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Fall 2023 Classes Fast Track Professional Personal Job Training Development Enrichment Find your class at livework learn Scan to find Professional Training Certified EKG Technician 8 Certified Pharmacy Technician 9 Certified Physical Therapy Aide 9 RN/LPN Skills Refresher Class 16 Join a High-Demand Career in Health Care


Business or pleasure?

WCC has incredible opportunities this fall for those who either want to start a career in healthcare and/or nursing or refresh existing skills in those professions.

For example, we offer an RN/LPN Refresher class as well as paths-to-certification for pursuits as varied as Clinic Medical Assistant, EKG Tech, Pharmacy Tech, Physical Therapy Aide, Phlebotomy Fundamentals and CPR and AED for Adults, Children and Infants.

As a creative, use Michigan’s beautiful autumn colors as inspiration and a WCC arts course as a method to express yourself. Choose among classes ranging from landscapes in acrylic and Hawaiian sunsets to urban sketching, botanical drawings with colored pencils and Japanese ink painting. Regardless of whether your focus is business, pleasure or both, WCC has an array of classes that meet your needs.

Join us this fall!


B2B Sales: A Strategic Approach 11

CPR/AED (for all ages) 15

Reiki Level 1 26

Japanese Miso Ramen from Scratch 27

Fall Color Tour and Wine Tasting 28

Plant Propagation Basics 30

Islands of Paris 30

And many more: Look inside.

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Fast Track Job Training

Explore a variety of highquality training programs for as little as $25 per hour of training and get on the fast track to a new career.

Professional Development

Personal Enrichment

Professional training courses may be eligible for financial assistance. Visit


Some classes are delivered online. Please review these definitions to determine which format works best for you: Webinar (WEB): Delivered online at a specific date and time. Class will be facilitated virtually by a trainer. You will receive login information a few days prior to class.

Online: OPEN REGISTRATION: Trainer-led instruction done virtually at your convenience.

Creative Arts Creative Writing 20 Fiber Arts 21 Music, Dance and Theater 21 Visual Arts 22 Health and Wellness Fitness 24 Well-Being 26 Hobbies and Exploration Food and Drink 27 Gardening 29 History and Culture 30 Sewing 30 Home and Life Computing at Home 31 DIY Home Repair 31 Personal Finance 32 Motorcycle Safety 32 Languages 33 Senior Focus 33 Business/Management Digital Marketing 10 Finance and Accounting 10 Human Resources 10 Management/Leadership 10 Office and Administrative Support 11 Project Management 11 Sales 11 Education Behavior/Counseling 12 Classroom Management 12 Diversity and Inclusion 12 Specialized Instruction 12 Teaching/Learning 13 Technology 13 Construction and Repair MIOSHA/HuVACO 14 Industry-Based Certifications 14 Health and Wellness Health Care 15 Mental/Behavioral 15 Nursing 16 Information Technology Computer Basics 17 Cybersecurity 17 Data Analytics 17 Software 18
Noncredit Classes / Fall 2023 Business/Management 4 Energy 5 Information Technology 6 Health and Wellness 8 Law 9
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Fast Track Job Training

Business/ Management

Fast Track Job Training puts you on the road to an in-demand job, mapping a route that’s quick and cost-effective. Explore a variety of high-quality training programs for as little as $25 per hour of training and get on the fast track to a new career.


Certified Administrative Assistant and Professional Bookkeeper

Begin or enhance your career as an administrative assistant and professional bookkeeper! Through this user-friendly course, you’ll learn the organization, communication, office technology and planning skills to effectively run an office. This class also includes instruction for professional bookkeeping using QuickBooks Pro.

BMG 1320 $4,495 | CEUs: 81

41925 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Certified Professional Bookkeeper

Online Trainer

Get the skills to begin a bookkeeping career in an office or homebased business. You will gain proficiency in accounting and bookkeeping using QuickBooks and learn how to minimize and plan taxes and recruit and manage clients.

BMG 1319 $3,295 | CEUs: 48.5

41879 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Certified Professional Bookkeeper with QuickBooks

Online Trainer


Certified Event Planning Specialist

An event planner brings inspiration, organization, budgeting and coordination to all kinds of events, including educational conferences, business conventions, concerts, corporate events and more. Join this class to receive formal training as a certified event planner.

BMG 1257 $4,495 | CEUs: 87.5

41913 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access


Certificate in Human Resource Management *

Online Trainer

Managing employee relations, policymaking, compensation, employee reviews and performance management are some of the duties of a human resource manager. Prepare for your certification exam after you master the technical and operational aspects necessary for a human resource management career.

BMG 1251 $495 | CEUs: 3

Online Trainer 41793 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access


Certified Associate in Project Management with Simulation

Through interactive simulation, gain the project management skills you need for a professional entry-level project management position. Learn how to assess, initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close projects while working on or with project teams.

BMG 1328 $2,995 | CEUs: 54

41919 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

This class will show you the essentials of recordkeeping for a small business. You will learn how to sort through information and paperwork, how to record what’s important, and how to use that information to grow a small business or home-based one.

BMG 1329 $3,595 | CEUs: 48.5

42013 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

* SHRM Credits: WCC is recognized by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®

Online Trainer

Online Trainer

Certified Project Management Professional

If you’re an experienced project management professional who wants to enhance your real-world project management skills and knowledge, this class is for you. You’ll increase your employment opportunities in a variety of industries and around the world after mastering this class. The project management professional credential, unlike many other certifications, is recognized worldwide.

BMG 1324 $3,550 | CEUs: 27

42011 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Online Trainer

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 4

Project Management for CAPM

This course introduces manual techniques perfected over the past 50 years and progressive automated ones for project managers. Up-to-date content covers measuring project management ROI, value to the organization and to customers, and much more. Gain an advantage in the worldwide job market for project management professionals.

BMG 1330 $2,295 | CEUs: 27

41779 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access


Certified Cannabis Budtender

Online Trainer

Certified Cannabis Edibles Professional

Establish a career in the lucrative cannabis industry as a certified cannabis edibles professional. Prepare for desirable certification while you gain an understanding about the basic uses of marijuana for medical purposes, the different methods for CBD use, how to make edibles and more.

BMG 1323 $995 | CEUs: 7.5

42005 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Floral Design

Discover an exciting career option as a certified cannabis budtender in this fun, interactive course. Over the years, the cannabis industry has started to grow, particularly as steps are taken for its legalization. You earn national certification as a budtender with the help of this course and become a respected industry professional. This in-depth course aims to help you prepare for the national certification exam in the cannabis industry. This course will cover the role of the budtender, the many uses of cannabis and the methods of extraction. You will also learn the activities in cultivation, processing, dispensing, building repeat customers and more.

BMG 1321 $995 | CEUs: 7.5

42002 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Certified Cannabis Dispensary Manager

Online Trainer

Managing a marijuana dispensary is similar to managing any other retail store: supervising staff, tracking inventory and cultivating a clean, professional atmosphere, but the highly regulated nature of cannabis products makes it a bit more complicated. This interactive and hands-on course on dispensary management will give you all the information and tools you need to build a career as a certified cannabis manager.

BMG 1322 $995 | CEUs: 7.5

42003 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Online Trainer

Online Trainer

Do you love flowers, creative activities and people? Consider a career designing floral arrangements and running a successful florist business. This class covers the history of design, artistic elements, floral anatomy and nomenclature, along with techniques, tools and specialties. The class also covers distribution, marketing, advertising and other industry-specific issues.

BMG 1327 $2,495 | CEUs: 27

41764 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Green Interior Decorating and Design

Online Trainer

This course helps you understand the basic principles of ecofriendly, human-compatible interior decorating and design. You will learn the skills necessary to enhance and improve the visual and functional living spaces in design projects.

BMG 1326 $3,695 | CEUs: 67.5

41767 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Interior Decorating and Design Entrepreneur

Online Trainer

Imagine yourself operating your own interior decorating and design company, then take the steps to do just that. You will not only learn the basic principals, steps and mediums of interior decorating and design, you will develop a business plan with an effective marketing strategy.

BMG 1325 $3,895 | CEUs: 45

41768 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Certified Renewable Energy Specialist

This user-friendly class will introduce you to the primary characteristics of the new generation of technologies that will provide energy over the next 20 years or more. You will study solar, wind technology, geothermal, biomass energies and more. Gain the knowledge, skills and credentials to make a career for yourself in the growing field of green energy.

CON 1003 $2,395 | CEUs: 43.5

41924 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Online Trainer

Online Trainer / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn 5 BUSINESS/MANAGEMENT . ENERGY | Fast Track Job Training
Fast Track Job Training Energy RENEWABLE

Fast Track Job Training

Information Technology


Certified Information Systems Security Pro (CISSP) Prep Course and Exam

This class is ideal for those with proven deep technical and managerial competence, skills, experience and credibility in the design, engineering, implementation and management of overall information security systems that protect organizations from growing sophisticated attacks. Ideal for improving your scope of knowledge and qualifications, this course prepares you for CISSP certification with instruction and test exams.

CIS 1088 $2,795 | CEUs: 10

41898 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

DATA ANALYTICS Data Analyst Technician

Online Trainer


CompTIA A+ Certification

(220-1001 and 220-1002 Voucher Included)

Open the door to an entry-level position in the IT world! This course gives you an introduction to PC hardware and peripherals, networking and troubleshooting. You will also receive training in operating systems, security, cloud computing and operational procedures.

CIS 1083 $1,295 | CEUs: 6

41889 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Gain a thorough understanding of Microsoft Excel, data collection and data management techniques. Learn how to enter data and create formulas to analyze and present complex information. These skills are important in the field of data analysis, business intelligence, management and engineering. Using actual mobility data, this course will cover concepts from Excel as well as the Excel 2016 course certification exams. Additional topics show the relationship of XML with Microsoft Excel, including importing, mapping Schema and exporting content. Finally, visualization of the data is taught using Power BI, where you will learn how to query data, transform dates and text, create and publish reports.

CIS 1087 $699 | CEUs: 12

41728 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access


Google IT Support Certificate

WCC Trainer

Online Trainer

PROGRAMMING Introduction to Programming and Design

Would you like an entry-level position in web design and computer programming? This class puts you on the path as it teaches you Python, JavaScript, Ruby and other programming languages. You will also receive a thorough introduction to website design, networking and how to use website-building tools, like HTML5 and CSS3.

CIS 1086 $1,495 | CEUs: 16

41999 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access


Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT)

Get on the fast track to finding an in-demand job in IT, with a professional certificate from Google. Learn the foundations of networking and operating systems or how to solve problems using code. Learn about different areas of IT, like computer hardware, the internet, computer software, troubleshooting, customer service, networking, operating systems, system administration and security.

CIS 1093 $399 | CEUs: 2

41729 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

WCC Trainer

Online Trainer

Through a combination of theory and hands-on activities, learn how to identify fibers and their connectors. You will also learn how to install, terminate, splice and properly test installed fiber cable to existing standards.

CIS 4081 $1,099 | CEUs: 2.2

WCC Trainer 41641 Mon, Tue 8 a.m.-5 p.m. & Wed 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Oct 2 – Oct 4 MAI

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 6

Certified Fiber Optic Specialist in Testing and Maintenance (CFOS/T)

Discover a general, easy-to-understand approach to fiber optic testing standards, equipment and technological approaches for fiber network testing and splicing, and how to choose among them. This class provides a detailed overview and demonstration of various pieces of equipment for testing and maintenance.

Certified Fiber Optic Specialist/Splicing (CFOS/S)

Learn the process and procedures of high-performance fusion and mechanical splicing of single and multimode fiber optic cables. You will also learn how to make, test and install spliced fibers into enclosures and splice trays. CIS

NEW Event Space Available!


Certified Web Designer with Adobe Creative Cloud

Are you a creative person who enjoys working on a computer? Web designers help companies present their products and best ideas using a combination of technology and designs. Throughout this course, you will learn about e-commerce, web promotion strategies and web design. You’ll also receive a comprehensive overview of Creative Cloud design elements and seven programs that all function uniquely to make design interactive and fun. This course covers an introduction on how to use Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat and Adobe to create and design stunning images, pages, websites and interactive files. Your tuition includes 12-month access to the full Adobe Creative Cloud package.

