Glenbrook Steel Mill, is pregalvanised it doesn’t have to be painted, and while the plate technology might give the appearance there is a lack of strength, quite the opposite is true and Geddes can prove it. He likens the breakthrough and difference in approach to construction the material allows to when in the 1960’s the Mark 1 Zephyr body was formed as one complete piece rather than being built on a chassis. Sensing this was the material for the future and understanding its potential to move into high-end and subtle architecturally designed buildings, like the Toyota building picture in Whangarei, Hawthorn Geddes

invested in that faith by purchasing the most sophisticated programme it could lay its hands on. The programme simulates exactly what happens when the material fails. “The programme from Australia directly analyses the properties of these cold-form structures and works out their strength characteristics based on the way they buckle and crease when they fail,” says Geddes. From an engineering perspective it’s a tremendously exciting process he says, giving his company and their clients complete certainty about the buildings’ strength. As if that isn’t enough, every new concept designed by the company is tested at model stage to confirm that the actual failure is as the computer analysis indicated. The Toyota building is a fine example of the multi-disciplined approach Hawthorn Geddes adopts with its constructions. Built to reflect ‘green construction’ standards throughout it is full of high-end innovations, including sophisticated drainage and waterrecycling systems, low energy lighting and a high level of sustainability. “The best outcome is always achieved when we apply the expertise and passion from all our professional divisions in the company into the building. The Toyota building is an example of achieving excellence with this approach.” Hawthorn Geddes engineers and architects are established specialists in the cold-form steel design market and are happy to help prospective clients by providing the knowledge and expertise their team of professionals has accrued over the years.

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BUILDING » Strawmark

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Promoting the potential of straw construction Karen Phelps It’s a material that New Zealand produces easily; it’s environmentally friendly and has incredible insulation and sound proofing properties. Yet compressed bale (straw) building is a niche market in this country, largely because the general public simply doesn’t realise the benefits, says Strawmark director Karin Cameron. Cameron, who has a background in interior design, and husband Alan, started their company Strawmark in the 1990’s after being introduced to the concept of compressed bale buildings in America then using the system in their own home in Wanaka. “At that time it was very new worldwide, with only DIY people learning how to do it for themselves,” says Cameron. “That’s when we saw a niche in the New Zealand market for a professional bale building system,” she says. Since then it’s been a long process and labour of love for the couple to formulate their compressed bale building system and ensure it meets New Zealand’s stringent building code regulations. They’ve commissioned independent testing and have proven that straw certainly stacks up both financially and practically as an insulation material. Strawmark commissioned a series of tests by BRANZ/BIA and the results state that the method is suitable for all areas of New Zealand. It has also developed a vented cavity system that meets council requirements. The walls of a Strawmark home are 500mm thick including a coating of plaster on either side giving the Strawmark system an impressive R9+ insulation rating. This is markedly higher than standard fibre insulations which typically have a rating of around R1.8, says Cameron. “Heating is very quickly achieved in a Strawmark building as the walls do not absorb the heat but hold

it within the living spaces where it is then retained over a 24 hour period or until windows and doors are opened. This reduces energy requirements and costs. Similarly the building will remain naturally cool in the heat of summer. “Because the bale walls are compressed and plaster sealed they do not hold enough air to permit combustion. Overseas tests have proven the straw bale wall system has a far greater fire resistance than the 30 minutes provided by timber frame walls,” she says. Strawmark can implement and manage a client’s entire project including new homes and commercial premises from concept to finish. More than 60 homes and buildings around the country have been built using the Strawmark system. All homes built by the company in Christchurch survived the earthquakes very well. “Our homes are exceptionally solid, safe and with proven strength against earthquakes. “Our walls are flexible and absorbent of earthquake movement and are compressed to loadbearing capacity. “Straw tests stronger than steel on weight bearing capacity in that steel has a load point where it will weaken and fail while straw under tension can compress no further.” Although Cameron admits they still sometimes have to deal with the ‘hippy’ stigma attached to using natural products such as straw in home construction times are changing as the public becomes more aware of the life cost of their home and environmentally friendly products. Strawmark builds homes and buildings throughout the country. All homes completed by the company come with a Master Build Guarantee.

Strawmark 03 443 7736


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The walls of a Strawmark home are 500mm thick including a coating of plaster on either side giving the Strawmark system an impressive R9 + insulation rating.


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Naturecote Lime Plaster is manufactured in New Zealand from sand and lime using the latest computerised technology to provide consistent high quality lime plaster every time. • Non-toxic and stable • Helps control humidity, mould, fungus and growth • Easily applied to most interior surfaces • Strong durable and easy to maintain Create your own masterpiece with patterned effects and natural colour pigments or make a bold statement in any colour to complement your décor.

BUILDING » Metrapanel Construction

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The Metrapanel wall and ceiling system easily meets the standard building code requirement.

Metrapanel has formula for success Sue Russell Melissa Savage and husband Andrew own Metrapanel Construction a successful wall/ceiling and floor pre-cut high-density particle board manufacturing company in Huntly. The couple attribute the company’s success to some fundamental factors, including the close bonds between staff in this family-orientated business, their work ethic and the quality of their 25 certified installers, many of whom they have enjoyed long-term relationships with. “Then we have the support of a board of advisors, key suppliers Resene and the Laminex Group as well as several iconic building industry businesses who act as supporting partners,” says Melissa, who is the company’s business manager. “These include PrefabNZ, Lifemark, Greenbuild just to name a few.” It is this depth in relationship at its various layers that permeate every aspect of the company’s work and the way they go about maintaining the quality of their product and its marketing that has it set on a course of continued strong growth. The couple bought the business, established by Melissa’s father Les Wykes in 2007, knowing they could take it to the next level. For proof of how successfully they have achieved that sales in January / February / March this year were the highest experienced in the last seven years.

The Metrapanel standard wall and ceiling system easily meets the standard building code requirement. Metrapanel can modify the standard system to achieve a high end R6 insulation rating, three times the building code requirement. Retirement villages and social housing projects are two areas where the couple see real potential to increase sales. Back in the 1990’s Netherville Retirement Village was the company’s first large project using Metrapanel and in testament to how positive that experience was a plaque in honour of Melissa’s father takes pride of place at the village. Metrapanel Construction maintains a high level of communication with its key team. Each month a comprehensive newsletter is sent out to installers and supporting partners, while a quarterly publication is supplied to the company’s wider network. “We’ve got a lot on at the moment, supplying Metra panels to our installers for a variety of projects, commercial apartments, transportables, classrooms, retirement units, and a large number of residential houses. It’s all go.

Metrapanel Construction 07 828 2077

Research and development is a critically important area the company is constantly focussing on. Simplification systems, with the aim to keep ahead on our customer wants and legislation, currently we are working on the Metrapanel Bracing Table making the system easier to assist architects and specifiers to understand better how the bracing system works. Metrapanel recently were a key sponsor along with Gib and Carters for a nationwide series of BRANZ Seminars - Getting to Grips with Prefab. Metrapanel was also recently featured at the PrefabNZ Annual Conference, where it was recognised as one of the largest and longest established modular systems in New Zealand. They are also currently preparing for the Metrapanel Team Event Conference, where installers suppliers, advisors and supporters get together to explore areas of common interest and concern.

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The one-day meeting is centred around feedback received from Metrapanel Certified Installers through an annual survey. “We choose three of the main concerns from the survey. “We listen to our customers, to make sure what is important to them is our key focus. “It also gives us a chance to talk about our current research and development programmes and marketing.” Melissa says that Huntly is an ideal location for the business – central for transporting with reasonable infrastructure costs, and easily accessible to the Auckland growth market. “We are 25 years proven, averaging 350 homes per annum, are fully BRANZ appraised with Lifemark Certification and Green Build Certification and a 50 year warrantee on the board. “For more house, and a stronger house for your money, there is no going back.”

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BUILDING » Botica Timber Services

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Specialist timber firm builds on family legacy Karen Phelps Botica Timber Services has grown substantially in recent years, partly prompted by a change of ownership which has seen Matthew Botica revitalise the business in memory of his father Ivan. “From the mid-1970’s my father had dedicated his life to improving procedures and inventing techniques that are used internationally within the timber industry particularly in panel product manufacture and later in solid wood profile manufacture and other finished product lines,” Matthew Botica says. Hailing from Croatia, Ivan was a qualified cabinet maker when he travelled to New Zealand in 1966 in search of a better life. He worked for Fletcher construction, building the Auckland University Clock Tower, and J Scott Panels, which was later taken over by Carter Holt Harvey and named Bestwood. For 27 years Ivan Botica was manufacturing manager for the Bestwood plant in Auckland and Christchurch, before a company restructure in 1992 resulted in him being made redundant. Having been involved in veneer melamine pressing and door manufacture he decided to set up Botica Timber Services in 1994. After starting from humble beginnings with Ivan Botica and his wife Marsha and an 8 x 4 Wadkin planer, the company is now celebrating 20 years in business. Located in West Auckland Botica Timber

Services employs 14 staff and specialises in custom cutting and machining of timber for the wider construction and building industries. The company also produces a range of standard profiles from weatherboards, skirting boards, decking, flooring and panelling. Since Matthew took the helm he has added a third planer to the company’s equipment and in July last year started a night shift to increase production and efficiency. The company has also invested in an MVB end-matching machine, to provide end matched tongue and groove flooring, and a new state of the art in-head profile grinder. The company offers a wide range of services including machining, band sawing, sanding, kiln drying and end matching. A lot of the work the company completes is for residential and commercial buildings. Matthew says that the Botica team is renown for its creative design capability when developing new mouldings or recreating the old. “People just have to bring in a drawing then we can manufacture the profile to produce that product for them. “This gives us great control over the whole process making things easier and more cost effective for clients,” he says. Two significant projects that amply demonstrate the company’s abilities in this area were its involvement in the construction of the King of Tonga palace and local church in Tonga and a large church in the Philippines.

