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5 In the fast lane: Washburn Tech opens new diesel, upgraded auto facilities

9 First of its kind: Plans for new KBI building on campus underway

15 Legacy waivers: University expands in-state tuition for children of alumni

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FROM the PRESIDENT As an institution of higher education, our university serves as a powerful connector of individuals who are committed to our vision and mission. These connections maximize the overall adaptive capacity of the Washburn community by creating relationships, for example, between teachers and students, graduates and businesses hiring them, faculty and professional colleagues, and university programs and services and alumni. This web of relationships creates the strength and resiliency needed to sustain positive growth in competitive and rapidly changing environments. In this issue we highlight many of these relationships. At Washburn Institute of Technology, we are fortunate to collaborate with leading business and industry partners to create exciting new programs in climate control and advanced systems technology and, most recently, in heavy diesel construction technology. Our exciting project with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) is progressing quickly with the design work underway for the KBI Forensic Science Laboratory to be located on the east side of Washburn’s campus. Our alumni are an important asset in creating these relationships. Alumni donate personal time and talents to teach guest lectures, mentor students, offer business internships and support our 150 Forward: The Campaign for Washburn University. New recruitment endeavors build upon recent alumni recruitment support to increase enrollment in neighboring states and attract legacy students to continue the tradition of obtaining a Washburn degree. Also in this issue you will read about the impact of our distance-learning programs and new graduate education initiatives to meet the needs of working professionals to achieve that next step in their careers. The greater Washburn community provides value to all of us for a lifetime. Together we will continue to advance the dreams we collectively share for our future.

3 From the President

in the fast lane

Transformation at Washburn Tech continues with new diesel facility, upgraded auto shop By Ernie W. Webb III •

Gov. Sam Brownback visited with students during the grand opening Oct. 8. Brownback praised Tech for the speed with which it built the new diesel facility. Photo by Ernie W. Webb III


he transformation hasn’t happened overnight, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to say Washburn Institute of Technology has shifted gears and moved into the fast lane.

In a little more than a year, Tech has built or revamped three facilities for its advanced systems technology (AST); climate and energy control technologies; and auto collision, automotive service technician and diesel technology programs. “What Dean (Clark) Coco and his staff have done in a short period of time at Washburn Tech is remarkable,” said Jerry Farley, president, Washburn University. “They’ve made a 5 Washburn Tech

commitment to their students and serving the community and have made a significant impact. “We recognize that there are a good number of jobs available in the technical fields and are going to be more in the future. It’s important that we have the best facilities we can to train our students.” The upgrades in the auto facility at Tech include painting,


Since Dean Clark Coco’s hire in 2012, Tech has opened new facilities for several of its programs, including diesel. Photo by Ernie W. Webb III

Dozens of faculty and staff members, business partners, students and members of the community attended the grand opening of the new diesel facility at Washburn Institute of Technology in October. Photo by Ernie W. Webb III

revamped floors, technology updates in classrooms that have been overhauled and an expansion in space. “The appearance here is so much better,” said Robert Arney, instructor, auto service technician program. “The facility we have here is what you would expect at a professional dealership, and that’s what we’re aiming for. We want this to look as good or better than the shops where we want our students to work.” Tech’s sparkling diesel shop features new tool boxes and machinery, including a handful of impressive rigs available for students to learn the trade. The building was unveiled during a grand opening Oct. 8. “That Washburn Tech was able to take (the diesel facility)

“We’ve got to go, got to get better. Our philosophy is to think and dream big. We have great support from the university administration, school districts and our community partners. We’re building momentum to support our students and the community.”

– Clark Coco, dean, Washburn Institute of Technology

“Congratulations to Washburn Tech on a fabulous job. I look here and see the enrollment. It was 293 in 2012 and 580 in 2013. In a time of declining student enrollment, that is impressive. … If you’re going into diesel, you have to know computers, and you have to know how to turn a wrench. It’s not your typical person; it takes a multiple set of skills, which you can learn here.”

– Gov. Sam Brownback

“This program will allow technicians to develop their skills, and technicians are the backbone of a dealership because service technicians are who customers rely on. We’re excited to be a part of this venture and look forward to seeing the graduates.”

– Rhonda Monks, service director, Case New Holland

“It is special that we’re here (Washburn Tech diesel facility grand opening) thanking businesses because they believe in us, believe in Washburn Tech.”

– Jerry Farley, president, Washburn

Washburn Tech 6

Washburn Tech upgraded and renovated its auto facility in 2013. Community partners donated materials to the institution.

from concept to reality in such a short period of time is something to be admired,” said Bill Schoenfelder, president, construction equipment company Victor L. Phillips (VLP). “(VLP) understands the importance of this diesel program, and that’s why we support Washburn Tech. That’s why we’re partnering with them.” In addition to top-notch facilities, staff and students benefit from partnerships Tech has formed with several local school districts and the likes of VLP, Snap-on Tools, Case New Holland and the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3). The latter is a network of education providers and corporations that supports, advances and validates new and emerging technology skills in the transportation, aviation and energy industry sectors. Snap-on donates several items to Tech and supplies the facility with a plethora of tools and tool boxes at a discounted rate. Case New Holland donated construction vehicles to Tech’s diesel program. “For companies to donate these machines to us is something else,” said Zachary Frisbie, instructor, diesel technology program. “We’re able to give the students opportunities you just don’t get elsewhere. This is like a showroom for teaching diesel technology.” Among the items donated or sold at a discount by Snap-on are meter kits and tool boxes essential to offering the latest in auto technician training. “We’re proud to be a part of what they’re building here,” said Jon Pine, account manager, Snap-on Industrial. “To see these students in the same shirts, same colors with the same logos – it looks fantastic. It’s a great atmosphere here.”

IN PAST EDITIONS • F  or more information about the advanced systems technology program, read the spring/ summer 2013 edition of The Ichabod online at docs/april-2013-magazine-pdf. • F  or more information about the climate and energy control technologies program, read the fall 2013 edition of The Ichabod online at association/docs/august2013.

ONLINE • V  isit our Facebook page at washburnalumni for photos from the grand opening of Washburn Tech’s diesel facility and upgraded auto building. • V  isit our YouTube page at washburnalumni for videos from the grand opening of Washburn Tech’s diesel facility. • F  or more information about the auto and diesel programs, visit

LOOKING AHEAD Read future editions of The Ichabod for more information on Washburn Tech, including additional facility and program upgrades.

ABOUT THE PROGRAMS • A  uto Service Technician: A 52-credit certificate that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair, service and maintain all types of automobiles. The program consists of courses for steering and suspension, brakes, engine repair, auto transmission and transaxle, manual transmission, electrical, heating and air conditioning, engine performance and on-the-job training. • C  ollision repair: A 50-credit certificate that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair and refinish all types of vehicles. The

program consists of courses for orientation/safety, non-structural analysis and damage repair, structural analysis and damage repair, estimate/damage, paint/ refinishing, mechanical/electrical, workplace skills and on-the-job training. • D  iesel technology: A 48-credit certificate that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair, service and maintain diesel-powered equipment. The program consists of courses for safety skills, intro to diesel, engines, power trains, workplace skills, steering and suspension, brakes and on-the-job training. Continued Support 8

First of its kind

KBI building a partnership that benefits university, community By Michaela Saunders •


ashburn and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation are on the cusp of a first-of-its-kind collaboration that could become a national model for public partnership when the new state crime lab opens on campus.

It will improve public safety across Kansas and enhance Washburn’s academic offerings and student opportunities. Kansas lawmakers signed off on the collaboration in June when they approved $55 million for construction and $3.5 million for building planning and design, which are underway. The nearly 100,000-square-foot facility will sit just south of the Petro Allied Health Center parking lot at Washburn Avenue and Durow Drive. With the new laboratory, KBI will enhance its evidence-processing capability, be in a position to grow its laboratory staff and, in time, reach its goal of an average evidence-processing time of 60 days, said Kirk Thompson, the organization’s director and a Washburn alumnus. At the same time, KBI’s forensic scientists will become adjunct faculty at Washburn, and students will have access to shared laboratory space, internship opportunities and specialized training at the undergraduate level available nowhere else in the nation. Jerry Farley, president, Washburn, said the idea of hosting the state crime lab on campus was floated years before it was advanced and approved by legislators. “This is a wonderful opportunity for 9 KBI facility

Washburn and the state,” he said. “This collaboration means even more prestige for KBI. They will be on a vibrant campus, and their scientists will hold adjunct (faculty) positions. This will also enhance the opportunities for our graduates who want to work in that field or for the KBI.” Farley and other university officials have been great to work with, said Thompson, bs ’01. “They really see a benefit to the university, to the students who will be coming and also to the state of Kansas,” he said. “They recognize how crucial this is.” Thompson said he is thrilled that the partnership will create so many opportunities for both his agency and for Washburn. But foremost in his mind are the implications for improved public safety throughout the state. “This is the most important thing the state could have done for public safety at this time,” he said. “This will benefit every law enforcement agency, every prosecutor’s office, every citizen.” KBI processes forensic evidence for 103 counties in Kansas and works with the other two, Johnson and Sedgwick counties, whenever requested. It has small laboratories in Great Bend, Kansas City and Pittsburg that will remain as they are when the new facility at Washburn

opens in late 2015 or early 2016. KBI also has 55 scientists working in the basement of a former junior high school near 17th and Taylor streets in Topeka. It was built in 1928 and last updated in 1984. Window air conditioners ease some of the burden on the building’s cooling system because of all the chemical hoods and other special equipment. The building, Thompson said, is at its limit and can’t hold one more piece of equipment, much less the staff he needs to add over time to hasten evidence processing time to an average of 60 days. “Having the new facility is huge step No. 1,” he said. The new lab will open with those 55 scientists and support staff and be designed with a capacity of about 100 scientists. Beyond its primary public safety mission, Thompson said, collaborating with another public institution – Washburn – is “what the public would expect of us.” The facility will allow KBI to meet or exceed the international accreditation standard of 1,000 square feet per scientist of work space. (Right now, they are working in less than 400 square feet each.) About 12,000 square feet of the total laboratory space will be available for shared use with Washburn programs.

Kirk Thompson, director, KBI (left) Randy Pembrook, vice president, academic affairs

BY THE NUMBERS $55 MILLION Amount approved by the Kansas Legislature for the KBI building project

$3.5 MILLION Amount approved by the Kansas Legislature for building planning and design

100,000 In square feet, the approximate size of the new facility

1928 The year the KBI’s current facility was built

1984 The year the KBI’s current facility was last updated

The new facility – and the partnership with Washburn – also will help KBI recruit and retain scientists, many of whom leave for other parts of the country after a few years. “Do you want to work in the basement of a 1928 school building? Or do you want to work in a modern forensic lab on a progressive college campus?” Thompson said. Being able to serve as adjunct faculty for Washburn will only add to that draw. Having the KBI on campus could be a draw as well for students interested in the specialized field. Details of an internship program are being worked out now between Washburn and KBI staff. Thompson said the goal is to allow as many as eight upper-level forensic chemical science students per semester to work in the lab after demonstrating capability in the classroom and passing necessary background checks. “We are going to do as much as we can to integrate students into the work we do here without creating any kind of security or evidence concerns,” he said. Randy Pembrook, vice president, academic affairs, said one benefit of the collaboration that wasn’t clear in the early discussions was the breadth of academic disciplines that will be involved in the partnership.

“We have faculty expertise beyond what the KBI lab people have been used to doing,” Pembrook said. “We have anthropologists who can bring knowledge of what happens to bones that have been outside for eight to 10 years and art faculty who have expertise in pouring forms and mold-making.” That expertise beyond the obvious forensic chemistry and criminal justice could lead to training opportunities for KBI staff throughout Kansas, research collaborations between faculty and KBI, and even the potential for new programs of study. “New research techniques could come out of this; an amazing experience could come out of this,” Pembrook said. Thompson agreed. “We are making sure we don’t limit ourselves,” he said. “We want to take advantage of the partnership from both directions.” He added: “If I didn’t have the in-depth knowledge I do, as an alum I would be very proud of Washburn for creating some very unique opportunities for students, drawing those students into the community, into Kansas and focusing on the hard science. Those students will receive a very high-quality education and start applying those skills and building a resume before they leave the university. That’s just a pretty neat thing.” KBI facility 10

A ‘giant’ lecture

Harvard professor to deliver presentation as Washburn nears 150th By Ernie W. Webb III •


presentation by a leading Civil War-era scholar will be one of the highlights of the spring semester as Washburn continues to celebrate its upcoming sesquicentennial in 2015. John Stauffer, a professor of English and African and African American Studies and chairman of the History of American Civilization program at Harvard University, is the presenter of the 2014 Lincoln Lecture at 7 p.m. Feb. 6. “We’ve done a tremendous job celebrating Washburn’s rich history, and that continues this year,” said Jerry Farley, president, Washburn. “We have a great opportunity during the sesquicentennial to highlight what the university has accomplished and has to offer.” Stauffer’s presentation, titled “Giants: The Parallel Lives of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass,” will discuss the legacies of the two men and why they still matter. Stauffer’s lecture is one of several events at Washburn commemorating the 60th anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case. The university will host a Bleeding Kansas and Border War bus tour Feb. 25, a School of Law symposium Feb. 27, three exhibits at Mulvane Art Museum from March 1 to June 10 and a president’s concert on May 8-9. Among upcoming exhibits at Mulvane is a technology fair from Feb. 7 to March 16. This exhibition will feature tools and technology used in teaching at Washburn during the last 150 years. 11 Sesquicentennial

John Stauffer, Lincoln Lecturer

ABOUT STAUFFER A prolific writer, John Stauffer has written eight books and dozens of articles and essays. He is a leading authority on antislavery, social protest movements and interracial friendship. A professor at Harvard University, his books include award-winners “The Black Hearts of Men: Radical Abolitionists and the Transformation of Race” and “Giants: The Parallel Lives of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.” Stauffer received a doctor of philosophy from Yale University in 1999 and began teaching at Harvard the same year. He has taught courses on protest literature, southern literature, Frederick Douglass and Herman Melville, the Civil War and many other topics. Stauffer received a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Duke and a master of arts in humanities from Wesleyan University and in American Studies from Purdue University.


20 15










WATCH THE VIDEO The third sesquicentennial video debuted during convocation. It covers years 1966 to 1990 at Washburn. You can view that video and the first two covering 1865 to 1914 and 1915 to 1965 at

ORNAMENTS Celebrate the sesquicentennial and holiday season by purchasing the second ornament in a series of four. The first ornament was displayed on the national Christmas tree in Washington, D.C., in 2012. The ornaments are available in the Washburn University bookstore. Check them out at



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• Y  ou have a chance to enjoy a "statue-esque" Ichabod. Purchase the first in a series of three small Ichabod statues. For more about the statues, visit washburn. com/150.

GET INVOLVED Interested in volunteering for the sesquicentennial celebration? Contact Rugena Hall, with the president’s office, at 785.670.1556 ( Questions about the sesquicentennial celebration? Email or contact co-coordinators Amanda Hughes at 785.670.2153 ( or Julie Olson at 785.670.1816 (

ONLINE For more on the sesquicentennial, visit washburn. edu/150 and You can also view photos at More photos and videos are posted on our Facebook pages at and facebook. com/washburnalumni. You can also view videos from Founders’ Day, the 2013 convocation and Paint Washburn Art Auction at washburnalumni.

• P  urchase notecards featuring works from the 2012 Paint Washburn Art Auction, including pieces by alumni, students and friends of Washburn University. For more about the notecards and art auction, visit

OTHER BROWN V. BOARD EVENTS • F  eb. 25: BleedingStudents Kansas and Border display their War bus tour. All-day event with limited seating. Washburn pride. The A fee will be charged. university released a video commemorating years 1966 v. Board • F  eb. 27: School of Law symposium: Brown to 1991 at theevent school in the 21st Century. The free at during the Bradbury convocation in August. Thompson Alumni Center includes the Photo following by Peggy Clark presentations: “Race and Education Today,” “Contemporary Race Issues: Equality and Inequality in the 21st Century” and “The Reopening of Brown.” • M  arch 1-June 10: Mulvane Art Museum exhibits, all free: “Contemporary Reflections: Brown v. Board of Education after 60 Years,” “Teach Your Children Well: Images of African American Resistance by Shane Evans” and “Real Time Art for Social Change.” • M  ay 8-9: President’s concert, featuring Richetta Manager, ba '75, alumna and soprano,: 7 p.m., May 8, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Helzberg Hall, Kansas City, Mo.; 7:30 p.m., May 9, White Concert Hall.

Students display their Washburn pride.

• F  or more information on these events, visit

Photo by Peggy Clark Sesquicentennial 12

13 Building Momentum

WASHBURN EXPANDING GRADUATE PROGRAMS The median weekly salary of people who possessed a master’s degree was 22 percent higher than those who had a bachelor’s degree only in 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. That is one reason Washburn is expanding its graduate degree programs. By 2014, the number of the university’s graduate programs will have increased by more than 50 percent since 2012. In addition to their practical and professional emphasis, the Washburn graduate programs provide research and other skills with a focus on career advancement. “My Washburn MBA complements my liberal arts degree with skills to better manage people, projects and processes, and with an understanding of finances that helps me make better decisions,” said Gina Penzig, director of corporate communications at

Westar Energy. Washburn graduate students also benefit from excellent facilities, small classes and highly qualified faculty who take a personal interest in their students, said Alicia Schwindt, a student pursuing a master’s degree in social work. “What sets the Washburn University program apart from others is that the staff and faculty care about the well-being of their students,” she said. “They not only want to see us succeed in our education and careers, but also personally as unique individuals.” Washburn’s new graduate degree programs include a doctor of nursing practice (DNP), master of accountancy, master of health science and master of arts in human services/addictions counseling. Recently approved are a master of studies of law (MSL) and a master of laws (LLM) degree.

Professors Jim Martin and Kanalis Ockree were the driving forces behind the implementation of the School of Business’s Master of Accountancy program, which began during the fall semester.

The new programs have been designed specifically for individuals who wish to advance their professional careers. These new programs continue a legacy of excellence that serves as a hallmark of the other wellestablished graduate programs, including the master of business administration, master of criminal justice, master of education, master of liberal studies, master of science in nursing, master of arts in psychology, master of social work and juris doctor. The addition of the new programs also has served as a catalyst for some instructional and organizational changes, said Randy Pembrook, vice president, academic affairs. Pembrook said most of the programs include online components delivered via the new Desire 2 Learn (D2L) system, and the application fee for all graduate programs except those offered by the School of Law will be waived for Washburn alumni during the current fiscal year. These changes will further help to ensure that all Washburn graduate programs remain practical, professional and priceless well into the future. For more information about the graduate programs, visit washburn. edu/gradprograms. Graduate Programs 14

Richard Liedtke, executive director, enrollment management


Legacy students receive in-state tuition; interstate waiver to include Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas By Ernie W. Webb III •

A new tuition waiver is benefiting the sons and daughters of Washburn alumni who plan to attend the university. For the first time, legacy students residing anywhere in the United States receive in-state tuition rates. Legacy students are the direct dependents of Washburn alumni. “In the past, they needed to change their residency to Kansas within six months of becoming a student,” said Richard Liedtke, executive director, enrollment management. “After their first year, they’d be a Kansas resident receiving in-state tuition. We’ve changed that because we value our legacies, we value our alumni and their experiences at Washburn. We want them to send their children our way and show the pride they have for their university, and they should not have to change their residency to do so.” “This is a benefit our alumni should enjoy,” said Jerry Farley, president, Washburn. “It’s wonderful that we’ve had such an impact on alumni that their children want to come here. That sends a tremendous message.” Washburn also is expanding its interstate tuition waiver. Two years ago, students in Missouri received the waiver, and students from Colorado began to receive the waiver this academic year. Beginning in fall 2014, students from Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas will receive in-state tuition. “The interstate waiver has been successful,” Liedtke said. “We’re starting to look at areas in Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas where we think we’ll have an impact.” Admissions is targeting specific areas in the aforementioned states, including Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Austin in Texas; Oklahoma City and Tulsa in Oklahoma; and the Omaha area in Nebraska. Visit with admissions counselors when they are in the area for more information. Students receiving the waivers must maintain a 3.0 GPA. 15 Alumni News

ABOUT TUITION WAIVERS •L  egacy waiver: Direct dependents (sons and daughters of alumni) will receive resident tuition and must maintain a 3.0 GPA. • Interstate waiver: Students from Missouri and Colorado currently receive resident tuition, and those from Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas will begin in fall 2014. Students receiving the waiver must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Riley Krane, the son of alumni Shelley Krane, b ed ’87, and John Krane, ba ’86, received a legacy scholarship at Washburn. The deadline to submit an application is in February. Photo by Susie Hoffmann

LEGACY CONTINUES Riley Krane is one of our Colorado Ichabods and the son of Washburn alumni. Read more about the family at krane-family.html.

FOR MORE INFORMATION For more information about the waivers or attending Washburn, visit the Admissions website at, Facebook page at and Twitter page at You can also call 785.670.1030 or email

Alumni News 16

WASHBURN UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION ADDS FIVE TO BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Washburn University Foundation board of trustees elected five members at its May 4 meeting. The new members’ terms officially began in August. By Lauren Cunningham •

Michael J. Kuckelman, bba ’86, jd ’90, Olathe, Kan., is a certified public accountant and partner with Kuckelman Torline Kirkland & Lewis in Overland Park, Kan., where he specializes in litigation. He began practicing in 1990 with Kansas City-based Blackwell Sanders and has had an extensive career, including serving on the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee appointed by the U.S. District Court to litigate the 9/11 World Trade Center litigation, which resulted in a $1.2 billion settlement. He also practiced law in London for eight years. He is licensed to practice by the Kansas, Missouri and New York State Bars. He also is licensed in England and Wales. Kuckelman and his wife, Jo (Kerby), bba ’86, have three children. 17 Washburn University Foundation

Michael E. Laughon, bs ’66, Topeka, began his 34-year career with Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. (AT&T) after graduation. He held management positions in various departments throughout his career before retiring in 2000. Laughon has served as president of the Washburn Ichabod Club board of directors and on the Washburn Alumni Association board of directors. He and his wife, Connie (Hedberg), b ed ’67, were selected as the 2007 Ichabod Club Persons of the Year. Laughon also has served a term on the Downtown Topeka YMCA board of directors. He played football at Washburn while completing his degree in biology. He and his wife have one son, who lives in Fishers, Ind., with his wife and two daughters.