Does Your Organization Need Event Space?

The Morris Lawrence Building has reopened after an upgrade of its space, technology and catering services. Schedule your next event at one of the most affordable and convenient venues in the Ann Arbor area.

CIS 1031 $4,495 | CEUs: 83.5 Online Trainer 41921 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access For reservations, contact: Patrick Downey . 734-677-5034 / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn 7 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY | Fast Track Job Training
CIS 4082 $999 | CEUs: 1.3 WCC Trainer 41642 Wed 1 p.m.-5 p.m. & Thu 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Oct 4 & Oct 5 MAI
4083 $999 | CEUs: 0.9 WCC Trainer 41643 Fri 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Oct 6 MAI
Meeting Space 4,600+ square feet with five seminar rooms Conference Planning Single point-of-contact to assist you efficiently Catering Full-service and flexible Free Parking Large, lighted areas adjacent to facility

Health and Wellness

Certified Wellness Coach

Prepare to work with people to improve their lifestyles as a certified wellness coach. In this highly interactive class, you will learn about nutrition, stress management, incorporating regular exercise and more.

HSC 1063 $4,395 | CEUs: 31.5

41935 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Personal Trainer Certification Course

Online Trainer

Turn your fitness passion into a career. This NCCA-accredited personal training program has the best of both worlds with virtual lectures by one of the top trainers in the U.S. and a great local personal trainer/teacher to work with you on the skills of being a personal trainer. Bonus virtual lectures are recorded for your use and include key topics for 15 hours on exercise physiology, kinesiology, nutrition and more.

HSC 4399 $875 | CEUs: 4.9

41730 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

HEALTH CARE Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Master Professional


Certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach

Improve the quality of life for others as a certified nutrition and fitness coach. Your learning experience in this class will include various aspects of wellness and health, and practical fitness and health information. You will also learn how to develop a coaching business, market your practice, attract clients and more.

HSC 1058 $4,295 | CEUs: 22.5

41910 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Online Trainer

In this multimedia-rich course, you will learn the fundamentals of exercise physiology, nutrition, anatomy, fitness, pulmonary medicine and more. Communication and relationship building are some other topics. You will also receive detailed instructions on how you can start a personal fitness business of your own.

HSC 1059 $3,995 | CEUs: 28

41906 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Online Trainer

WCC Trainer

Get the skills and knowledge you need to earn certification as a medical assistant, EKG tech, phlebotomy and electronic health records management tech—all in this single class! Obtaining your national certification will increase your medical assistant career opportunities in the ever-growing field of health care.

HSC 1086 $4,895 | CEUs: 145

41914 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Certified EKG Technician

Online Trainer

The certified EKG technician program is designed for people who want to pursue a successful career as an EKG technician in the growing health care industry working alongside physicians evaluating a patient’s heart performance. Previous health care experience is not required to enroll in this course. However, if you’re already working in the EKG field, this assessment-rich program will provide additional knowledge and skills that you can apply in your professional life. The course provides an overview of the EKG profession and detailed responsibilities, including knowledge of heart functions, cardiac medications, electrode placement and leads, procedures and processes, EKG equipment and measurements. Upon completion, you will receive an exam voucher along with preparation material to take the Certified EKG Technician (CET) exam by the National Healthcareer Association.

HSC 1034 $3,595 | CEUs: 36.5

41761 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Online Trainer

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 8
Fast Track Job Training

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Work alongside a registered pharmacist in a laboratory, or retail or hospital pharmacy. This class will show you how to handle prescription requests, measure medications, package and label prescriptions, process prescription insurance claims and work with patient records.

HSC 1061 $3,595 | CEUs: 55.5

41774 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Associate

Certified Physical Therapy Aide

An important part of physical therapy staff, physical therapy aides help patients complete clerical tasks and assist patients with insurance paperwork. Hospitals, physical therapy offices, orthopedic clinics and personal care facilities could employ you to work under the direct supervision of physical therapists and their assistants.

HSC 1083 $2,595 | CEUs: 47

41926 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Online Trainer

Phlebotomy Fundamentals and Certification

Become a certified phlebotomy technician in just eleven weeks! This program combines online and lab-based training to give you critical thinking skills and hands-on experience. You will perform venipunctures and capillary punctures using lifelike arms and class volunteers, and do specimen labeling.

HSC 1014 $799 | mandatory fee: $20 | CEUs: 4.4

Linda Tinsley

41663 Sat 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Sep 9 – Nov 18 MAI

Phlebotomy Technician

Venipuncture techniques and tools, processing samples, methods to physically and mentally prepare patients for a blood draw are the topics in this course. Extensive use of multimedia tools help make the learning process fun. An optional clinical externship is available through this class.

HSC 4433 $2,595 | CEUs: 47

41775 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Online Trainer

The health care field is always in need of trained medical administrative associates. Get the knowledge and skills to manage medical records and information, perform billing and coding on insurance forms, oversee finances and understand HIPAA laws.

HSC 1081 $3,995 | CEUs: 76

41951 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Certified Medical Biller and Coder

Online Trainer

Increase your complex coding and billing procedure skills in this class. You will learn CPT (introduction, guidelines, evaluation and management), specialty fields (such as surgery, radiology and laboratory), ICD-10 (introduction and guidelines), and basic claim processes for medical insurance and third-party reimbursements. You will also discover how to find services and codes in the CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS manuals.

HSC 1082 $4,295 | CEUs: 41.5

41886 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Certified Paralegal

Online Trainer

Online Trainer

Even if you have no experience, this engaging, interactive class will give you the knowledge and skills to sit for the certified paralegal exam from NALA, the respected national nonprofit for those in the paralegal profession. Equipped with this essential proof of your capabilities, you will have the credentials for an entry-level paralegal position.

LAW 1013 $3,995 | CEUs: 95 Online Trainer

41900 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn 9 HEALTH AND WELLNESS . LAW
Fast Track Job Training Law PARALEGAL

Professional Development

Business/ Management


E-Marketing for Small Business and Nonprofit Organizations

Looking to reach your customer in the digital age? Learn how to leverage social media to spread your message, rally support and increase your revenues. You’ll explore effective sites and walk away with a surplus of new ideas on how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more to give your business a boost.

BMG 1066 $99 | mandatory fee: $5 | CEUs: 0.3

Shannon Beeman

41645 Tue 6-9 p.m. Oct 10 MOR

Maximize Your Business Facebook Page

Use the power of Facebook to take your current business or nonprofit page to the next level. Explore methods to monitor customer opinions, develop loyalty and establish two-way communication.

BMG 1071 $149 | mandatory fee: $10 | CEUs: 0.6

Shannon Beeman

41639 Tue 6-9 p.m. Sep 19 & Sep 26 MAI

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Does your webpage appear in Google’s top search results? Discover the various ways that Google ranks webpages and blogs. Learn tips to improve your website’s search engine visibility and increase traffic. Walk away with many search engine optimization techniques you can apply to your e-marketing strategy for your business or nonprofit organization.

BMG 1068 $99 | CEUs: 0.3

Shannon Beeman

41640 Mon 6-9 p.m. Oct 9 MAI

Social Media Best Practices

How can you tell if your e-marketing is effective? Are your messages meeting the audience you want? Learn how to apply proven principles of marketing, public relations and customer service to the social media landscape. Explore some of the new best practices and how to avoid common pitfalls.

BMG 1056 $99 | CEUs: 0.3

Shannon Beeman

41644 Mon 6-9 p.m. Sep 25 MOR

* SHRM Credits: WCC is recognized by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®


Introduction to Finance

Gain an understanding of the uses and functions of master budgets, operating budgets, sales, production and cost-of-goodssold and cash budgets. Also learn how organizations are using different budgeting techniques to deal with operating challenges.

FIN 1048 $99 | CEUs: 0.5

Online Trainer 41807 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Understanding and Managing Budgets

This class introduces the discipline of finance in an organizational setting. Topics covered in this class include the responsibilities of financial managers; roles of finance in a typical business organization; legal forms of businesses; agency relationships and relevant financial markets of interest to financial managers. You will also explore the principles of financial management.

FIN 1009 $99 | CEUs: 0.5

Online Trainer 41818 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access


Recruiting Top Talent *

How can your company capture qualified candidates? Discover the techniques for interviewing and recruitment that lead to hiring the right employees.

BMG 1212 $129 | CEUs: 0.4

Yvette Adams 41749 Tue, Thu 1-3:30 p.m. Oct 17 & Oct 19 WEB

Strategies for Hiring the Right Employees *

Discover winning techniques for recruiting, interviewing and hiring top-notch employees. Learn how to define positions, develop hiring strategies, filter applicants, conduct interviews, make offers and onboard new hires.

BMG 1218 $129 | CEUs: 0.4

Yvette Adams

41747 Mon, Wed 1-3:30 p.m. Nov 6 & Nov 8 WEB


Coaching and Mentoring Managers *

Lead and motivate your team to produce positive results. Learn techniques to groom new managers and challenge experienced ones. Explore ways to create a supportive environment that will bring success to the whole team.

BMG 1223 $119 | CEUs: 0.5

Yvette Adams

41665 Mon, Wed 1-3:30 p.m. Oct 2 & Oct 4 WEB

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 10 Professional Development | CATEGORY

Small Business Support

That Benefits the Community.


Customer Service

Acquire insight into the various types of customers there are and how to best serve them. Improve your in-person and phone skills to generate return business and learn strategies for dealing with difficult customers.

BMG 1207 $99 | CEUs: 0.5

Yvette Adams

41664 Tue, Thu 1-3:30 p.m. Sep 19 & Sep 21 WEB

Executive and Personal Assistants: Learning the Tools of the Trade

Master the tools necessary to become a successful executive or personal assistant. Learn what it takes to effectively manage a schedule, organize a meeting, be a successful gatekeeper and more.

BMG 1213 $99 | CEUs: 0.4

Yvette Adams 41748 Tue, Thu 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Nov 14 & Nov 16 WEB


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Equip yourself with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification to increase revenues, decrease costs, improve efficiency, and build trust and transparency in your organization. Whether you are selftaught, want to fill in your Lean knowledge gaps or are new to Lean, this course can give you a solid foundation to charter projects and get results in days. You will leave this class with the skills to implement a continuous improvement culture that can put your organization on a path to operational excellence.

BMG 1331 $1,499 | CEUs: 3.5


B2B Sales: A Strategic Approach

“Why are some B2B sales professionals consistently top performers?” By looking at the B2B sales cycle as a strategic process rather than a reactive, tactical series of events, you can develop real-world skills so you can achieve quantifiable results in an unpredictable industry. In this comprehensive class, you will learn the key elements of the B2B sales process including differentiating strategy from tactics, applying consultative selling techniques, customizing your sales technique to individual clients or prospects, and strategies to “win” the sale.

Mission Accomplished!

The Story of Willow Integrated Therapy

Michelle Phibbs had a dream of being an entrepreneur. After becoming a new mom, she honed in on her skills and experience all while building her vision for a new business for over a decade. By November 2019, her vision became a reality and after twelve years of working for others as an occupational therapist, she was able to open her own pediatric practice.

Phibbs’s differentiating approach is that her staff follows the philosophy to carefully individualize pediatric treatment. Each child is seen by a well-trained and experienced therapist in their own setting. Starting with only one therapist and one clinic room, the practice now houses five clinic rooms for multiple therapists to meet with patients.

When asked what her biggest takeaways to success were, Michelle shares that acceptance, building on her strengths, and identifying what to let go of have all been key attributes. Her biggest challenge has been finding the right team and personnel, which is where the SBDC stepped in to help. After teaming up with Regional Director, Charlie Penner, and Growth Consultant, Kathy Miller, the practice started to take off.

