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As we approach the final few months of the 2015 term for your Board of Directors, I want to thank each of the board members and regional representatives for their efforts over the past 4 years. Our association relies on the generosity of volunteers, and over the past four years we have had countless hours of volunteer time donated. My sincere thanks to each and everyone that have volunteered, and demonstrated their support for this association. We have had task groups working on shared WFD-WASLI work, resulting in the finalized document on communicating with Deaf people in times of natural disasters, as well as the process to describe working conditions appropriate for International Sign interpreters performing United Nations work, and most recently, the work that has drafted a process whereby WFD and WASLI can screen International Sign interpreters, resulting in standards that articulate the skills, knowledge and experience required in order to provide the service level desired by WFD and WASLI. We have people who manage our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and navigate the PayPal system in order to allow members to use it as form of payment. Finally, I want to acknowledge the international team that has planned the WASLI 2015 conference – the conference promises to be an exceptional learning event for those that will be in attendance, and our sincere appreciation to all who stepped forward to offer their time and talent to WASLI to benefit interpreters from around the globe. Individual Membership renewals have been pouring in, and we are working with our National Associations to also complete their renewal process, or to join for the first time. Congratulations to all of the associations from the Latin American Region that have paid their membership fees for 2015, including Cuba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panamá, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Paraguay. In North America, we have also welcomed Mexico as new national member. Our sincere thanks to Diana Ashley of Australia for stepping up to fill the Membership Coordinator’s role in Roni Lepore’s absence. We are grateful to Roni for her work last year and we look forward to having her back as time allows. Here are some of our accomplishments over the past few months:

and our website:


In August, several board members were able to meet in Macau during the WFD Asia-Pacific Secretariat meeting. Thank you to Etsuko Unemoto for organizing our meetings, and for also allowing us to attend the Asia regional meetings. It was a delight to meet so many interpreters from such a diverse region and to get a flavor for your successes and challenges.

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WASLI Newsletter Winter 2015  

WASLI Newsletter Winter 2015