Meredith A. Moore, Topeka, received a bachelor of science and master of arts from Kansas State University and a doctorate from Purdue University. She joined the faculty at Washburn University in 1976 and retired in 2009. While at Washburn, she served as chair of the communication department, faculty representative to the Board of Regents and president of Phi Kappa Phi and NoNoSo. She traveled with the Washburn debate team for three years. In 2010, she received the Lilla Day Monroe Award from the Washburn Alumni Association. Moore was elected president of the Kansas Speech Association and received the National Communication Association’s Presidential Service Award in 1991. She is a member of the Washburn Women’s Venture Partners and volunteers as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA).

Darrell D. Rodenbaugh, bba ’86, Plano, Texas, spent more than 25 years in sales, marketing and general management roles with IBM, McAfee, Oracle, Yahoo! and i2 Technologies. He retired from his role as senior vice president and general manager of McAfee in 2010. While there, he opened operations in Ireland, Israel, India, China, Guatemala and elsewhere. Rodenbaugh and his wife, Lisa, now own and operate Champion Life Safety Solutions LLC, a Dallas-based services and specialty construction company. He is president of the Plano Children’s Theatre board of directors and volunteers with Boy Scout Troop 404. Rodenbaugh was Washburn Student Association president, a member of the Alpha Delta fraternity, Sagamore men’s honor society and Delta Sigma Psi fraternity while at Washburn. He and his wife have a son and a daughter.

Donald L. Smith, Topeka, attended Washburn University and Kansas State University, completed a four-year electrical apprenticeship program and, in 1972, established DL Smith Electrical Construction. During his 40 years in the electrical industry, Smith was active in industry-related associations and served in various leadership roles. He was inducted as a fellow into the Academy of Electrical Contracting in 1989. He has served on the State of Kansas Building Advisory Commission since 1978 and was a member of the City of Topeka Electrical Board for 30 years. Smith was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at Washburn, and in 1981, he was selected as the Phi of the Year for Kansas Beta of Phi Delta Theta. He and his wife, Suzy, have three grown children. Giving Back 18

Ernie W. Webb III is the media relations specialist for the Washburn University Alumni Association and the editor of The Ichabod. He received a bachelor of arts in mass media with an emphasis in writing from Washburn in 1998. Contact Webb at 785.670.2303 or


“Great. There goes my PR (personal record).” It’s the first thing that ran through my mind when I saw the forecast for the Alumni Association 5K Fun Run and 2-mile campus walk Sept. 28. After spending months preparing to finish the race in 28 minutes (three minutes faster than 2012, six minutes faster than 2011), I figured at the very least the weather would cooperate. Nature’s answer: A forecast of heavy rain, gusty winds and lightning. I tried to be positive: 1. “Well, the pressure’s off now. I can blame the weather.” 2. “Assuming there is lightning, I’m probably going to run a lot faster.” The original goal was simple: As chronicled in the fall edition of The Ichabod, all I really wanted to accomplish this year was running faster than the lady wearing a tutu. Imagine my disappointment when she said she wasn’t running this year. Suddenly, I needed inspiration to keep training and settled on breaking 30 minutes. Somehow, and I’m still not sure when or why, that became 28 minutes. “You might be a little obsessed,” my wife said. “Think about how far you’ve come.” Perspective. Perfect. A new strategy: Just run for fun. Or fast, if there’s lightning. Amazingly enough, what was forecast 19 Alumni News

as a powerful storm dissipated. The lightning and heavy rain moved east hours before the race. All that remained was a steady drizzle and a slight, cool breeze – great running weather. I took my wife’s advice for about a halfmile before the competitiveness took over. I hit one mile in 9 minutes, 20 seconds, my fastest first mile since the George Bush (H.W., not W.) administration. Mile No. 2, which I reached moments after passing the tutu (she opted to walk this year), came at 18:57, leaving a little more than nine minutes to hit the goal. Surprisingly, I got a second wind on the last turn of the race, sprinting over the final quarter mile, fueled largely by a large group of cheering alumni, friends and my wife in the last stretch. Twenty-seven minutes, 55 seconds. Now that was fun.

ABOUT THE EVENT About 200 runners, walkers and volunteers participated in the Fun Run and Campus Walk, which benefits the Alumni Association’s scholarship fund. Last year, the event helped to raise about $30,000 in scholarships for legacy students. The overall winners this year were Travis Seihndel and Jill McCartney. Seihndel finished in 19 minutes, 51 seconds, while McCartney posted a time of 20:59

SCHOLARSHIPS • Legacy scholarships (awarded to direct dependents of Washburn alumni) are available to student members of the Alumni Association. • Online applications for alumni scholarships will be available early in the spring semester. The deadline to submit an application is Feb. 15.

ONLINE For more information about Alumni Association scholarships, including a list of the 2013-14 recipients, visit

President Jerry Farley and the Alumni Association’s Ernie W. Webb III were among the dozens of runners who braved the weather during the Fun Run. Photo by Peggy Clark

ABOUT MEGAN Hometown: Topeka High School: Washburn Rural Family: Husband Peter, bba '12, a Washburn alumnus who works at Security Benefit Corporation, and son Noah, 1 College: University of Kansas, where she was a Kappa Alpha Theta member and a Rock Chalk Dancer Favorite movie: “Simon Birch” Favorite TV show: “So You Think You Can Dance” Hobbies: Spending time with family, traveling New Alumni Association Assistant Director Megan Toth, with husband Peter, a Washburn alumnus, and son Noah. Megan Toth is an alumna of the University of Kansas and Washburn Rural High School. Photo Submitted

Contact information: 785.670.1651,

MEET MEGAN TOTH New Alumni Association assistant director a longtime Topekan By Ernie W. Webb III •

The Alumni Association did not have to go a long way to find its new assistant director. Just a matter of miles, in fact. Megan Toth, a Washburn Rural High School alumna and longtime Topekan, settled into the position in October after spending nearly three years working at the alumni association for the University of Kansas. Toth, who received a bachelor of science in education with an emphasis in sports management at Kansas in 2011, has ties to Washburn. Her husband, Peter, received a bachelor of business administration here in 2011. “I took one college class during high school at Washburn, in English,” she said, “and my family has been to games and sporting events at Washburn. My husband went to school at Washburn, his sister went to nursing school at Washburn and a brother-in-law is a pre-med student at Washburn. “I’ve seen the impact Washburn has in the community and am excited to be a part of that.”

Q: What is your goal at Washburn? A: One of the biggest things is definitely growing membership numbers. I want to see what Washburn is all about, what makes Washburn special and connect with the alumni. Q: How did you become involved with alumni associations? A: I never really thought I’d do this for a career, but in sports management, you are required to do a 40-hour internship during your last semester. Everyone else was doing something with the Royals, T-Bones and other teams, but I wanted to try something different. So I interned with the alumni association at KU, then they created a position for me after that. Q: What do you enjoy about working at an alumni association? A: The people you meet. It’s so dynamic. One day you’re talking to a farmer from western Kansas, the next day you’re visiting New York and meeting with prominent alumni. You get to meet some amazing people. Alumni News 20

Skylar Flinn, right, is a former recipient of the scholarship Sue Parks established to give back to her alma mater. Parks, who received a certificate in radiation therapy in 1991 through the university’s distance learning program, was honored as an Alumni Fellow in September. 21 Alumni News


Alumni Fellow relishes first trip to campus 20 years after receiving degree through distance-learning program By Ernie W. Webb III •

Video tapes, mail and telephones. Call it “old school” learning. It’s how Sue Parks, a longtime director at the Nevada Oncology Center, earned a certificate from Washburn in the early 1990s. “We needed to get our certification to continue our work, and I did quite a bit of research to find the right place to do that,” said Parks, who retired in 2000 after a 23-year career in Las Vegas. “I made several phone calls, and Washburn seemed like the right place.” Through Washburn’s distance-learning program, Parks and her co-workers/ classmates received certificates in radiation therapy. “The way we learned obviously was a lot different than it is now,” she said. “Now you could take an online course with a computer. We had the tests mailed to us and learned from VHS tapes. Washburn did an outstanding job. Every one of us in that class passed our exam.” The long-distance experience made such a significant impact on Parks that she established a scholarship at Washburn, despite having never set foot on campus. That changed in September when Parks was honored as the Alumni Fellow from the School of Applied Studies. The 1991 alumna and Grand Junction, Colo., resident traveled nearly 800 miles to Topeka on Sept. 12, along with daughters Lynn Donovan and Kayla Arnesen and granddaughter McKenzie Arnesen. “We figured it was about time for her to see where she went to school,” said Kayla Arnesen. “We’re very proud

of her. She has had an impact on a lot of people and deserves the honor.” The family arrived in Kansas City, Mo., on Sept. 12 and enjoyed a luncheon, honoring her and the other 2013 Fellows that evening. On the following day, Parks visited with several students in two classes at Benton Hall, then attended the Fellows Luncheon, where she and Fellows Thomas Bartlett (College of Arts and Sciences), Michael Falk (School of Business), Pamela (Schmidt) Farrell (Washburn Institute of Technology), Jeff Jacobsen (College of Arts and Sciences), Michael Lennen (School of Law) and Beth Williams (School of Nursing) were honored. “I’m in awe being honored like this,” Parks said. “This means so much to me, to be able to share this with my daughters and granddaughter.” After the luncheon, Parks and her family visited several buildings during a tour of campus. More than 20 years after receiving a certificate, she had her first glimpse of Washburn. “It’s such a beautiful place, a beautiful campus,” Parks said. “We should visit more often!” Later, while attending the Alumni Association’s monthly social, After Hours, Parks met Skylar Flinn, who received her scholarship during the previous academic year. “I was not expecting all of this,” Parks wrote in a letter after the fellows weekend. “We felt like royalty while we were there.”

Alumni Fellow Sue Parks’ first trip to campus included a tour of the university. Parks traveled to Kansas with daughters Kayla Arnesen (right) and Lynn Donovan (not pictured) and granddaughter McKenzie Arnesen (left). Washburn student Garrett Fenley served as a tour guide for the family. Photo by Ernie W. Webb III

ONLINE • Read more about our 2013 Alumni Fellows at washburn. edu/alumni-events. • View photos from the Fellows luncheon at washburnalumni. • View videos of the speeches from all seven Fellows at washburnalumni. • Visit our website at washburn. edu/alumni-events for a list of past Fellows.

Alumni News 22


Financial literacy program eases stress for students, alumni, families By Ernie W. Webb III •

Thanks to a new financial literacy program, Washburn is helping students, alumni and their families make more sense out of their dollars. SALT is an initiative that “assists students, alumni and families to navigate financing higher education, successfully manage any resulting debt and build money skills for life,” according to the website for American Student Assistance (ASA), which created the program. “It’s important that we provide as much assistance as we can to our students, including providing them with a tool such as SALT,” said Jerry Farley, president, Washburn. “It’s an easy

program to use and at no cost. We anticipate this having a significant impact on our students and their families.” By logging onto the program’s website at, users access an array of tutorials, videos and instructional materials on dozens of topics. SALT offers assistance on topics ranging from picking the bank that best fits your needs, to choosing student loans, to boosting your credit score. “This is a great opportunity for our students and alumni,” said Randy Pembrook, vice president, academic affairs. “It really provides some great tools for them to use.”

ALL ABOUT SALT The program includes:

• Proactive communication, education and one-on-one counseling from student loan experts. • Personalized dashboard at • Self-serve tools and calculators. • Financial education training for groups of students. • My Money 101, which includes self-paced courses on picking a bank, budgeting, boosting your credit score, managing credit cards, applying for financial aid, student loans and entrance counseling. • Information and tools to help students land jobs, internships and scholarships.

ABOUT THE NAME Though it appears to be an acronym, SALT isn’t one. The program’s name is derived from its history as one of the first forms of currency and trade. According to the Salt Works website (, salt “has been an important and integral part of the world’s history and has been interwoven into the daily lives of countless historic civilizations.” The website states that its history as currency dates to the ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians hundreds of years B.C.

ONLINE Read more about SALT on the Internet at Here you’ll have access to dozens of tutorials and tools on finances.

23 Campus News

HEROIC HOMECOMING A super theme produces a super week By Ernie W. Webb III •

A super week concluded with a super queen and king during Homecoming 2013 at Washburn, as Bonnie McKee and Derek Fritz were honored during halftime of Washburn’s 44-35 win against Lindenwood University on Oct. 26 at Yager Stadium at Moore Bowl. Those events capped a week featuring dozens of events built around the theme Superbod: A Hero’s Homecoming 2013. “Homecoming is a great tradition that gives all of us – alumni, students, faculty and staff, and the community – a chance to celebrate Washburn,” said Jerry Farley, president, Washburn. The week began with the Homecoming Ball on Oct. 21 and included events such as Yell Like Hell and an open house hosted by the School of Applied Studies, which was commemorating its 30-year anniversary. Homecoming week also included the Alumni Association’s After Hours on Oct. 25 and tailgate before the game the following day. In addition, the Washburn University Foundation launched a capital campaign with an event the evening of Oct. 26. Read more about the campaign in a special publication to be sent in January.

ABOUT THE KING AND QUEEN BONNIE MCKEE, ABILENE, KAN. Member of Zeta Tau Alpha, including academic achievement chairwoman and judicial chairwoman. Member of the Biology Club, Chemistry Club and American Medical Student Association. Honors include Greek Woman of the Year in 2013. A senior majoring in biology who plans to attend medical school to become a physician.

DEREK FRITZ, SALINA, KAN. Vice president of Kappa Sigma. Member of the Biology Club, American Medical Student Association and Top City Live. Honors include Mortar Board, Sagamore, Who’s Who, Tri-Beta, Order of Omega, Gamma Sigma Alpha and Alpha Lambda Delta. A senior majoring in biology who plans to attend medical school.

ONLINE For more about Homecoming 2013, visit

School of Law professor among top teachers Rory Bahadur, professor, Washburn School of Law, was honored as one of the top 26 law teachers in the United States in “What the Best Law Teachers Do,” a book published by Harvard University Press. “The selection was really important to me professionally,” he said. “There are many aspects to being a law professor apart from teaching, but teaching is the part I love and it

was good to know, based on the comments in the book, that my students appreciated my effort.” A professor at the School of Law since 2007, Bahadur teaches torts, civil procedure, admiralty and maritime law and federal courts. He was voted professor of the year at Washburn in 2010 and 2012. “Washburn Law considers itself lucky to have Professor Bahadur in its ranks,” said Thomas J. Romig, dean, School of Law. Campus News 24

ALPHA UPSILON THETAS CELEBRATE CENTENNIAL Kappa Alpha Theta has a long, proud history in Topeka. In 1889, a group of Theta alumnae began meeting and formed what is considered to be Kappa Alpha Theta’s first alumnae chapter. From the outset, the women hoped to establish a Theta chapter at Washburn. In 1904, they were instrumental in organizing Sigma Delta Psi, which was installed as Alpha Upsilon Chapter in 1914, the year World War I began. Among the founders were women who were pioneers and leaders in their professions such as Jessie (Wright) Whitcomb, an attorney and author whose husband was among the founders of Washburn School of Law. One of Jessie’s sons married Gertrude McClintock, whose father founded a medical school at Washburn that eventually merged with the University of Kansas Medical School. Other notables among the founders were Anna (Adams) Baird, a missionary to Korea; Margaret (Mulvane) Morgan, whose name is familiar to generations of Ichabods because of its association to two campus buildings; and Frances (Storrs) Johnston, who received a degree in medicine at Washburn. Johnston also is credited with authoring the Washburn alma mater. For nearly 100 years, Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta has provided the opportunity for college women to develop friendships that endure for a lifetime, leadership skills and values that represent nobler womanhood and a 25 Campus News

Members of the 1964 pledge class for the Alpha Upsilon chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta. They will be hosting a grand celebration commemorating their anniversary from April 10-13. Photo Submitted

lasting desire to improve themselves and the community. To mark the chapter’s centennial and their 50 years of membership in Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Upsilon’s 1964 initiates will host a grand celebration from April 10 to April 13 at the Crown Center Westin Hotel in Kansas City. “Kite Strings and Heart Strings – Ties That Bind” is the theme for this centennial celebration. The centennial will allow alumnae to renew their friendships, commencing with a casual welcome dinner on April 10. On April 11, the group will travel to the Washburn campus for lunch, tours and updates on the plans for the university sesquicentennial in 2015. Decade dinners will be held in Kansas City that evening. On April 12, a luncheon will honor special guests Amy Kates, president of Kappa Alpha Theta, and Kathy Tonkel, president of the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation. They will update alumnae and collegians on the latest Theta news, including Theta’s sesquicentennial in 2020. The celebration will conclude with a banquet on the evening of April 12 at the Westin. Details of the centennial can be found at If you have questions, email All Thetas are welcome to attend, regardless of chapter affiliations.




hree former standout student-athletes were enshrined into the Washburn athletics Hall of Fame during an Oct. 12 ceremony: CRYSTAL (WALKER) ECTON, VOLLEYBALL AND BASKETBALL 2000-03

Ecton ranks eighth on Washburn’s all-time scoring list with 1,344 points and was the Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association MVP and defensive player of the year in 2002-03. She was a two-time All-American and averaged 16.2 points as a junior and 16.6 as a senior. Ecton scored 564 points during her senior season and played volleyball during the 2000 season. On the basketball court, she ranks among the top 25 in 22 single-season categories. Ecton was a two-time Daktronics All-South Central Region selection. She teaches social studies at Madison (Kan.) High School, where she was the head basketball coach from 2010 to 2013 and currently coaches volleyball. Ecton received a bachelor of arts in 2004.

CYNTHIA (SCHMIDT) HEATH, GYMNASTICS 1967-70 Heath competed in gymnastics for four seasons at Washburn, earning three letters and winning the national championship in the vault in 1968. She won events and placed at several competitions during her career and was a member of the squad that finished fourth at the National Intercollegiate Championships. Heath received a bachelor of arts from Washburn in 1971, a master of education from Kansas State University in 1978 and a juris doctor degree from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, Mo. She is the vice president of executive compensation for Emerson Electric Company, as well as a Washburn University Foundation trustee. Heath received the Alumni Association’s Lilla Day Monroe Award in 2013.

MIKE KEELEY, FOOTBALL AND BASEBALL 1975-79 Keeley led the football team in receiving during three seasons and was an all-conference wide receiver as a junior and senior. By the end of his career, he owned school records for receptions (104) and yards (1,638). Both of those statistics still rank in the top 11 in school history. Keeley had 32 catches for 463 yards and two touchdowns as a sophomore, 30 catches for 538 yards and four scores as a junior and 36 catches for 591 and three TDs as a senior. He played baseball at Washburn from 1976 to 1979. Keeley received a bachelor of business administration in 1979 and a juris doctor degree from Washburn in 1982. He has worked as a district judge in Barton County for 20 years. Sports 26

Mitch Buhler and the Washburn football team finished the 2013 season with an 8-3 record. Buhler missed two games due to injury but still threw for 2,261 yards and 23 touchdowns during his junior season. Photo by Gene Cassell

29 Campus News



Date Opponent


Saturday, Jan. 4

*at Missouri Western State University, St. Joseph 3:30 p.m.

Friday, Feb. 21


2 p.m.

Monday, Jan. 6

at University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg

Saturday, Feb. 22


1 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 11


Sunday, Feb. 23



Saturday, Jan. 18


7 p.m.

Tuesday, Feb. 25


3 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 23


7:30 p.m.

Friday, Feb. 28

*at University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond

1:30 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 25


7 p.m.

Saturday, March 1

*at University of Central Oklahoma (DH)


Thursday, Jan. 30

*at University of Nebraska-Kearney

7:30 p.m.

Sunday, March 2

*at University of Central Oklahoma

1 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 1

*at Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kan.

4 p.m.

Tuesday, March 4


7:30 p.m.



Time 7:30 p.m.

4 p.m. 4 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 8


7 p.m.

Friday, March 7

*at Missouri Western State University, St. Joseph

2 p.m.

Thursday, Feb. 13

*at University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond

7:30 p.m.

Saturday, March 8

*at Missouri Western State University (DH)

1 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 15

*at Northeastern Oklahoma State, Tahlequah

*at Missouri Western State University

1 p.m.

3:30 p.m.

Sunday, March 9


7:30 p.m.

Wednesday, March 12 at Emporia State University, Emporia, Kan.

4 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 22

*at Emporia State University, Emporia, Kan.

7:30 p.m.

Friday, March 14


4 p.m.

Saturday, March 1

*at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kan.

3:30 p.m.

Saturday, March 15


1 p.m.

Sunday, March 16


1 p.m.

Tuesday, March 18

at Newman University, Wichita, Kan.

4 p.m.

Friday, March 21

*at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kan.

5 p.m.

Saturday, March 22

*at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kan. (DH)

1 p.m.

Sunday, March 23

*at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kan.

1 p.m.

Tuesday, March 25

at Rockhurst University, Kansas City, Mo.

5 p.m. 4 p.m.

Home games in all caps; *Conference game.



Friday, March 28


Saturday, Jan. 4

*at Missouri Western State University, St. Joseph 1:30 p.m.

Saturday, March 29


Monday, Jan. 6

at University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg

5:30 p.m.

Sunday, March 30


1 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 9


7 p.m.

Friday, April 4


5 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 11


Saturday, April 5

*at Emporia State University (DH)

2 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 18


5 p.m.

Sunday, April 6


1 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 23


5:30 p.m.

Tuesday, April 8


5 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 25


5 p.m.

Friday, April 11

*at University of Nebraska-Kearney

3 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 30

*at University of Nebraska-Kearney

5:30 p.m.