“It’s a huge milestone for me and the staff to reach 20 years and it’s far from over yet. It’s awesome to be able to carry on my father’s legacy.”

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Botica Timber Services specialises in custom cutting and machining of timber for the wider construction and building industries.

“The King of Tonga palace and church were jobs Dad took great pride in as there were elements that were difficult to create yet Dad would always find a way to get the job done.” Matthew says a big reason the company has reached its 20 years anniversary boils down to the company culture, something driven by his father. “Team morale is very high here. We love doing what we’re doing. It’s a huge milestone for me and the staff to reach 20 years and it’s far from over yet.

“It’s awesome to be able to carry on my father’s legacy. I reckon Dad would be proud as, to see how the company has developed.”

Botica Timber Services 09 837 4580

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A solid reputation in quality There is nothing quite like good quality timber flooring. It is a look that never goes out of fashion, and will add a touch of class to your home. Rimu North Shore in Auckland is here to provide you with the quality native timber that you are looking for, all sourced locally for your timber floors.

Specialist timber merchants & importers. Proud to support BOTICA TIMBER SERVICES New Zealand's largest range of timber with over 50 species of the world. Quality softwoods and hardwoods suitable for cladding, decking, flooring, landscaping, panelling, joinery, furniture and mouldings. Phone: 09 573 0503 Fax: 09 573 0504

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ENGINEERING » Koromiko Engineering

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Koromiko finds its niche in trailer manufacturing Sue Russell The trailer manufacturing industry is a competitive one and for Derek Haywood, managing director of Mt Maunganui’s Koromiko Engineering, finding the best level to operate has been significant to the company’s longevity and success. Koromiko Engineering started 35 years ago, founded by partner Shane Valois’ father Ron but Derek knows the company inside out, having worked in all parts of it through the last 30 years. “You know we don’t really want to get any bigger. It’s a competitive industry and there are certainly bigger company’s operating in our area but we have got an excellent work culture with our staff and I think we’ve definitely got our niche and it is working well.” Building logging truck trailers has been the main-stay for the company for the past seven years and having that core work certainly played its part in minimising the effect of the financial crisis on the company. “We really didn’t experience it as much as many others did and there was enough work to keep the staff busy.” Koromiko Engineering employs six workshop staff along with an office administrator, leaving Haywood free to concentrate on pricing, quoting and doing the trailer design work he most enjoys. He says over the past 12 years the manufacture of trailers has changed significantly, from ‘right from scratch’ production and construction of all the parts to what now happens, where a design is produced and sent off to specialised profilers to construct the pieces. “The parts come back to us here to be assembled by my team,” says Haywood. “This is common practice and has meant that the manufacture time per trailer unit has been

significantly reduced to an average of three to four weeks.” The company has a “positive working culture”, which Haywood attributes partly to the fact that those within the company’s hierarchy are still “hands-on in the workshop with the rest of the team”. “I think it has also come about because most of the staff have been with us a long time. “Things are very stable as a result. We know each other well and the individual skill-sets each employee has are used to greatest effect.” Helping the next generation of trailer engineers to cut their teeth and develop solid working skills is important to Haywood who currently employs a fulltime apprentice Troy Scott. “The apprenticeship process works really well for those keen to work hard and learn. “Troy has two more years to go until fully qualified. Balancing the hands-on practical learning he has to learn a lot of the theory side through correspondence.” To be in the comfortable position of having four to five months of work booked ahead is a direct consequence of the reputation the company has established for itself, something Haywood is very proud of. “We do a lot of custom builds. I enjoy this for the design challenges that it presents. “With the new 50-tonne maximum tare-weight rules we’re now building trailers with five axles that will soon be common-place on New Zealand roads once the roading infrastructures such as bridges has been done.” A lot of the company’s work comes directly from orders from trucking companies like Star Trucks, CAL Isuzu, Keith Andrews, Motor Truck Distributors, Burling Transport, and Ken and Chris Angus to name a few. The trailers Koromiko Engineering manufacture are delivered to companies all around New Zealand.

Building logging truck trailers has been the mainstay for the company for the past seven years. In terms of any plans to extend out beyond the services the company currently supplies Haywood says that he is happy remaining focused on producing quality, excellently engineered trailers designed to meet the individual specifications of each client. “I think when you’ve established your niche and you’re good at what you do and the company is operating well then you have to settle on your level. We’ve found ours.” Fifteen years ago the company moved from its original site in Koromiko Street (hence its name), and is now located in the heart of Mt Maunganui’s industrial zone. While there is plenty of work, Haywood says the tradition of closing in the weekends is important, giving him and his team a well earned break.

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Proud Suppliers of Electronic weigh Systems to Koromiko Engineering, Wishing Derek, Shane and the Team all the best for the future SiLodec New Zealand’s premier supplier of on board weighing equipment specialising in;

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E m a i l sa l es @s il o d e c .co. n z

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ENGINEERING » Metco Engineering

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Working smarter sees Metco thrive Karen Phelps

Metco Engineering offers a full range of services including fabrication, high-volume CNC pressing and turning and milling, up to full product assembly.

Lower Hutt-based engineering company Metco Engineering is doing its bit to bring costeffective manufacturing back from Asia to New Zealand. Although Metco is typically tendering against Chinese manufacturers it is consistently winning jobs by managing to offer clients a better deal. Company director Paul Jessup says the trick has been to come up with smarter solutions than competitors, something his background as a toolmaker has well-equipped him for: “We have to be smart about how we make press tools. This brings the unit price down which keeps us competitive.” Jessup, who sees a growing reversal of the recent trend to take manufacturing to countries such as China, says that New Zealand companies often don’t realise their products can be manufactured more cost effectively at home and with less hassle. Other benefits include safeguarding intellectual property by keeping it in the country, quicker response times, reduced stock holding requirements due to faster product turnaround and easier communication. “When people are given prices in Asia they often don’t realise the total cost of getting goods manufactured there. This can include things like quality issues, trips to Asia etc. “Our clients are now coming back to New Zealand to manufacture when they see what we are able to offer them. “If a customer needs 2000 products by tomorrow we can meet market demand. China can’t do that. “That’s huge in this market – our customers don’t want to be getting an order that they can’t fulfil.”

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Metco Engineering won the Supreme Award at the 2013 Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. From left, Brent Greer, Paul Jessup, Steve Atkinson, and Richard Mills.

Paul Jessup purchased Metco Engineering in 2002 and since that time he has invested around $6m in equipment and machinery taking staff numbers from two to sixty. Metco operates from three factories located close to each other. The company offers a full range of services including fabrication, high volume CNC pressing and turning and milling right up to full product assembly ready for dispatch. Metco Engineering presses over one million parts each month and growing. Jessup acknowledges that the biggest costs are materials and labour. He has solved this by sourcing raw materials from the same places as his Asian competitors. If possible he attempts to take the labour quotient out of the equation altogether for clients by automating processes. Keeping his operation streamlined is also important. For example, customers can log onto a cloud-based system to see how their job is progressing. Also Metco Engineering is presently developing its own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software instead of purchasing an off the shelf product.

The benefit is that the software will perfectly fit the company’s needs but also be able to be sold to other companies as well. Metco Engineering recently won the Manufacturing and Distribution Award and the Supreme Award at the 2013 Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. “You hear about doom and gloom in manufacturing in New Zealand but we are the complete opposite of that,” says Jessup. “Products can definitely now be manufactured in New Zealand competitively. “It’s about working with your customers and finding better ways of doing things. “The customers that are doing really well are those that are constantly working with us to develop better and cheaper ways of manufacturing to meet their own customers’ needs.”

Metco Engineering 04 567 3222

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Air Liquide is proud to provide industrial gases and gas related services to Metco Engineering Ltd At Air Liquide, we strive to provide innovative solutions to industries in the very competitive market. Whether you are supplying your products locally or internationally, you need to be more efficient than your competitors. Developments with gas and gas related services such as reticulation systems and the ALTOP™ Integrated Regulator provide this competitive advantage.

