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WASA/Studio A is an innovative design collaborative that includes the disciplines of architecture, interior design, MEP engineering, historic preservation, building envelope conservation and sustainable design. Our work embodies the civic idea of making our communities better places, while striving to make the built solution a reflection of our client’s aspirations and core values. We believe in the power of beautifully designed environments in enhancing the work and the lives of our clients.

Our firm lives at the intersection of artistry and technology, believing that one cannot exist without the other.

Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY Reed & Stem, 1903-13

OUR HISTORY Originally founded in 1889 as Reed & Stem in St. Paul, MN, the firm made a reputation designing civic and residential projects throughout Minnesota. In 1903, Reed & Stem moved its practice to New York City when it won the competition to design Grand Central Terminal. The firm garnered wide acclaim for its railroad work, designing over 100 stations across the country and in Canada.

Queens College, Music and Arts Center, Flushing, NY Fellheimer & Wagner, 1953-59

In 1923, the firm became known as Fellheimer & Wagner, as Alfred Fellheimer and Steward Wagner ascended to partnership. In 1927, esteemed Hungarian Modernist, Roland Wank, was hired as their chief designer. Building on the reputation of Reed & Stem, the firm continued to design train stations. In 1961, the firm’s name was changed to Wank Adams Slavin Associates to reflect the new partnership Now, as WASA/Studio A, the firm has entered the 21st century as a fully integrated design firm. The firm owes its longevity to its ability to transform and to constantly evolve its services to incorporate the latest technology and highest standards of the profession.

Fairleigh Dickinson University, Student Center, Rutherford, NJ Wank Adams Slavin Associates, 1972


DESIGN FOR EDUCATION At WASA/Studio A we understand that thoughtful and creative environments can inspire students to learn and teachers to teach. Space that communicates adventure, challenge and respect for the individual are places that engage, stimulate and support learning. Designing for education has always been a passion for us at WASA/Studio A. Our academic clients care deeply about design and intuitively understand the value of teaching within pragmatic, respectful and healthy environments. As architects, we find that we do our best work when challenged and inspired by committed clients. We know that learning happens anywhere a gifted teacher inspires a student, and our goal as architects is to give each teacher and student all the support possible to maximize growth and learning. For this reason, we devote ourselves to creating what we call the ideal learning environment. The ideal learning environment is one that addresses the needs of the students and also facilitates the work of the teachers, staff, and institution as a whole. These facilities must be sensitive not only to their current needs, but should also address the flexibility necessary to

incorporate new modalities of learning as they develop. We apply this level of detail and care beyond the occupiable spaces (classrooms and lobbies), into the less visible components, such as engineering and other specialty systems. Our commitment to the integrated design process ensures that we create a facility that is maintainable, will last for generations, and promotes environmental responsibility. We know that an institution’s facilities must be indicative of the commitment to their students, their mission and their community. With this in mind, we strive to create a learning environment that reflects the unique values, philosophy and goals of each of our clients and their institution.

“Myrtle Hall demonstrates the Institute’s commitment to innovative design, environmental sustainability, the renewal of Myrtle Avenue, and most of all to its students. This stunning building has moved forward our academic program in Digital Arts and has tremendously improved Pratt’s services for students while serving as a point of pride for the campus community and our neighbors as the first green building in the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill area.” -Dr. Thomas F. Schutte President, Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute Myrtle Hall Brooklyn, NY

Pratt Institute Myrtle Hall Brooklyn, NY Pratt’s most ambitious project to date, Myrtle Hall is designed to house a multitude of growing programs and departments, including the Department of Digital Arts. The building represents a projection of Pratt’s brand of design innovation and excellence. Aligned with Pratt’s overall sustainable initiatives, this building has achieved LEED™ Gold certification.

Hofstra University Performing Arts Center Hempstead, NY Hofstra’s new performing arts building houses a black-box theater, offices, and musical and dramatic rehearsal spaces. Great care was taken to ensure that each user group would have a world-class facility, further enhancing the university’s reputation as a destination for students of the performing arts.

Hofstra University Performing Arts Center Hempstead, NY

Queens College Godwin-Ternbach Art Gallery Queens, NY A major renovation for the Godwin-Ternbach Museum provided enhancements to redefine the multiple exhibit spaces and the overall gallery environment.

Columbia University McVickar Hall New York, NY Architecture and engineering teams collaborated with interior designers and consultants to complete the transformation from residential to office space, while the preservation group worked to conserve the façade of the century old building. Incidentally, this effort resulted in a LEED™ Gold rating, exceeding original expectations.