Saturday, April 12

*at University of Nebraska-Kearney (DH)

1 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 1

*at Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kan.

2 p.m.

Sunday, April 13

*at University of Nebraska-Kearney



5:30 p.m.

Tuesday, April 15


5 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 8


5 p.m.

Friday, April 18


2 p.m.

Thursday, Feb. 13

*at University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond

5:30 p.m.

Saturday, April 19



Saturday, Feb. 15

*at Northeastern Oklahoma State, Tahlequah

1:30 p.m.

Tuesday, April 22

at Rockhurst University, Kansas City, Mo.

6 p.m.


5:30 p.m.

Friday, April 25

*at Northeastern State University, Tahlequah

2 p.m.

Wednesday, Feb. 22 *at Emporia State University, Emporia, Kan.

5:30 p.m.

Saturday, April 26

*at Northeastern State University (DH)

1 p.m.

Saturday, March 1

1:30 p.m.

Sunday, April 27

*at Northeastern State University


Tuesday, April 29

at William Jewell College, Liberty, Mo.

3 p.m.

*at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kan.

Home games in all caps; *Conference game.

Home games in all caps; *MIAA Conference game.


The Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association had not completed the 2014 softball schedule at press time. To view schedules for the Ichabods, visit

Sports 30 28 Greek Again

CLASS NOTES Submit your news online at, post it on Facebook at or email The deadline for the Spring/Summer 2013-14 edition of the magazine is Jan. 18. You can read more class notes on Facebook and Twitter at


couple traveled to Portugal and

public information officer for the

Kappa Phi at Washburn.

England in April.

Kansas Supreme Court. He was a

Gaylord Sanneman, bba ’76,


member of the Kaw and Review

Newton, Kan., was elected

staffs at Washburn.

department commander of

Gary Clarke, ba ’79, Topeka,

Kurtis Loy, jd ’79, Pittsburg,

the Kansas American Legion.

published his fourth book,

Kan., is an attorney with a private

He has served as the vice-

“They Call Me Cowabunga,”

practice in Pittsburg.

commander and master at arms

in October. The former director

David Markham, jd ’77,

in the organization.

of the Topeka Zoo owns

Parsons, Kan., is an attorney

Barbara Tosh, b ed ’73, Valley


Cowabunga Safaris and has

with a private practice in

Falls, Kan., is a retired educator

completed more than 140 safaris

Parsons. He was a member of Phi

who taught in Valley Falls,

Harold Kreger Jr., b ed ’65,

to Africa. Clarke was a member of

Delta Phi at Washburn.

Denison, Coal Creek and

m ed ’72, San Antonio, Texas,

the Kaw staff at Washburn.

Charles Rayl, jd ’75, Strong

Atchison, Kan.

was awarded life membership

Keith Fevurly, jd ’76,

City, Kan., received the

Robert Wertkin, bs ’70,

in the Million Dollar Round

Centennial, Colo., is an

Honorable Order of St. Michael

Vicksburg, Mich., was appointed

Table. Since beginning his career

attorney, financial planner and

Silver Award from the Army

director of the School of

with New York Life, he has been

senior lecturer of finance at

Aviation Association of America.

Interdisciplinary Health at

named to the president’s council

Metropolitan State University,

He was a member of Delta Theta

Western Michigan University. He

and executive council.

Denver. He also is an adjunct

Phi at Washburn.

also received the distinguished

associate professor at Webster

David Rebein, ba ’77, Dodge

service award from the school.

anniversary Gordon Lowry, ba ’41, jd ’46, Valley Falls, Kan., and Margaret Lowry celebrated their 72nd anniversary in June. He celebrated his 95th birthday in July.


University and had a book,

City, Kan., was re-elected as

Calvin Williams, jd ’78,

Janet (Hillyer) Armstrong,

“Plan Your Financial Future,”

chairman of the Legacy of Justice

Colby, Kan., received an

b ed ’68, Colorado Springs, Colo.,

published. Fevurly was a member

Foundation board of directors.

outstanding service award from

and Robert Armstrong, bs ’67,

of Delta Theta Phi at Washburn.

He is a partner in the Rebein

the Kansas Bar Association. He

celebrated their 45th wedding

Ron Keefover, ba ’71, Topeka,

Bangerter Rebein PA law firm.

is the sole practitioner in Colby

anniversary on June 15. The

retired after 32 years as the

Rebein was a member of Phi

and commissioner for the

29 Class Notes

Laywers Assistance program.

attorney with a private practice

Victims Compensation Board. He

Stacy Friend Bell, jd ’98,

He was an intern in the Law

in Tonganoxie.

is executive director of the Kansas

Helotes, Texas, is the assistant

Clinic at Washburn.

Bill Klapper, bba ’80,

Crime Victims Compensation

county attorney in Kerr County,


Kansas City, Kan., was

Board. He was a member of the

Texas. She was a member of Phi

appointed as a judge in the

Review staff at Washburn.

Delta Phi, Moot Court Council

Ivan Baker, ba ’81, Tinley Park,

29th Judicial District. He previously worked as an

director. He was one of 70

attorney in Wyandotte County.


and Women’s Legal Forum

Ill., is an economic development

Wayne Basso, ba ’93,

Angela (Simon) Bittner,

individuals invited to participate

Gordon Kuntz, bsn ’87, Hays,

Topeka, was promoted to

as ’93, bsn ’96, Topeka, is the

in the White House Summit on

Kan., assumed command of the

president of UMB Bank’s

rural outreach coordinator

Economic Development.

Kansas Army National Guard

eastern Kansas region and

for the archdiocesan office

Rhonda (Hodges) Braudis,

medical detachment. Kuntz, who

serves on the company’s

of evangelization of Catholic

ba ’83, Azel, Texas, retired

has achieved the rank of colonel,

Kansas loan committee.

formation of youth in Wyandotte

as a colonel after serving for

is a psychiatric nurse practitioner

Randy Beale, b ed ’92,

County. She was a member of the

38 years in the Air Force. She

at High Plains Mental Health

Edgerton, Mo., is a realtor in

volleyball team at Washburn.

was a member of the Air Force

Center in Hays.

Kansas City, Mo. He was a

Jennifer (Cowan) Haugh,

ROTC and Washburn Players

Nancy Moritz, bba ’82, jd ’85,

member of the Physical Educator

bfa ’96, Topeka, is co-owner

during college.

Topeka, was nominated by

Majors Club at Washburn.

of Dead Eye Diva, a firearms/

LaDonna (Williams)

President Barack Obama to the

Kevin Berens, jd ’99, St.

shooting education and event

DiCamillo, bs ’88, Long

U.S. Court of Appeals for the

Francis, Kan., was appointed to

group for women.

Beach, Calif., is the director of

10th District. She has served as

a two-year term on the Kansas

Jared Holroyd, ba ’95, Topeka,

government affairs for Burlington

a Kansas Supreme Court justice

Sentencing Commission. He

is the senior executive director for

Northern Santa Fe Railway in Los

since 2011. Moritz is a member

is the attorney for Bird City

Atria Hearthstone, a retirement

Angeles. She is the chairperson of

of NoNoSo and was a member of

and Thomas County and has

and assisted living community.

the Long Beach Area Chamber of

Delta Sigma Psi, student council

a private practice. He was a

Mark Lackey, b ed ’93,

Commerce board of directors.

and the Law Journal, for which

member of Phi Alpha Delta, the

McPherson, Kan., is a science

W. Lee Fowler, jd ’81,

she was notes editor.

student division of the Kansas

teacher in the Canton-Galva

Cottonwood Falls, Kan.,

Sean Scally, jd ’88, Valdosta,

Bar and the Law Journal staff

school district.

was appointed to the Kansas

Ga., is the program coordinator

while at Washburn.

William Leis, ba ’94, Bermuda, Ga.,

Sentencing Commission by

at Wiregrass Georgia Technical

Chief Justice Lawton R. Nuss.


He was a member of Phi Delta

Brad Thornton, jd ’84, Clear

Phi at Washburn.

Lake, Iowa, is a reverend at the

Mary Gerrard, jd ’82, Madison,

First Congregational Church in

Wis., is the president of the

a bachelor of arts from Washburn in

Clear Lake.

University of Wisconsin-La

1980, received the Clarence M. Kelley

Debra Villarreal, bba ’82,

Crosse Foundation.

Meritorious Service Award from the FBI

Dallas, Texas, was recognized in

Frank Henderson Jr., ba ’89,

during a September ceremony. Burlew,

“The Best Lawyers in America.”

Topeka, is the president of the

who has worked as a special agent for the FBI for 25 years, is

She was a member of the

Kansas Association of School

retiring in May. The award is presented by personnel from the

Accounting Society at Washburn.

Boards. He is deputy director of

corporation of Clarence M. Kelley in Kansas City, Mo., and by

Jeff Wagaman, ba ’84, Topeka,

the Topeka Rescue Mission.

board members of the Kansas/Western Missouri Chapter of the

was elected to a three-year term

Michael Kelly, jd ’80,

FBI National Academy Associates. At left is Mike Kaste, special

to the board of directors of the

Tonganoxie, Kan., is an

agent in charge of the FBI in Kansas City. Photo Submitted

National Association of Crime

*Dues-paid Alumni Association members are highlighted in blue.

while at Washburn.

David Burlew, bs ’80, Ozark, Mo. David Burlew (right), who received

Class Notes 30

is a technical operations supervisor

Security Benefit Corporation. He

member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and

Overland Park, Kan., is a partner

for the Bank of Butterfield. He was

was a member of the Washburn

Sagamore and was a member of the

with Post Anderson Layton

a member of the Catholic Campus

Student Government Association

Student Alumni Association and

Lindstrom. He was a member of

Center at Washburn.

and Leadership Institute.

College Republicans.

Phi Alpha Delta and Washburn

Lynn McCreary, jd ’94, Elm Grove,

Anne-Marie (Scruggs) Bevel,

Eric Dales, bs ’08, Topeka,

Student Government Association.

Wis., was promoted to executive

bpa ’05, , Topeka, is assistant

graduated from the Army

Jennifer L. Michaels, jd ’09,

vice president and general counsel

trade adjustment assistant

National Guard advanced

Lenexa, Kan., received the

of Fiserv Inc. He was a member of

program manager for the Kansas

individual training as a member

outstanding young lawyer award

Moot Court Council at Washburn.

Department of Commerce.

of D Company 1-222nd aviation

from the Kansas Bar Association.

Tony Mattivi, jd ’94, Topeka, is an

Becky Bridson, ba ’00, Lawrence,

regiment at Fort Eustis, Va. He

She was a member of Moot Court

assistant U.S. attorney.

Kan., is a personal trainer. She

is a corrections specialist wih the

Council at Washburn.

Michael Millett, jd ’97, Overland

played basketball and worked on

Shawnee County Department of

Courtney Mikesic, jd ’05, Kansas

Park, Kan., is a criminal defense

the Review staff at Washburn.

Corrections and played baseball at

City, Kan., is an associate with

attorney focusing on misdemeanor

Cara Burnidge, ba ’06,


the law firm Kramer and Frank

and felony criminal cases in federal,

Tallahassee, Fla., received a doctor

Nolan Deitrich, bs ’07, Lawrence,

PC. She was an intern in the Law

state, municipal, juvenile and

of philosophy in religion from

Kan., is a paraprofessional and

Clinic at Washburn.

appellate courts in the State of

Florida State University. She is an

assistant baseball coach at Free

Alicia (Phillips) Mowder, ba ’08,

Kansas. He was a member of Moot

instructor of history at the school.

State High School in Lawrence.

Edmond, Okla., is the brand

Court Council at Washburn.

Burnidge was a member of the

He played baseball at Washburn.

manager for Sonic America’s

Chris Ramsey, ba ’94, Chevy

Leadership Institute and NoNoSo.

Javier Gonzalez, mba ’02, Dallas,

Drive-In in Oklahoma City.

Chase, Md., is the CEO of

Christy Carroll, certificate in

Texas, is a supply chain manager

Christopher Mowder, bba ’07,

LATISTA Technologies. He was a

diagnostic medical sonography

for contract manufacturing at

Edmond, Okla., is a senior

member of the Washburn Student

’08, bhs ’11, Wichita, Kan., is a

Frito Lay.

marketing manager for Security

Government Association and

cardiovascular sonographer at

Maria Guzman, bfa ’03, ba ’03,

Benefit Corporation. He was

Review staff.

Heartland Cardiology in Wichita.

Oakland, Calif., is working with

a member of Delta Chi at

Verlee Sanneman, ba ’98, Topeka,

Emily Cottrell, b music ’06,

muralist Ray Patlan to renovate


is office manager at the First Baptist

mls ’11, Topeka, is an executive

The Song of Unity Mural in

Candi (Hoffmann) Nigh, ba ’06,

Church. She was a member of Who’s

assistant at the Kansas Chamber

Berkeley, Calif.

Tribune, Kan., completed her

Who Among Students at American

of Commerce. She was a member

Zack Hemmerling, bs ’07,

residency at the University of

Universities and Colleges.

of the German Club and Catholic

Hutchinson, Kan., is the foreman

Kansas School of Medicine at

Todd Wheat, bs ’93, Quinton,

Campus Center during college.

at Prairie Hills Nursery. He played

Wesley Medical Center in Wichita.

Ala., was promoted to lieutenant

Tara (Kemp) Cunningham,

football while at Washburn.

Kyounghwa Oh, bfa ’04, Grand

in the Alabama Department of

ba ’00, Phoenix, Ariz., is an

Meghan Houtsma, jd ’05,

Junction, Colo., is an artist and

Corrections William E. Donaldson

assistant professor at the University

Syracuse, Kan., was inducted into

an instructor of art at Colorado

Correctional Facility. He is a

of Arizona College of Medicine-

the Baker University athletics

MESA University.

member of Kappa Sigma and

Phoenix. She is on the City of

Hall of Fame. She is an attorney at

Kinsley (Krupich) Riggs, ba ’06,

played football at Washburn.

Phoenix Leadership Committee

Syracuse Dairy LLC.

Olathe, Kan., is the branch


and Phoenix Youth Ballet Theatre

Curtis Kitchen, ba ’02,

manager of Corinth Neighborhood

board of directors and was named

Shawnee, Kan., is the director of

Library in Prairie Village, Kan.

Matt Ahrens, bba ’06,

to the Phoenix Business Journal’s

publications and tradeshow for the

She is membership chairperson

Streamwood, Ill., is the director of

“Forty Under 40.”

National Auctioneers Association.

for the Kansas Library Association

the Midwest Region in the RIA

Clay Curtin, ba ’03, Menlo Park,

He worked on The Review staff

and participated in the Northeast

and Independent Broker/Dealer

Calif., is the assistant to the city

during college.

Johnson County Chamber of

sales distribution channel for

manager in Menlo Park. He is a

Tad Layton, ba ’00, jd ’03,

Commerce leadership program.

31 Class Notes

*Dues-paid Alumni Association members are highlighted in blue.

Riggs was a member of the

Community College. He was

at Zimmerman and

Kan. She was a member of the

Leadership Institute at Washburn.

a member of Phi Delta Theta,

Zimmerman PA.

French Club, Future Alumni

Nathan Schmidt, bs ’02, Topeka,

Young Republicans and Washburn

B.J. Harden, jd ’12, Topeka,

Network, Mortar Board and

is a member of the city council

Student Government Association.

is the legislative director for

Washburn Residence Council

for the City of Topeka. He is a


Kansas House Speaker Ray

during college.

Merrick. Harden was a member

Meghan Ryan, ba ’12,

of the Federalists Society,

Topeka, was promoted to

Intellectual Property Society and

Tracks editor and quality

International Politics Club and

representative for the National

worked on the Law Journal staff

Association of Trailer

at Washburn.

Manufacturers. She is a

Tim Hrabe, ba ’11, Topeka,

member of Kappa Alpha

was promoted to marketing

Theta and NoNoSo and was

coordinator for the National

a member of Alpha Lambda

Association of Trailer

Delta at Washburn.

Manufacturers. He was a member

Christopher Roth, b music ’11,

of WU Bigs.

Knoxville, Tenn., received

Jacob Keas, bba ’11, Lubbock,

a master’s degree in flute

Texas, is project manager and

performance at the University

co-owner of Oxy Petroleum

of Tennessee. He was a

and Obsessed Boutique. He

member of Collegiate Music

was a member of Collegiate

Educators, Washburn Orchestra

Entrepreneurs and International

Association, Washburn

Business Club at Washburn.

Association of Bands and the

Richard Kelly, ba ’13,

Washburn Flute Association.

bsw ’13, Topeka, is a human

Danielle SanAntonio, ba ’12,

resources assistant at Key

Pascoag, R.I., is a marketing

Staffing Solutions.

specialist at Gallo Thomas

Megan Lady, m ed ’10, Abilene,

Insurance Agency.

Kan., is a special education


senior database administrator for the Kansas Department of Revenue. Schmidt played football at Washburn. Christine (Sloop) Steinkuehler, ba ’05, Topeka, received the Shawnee County Historical Society preservation award for the restoration of 1272 S.W. Western in Topeka. Junior Treto, ba ’03, Denver, Colo., is the manager of special events at Teach for America. He was a member of Phi Delta Theta, Campus Activities Board, the Student Alumni Association and Washburn Student Association. Matt Warnock, bba ’06, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., works for the Professional Golf Association Tour. He played golf at Washburn. Samuel Wendt, jd ’01, Leawood, Kan., was accepted into the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. He is co-founder of the Kansas City, Mo., firm Wendt

Denise (Bunck) Davies, bba ’05, Bloomington, Ill., and Luke Davies, a boy, Archer Joseph, on May 30. He joins sisters Addyson, 5, and Ainsley, 3. Crystal (Walker) Ecton, ba ’04, Gridley, Kan., and Jarrod Ecton, a boy, Bodie Douglas, on March 14. He joins brother Max, 2. Jeff Kready, b music ’04, New York City, and Nikki Daniels, a girl, Lena Renee, on June 18. Paige (Pfannenstiel) Woolery, bba ’07, Baytown, Texas, and Nick Woolery, bpa ’08, a boy, Cal William, on June 3. She is a member of NoNoSo, was a member of Washburn Student Government Association and the Leadership Institute and worked on the Washburn Review staff. He was a Bonner Leader in Learning in the Community and a member of WU Bigs, International Politics Club, Model United Nations and Washburn Student Government Association.

teacher at McKinley Intermediate in Abilene.

Kyleigh Haggard, ba ’10, Tonganoxie, Kan., and Brad


Morgan Minihan, ba ’13,

Julia Brummer, bsn ’13,

at Seaman Middle School

Krystal Wiltz, ba ’08,

Topeka, is a registered nurse

in Topeka.


Charleston, S.C., is director of

at DaVita Dialysis. She was

Bailey Pepper, certificate in

Sharon Sullivan, associate

operations for the Charleston

a member of Bod Squad

surgical technology ’13, Topeka,

professor of theatre, women

Port and Seafarers Society. She

at Washburn.

is a surgical technologist at

and gender studies, received the

was a member of Student Film

Racheal Camp, certificate

Stormont-Vail HealthCare.

Dream Builder Award at the

and Video at Washburn.

in child care ’13, Topeka, is

Daphne Phillips, ba ’12,

YWCA Leadership Luncheon.

Jason Wright, bba ’04, Thornton,

working at a home daycare.

Lawrence, Kan., is an admissions

She is a member of NoNoSo.

Colo., is coordinator of student

Xenia (Chumak) Conroy,

advisor at National American

activities at Front Range

bls ’13, Topeka, is a paralegal

University in Overland Park,

Goss P.C. Wendt was a member of the International Law Society at Washburn.

Topeka, is a math teacher

Rogers, bba ’11, Tonganoxie, on April 27.

34 Class Notes 32


a practice in Othello. Caw was

wife Doris (Cohn) Pirotte,

Pusateri. Brunton also taught

a member of Zeta Tau Alpha,

ba ’46, Wichita, Kan.

court reporting at Washburn.

Mariella (White) Adams,

Panhellenic Council, NoNoSo

Richard Pokorny, ba ’47, 89,

She was a member of the

ba ’38, 96, Topeka, on Aug.

and the Kaw staff.

Spokane, Wash., on June 8.

marching band at Washburn.

9. She worked for the State of

Donald Kresie, jd ’48, 94,

He served in the Navy during

Harold Carlson, b ed ’50, 91,

Kansas and won the City of

Topeka, on Aug. 31. He served in

World War II and served as chief

New Port Richey, Fla., on May

Topeka women’s golf tournament

the Army during World War II

of anesthesiology as a member

26. He was a Navy pilot during

three times. Adams was a member

and worked in the Department

of the Army Medical Corps.

World War II before working for

of Zeta Tau Alpha. Survivors

of Administration for the State of

Pokorny worked as a physician

more than 30 years as a teacher

include sons Richard Smith,

Kansas for 34 years. Kresie was

for 35 years and was president

and administrator. Carlson

bba ’64, jd ’68, St. Paul, Minn.,

a member of Phi Alpha Delta.

of the Washington State Society

played basketball at Washburn.

and Charles Smith, bba ’65,

Survivors include daughter Karen

of Anesthesiologists. He was a

Survivors include wife Kathryn

Tempe, Ariz.; and daughter-in-

(Kresie) Follett, bsn ’83, Fort

member of the Washburn Choir.

(McRae) Carlson, ba ’50, New

law Elizabeth Smith, ba ’70, St.

Collins, Colo.

Georgia (Fiederling) St.

Port Richey, Fla.

Paul, Minn.

Bonney (Maine) Miller, ba ’49,

Germaine, ba ’40, 93, Arlington

William Cunningham, ba ’51,

Jane (Baird) Weeden, b music ’39,

85, Manchester, N.H., on June

Heights, Ill., on Nov. 17, 2012.

86, Overland Park, Kan., on July

96, Topeka, on Aug. 27. She

8. She co-owned and operated

She was a member of Alpha Phi

16. He served in the Navy during

directed recreational and music

Mill-Mart House, a gift shop in

and the Quill Club.

