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ECE 315 Week 4 DQ 2

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For more course tutorials visit Phonics Controversy. During the primary years, children’s language development increases in amount and complexity. They are exposed to more direct instruction of phonetic, semantic, syntactic , morphemic and pragmatic knowledge. Some believe their natural development may be stinted by the regimented rote memorization of phonics and the manipulation of language, while others believe a systematic approach, such as phonics instruction, is the best way to increase language acquisition. The controversy over whole language and phonics has developed over the past twenty years. Describe the central concerns of the current controversy regarding phonics instruction. Then choose two of the language enhancing activities explored in Chapter 11 of our text and determine whether or not phonics instruction can and/or should be embedded in them. What is your view on phonics instruction? Why?

Ece 315 week 4 dq 2