Despite the difficulties of facing a global pandemic, Phibbs operates a successful business at Willow Integrated Therapy. Over a three-year period, the practice went from helping 20 families per week to now over 150 families on a consistent weekly basis. Along the way, she was given careful assistance from the SBDC which has been integral to the business’s organic growth. Visit their website below.


For more information, contact us today. |

734-477-8762 / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn 11
41731 Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sep 25 – Sep 29 MAI
WCC Trainer
42103 Thu 1:30-4:30 p.m. Oct 26 MAI
BMG 1332 $89 | CEUs: 0.3 Dale Kaminski
to grow your small business? SBDC can help.

Education Professional Development

Welcome Educators!

Earning your Michigan State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) is easy as 1, 2, 3 at WCC. Choose from a wide range of interactive, affordable and convenient noncredit classes you can take entirely online.


Bullying in Schools

This course discusses the connections between school shootings, bullying, and social demands placed on children in our schools. You will receive an introduction to the effects bullying has on our communities and techniques for creating a caring learning environment. We’ll discuss aspects of masculinity, social status, violence against girls, cyberbullying, gay bashing and adult bullying.

SCECH 1061 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41964 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access


Classroom Management Secrets

Online Trainer


Instruction for Academically Diverse Classrooms

This course will assist you in creating learning environments that address the variability that is typical of academically diverse classrooms. Topics include determining what differentiated instruction is, why it is essential for all learners, how to begin to plan for it, and how to become comfortable enough with student differences to make school comfortable for each student.

SCECH 1092 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41970 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access


Individualized Education Plan for English Language Learners

This course explores the fundamental principles of classroom management and discipline in ways that involve students in the creation of their learning environment. You will learn meaningful communication skills and how to identify diversity within your students. This class also covers how to maintain appropriate student behavior and how to handle inappropriate behavior with challenging and violent students.

SCECH 1069 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41829 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Creating Safe Classroom Environments

Online Trainer

Students flourish when they feel physically, socially and emotionally safe. Learn how to build an environment that welcomes, values and accepts the social identity and culture of each student. Get the skills in this class to build a socially, emotionally safe environment, and a positive, trustworthy, challenging curriculum that empowers your students.

SCECH 1070 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41968 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Online Trainer

Online Trainer

An individualized education plan (IEP) serves as a blueprint for learners who are eligible for special education services. English language learners who also qualify for an IEP are a unique group of students who require specialized instruction and highly trained educators who understand their diverse needs. Placing students into special education programs is framed within a multitiered model that serves as a foundation of IEP development. This course helps guide you in the development and implementation of individualized education plans for diverse learners.

SCECH 1059 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41969 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Online Trainer

Learning Disabilities: Practical Information for the Special Education Teacher

The primary goal of this class is to provide pertinent and practical information for teaching in the special education field, whether it is a special education classroom or just needing assistance with inclusion for students with special needs in the classroom setting. You will learn to identify resources to assist with establishing a productive and satisfying career as a special education teacher.

SCECH 1074 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41960 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Online Trainer

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 12

Teaching Gifted Learners

Since not all gifted students are alike, differentiating curriculum is important. This course will teach you how to identify gifted students and implement successful, research-based strategies in your classroom.

SCECH 1060 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41961 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Teaching Struggling Readers

Online Trainer

This course focuses on practical how-to instructions to practice while helping students gain a greater understanding of what they are reading. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you will appreciate the strategies in this class that will help you give your young readers the confidence they need to gain a love of reading.

SCECH 1076 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41842 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access


Fueling Creativity in the Classroom

Online Trainer

Rookie Teacher Survival Guide

New teachers in the world of early childhood education can easily become overwhelmed by lesson plans, behavior management and the individual needs of each student. Gain an understanding of proper reflective teaching practices, tools to reflect on lesson plan activities, and suggestions for monitoring and encouraging student achievement.

SCECH 1075 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41839 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Student Engagement and Learning

Online Trainer

Enhance your teaching practice and improve learning in your classroom with new and exciting techniques to engage your students. You will learn about key research on classroom formative assessment and how these practices have a greater impact on educational achievement than most other reforms.

SCECH 1077 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41953 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access


Online Trainer

Many teachers want children to fulfill their creative potential, but teachers and other adults often unintentionally stifle creativity. Learn how to know and understand the skills that your students need to thrive in the future, among them: knowing how to learn, sustain passion and curiosity, use people skills and creativity. This course will help new and seasoned teachers with their approach to fostering creativity for the students in their classrooms.

SCECH 1090 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41929 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Instructional Strategies for Academic Success

Online Trainer

SMART Board Training

If you’re an educator or business professional, engaging and inspiring your clients or students is a must. Streamline your presentations with SMART Board, the interactive whiteboard. Come learn about SMART Board software in this class. Learn how to create give-and-take lessons or unique presentations that capture your audience.

SCECH 1093 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41840 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

No single strategy can guarantee that a child will learn. Instructional strategies work in collaboration with other educational methods to influence student learning. You will learn in this class over 330 specific instructional strategies. You will also receive information about how to use assessments, how to conduct lessons, and implement rules and procedures all while building positive relationships with your students.

SCECH 1079 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41967 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Project-Based Learning Techniques

Online Trainer

Get the guidance you need to effectively implement project-based learning (PBL) techniques in your classroom. You’ll learn about the theories behind PBL, planning PBL activities, conducting assessments, feedback and reflection strategies.

SCECH 1073 $195 | CEUs: 2.5

41971 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Online Trainer

Online Trainer

13 / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn EDUCATION | Professional Development

Professional Development

Construction and Repair


MIOSHA Construction: 10-Hour Course

This 10-hour program presents an overview of MIOSHA regulations for the construction industry. Detailed information is presented to enable you to develop an accident prevention plan. An overview of MIOSHA inspection procedures is presented, as well as the most frequently cited MIOSHA violations in the construction industry. You will receive both MIOSHA and OSHA 10-hour cards upon successful completion of the class.

Huron Valley Area Code Officials (HuVACO)

Continuing Education Units

HuVACO and WCC Corporate Training & Lifelong Learning offers nine monthly classes taught by recognized industry leaders, exclusively for HuVACO members. You will receive a certificate of attendance for your records.

Approval by the Bureau of Construction Codes and Bureau of Fire Services is sought for: building officials, certified fire inspectors, building inspectors, and plan reviewers.

HuVACO membership is $125 per year.*

Membership includes tuition for the nine monthly classes and admission to an annual expo in January.

*Membership rates are subject to change.

For information or a membership application, call 734-677-5060 or go to

Industry-Based Certifications

Certification testing at WCC is convenient and accessible. The Workforce Certification Center at Washtenaw Community College offers state-of-the-art testing facilities for over 200 industry-based certifications.

FMA 4011 $200 WCC Trainer 42063 Tues, Wed 9 a.m.-4 p.m Nov 7 & 8 MAI liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 14
Contact us at 734-249-5920 or

Health and Wellness Professional Development

HEALTH CARE CPR and AED for Adults, Children and Infants

This course will teach lifesaving techniques to use at home, school and in the workplace and community. The class will be a combination of lecture and hands-on learning.

HSC 1091 $99 | CEUs: 0.5

Linda Tinsley

41745 Sat 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Oct 7 MAI

Electrocardiography (ECG)

This course will cover introductory anatomy of the heart, relationships of other body systems to heart health, instructions on how to complete and document ECGs, and basic interpretations of ECG readings.

HSC 1092 $169 | CEUs: 0.7

Linda Tinsley

41746 Tue, Wed 5:30-9 p.m. Oct 10 & Oct 11 MAI

Phlebotomy Skills for Health Care Professionals

Learn or enhance your phlebotomy skills. Combining online and lab-based instruction, you will gain critical thinking skills and hands-on experience that will reduce the potential for errors that can lead to injury. You will perform venipunctures, capillary punctures, and specimen labeling and handling using lifelike arms and class volunteers.

HSC 1295 $399 | mandatory fee: $40 | CEUs: 1.2

Linda Tinsley

41672 Mon, Thu 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m. Oct 23 – Nov 2 MAI


Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

This class will provide attendees with information focused on domestic violence, and how and why it occurs. We will discuss developmental, behavioral and emotional effects on children who witness domestic violence, in addition to the factors of trauma and loss and proper approaches to treating these issues.

HSC 1087 $99 | CEUs: 3.5

Michael Mogan

41636 Fri 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Nov 17 MOR

*Classes are eligible for continuing education clock hours by the Michigan Social Work Collaborative.

Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Individuals

Learn about the unique challenges, concerns, discrimination and trauma that impact the self-worth of transgender people. Discover proven methods to support your transgender clients in a caring and compassionate way.

HSC 1074 $99 | CEUs: 3.5

Michael Mogan 41637 Fri 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Dec 8 MOR

Implicit Bias: The Hidden Danger

This class will provide you with information on implicit bias and its negative consequences for individuals and organizations. We will discuss the impact on individuals and organizations in perception, judgment and actions that may result in inequitable decision-making and ineffective communication. We will also delve into the current research on the barriers and disparities in the access to and delivery of equitable health care services, inclusion initiatives, and cultural sensitivity and strategies to remedy the impact of implicit bias.

HSC 1088 $99 | CEUs: 3.5

Michael Mogan 41632 Fri 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Sep 15 MOR

Requirements and Accredited Hours

For details about prerequisites, requirements, supplies and information regarding the accredited clock hours for nurses, social workers, play therapists and other professionals, visit: / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn 15

Intimate Partner Violence and Codependency

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a global public health issue. The role of codependence as an integral part of this dynamic is only peripherally understood and inadequately addressed in most therapeutic situations. This seminar will help you teach your clients to recognize the eight early signs of a potentially violent relationship, the dynamics of codependency and IPV, and distinguish phases of violence through examining the power and control cycle. The workshop will include a discussion of the codependent thinking and behavior that perpetuate IPV.

HSC 4122 $99 | CEUs: 3.5

Michael Mogan

41638 Fri 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Dec 1 MOR

Treating Male Survivors of Domestic Violence

Few of the more than 4,000 U.S. domestic violence programs offer men the same services as they do women. Where can men turn for help when being abused? Men are rarely seen as a group needing help, protection and recognition as survivors of domestic or other abuse. These survivors need shelters, therapy and legal protection. Learn how to support and empower your male clients to help them leave and heal from domestic violence.

HSC 1077 $99 | CEUs: 3.5

Michael Mogan

41635 Fri 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Nov 3 MOR

Human Trafficking: Lost Lives

This workshop will identify and address many of the basic issues and questions about human trafficking. Topics include how to identify perpetrators, profile victims, and the emotional and physical indications of victimization. We will also discuss the approaches, tactics and strategies traffickers use to recruit and maintain their victims in servitude, and the reasons they continue to succeed despite heightened awareness. The individual, social and cultural damages of trafficking and how clinicians can help stop it will also be a part of this important workshop.

HSC 4381 $99 | CEUs: 3.5

Michael Mogan

41633 Fri 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Oct 20 MOR

Self-Inflicted Violence

Learn the various aspects of self-injury with a focus on clinical issues. Explore physical and behavioral manifestations, precursors, dynamics and inpatient treatment for those who self-injure.

HSC 1051 $99 | CEUs: 3.5

Michael Mogan

41634 Fri 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Oct 27 MOR

Requirements and Accredited Hours

For details about prerequisites, requirements, supplies and information regarding the accredited clock hours for nurses, social workers and other professionals, visit:


RN/LPN Skills Refresher Class

This course provides a concise overview of nursing skills, including videos, case studies, virtual simulations, and more to prepare for nursing skills validation. We will review head-to-toe physical assessment, including vital signs, medication administration, documentation, surgical asepsis and infection control, safety, fall prevention, body mechanics and transfers. After completing this class, you will receive a certificate to confirm that you met the LARA requirement for the skills evaluation portion for a lapsed or suspended license.

HSC 1049 $399 | CEUs: 0.9

Kathie Pereira

41656 Sat 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Oct 7 MAI

41657 Sat 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Dec 2 MAI


Kathie Pereira


Washtenaw Community College’s mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve with accessible, excellent educational programs and services. Kathie Pereira is an important part of that mission.