World War II before working

therapy for injured soldiers and

Topeka. She was a member of

John Schnellbacher, ba ’47, 93,

as a salesman for the Fruhauf

prisoners of war at McClosky

Delta Gamma and NoNoSo and

Corpus Christi, Texas, on June

company. Survivors include nieces

General Hospital. Weeden also

worked on the Kaw staff.

28. He served in the Coast Guard

Susan Cunningham, ba ’79,

worked for the Red Cross and

Ernest Morrison, ba ’41, 94,

before working as an attorney for

Topeka, Caroline Cunningham,

State of Kansas, and taught

Sioux Falls, S.D., on Aug. 25.

more than 50 years.

ba ’85, Topeka, and Karen

music. She was a member of the

He served in the military during

June (Stubbings) Sheldon,

(Cunningham) Shanks,

board for the Topeka Symphony.

World War II before working as

ba ’44, 96, Topeka, on Aug. 16.

bs ’85, Meriden, Kan.; and

Weeden was a member of Alpha

an administrator for Children’s

She was a teacher in the Topeka

nephew Tunis Cunningham,

Phi and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

Care Hospital and School in

school district. Survivors include

bba ’77, Lyndon.

at Washburn. Survivors include

Sioux Falls. Morrison was

brother Harris Stubbings, bba ’50,

Ruth (Curtis) Houser, bba ’53,

Nancy (Weeden) McKimmy,

inducted into the South Dakota

Topeka; and niece Karen

81, Topeka, on July 17. She

ba ’74, Grand Blanc, Mich.

Hall of Fame in 1992. He was a

(Stubbings) Bransgrove,

worked at her father’s insurance

member of Phi Alpha Delta and

b music ’83, Littleton, Colo.

business and as an office manager


and paraprofessional in Topeka.


Henry Blauw Jr., ba ’49, 88, Leawood, Kan., on May 15. He served in the Navy during World War II before working in accounting at Sheffield Steel for 26 years. Blauw was a member of Kappa Sigma. Blythe (Bray) Caw, ba ’48, jd ’50, 86, Othello, Wash., on May 30, 2012. She was an attorney with 33 In Memory

the track team at Washburn. Thomas Pirotte, ba ’47, 88,

Houser was a member of Zeta

Wichita, Kan., on Aug. 4. He

Merlin Bolze, bba ’59, 85,

Tau Alpha.

served in the Navy during World

Topeka, on July 22. He served in

Wendell Humphrey, bba ’51,

War II, achieving the rank of

the Marines during the Korean

85, Topeka, on Sept. 13. He

lieutenant. Pirotte worked for

Conflict before working at

served in the Army during

International Harvester and


World War II. Survivors include

State Farm Insurance. He was

Reta Brunton, ba ’58, 77,

daughter Susan (Humphrey)

a member of Alpha Delta,

Topeka, on July 31. She was

Jones, b ed ’78, Topeka; and

Sagamore and the Kaw staff while

a teacher and the shorthand

niece Jeannine Haag, bs ’76,

at Washburn. Survivors include

reporter for Judge James

jd ’82, Fort Collins, Colo.

Gerald Kerby, bs ’54, 80,

(Bjorgaard) Probasco, jd ’81,

Wiegers was the Marshall

Eastborough, Kan., on July 4. He

Fairway, Kan., on June 12. He

Topeka; son Jeffrey Probasco,

County attorney and mayor of

was a member of Alpha Delta and

served as a flight surgeon in

bs ’81, McKinney, Texas; nephew

the City of Marysville.

played golf at Washburn.

the Navy before working as a

Eric Freeman, jd ’98, Henderson,

physician and professor. Kerby

Nev.; 13 grandchildren and five

taught at the University of Kansas



Daniel High, ba ’63, jd ’63, 74,

Virginia (Bantleon) Brier, b ed ’64,

He was a member of Sigma Phi

School of Medicine for more than

Vernon Riggert, bba ’50, 87,

m ed ’73, 92, Topeka, on June 20.

Epsilon and Phi Alpha Delta at

30 years and served on the board

Raymore, Mo., on Aug. 10. He

She was a teacher in the Richland

Washburn before working as an

of directors of the American

served in the Navy before owning

and Topeka districts.

attorney. Survivors include sister

Thoracic Society and was

and operating Riggert Tire Co. in

Robert Brown, jd ’65, 78,

Selma Peck, b e d ’64, m ed ’95,

president of the American Lung

Belton, Mo., from 1971 to 1987.

Leawood, Kan., on June 22. He

Tecumseh, Kan.

Association of Kansas.

Riggert also worked for the Cass

was a lieutenant in the Army

Roger Nyfeler, ba ’63, 72,

Thomas McPeak, bfa ’57, 79,

County juvenile office and The

before working as an attorney.

Topeka, on July 14. He served

Clemson, S.C., on July 31.

Home Depot.

He later worked as a pilot for

in the Marines during the

He worked for WIBW before

Nicholas Roach, bba ’58, 77,

Trans World Airline before

Vietnam War and worked for

teaching at Clemson University,

Topeka, on June 23. He worked

retiring in 1991. Brown was a

the Menninger Clinic for 40

Kent State, Washburn and Tri

in the family’s commercial

member of Delta Theta Phi.

years as a therapeutic recreation

County Tech. McPeak was a

laundry, dry cleaning and linen

Zella (Andrick) Darting, b ed ’63,

specialist. He was a member

member of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

supply business for 13 years before

m ed ’73, 93, Emmett, Kan.,

of Phi Delta Theta and the

James Marr, bba ’57, 84, Lenexa,

working for the Department

on Aug. 23. She was a teacher

Washburn Players, and he played

Kan., on Aug. 31. He served

of Post-Audit for the State of

for 40 years, including 19 years

football during college.

in the Army and worked at

Kansas. Roach also worked at

in one-room schools in Jackson

Charles Pomeroy, bba ’65, 90,

Hallmark Cards for 28 years.

several colleges and universities

County and 21 years as a first-

Topeka, on June 15. He was a tax

Marr was a member of Phi Delta

before retiring in 2003. He was a

grade teacher in Shawnee County.

consultant at Pomeroy Tax Office

Theta, the Association of Business

member of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Survivors include son Gerry

and attended the School of Law.

Students and Young Republicans.

Charles Rondelli, jd ’53, 83,

Darting, aa ’85, Rossville, Kan.

Survivors include son Charles

Theron Maupin, bba ’58, 81,

Tucson, Ariz., on July 18.

Robert Duncan, bba ’61,

Pomeroy, bba ’75, Ketchum, Idaho;

Topeka, on July 21. He served

Kay Scharfenberg, ba ’57, 77,

79, Muscatine, Iowa, on

niece Elsa Pomeroy, b ed ’73,

in the Army before working in

St. Louis, Mo., on Sept. 13.

Sept. 14. He served in the

Topeka; and nephews Stan

the insurance industry and in

She was a member of Alpha

Air Force and worked for the

Pomeroy, ba ’74, Topeka, and

the audit department for the

Phi, debate and the Dancing

U.S. Department of Labor in

David Pomeroy, ba ’77, Topeka.

Kansas Department of Social

Blues at Washburn.

Denver, Colo., as director of

Bill Remmers II, bs ’63, 73,

and Rehabilitation Services.

Barbara (Stone) Soucy,

training. He was a member of

Lawrence, Kan., on June 16.

Maupin was a member of

ba ’55, 80, Sabetha, Kan., on

Young Democrats at Washburn.

He worked in several capacities

Phi Delta Theta and Young

July 25. She was a teacher at

Jan Goes, bba ’64, 73, Mercer

for the University of Kansas,

Republicans at Washburn.

several elementary schools,

Island, Wash., on May 15. A

including research, statistical

George Probasco, ba ’50, jd ’51,

including Lake Ridge Academy

native of the Netherlands, he

analysis and as an instructor.

87, Topeka, on July 14. He served

in Elyria, Ohio. Soucy was a

served in the Dutch Army before

Remmers also worked as a

in the Army Air Corp, achieving

member of Delta Gamma and

participating in an exchange

mathematician for Aeroneutronics

the rank of staff sergeant. Probasco

Phi Kappa Phi.

program with Washburn. Goes

in Newport Beach, Calif.

was the auditor for Shawnee

Edward Wiegers, jd ’57, 80,

later worked for McKinsey and

Philip Saia, jd ’60, 82,

County for 12 years and worked

Marysville, Kan., on June

Company Inc., Barry Wright

Frontenac, Kan., on Sept. 1. He

as an attorney. He was a member

28. He served in the Army

Corporation and Sonicare. He

served in the Army before owning

of Alpha Delta and Delta Theta

National Guard, retiring as a

was a member of Phi Delta Theta.

a private practice as an attorney.

Phi. Survivors include wife Ethel

colonel after 35 years of service.

Guy Harris, bba ’65, 69,

Saia was a worker’s compensation

*Dues-paid Alumni Association members are highlighted in blue.

Branson West, Mo., on May 24.

36 In Memory 34


JAMES AHRENS, PROFESSOR OF LAW EMERITUS, 94, TOPEKA, on June 6 Born in St. Louis, Mo., James Ahrens served in the Army/Air Force Intelligence Corps during World War II before attending Wooster College and the University of Chicago, where he received a juris doctor degree. He was a professor of law at Washburn from 1944 to 1988, designing the Washburn Law Institute and serving as the faculty adviser for the Washburn Moot Court team. Ahrens initiated comparative law programs for Yugoslavia and England and was named a distinguished professor of law. He also had a law school endowment in tort law in his name. Survivors include wife Margaret Ahrens, Topeka; sons Martin Ahrens, ba ’67, Topeka, a senior development director at the Washburn University Foundation, and Anton Ahrens, Topeka; daughters Julia Ahrens, ma ’89, Kansas City, Kan., and Katherine Weidling, ba ’77, Shawnee Mission, Kan., Martha Miller and Barbara Jackson; grandson James Ahrens, ba ’10, Topeka; son-in-law Frank Weidling, ba ’78, Shawnee Mission, Kan.; and daughter-in-laws Carolyn Szafran Ahrens, bfa ’74, Topeka, and Susan Stickley, b ed ’76, Topeka.

judge, owned Crawford County

of the House Reappointment

Republic County and a member

He served in the Army during the

Abstract Company from 1971 to

Committee. He later opened a

of the Kansas Bar Association.

Vietnam War before teaching and

1990 and retired as a gunsmith.

law firm. Bideau was a member of

Karl Glatt, ba ’76, ms ’89, 59,

coaching in Arkansas City, Kan.

Survivors include daughter

Sigma Phi Epsilon and an intern

Topeka, on Aug. 11. He worked

Prather had a private practice

Ramona (Saia) Miller, msw ’11,

in the Law Clinic at Washburn.

at Southwestern Bell Telephone

in McPherson and served as

Berryton, Kan.

Survivors include wife Margaret

Company. Survivors include

assistant county attorney. He

Charles Schwartz III, b music ’69,

(Fritton) Bideau, b ed ’75,

father Oren Glatt, ba ’52,

was a member of Phi Delta Phi

66, Hartville, Mo., on May 13.

Chanute; brother David Bideau,

Abilene, Kan.; mother Harriet

and an intern in the Law Clinic.

He served in the Navy and taught

bba ’79, Chanute; and nephews

(Heins) Glatt, ba ’55, Abilene,

Survivors include son Nathan

music at Siuslaw High School in

Adam Bideau, bis ’13, Chanute,

Kan.; uncle A.D. Glatt, bpa ’89,

Prather, bfa ’02, McPherson.

Oregon. Schwartz was a member

and Heath Bideau, bba ’10,

Topeka; and stepdaughter

of Alpha Delta and Phi Mu Alpha

Lenexa, Kan.

Lisa (Mills) Goularte,

Sinfonia. Survivors include brother

Harriet (Gingerich) Caplan, jd

ba ’96, Topeka.


James Schwartz, b music ’66,

’76, 67, Hays, Kan., on Aug. 2.

Larry Kane, bba ’71, 64, Oro

Ariz., on July 28. He owned the

Eureka, Kan.

She was a professor at Fort Hays

Valley, Ariz., on July 4. He was

John Thomas Banta P.C. law


State University. Before then,

executive vice president of U.S.

firm. Banta was a member of Phi

Caplan was a parole officer in

Bank in Lawrence, Kan., and

Delta Phi and worked on the staff

Edwin Bideau III, bba ’72,

Cleveland, Ohio, and had a 25-

previously worked at banks in

of the law journal.

jd ’75, 62, Chanute, Kan., on

year career in banking. She was a

Portland, Ore., and Chicago, Ill.

Terrance Cavanaugh, bba ’84,

Sept. 5. He was the assistant

member of Phi Kappa Phi and the

Kane was a member of Sigma Phi

69, Corpus Christi, Texas,

county attorney in Neosho

editorial staff of the law journal, as

Epsilon. Survivors include sister

on Aug. 29. He was a funeral

County before being elected

well as an intern in the Law Clinic.

Patricia (Kane) Kovalchuk,

director and worked for

as county attorney. Bideau was

John Eyer, bba ’74, jd ’77, 60,

bsw ’95, Topeka.

Warren-McElwain Mortuary.

elected to the Kansas House of

Belleville, Kan., on May 7. He

Charles Prather, jd ’77, 67,

Survivors include brothers

Representatives and was chair

was district magistrate judge of

McPherson, Kan., on June 27.

Stephen Cavanaugh, ba ’71,

35 In Memory

John Banta, jd ’85, 67, Phoenix,


Tammy Ready, 36, Topeka, on

John O’Brien, bs ’00, 42,

Sept. 11. She was a custodian

professor at the University of

Topeka, on Sept. 3. He played

in the Facilities Services

ba ’69, jd ’76, Shawnee Mission,

Kansas Medical Center. Survivors

football at Washburn.

Department at Washburn.

Kan.; and sister-in-laws

include sister Debra Stewart,

Amy (Dahlstrom) Reser,

Ruth (Granger) Stauffer, 86,

Beth Cavanaugh, m ed ’95,

b ed ’80, m ed ’05, Topeka;

bba ’03, 33, Highlands Ranch,

Topeka, on March 31. She

Evergreen, Colo., and Annette

brother-in-law Mark Works,

Colo., on Aug. 24. Survivors

worked for the Emporia Gazette

Cavanaugh, b ed ’92, Topeka.

ba ’85, jd ’88, Topeka; and nieces

include mother Lynn (Hiebsch)

and was director of the Florence

Kevin Larrison, ba ’86, 55,

Alanna Seymour, bsn ’13,

Pelton, b ed ’90, m ed ’99,

Crittenton Home and Planned

Holton, Kan., on July 6. He was

Topeka, and Margeaux

Topeka; and sister Angela

Parenthood. Stauffer’s service to

an athletic trainer who worked

Seymour, a Washburn student.

Dahlstrom, bsw ’05, Topeka.

the community was extensive,

at Midwest Sports Medicine

Paul West, jd ’84, 55, St. Joseph,

Sylvia Scott, bsn ’00, 39, Topeka,

including serving on the boards

and as an adjunct instructor at

Mo., on May 17. He was a fiscal

on June 15. She worked in

for the Ronald McDonald

Washburn. Survivors include

analyst for the Kansas Legislature.

nursing for 14 years, including

House, Mulvane Art Museum,

daughter Holli (Larrison)

West was an intern in the Law

at the Truman Medical Center

University of Kansas Natural

Dieckmann, as ’08, Holton.

Clinic at Washburn.

in Kansas City, Mo. Survivors

History Museum and Kansas

Susan (Glotzbach) Sackman,


include sister Abigail Dillard,

International Museum. She

aa ’89, Kansas City, Kan.

received the president’s award

jd ’80, Topeka, and David

Mission Medical Center. Stewart

Cavanaugh, bba ’87, Topeka;

previously worked as an assistant

brother-in-law David Skidgel,

ba ’80, 54, Herndon, Va., on June 28. She was an Air Force civil servant for nearly 30 years,

Robert Burton, ba ’96, 47, Topeka, on July 5. He was


from Washburn in 1995 and established a scholarship for

Jeremy Stein, bs ’11, 32,

single mothers through the

Washburn. Burton was a member

Ulysses, Kan., on Sept. 16. He

Washburn Women’s Alliance.

of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Survivors

was an INE technician in the oil

Survivors include husband

was a member of Kappa Mu

include sister Jennifer (Burton)

and gas industry.

John Stauffer Sr., Topeka,

Epsilon and Angel Flight at

Streett, b ed ’94, Hiawatha, Kan.

a Washburn University

Washburn. Survivors include

Craig Kendall, jd ’91, 54,


brother Edward Glotzbach, ba

Anaheim, Calif., on May 4. He

’70, St. Louis, Mo., a Washburn

was a tax attorney in Topeka and

University Foundation trustee.

a member of the student division

Teresa (Kramer) Sloan, bsn ’86,

of the American Bar Association

52, St. Joseph, Mo., on Sept. 7.

at Washburn.

She was a nurse at the Veterans

Linda (Simpson) Pinkston, aa

Administration Hospital in

’92, 56, Topeka, on Aug. 9.

Leavenworth and the St. Joseph

She worked for the Kansas

Outreach Clinic.

Neurological Institute.

James Spring, jd ’82, 57,

Kevin Roberts, bba ’90, 46,

Winfield, Kan., on Aug. 18. He

Sedalia, Mo., on Aug. 24. He

was the Cowley County attorney

was a manager at the distribution

and also worked as a judge.

center for WireCo World

Daniel Stewart, bs ’83, 52,

Group and previously managed

Shawnee, Kan., on May 29.

distribution centers for Walmart,

He founded the reproductive

Payless ShoeSource, Stride-Rite

medicine and infertility

and Ingersoll-Rand.

including working as the senior strategic analyst for the National Guard joint staff. Sackman

a computer programmer at

department at the Shawnee *Dues-paid Alumni Association members are highlighted in blue.

Lloyd Muilenburg, 85, Topeka, on June 9. He served in the Navy and Army, then later as a chaplain in Vietnam, Germany and the United States. Muilenburg achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel before retiring and becoming a chaplain at St. Francis Health Center and Presbyterian Manor. Survivors include wife Mary (Fuller) Muilenburg, b music ’56, Topeka; daughter Sheri (Muilenburg) Bokelman, aa ’87, bba ’87, Evergreen, Colo.; stepdaughter Dorothy (Van Slyke) Iliff, b ed ’81, Topeka; and stepgrandson Justin Blumreich, bba ’05, bsn ’11, Topeka.

Foundation trustee; son John Stauffer Jr., bba ’76, Olathe, Kan., also a Foundation trustee; and daughter Mary Brownback, Topeka. Joseph Stein, 89, Topeka, on July 24. He served in the Air Force during the Korean Conflict before working for more than 60 years as a physician, including 52 years in neurology. He worked at Menninger Clinic, taught at the University of Kansas Medical Center and was a physician at the CottonO’Neil Clinic. Survivors include wife Lucy (Nichols) Stein, m ed ’73, Topeka. 38 In Memory 36


AS OF OCT. 24, 2013

David Aadalen Kelsey Aadalen Charlotte Adair Elaine Adair Jeff Adair Blue Adame Carolyn Adams Donna Adams Jack Adams John Adams Keith D. Adams Keith L. Adams Nick Adams Becky Addington Gary Adkins Mary Adkins Miranda Adkins Ann Adrian Tom Adrian Nancy Aguirre-Feinglass Carolyn Ahrens Martin Ahrens Aysha Aktar Ed Alberg Hank Alberg Joyce Alberg Dianne Albert Terry Albert Larry Albright Bob Alderson Ed Aldrine Kaitlin Alegria Don Alexander Edwin Aley Joanna Alfers Rizki Aljupri Adrian Allen Barbara Allen Chuck Allen David Allen Evelyn Allen Grace Allen Kirsten Allen Mary Allen Michael Allen Pamela Allen Ann Allison Dick Allison Eustacia Allison Michael Alonzo Khaloud Alsaid Rebekah Alters Bailey Altman Michelle Alvarez Solmer Alvarez Gutierrez Betsy Anderson Dale Anderson Ev Anderson Jerry Anderson Jim Anderson Joe Anderson Julie Anderson Laura Anderson Linda Anderson Maurice Anderson Nancy Anderson Richard Anderson Rick Anderson Ronnie Anderson Scott Anderson

37 Alumni Association

T.C. Anderson Trella Anderson Kelly Andrews Dena Anson Steve Anson Bette Anton Kris Antonetti Larry Apel Bill Araiza Miranda Archer Melissa Area Allison Arenas Becky Arensdorf Griff Argo Jen Armour Zinaia Armstead Bob Armstrong Chris Armstrong Elizabeth Armstrong Jan Armstrong Niki Armstrong Kevin Arnel Weston Arnel John Arnett Sheridan Arnett Bret Arnold Cara Arnold Christina Arnold Evan Arnold Nick Arnold Ann Marie Arp Katharine Arroyo Ernestine Artese Chelsea Artzer Kathy Jo Artzer Narra Asher Tiffany Ashline George Ashworth Seavor Askren Shelby Atadgi Michael Atchison Jeanne Atha Steve Atha Davis Atteberry Delanie Atteberry Pat Augustine Louann Austin Sam Austin Tammy Austin Gretchen Auten Paige Auten Barbara Axton Charlie Axton Angela Ayala Carol Ayers Terry Babb Shannon Babcock Dennis Bachman Jerrica Bachmann Bob Bachtell Janice Bacon Janelle Badger Walt Badke LeAnne Baehni-Schultz Larry Baer Stacia Baer Vicki Baer Amanda Baer Wright Amanda Baglin Artur Bagyants