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Wakefield Metals, Wellington are proud to be associated with Metco Engineering. We congratulate Paul, Brent and the team on their recent success. SUPPLIERS OF NON FERROUS METALS • STAINLESS STEEL • ALUMINIUM • COPPER • ZINC

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Bringing top products to NZ market Sue Russell Focusing on servicing the high-voltage electricity industry Bri-Tech Pty Ltd has become a major player since it established itself in New Zealand some 12 years ago. The company’s New Zealand manager, Mike Day says there are some good reasons why Bri-Tech is doing so well. “We are the authorised distributor of Hubbell Power Systems and we market their products exclusively along with Hendrix Cable Systems and other major US manufacturers,” Day says. Hubbell Power Systems manufacture specialised electrical products for transmission, distribution, substation and telecommunication utilities under their brand names of AB Chance, Ohio Brass, Anderson and Fargo. Day acknowledges the market his company operates in is very competitive with three or four serious competitors for each product group, all vying for their share and servicing some 30 odd local power utilities with the products they need. One of the new product groups Bri-Tech NZ Pty has been increasingly marketing in the last twelve months, given the rebuilding in and around Christchurch following the earthquakes, are special civil construction anchors for repairing earthquake damaged foundations and for installing new foundation construction. These are manufactured by AB Chance. Day is spending a lot of time meeting with Geo-Tech engineers, structural engineers and major contractors introducing them to this range

of Helical Screw Pile Systems designed to perform better than conventional foundation systems during earthquakes. “There’s obviously a lot of interest in these new and very cost-effective screw pile systems as Christchurch rebuilds,” he explains. Day enjoys working in the electrical supply and distribution industry. “To be able to introduce new products, to see a product approved and put onto a network knowing they are the very best products available and that they will always perform as they are designed to, is very satisfying. We are very fortunate to be the distributors of Hubbell Power Systems’ products. They are top of the range.” He is looking forward to attending this year’s Electricity Engineers conference and trade exhibition being held at the Auckland Skycity Convention Centre on June 18-20. The conference and exhibition provides an opportunity for those working in the industry to learn about cutting-edge developments across a whole raft of electrical engineering disciplines. “We will again showcase our range of products at this year’s event. It is the one place where all those working in the industry gather and it is a valuable opportunity for networking, adding value to the specialised products we market here.”

Bri-Tech NZ Pty 09 274 4280

Bri-Tech markets a wide range of top quality products to New Zealand industries.

STEELMASTERS SM Fastener Manufacturers and Distributors • Mild Steel, High Tensile & Stainless Bolts & Nuts • Washers • Screws • Cladding Fasteners • Rivets • Tie & Sag Rods • Tumbuckles & Stubs • Rag Bolts • Threaded rod • Building Brackets • EYE Bolts • Anchor Bolts • L & U Bolts • Custom Threading Proud to be associated with Bri-Tech Pty Ltd Christchurch P 03 384 8434 F 03 384 8436

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Water mains specialist busy with repair work Sue Russell Not too many businesses these days can

boast a four generation family longevity but such is the case with water mains service company CR Johnson Ltd based in Otahuhu, Auckland. Current owner and operator Keith Johnson who took over the business 15 years ago, is still surrounded by family in the business with son Dylan and daughter Sian working for him. The company founded in 1956 and in the ensuing decades Johnson has seen big changes and lots of challenges especially impacting on the business. “For the last 10 to 12 years I’ve employed 10 staff and it has become increasingly difficult to gain enough work to keep them all busy,” Johnson says. “That’s really tough when you care about the people you employ and don’t want to send anyone away,” he says. For the last nine months or so the company has been working on the North Shore repairing water mains and undertaking reactive jobs such as leak detection which Johnson describes as often tricky work. These days Keith tends to be more in the office and busy finding future work; he describes it as “resting up” compared to actually doing the ground work he once did.

“It’s a very competitive industry and, as we’ve recently experienced, the loss of a big contract can happen out of the blue and have a huge impact on us.” However he says winter time is busy with repairs because over the summer as ground conditions dry up, cracks and breakages in pipes and connections can happen. It’s the cyclical nature of his businesses work and something Johnson has come to recognise. Back in the early days of the company, it broadened its services out beyond drainage and water reticulation work to constructing car parks, undertaking kerb and channel and asphalt repairs, building retaining walls and other general contracting work. These days the company has returned to its grassroots somewhat, something Johnson says is prudent at this time. He says one of the hardest things he faces in the industry is finding reliable people who you can depend on to turn up for work every day and at short notice, especially because the company is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. CR Johnson provides an array of services, including installation of backflow devices from 15mm to 200mm-plus, fire mains installed and repaired, private and public fire hydrant systems. However, Johnson says that the company’s main-stay at the moment is water mains work such as building and putting in new pipes and valves. CR Johnson also has small diggers up to 5-Tonne and a fleet of six-wheeler trucks for carting soil, metal, mulch and spoils. It was a registered licensed contractor for Metro Water for Auckland City until the Supercity came. While times are currently throwing a few challenges in his direction Johnson is philosophical about the industry he and his forebears have invested their lives in. “We do the very best job possible each and every time. That is what has built our reputation over the years and that is what we will stick by,” he says.

CR Johnson Ltd 09 270 0720

CR Johnson Ltd specialises in water mains work such as building and putting in new pipes and valves, and repairing water mains systems.

Steel Fabricators | All Material - Stainless, Aluminium and Mild Steel Proud to Support C R Johnson Ltd Contact Steve 09 267 9230

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Vigilance encouraged to avoid bridge issues Karen Phelps For property owners with bridges on their land there are two issues that they often don’t think about which can cost big money and even be a dangerous hazard, says owner of Select Bridges Nigel Miller. “People often don’t think to insure their bridges or to check their bridges regularly for maintenance issues,” he says. “In the event that a bridge collapses or is damaged it can cause inconvenience to the property owner and be an unexpected expense if the structure is not insured.“ If bridges are not regularly checked and properly maintained it can expose the owner, and anyone else who enters the property, to risk, which at the extreme end of the spectrum could prove fatal. “People need to be vigilant about checking their bridges for rusting, degradation of wood etc. It’s something that is easy to forget about but it can be extremely dangerous if a bridge is not property maintained,” says Miller. Select Bridges is a family business that has been operating for over 35 years in civil contracting and construction in the North Island. Services include bridge structures, vehicle underpasses, drainage, earthworks, flood banks, effluent ponds and subdivision work. The company is also able to perform a wide range of civil contracting and construction tasks including industrial and residential subdivisions, drainage jobs, stock race formation, large levee bank and dam rehabilitation, flood banks, effluent ponds and water irrigation. Miller says there has been growing demand for bridges from the dairy sector with Fonterra’s

Select Bridges 0800 227 434

Sustainable Dairying Water Accord, a new set of national good management practice benchmarks aimed at lifting environmental performance on dairy farms. Miller says that hailing from a farming background himself helps him to understand his clients’ needs. The company has also been working in the forestry sector and in Western Australia completing projects for the mining industry such as worker camp and village construction, vehicle underpasses and bridge structures. Bridges can be designed and constructed for full Class One loadings as per NZ TRANSIT Bridge Manual. Width and length may vary but the company can build clear span from four to 40 metres. “Each bridge is specifically designed by our engineers for each individual location as well as for our customer’s requirements,” says Miller. “Construction of the beams can include either pre-stressed concrete beams or fabricated steel. Bridges with steel beam construction can then come with either concrete or wooden decking.” Miller says concrete bridges mean less maintenance in the long term and are a popular choice. Select Bridges can take care of the whole process including design, obtaining the appropriate consents and finished build. It can take as little as two weeks to build a bridge. The company also undertakes repairs and maintenance. Select Bridges offers a free assessment of an existing structure or consultation for a new build plus a free quotation service. Select Bridges takes on small to large projects. The company has just completed two bridges and an underpass as well as moving an existing bridge for a dairy conversion in Horohoro near Rotorua. With a number of bridges around the country approaching their end of life, Miller has his sights set on growth. “With confidence in the market dairy farmers in particular are starting to invest in their farms again.”

Select Bridge’s range of services includes bridge structures, vehicle underpasses, drainage, earthworks, flood banks, effluent ponds and subdivision work.