Pereira taps into her 15 years of experience in the nursing field to teach WCC’s RN/LPN Skills Refresher course. In addition to teaching at WCC, she currently works as a nurse practitioner at Medical Care 1 Urgent Care. Pereira began teaching the RN/LPN Skills Refresher course at WCC because she enjoys teaching, sharing knowledge with fellow nurses, and upholding the high standards of the nursing profession.

She earned her BSN from the University of Michigan. From there she went to work as a staff nurse at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital for 11 years in various roles and in the cardiac catheterization lab. This extensive experience motivated her to share her knowledge with others as a college instructor. Pereira taught at WCC and then eventually joined the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Concordia University Ann Arbor. She obtained her Master of Science in Nursing-Family Nurse Practitioner from Concordia University Wisconsin in 2022.

“No matter what environment I find myself, whether I’m caring for patients or working with students, educating and learning will always be a big part of what I do. You can never know enough as a provider and it gives me great satisfaction empowering both patients and students with knowledge”, she said.

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 16 Professional Development | HEALTH AND WELLNESS

Professional Development

Information Technology


Computer Basics 4: Advancing Your Skills

In this course, you will learn how to find and install new apps from the app store to customize your display preferences and account settings so that your PC or Mac OS works perfectly for you. Learn how to backup and restore missing files in case of computer failure. Protect yourself against malware. Use multitasking to switch between multiple applications; increase your browsing skills on the web; work with emails, contacts and calendars.

CIS 4074 $189

Denise Swope

41563 Tue, Thu 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Sep 12 – Sep 28 WEB


Certificate in Cybersecurity

Get the skills to protect the cybersecurity programs of organizations from the threat of sophisticated cybersecurity attacks. You receive the critical information you need for a career in cybersecurity. Topics will include assessment and testing, asset, engineering, communications and network security, security and risk management and software development.

CIS 1028 $495 | CEUs: 4

41872 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Certified Ethical Hacker

Online Trainer

Certified ethical hacker professionals are in over 145 countries working with some of the biggest and finest corporations and industries that include government, military, financial, health care, energy, transport and more. You will gain mastery of the profession in this class which covers the five essential phases of ethical hacking; it gives you access to more than 140 labs that mimic real-time hacking situations, demonstrates 340 attack technologies hackers use, and provides you with over 2,200 hacking tools.

CIS 4297 $3,595 | CEUs: 8

41881 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

SCAN code to find your professional training!


Data Analytics Level 1 (using Excel)

A good spreadsheet provides accurate data. The most important tools for entering, formatting and calculating information is Microsoft Excel. It is a key middle-technical skill and vital to all management positions. Using real mobility data, this course will cover beginning concepts from the 2016 and 2019 Excel certification exams. This class is part one of a two-part series, must be taken prior to Data Analytics: Level 2.

CIS 1022 $139 | CEUs: 3 Clair Dickson

41727 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Data Analytics Level 2 (using Excel)

Understanding formulas is an important middle-technical skill in mobility analysis, as well as the related fields of management and engineering. Formulas transform data into decisions. Logical and statistical formulas can analyze the dataset and return an answer based on your criteria. Learn how to use logical, statistical and text functions. Using actual mobility data, this course will cover intermediate concepts from the 2016 and 2019 Excel certification exams. This is part two of a two-part series. Prerequisite: CIS 1022.

CIS 1023 $139 | CEUs: 3 Clair Dickson

41732 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Online Trainer

Data Analytics Level 3 (using Excel)

Learn how to control and validate data entry. Using actual county and other municipality data, you will learn how to enter, analyze and create advanced reports, including PivotTables and PivotCharts. This course will cover expert concepts from the Microsoft Expert Excel (2016) 728 Exam.

CIS 1063 $239 | CEUs: 3 Clair Dickson

41733 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn 17


Adobe Creative Cloud

Have you ever seen a beautiful, colorful website or a really neat video clip and wondered how it was made? Our Adobe Creative Cloud course provides a comprehensive overview of Creative Cloud design elements and covers seven programs that all function in unique ways to make design interactive and fun.We provide an overview of how to use Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Adobe to design stunning images and digital files.

NOTE: This course does NOT include Creative Cloud software. Students must check Adobe for free trial availability or purchase the software prior to registration.

CIS 1026 $1,595 | CEUs: 22.5

41963 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Excel: Charts and Objects

Learn to display data from a spreadsheet in a chart using Excel. Become skilled at delivering data that can visually be understood quickly and efficiently. Discover how to use objects to add additional functionality, information or decoration to a worksheet including company logos, text boxes, arrows for emphasis and more.

CIS 1064 $49 | CEUs: 0.3

41738 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Excel: Formulas and Formatting

Clair Dickson

Online Trainer

An Introduction to Google Drive and Docs

In this class, you will learn how to use your Gmail account to access your free service from Google that allows you to store files online and access them anywhere on any of your mobile devices. Google Drive also gives you access to free web-based applications for creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more. Learn how to upload and create files, view, manage and organize them in the interface.

CIS 4047 $109

Denise Swope

41566 Tue, Thu 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Oct 10 & Oct 12 WEB

Advancing in Google Drive and Docs

Master the fundamentals of creating, formatting and sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms with Google Drive. Get tips on organizing and searching and using the many features available through this platform.

CIS 4056 $189

Denise Swope

41565 Tue, Thu 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Oct 17 – Nov 2 WEB

Outlook Basics

Unlock Outlook’s potential and learn how to use it to full capacity. You’ll explore how to navigate Outlook’s mail, contacts, calendar and tasks.

BOS 4460 $109

Denise Swope

41564 Tue, Thu 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Oct 3 & Oct 5 WEB

Working with Computer Calendars

Using a calendar can allow you to manage your time throughout your day. Learn how to download an online calendar app to build and customize your schedule and make it accessible from multiple devices. Exploring the features of your calendar software can help you select a tool that is easy for you to use.

CIS 4089 $69

Denise Swope

41722 Tue, Thu 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Dec 19 & Dec 21 WEB

The first step in working with data is entering information in an organized fashion of rows and columns, with labels and formatting as needed. These lessons demonstrate the AutoSum family of functions: SUM, AVERAGE, MIN and MAX, which we will apply to crash data. Part of our comparisons will use conditional formatting to apply color coding. This will allow us to see the differences in data quickly.

CIS 1066 $49 | CEUs: 0.3

41739 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Excel: Formulas and Cell References

Clair Dickson

Learn how to use relative and absolute cell references to unleash the power and versatility of functions and formulas. Discover the best uses for each one to get the most from your Excel spreadsheets.

CIS 1067 $49 | CEUs: 0.3

41740 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Excel: Logical and Statistical Formulas

Clair Dickson

Discover how to define and name a range of data to use in a formula, function or chart. Learn to use this powerful tool to simplify data for yourself and others.

CIS 1068 $49 | CEUs: 0.3

41741 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Excel: Advanced Logical and Statistical Functions

Clair Dickson

In this class, we will explore basic statistical mean, mode and median operations using IF and IFS groups for calculations. We will also cover SUMIFS for data and the logical functions of AND, OR and NOT to work with complex calculations for data analysis. Using actual mobility data, this course will cover concepts from Excel certification exams.

CIS 1069 $49 | mandatory fee: $10 | CEUs: 0.3

41742 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Clair Dickson

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 18 Professional Development | INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Excel: Macros and More

Macros can speed up repetitive tasks including formatting, typing and more. This course demonstrates how to update datasets with a macro; and use form design and macros to automate procedures and tasks. We will also cover assigning a macro to a button and creating synchronized lookup boxes using the indirect function and data validation.

CIS 1071 $49 | mandatory fee: $10 | CEUs: 0.3 Clair Dickson

41743 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Excel: PivotCharts and Advanced Charts

Pivot Charts quickly provide dynamic analysis of complex data. This class explores a number of advanced chart types for visually displaying complex, statistical or hierarchical data.

CIS 1072 $140 | mandatory fee: $10 | CEUs: 0.3 Clair Dickson

41744 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Excel: PivotTables and More PivotTables

Data is abundant. However, many data tables are very large. PivotTable reports assist analysts and administrators to make the data meaningful. These lessons use mobility data to create and modify PivotTables, including using filters and slicers.

CIS 1073 $49 | mandatory fee: $10 | CEUs: 0.3 Clair Dickson

41737 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Smartsheet: Level 1

Smartsheet is an increasingly popular program for collaborating on project timelines, documents, calendars, tasks and other work. This course is designed for administrative professionals, project managers, and management staff who need a tool for taking charge of scheduling people and assignments, managing costs and materials, and monitoring checkpoints and deadlines. Smartsheet: Level 1 is the first half of Smartsheet Core production certification training. The topics include an introduction to tasks, contacts, assignments, forms, updates, alerts and management.

CIS 1089 $139 | CEUs: 1.5

41734 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Smartsheet: Level 2

Clair Dickson

This second of a two-part course teaches you how to boost the power of collaborating with others with this software that streamlines business communications. Smartsheet: Level 2 is the second half of the Smartsheet core product certification training. The topics include introduction to working with project data, formulas, time and money, reports and interactive dashboards.

CIS 1091 $139 | CEUs: 1.5

41735 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Clair Dickson

Smartsheet: Levels 1 and 2 (Accelerated)

This Smartsheet core class combines Smartsheet Levels 1 and 2. Take charge of business scheduling, costs and materials management, and monitoring checkpoints and deadlines when you equip yourself with this software.

CIS 1092 $269 | CEUs: 3

41736 ONLINE: Open Registration; 24/7 Access

Clair Dickson / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn 19

Creative Arts


Comedy Writing: How to Be Funny on Paper or on Stage

Whether you need to make a dull work presentation livelier, mix laughter with learning in the classroom, or ultimately want to write for print/production or perform your own stand-up routine, this fast-paced workshop will show you how to apply humor to all aspects of your life. You will learn the anatomy of a joke, how to use your powers of observation to sharpen your wit, write different types of jokes, and use humor to entertain and influence people.

ENG 4191 $25

LeeAnne Krusemark

41723 Tue 6-7 p.m. Oct 3 WEB

Continuing Writing Workshop: Finding the Writer Within

Do you need help releasing the creativity within you? As we explore a variety of tips, tricks, exercises and more, you’ll overcome barriers and learn to use your own unique voice and writing style.

ENG 4163 $289

Frances Wang

41669 Sun 12-2 p.m. Oct 1 – Dec 10* WEB *No class on Nov 26.

Ethical Wills: Writing a Love Letter to Your Family

Traditional wills distill our lives to a balance sheet of assets and liabilities, but they do not fully capture the legacy of our values and experiences nor the hopes and dreams that we want to pass down to our loved ones. Learn about ethical wills, or legacy letters, and begin writing a love letter to your family to share now, one they will treasure forever. Families with young children, as well as parents of grown children or grandparents, will appreciate the value of this class.

ENG 4003 $99

Frances Wang

41670 Sat 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Dec 2 – Dec 16 WEB

Explore the World as a Travel Writer

If you love to travel and love to write, this workshop is for you! We will discuss how to use all your senses in a new destination to create more detailed and in-depth descriptions that capture and maintain readers’ interest and whether or not you need to include photos with your work. You will also learn how to find and submit your finished product to print and online markets, the business side of travel writing (how to take travel tax deductions), and how to avoid worn-out travel writing clichés.

ENG 4172 $35

LeeAnne Krusemark

41592 Wed 7-9 p.m. Oct 11 WEB

How to Outline and Write an Irresistible Romance

Romance is the number one-selling fiction genre. Whether you’re a new or experienced writer, this comprehensive session will help you sharpen your skills with practical step-by-step advice. You will discover the different romance subgenres and understand the proven romance formula. You will also learn to create a unique setting, introduce your protagonist (lead character), percolate friction, and write relatable dialogue as well as intimate scenes. We will also talk about publishing options.