Lowell Bahner Ron Bahre Colene Bailes Randy Bailes Danielle Bailey Erik Bailey Lynn Bailey Shelly Bailey Ola Bailey-Drake Greg Bair Betsy Baker Elizabeth Baker Gary Baker Ivan Baker Jim Baker Melinda Baker Molly Baker Sandy Baker-Adams Lana Baker-White Barbara Baldwin Jennifer Baldwin Jean Balint Ruth Ball Candice Ballard Jerry Banaka Megan Bancroft Thomas Banley Mary Bannwarth George Barbee Jean Barbee Michael Barber Jennifer Barbery Anna Barker Betty Barker Bill Barker Joan Barker Rick Barker Mindy Barks Barb Barnard Georganne Barnes Jerry Barnes Susan Barnes Ann Barnett Bob Barnett Deidre Barnett Elise Barnett Jim Barnett John Barnett Kim Barnett Pam Barnett Connie Barngrover Larry Barngrover Faron Barr Grace Barr James Barraclough Jenny Barricklow Carol Barry Daniel Barry Jana Barry Patrick Barry Tony Barry Dick Barta Marcia Barta Deanna Bartels Wendell Bartels Karan Bartlett Lynn Bartlett Mike Bartlett Allison Barton Tanya Baruth

Aleah Bass Daniel Bass Jan Bass Rebekah Bassford Kristen Basso Wayne Basso Judy Bates Larrie Bates Lauren Batres Mark Bauer Ynacio Bautista Daniel Baxter Gary Bayens Joan Bayens Robert Beal Charles Beall Francene Beall Kristen Beall Vi Beall Chris Beasley Colleen Beasley Tim Beasley Brian Becker Kent Becker Madison Beckman Merrill Befort Ingrid Bego Amanda Behm Gerald Beier Bartholomew Beiker Rachel Beiker Marla Beimforde Bernice Bell Bradley Bell Eston Bell Kathleen Bell Katy Bell Matt Bell Kerri Bellamy Stephen Bellerive Matt Benaka Donna Bender Jack Bender Bill Benedict Eric Benedict Liz Benedict Martha Benignus Chuck Bennett Kaitlyn Bennett Jerry Benning Richard Bennon Carol Benoit Harold Benoit Carlene Benson Lee Benson Victor Benson Julia Bentley Michael Benton Joe Berberick Jeanne Berg Fredrick Bergmann Matthew Bergmann Shannon Bergmann Paul Berkley Cheri Bernard Jim Bernard Larry Bernhardt Darron Berroth Carrie Berry Colby Berry

Jeanne Bertelson Ken Bertelson Bob Besanceney Brooke Besler Rosemary Best-Cutrer Tim Bethel Amanda Betts Liz Beutler Candace Bevan Bernie Bianchino Marilyn Bianchino Paul Bicknell Adam Bideau Lou Biegeleisen Brandon Bieker Stephanie Bieker Greg Bien Marlene Bien Rebekah Biernacki Victoria Bigger Jim Biggs Erin Bigler Ryan Biladeau Colby Billau Janice Bingham Jerry Bingham Kasandra Birch Brooke Bird Christopher Bird Sean Bird Heather Birkbeck Pat Birkbeck Glenn Birzer Dee Bisel Kavin Bitter Meghan Bitter Angela Bittner Kevin Bittner Fern Black Bobby Blackburn Carol Blackburn Jen Blackburn Jim Blackburn Linda Blackburn Jamie Blackim Brenda Blackman Michael Blackman Cassandra Blackwell Kara Blackwell Loraine Blackwood Cameron Blain Ben Blair Jordan Blair Julie Blair Merle Blair Nancy Blanco Tricia Blankenship Connie Blaser Sam Blasi Bill Blass Sheri Blass Christie Blenden Alison Blevins James Blevins Lisa Blevins Brandon Blick Don Bliss Gary Bliss Jennifer Bliss Paula Bliss

Teresa Bliss Tom Bliss Otis Blocher J. D. Bloomar April Bloxsom-Gomez Delray Blumreich Cathy Bluthardt Doug Bluthardt Pat Bluthardt Paul Boatwright Shirley Boatwright Don Bobo Leah Bockover Marilyn Boeding Paula Boerger Heather Bohaty Dennis Bohm Blake Boling Calvin Bolt Janell Bolton Dawn Boman Larry Bond Laura Bond Bob Boner Amy Bones Scott Bonjour Linda Bonnel Tom Bonnel A. L. Bontrager Debbie Bontrager Caleb Boone Bruce Borders Jesse Borjon Stacie Borjon Betty Born Tami Boten Frances Boudreau Louis Bourdeau Bob Bourdette Jon Boursaw Lyman Boursaw Haven Bouton Jan Bowen Mary Jane Bowen Rod Bowen Ronald Bower Vince Bowhay Mary Bowie Ben Bowman Gary Bowrey Desiree Bowser Larry Bowser Nikki Box Bob Boyd Rebeca Boyd Brian Boyer Phyllis Boyer Ashlie Boyett Margaret Boyles Jim Braden Margie Braden Kay Bradford William Bradford Dale Bradley Marrissa Bradley Susanne Bradley Danielle Bradrick Erinn Bradstreet Pamela Brady Steven Braegger

Dena Brake Jeanette Branam Mike Branam Katie Brandt Lillian Brauner Jenny Brayton Ashley Brecheisen Curtis Breeding Chuck Brehm Jane Brehm Jessica Bremer Greg Brenneman Mark Brenneman Ronda Brenneman Caley Brenner Ellen Brentine Carolyn Brentlinger Don Brentlinger Brooke Brewer Jen Brewer Shawna Brewer Clayton Brice Patrick Bridge Jack Brier Joanne Brier Kayla Briggs Abby Brinker Cassidy Bristol Bob Britting Kyle Brock Nancy Brock Vonda Brock Gregg Brockman Bud Bromich Judy Bromich Edith Bronson Phil Bronson Julie Brooks Matt Brooks Nancy Brooks Terry Bross Eileen Brouddus Moira Brouddus Garrett Brower Emily Brown Harley Brown Jackie Brown James Brown Katie Brown Kelly Brown Randy Brown Sue Brown Thomas Brown Timothy Brown Janis Brown Hutchison Katy Browne Yvonne Brownell Joyce Browning Kayla Browning Dave Broxterman Leighton Broxterman Nathan Broxterman Peg Broxterman Peggy Broxterman Rachel Broxterman Quin Bruce Jane Brumley Keith Brumley Julia Brummer Allison Bruna Clinton Bruning Pam Bruns-Works Kenny Bruntz Kristin Brust Curtis Bruton Grover Bryan Katlin Bryan Bill Buche Randine Buche Paula Buchele Cory Buck Rhett Buckley Doris Buckner Diane Budden Richard Budden

Russell Budden Samantha Budden Kelsey Buek Jan Bueker Emmett Bufford Ruth Bufford Deva Buhrle Woody Bulkley Jim Bunds William D. Bunten William W. Bunten Stephanie Bunten Betty Buonasera Gail Burbank Donna Burgard Tom Burgess Eric Burghart George Burket Dave Burlew Bret Burnett Jim Burns John Burns Beth Burrell Dean Burrell Steven Burrell Marvin Burris Susan Burris Jason Burrous Scott Burrus Laura Burton Noah Burton Russell Burton Virjean Burton Lila Bush Barb Bushacher Travis Bussen Leah Buthorne Bailey Butler Kate Butler Olivia Butler Parke Butler Victor Butler Alyssa Buxman Annette Bynum Tiffany Byrd Elwin Cabbage Margaret Cabbage Glenda Cafer Jayne Cafer Lance Cahill Ashley Cain Heather Cairns Marie Caldwell Loretta Caleb Michelle Caleb Brian Calhoon Stacey Calhoon Rod Calhoun Melanie Calkins Lori Callahan Ann Callies Crystal Callison Greg Camblin Racheal Camp Andryana Campbell Bev Campbell Chelsea Campbell Cornelia Campbell Courtney Campbell John Campbell Nicholas Campbell Scott Campbell Tinea Canady Eileen Canfield Jordan Canfield Linda Canfield Maria Cangiani Taylor Cantillon Jamie Cantrell Sandy Cantwell Vera Cao Leah Cappaletti Cynthia Carbone Amber Cardona John Carey

Thomas Carey Margaret Carkhuff Tim Carkhuff Barbara A. Carlson Barbara J. Carlson Duane Carlson Katie Carlson Larry Carlson Lora Carlson-Eaton Sherry Carney Tyler Carothers Dave Carpenter Jane Carpenter Marie Carpenter Nancy Carpenter Larry Carr Leslie Carr Marilyn Carr Nicolas Carr Shelly Carr Nikki Carrasco Lana Carr-Metzger Nancy Carroll Sam Carroll Sandy Carroll Cheryl Carson Connie Carson Dave Carson Jan Carson Kali Carson Kristi Carson Tim Carson Lisa Carson-Kneifl Janel Carter Lyndzie Carter Richard Carter Rita Carter Tori Carter Greg Cartwright Don Carver Whitney Casement Donna Casey Elizabeth Casey Chris Casper Joe Casper Jeanne Cassel Shawna Cassen Alyssa Castillo Cary Catchpole Emily Caudle Josh Cauthon Annette Cavanaugh Steve Cavanaugh Claudia Cerrone Caryl Chacey David Chacey Dick Chaffin Wilma Chaffin Ginger Chang Ruu Chang Betty Chapman Bud Chapman Danyl Chapman Kenneth Chapman Pat Chappell Kathryn Chapple Cade Chaput Aaron Charest Ashley Charest Emily Charles Soliel Charles Kevin Charlwood Zhen Chen Lo-Cheung Cheng Gertrude Cherry Peter Chesney Claire Chesnut Robert Chesnut Tony Chiaverini Ann Chilcott Morgan Chiles Jong-Tak Choi Frank Chorba Melodie Christal Don Christensen

Miles Christensen Bernard Christian Craig Christie Janet Christie Diana Christman Don Christman Yik ka Chu Manda Chui Barbara Clark Brad Clark Carrie Clark Donna Clark Jody Clark Jon Clark Norma Clark Norman Clark Pam Clark Robin Clark Wes Clark Barbara Clark Baker Brandi Clarke Brenda Clarke Brian Clarke Gary Clarke James Clarke John Clarke Ron Clarkson Randy Clayton Ben Cleeves Karla Clem Amy Clements Dale Clemmons Kate Clemmons Megan Clemons Caoimhe Clifford Dave Clingan Virgi Clingan Robert Clinkenbeard Miranda Clopton Lynn Clothier Tim Clothier Marsha Clovis Ben Coates Walter Cobler Jen Cocking Trey Cocking Clark Coco Patricia Coco Sharyl Coffey Shel Cohen Virginia Cohen Dustin Coker Heather Colacicco Kelli Coldiron Nancy Cole Scott Colebank David Coleman Jayne Coleman Louisa Collett Jill Collins Rod Colvin Kenneth Combes Emery Compton Jacob Conard Tyler Concannon Lois Conklin Paige Conlin Brooke Connell Kipp Connell Dlany Conny Xenia Conroy Sierra Contee Casey Converse Sherry Converse Bob Conway Melody Cooey Dennis Cook Erin Cook Gary Cook Julie Cook Justin Cook Kevin Cook Mary Jane Cook Sara Cook Scott Cook

Sherilyn Cook Shirley Cook Tom Cook Amelia Coons Doyle Coons Charlie Cooper Cindy Cooper Nathan Cooper Steve Cooper Michael Copeland Sara Copeland Samantha Corber Jenny Corbett Jessica Corbin Nicole Corcoran Pippin Chuck Cordt Jamie Corkhill Jeannie Cornelius Judy Cornelssen Ana Cortes Camille Cortez Caprice Cortez Francie Cortez Louis Cortez Dick Corwin Margaret Corwin Danielle Cottman Nancy Cottril Wayne Cottril Julie Covel Brenda Covert Kacy Covert Tom Covert Bud Cowan Eula Mae Cowell Forrest Cowell Carol Cowger Chris Cowger Arden Cowherd Diana Cowing Colby Cox Meredith Cox Michelle Cox Rachael Cox Roy Cox Shad Cox Steve Cox Wayne Cox Lolafaye Coyne Daniel Cozad Ivonne Cozad Ike Crabaugh Cassidy Crabtree Dennis Craig Jan Craig Leslie Craig Diana Crain Dan Cramer Andrew Crandall Chris Crary Chuck Cravens Claire Crawford Clem Crawford Derrick-Foster Crawford January Crawford Rick Crawford Sylvia Crawford Vicki Crawford Careen Creech Jaclyn Creech Daniel Creitz Coye Crenshaw-Kleve Charles Crevoiserat Kate Crews Erika Crider Jessica Crider Linda Crider Cassandra Criger Joe Crimmins Laurie Crimmins Sandy Crimmins Scott Crimmins Jake Crist Don Critchfield Katrina Crites

Danielle Cromwell Bob Crook Rob Crooker Joshua Croswhite Erik Crouch Mike Crouch Gary Croucher Linda Croucher Leann Crow Alexander Crume Larry Crume Pamela Crume Jarrod Cullan David Cullen Brian Cullum Jean Culp Doug Cummings Robb Cummings Candy Cunningham Caroline Cunningham T. J. Cunningham Caitlin Curran Barb Currier Bob Currier Clay Curtin Colin Curtis Dan Custenborder Karen Cypressi Sharon Dabzadeh Larry Daeschner Patricia Dahl Jeanine Dahlquist John Dahlstrand Sarah Dahlstrom Ebony Dailey Carolyn Dale Galen Dale Laura Dallman Kevin Dalton Marilyn Dalton Vernon Dalton Jessie Damman Joyce Damron Annie Dancer Bertha Dandridge Celia Daniels Daryl Daniels Jean Daniels Kurt Daniels Priscilla Daniels Randy Darling Robert Darling Terri Darling Paula Darr Amanda Darrow Chantelle Darrow Floyd Davenport Jim Davidson Peggy Davidson Tom Davidson Chris Davies David Davies Denise Davies Ande Davis Anthony Davis Bill I. Davis Bill W. Davis Dave Davis Eileen Davis Frank Davis Glen Davis Karli Davis Linda Davis Lynda Davis Matt Davis Michael Davis Rich Davis Roger Davis Sam Davis Scott Davis Ted Davis ZaKyr Davis Francina Davis-Gimse Barbara Davison Dean Davisson

Alumni Association 38

Brett Dawes Stefanie Dawkins Amy Day Douglas Day Krysten Day Jorge De Hoyos John Dean Kelly Dean Veronica Dean William Dean Georgia Deatrick Dave Debenham Mike Debernardin Margaret DeBord Jared Dechant Cara Decker John Decker Kaylie Decker Cory Deedrick John Deeter Jason Degenhardt Janet Degginger Michael DeHaven Patricia DeLapa Kelsey DeLong JA Demonchaux Dawn Dennis Rusty Dennis Joe Denson Carolyn Denton Larry Denzler Kylee Depina Paul Derda Doris Derrington Bob DesRuisseaux Julie DesRuisseaux Brian Deters Clinton DeVoe Laura DeVoe Brit Dewey Marsha Dewey Andrew DeWitt Dave Dexter Sandra Dexter Joanna Deyton Alex Di Cicco Hal Dick Jeanne Dick Becky Dickinson Sharon Dicks Bunny Dickson Maxine Dickson Summer Dierks Amanda Diggs Jane Dillon Willis Dillon Sandy Dimmitt-Carroll Matt Dinkel Brenna Dipman Caleb Dishman Kayla Dishon Preston Dishon Sara Ditch Marti Dittman Alaina Dix Beverly Dockhorn Bob Dockhorn Pam Doctor Gene Dodd Andy Dodds Heather Dodds Mitzi Dodds Lee Dodson Katherine Doel Bob Dole Molly Dolman Kent Domsch Michelle Domsch Sara Donaldson Alicia Donnelly Patrick Donnelly Jack Donovan Ruth Donovan Steven Dorssom Taryn Doty

39 Alumni Association

Duke Dougan Ginger Dougan Mark Douglas Rick Douglas Jayne Dowell Bill Downes Carole Downes Michael Downs Gary Doyle Lucile Doyle Taylor Drain Monet Drake Sharrell Drane Miriam Drews Caroline Drexler Eric Drinkard Dee Driver-Pritchett Mike Dubenchiek Sharon DuBois Jenny Duckworth Cassy Duer Bob Duffens Elaine Duffens Greg Duffens Jane Duffens Sopalla Dul Coah Dull Brian Dulle Noah Dumpert Chariss Duncan Drew Duncan Mary Duncan Natasha Duncan Ralph Duncan Ryan Duncan Tuck Duncan Bob Dunham Joyce Dunlap Peg Dunlap Willie Dunlap Jeffrey Dunn Travis Dunsmoor Heather Dunton Victoria Durand Tyler Duree Bob Dyck Hope Dyer David Dyke Sally Dyke Brandon Eakes Kaylyn Eakes Kelly Eakes Virginia Easton Kevin Eaton Neva Ebeling Ashley Eckhardt Ilene Ecord Louise Ecord Crystal Ecton Jarrod Ecton Kyra Edelman Diana Edmiston Andrew Edmonds Harlan Edmonds Don Edwards Dustin Edwards Gerry Edwards Ian Edwards Joel Edwards Lindsay Edwards Lori Edwards Marty Edwards Abbigail Eggen Dale Eggleston John Egner Phil Ehret Anne Ehrsam-Holland Elsie Eisenbarth Lou Eisenbarth Nadine Eisenbarth Eleanor Eisenberg Neil Eisenhart Eldon Eisenhour Nora Eisenhour Omar El Jazouli

Emily Elam Junior Elder Rachel Elias Leah Eller Jennifer Ellifritt Arlene Elliott Dana Elliott Gary Elliott Sheri Elliott Ashley Ellis Kathy Ellis Tom Ellis Linda Elrod Mark Elrod Steve Elsasser Samantha Elsen Darlene Elwood Phil Elwood Carol Emert Emily Emery Armond Enclarde Hilda Enewold Rick Enewold Chuck Engel Eva Engelhardt Manon Engelhardt Susan Engelhardt Michael Engelken Evangeline Englert Betty English Jack English Patricia Enos Ping Enriquez Denise Ensley Dennis Ensley Elmer Epler Fatma Epps Cheyenne Erichsen Ashlee Erickson Holli Erickson Mark Erickson Sue Erickson Dean Erwin Nancy Erwin Tasha Esau Alex Escandon Jan Escandon Theresa Escobar Dennis Eskie Emma Espinoza Larry Esquibel Bill Estes Linda Estes Carole Etzel James Etzel Paul Etzel Phil Etzel Rita Etzel Tim Etzel J.D. Euler Andrew Evans David Evans Debbie Evans Sheryl Evans April Ewing Bob Exon Karen Exon Onalee Exon Robert Exon Dean Fager Mel Falck Millie Falck Lulu Fan Choi Mark Fancher Barbara Fargo Jerry Farley Susan Farley Dianne Farmer Don Farmer Joshua Farmer Linette Farmer Roy Farmer Pam Farrell David Farris Keith Farwell

Sherri Farwell Iona Faulk Michael Faurot Jim Fawcett Rachel Fechter Virginia Feeley Derek Feeney Joseph Feeney Landry Fehrenbacher Selena Feiden Dick Feldman Arwa Felfel-Yunis Bette Felker Ed Fender Garrett Fenley Holly Fenton Marshall Ferguson Warner Ferguson Forrest Fernkopf Dean Ferrell Pam Ferrell Michelle Ferrer Richard Fieger Ron Fields Elizabeth Fincham Daniel Finder Jackie Fink Stephanie Finley Bethaney Finn Brittani Fire Rashaell Fischer Dotti Fisher George Fisher Mashila Fisher Trey Fisher Gregory Fitch Joe Fitzgerald Jean Fitzgibbons Crystal Fitzner Amy Flagler Mike Flagler Brenda Flanagan Tom Flanagan Nancy Fleeker-Daniels Bobbie Fleming Lloyd Fleming Bobbi Fletchall Bob Fletcher Heather Fletcher Kris Fletcher Eadie Flickinger Angelique Flinn Rhiannon Flinn Skylar Flinn McKenzie Flint Liviu Florea Bobby Florence Sheldon Flowers James Floyd Bill Foley Gail Foley Carol Folks Blake Follis Dale Foltz Daniel Foltz Adam Forbes Ron Ford Shelley Ford Joseph Foreman MaryAnna Foreman Dean Forster Annalee Foster Cody Foster Jennifer Foster Josh Foster Kay Foster Loni Foster Ralph Foster Jeri Fowler Craig Fox Dylan Frack James Frager Barbara Frame Terry Francis Trudy Francis

Jane Frank Troy Frank Madelyn Franzke Dominick Frazier John Frazier Marissa Frederick Kathy Fredette Mariah Fredrickson-Shular Al Freed David Freeman John Freeze Marilyn Freeze Crystal French Betty Frick Don Frick Joe Frick Dan Frickey Ken Frickey Autumn Friedli Shayne Friedli Julie Friedstrom Rick Friedstrom Barbara Friend Bernie Frigon Frank Fritts Brenda Fritzson Dave Fromme Sharon Frost Whitney Frost Karl Fruendt Meredith Fry Carolyn Frye Ray Frye Jenna Fugate Kristin Fuller Peter Fuller Ed Fulmer Vicki Fulmer Frank Fulton Neal Fultz Gerald Fulwider Clayton Funk Kelley Funk Leah Gabler-Marshall Chambrlyn Gaddy Bill Gahnstrom Emilie Gahnstrom Graham Gaines Marie Gaither Max Gaither Dale Gallaway Linda Gallaway Gilbert Galle Maegan Galle Eloy Gallegos Shareyah Galliano Parker Gallion Charlotte Galton Mona Gambone Monica Gambrell Dusty Gann Alyce Gannaway Bill Gannaway Tina Gannaway Larry Ganong Alissa Gaps Ashley Garcia Lisa Garcia-Hubbard Amy Gard Gregory Garhart Herbert Garrett Kathleen Garrett Martha Garrett Karen Garrison Walter Garrison Wes Garrison Adela Garton Amy Garton Russ Garton Ryan Garton Stephen Garton Richard Garvin Don Gascoigne Ruth Gascoigne Ken Gatchell

