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Invicta CS does not get it

I had about a month on a lady's lupha that I purchased from the Shop as an upcoming gift for someone. When trying to set the time, so I could give the gift, the crown came fully out of the watch. Putting it back in, could not set the time. This watch was very inexpensive at $50.18. I sent it back to Invicta with a note that explained the situation and saying that they should do what they thought was right. What they did was send me a letter requesting $43.50 to repair the month old watch. I ignored the letter and then a few weeks went by and I guessed it, another letter asking for the same $43.50. Second request clearly stated on the letter. They are not getting $43.50 for a fifty dollar watch and they can keep it in their reject bin where it came from. My advise to all who buy on Shop, put the thing through it's paces as soon as you get it and send it back if it does not check out. Dont wait to give it as a gift and find out it is defective. Now have any of you ever heard of pulling a crown out of a watch and having the entire thing come out? In your hand? Come on Invicta CS. BTW, if you return the thing to me I will keep sending it back to you until you either get it...or scrap it. I think Invicta CS has a lot to learn.

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Invicta CS does not get it

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I agree that it is not worth your time to have them fix it. There is a chance that you may be able to fix it your self or perhaps have a reputable watch repair person put a quality movement in it and make it better than it was. Hope things work out.

Invicta CS does not get it