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Three-pronged strategy a winner Sue Russell “The last twelve months have been fantastic,” says Byford Construction’s ‘newish’ CEO, Sam De Vries. He leads a company with a significant and enviable track-record servicing the Rangitikei region with aggregate, landscaping products, cartage and quarry operations. De Vries puts its success down to a “threepronged strategy” - providing quality local products, cartage services, and the flexibility that comes with owning its own mobile crushers. Byfords supplies aggregate to major-player roading companies such as Higgins, Downer, Fulton Hogan and Inframax, but it is just as much tuned toward the needs of the smaller operators and projects. “We basically service a huge area, from Taupo in the north through to Hunterville in the South, our ability to move around and respond quickly is key. “Making this happen is a skilled and flexibly arranged staffing structure where each of the three arms of our operation has a dedicated core staff as well as a percentage of floaters who can move to where the work is.” De Vries says that Byfords flat management structure - where everyone is encouraged to input their thinking - is another factor contributing to the company’s success in this competitive and demanding industry. “Staff are our major asset, staff engagement is crucial to ensure the group’s success.” The company, founded in 1955 has remained a family business ever since. Current managing director Wayne Byford is third generation and though still very much controlling the company’s development and strategic path, the appointment of De Vries in the chief executive role, has meant a step back from day-to-day management. Byfords Construction Company Ltd is a member of the Aggregate and Quarry Association of New Zealand; a professional body that provides support and advice and assists its members to remain up to date with regulatory changes affecting industry practice. De Vries describes the sector the company operates in as a very competitive market “on the fringes”. “You have to be very careful how you treat your customers and ever watchful about pricing changes and the factors that influence these,” he says. As a lot of the company’s work is involved in capturing maintenance contracts De Vries says it is vital to be aware of personalities and relationships. “We have benefitted from very proactive management throughout the years and are privileged to be the majority player through the Central Plateau area,” De Vries says. The company produces a range of aggregate grades from basecourse to sealing chip, landscape materials, through to quality concrete aggregates and sand, while its lab testing and sampling facilities provide accurate assurance of aggregate size, structure and suitability for specific jobs.

Byfords produces a range of aggregate grades from basecourse to sealing chip, landscape materials, through to quality concrete aggregates and sand.

“Our workplace is our weekend playground, so to protect that is second nature to us.” Extracting products from river-beds and land is an operation the company takes great care with, and is conscious of impact on the environment. “Much of how we operate is common-sense. Our workplace is our weekend playground, so to protect that is second nature to us. “Regional Councils in our operating catchment have got very well prescribed environmental policies and management practices in place to safeguard our water-ways and land.” As the economy begins to pick up the future for steady solid company growth looks secure. De Vries expects it will grow at better rates than it has done in the past few years. “My attitude is very much to take any opportunities when they arise, and actively assist our clients. “Our reputation and our business practices are solid and the future looks good.”

New premises?

Byfords Construction Ltd 06 388 0126

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Back-up support key to Centaman’s packages Karen Phelps Local support is a vital aspect of the end-to-end point of sales software solutions that Centaman supplies to clients, says Centaman general manager New Zealand Mike Henton. Based in Auckland, local phone and email support is available to clients 24/7 with the option of an onsite visit from a Centaman service consultant if required. “We provide a turnkey package to our clients including software, hardware and consumables. “Our clients have one person to deal with from start to finish and this same person then looks after them in an on-going manner as well,” says Henton. Centaman offers a single software solution that takes care of all the point of sales needs of leisure and attraction businesses. Key industries include zoos, waterparks, amusement parks, aquariums, museums, galleries, cultural sites and tour and transportation companies. Businesses can take care of ticketing and group sales where general admission, timed tickets, tours, events, rentals, spaces and resources can all be sold and managed at front of house, back of house or online simultaneously. Already deployed in over 700 venues, Centaman developed its point of sale and inventory management system in-house. Henton says this means there is seamless integration with other Centaman modules including memberships, season passes, ticketing, CRM, gift cards and reporting. “The Centaman webstore/shopping cart is a real-time extension of the onsite system with zero

transactions fees. Registration information for each reservation/individual as well as waivers and terms can be customized by product,” explains Henton. Centaman also provides access control and ticket validation solutions. “Security against fraud, critical attendance data and controlling the flow of guests are key benefits of admission control. “Tickets, memberships and season passes can be scanned and validated using the Centaman Ticket Management System using a variety of hardware options.” Henton says that business analytics and reporting tools are also an important part of the solutions offered by Centaman so that businesses have quick and easy access to the data they need when they need it in order to leverage that information to run and grow their business. “Centaman not only provides a powerful reporting toolset but also takes the time to analyse various stakeholders reporting needs as a major component of every project,” he says. “We really get to know our customers individually and their businesses then tailor our solution to fit their requirements.” A Canadian-owned company, Centaman started in 1991 and has its head office in Sydney. It was established in the New Zealand market in 2007.

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Web-based system

has many benefits Karen Phelps Gone are the days when geographical information had to be viewed as hard copy. BTW Company has made the change to a paperless environment where clients can access information through their smartphone, ipad or computer anywhere, anytime. One of the company’s latest developments is DataPoint, a web-based management and reporting application, which supports the day-to-day requirements of tracking and managing projects. Although initially developed for seismic surveying projects, BTW director Grant Aitken says that DataPoint’s flexibility has meant that it has been used for other types of projects where land access has been required. “DataPoint facilitates and encourages a collaborative approach to getting a project completed,” says Aitken.

“Access to project information is provided online to authorised users, to assist in the monitoring and planning of the overall project,” he says. “It provides a secure platform that encourages collaboration by the relevant parties, therefore eliminating errors occurring due to the double entry of data.” Once information is entered into the system stakeholders with access can view updates instantly from any device that supports a web browser application making it easier to retrieve information and make decisions. Land access and surveying production, health and safety, landowner information and the various other phases of operations (drilling, recording and restoration) for seismic surveys is managed in the system. Updated information on production progress for permitting and surveying, hazard register, notes and activities can easily be accessed and reports generated and exported in various formats.

Centaman 0508 236 826

“DataPoint facilitates and encourages a collaborative approach to getting a project completed,” says BTW director Grant Aitken.

J2 Retail Systems are available from



Business North Another significant piece of software the company has developed is Land Asset Management Application (Llama), which assists companies who need to track assets and compliance with legislation such as the Resource Management Act by monitoring consents and the work required to ensure that the conditions of consents are met over a wide geographical area. The software allows the user to zoom in on a map and download various documents associated with each site. Both DataPoint and Llama utilise Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, which BTW has used in-house for a number of years to support the many functions the company performs for clients. “In 2006, at the request of one of our clients, we researched and developed a system which allowed our internal projects to be shared securely over the internet with our client,” says Aitken. It was the start of on-going development of GIS for the company, which provides the ability to collect, store, analyse, manage, present and make accessible various types of spatial data. All information is available to the client and their staff anywhere they can log onto the internet giving instant access to up-to-date information including reports, correspondence, leases, consents and maps. According to Aitken the benefits can be significant. “As everyone manages their assets differently the BTW GIS system can be altered at any time to address additional requirements or to trial ideas. “Time linked reminders highlight critical compliance dates such as lease payment/review/ expiry and, consent lapse and expiry dates,” he says. BTW Company offer consultancy services in the fields of planning and resource consenting, surveying and mapping, civil and structural engineering as well as GIS. The company has a team of developers including two GIS technicians, a computer programmer and an information technology expert.. We have an IT steering committee to identify what we need to do to be a leader in our field and ensure we are always making the most of the technology available. “Our focus is always to keep moving ahead and stay at the forefront.”

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BTW Company offers consultancy services in the fields of planning and resource consenting, surveying and mapping, civil and structural engineering as well as GIS.

BTW Company 0800 289 787

“Access to project information is provided online to authorised users, to assist in the monitoring and planning of the overall project.”


BTW Company Ltd

Proud to be associated with BTW Company PH 06 278 5239 • E info@earthm KI COBRA NOMINEES LTD PO Box 74 • Hawera 4160 • TARANA


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BURGESS & CROWLEY CIVIL LTD Burgess & Crowley Civil are proud to be associated with BTW Company • EARTHMOVING • CIVIL ENGINEERING • DRAINAGE • SUPPLIERS OF METAL • LAND DEVELOPMENT Head Office P.O. Box 150, Inglewood Ph 06-756 8096. Email: Mobile 0274 432 353

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TRANSPORT » Kent Valley Commercials

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Firm thrives on repeat customers Karen Phelps Repeat customers have been the mainstay of business for Tauranga company Kent Valley Commercials, which company managing director Dave Sutton, sees as a real positive. “Your repeat business is your best business. The fact that people come back says something very positive about how we conduct ourselves,” he says. Kent Valley Commercials began in the mid1990’s as Kent Valley Wholesale Cars. The company was taken over by Japanese owned car exporter Trendy Information Co Ltd in 2001. Trendy Information was the company that Kent Valley Wholesale Cars had used in Tokyo when importing vehicles. Trendy Information Co has been in business for over 20 years and has grown to a staff of over 110 around the world. Kent Valley Commercials solely focuses on commercial vehicles after a gap was spotted in the New Zealand market for a company dedicated to this sector. The company’s client list includes Methanex, Hadlee & Brunton, Port of Tauranga and Supermac Holdings Ltd. Kent Valley Commercials imports a variety of small to large commercial vehicles including passenger service vehicles, flat decks, four wheel drives, double cabs, crane trucks and box trucks. The trucks can also be imported to order. Sutton says that the commercial vehicle importation business is only for those truly passionate about commercial vehicles. Each day Sutton scours the internet looking for the best deals. Some auction houses that the company deals with are dealer-only, making it easier to secure a good price for customers. “We understand the market price in Japan and our customers’ market spending power. We only purchase vehicles within a reasonable market price.”