Joan Gatewood Peggy Gatewood Kay Gatza Marilyn Gault Mary Gausman Gina Gawlick John Gee Auburn Gehle Karen Gehrt Karen Geier Jessica Geiken Dick Geis Gina Geis Betty Geiser Ryan Geist Heather Gelsinger Michael Gentry Mimi Gentry Pat Geoffroy Carl Georgeson Robert Gerant Stephanie Gerant Tracey Geren Paula Gerlach Karen Gerstenkorn Ray Gerstenkorn Dean Gettler Marlene Gettler Gregg Gibb Elida Gibbons Josh Gibbs Naomi Gibeson Joe Gibson Shanee' Gideon Shawn Gideon Wanda Gigger Joe Gigous Kellen Gil Daniel Gilchrist Amanda Gill Elaine Gill Larry Gill Jill Gillett David Gilliland Jan Gilliland Judith Gilliland Ryan Gilliland David Gillispie Liz Gilman Patti Gilman Tom Gilman John Gilmore Shirley Gilmore Amanda Giltner Liz Ginder Rob Ginder T.J. Ginthner Lindsay Girardin Michael Glass Art Glassman Oren Glatt Brenda Glaze Catherine Glaze Michelle Glaze Ray Glaze Jr. Ray Glaze III Lois Glazier Matt Gleason Megan Gleason Michael Gleason Dedra Glennemeier Ed Glotzbach Julie Glotzbach Ben Glusing Bill Glynn David Glynn Diane Glynn Steven Goaslind Bridget Godbold Larry Goddard Joseph Godfrey Sarah Goeckler Diane Goering Jack Goings Louisa Golay

June Golden Catherine Gomez Christian Gomez Chelsi Gonzales Javier Gonzalez Jorge Gonzalez Laura Gonzalez Jerry Goodell Ron Goodeyon Sara Goodeyon Tom Goodrich Bonnie Gordon Caitlin Gordon Chuck Gordon Jamie Gordon Mary Gordy Shirley Gorman Russ Goss Stafford Gosser Jessica Goubeaux Rocky Goul Bob Goupil Janet Goupil Billie Jean Graham Bonnie Graham Floyd Graham Janice Graham Ricky Graham Lindsey Grant Brandy Gray Jerry Gray Josh Gray John Green Julian Green Mary Green Patricia Green Brent Greene Edna Greene Sandy Greenwell Greg Greenwood Jaena Greenwood Jim Greenwood Scott Greger Ann Gregg Jake Gregg Dusty Gregory Betty Greiner Robin Grenier EJ Grennier John Griem Jason Griffin Bill Griffith Aaron Grimm Blaine Grooms Valerie Groover Carrie Jo Gros Marcia Groth William Groth Mary Gruber Fred Grundeman Jan Grundeman Judy Guenther Jennie Guerrero Mario Guerrero Cristina Guevara Raul Guevara Fred Guild Joanne Guild Melody Gulec Louise Gulick Dilruba Gulshan Bob Gunther Annette Gurney Larry Gurney Lou Nell Gustavson Andrew Gutierrez Phil Gutierrez Kate Guzman Linda Gwaltney Bill Haag Jean Marie Haag Marcia Haag Josephine Haas Michael Haas David Haase

Carol Habluetzel Larry Habluetzel Dick Hachey Judy Hackler Ken Hackler Shauna Hadden Dick Haefele Blake Hageman Chuck Hageman Matthew Hageman Renae Hagemann Calla Haggard Robert Haggard Susan Haggard Clella Hahn Lowell Hahn Ashlee Haist Andrea Hale Bill Hale Sonya Hale Dayton Hall Estella Hall Isabelle Hall Jim Hall Judy Hall Matthew Hall Rachael Hall Rugena Hall Thomas Hall John Halladay Shirley Halladay Mary Haller Dedra Halligan Ashley Haltom Harold Halvorsen Heidi Hamic Albert Hamilton Jan Hamilton Joyce Hamilton Kevin Hamilton Louise Hamilton Michael Hamilton Nicky Hamilton Chris Hamm Mary Hammes Morgan Hammes Sandie Hampton John Handlos Andrea Haney Kathi Haney Rex Haney Ali Hanlon Pamela Hann Mark Hanna James Hanni Jane Hanni Marcia Hannon Robert Hannon Christina Hansen Jennifer Hansen Abby Hanson Ed Hanson Helen Hanson Kendra Hanson Kristina Hanson Muriel Hanson David Hanzlick Joyce Harbaugh Bud Hardesty Sandy Hardesty Erik Harding Diana Hardy Bob Hargis Nathan Hargis Deb Harkins Bliss Barbara Harman Richard Harmon Nancy Harner Aric Harrington Jennifer Harrington Jennifer Harrington Daniel Harris Sean Harris Alonzo Harrison John Harrison

Kevin Harry Krystal Harry Stacey Harry Chuck Hart Derek Hart Karla Hart Heather Hartley Ashley Hartnett-Zaouch Ron Hartter Joan Hartung Marcie Hartwig Bob A. Harvey Bob M. Harvey Marilyn Harvey Sarah Harvey Rich Hasbrouck Sharon Hasbrouck Megan Hash Shannon Hatesohl Susan Hattan Caroline Hau Ray Hauke Connie Havens Brooke Haverkamp Donna Haverkamp Ellen Haverkamp Jordyn Haverkamp Julie Haverkamp Ryan Haverkamp Al Haverty Carrie Haverty John Haverty Nancy Haverty Alex Hawkins Lois Hawkins Patricia Hawks Darv Hawley Marilyn Hawley Olivia Hay John Hayden Lelia Hayden Derek Hayes Kris Hayes Bobbi Haynes Dawn Haynes Sydney Hazzard Brenda Head Murray Head Carla Hearrell Randy Hearrell Steven Hearrell Terri Hearrell Cynthia Heath Lisa Hecker Doris Hedberg Jerry Hedger Chris Hedquist Karla Hedquist Jerry Heeter Marvin Hefti Katie Hegarty Anne Heim Ted Heim Eleanor Heimbaugh Ron Hein Dave Heinemann Desiree Heinemann Briana Heinen Chantel Heinen Sheila Heine-Walker Jordan Heins Matt Heintz Bob Heintzelman Debbie Heintzelman Lisa Heitz Mark Heitz Betty Heitzmann Dan Hejtmanek Jenny Hejtmanek Julie Hejtmanek Andrew Helfrich Autumn Henderson Cinda Henderson Dion Henderson Thomas Henderson

Julie Hendricks Amy Hendrickson Ross Hendrickson Arne Henricks Amanda Henry Brad Henry Nikki Henry Brette Herber Melanie Herd Peter Herdic Kevin Herdman Melissa Herdman Allison Herl Carolyn Herman Molly Herman Jenifer Hermann Dana Hermesch Alix Hernandez Jade Hernandez Jessica Hernandez Mo Hernandez Bette Herndon Ashley Herrera Jonathan Herrera-Thomas Martha Herrick Angela Herring Lance Herschell Sheena Hess Anne Hesse Lucy Hesse Sam Hesse Scott Hesse Paige Hetrick Tara Hetrick Richard Heuertz Anna Hewitt Judy Hewitt Jan Hexdall Naomi Heyns Roger Hiatt Patrick Hicks Amy Higgins Mitch Higgs Rick Higgs Beverly Hightower Maurine Higley Lynda Hilderman David Hildreth Marilyn Hilgers Mike Hilgers Andrew Hill Charlie Hill Chris Hill Danita Hill Janelle Hill Zachary Hill Norman Hillmer Chadly Hiltibrand Lauren Himpel Lindsey Himpel Joseph Hinckley Alexandra Hinderliter Harmony Hines Kyle Hines Ben Hinkle Donna Hinshaw Duane Hinton Larry Hinton Marjorie Hinton Wanda Hinton Delaney Hinton-Fish Gabrielle Hirsch Sara Hischke Ted Hischke Bob Hite Dick Hite Marilyn Hite Anthony Ho Patti Hoard Liz Hochscheid Charity Hockman Dani Hodge Haley Hodges Ernest Hodison John Hodnefield

Sherry Hodnefield Bob Hoehn Albert Hoelting Ann Hoelting Brenna Hofelt Jeanne Hoferer Paul Hoferer Eric Hoffman Mayre Hoffman Stacey Hoffman Bob Hoffmann Leo Hoffmann Linda Hoffmann Susie Hoffmann Rick Hoffmeister Merideth Hogan Tiffany Hogan Jessica Hogberg Kathy Holen Lisbeth Hollenbeck Pamela Hollie Larry Hollis Linda Hollis Steve Holloman Veronica Holloman Janae Holman-Waggoner Gladys Holmes Debbie Holroyd Jared Holroyd Dan Holt Jim Holt Karen Holt Marilyn Holt Colin Holthaus Frank Holtz Lindsay Holtz Angela Hoobler Horace Hoobler Ray Hoobler Connie Hood Ann Hoover Carita Hoover Jenith Hoover Mary Hoover Robin Hoover Emily Hopkins Derek Hoppas Amy Horn Cindy Hornberger Steve Hornberger Ron Horton Lonnie Hossfeld Mary Hotchkiss Mary Hougland Sarah Hougland Connie Houser Justin Housman Seely Houston Gloria Hovorka Erinn Howard Chris Howe Cyndi Howe Jay Howe Natalie Howe Steve Howe Bailey Howell Myles Howell Tonya Howell Piper Hower David Howland Breanna Howser Janice Hoytal Joe Hoytal Linda Hubbard Pat Hubbell Sienna Huber Ashley Huerter Derek Huff Mary Huff Dennis Huffaker Elizabeth Huffaker Judy Huffaker Carolyn Huffman Jonathan Huffman Mandy Hug

Amanda Hughes Frankye Hughes Hillary Hughes Michael Hughes Gene Huguenin Anne Hula Harold Hula Vivian Hulsopple Scott Hultgren Darryl Humphrey Andrew Hund Bill Hund Irma Hund David Hundley Wayne Hundley Seth Huninghake Debby Hunt Mark Hunt Fred Hunter Russ Hunter James Hurd Walter Hurd Anastasia Hurtado Morgan Hutcherson Dan Hutchins Susie Hutchins John Hutchinson Mary Hutchison Michelle Hutchison Russ Hutchison Donna Huxman Melanie Huxman-Hickok Venita Hyatt Becky Iams Herb Iams Lane Iams Thomas Ice Tracie Inman Rosario Interial George Ireland Christina Irvine Crystal Irwin Jeanette Irwin Larry Irwin Angela Isaac Gerald Isaac Alyse Jackson Ashley Jackson Ben Jackson Deborah Jackson Fred Jackson Kathryn Jackson Mary Jo Jackson Sheri Jackson Barbara Jacobs Jennifer Jacobs Kelly Jacobsen Arthur James Mel James Shirley James-Shimp Ben Janssen Sue Jarchow Scott Jarvis Mike Jauken Timothy Jay Patrick Jean Melissa Jeanneret Nick Jefferson Phillip Jeffery Linda Jeffrey James Jeffries Stacey Jegel Stefani Jehlik Bob Jennings Kelcie Jennings Pat Jennings Hal Jensen Helen Jensen Jack Jensen Julie Jensen Brent Jepson Shuang Jiang Eric Joens Roxy Johanning Kristin Johansen

42 Alumni Association 40

Darnelle Johns Autumn Johnson Barbara Johnson Betty Johnson Bill Johnson Bob Johnson Brett Johnson Brian Johnson Bruce Johnson Colton Johnson Cooper Johnson Gary Johnson Greg Johnson Jamie D. Johnson Jamie M. Johnson Jerry Johnson John P. Johnson John W. Johnson Karen Johnson Kathy Johnson Larry Johnson Lynn Johnson Mary Johnson Nancy Johnson Nicole Johnson Niki Johnson Peggy Johnson Robyn Johnson Steve Johnson Susan Johnson Vickie Johnson William Johnson Susan Johnsrud Bob Johnston Jan Johnston Linda Johnston Mike Johnston Rhonda Johnston Ruth Johnston Bill Jones Blake Jones Bob Jones Bruce Jones Byron Jones Christopher Jones DJ Jones Doug Jones Ernestine Jones Evelyn Jones Jim Jones Larry Jones Lisa Jones Lydia Jones Mackenzie Jones Maria Jones Nancy Jones Pattie Jones Philip Jones Gary Jordan Joyce Jordan Kathy Jordan Lee Jordan Nathan Jordan Vijoy Joseph Judy Joss Robert Joy Patricia Joyce Terry Joyce Anna Jumpponen Tiffany Jurgensmeier Emily Kaberline Katie Kaberline Maria Kaganovich Jack Kahle Larry Kaiser Samantha Kaiser Lindsey Kaminski Henry Kampschroeder Valeriya Kanaeva Marice Kane Arden Kanode Courtney Kasl Shirley Kass Kenneth Kassen Crystal Katzer

41 Alumni Association

Carol Kaufman Dean Kaufman Jackie Kaufman Darren Kearns Ellen Kearns Mallory Keeffe Theresa Keehn Amanda Keeler Jan Keeley Mike Keeley John Keenan Bob Keeshan Kelsie Keleher Jeffery Keller Jordan Keller Lacey Keller Levi Keller Clarence Kelley Dana Kelley Jonathon Kelley Misty Kelley Tom Kelley Christina Kellim Jordan Kelly Kyle Kelly Matthew Kelly Shaun Kelly Tom Kelly Flo Kemp C. L. Kendall Robert Kennedy Shane Kennedy Thomas Kennedy Don Kennett Daniel Kenney Denis Kenney Janay Kent Joan Kerchner Robert Kerchner Ken Kerle Mary Kerle Charles Kerls Melissa Kershner Garrett Kersting Charles Kesinger Emily Kessler Martha Kessler Nancy Kessler Richard Kessler Jim Ketcherside Dani Kibble Forrest Kidney Larry Kietzman Ray Killam Barbara Kimbrough Lanny Kimbrough Thomas Kimmerly Dick Kinder Lacey Kinder Penny Kinder Tim Kinder Jaimee King Jim King Kathy King Marty King Rachel King Ralph King Shelley King Richard Kingman Sarah Kingston Doris Kinnett Mindie Kinsch Autumn Kirchner Carolyn Kirkland Rosemary Kirkpatrick Chuck Kirmse Ida Kirmse Kymry Kistner Jarrett Kitch Brenda Kitchen Steve Kitchen Michael Kitowski Leslie Klaassen Dee Klausman Jane Klefstad

Betty Klein Oscar Klein Petra Kleinschmidt JoAnn Klemmer Jake Klima Kris Klima Jessica Kline Melvin Kline Danny Knapp David Knudtson Laura Knudtson Daryl Kobzar Emily Kobzar Kate Kobzar Susan Kobzar Brian Koch Erin Koch Jeff Koch Jennifer Koch Linda Koch Stacy Koch Stephanie Koch Steve Koch Jessie Koci Derek Koehler Allison Koehn Bill Koehn Brenda Koehn Cherrie Koehn Mollie Koehn Marilynn Koelliker Cecil Kohake Nancy Kohake Kunle Kola Patricia Kolb Brenda Kolbaba Shane Kolbaba Richard Kolbek Michael Koller Sue Kollhoff Julian Kolodziej Kevin Kongs LeeAnne Kongs Lisa Kongs Michael Kongs Shelbie Konkel Chris Korth Catelyn Kostbar Haydee Kostecki Jean Kotary Brenda Kramer John Krane Riley Krane Shelley Krane Ashley Krass Ernie Kratina Tammy Krecklow Bailey Krogman Susan Krotzinger Ed Krysl Neta Krysl Justin Krystofosky-Ryckert Krista Kubie Will Kubie Ben Kuglin Beth Kuhn Ed Kumorowski Vickie Kumorowski Sean Kuno Gordon Kuntz Jill Kuntze Joan Kurz Audrey LaClair Charles LaClair William LaClair Barbara Lacore Donna Lacy Mollie Lacy Ami Ladhawala Ryan Ladner Lizz Laett Trevor LaFarge Austin LaFreniere Jim Lagerberg Ashli LaGrand

Shari LaGrange-Kermer Lisa Lai Max Lai Ashley Laird John Laird Mark Laird Tim Laird Anita Lakatos Donna LaLonde Charley Laman Alicia Lamb Ben Lamb Lindsey Lambert Sally Lambert Kent Lammers Carrie Lancaster Donn Land Janet Land Curt Landis Diane Landon-Ruther Josie Landry Dan Lane James Lane Jeanne Lane Kevin Lane Joe Lang John Lang Joleen Lang Harriet Lange Rebecca Lange Michelle Langer Stan Langhofer Matthew Langworthy Kathy Lansford Wesley Lantrip Donna Larrison Gene Larrison David Larson Hilary Larson Karen Lasater Lee Lassiter Rhonda Lassiter Nancy Laster Joe Latas Jana Latendresse Mark Latimer Jennifer Laudermilk Becky Lauer Joel Lauer Jo Lauffer Connie Laughon Mike Laughon Mary Lawhon Larry Lawrence Will Lawrence Wanda Lawson Barbara Leabo Gary Leabo Shelby Leach Ricardo Leal Dorothy Leanard Carol Lear Stephanie LeBlanc Joseph Ledbetter Stuart Ledbetter Kendra Leddy Amy Ledom Alan Lee Barbara Lee Bob Lee Darius Lee Jerry Lee Karen Lee Paul Lee Peggy Lee Sam Lee Samantha Leeds Terry Leek Emily Leeper Sarah Legleiter Jim Leighton Benjamin Leiker Joe Leiker Steve Leiker Hank Leistikow

Sarah Lemmon Karen Lemon Okie Lemon Susan Lemon Tom Lemon Peggy Lenherr Charles Lenoir Doris Lentz Stan Lentz Tom Lenz Gail Leonard Ken Leonard Rodney Lesh Ray Less Stephanie Less Dode Lesser Elsie Lesser Mike Lesser Bev Leuenberger Jan Leuenberger Constance Leuty Brandy Lewis Bre Lewis Catharine Lewis Dolores Lewis Jim Lewis Tom Lewis Jean Lewis Sanchez Junrong Lian Christopher Lichter Julie Liedtke Richard Liedtke Michelle Lierz Sean Lierz Ann Lindburg Paige Lindburg Randy Lindemuth David Linderman JoAn Lindfors Theodore Lindner Allison Lindstrom Rachel Lininger Becky Linquist Ed Linquist Aimee Linsey Kore Lippoldt Mitchell List Amy Lister Jean Litchfield Catie Little Emily Little Lynn Littleton Shiloh Litton Larry Livingston Linda Livingston Elton Lobban Taryn Locke Patrick Lockett Sue Lockett Ty Lockett Gitzy Loder Megan Loder Christine Logan Kathy Logan Miriam Loganbill Cody Lohse Cassie Lombardino Anne Long Ryan Long Kathleen Longhofer Roxanne Longoria Erin Lopez Lainey Lord Noela Lord Jo Lorson Rex Lorson Jay Loschke Garrett Love Janet Love Jared Love Georganne Lovelace Jess Loveless Marjorie Lovewell Dee Lowe Marc Lowe

Chuck Lower Gordon Lowry Jalen Lowry Kem Lowry Kirk Lowry Jenifer Lucas Matthew Lucht Michael Ludwig Alyssa Luedke Jeannette Luedke Randall Luedke Tom Luedke Jonette Luellen Leone Luetcke Kristina Luke-Fry John Lundblade Brady Lundeen Garrett Lundry Marie Luthi Karol Luttjohann Brian Lutz Connor Lutz Greg Lutz Kathy Lutz Laura Lutz Pamela Lutz Tyler Lutz Brendan Lykins Dan Lykins Judy Lykins Lois Lykins Molly Lykins Danny Lynch Sarah Lynch Mary Lynn Theresa Lyons Eileen Ma Jim Maag Kathy Maag Nancy Macdonell Jeannie Macfee Jim Macfee Rich MacFee Judy Macha Harriette Macnish Amy Macy Brad Macy Alavia Madani Joshua Madden Stephanie Madden Ashok Madhavan Candi Madill AJ Madl Marsha Madl Kalee Madorin Susan Maendele Rosamaria Magallanez Ashley Magana-Garcia Shirley Magee Carrie Magill Mark Magner John Magnuson Caitlin Mahan Greg Maher Pam Maher Mike Mahoney Peggy Mahoney Jessica Mai Austin Main Brian Main Laura Main Sijan Mainali Melissa Maitoza Ray Makalous Farhan Makda Shalisa Mallory Marla Malloy Rich Malloy Jacinda Malveaux Marion Manion Dave Manley Mary Manley Jared Mann Linda Mannering Pam Manning

BECOME A MEMBER Discounts, free admittance to several Alumni Association events, networking opportunities and much more! That’s what you receive for joining the Washburn Alumni Association, giving back to your alma mater and showing pride in your university. The cost? Just $35 a year. For the first five years after you receive your degree, that price is just $15 a year. If you’re a student, it’s an even better value at $10 per year.

WHAT YOU RECEIVE • Complimentary events: Your membership comes with free admittance to our football tailgates and monthly social, After Hours. You can eat and drink as much as you like at both events. • Discounts: You’ll receive discounts at several businesses in the Topeka area, as well as from hotels and car rental companies. Visit for a complete list. • Basketball and football tickets: You’ll receive buy-one, get-one-free general admission tickets for select regular season home games.

INSURANCE PROGRAM The Alumni Association sponsors an alumni insurance program as a service to alumni. The program offers a variety of attractively priced insurance products, most of which are available to alumni, students, faculty and staff, as well as their spouses, domestic partners, children, parents and siblings: •A  uto, Home & Renters Insurance: Special rates are available to alumni and family members living in the same household. • Health Insurance: For those with a temporary or permanent need for coverage, such as the unemployed, self-employed and recent graduates. • Life Insurance: Long-term protection with great rates and fantastic features. Coverage is available to $50 million. • Long Term Care Insurance: Intended to protect assets from serious erosion, while allowing access to quality care in the most appropriate and desirable setting. • Travel Insurance: Travel medical or trip protection insurance options are available for individuals or groups traveling abroad. • Identity Theft Protection: Protect yourself and your family against identity theft with a comprehensive solution you can count on. • Pet Insurance: Simple, customizable dog and cat insurance plans are available. • Annuities: An ideal tax-deferred vehicle for conservative investors who want guaranteed fixed interest rates for extended periods. • Special Event: Liability coverage up to $2 million is available for events lasting from a few hours to as much as 10 days. • Advisory Services: A licensed insurance professional is available, at no charge, to answer questions and provide customized guidance. For more information, visit or contact the program administrator at 1.800.635.7801.