ENG 4188 $25

LeeAnne Krusemark 41591 Tue 6-7 p.m. Oct 10 WEB

Jump-Start Your Memoir

If you have a memoir you have been meaning to write, either for publication or just for your grandchildren, but are having difficulty getting going, why not just start here, one chapter at time? Learn short writing exercises and tips and tricks, including creating a space for writing, writing every day, reading aloud, training your mind to see detail, taking chances with emotion, having fun with humor and flourishes, writing from the heart, cultivating consistency and overcoming barriers to writing. Leave with beginning drafts of several chapters.

ENG 4006 $99

Frances Wang 41667 Sat 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Oct 7 – Oct 21 WEB

The ABCs of Getting Published

Discover the many paths to publishing a book, poem or article. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing versus traditional publishing and the various ways to market your finished product.

ENG 4235 $59

Frances Wang 41666 Sat 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Sep 16 & Sep 23 WEB

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 20
Personal Enrichment

Writing Opinion Essays

How do we use writing to touch, inspire, persuade and provoke readers to action? Learn simple but powerful methods to get ideas out of your head and onto the page. Consider different forms, including op-ed, persuasive essay, spoken word, social media and art. Part writing, part activism and a lot of heart, this class aspires to help you use the written word to create the change you want to see in the world.

ENG 4018 $99 Frances Wang

41668 Sat 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Nov 4 – Nov 18 WEB


Introduction to Needle Felting

As the daylight hours shorten, there’s no better way to add more light to your life than by making your own needle-felted star! Learn the tools and techniques of basic needle felting, and how you can create your own whimsical pieces of art for your home or to use as gifts. You will leave with tool and material kits to use for future projects.

HEC 4238 $49 | mandatory fee: $35 Copper Bear Shire

41599 Sun 1-3 p.m. Oct 1 MAI

Knitty Gritty: Beginner

Explore the basics of traditional knitting, building your skills one class at a time through a series of mini-projects that make learning easy. Gain the practical skills you need to create your own knitted fashion accessories and household textiles.

HEC 4500 $115 | mandatory fee: $45 Kate Whitehouse

41588 Sat 3-6 p.m. Sep 9 – Sep 30 MAI

Knitty Gritty 2: Intermediate Techniques and Open Studio

Are you ready to up your knitting game through fun projects? Each class will build upon the previous one so you can learn new intermediate skills step-by-step. We will break techniques down into a series of mini-projects that make learning easy, and teach you the necessary practical skills to create your own fashion accessories and household textiles. You can also bring in your own projects if you would like some additional assistance, and work during open studio time.

HEC 4500 $115 | mandatory fee: $40 Kate Whitehouse

41589 Sat 3-6 p.m. Oct 14 – Nov 4 MAI


Basic Jewelry Design

Come and learn basic techniques of jewelry design over a period of four sessions, each skill building upon the last through a series of wearable projects. You will learn how to create a beaded bracelet, a multi-material necklace, earrings and a charm bracelet and acquire the skills to create more on your own.

ART 4565 $95 | mandatory fee: $15 Kate Whitehouse 41590 Sat 3-5 p.m. Nov 11 – Dec 9* MAI *No class on Nov 25.


Social Ballroom Dance: Beginner

Awaken your inner dancer. Whether you’re a dancer with experience or someone who only dreams of dancing, this class can help you learn new steps and improve your style.

DAN 4010 $269 Natalia Alexandrova 41578 Tue 7-9 p.m. Sep 5 – Nov 7 MAI

Social Ballroom Dance: Beginner (Short Session)

Is your schedule tight? This short session class will easily give you the dance steps and style you crave.

DAN 4010 $169

Natalia Alexandrova 41579 Tue 7-9 p.m. Nov 14 – Dec 12 MAI / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn 21
CREATIVE ARTS | Personal Enrichment

Social Ballroom Dance: Intermediate

Ballroom dancing may look complicated on television, but you can do it! From dancers with experience to those who only dream of dancing, this class can help anyone learn new steps and improve their style.

DAN 4010 $269

Natalia Alexandrova 41584 Sat 3-5 p.m. Sep 9 – Nov 11 MAI

Social Ballroom Dance: Intermediate (Short Session)

Do you only have limited time to add to your ballroom dance skills? This short session is just the ticket!

DAN 4010 $169

Natalia Alexandrova 41585 Sat 3-5 p.m. Nov 18 – Dec 16 MAI

Ballroom Dance Techniques

Join a ballroom technique class for all levels. This class will help you learn basic ballroom dance skills, assist you with your hand and foot positioning and bolster your confidence as a dancer.

DAN 4010 $169

Natalia Alexandrova 41580 Sat 2-3 p.m. Sep 9 – Nov 11 MAI

Ballroom Dance Techniques (Short Session)

Fit your desire to dance into your schedule in this short session class.

DAN 4010 $69 Natalia Alexandrova 41581 Sat 2-3 p.m. Nov 18 – Dec 16 MAI

Presentation Dancing

Experienced dancers will master the tools to transform steps into a finished dance. You will learn how to choreograph a dance and do basic lifts, dips and sways. You will learn how to create a dance routine, maximizing your strengths for a dazzling performance at any event.

DAN 4010 $169 Natalia Alexandrova 41576 Tue 6-7 p.m. Sep 5 – Nov 7 MAI

Presentation Ballroom Dancing (Short Session)

Add to your dance expertise in this short session where you’ll secure the tools to transform and choreograph a dance routine, using basic lifts, dips and sways.

DAN 4010 $75 Natalia Alexandrova 41577 Tue 6-7 p.m. Nov 14 – Dec 12 MAI

East Coast Swing Dance

Join in the fun and exercise that is east Coast Swing Dance. You will learn the basic movements, rhythm and hold that will allow you to jump in and participate in this fantastic style of music and dance!

DAN 4003 $89 Terrence Butler 41597 Thu 6-7 p.m. Sep 14 – Nov 9 MAI


Acrylic Painting: Abstracting the Landscape

Create an abstract, stylized landscape using acrylic paint. Some experience with acrylic paint is helpful as we each capture unique and varied interpretations of what we see in the outdoors.

ART 4087 $189 Payton James 41630 Wed 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Sep 13 – Nov 15 WEB

Come Paint with Me: Hawaiian Sunset

Paint your masterpiece in this quick and fun workshop. Using water-mixable oils, you’ll create a colorful and inspiring Hawaiian sunset.

ART 4075 $29 Lisa Risko 41556 Mon 2-4:30 p.m. Sep 25 WEB

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 22
Personal Enrichment | CREATIVE ARTS

Trees with Water-Mixable Oils

If you enjoy walking in the woods, you’ll love this online class! We will make two paintings while learning how to create trees using different techniques, tools, and our water-mixable oils. Come join this fun series of classes via Zoom.

ART 4075 $95

Lisa Risko

41557 Mon 2-4:30 p.m. Oct 9 – Oct 30 WEB

Keep It Simple: Greeting Cards

Is it a card or a painting? It’s both! Learn to create simple, one-ofa-kind greeting cards by painting with water-mixable oils.

ART 4101 $75

Lisa Risko

41721 Mon 2-4:30 p.m. Nov 6 – Nov 27* WEB

*No class on Nov 20.

Fundamentals in Botanical Drawing in Colored Pencils

In this online studio class, both beginning and continuing botanical art students will explore basic techniques for blending, burnishing, layering colors and more. Continuing students are encouraged to develop a larger finished project with instructor feedback throughout the class. Topics include leaves, flowers, fruits and more. Prior drawing experience in graphite is recommended.

ART 4035 $215

Corry Buckwalter

41560 Mon 1-3 p.m. Sep 11 – Dec 4* WEB

*No class on Sep 25, Oct 9.

Japanese Ink and Watercolor Painting

Learn the basic techniques with Sumi ink and watercolors to create expressive and meditative paintings of nature. Topics include classical landscapes, bamboo, orchids, chrysanthemums, cherry trees and more. Find inspiration from the beautiful master paintings of the Edo period in Japanese art. Beginners welcome.

ART 4057 $189 Corry Buckwalter

41561 Tue 4-6 p.m. Sep 12 – Nov 14 WEB

Mindful Drawing

Learn drawing techniques to both focus and quiet your mind. Discover observational drawing methods. You will explore the benefits of a daily drawing routine. Beginning and experienced students welcome.

ART 4098 $215

Corry Buckwalter

41559 Mon 4-6 p.m. Sep 11 – Dec 4* WEB

*No class on Sep 25, Oct 9.

Mixed-Media Abstract Painting

Explore combining painting and drawing media to create colorful abstract paintings. Learn about various water-soluble drawing media to create beautiful painterly effects. This class is perfect for those who want to delve into mixed media with watercolors or acrylics.

ART 4070 $189

Payton James

41631 Tue 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Sep 12 – Nov 14 WEB

Mountains with Water-Mixable Oils

If you enjoy hiking in the foothills of majestic mountains, and witness their colorful splendor, then this online class is for you. In this class we will explore techniques on how to create those colorful mountains using Water Mixable Oils. Come join this class via Zoom and paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

ART 4075 $49

Lisa Risko

41558 Mon 2-4:30 p.m. Dec 4 & Dec 11 WEB

Redevelop Your Art Using the Principles of Art

We all have art that doesn’t seem to work as we hoped. This class will help you revisit those pieces and find a way to repurpose or finish them to result in a successful art piece. Utilizing the elements and principles of art, you will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your art pieces and revitalize them with new techniques and procedures.

ART 4079 $349

Debra Guidot-Allen

41658 Wed 4-6 p.m. Sep 13 – Dec 13* MAI

*No class on Nov 22. / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn 23
CREATIVE ARTS | Personal Enrichment

Health and Wellness


Gentle Yoga in the Iyengar Style

This class is geared to anyone with decreased mobility, but participants at any level will benefit from joining. Iyengar-style yoga uses equipment to help you manage the poses safely and effectively. Together we will practice yoga poses and study our breath. You will need a yoga mat, 10-foot yoga strap, 2 yoga blocks, and 3 thick blankets. A small stool, additional blankets, a round bolster and an additional yoga mat may also be useful.

YOG 4005 $249

Urban Sketching

Become an urban sketcher as we draw and paint. Fill your sketchbook as you develop your drawing skills, learn watercolor techniques to add color and life, and become more visually aware and appreciative in a supportive environment.

ART 4503 $389

Debra Golden

41612 Thu 4:30-6:30 p.m. Sep 7 – Dec 7* MAI

*No class on Nov 23.

Watercolor: Negative Painting Techniques

Negative painting is the practice of painting the space around an object, rather than the object itself. Master this skill, and learn to view images as shapes and contours to create more depth and dimension in your work.

ART 4561 $289

Debra Guidot-Allen

41602 Mon 4-6 p.m. Sep 11 – Dec 11 WEB

Watercolor: Open Studio

This open studio will allow you to experience the creative process at your own pace. Enjoy the company of fellow artists as we explore and experiment with watercolor. This class is for those with some watercolor experience who are seeking a welcoming space and the guidance of an experienced trainer.

ART 4057 $299

Debra Guidot-Allen

41600 Thu 4-6 p.m. Sep 14 – Dec 14* WEB

*No class on Nov 23.

Elizabeth Brauer

41604 Fri 10-11:30 a.m. Sep 29 – Dec 8* WEB

*No class on Nov 24.


Gyrokinesis is part of the Gyrotonic Expansion System. It focuses on increasing range of motion and strength in a fluid, circular way. Our bodies are not linear and should be moved in all possible ways to maintain mobility. This method was inspired by whole-body, efficient, graceful movements like yoga, dance, swimming and tai chi. Exercises are done on a stool or chair, and on a mat for floor work. Class consists of rhythmic, flowing movement sequences and is adaptable for all skill and comfort levels.

PEA 4022 $99

Angela Hawkins

41544 Mon 4-5 p.m. Sep 11 – Oct 30 WEB

Qigong and Easy Tai Chi: Stretch, De-Stress and Empower

Learn and perform the internal empowerment arts of qigong and tai chi. Whatever your age or fitness level, this meditation and mind-body exercise practice can improve your flexibility, balance, motor skills and mental focus. Reduce stress and increase vitality with natural movement. Calm your mind while creating emotional balance and personal power.