Sutton says the fact that Kent Valley Commercials has trained staff on the ground in Japan means that high quality vehicles can be sourced quickly and at the right price for customers. “It gives us access to good quality stock and our guys can go and physically look at a vehicle before purchasing,” he says. All vehicles are thoroughly checked, serviced, groomed and speedos independently verified, before being offered to clients. Sutton says that Japanese mandatory inspection helps maintain vehicles in a high standard condition making purchasing a used Japanese vehicle a good deal. “Japanese vehicles are known to have very low mileage. “Expensive road tolls, congested streets and a great public transport system result in vehicles having a lot less wear and tear compared to the average vehicle. “On top of all this Japanese vehicles also come with higher specification interiors,” he says. The company also operates a popular rental division, which sees it hiring out mainly box trucks. “These trucks can be driven with a normal car license up to the size of six tonnes making them ideal for moving furniture.” With the internet a growing vehicle for sales, Kent Valley Commercials sells on TradeMe and Sutton says that its website is one of the company’s main sales tools where all vehicles for sale are listed. All of the company’s pricing includes gst and onroad costs. Vehicles can be delivered anywhere in New Zealand.

Kent Valley Commercials 07 578 3247

“We understand the market price in Japan and our customers’ market spending power. We only purchase vehicles within a reasonable market price.”

Kent Valley Commercials imports a variety of small to large commercial vehicles including passenger service vehicles, flat decks, four wheel drives, double cabs, crane trucks and box trucks.

We are proud to be associated with Kent Valley Commercials 80 Glenlyon Ave, P O Box 9234, Greerton, TAURANGA P 07 578 3434 | F 07 578 3436 | E

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Busy Body has everything covered Karen Phelps Busy Body Auto Refinishers has been quickly growing its customer base for truck, bus and coach repairs. The company can take care of the entire job – glass, signwriting, electrics, painting, repairs and panel beating – all from its West Auckland location. “For our commercial customers this means that they only have to drop their vehicle off here and we take care of everything for them rather than them having to go to different businesses to get each aspect of the job completed,” says Busy Body Auto Refinishers company director Stephen Porter. “It saves time and hassle and means that we can ensure everything is done to a high standard,” he says. Busy Body Auto Refinishers was started in 1986 by Porter, a qualified coach builder who has clocked up more than 40 years industry experience. He is backed by his team of staff and contract workers that include qualified coachbuilders, panel beaters, spray painters, fibreglass repairers, electricians and sign writers offering clients years of combined experience and knowledge. The company is now one of the longest serving coach and truck repair companies in New Zealand and facilities include a 17-metre spray painting booth and workshop. Busy Body Auto Refinishers’ services include general and accident repairs, spray painting, vehicle logo design and branding and restoration of any large vehicle. The company is an approved repairer for all the major insurance companies. This means that in the case of an accident clients can simply have their vehicle towed to Busy Body Auto Refinishers, explains Porter. “We have been doing insurance repairs for over 25 years. “After dropping off their vehicle all people have to do is to ring their insurance company and lodge their claim and we will handle the rest for them. “We are very aware, especially with commercial vehicles, that people want to be back on the road quickly. We can take care of everything and work very hard to get the job done efficiently.” In recognition of the growth of the company’s coach, bus and truck clients, Busy Body Auto Refinishers has recently joined the NZ Trucking Association and the Bus and Coach Association of New Zealand. “We want to gain an even better understanding of the issues our clients operating in these industries face so that we can continue to meet their needs,” explains Porter. Branding for commercial vehicles is another important aspect of the business. The service is also popular with motorhome owners wanting to customise their vehicle. “As we have been in business for so long, we have had the privilege to see fashions, even in vehicles, come and go. The most modern of vehicles deserve the best

Busy Body Auto Refinishers’ services include general and accident repairs, spray painting, vehicle logo design and branding and restoration. in colour and sign writing while the older vehicles need to be restored to preserve the beauty of the past.” To offer a complete service Busy Body Auto Refinishers works in conjunction with partner companies including Write On Signwriters, Henderson Valley Tyres and Auckland Auto Glass. Busy Body Auto Refinishers has worked with a number of its clients over many years and even has companies travel from as far afield and Hamilton and Tauranga. “Busy Body has been established for a long time and we’ve built up a high degree of trust. “Our customers know that if they bring the job to us it will get done right and that their vehicle will be on the road quickly and for longer.”

From touch-ups to flames! Autopaint stocks a range of quality products from prep products, primers and paints, with highly trained staff to give you the best advice for your project.

Busy Body Auto Refinishers 09 818 9881

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TRANSPORT » Hammond Transport

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Furniture removals continue to grow Karen Phelps Hammond Transport has just taken over the operational side of Grace Removals in Wellington a move that has doubled Hammonds’ staff numbers, says Hammond Transport director Bill Hammond. “Although we don’t own Grace Removals, Hammond Transport has taken over its operational side including staff and transport jobs,” says Hammond. He says it was a good match for Hammond Transport as around half of the company’s business is furniture removals, particularly in the Upper Hutt area where the company is based. In 2013 the company completed almost 700 furniture removals for clients. The company’s expertise and longevity in the region was recognised recently at the 2013 Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Awards where the company reached the finals in the Trade and Services category. “We enjoyed being a part of it. It’s given us recognition and although we were busy before I think it will help us to grow the business. We are seen to be a rising star in our small market.” Hammond Transport has a long history and was started by Bill’s uncle Bob Hammond in 1952. Hammond Transport grew on the back of Upper Hutt’s expanding population which generated more freight movement in and out of the region. Bill took over the business in 1982. His brother Richard owns Hammond Crane & Cartage, which specialises in hiab work, cartage, wide loads and heavy lifting while Hammond Transport specialises

Hammond Transport 0800 200 999

“If someone rings with a request we say yes then work out how we’re going to do it.” in general freight and furniture and storage. Hammond Transport now employs around 13 full time and five to six part time staff and prides itself on the flexible service it offers to customers. “If someone rings with a request we say yes then work out how we’re going to do it. “We will have a crack at anything. That’s why we’ve survived so long,” says Hammond. Just some of the items the company has shifted include golf clubs and operations for a golf tournament shifting between towns and moving goods late at night for City Fitness who needs moves completed around their clients. The company was also responsive during the Christchurch earthquakes. “We would send teams of three to four guys down for the day then fly them home at night. We moved all the personal items out of houses in a whole street in just a week.” In Upper Hutt the company has seven trucks on call. Apart from moving general and household freight the company also offers storage with various size units in two Upper Hutt locations. Hammond Transport is a member of the Self Storage Association. “The units have monitored surveillance 24/7 and customers have cell phone access to their storage unit,” says Hammond. “We also have a free trailer service for those customers moving in or moving out of storage.” Hammond Transport is still very much a family run business – in face Bill’s father still pops into the company headquarters, helps out and offers advice.


*Actual phones may differ from image shown

*Actual phones may differ from image shown

PABX Features Call Transfer Call Waiting Voice-Mail Short Extensions Call Recording Caller ID Hold Music (mp3) Call Stepping Call forwarding much more

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Simplyfree Digital-voice not only offers huge savings but a leading edge Disaster Recovery solution. If you are with Simplyfree or not, Simplyfree can provide a disaster recovery system that will keep your business running in a disaster event. Completely automated with out the need to rely on mobiles or call centres to set up diverts. The control is in your hands. Check out now.

0800 474 675 |

Around half of Hammond Transport’s business is furniture removals. “Because we have been operating in Upper Hutt for so long we have a good knowledge of the local area. “We are the only general carrier that we know of operating here.

“We’re a proud family firm that’s been going for over 60 years. “It’s gratifying to hear clients today mention that Hammonds has also moved their grandparents and parents.”

Sure way to savings Small- to medium-sized businesses can save as much as 30-70% off their regular phone and internet bills according to New Zealand based company Simplyfree.

and specialises in offering a personal and rapid response service. Fixing faults and making changes to the system is at no added cost to the client.

Company director Mark Farrell specialises in businesses with five or more phone lines offering fully managed business voice and PABX telecommunications solutions.

“We offer one point of contact for customers so they never get caught in between their telecommunications provider, internet company and hardware provider.

Simplyfree was established in 2009 and offers combined ICT experience of over 60 years. Farrell visits clients, goes through their existing phone bill and offers cost effective alternatives while still maintaining their current level of service, which might include conference call capability, voicemail, call transfer etc.

This means we can pinpoint any issues quickly and resolve them for our clients.”

Simplyfree offers fast ADSL 2+ or even faster VDSL internet connections. VDSL has faster download speeds than ADSL and up to ten times faster upload speed.

The company offers a number of solutions including recovery phones that are kept off site so a business can simply retrieve their phones then plug them into a line anywhere in Australasia to ensure that business can continue as normal. When calls come through it is as if the business was still operating exactly as before with all telecommunications services fully intact.