HOW MEMBERSHIPS HELP US • Your support is vital to the success of the Alumni Association and Washburn. Members drive the Association’s ability to reach its mission and goals, sustain existing programs and implement new ideas. • Your support allows us to organize an array of events and funds our publications, reunion activities and alumni chapter meetings across the country. • Your alumni dues also have an impact on Washburn’s ranking in several reports, including the U.S. News and World Report. Dues are also a qualifier for the amount of funding Washburn receives from the State of Kansas.

MEMBERSHIPS • Annual membership: $35 per single and $50 per couple •A  nnual membership for recent graduates (graduated in 2008 or later): $15 per single and $25 per couple •F  ive-year membership for recent graduates (graduated in 2008 or later): $60 per single and $120 per couple • Student membership (students currently enrolled at Washburn): $10 per single • Lifetime membership: $500 per single and $650 per couple • Lifetime installment membership: Four annual installments of $150 per single and four annual installments of $200 per couple

HOW TO SIGN UP • Go to and click on the blue membership button on the left side of the page. • Go to alumnilogin. • Call the Alumni Association office at 785.670.1641.

Alumni Association 42

Whitney Mansfield Margaret Manspeaker Edward Marchant Susie Marchant Gordon Mardis Zach Mark Larry Marken Betty J. Marling Betty Jo Marling Paul Marmet Christel Marquardt Jo Marsh Julia Marsh Nancy Marsh Sangster Alice Marshall Bill Marshall Chris Marshall Dee Marshall H.B. Marshall Jim Marshall Lori Marshall Ron Marshall Terry Marshall Penny Marshall-Chura Kait Marsh-Blake Jay Martell Fred Marten Jessie Martens Bernard Martin Cathy Martin Deborah Martin Elaine Martin Jim Martin John Martin Ken Martin Margaret Martin Morgan Martin Peg Martin Perry Martin Sandy Martin Steve Martin Tami Martin Thomas Martin Trisha Martin Joey Martinak Tyler Martinak Janet Martinek Orville Martinek Stevie Martinez Thomas Martinez Beth Martino Stephen Martino George Marvin Kristin Marzec Minna Masalin Ryan Masilionis Elizabeth Massey Heather Massey Emi Masterson Marie Mater Shelby Matheny Donald Mathers Larry Mathews Lori Mathews Hugh Mathewson Jeffrey Mattern Doug Matthews Doug Mauck Jan Mauck Jake Mauslein Rich Maust Chandler Maxon Danielle Maxon Jeffrey Maxon Marvin Maydew Doris Mayfield Roland Mayhew Aaron Mays Tara Mays JuliAnn Mazachek Keith Mazachek Aaron McAlinden Bruce McAlister Derek McAlister Mac McAlister

43 Alumni Association

Marge McAlister Trudy McAlister Kent McAnally Amanda McBride Mason McBride Susan McCabe Bob McCaig Patricia McCall Nancy McCandless Emily McCarthy Jerry McCarthy Jill McCartney Barbara McCauley Don McClain Mirah McClairen Janet McClanahan Mike McClanahan Robert McClelland Bianca McClure Tom McClure Linda McCollum Dave McComb Audrey McConnell John McConnell Joyce McConnell Tricia McCourt Sharon McCourt-Ostrowski Kate McCown Cathy McCoy Craig McCoy Janet McCoy Molly McCoy Pat McCoy Julia McCraw Daniel McCready Thomas McCue Shirley McCulley Chase McCullough TJ McDaniel Tonya McDaniel Michael McDiffett Bill McDonald Gary McDonald Kathy McDonald Kyle McDonald Carol McDowell Niki McDowell Betty McEnroe Casper Jim McEntire Jamie McEwen Kay McFarland Tara McGaugh Chris McGee Emily McGee John McGivern Sheila McGivern Don McGlinn Sallie McGlinn Chris McGown Erin McGown Taylor McGown Michelle McGranahan Chelsie McGraw Matthew McGregor Erin McHenry Mischa McHenry Ron McHenry Ashley McKee Shawn McKeever Wendel McKeever Lesley McKenzie Doris McKernan Eithne McKibbin Jacque McKibbin Joe McKinney Amy McLaren Greg McLaren Dennis McLaughlin Chuck McLeod Mary McLeod Ashton McMahon Ashley McMillan Laura McMullin John McNee Valerie McNee

Rod McNeill Tylor McNeill William McNeill Troy McNemar Nancy McNerney Carly McPeak Dary McPhail Gary McPhail Lorna McPhail Mary Lou McPhail Gordon McQuere Melanie McQuere Larry McReynolds Michael McSpadden Steve McSpadden Jessica Meadors Brenda Meagher Gary Meagher Eunice Medcalf Tom Medill Magda Medina Kathryn Meehan Kim Meehan Byron Meeks Connie Meiggs Sheila Meineke Bob Meinershagen Mellony Meister J. P. Meitner Tiffany Mendel Burney Mendenhall Christopher Mendoza Faustino Mendoza Kina Mendoza Rita Mendoza Suzanne Meredith Tom Merkel Martha Merritt Lauren Mersman Ryan Mertz Tim Mesa Brenda Mesker Brett Mesker Don Messer Greg Messersmith Garrett Metcalf Michael Metcalf Susanne Metcalf Dan Metz Lee Ann Metzenthin Paul Metzenthin Jim Metzger Taylor Metzger Casey Meyer Donna Meyer Trenton Meyer Deidre Michael Philip Michael Jill Michaux Carolyn Middendorf Cristine Millard Daniel Millburn Barbara Miller Benny Miller Brooke Miller Craig Miller David Miller Donald Miller Heather Miller Jack Miller Jeanette Miller Jenna Miller Keri Miller Kristi Miller Kylie Miller Lorene Miller Marcus Miller Marilyn Miller Michael Miller Morgan Miller Robert Miller Rose Miller Ross Miller Tondra Miller Whitney Miller

Andy Millett Emily Millhollen Jon Milliken Carrol Mills Alvin Milner Norma Milner Joyce Milroy Leroy Ming Morgan Minihan John Minnick Russell Minnis Betty Mitchell Dennis Mitchell Haley Mitchell Michael Mitchell Steve Mock Don Moe Sierra Moeller Katelin Mohr Erin Mohwinkle Mo Mohwinkle Lyudmyla Mokryak Amy Molina Jay Monhollon Mallorie Monhollon Sherri Monhollon David Monical Virginia Monroe John Montague Giuliano Montanaro Ochoa Meloni Montgomery Barbara Moody Al Moore Brittany Moore Carolin Moore Chris Moore Connie Moore Deborah Moore Donald Moore Elissa Moore Greg Moore Jo Ann Moore John Moore Lindsey Moore Meredith Moore Sharree Moore Shaun Moore Stephanie Moore Susan Moore Chelsey Moran Rich Moran Lesa Morby Wayne Moreland Dorothy Morgan Ted Morgan James Morley Sharon Morley Dale Morris Dona Morris Eddie Morris Erin Morris Jeremy Morris Joe Morris Peggy Morris Elmo Morrison Lonny Morrison Mona Morrissey Otis Morrow Bob Morse Nicholas Morse Joshua Mortensen Jared Moser Robin Moser Scott Moser Aaron Moses Andrew Moses David Moses Jaime Moses Eva Mosiman Gene Mosiman Andrew Moskow Trey Moss Dave Mosso Nancy Mote Booker Moten

Sue Mowder Rick Mowrer Tina Mowrer Bill Mueller John Mugler Muhsinjon Muhamadjonov Mary Muilenburg Lisa Muiller Christie Mull Nick Mull Shawn Muller John Mullican Melanie Mullican Lucas Mullin Barry Muninger Kari Muniz Tom Munk Naomi Munoz Kent Munzer Pat Munzer Anne Murdock Jackie Murray Ragen Murray Michael Mustain Doug Muxlow Brooks Myers Bruce Myers Donna Myers Jon Myers Mike Myers Patrick Myers Austin Nachbar Rob Nall Amanda Narverud Layne Nash Sara Nash-Ferguson Katy Nasse Al Nauman Edward Navone Jason Neal Laquisha Neal Beth Nech Michael Neeley Mariana Neff Zachary Nehring Carrie Neis Mark Neis Bill Neiswanger Nancy Neiswanger Sara Neiswanger David Nelson Donald Nelson Linda Nelson Randy Nelson Sara Nelson Tyler Nelson Lauren Neuer Crystal Neumann Jessica Neumann Barraclough Jay Newbery Debbie Newcomer Steve Newcomer Marti Newell Tracy Newell Ed Newman Peter Newman Robert Newman Marguerite Newton Dick Ney Haylee Nguyen Beverly Nicholas Truman Nicholas Betty Nichols Bill Nichols Ed Nichols Karen Nichols Mary Nichols Nickie Nichols Stein Linda Nickel Mike Nickel Judy Nickelson Chad Nieman Charles Niemann Alayna Nigus Alanna Niles

Larry Niven Josh Nixon Mark Noah JoAnn Noble-Thompson Bob Noblitt Jorge Nobo Patricia Nobo Ramon Noches Carol Noe Jere Noe Kipp Noe Patricia Noel-Johnson Rita Noll Scott Noll Brad Noller Maxine Noller Tiffany Noller Harry Noon Hans Nordgren Carl Nordstrom Dona Nordstrom Mark Nordstrom Jacqueline Norman Jenny Norris Sydney North Jan Northcraft Brad Norton Austin Nothern Marianna Nothern Larry Nourse Myra Nourse Mike Nowak Charles Nunemaker Jeanne Nunn Mark Nusbaum Larry Nuss Marie Nusz Donna Nutter Paul Nutter Carl Nuzman Jan Nuzman Cecilia Nwakpuda Cliff Nye Jim Nyman Gini Nystrom Michael Obenieta Angela O'Brien Casey O'Brien Jo Ann O'Brien Kandy Ockree Robert Ockree Helen Odgers Davis Bill Ogan Rachel Ogle Laurie Ohl Jody Olberding Larry Olberding Samantha Olberding Sara Olberding Charlotte Oldham Dale Oldham Dave Oldham Linda Oldham Burns Frances Oliva Dianne Oliver Kent Oliver Marsha Oliver Lou Ann Olsen Tommy Olsen Courtney Olson Elizabeth Olson Julie Olson Meghan Olson Shirin Oman Shannon O'Neill Deren Onursal Liz Oppenhuis Alex Ornstein Karen Ortega Pat Ortega Susan Ortega Bob Ortiz Diana Ortiz Brittany Osborne Amber Oshel

Bob Oshel Linda Ossiander Steve Ossiander Cassie Ost Ian Otinga Pam O'Toole Trusdale Debbie Otting Eric Otting Denise Ottinger Dorothy Overbey Brittany Overmiller Brad Owen Cindy Owen Brittany Owens Jim Owens Nusret Ozakinci Betsy Packard Trenton Padgett Gwen Page Jeanne Page Steve Page Valerie Paine Jack Palace Leslie Palace Tom Palace Dakota Palan-Johnson Fred Palenske Kaetlynn Palenske Nickolas Palenske Pam Palenske Daryl Palmer Gail Palmer Chris Pannbacker Jonathan Panqueva Cardenas David Pantle Francisco Parisi Duarte Minhee Park Matt Parker Samantha Parker Linda Parks Sheridan Parks Dwight Parman Lisa Parman Donn Parr Don Parry Courtney Partridge Larry Patch Monica Patel Betty Patterson Dick Patterson Elsiann Patterson Pat Patterson Philip Patterson Richard Patterson Lawrence Patti Fred Patton Kim Patton Orpha Pattridge Nancy Paul Reuben Paulsen Tyson Paulson Will Paulson Bill Pauzauskie Sally Pauzauskie Joe Pavlich Anna Pawley Sheva Paydari Alexander Payne Esim Payne James P. Payne James S. Payne Kathy Payne Keith Payne Nena Payne Stefany Payne Mary Payton Teresa Pearson Beverly Peaslee Cynthia Pederson Ron Pederson Nancy Peel Gary Peer Ronda Pegram Steven Pegram Kent Pellegrino

Keith Pelton Lynne Pelton Virginia Pelton Terri Pemberton Mary Jo Pembrook Randy Pembrook Rudy Penaranda Eunice Penner Aleta Pennington Amy Penny Bailey Pepper Denise Peralta Karla Perez Sanchez Clayton Perkins Jan Perney Joseph Perry Yvonne Perry Staci Pershall Ashley Persinger Greg Pert Kelly Pert Larry Peters Bonnie Peterson Doris Peterson Gary Peterson Mitch Peterson Pete Peterson Phil Peterson Tim Peterson Vicki Peterson Melissa Petesch Dee Petree Cecil Petterson Norma Pettijohn Roger Pettit Lynette Petty Andrew Petz Nancy Pfannenstiel Tom Pfannenstiel Erica Pfeifer Daniel Phelps Ed Phelps George Phelps Sara Phelps Zacharias Phelps-Roper Amber Phifer Lynne Philips Daphne Phillips Kathleen Phillips Wei Pi Amanda Pierce Bobette Pierce Cassie Pierce Dave Pierce Kevin Pierce Martha Pierce Verna Pierce Bill Pierson Molly Pierson Connie Pigg Steve Pigg Fred Pilcher Joe Pilgrim Sarah Pilgrim Josue Pineda John Pinegar Fred Pinkham Leah Piper Ali Pirali Claire Pittman Roxie Pitts Dave Platt Sarah Plowman Marsha Plush Richard Pokorny Sally Pokorny Jennifer Poliquin Darlene Pollom Joe Pollom Duane Pomeroy Dale Pond Adam Poole Dorothy Pooler Ruth Pooler William Pooler

Audrey Pope Jill Pope Alex Portenier Elaine Porteous Ginny Porteous Jack Porteous Ally Porter Kyle Porter Tara Porter Kathy Portman Laura Poschen Brad Post Carolyn Post Mel Post Eliot Potter Harry Potter Jessica Potter Sherry Potter Stephen Potter Treva Potter Bill Powell John Powell Ruthann Pozez Edward Prekopy Kirsten Prekopy Joyce Prewitt Carol Price Josie Price Scott Price Thomas Price Tamara Price-Martinak Don Prince Beverly Probasco Lou Probasco Ryan Prochaska David Proctor Susan Proctor Riley Propps Rebecca Prosser April Ptacek Elizabeth Puckett Tom Puckett Jason Puderbaugh Joyce Puderbaugh Pat Puderbaugh Scott Puff Ardith Pulford Ed Pulliam Amber Purcell Kyle Purcell Mary Faith Pusey Pankin Barb Quaney Kirk Quarterman Imogene Quinlan Marjorie Quinlan Anna Quinn Colin Quinn Tonya Raaf Tim Racer Marina Rageth John Ragsdale Shandi Ragsdale Dustin Rainey Carol Raish Harold Ralston Linda Ralston Taiwo Ramon Richard Ramos Monte Ramskill Stephanie Randall Duane Randle Mark Randtke Margo Rangel Timothy Rangel Martin Ranker Barbara Rankin Erin Rankin Jim Rankin Jessica Ransone Dianne Rapp Larry Rapp Kristy Rasnic Betty Rasure Charles Rayl Pat Raymond

Sharon Read Gene Reardon Jim Reardon Linda Reardon Melody Reardon Michael Reaves Christopher Rebant Carolyn Rebek Paul Rebek Karen Reda Kenneth Redman Ashley Reece Cory Reed Gerrald Reed Bob Reeder Dorothy Reichart Caleb Reid Kurt Reid Jo Reilly Michele Reisinger Hayley Remund Bonnie Renfrow Gary Renick Mary Ann Renner-Eschmann Gary Reser Kathy Reser Paje Resner Tim Resner Harold Ressler Darrell Revell Douglas Reynolds Helen Reynolds James Reynolds Jay Don Reynolds Linda Reynolds Lissa Reynolds Mike Reynolds Ollie Reynolds Russell Reynolds Vicki Reynolds Jayme Rezac Kelsey Rezac Brad Rhoden Marla Rhoden Alyssa Rhodes Bob Rhodes Ellen Rhodes Jeremiah Rials Alan Rice Amanda Rice Claude Rice Jay Rice Michael Rice Sheila Rice Kay Richards William Richards Bethany Richardson David Richardson Elise Richardson Harold Richardson Florence Richey Navella Richey Ron Richey Jack Richmond Laura Richmond Robert Richmond Len Richter Terry Richter Tonya Ricklefs Martha Riddle Steven Riddle Beth Rider Brady Riekeman Zachary Riggins Jessica Rilinger Chad Rine Scott Rinehart Richard Ring Brandon Ritcha Carolyn Ritchey Gayle Ritchie Domine Catherine Ritter Richard Rittier Dominic Rizzo Bill Roach

Mary Roach Joe Robb John Robb Ron Robb Jennifer Robert Patricia Robert Randy Robert Caitlin Roberts Carol Roberts Glenna Roberts Jenny Roberts Keith Roberts Kristopher Roberts Leroy Roberts Rose Roberts Steve Roberts Wally Roberts Emery Robertson Shelbie Robertson Sylvia Robertson Alice Robinson Allan Robinson Amy Robinson Bob Robinson Dave Robinson Jeannie Robinson Joyce Robinson Karen Robinson Kyle Robinson Mal Robinson Vanessa Robinson Jean Robison Judith Robison Tom Robison Maggie Robohn Don Robson Keith Rocci Darrell Rodenbaugh Debra Rodenbaugh-Schaub Caitlin Rodenbeek Stephanie Rodgers Cindy Rodman Larry Rodrick Yvonne Rodriguez Bob Roe Randee Roe Barbara Roehl Don Roehl Bob Roenbaugh Cindy Rogers Dick Rogers Don Rogers Fred Rogers Jane Rogers Jerry Rogers Jud Rogers Rosie Rogers Ruth Rogers Terry Rogers Janele Rohlmeier Micheal Rohlmeier Curtis Rokala Karen Rokala Alan Rolley Ann Rolley Brooke Rollison Angel Romero Jane Romig Pam Romig Thomas J. Romig Thomas S. Romig Cassandra Romine Brian Ronsse Michael Rooks Dana Rooney Kate Rooney Katherine Rooney Billy Rork Lynda Rosander Deborah Rose Joe Rose John Rose Verna Rose Joshua Rosebaugh Tara Roseberry

Olivia Rosenberger Al Ma. Ross Al Me. Ross Amanda Ross Gary Ross Gretta Ross Julie Ross Marcia Ross Mark Ross Richard Ross Riley Ross Walter Ross Glenn Roth Meredith Roth Sally Roth Stacy Rottinghaus Joanne Roudebush Phil Roudebush Lee Routledge Bob Rowley Mary Rowley Meredith Royston Rose Rozmiarek Ginger Rubottom Linda Rubow Jessica Ruhnke Sarah Ruiz Phyllis Rumsey Brett Runyon Neil Rupert Chris Rush Hannah Rush Sarah Rush Shannon Rush Chrissy Russell Josh Russell Stephanie Russo Kay Rute Larry Rute Carrie Rutherford Rob Roy Rutherford Cyndi Ryan Jorden Ryan Meghan Ryan Richard Ryan Rick Ryan Brittany Rygaard Joe Rygielski Beth Ryszewski Carla Saathoff Shawn Saathoff Frank Sabatini Judith Sabatini Donni Sabel Kathy Sachen-Gute Dwayne Sackman Karen Sackman Katelin Sadler Kathryn Sagar Arlyn Sage Brad Sager Stan Sager Joe Saia Gwen Saiya Bob Salmon Kathryn Salsbury-Kiwan Philip Salter Stella Salter Danielle SanAntonio Henry Sandate Ashley Sanders Becky Sanders Jay Sanders Jim Sanders Kasey Sanders Traci Sanders Georgia Sandlin Terry Sandlin Maria Sangalang Gaylord Sanneman Narongsak Saparam Mark Satterfield Roy Saunders Joy Sayers Lisa Schaedler

46 Alumni Association 44

Patrick Schaefer Jill Schalansky Nick Schamaun Marcia Schaper Bailey Jo Schartz Bonny Schartz Joe Schartz Kitra Schartz Kyle Schartz Oliver Schbley Joyce Scheck Monica Scheibmeir Jessica Schell Joshua Schell Pat Scherzer Kristi Scheve Stephen Schiffelbein Teresa Schiffelbein Pamela Schilling Nicole Schings Paul Schlingensiepen Tammy Schlingmann Cherie Schlink Bryon Schlosser Jan Schlosser Brenda Schmidt Camille Schmidt Grier Schmidt Joseph Schmidt Kara Schmidt Kyle Schmidt Rod Schmidt Sarah Schmidt Kyle Schmidtlein Patrick Schmidtlein Emily Schmitt Jeff Schmitt Judy Schmitt Lora Schmitt Tom Schmitt Brittany Schmitz Ericah Schmucker Jon Schmucker Joline Schnacker Alison Schneider Liesl Schneider Nicholas Schneider Ron Schneider Tiana Schneider Gregory Schoenberg Roger Schoenfeldt Terry Schonlaw Elyse Schrader Randy Schrag Stacy Schreiner Jaclynn Schrick Patricia Schroder Rick Schroder Kristina Schroeder John Schroff Mary Schroff Lee Schubert Brooklyn Schuetz Kelcey Schuetz Pamela Schuetz Jeanie Schuler Samuel Schulte Marvin Schulteis Genell Schultes Ashley Schultz Dan Schultz Larry Schultz Stevi Schultz Zach Schultz Lauren Schulz Cheryl Schuster Mary Schuster Mike Schuster Bill Schutte Lynne Schutte Mike Schwart Ruth Ann Schwart Bret Schwarz Brenda Schweer Kelsey Schweer