PEA 4171 $169

Karla Groesbeck

41607 Wed 12-1 p.m. Sep 13 – Nov 15 WEB

Restore Your Hips, Knees and Feet

Improve the organization of your hips, knees and feet with this Feldenkrais Method series. Our hips, knees and feet work together. While some exercises in this class will address them individually, there will be significant focus on improving the coordination and connections among them. You’ll experience improved balance, easier and more efficient walking, and less pain in your hips, knees and feet.

HSC 4454 $85

Dale Jensen

41548 Tue 6:30-7:30 p.m. Oct 31 – Dec 12 WEB

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 24

Restore Your Spine and Core

Improve the organization of your spine and core with the the gentle movements and mindful attention of the Feldenkrais Method. Each week will feature a different movement pattern designed to improve the organization (alignment, balance, mobility, strength) of your spine and core. You can expect to experience improvements in your posture, balance, breathing, walking and more! Students often report feeling more relaxed, grounded, and at ease with a lighter, easier quality to their movement.

HSC 4454 $89

Dale Jensen

41545 Tue 6:30-7:30 p.m. Sep 5 – Oct 24 WEB

Tai Chi Chuan for Beginners

Is tai chi chuan an exercise for health and relaxation, or a martial art? The answer is both. In this beginner Yang-style class, you’ll learn techniques to promote mind-and-body relaxation, centering, better balance, concentration and improved health. Tai chi chuan may also facilitate academic, intellectual and conceptual learning.

PEA 4005 $169 | mandatory fee: $20

Karla Groesbeck 41609 Tue 5:30-6:45 p.m. Sep 12 – Nov 14 TRI

Tai Chi Chuan: Intermediate +

Ready for more of a challenge? This class offers a higher level of practice in Yang and Chen tai chi chuan. Class time is split between Yang and Chen. Experienced beginners push hands and applications. This class also includes an introduction to choreographed, elementary solo weapon movement: bang/stick, bow/staff, fan or sword. Multi-level.

PEA 4095 $169 | mandatory fee: $20 Karla Groesbeck 41610 Tue 6:50-8:20 p.m. Sep 12 – Nov 14 TRI


Karia Groesbeck | WELL-BEING

Tai Chi for Mobility Maintenance

Enjoy this slow, low-impact mind-body exercise that strengthens muscles and improves balance and motor control while facilitating mindfulness and concentration. Practice simple, smooth wholebody movements that can improve your quality of life when added to your daily routine.

PEA 4095 $169 | mandatory fee: $20 Karla Groesbeck

41611 Thu 12-1 p.m. Sep 14 – Nov 16 TRI

Yang-Style Tai Chi and Qigong

Whatever your age or fitness level, this meditation and mind-body exercise practice can bring you tranquility and improve your flexibility, balance, motor skills and mental focus. Reduce stress and increase vitality through these natural and compelling movements. Various qigong sets will be shared. We will practice Yang-style short forms and long-form 108.

PEA 4171 $169 Karla Groesbeck 41608 Fri 12-1 p.m.

Tennis, Anyone?

Work directly with a group trainer at Chippewa Racquet Club to learn the rules of tennis. You’ll also learn techniques for handwork and footwork, stance, basic strokes and grips. This is not a beginner class; you must have some previous tennis experience. Intermediate classes take place on Tuesdays. Advanced beginner players should register for the Thursday class.

PEA 4125 $139 | mandatory fee: $90 Katherine VanDeWege

Karla Groesbeck specializes in Tai Chi and Qigong instruction. With her more than 25 years of experience and teaching at WCC for more than 10 years, Groesbeck wants to serve others through sharing Tai Chi’s benefits of physical health united with spiritual and mental engagement. Karla shares, “Tai Chi is the ‘thinking person’s exercise.’ It keeps me physically healthy, mentally engaged, calm and centered. Plus, it is fabulously cool and feels good!”

She is the owner and founder of Tai Chi Love Studio and is an instructor and presenter at venues throughout Washtenaw County. She’s taught hundreds of students in internal empowerment and Tai Chi solo, two-person and weapons forms. When not teaching Tai Chi, Groesbeck is a sculptor, illustrator and graphic designer, runs 5-10 miles every day, and capably tackles any kind of home improvement project. Karla says of her classes, “The social atmosphere is crucial and remarkable. My classes are engaging and fun!” / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn 25
Sep 15 – Nov 17 WEB
Sep 19
Nov 7 CHI 41695 Thu 8-9:30 a.m. Sep 21 – Nov 9 CHI
Tue 8-9:30 a.m.
HEALTH AND WELLNESS | Personal Enrichment

Beginning Walks for Fitness

This class provides an introduction to walking for health. The first class will be in the classroom reviewing expectations, what to wear and how to stay safe. The following classes will include seven level-terrain walks of a mile or less at a relaxed pace. The purpose is to build muscle, boost brain power and relieve stress as you increase your stability, maintain/increase bone density and improve your health.

PEA 4018 $89

Jim Nelson

41543 Tue 10-11:30 a.m. Sep 5 – Oct 24 MAI

Trail Walks 101

Trail walking builds muscles, boosts your brainpower and increases the release of happiness hormones. In the first class, you will learn how to stay safe on the trail, what to wear, what to bring and where to go. The classes that follow will include a series of four trail walks. The final class will be a review of personal accomplishments and your path to continuing fitness.

PEA 4018 $89

Reiki Level 1

Traditional Usui Reiki is a way of working with energy for the healing of self and others. Many hospitals as well as individuals have incorporated Reiki into their care and wellness practices. Learn the history, uses, energy-sensing techniques and fundamentals of Reiki for self-care and the treatment of others, including pets.

HSC 4440 $229

Dona Duke 41694 Sat 12-3 p.m. Oct 21 – Nov 4 MAI

Intro to Mindfulness Meditation: A Tool for Personal Transformation

Mindfulness is a gateway to lasting personal change and growth. In this class, you will learn about mindfulness and concentration in a kind and supportive environment as you take the first steps toward establishing your own meditation practice. There will be a strong emphasis on cultivating an open heart as you experience the full benefits of mindfulness. All are welcome; suitable for beginners and anyone seeking to refresh their practice.

SYM 4009 $99 Bilha Birman-Rivlin

41697 Mon 10-11:30 a.m.

Meet the Mind-Body Connection

Jim Nelson

41541 Tue 6:30-8:30 p.m. Sep 5 – Oct 17* MAI

*No class on Sep 12.

41540 Sat 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Sep 9 – Oct 14 MAI

Trail Walks 2.0

If you have trail walking experience or want to expand your fitness skills, join this class. We will walk five different five-mile trails, providing you with a holistic second step to increase your mind, body and spirit fitness.

PEA 4018 $125

Jim Nelson

41542 Sat 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Oct 21 – Nov 18 MAI


Introduction to Animal Reiki

Learn to treat pets and animals with Reiki, the Japanese hands-on healing practice. This holistic approach and complementary therapy are appropriate for all medical, veterinary and behavioral-emotional care. In this class, you will acquire the skills and confidence to give Reiki to pets and animals in your home or shelter settings.

HSC 4377 $29

Dona Duke

41549 Sat 12-1:30 p.m. Oct 14 MAI

Oct 9 – Nov 13 WEB

Discover how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions can affect our muscles, bones and organs. As you explore these inner lines of communication, you will also learn relaxation techniques that draw inspiration from healing modalities, like yoga and reflexology. These simple stress-relieving tools can enable you to reconnect with your inner sources of strength, joy and well-being.

HSC 4164 $25 Robin Goldberg 41603 Wed 6-8 p.m.

Unlock Your Joy and Wisdom with InterPlay

InterPlay is an active, creative practice that’s easy, fun and lifechanging! Combining movement, sound and storytelling, it offers a powerful path to authentic creative expression. You’ll explore your personal stories through words, memories, images, movement and sound. Free your expressive body and voice, and experience the possibility of change, all while developing meaningful community connections. InterPlay is something anybody can do; no experience is necessary. All you need is a willingness to be present and engaged.

HSC 4459 $99 Bilha Birman-Rivlin 41698 Wed 4-5:30 p.m.

11 – Nov 8

20 WEB
liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 26 HEALTH AND WELLNESS

Hobbies and Exploration


A Simple Guide to Canning and Food Preservation

Put all of your garden harvest to good use. Learn how to save and enjoy what you don’t eat right away for the colder months ahead. We will explore a variety of ways to preserve food when it’s picked at its peak freshness. You will observe the steps for canning jam and take home your own jar.

CUL 4185 $49 | mandatory fee: $15 Copper Bear Shire

41598 Sun 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Sep 24 MAI

Baking Syrian Open-Face Pies

Come explore the fantastic flavor of Syria as you learn how to make a hearty and easy-to-make dish. In this class, you will learn how to make Syrian-style stuffed pies from start to finish. Learn how to make the dough and a variety of stuffings, including spinach, beef, chicken, and cheese pies.

CUL 4157 $45 Jinan El-Khatib 41570 Thu 6-9 p.m. Oct 5 WEB

Burmese Curry Noodles and Milk Tea

Let’s have fun and learn how to make Burmese curry. We will make a version of Mandalay Mouti Thoke: chicken yellow curry with noodles. Traditionally, the dish uses rice vermicelli (“bun” style noodles used in Vietnamese cuisines) but in this class, we will use long pasta, such as spaghetti or linguine. You can substitute chicken with any meat, tofu, or any vegetables. While the curry is cooking, we’ll make Burmese milk tea.

CUL 4184 $39 Ploy Khunisorn 41720 Tue 6-8 p.m. Oct 17 WEB

Japanese Miso Ramen from Scratch

This class is not about instant ramen. In fact, we will be making Japanese miso ramen from scratch. We will start with making ramen noodles from scratch. Then, we’ll braise cha shu chicken and make miso broth. We will serve our ramen with marinated softboiled eggs and different toppings.

CUL 4183 $39

41719 Tue 6-8 p.m.

Rustic Italian Cooking


Receive recipes, training and tips from experienced Italian chef, Francesca Giarraffa.

A Taste of Southern Italy:

Sicilian-Style Dinner

CUL 4024 41628 Sep 6

A Taste of Northern Italy:

Bologna-Style Dinner

CUL 4023 41629 Sep 13

Vegetarian Parmigiana,Two Ways

CUL 4044 41620 Sep 27

Risotto Three Ways

CUL 4044 41622 Oct 11

Sunday Chicken Supper

CUL 4044 41623 Oct 18

Lamb Stew

CUL 4044 41624 Oct 25

Seafood Supper

CUL 4044 41625 Nov 8

Holiday Appetizers

CUL 4044 41621 Nov 15

Christmas Day Supper

CUL 4044 41626 Dec 6

New Year’s Eve Seafood Feast

CUL 4044 41627 Dec 13

When: Wednesdays | 6-9 p.m.

Where: Dixboro United Methodist Church

Fee: $45 each mandatory fee: $30 each

Make memorable menus with dishes that will make family and friends exclaim buono!

Personal Enrichment 27 / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn

Fall Color Tour & Wine Tasting

Experience Michigan’s beautiful fall colors while tasting wine at Traverse City’s Mari Vineyard. We’ll stop at PierceStocking Scenic Drive at Sleeping Bear Dunes for breathtaking views of Lake Michigan before heading to Traverse City’s Mari Vineyard. You’ll learn about the legend and history of the Sleeping Bear Dunes and Traverse City. While there, you’ll taste several Michigan wines and enjoy lunch, visit Traverse City, before heading home.

Included in the price is a comfortable motor coach transportation, Pierce-Stocking fees, wine tasting and lunch.

HOB 4046 mandatory fee: $215 42139 Fri 6:30 a.m. to Sat 2:00 a.m. Oct 27-28 TCMV

Kafka Stew Syrian-Style

Learn to make dawood basha, a hearty, easy-to-make meat stew. We will grill kefta kabobs, then combine them with a tomato sauce and potatoes. Vermicelli rice will accompany our stew.