Simplyfree not only supplies the service but also the hardware to back it up. The savings the company often makes for clients include the costs of the hardware. The services offered by the company are also important for businesses wishing to relocate as Simplyfree can run up to 30 calls at a time through one line.

Business continuity and disaster recovery is an important service offered by the company, especially after the Christchurch earthquake when people couldn’t even use their cell phones.

This makes finding office space easier for businesses as they don’t need the added burden of ensuring there are many phone lines coming into the building.

Simplyfree offers a number of attractive package deals that include a fully managed phone service providing customers with an end to end solution that includes not only great calling plans and savings but also provides an enterprise grade phone system without the cost or risk of purchasing or entering into a fixed term lease agreement.

An important point of difference is that Simplyfree is a New Zealand based company

Simplyfree contracts are open term and can be exited at any time.

STORAGE » United Containers

Business North

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Boom times for container business Sue Russell New to New Zealand, Irish-born Brian Wynne has no regrets about leaving his homeland to take up the challenging and busy role as United Containers national sales manager. He’s been in the job for 18 months, based at the main depot in Manukau. In that short space of time UCL has undergone exponential growth due largely to its multi-faceted container purchasing, leasing and hiring services. “At a general day-to-day level I look after the sales team and make sure the fleet of containers around our 16 depots nation-wide are where they need to be to meet customer demand,” Wynne says. Main depots are located in the port cities of Auckland, Christchurch, Napier, Tauranga and Wellington. Then there are transport companies around the country working as agencies. It’s a model Wynne says works really well for the industry. “Kiwis in general are very easy to deal with and they value face-to-face contact so being able to access our services through a transporter they know who has a solid local reputation is a huge marketing advantage for us.” Seven years ago the company was born out of the shipping container depot industry, a move that saw it diverge from its core operation of shipping containers to the now well-established business of selling, leasing and hiring and modifying containers to be used for all sorts of purposes. That process Wynne says has hugely added value and presence of the company here. The hire fleet containers are bought from China, the world’s largest manufacturer of the product. Keeping a young and good quality hire fleet is essential. “Our secondhand sales fleet is usually a container that has served its working life in shipping and is around 10 years old. “We’ve become experts at upgrading, insulating and bringing them up to spec to be used for portable offices, lunch rooms, storage spaces, refrigerated units as well as supplying them for the transport and relocation of goods.” Since the Christchurch earthquakes, United Containers has sent hundreds of containers to the city to be used as a stepping stone in the cities rebuild. Wynne says there is still a lot more business to be had in the city which, to date, has only completed around 20% of its total rebuild. “We haven’t adjusted our charge-out rates since the Christchurch earthquakes happened, such is

Containers modified by UCL for the award winning Lower Hatea Crossing project. our commitment to helping that city get back on its feet in the years to come,” says Wynne. An exciting new process involving single phase refrigerated containers has opened up in both the New Zealand domestic and Pacific Island markets. “These are a great technology when power supply is a premium issue. Single phase refrigeration running on 16-amp power supplies gives you a low cost solution to storing perishable goods.” Wynne’s focus for this year is to grow the hire and sales side of the industry. Increasing the

number of depots and having more people on the ground he says is key to this. “New Zealanders like to kick the tyres so to speak when it comes being able to view the container options we have and to talk to someone about all their potential uses.” Containers come in 10, 20 and 40 foot sizes and a range of grades from New to fully reconditioned premium grade to partially reconditioned, ideal for customers who want low cost storage well presented to the wind and water tight economy containers ideal for those on a budget.

“We pride ourselves on the quality and speed of our service anywhere in the country and my sales team really know this business backwards. “We’re happy to answer questions or provide advice to all potential customers.”

United Containers Ltd 0508 732 873

For all Your Transport and Cargo Securement Solutions Suppliers of: • Moisture Control Products • Ratchet Tiedowns • Grade 70 Chain & Fittings Ph: 0800 100 449 • Dunnage Bags • Lifting Slings 112 Antiqua Street, Christchurch. Ph: 03 365 0521 • Container Paint WWW.GAVAN.COM • WWW.SECUREALOAD.CO.NZ 52a Grove Road, Blenheim. Ph: 03 577 5944 • Corner Boards


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MARINE » Ship Repair NZ

Business North

Ship Repair shows its capabilities Karen Phelps Ship Repair NZ has historically focused on repairs but now the company has just completed its first new build. The car passenger ferry was built for long-term customer Sealink, which had specifically requested Ship Repair NZ to complete the job. “This project really showcases the depth of skill we have in-house. We hope to secure more of this type of work in the future,” says Ship Repair NZ director Henk Eilering. The project is also a good example of just how far the company will go to meet customer requirements. Ship Repair NZ is the only privately owned slipway facility and ship repair company in New Zealand. Eilering, who previously owned McRae Engineering, started the business in 2006. Based in Whangarei the company provides a ship survey, ship repair and refit service on all kinds of steel hull marine vessels. A key point of difference is that because the company manages all ship repair projects from start to finish it can provide quality assurance for each stage and a fast turn-around, says Eilering. Facilities at Ship Repair NZ include a 2000-tonne capacity slipway as well as a second 40-tonne slipway. The company has the necessary equipment and crew to attend to hull repairs on larger vessels or two smaller vessels at once in the main slipway to ensure jobs get completed quickly. Ship Repair NZ also has a sheltered commercial wharf with berths of 120m, 67m and 36m, complete with crane. Other facilities include onsite engineering workshops for machining, welding and fabrication work, 24-hour onsite security and fully serviced offices for ship owners’ use. “We have handled different types of ship conversions and refits from ferries to fishing vessels, commercial to private use and more. “From small repairs and replacements to large upgrades and refits, our team can custom-make and fit whatever plates or parts are needed, repairing welds and joins and strengthening areas of the ship that have weakened over time or are vulnerable to damage,” he says. The company’s team of experienced engineers and marine fabricators has now worked on literally hundreds of vessels and is obviously a vital part of

Ship Repair NZ has just completed building a new car passenger ferry for long-term customer Sealink. the company’s success. It’s specialised work and so Eilering has placed a great focus on training and retaining highly qualified staff. Among the staff is son Nick who works as a company project manager alongside Peter Ducrot and John Clements. Eilering says the company’s three project managers play a key role in the business dealing personally with each project the company undertakes and interfacing with clients. Ship Repair NZ presently has four apprentices on staff.

Ship Repair NZ has clients based throughout the country and abroad. Past projects include a new mast, booms and hydraulic system for a tuna boat for Vasco Enterprises based in San Diego. The company also completed a major refit of Spirit of New Zealand including manufacturing and installing two new masts. Ship Repair NZ is awaiting approval for the third to hopefully be installed at the end of 2014 on the boat’s bi-annual survey. Recent projects include general maintenance work and new

electronic equipment installation on a privately owned scientific research vessel. Eilering says the order book is looking healthy with steady bookings for 2014, including underwater survey and maintenance work on Graeme Hart’s vessel U77.

Ship Repair NZ 09 438 0753



Structural steel | Pipe | Box section Sheet | Plate | Coil | Reinforcing

Abrasive Blasting & Coating Specialists

and all other steel sections

The team at Rudolphs Ltd is proud to be subcontractor to Ship Repair NZ for all abrasive blasting and painting workscopes on varied and interesting Marine Vessel Projects undertaken at SRNZ Slipway, Port Whangarei. Including over the past 12 months: • The Seabridge - New Build Project for Sealink (9 month painting programme.) • The Spirit of New Zealand • FV Carol Linda • Alucia 209 Lower Port Rd, • U77 Whangarei, Ph: 09 438 8647 Email: Web:


PROUD TO SUPPORT ‘SHIP REPAIR NZ LTD’ CALL FREE 0800-VULCAN (0800 885 226) 110 Lower Port Road, Whangarei. Tel: 09 438 8526 Fax: 09 438 8523



PHONE 09 438 1802 • Tarewa Mega Centre • OPEN 7 DAYS • Website:

MARINE » Ship Repair NZ

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At its base in Whangarei, Ship Repair NZ provides a ship survey, ship repair and refit service on all kinds of steel hull marine vessels.