45 Alumni Association

Ron Schweer Ed Schwemmer Danny Scott Dorothy Scott Emily Scott Jay Scott Kaela Scott Randall Scott Ruth Scott Fran Scrimsher Alyssa Sears Ian Seaton Virginia Seebeck Val Seely James Seem Gary Seibel Terri Seibel Peggy Seidl Rick Seitz Melinda Self Cindy Sell Ruby Sell Donna Sellen Matthew Sellens Melissa Sellers Steve Sellers Laura Semler Craig Senogles Edward Serrano Melissa Serrano Fulva Seufert Alanna Seymour Margeaux Seymour Fran Seymour-Hunter Hayley Shaffer Josh Shald Kesar Sharma-Crawford Sheri Sharp Kathryn Shartz Danelle Shaw Gloria Shaw Lisa Shea Wayde Shea Bill Sheahan Marsha Sheahan John Sheehan Susan Sheehan Mark Sheeks Mallory Shehi Kelsea Shellenberger Marty Shepherd Neil Shepherd Jesse Sherer Zachary Sherman Lori Shermoen Rich Shermoen Richard Shermoen John Sherwood Maribell Shevlin John Shideler Martha Shimp Justan Shinkle Shelby Shinkle Elissa Shipman Kaile Shipman Cody Shipps Janet Shivers Kelvin Shivers John Shobe Mary Kaye Shobe Sarah Shoemaker Brea Short Derek Shreve Aaron Shriver Heidi Shriver Brendon Shroyer Jon Shubin Barbara Shuck Audra Shughart Phil Shull John Shultz Brooke Shumaker Jack Shutt Jeannie Shy Ashlee Sidebottom

Kelly Sidlinger Laura Sidlinger Walter Siebert Don Sieve Jessica Sievers Paula Sigg Stephen Sigg Maggie Sigler Sandra Sigler Norma Sikes Jim Silver Marsha Silver Marvin Silver Samantha Silver Keith Silvers James Silvia Alayna Simecka Mary Simmons Treva Simmons Ruth Simnitt Terry Simnitt Herm Simon Dane Simoneau Alan Simons Emily Simons Jack Simpson James Simpson Jenn Simpson Wally Sue Simpson Buddy Sims Lawrence Sims Nicole Sims Kelsey Sinn Kyle Sipe Suzi Sipe Tim Sipe William Sipes Curt Sittenauer Jill Sittenauer Barbara Skipper Mitchell Slagle Lloyd Slapar John Slater Brad Slease Barbara Slimmer Gary Slimmer Heather Sloan Jim Sloan Chuck Slocum Doris Slocum Roseanne Sloop Peggy Sloyer Jeanne Slusher Michael Slusher Eric Slusser Jane Smelser Ashley Smith Betty Smith Betty Smith Brian Smith D.L. Smith Danyle Smith Dianna Smith Dick Smith Ethan Smith Fredric Smith Gayle Smith Gerd Smith Karen Smith Kimberly Smith Larry Smith Laura Smith Laura Smith Laurie Smith Martha Smith Mary Smith Megan Smith Melissa Smith Monty Smith Paul Smith Ralph Smith RaMonda Smith Russ Smith Ryan Smith Shelby Smith

Shelley Smith Suzy Smith Thomas Smith Jean Smith Simmons Chuck Smrha Jennifer Smutny Celsie Sneden Bill Sneed Diane Sneed Michael Snell Sally Snell Donald Snoddy Amanda Snook Peggy Snook Steve Snook Jim Snyder Kristen Soetaert John Solbach David Sollars Kyle Sollars Tricia Sollars Christi Somers Marsha Sonner Tania Sostre Ed Soule Judy Soule Grant Sourk Jennifer Sourk Candice Spacek Matt Spahn Connie Spain Dick Spain Shannon Spangler Tanner Speake LaBonna Speakman Eileen Spears Lenora Speer Lydia Spellman Angela Spence Carol Spencer Jim Spencer Donna Spicer Anthony Spicuglia Vania Spoerre Tom Spresser Lois Spring Becky Springer Nancy Springer Al Sproul Abigail Squires Robert St. Denis Sandi St. Denis Glenn St. John Hayden St. John Susan St. John Don Staab Gerald Staab Katelyn Staab Pam Stabler Greg Stadler Johnny Stadler Karen Stadler Laura Stadler Rick Stadler Antonia Stahl Gladie Stalker John Stambaugh Larry Stambaugh Harlan Stamper Jennifer Stanghellini Mindy Staniec Erin Stapel Anne Starbuck Mary Ann Starbuck Scott Starbuck Ryan Starkey Becky Stauffer Kelsey Stauffer Shelly Stauffer Lou Steck Troy Stedman Bradley Steen David Steffey Shelly Steffey John Stegman

Guy Steier Bruce Steinbrock Maria Steinbrock Carolyn Steinlage Duane Steinle Mary Lou Steinle Nicole Stejskal Adam Stephenson Regina Stephenson Cash Sterling Renae Steuart Tim Stevens Carol Stevenson Barbara Stewart Jan Stewart Jane Stewart Mike Stewart Raven Stewart Warren Stewart Tammy Stickelman Esther Stiger Jim Stinson Maureen Stinson Bob Stoffer Dian Stogsdill Jessica Stogsdill Jim Stogsdill Bob Stoller Paige Stonerock D. J. Stoops Kathryn Stoops Bob Storey Nicole Stormann Matthew Stormer Rebecca Story Kathy Stover Roger Stover Renae Strader Joyce Strathman Damian Strohmeyer Marsha Stromgren Jacque Stroud William Stubenhofer Jan Stuck Jim Stuck Alan Stueve Stefanie Stuever Liz Stuewe Paul Stuewe Janet Stuke Jim Stuke Diane Stumpf Lisa Stumpf Caitlin Sturgeon Kim Sturgeon Nicole Sudac Dee Suddarth Corey Suelter Jeremiah Sullivan Kelli Sullivan Thad Sullivan Theresa Sullivan Jeri Sullivant Shelia Summers Jacki Summerson Johnnye Summerson Phil Summerson Ward Summerville Terry Sumner Nan Sun Don Surmeier Benjamin Sutherland John Sutherland Kacie Sutherland William Sutton Jennifer Svetlecic Kayla Swader John Swain Brittany Swan Elizabeth Swanson Jack Swartz Lloyd Swartz Nadine Swartz Dan Swearingen Pat Swearingen

Kevin Sweeney Tamara Sweeney Ed Swift Jason Swift Shannon Swift Holly Swim Jeffrey Swingle Jessica Switzer Sarah Sylvester Scott Tabbert Janeen Tacey Bob Taggart Glenn Taggart Jeanne Taggart Mike Taghizadeh Karla Tailele Marvin Tangney Alexandra Tapang Nancy Tate Lea Tatum-Haskell Ashley Taylor Brandy Taylor Christina Taylor Clarence Taylor Colby Taylor D. W. Taylor Diane Taylor Dot Taylor Eric Taylor Glenda Taylor Jeff Taylor Kimberly Taylor Laura Taylor Richard Taylor Cody Teegerstrom Adam Teel Sean Teel Nick Templin Sarah Tenpenny Amy Teply Jeff Teply Joyce Terrill Rick Terrill Tahjzia Terry Bernice Testa Lee Thaete Jo Anne Theimer Travis Thibault Kelsey Thiessen Madi Thimmesch Dave Thoman Delania Thomas Erin Thomas Frank Thomas Heather Thomas Jake Thomas James Thomas Joshua Thomas Kenva Thomas Lynda Thomas Teresa Thomas William Thomas Joshua Thomason Baruch Thompson Charles Thompson Christine Thompson Dennis Thompson Dodge Thompson Kirk Thompson Lori Thompson Lynn Thompson Mark Thompson Richard Thompson Sallie Thompson Stephanie Thompson Stephanie Thompson Douangchanh Thongkham Dick Thornburg Linda Thornburg Annette Thornburgh Ron Thornburgh Christy Thornton Bob Thorp Mary Thorp Stacy Thowe

Glenda Thurber Graham Thurber D-J Tiemens Cristen Tilden Connie Tilton Steve Tilton James Tinkum Marsha Tinkum Anthony Tinoco Carrie Tinsley Jodie Tinsley Joshua Tipton Amanda Tituana-Feijoo David Titus Adam Toby Dallas Todd Louise Todd Nancy Toedman Deanna Toenjes Hollie Toenjes Martin Toews Becky Tolbert-Ernst Gerald Toledo Ian Tomasic Judy Tomei Mike Tomei Nicole Tomes Bette Tompkins Robert Tompkins Brandon Tomson Patrick Toomey Jose Torres Lori Torres Josh Torrez Julienne Torrez Mark Torrez Peter Toth Cleora Tousey Sarah Towle Ellen Townsend Kent Townsend Amber Traphagan Jack Travis Josh Traxler Robin Trembley JR Treto Tim Triggs Allison Tripp David Tripp Lori Tripp Robert Tripp Sarah Tripp Amanda Troutman June Truan Marilyn Trubey Kaitlyn Truesdell Andrea Trupp Dick Trupp Jeanne Trupp Rob Trupp Monna Trusdale Bulkley Jenny Tryon Bernard Tuck Alan Tucker Gwen Tucker John Tucker Kevin Tucker Melissa Tucker Pope Linda Tuller Tyler Tunnell Judy Turgeon Mary Turnbull Catherine Turner Jim Turner Solomon Turner Susan Turner Tom Turpin Megan Twait Adrian Twombley Phil Tysinger Loren Ubel Alisha Udhwani Meyer Ueoka Paul Ueoka David Uhrlaub

Richard Uhrlaub Joseph-Jamir Ulmer Duane Ulrich Roger Underwood Jeff Ungerer Jim Ungerer Kathy Ungerer Chad Unrein Elizabeth Unrein Heather Unrein Susan Uphoff Aimee Urban Erin Urban Gail Urban Jay Urban Rocky Vacek Angela Valdivia Sierra Valdivia Chris Valentino Mike Van Dyke Melissa Van Horn Lucas Van Sickle Frank Van Vleck Dick Vanderwall Roger VanHoozer Janet Vant-Leven Joshua Varner Lilly Varner Garrett Vaughn John Vaughn Nancy Vaughn Richard Vaughn Shirley Vaughn Raymond Vaught Charles Vausbinder Jeanne Vawter Russ Vawter Tessa Velez Alice Vernon Gayle Vernon Tom Vesper Arlene Vickers Bill Vickrey Bill Vicory Karen Vicory Austin Vincent David Vincent Tam Vincent Debbie Vinning Karen Viola Roger Viola Cheri Virag Ian Vistine Tal Vivian Andrew Vogel Carol Vogel Jim Vogel Pat Vogelsberg James Voigts John Voisinet Mike Vollbrecht Kyle Volle Al Ray Vossen Lavon Vossen Martin Vytlacil Kathryn Wachsman David Wade Karen Wagaman Marianne Wagaman Keith Wagers Mickie Wait Lawrence Wakley Anne Walbridge Angela Waldron Amanda Walker Dona Walker Ronald Walker Steven Walker Sue Walker Melodee Wallace Stephen Wallace Tara Wallace Joan Walrafen Denise Walsh Amanda Walter

Mitch Walter Norris Walter Whitney Walter Kent Waltmire Mona Waltmire Marjorie Walton Patsy Walz Grant Waniska MaryDorsey Wanless Dixie Wantoch Howie Ward Marilyn Ward Mark Ward Spencer Ward Alan Warner Bob Warner Esther Warner Tom Warner Carol Warner-Haltom Charles Warren Dale Warren Dan Warren Joyce Warren Maggie Warren Timothy Warren Caitlin Waskom Cynthia Waskowiak Ron Wasserstein Sherry Wasserstein Beth Wasson Howard Wasson Barbara Waterman-Peters Ken Waters Sheryl Waters Chris Watkins Mary Watkins Bette Watson Jake Watson David Watts Harrison Watts Jessica Watts Sharon Watts Jim Wayland Judah Wayman Joe Wayner Kent Weatherby Denise Weaver John Weaver Michael Weaver Eric Webb Ernie Webb Jenifer Webb Robert Webb Ed Webber Barbara Weber John Weber Gary Weckbaugh Lauren Weddell Steven Weeks Austin Wegener Bob Weibel Daryl Weibel Linda Weibel Sandy Weibel Ed Weigel Dennis Weinberg Lindsey Weinert Allison Weir Rick Weissbeck Jerry Welborn Leila Welborn Lori Welch Michael Welch Stanley Wellborn Barbara Weller Ashley Wellman Aarika Wellnitz Camaria Wells Ginger Wells Maggie Wells Melissa Wells-Martin Peggy Welsh Brandon Wenger Lee Wenger Lindsay Wennihan

Vicki Werner Paula Werts Rick Werts Kelsey Wessel Kerri West Maggie West Sandra West Aaron Westbrook Diane Westerhaus Adam Wetzel Danielle Whalen Erin Whalen-Freeberg Aaron Wheatley Bill Wheatley Mike Wheatley Tara Wheatley Carol Wheeler Chloe Wheeler Vern Wheeler Carol Whelan Cheryl Whelan Richard Whelan Bob Whiffen Nancy Whiffen Amy White Barbara White Bev White Bridget White Dennis White Joni White R. Steven White Rita White Savannah White Brooke Whitehill Bethany Whitehurst Thomas Whitmer Whitney Whitson Larry Whitt Mary Lou Whitt Sally Whitten Joshua Whorton Daniel Wickham Carol Wiebler Michael Wiebler Jannett Wiens Jillian Wieters Kelci Wigger Jim Wight Nancy Wight David Wiksten Joan Wiksten Carolyn Wiley Stephanie Wilhelm Rosemary Wilkerson Tawney Willett Jennifer Willey Amanda Williams Beth Williams Carol Williams Chelsea Williams Cindee Williams Janis Williams Jeny Williams Jerry Williams Jessica Williams Joseph Williams Lori Williams Mike Williams Sarah Williams Rick Williamson Betty Willis Bob Willis Rachel Willis Steve Willis Doug Wilmore Kathleen Wilmore Barbara Wilson Briana Wilson Cynthia Wilson Deborah Wilson Elizabeth Wilson Janet Wilson Jared Wilson Jon Wilson Larry Wilson

Mike Wilson Oana Wilson Reed Wilson Sara Wilson Tess Wilson Tom Wilson Tom Wilson Kacey Wiltz Jonathan Wimer Glen Winchell June Windscheffel Dennis Wing Patricia Wing Kylie Wingate Austin Wingerson David Wingerson LeeRoy Winkel Shane Winkenwader Mollie Winkler Rosanna Winkler Ryan Winrick Donna Winslow Erin Winter Mit Winter Robert Winter Susan Winter Taegan Winter Brandon Wise Fran Wise Kate Wise Paul Wise Kayla Wiswell Larry Witham Cullen Witt Harold Witt Jerry Wittmer Sandy Wittmer Roy Wohl John Wohlfarth Sharon Wohlfarth Phil Wolfe Stacy Woltje Bridget Wood Bryce Wood Ed Wood John Wood Robert Wood Teri Wood Gary Woodman Sally Woodman James Woodson Dorothy Woody Eli Woody Nick Woolery Paige Woolery Fekadu Wordofa Katie Workman Summer Workman Bruce Works Marcia Works Mark Works Matt Works Mike Worswick Mary Wortman Kent Wray Cathy Wrenick Rudy Wrenick Chuck Wright Corrie Wright Doug Wright Greg Wright Jason Wright Kelsee Wright Keron Wright Linda Wright Paula Wright Stephanie Wright Jingjing Wu Adam Wuerfele Jodi Wulfkuhle Gene Wunder Judy Wunder Lara Wunder Ron Wurtz Laura Wywadis

Gary Yager Widge Yager Mark Yardley Sheree Yardley Ashlyn Yarnell John Ybarra Jr. John M. Ybarra Emily Yessen Brett Yingling Paul Yockey Karen Yokley Frankie Young Zach Young Misty Young-Fisher Dawn Zabel Rita Zachariasen Maryam Zangeneh Jim Zeferjahn Janell Zeiler Jeffrey Zeiler Curtis Zeitelhack Daryl Zeller Karen Zeller Mike Zemites Drew Zerr Peter Zettersten Baili Zhang Junchi Zhou Bobbie Ziegler Janet Zima Joe Zima Abigail Zimmerman Angel Zimmerman Diana Zimmerman Jim Zimmerman Katelyn Zimmerman Larry Zimmerman Robert Zimmerman Bill Zirger Millie Zirger Emily Zoeller Lynda Zook Alexandria Zordel Suzanne Zurn Fred Zweifel

48 Alumni Association 46

CALENDAR of EVENTS MULVANE EXHIBITS & EVENTS FEBruary 7 – MARCH 16, 2014 “150 Years of Teaching: Tools & Technology” In celebration of Washburn’s sesquicentennial, features tools and technology used in teaching at the university.


Join these young alumni during our next After Hours! The first two of 2014 are scheduled for Jan. 10 and Feb. 14. Photo by Ernie W. Webb III

ALUMNI EVENTS january 8 10

Washburn Wednesday, The Other Place, Overland Park, Kan., 5:30 p.m. After Hours, 5 p.m.

february 2-8 12 14 20 22 23

Alumni Association trip to Cancun and the Riviera Maya Washburn Wednesday, The Other Place, Overland Park, Kan., 5:30 p.m. After Hours, 5 p.m. Wake Up With Washburn, Bright Funds’ Ty Walrod, 7:30 a.m. Phoenix, Ariz., Alumni luncheon, noon, TBA (Please visit for updates) Tucson, Ariz., Alumni luncheon, noon, TBA (Please visit for updates)

“Contemporary Reflections: Brown v. Board of Education After 60 Years” Part of Washburn’s year-long commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision. Twenty African-American artists from Kansas and Kansas City, Mo., have created unique interpretations on this theme.

MARCH 1 – JUNE 8 “Teach Your Children Well” (Well-known children’s book artist Shane Evans’ images of African-American resistance) Images get to the heart of the historic struggles of African-Americans in our country, describing the courage, bravery, hope and determination of the human spirit to face and overcome adversity.

MARCH 1 – JUNE 8 “Art for Social Change” Mulvane will curate art works from the permanent collection and on loan from other museums that explore themes of social protest and social change. Artist works from the 1940s through current times use various media to inform and influence.

april 5 – may 11 Washburn Art Department Exhibition An annual exhibit featuring works of art by Washburn University Art Department undergraduate students.

march 12 14

Washburn Wednesday, The Other Place, Overland Park, Kan., 5:30 p.m. After Hours, 5 p.m.

april 9

Washburn Wednesday, The Other Place, Overland Park, Kan., 5:30 p.m. 10 Wake Up With Washburn, artist Barbara Waterman-Peters, 7:30 a.m. 11 After Hours, 5 p.m. 26 Alumni Awards banquet, Memorial Union, 6 p.m. Alumni events are in the Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center, unless otherwise noted. For more information, including events added after press time, call 785.670.1641 or visit 47 Calendar of Events

“Bread Line” from artist Reginald Marsh’s “Art for Social Change” exhibit.

artlab Tap into inspiration. Connect with your imagination. Create your own art. Located in the basement of the Mulvane. Open Tuesdays 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Wednesday–Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Weekends 1-4 p.m. Exhibits and events are in the Mulvane Art Museum located in Garvey Fine Arts Center. For more information, call 785.670.1124 or visit

theater EVENTS

march 2 3 4 5 6

28 “The Vagina Monologues,” 7:30 p.m.

7 8




1 2

“The Vagina Monologues,” 7:30 p.m. “The Vagina Monologues,” 7:30 p.m.

Benefit production to raise funds and awareness to end violence against women and girls. Located at the Andrew J. and Georgia Neese Gray Theatre, Garvey Fine Arts Center. For information, call 785.670.1639.

ACADEMICS, STUDENT LIFE & special events january 1 22 23 24 31

New Year’s Day (university closed) Martin Luther King Day (university closed) Spring semester classes begin Ichabod Senior Day Chinese New Year Buffet, Washburn Room A, Memorial Union, 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

13 17 29

Ichabod Junior Day Leadership Challenge Event training for all volunteers, Memorial Union, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Comfort Food Buffet, Washburn Room A, 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Social Work Student Legislative Day, Washburn Rooms A and B, Memorial Union, 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Leadership Challenge Event training for all volunteers, Memorial Union, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Ichabod Transfer Day Leadership Challenge Event training for all volunteers, Memorial Union, 9:30-11:30 a.m. Education Interview Day, Washburn Rooms A and B, Memorial Union, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Northeast Kansas Scholarship Dinner, Washburn Rooms A and B, 7-9:30 p.m. Washburn coaches luncheon, Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center, noon Occupational Therapy Assistant Organization Fun Run, 8 a.m.

april 3-4 Leadership Challenge Event 11 Ichabod Junior Day 13-19 National Student Employment Week 14 Apeiron, Washburn Rooms A and B, all day 23 Shawnee County Scholarship Reception, Washburn Rooms A and B, 7-9:30 p.m.






5 6 6 13 17 19

Big Game Party benefitting Ichabod Athletic Fund, Capitol Plaza Hotel, 4:30 p.m. Connect and Select Fair, Washburn Room A, Memorial Union, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Connect and Select Fair, Washburn Room A, Memorial Union, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Lincoln Lecture, Professor John Stauffer, Harvard University, Washburn Room A, Memorial Union, 7-9 p.m. Wellness Fair, Washburn Rooms A and B, Memorial Union, 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Ichabod Junior Day Spring Career Fair, Lee Arena, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Lunch and Learn: Safe Homes/Safe Streets, noon

february 14 15 16 19

Mock Trial, 3-10 p.m. Mock Trial, 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Mock Trial, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Lunch and Learn: Mental Health Board, noon

march 26 Lunch and Learn, noon

april 10 16

Advocacy Annual Awards, Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center, 5-7:30 p.m. Lunch and Learn, noon

Located at the Washburn School of Law. For information, call 785.670.1060.

50 Calendar of Events 48

51 Giving Back

Winter 2013 The Ichabod  

Features include Washburn Tech's continued transformation, the overhaul of 17th Street and the KBI building on campus

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