CUL 4157 $45

Jinan El-Khatib

41554 Thu 6-9 p.m. Sep 7 WEB

Middle Eastern BBQ

Learn the secrets and spices that are used in world-renowned barbecue dishes: shish kebab, shish tawook and beef kefta. Served with red pepper bread, eggplant babaghanouj, and a fresh fattoush salad on the side.

CUL 4157 $45

Jinan El-Khatib

41569 Thu 6-9 p.m. Sep 21 WEB

Unique Syrian Salads and Dips

Experience the flavors of different salads and dips from Syria. You will learn how to make beet babagunoje, red pepper mahamra dip, tebooleh baladi and eggplant salad.

CUL 4157 $45

Jinan El-Khatib

41572 Thu 6-9 p.m. Nov 2 WEB

Syrian Vegetarian Sandwiches

Learn to cook and construct hearty vegetarian sandwiches. We’ll make both crunchy falafel and buttery mejaderah sandwiches.

CUL 4157 $45 Jinan El-Khatib 41575 Thu 6-9 p.m. Dec 14 WEB


Syrian Side Dishes

Learn how to make a variety of Syrian side dishes. We will prepare an eggplant yogurt with a ground beef and tomato sauce topping, red pepper potatoes, as well as a delicious fried zucchini in a pomegranate dressing.

CUL 4157 $45 Jinan El-Khatib 41571 Thu 6-9 p.m. Oct 19 WEB

Syrian-Style Coastal Fish Casserole

Discover the flavors of North Africa! You will learn how to prepare a Moroccan meal of mixed vegetables and chicken in a tasty brothbased sauce, served with couscous and fried Moroccan pancakes for dessert. Delicious!

CUL 4157 $45 Jinan El-Khatib 41574 Thu 6-9 p.m. Nov 30 WEB

Vietnamese Street Food

Embrace the light and delicate flavors of Vietnamese cuisine known for fresh herbs, vegetables and dipping sauce. In this online interactive cooking class, we’ll make Vietnamese fresh rolls with dipping sauce and Vietnamese noodle soup (pho) with chicken.

CUL 4182 $39 Ploy Khunisorn 41718 Tue 6-8 p.m. Nov 7 WEB

Warm Syrian Soups

Learn how to make delicious and filling Syrian soups. We will prepare a swiss chard soup with brown lentils, a yellow lentil soup and a meatball ferika soup.

CUL 4157 $45 Jinan El-Khatib 41573 Thu 6-9 p.m. Nov 16 WEB

Wines: Really Good Ones You’ve Never Tried

Treat your palate to atypical wines and learn about less familiar wine regions. We’ll discuss grape varieties and the elements that influence their flavors. We will delve into the growing regions, food pairings and similar wines of each of our eight lesser-known wine samples.

CUL 4101 $49 | mandatory fee: $25 David Creighton

More Really Good Wines You Haven’t Tried

This is a continuation of the earlier class. Your trainer has so many wines he wants to share with you that he required a second class to serve them all! Come explore atypical wines and learn about less familiar wine regions.

CUL 4101 $45 | mandatory fee: $20 David Creighton

Thu 6-9 p.m. Nov 2 MAI

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 28
41653 Thu 6-9
19 MAI
image: courtesy of Mari Vineyard


The Michigan Folk School, in partnership with Washtenaw Community College, is offering an organic gardener certification program. This program will provide instruction and practical training in organic gardening practices, sustainable agriculture and farm-to-table food production.

Homesteaders, small-scale farmers and those preparing to work in farming and food production will find this program essential.

ORGANIC Gardening

An Introduction

Are you new to gardening in southeastern Michigan? Would you benefit from a holistic introduction to organic, sustainable food gardening? If yes, then this class is perfect for you. In this three-hour workshop, we will introduce you to organic gardening fundamentals, the environmental benefits of organic agriculture, acceptable gardening materials, and organic food and landscaping standards. We will also discuss the knowledge and skills you need to start and maintain an organic food garden, how to choose a site and establish a bed for composting, organic pest management and water conservation.

HEC 1165 $49 | mandatory fee: $5 MI Folk School

41614 Wed 5-8 p.m. Sep 6 MIF

ORGANIC Gardening

Growing Food 1

Learn the basics of botany and plant lifecycles, typical food crop groupings, choosing plants, basic growing needs of plant families as well as planting methods to achieve desired results.

HEC 1170 $69 | mandatory fee: $5 MI Folk School

41617 Thu 5-9 p.m. Nov 9 MIF

ORGANIC Gardening

Growing Food 2

Get hands-on proficiency in plant and seedling handling, soil assessment and amendment, as well as soil preparation. Expand your knowledge on proper hand tools, mulch, row covers, planting and watering techniques and general plant care.

HEC 1170 $69 | mandatory fee: $10 MI Folk School

41615 Sat 2:30-6:30 p.m.

Sep 23 MIF

• Take classes individually or as a series to earn your certificate.

• After completing the required eleven classes, a final exam and an 18-hour volunteer component on an approved farm or urban garden, you will receive an organic gardening certificate from Washtenaw Community College.

• You will have a year and a half to complete your classes and volunteer hours.

ORGANIC Gardening

Integrative Pest Management

It’s easier than you think to safely and effectively control pests and diseases using organic methods. Learn the principles of integrative pest management, and the processes to monitor, prevent and control organisms in the organic garden.

HEC 1185 $35 | mandatory fee: $5 MI Folk School

41618 Tue 5:30-7:30 p.m.

ORGANIC Gardening

Harvesting and Food Preservation

Nov 14 MIF

Come and explore the farm-to-table process of harvesting and using produce; learn best practices, the techniques and timing of harvesting and maintaining food quality, and the basic concepts of food storage and processing techniques.

HEC 4645 $69 | mandatory fee: $20 MI Folk School

41619 Sun 1-5 p.m.

ORGANIC Gardening

Oct 1 MIF

Soils, Compost and Fertility

Lean the biological principles of composting, along with the various materials and composting methods, and the requirements and value for use with food production.

HEC 1195 $69 | mandatory fee: $10 MI Folk School

41616 Sat 1-5 p.m.

Oct 21 MIF

Register online:


Fall Gardening Tips

Fall is a great time for planting. Find out how to grow and harvest cold-weather vegetables and plant bulbs, perennials, shrubs and trees for bloom next year. Learn how to prepare your garden beds for a long winter’s nap, protect tender and potted plants, and what to do with all those leaves. Discover great plants for fall color and how to clean and store your garden hand tools for next year.

HEC 4670 $35 Monica Milla

41562 Wed 6-8 p.m. Sep 13 WEB

Plant Propagation Basics

Gain hands-on experience with the basic methods of plant propagation through cuttings, layering grafting, division and seed saving.

HEC 4283 $69 | mandatory fee: $15 MI Folk School 41725 Tue 5-9 p.m. Oct 10 MIF

Season Extension and Cool Season Crops

Understand the principles of season extension for cool season growing; you will learn plant varieties and techniques that are suited to season extension. You will also learn about basic season extension tools, such as fabric, plastic, glass, cold frames, low tunnels and hoophouses.

HEC 4284 $69 | mandatory fee: $10 MI Folk School 41726 Sun 1-5 p.m. Oct 22 WEB


Sewing with Knits

No need to feel frustrated or afraid of stretchy fabric. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be ready to fall in love with this easyto-make, easy-to-wear style. Use your own sewing machine and use it to get professional results.

HEC 4256 $49 Lea Morello

41655 Wed 6-8 p.m. Sep 13 & Sep 20 MAI


History of Cookies

What could be more fun than learning about cookies? Celebrate National Cookie Month with this class that covers the different kinds of cookies and their origins, major cookie producers and cookie jars. Join us to discover new-to-you cookies and find inspiration for holiday baking and gifting.

HST 4037 $25 Carol Brodbeck

41750 Tue 6:30-8 p.m. Oct 24 WEB

Exploring Scandinavian Islands and Architecture

Enjoy a journey of Scandinavian islands, coasts, buildings and design centers in several major cities in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. You’ll learn about Scandinavian human and natural histories, birds and wildlife, ancient castles and seaports, and architecture and design, including that of renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto and Norway’s Wenche Selmer, one of only a few prominent female architects of the mid-20th century.

HUM 4022 $99 Karen Vigmostad

41693 Thu 6:30-8:30 p.m. Oct 26 – Nov 16 WEB

Islands of Paris

Take a tour of Paris, the city founded 2,000 years ago when the ancient Parisii tribe settled on an island in the River Seine. We’ll start with Ile de la Cité with its catacombs, the 14th-century Notre Dame, La Sainte-Chapelle with its towering stained-glass windows and the city’s expansive flower and bird market. Crossing the bridge to Ile Saint-Louis, one of the two natural islands, but fully developed over centuries, we’ll learn about Hotel Jeu de Palme, explore Le Pont Neuf bridge, the Bateaux river tours, the bouquinistes (booksellers), and much more.

HST 4036 $139

Karen Vigmostad

41724 Thu 6:30-8:30 p.m. Nov 30 – Dec 21 WEB

Understanding the Great Lakes

Did you ever wonder about how the Great Lakes were formed, why their water levels fluctuate, whether they are healthy and who studies and manages them? Learn what makes our Laurentian Great Lakes so special. The review of each lake will include topics such as resilience, eutrophication and tipping point woven into a lake-by-lake review with photographs, facts and stories about the people working to protect the lakes and conserve them.

HST 4011 $99

Karen Vigmostad 41692 Sat 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Oct 28 – Nov 18 WEB

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: Personal Enrichment | HOBBIES AND EXPLORATION Classes offered in partnership
with MI Folk School

Home and Life


Creating a Digital Scrapbook with Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is the most accessible camera you have. You always have it with you, it fits in your pocket, and it doesn’t require any manual adjustments before you can take a photo. Even if you own a nicer camera, you still use your smartphone to capture unexpected photo moments. Join the class to learn how you can create a scrapbook to save and share your memories with family and friends.

CIS 4087 $189

Denise Swope

41567 Tue, Thu 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Nov 7 – Nov 30* WEB

*No class on Nov 21, Nov 23.

Digital Couponing Basics

If you are not getting the benefits of digital savings because you are afraid or never knew how to use the ever-changing computerbased technology, this online class is for you. Learn safe ways to take advantage of great online deals. Discover how to score rewards in-store and online rewards for items you need and get the best prices for you and your loved ones.

CIS 4313 $135

Denise Swope

41568 Tue, Thu 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Dec 5 – Dec 14 WEB


DIY: Kitchen Remodeling

Want to improve the flow and function of your kitchen? Explore remodeling basics with a licensed builder. Some of the topics we will cover include design, lighting, plumbing, cabinets, countertops and flooring.

CON 4017 $45

Steve Bredernitz

41550 Thu 6:30-8:30 p.m. Sep 21 MAI

Bathroom Remodeling: Affordable Luxury

Remodeling your bathroom can make your private space a haven and add value to your home. Learn about remodeling basics from a licensed builder. We’ll cover design, lighting, plumbing, ventilation, vanities and fixtures; sinks and counters; showers and tubs; and tile and flooring.

CON 4690 $45

Steve Bredernitz

41551 Thu 6:30-8:30 p.m. Oct 5 MAI

Drywall Basics

Hanging or repairing drywall or plaster can be easier than you think with the right knowledge, the right tools and a little patience. Save yourself money and frustration by learning from an experienced and licensed builder. Learn the best practices for repair and installation, as a professional leads you through the nuts and bolts of drywall and plaster.

CON 4034 $45

Steve Bredernitz 41552 Thu 6:30-8:30 p.m. Oct 19 MAI

DIY: Electricity 101

Are you curious about how your home’s wiring system works? Would you like to know how to safely replace a light switch, outlet or light fixture? Learn the ins and outs of wiring from a licensed builder. You’ll explore safety practices, common types of wiring, including phone and coaxial cable, how to replace fixtures, switches and outlets and recommended materials.