Northland Underwater Technical Services Limited For all work done underwater including:

• Search and salvage • Cutting and welding • Inspection of structures, pipelines and vessels including CCTV • Propeller polishing

• Excavation for maintenance or construction of structures or pipelines • Cable corridor survey, cable recovery and cable burial • River and sea bed surveys

• Slipway service and maintenance • All divers have current certification and are registered with the department of labour • Based in Whangarei, Northland but can work New Zealand wide

PO Box 7040, Tikipunga, Whangarei P 0274 923 018 F 09 433 5566 A/H 09 433 5880 E

Proud to support Ship Repair NZ Come in and see us for all your Engineering requirements. We carry Tools, Fasteners, Bearings and Transmission, Abrasives, Brass Fittings, Hose, Welding Gear, Paints, Chemicals, Wheels and Castors 97 Port Rd, Whangarei • Ph 09 438 7028 • Fax 09 438 0529



Bow Rails / Hand Rails / Ladders Rocket Launchers / Bow Rollers / Bollards Fairleads / Bimini / Supports / Rod Holders Specialised brackets and various items for the galley

Stainless Steel Benchtops / Custom Made Rangehoods Splashbacks / Custom Balustrades / Handrails Kickplates / Shower Trays / Fabricating Absolutely anything Stainless OR Aluminium

We aim to be the first name people think of when they need quality stainless products Absolute Stainless 3 Fraser St Whangarei p: 09 430 8608 e: /


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MARINE » Thomson Towboats

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Need for new system questioned Sue Russell When it comes to the stringent new Maritime Operator Safety System soon to be introduced by Maritime NZ, Thomson Towboats owner and skipper Lance Brown has a thing or two to say. “In my opinion industry hasn’t seen an increase in number of accidents which would really warrant the excessive and demanding safety regulations we will soon be governed by. “We’re dealing with a bureaucracy at Maritime NZ who haven’t really undertaken meaningful consultation with those working on the water to input into the new systems,” Brown says. Working from his base in Hamer Street in Auckland’s Westhaven Brown has spent considerable hours preparing his company’s new system for approval under the new standards, something he says is frustrating given that in the new system “there’s a lot of reinventing the wheel”. “We know what works better than anyone else to operate safely in this technically and physically challenging environment. “We understand the sort of systems that work best and I question who in Maritime NZ will be qualified with sufficient experience across the whole industry to approve the applications.” His harbour, coastal, ocean towage and marine services company has been on the water for 27 years; long enough to have learnt to adapt to the times. There were the years when the fleet of tugboats were kept busy shifting sand barges. These days the advent of the superyacht era has created an opportunity for Thomson Towboats to add another string to its bow; shifting these magnificent vessels from one place to another. “Tricky, delicate work because our tug-boats can’t touch the yachts – it’s all rope work.”

Thomson Towboats does a wide range of tricky towing operations. In early 2013 Thomson Towboats towed the asyet unfinished 77-metre superyacht known as U77 and owned by Auckland-based billionaire Graeme Hart, to repair yards at Whangarei to be finished-off. It is not unusual for the work to come from around the Pacific areas, towing barges and all manner of vessels of any size in for repair or due to breakdown.

Repairs & diagnosis of heavy diesel engines & transmissions Marine | Construction | Power generation Proudly supporting Thomson Towboats Ltd 18 George Tce, Onehunga Auckland 1061, New Zealand

Lance Bonkovich Mob: + 64 274 945 304

Christmas and the New Year saw the company involved in a triple tow of two barges and a tug from Whangarei to New Caledonia – a trip taking just over a week, while a contract recently struck with Stolthaven Terminals NZ, supplying towage services for bunkering ships in the Port of Auckland will commit some of the company’s resources for several years ahead. Late February a challenging job holding a trans shipment of 49 containers of explosives on to two barges for a few days at Browns Island is in the diary. “In this sort of industry you have to do your homework, be flexible and able to respond when jobs come in at short notice. It is a competitive environment and there are some company’s who don’t operate to the standards they should.” Brown is currently pricing another substantial contract, towing mud-barges out to sea 14 miles east of Great Barrier Island. “The mud comes out of marinas around the


Auckland City Workshops and Slipway 14 Hamer Street, Freemans Bay PO Box 91 - 091 Victoria St West Auckland 1142, New Zealand Phone: +64 9 307 3930 Fax: +64 9 307 3931 E-mail:




Your one stop shop for Sales and Service of any brand of Hydraulic Equipment Authorised Distributors for Eaton Hydraulic Equipment 43 Allens Rd, East Tamaki, Auckland, PO Box 58-313, Botany 2163 Phone: (0064) 9 273-9142 Fax: (0064) 9 273-9146 Email:

Auckland area and dumping it at sea is one of the cheapest options for its disposal,” he explains. Lance and wife Virginia took over the company, formally owned by her parents and brother in 2009. In its formative years the company rapidly expanded its fleet and while these days not all the tugboats are always out in service at the same time, the services the company offers have, by necessity, diversified. The marine consultancy arm of the operation is involved in tug, workboat and barge design, marine engineering and drawing, risk analysis along with project management.

Thomson Towboats 09 307 8021

SHIP REPAIR All commercial vessels including super yachts, tugs, trawlers, ferries etc MARINE Marine engineering specialists/technical stores supply SLIPWAY 1500 Tonne x 80 metre slipway and berthage in central auckland FABRICATION Heavy fabrication, certified welding, general engineering MACHINING Full machine shop facilities, large capacity machining ELECTRICAL Marine installations and repairs INDUSTRIAL Shut downs and installations, repairs and maintenance

MARINE » Diverse Projects

Business North

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Getting results in ‘virtual shipyard’ Karen Phelps Auckland-based company Diverse Projects is completing a 12-month project on the 56-metre scientific research vessel, Alucia. The project, which had Ship Repair New Zealand as the head contractor, involved the five-year classification survey requirements to ensure all parts of the vessel passed vigorous inspection. The interior refit part of the project was completed in Auckland and included adding a new system to the exhausts so that the vessel’s emission levels were at the cleanest levels currently possible. The interior ceilings and other joinery works were also replaced by Whangarei based Specialist Marine Interiors. The vessel was then moved to the Ship Repair New Zealand slipway in Whangarei to undertake all out of water processes as this was the only facility in New Zealand available and capable of accommodating the large vessel. Diverse Projects typically builds or refits vessels using a “virtual shipyard” process. The company doesn’t have its own shipyard or large staff. Typically the company acts as the owner’s representative co-ordinating each job and leasing a location and subcontractors unique for each project. One of the company owners John Vitali says the benefits for clients are immense: “Typically a client would commission a ship yard to build the project then possibly not see or have anything to do with their boat until it is finished. “The owner in traditional single contract practices has limited flexibility once they have commissioned their boat; the yard has full control. “Our process gives the owner the best of

Diverse Projects is completing a 12 month project on the 56-metre scientific research vessel, Alucia.

both worlds by truly putting them in control of their own job as well as having it expertly project managed by Diverse Projects.”

Both Vitali and other company director Lars Bjorklund have more than 30 years’ yachting experience. The pair formed a partnership in 2007 and created Diverse Projects. Bjorklund says that essentially Diverse Projects takes full responsibility to make sure the boat owner gets the result that they want – a considerable challenge when often up to 50 or more people can be working on a project at any one time. Sea trials for the scientific research vessel will begin at the end of April/beginning of May. “In terms of this latest project the specifications and technical requirements for a

scientific commercial vessel of this nature were very demanding. “It was our responsibility to ensure that every part of this large project met the requirements,” says Bjorklund. “Our role was to offer a totally independent overview of the entire work scope and report with complete transparency to the owner all aspects of the contract.”

Diverse Projects 09 358-5331 279 Port Rd, Whangarei P: +64 9 438 0753 F: +64 9 438 0467

Marine: • Full Class Survey & Repair Services for Commercial and Pleasure Vessels • 2000 & 40 ton Slipway Facility • All Aspects of Marine Maintenance

Abrasive Blasting & Coating Specialists

Protective Coatings HP Water Blasting Wet Grit Blasting Tank Cleaning

Contaminant Removal Electrical Maintenance Fault Investigation

System Design Motor Overhauls Megga Testing S/Board Cleaning

Proud to have worked alongside Diverse Projects for Ship Repair NZ on the “Alucia”.

Providing glazing services to superyachts Installation and digital measuring for manufacturing of glass Removal and replacement of damaged glass.

Marine | Industrial | Commercial | Domestic | Yachts FV Vessels | Structural Steel | Plant Maintenance

Specialising in providing a high standard of finish with caulking and detailing.

209 Lower Port Rd | Whangarei | Phone: 09 438 8637 | (09) 422 5230 or 021 028 78613

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MARINE » Oceania Marine

Business North

Oceania Marine set for expansion Karen Phelps Oceania Marine is poised for expansion after two major property acquisitions, which will see the company become one of the larger shipyard operations in the Pacific region, says company director Martin Gleeson. The company has purchased its existing shipyard freehold combined with the signing of a long lease for another shipyard facility located close by giving over eight hectares of land and 19,700sqm of building floor space encompassing refit sheds, paint sheds, specialist fabrication facilities, workshops, stores and offices. Importantly the acquisitions also give Oceania Marine access to deep water for larger and deeper draft vessels expanding the company’s international and domestic yachting business. Gleeson says that the company’s development plans include introducing more flexible and larger capacity haul and launch facilities which will widen the range of vessels that can be handled by the shipyard. The company currently operates an 800-tonne conventional slipway which is configured for vessels in the range of 20 to 55 metres and it has successfully developed a niche between smaller travelift operations and the larger commercial shipyards. “To grow our business we need to cater for a wider range of vessels and improve vessel transportation capabilities to hardstand or undercover spaces,” says Gleeson. “In addition we have identified opportunities both above and below the band in which we now operate that we wish to expand into.” The leasehold property was optimised as a marine fabrication facility and formerly operated by BAE Systems for the construction of vessels for the New Zealand Navy. Energy Vessels Offshore Limited, in which Oceania Marine shareholders have a 50% interest, is expected to have a significant presence at the site constructing new vessels for the offshore energy industry in the near future. Gleeson says that another development will be the opening of the Marine Service Centre to be operated by Port Whangarei Limited (100% owned by Oceania Marine shareholders).