CON 4059 $45

Bredernitz 41553 Thu 6:30-8:30 p.m. Dec 7 MAI

Home Security and Safety

Whether you have owned a home for years or are new to home ownership, knowing the ins and outs of your largest investment is a must. Enjoy an interactive class from a contractor, home inspector and state building inspector about areas in your home you must keep safe and secure. We will cover smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, radon systems, lead-based paint, decks, lighting, and the basics of electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.

CON 4681 $75

Bredernitz 41613 Thu 6:30-8:30 p.m. Nov 2 & Nov 9 MAI / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn 31
Personal Enrichment


WCC offers basic rider, returning rider and advanced rider classes.

• New riders: Learn to ride and earn your endorsement in the basic rider class where you’ll ride WCC’s motorcycles.

• Experienced but unlicensed riders: Earn your endorsement in this one-day returning rider class where you’ll ride your own motorcycle.

• Licensed and experienced riders: Enhance your skills with this advanced rider class where you’ll ride your own motorcycle. Class tuition for each is only $50.

Motorcycle safety classes receive funding from an annual grant from the Michigan Department of State. Michigan’s motorcyclists provide the money for the grant funding via fees on their motorcycle operator endorsements and license plates


Elder Care Management for Family Members

There’s a lot to consider when assisting a family member with their financial obligations and care needs. Join us for a comprehensive overview of the common issues care providers and families may need to address on behalf of an aging family member or someone who needs help with their daily care and obligations. From paying bills to helping with medical appointments, we’ll help you get organized and review important steps you’ll want to know if you are taking on more responsibilities on behalf of another person.

HSC 4447 $39

Rick Harkness

41605 Wed 5-8:30 p.m. Sep 27 MAI 41606 Sat 1-4:30 p.m. Nov 4 MAI

Financial Power: How to Dump Debt, Build Wealth and Take Charge of Your Money

How we manage our money is a topic that makes many of us uncomfortable. Often, because we’re embarrassed, we hesitate to seek help. In this class, you’ll learn how to take a proactive, intentional approach to financial goal achievement as well as how to “create” money by becoming mindful of your spending habits.

FIN 4005 $49

Ellen Abramson 41594 Thu 6-8 p.m. Nov 9 & Nov 16 MAI

How to Start Any Home Business

Tired of working for someone else? Do you need to make more money? Turn your talents and hobbies into profits by starting a home business. Taught by a chamber of commerce past president and award-winning business owner, this is probably the most comprehensive business startup workshop you will ever find.

BMG 4249 $39

LeeAnne Krusemark 41593 Wed 7-9 p.m. Oct 4 WEB

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Learn about estate planning, including wills, trusts and powers of attorney from a practicing attorney. Explore ways to transfer your property outside of probate and gain the knowledge necessary to decide what estate plan is right for you.

LAW 4015 $69

See our website for the class schedule:

Virginia Cardwell

41555 Tue 7-8:30 p.m. Oct 3 – Oct 17 MAI

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 32
Personal Enrichment | HOME AND LIFE

Personal Enrichment

Basic Portuguese

Focus: Learn the most basic Brazilian Portuguese and how to produce dialogue for common life situations and simple conversations.

PTG 4000 $199

Rosangela Lawrence

41587 Tue 7-9 p.m. Sep 5 – Oct 10 MAI

Conversational Italian: Level 1

Focus: Learn proper Italian greetings and pronunciations, along with useful expressions for daily life, people and things.

ITL 4000 $269

Salvatore Bisaccia

41671 Thu 5:30-7:30 p.m. Sep 21 – Nov 16 MAI

Conversational Spanish: Level 1

Focus: Build beginning and foundational vocabulary, including greetings, home and household, colors, time and dates.

SPN 1000 $299

Gregorio Melean

41690 Sat 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Sep 16 – Nov 18 WEB

Conversational Spanish: Level 2

Focus: Intermediate-level Spanish conversation in person, over the phone and via email.

SPN 1050 $259

Gregorio Melean

41691 Tue 6:30-8:30 p.m. Sep 19 – Nov 21 WEB

German: Level 1

Focus: German pronunciations, greetings and useful expressions for daily living and social situations.

GRM 4000 $289

Petra Beierling 41595 Thu 6-8 p.m. Sep 7 – Nov 9 WEB

German: Level 2

Focus: Engage in intermediate German conversation to improve your vocabulary and grammar.

GRM 4001 $289

Petra Beierling 41596 Wed 4:30-6:30 p.m. Sep 6 – Nov 8 WEB

Japanese: Level 2

Focus: Expand your knowledge of the Japanese language as you learn additional vocabulary, grammar and useful expressions.

JPN 4005 $289 Kenji Yano 41601 Thu 6-8 p.m. Sep 14 – Nov 16 WEB

Russian for Travelers

Focus: Develop basic vocabulary for greetings, food and dining; common travel phrases and culture.

RUS 4004 $289

Natalia Alexandrova 41582 Sat 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Sep 9 – Nov 11 WEB

Russian for Travelers: (Short Session)

Focus: Develop basic vocabulary for greetings, food and dining; common travel phrases and culture.

RUS 4004 $169 Natalia Alexandrova 41583 Sat 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Nov 18 – Dec 16 WEB

Senior Focus

All county residents 65 years and older, before the start of the semester, can take classes at many conveniently located centers throughout Washtenaw County.

Choose from a variety of topics including fitness, visual arts, yoga, dance and more. Contact individual centers for specific class details and to register. / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn 33 or call 734-677-5060 for general information.


Class Drop/Refund Policy: Drops are accepted up to the start of the first class. No refunds are given, for any reason, once the class starts. Mandatory fees will only be refunded if a class is dropped at least 72 hours prior to the start of the first class. You may request a drop from a class if:

• You registered online or in person, contact our offices at 734-677-5060 or

• You registered by mail, include your full name, address, class title, class number and class ID, and send your request to Division of Economic and Community Development, ML 104, Washtenaw Community College, 4800 East Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48105-4800.

Cancellations: Washtenaw Community College reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class that does not meet minimum paid enrollment. Participants will be notified of cancellations via email or phone.

Mandatory Fees: Some classes require additional fees for supplies or materials. These are noted in the online class details. All mandatory fees must be paid at the time of registration. Check the website for the most up-to-date fee information.

Location and Parking: A majority of classes are held on the main campus of WCC. The locations of off-campus classes are in the class details. Parking on campus is now easier than ever with the new, centrally located parking structure. For additional parking info and directions, visit

What Is a CEU? A CEU (continuing education unit) is a national measurement unit. One CEU equals 10 classroom or equivalent hours and is used to record, transfer and recognize participation in noncredit classes.

Mailing List Statement: Please note every effort is made to remove individuals or businesses that have requested, in writing, to be deleted from Washtenaw Community College’s mailing lists and/or database. WCC obtains mailing lists and data from many sources and cannot guarantee you will be eliminated from every mailing.

Location Index

CHI Chippewa Tennis and Swim Club

DIX Dixboro United Methodist Church

MAI Main Campus

MIF MI Folk School

MOR Morris Lawrence Building

TRI Trinity Lutheran Church

Emeritus Scholarship: In order to be granted emeritus status, you must be 65 years of age prior to the start date of the semester and must bring your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID to the Welcome Center (2nd floor, Student Center) on the WCC campus to confirm your age and in-district residency status. Once processed by the Welcome Center, please feel free to register online or for assistance please contact the Corporate Training and Lifelong Learning Department at 734-677-5060. Note: the emeritus scholarship does not cover mandatory class fees.

Nonprofit Agency Scholarship: This scholarship provides payment for tuition (only) of agency-approved Corporate Training & Lifelong Learning noncredit classes. Submit an application each semester for each class you plan to attend. You must complete all items on this checklist to qualify:

1) You must be a permanent employee of a nonprofit agency (permanent position) in Washtenaw County;

2) Submit the nonprofit agency scholarship application with a copy of your agency’s 501 (c)3 documentation, and supervisor-approved class(es) and signature, 10 business days before start of class; 3) You must attend all class sessions and complete all class requirements. If the class is not successfully completed, you (or your agency) may be billed for the full tuition amount of the class and/or have your scholarship discontinued.

Information/application: Go to, email or call 734-677-5060.

Pricing: Current at the time of publication.


WCC Board of Trustees

Angela Davis, Chair

William G. Milliken, Jr., Vice Chair

David DeVarti, Treasurer

Ruth Hatcher, Secretary

Diana McKnight-Morton, Trustee

Christina M. H. Fleming, Trustee

Alex Milshteyn, Trustee

Rose B. Bellanca, Ed.D., WCC President

WCC is a smoke-free campus.

This schedule was designed and produced by Marketing and Public RelationsServices. Rev: 7/23

Washtenaw Community College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, Illinois 60604-1411, 800-621-7440, Contact 734-973-3300 for information about Washtenaw Community College.

ADA/EEO/Title IX/Section 504 Compliance Statements: Washtenaw Community College does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other protected status in its programs and activities. The following office has been designated to handle inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies: Vice President of Student Services, SC 251, 734-973-3536. Facility access inquiries: V.P. of Facilities, Development and Operations, PO 112, 734-677-5322 If you have a disability and require accommodation to participate in an event, contact Learning Support Services at 734-973-3342 to request accommodations at least 72 hours in advance. © 2023 Washtenaw Community College.

Title II Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act Compliance Statement: The Student-Right-to-Know and The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 (also known as the Clery Act) requires institutions to disclose information about graduation rates, crime statistics and security information to current and prospective students. Individuals interested in obtaining this type of information should contact the Dean of Students office at 734-973-3328. © 2023 Washtenaw Community College.

liveworklearn | Fall 2023 Register online: 34

Three Easy Ways to Register

Online Register and pay by credit card.


Send completed registration form with check or money order (payable to Washtenaw Community College) to:


Student Center Building

WCC Main Campus

4800 East Huron River Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48105-4800

• Before registering online for the first time, you must create a student profile.

• Household profiles allow a single family account so that adults can register children for youth programs. For more information on household profiles, please call our office at 734-677-5060.

• To find classes, click All Classes on the Browse menu to select a subcategory. Click on class titles to see descriptions.

• To register for a class, click Add to Cart, enter your credit card payment information and print your receipt.

Professional Development Registration Student Records, SC203 Washtenaw Community College

4800 East Huron River Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48105-4800

• Only registrations accompanied by full payment will be processed.

• No credit card payment options are available for mail-in registration.

• Deadline for mail-in registration is seven business days prior to the first class.

• Mail-in registration does not guarantee a seat in the class.

Payment by check (including all fees) is due at the time of registration.

*NOTE: Participants who are registering for online classes and those with a coupon must register online at

Third-Party Pay

Call 734-677-5060 to learn how companies can pay for employees to attend classes.

Detach and send with payment.

IMPORTANT! You must agree to the WCC Drop/Refund Policy to register. I agree to the Drop/Refund Policy as outlined on page 34. / 734-677-5060 Fall 2023 | liveworklearn 35 Name/Last First Middle WCC Student ID # Date of Birth / / Mailing Address City State Zip Code Phone Email Address START DATE CLASS TITLE/NUMBER TUITION MANDATORY FEE COMBINED Total Enclosed: $
" Citizenship U.S. Citizen Not a U.S. Citizen Washtenaw County Resident Yes No Gender Male Female Other Prefer not to disclose Are you Hispanic or Latino? Yes No Decline to answer Select one or more race American Indian or Alaska Native Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander Black or African American White Asian Do not wish to specify REGISTRATION FORM Please print.
Signature required Date / /
Questions? 734-677-5060
Find your class at 4800 East Huron River Drive Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105-4800 Nonprofit Org. US Postage PAID Permit No. 28 Ann Arbor, MI Please Recycle Fast Track Job Training | Professional Development | Personal Enrichment Find your class at liveworklearn SCAN TO FIND PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Express Yourself Creatively Take a visual arts course! Keep It Simple: Greeting Cards Acrylic Painting: Abstracting the Landscape Come Paint with Me: Hawaiian Sunset Fundamentals in Botanical Drawing Japanese Ink and Watercolor Painting See pages 22–24.

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