Oceania Marine has purchased its existing shipyard freehold combined with the signing of a long lease for another shipyard facility.

“This operation will utilise the extensive hardstand areas and operate haul and launch services to be installed at the leasehold site. The Marine Service Centre will cater for a distinctly different type of business to that currently undertaken by Oceania Marine.” Oceania Marine focuses on marine refit repair and construction including superyachts, local commercial vessels including ferries and fishing boats. Gleeson says that the focus of the business

is now on consolidating its domestic commercial base seeking tenants and/or equity partners to allow the development of the sites more quickly. The company will also focus on expanding its international and domestic yachting operation where Gleeson sees real growth potential.

Oceania Marine 09 430 3148

INDUSTRY LEADERS IN REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING • Farm Vat Refrigeration • Sales • Installation • Maintenance • Service • System Design & Technical Support • Plant & Machinery Appraisals

• Installation & Commissioning • Preventative Maintenance • Refrigerated Transport • Cool Rooms & Freezer Rooms • Heat pumps – Supply & Install • Registered Electricians • Air-Conditioning

Fax 09 430 3187 • • 25b Herekino St, PO Box 1357, Whangarei

24 HOUR SERVICE 09 430 3186

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Waterford Press P O Box 37 346, Christchurch Ph: 03 983 5500 Fax: 03 983 5552 Please tick your payment option Invoice me Cheque enclosed

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Cardno NZ has a long history of urban development expertise from commercial development hubs to residential subdivisions such as Brooklands.

Cardno establishes its own niche Karen Phelps Cardno NZ has structured its team to offer customers an enhanced service across a wider area of the country. The company now offers a separate dedicated business unit manager to cover the North and the South Islands. “This has given us stronger ability to resource and service clients across a greater geographical area. It will also help us to foster company growth,” says North Island business unit manager Darcy Brittliff. Cardno is an international ASX-200 professional infrastructure and environmental services company, with expertise in the development and improvement of physical and social infrastructure for communities around the world. Cardno’s team includes leading professionals who plan, design, manage and deliver sustainable projects and community programs. Brittliff says the company takes a multidisciplinary approach to projects, employing a highly qualified team of planners, civil, environmental, mechanical, process, electrical and structural engineers, land surveyors, GIS, landscape architects and ecologists. Cardno entered the New Zealand market in 2007 when it acquired Truebridge Callender Beach. Since that time Cardno NZ has focused on improving client service by investing in innovation, people, and culture. This philosophy has allowed the company to further expand its diverse skill base providing a greater range of consultancy services to clients.

Innovation has been a major driver as the company has forged forward in the New Zealand market. An example is the advances of the Cardno NZ team utilising GIS, terrestrial and underground laser scanning equipment. “These pieces of equipment allow us to create real time maps and advance data capture model so we can create extremely accurate three dimensional models of environments for customers,” says Britliff. “This has a multitude of uses including allowing precise planning of utility routes for power and phone companies, assessing infrastructure condition for local councils, providing real world consultation documents and identifying key points for strengthening of buildings.” Brittliff says a key of Cardno NZ’s success has been responding to the market. For example landscaping and ecology are relatively new services being offered by the company driven by market demand to support current client needs. Other services offered by Cardno NZ include civil, waste water, water supply, environmental engineering, mechanical, electrical and structural engineering, planning, GIS and surveying. Recent projects by the company are diverse and include sewer repairs to reduce infiltration (Wellington City Council and Hutt City Council), a water supply treatment plant upgrade and water scheme (Kapiti Coast District Council), road repairs after flood damage (Wairoa District Council), measuring bank boundary resistance and stability for streams (Auckland City Council) and land development projects across Wellington,

GOODMAN CONTRACTORS LIMITED Civil Engineering Contractors (a good man to know…)

Wairapapa, Taupo and Hawkes Bay. The company also has a long history of urban development expertise from commercial development hubs to residential subdivisions. Recently the company completed a complex project in Whitby where 900 metres of the Duck Creek stream was reconstructed to provide an engineered and environmentally enhanced water body supported by a network of community walkways. Clients include local authorities, Watercare, Landsdale Developments Limited, CDL Land Limited, Goodman Contractors, Fulton Hogan and Todd Corporation. Because Cardno NZ provide most services in-house with additional expertise brought in as required, customers benefit from a single point client manager during their projects, says Brittliff.

Effluent Management Systems Ltd

“We appoint the right people best suited to each project. By undertaking most services in-house this enables easy sharing of information between our teams and client focused teams on a project.” Cardno NZ employs over 100 staff throughout the country with around 85 of these based in the North Island. Brittliff says further growth is planned for the company in 2014 to improve services and the support for clients, with the company looking forward to moving to a new head office based in Petone, Wellington in March.

Cardno NZ 04 478 0342

Effluent Management Systems Limited Hawkes Bay’s leading water and wastewater solution specialists

EMS Ltd, your “one-stop shop” for: • Commercial & Domestic Wastewater treatment • Drainage design and installation • Water treatment and filtration • Pumps and water tanks • FlowKing products • Septic tanks & FlowKing™ products • Council compliance and consultation Contact EMS Ltd to discuss your options: Phone: 06 879 8022 Fax: 06 879 8026 Email: Website:

Developing quality land & living

Proud to be associated with the folks at Cardno for over 30 years Committed to providing building sections as a platform for growth with attributes that will serve for future generations NZTA Prequalification 4A ACC WSMP Tertiary Accredited ISO9001:2008 Accredited

4 Anne Street, Waikanae, 5036 Phone 04 293 7176 Fax 04 293 7136, Email

We are searching for prime residential locations to fuel the residential market All enquires welcome

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LEISURE » Northern Pools

Business North

Concrete pools bring satisfaction Sue Russell “Very individualistic,” is how Northern Pools’ owner Shaun McClintock describes the way in which concrete swimming pools - his particular speciality in pool construction - have evolved. McClintock has been in the industry long enough to experience first-hand the evolutions in pool design and construction processes. “One of the most significant changes I’ve seen is how the pool has very much become part of the architecture and feel of the whole house,” McClintock says. His company, which mainly services the Rodney District north of Auckland, has built hundreds of pools since 1997 when it began and nowadays the focus of his work is tuned more toward pool servicing and refurbishment. “About 30 years or so ago there was a boom in installing in-ground pools so now a lot of my work involves remodelling and modernising these pools as well as doing regular servicing.” When asked about the advantages in using modern concrete technologies to construct a pool McClintock says that the flexibility of being able to form all manner of shapes and designs is a big factor. Over the summer months he’s kept busy with maintaining filters, pumps and other accessories though 2013 was ‘one out of the bag’ for building new pools. To maintain top quality pool water McClintock recommends the Enviroswim system which uses a combination of silver and copper electrodes, ionisation and ultrasonics to purify water eliminating the need for chlorine, salt or other chemicals. “We test a lot of pools belonging to families with little kiddies and it is concerning about the very high levels of chlorine in many of these pools. “The Enviroswim technology is so good it’s a bit of a no-brainer to my way of thinking.”

Another issue for potential pool owners to consider McClintock says is the impact a shoddy, cheap pool has on the value of the property should it come time to relocate and put in on the market. “With so many pool options out there it is important to think further down the track about sale of the home. “I’ve seen pools become a negative as well as a huge positive in these circumstances.” One of the services the company offers which keeps McClintock busy is the scuba diving maintenance work he often undertakes. Because the company is well known and well established in the Rodney district a lot of repeat custom comes his way, which is gratifying and speaks to the quality of the work Northern Pools delivers. The company’s website, crammed with examples of pools it has built, including infinity pools, where the separation between pool water and sea beyond gives a sense of never-ending water, showcases just what is possible in pool design. “For me, infinity pools are always special to build and certainly not throwing money away on a water to water view.” Because there are so many pools in the Rodney area demand is strong for pool refurbishments and with the array of lighting and accessories now available the options are endless. McClintock says he especially enjoys the challenges and outcomes that go with working closely with architects at initial design stage of a new home. “It’s the golden opportunity to really create a pool that is just as much a part of the home as any other.”

Concrete pools can be constructed to form all manner of shapes and designs.

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Established since 1981, Waterco is an international company involved in the wholesale, export and manufacture of equipment and accessories in the swimming pool, spa and water treatment industries; packing and distribution of swimming pool and spa chemicals.

Relax and enjoy the colour. A unique finish that truly sparkles. Nine designer colours to choose from. Northern Pools use and recommend Quartzon Pool Render for a durable and vibrant, long lasting pool surface.

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