“With very limited resources our aim at Callen Lorde was to create a light filled space and to promote a sense of wellness that would connect to this under-served local community� -Jack Esterson, Design Architect

Mount Sinai Medical Center Eva and Glenn Dubin Breast Care Center New York, NY

Brooklyn College Library Café/Computing Center Brooklyn, NY Set within the college’s collegiate Georgian campus, this contrastingly contemporary pavilion serves as an embodiment of the technology it houses. The Computing Center fully integrates state-of-the-art computer systems with the architectural elements, and the Library Café acts as a three-dimensional extension of the design.


DESIGN FOR WELLNESS At WASA/Studio A design is a tool to create healthcare environments that work. Design is the integrative and holistic process that shapes and gives intelligence to the wide range of challenging requirements, needs, protocols and activities that ultimately affect treatment, wellness and recovery. We operate from the belief that everyone is entitled to buildings and spaces that support their activities, inspire their actions and improve their day to day experience. This is particularly true in the design of healthcare facilities where the patient/family experience, the compassionate delivery of treatment and the integration of state-of-the-art technology must all function as a seamless whole and where rigorous planning forms the basis of successful project outcomes. WASA/Studio A’s approach to design is to create distinctive projects which derive their quality through the intelligence and self-evident logic of their design. For us Design Excellence extends from the visible and inhabitable areas of the architects domain to the hidden and less visible systems and components such as engineering, sustainable and other specialty systems which

equally impact the building environment and operation. Excellence is required at every level and for every component that comprises a building or interior space. Our commitment to a unique Integrated Design process has been developed to a level that insures this excellence in increasingly complex buildings such as hospitals and outpatient facilities. At WASA/Studio A, healthcare design is about people — patients receiving medical care and treatment, their families, caregivers, researchers and support staff and all people who experience our built projects. Fundamental to this principal is our understanding that distinctive architecture can only be achieved through an intensive understanding of our clients’ needs, aspirations and constraints.

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, Life Recovery Center Bronx, NY WASA/Studio A designed a 60,000-sf residential and outpatient treatment facility for BronxLebanon Hospital Center on a corner site that is directly across from the main hospital facility of their Fulton Division. This new five-story building houses several outpatient programs specializing in the treatment of people in substance abuse recovery.

“WASA was superb in juggling the conflicting demands of all the parties at play in this project and created a space that relaxes the experience of going to the doctor.� -Elizabeth B. Enschede, MD Beth Israel Medical Group

Beth Israel Medical Group North 7th Street Family Medicine Clinic Brooklyn, NY

Beth Israel Medical Group North 7th Street Family Medicine Clinic Brooklyn, NY Care was taken to collaborate with the clinical physicians who desired a welcoming and warm interior inspired by natural materials and more interesting forms than what is custom in such a clinical space. This design coordinates with the Hospital’s desire to appeal to the younger and more sophisticated Brooklyn demographic.

“Our goal for the Dubin Breast Center was to create a spa-like atmosphere for our patients. Many of the men and women who come through our doors are already suffering, so we want to make their experience at the Center as relaxing as possible. WASA/Studio A helped bring this vision to life.� -Dr. Eva Dubin, Major Benefactor

Mount Sinai Medical Center Eva and Glenn Dubin Breast Care Center New York, NY

Mount Sinai Medical Center Eva and Glenn Dubin Breast Care Center New York, NY The Eva and Glenn Dubin Breast Care Center is a modern, up-to-date center drastically improving the standard of care for infusion, oncology, surgery and radiology. The new center uses natural materials and finishes to provide a therapeutically soothing environment for patients and staff.

Callen Lorde Community Health Center New York, NY This neighborhood-based ambulatory clinical care facility involved the total renovation, conversion and fit-up of an existing loft building. The project reinforces the idea that architecture designed for the community can and should be visually compelling.

ARTC Day Treatment Center Harlem, NY The approach for the new Treatment Center was to design with simplicity, care and restraint, while keeping in mind the general ARTC mission to provide services in a compassionate way to people in recovery.


DESIGN FOR LIVING At WASA/Studio A we consider quality design, in its broadest sense, to be an experience to which all people are entitled as it can directly impact and improve the way in which we live.

WASA/Studio A has worked for many years on housing related projects in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Whether it is a renovation, new building zoning, or feasibility study, we have come to understand and perfect the planning and design details that make great residential spaces. Our firm has a wide range of experience in the design of new and renovated residential

facilities for private developers, universities and non-profit organizations. We have endeavored in each of these projects to achieve distinctive architecture through a pragmatic approach to programmatic requirements. It is our intention to apply our experience as well as our integrated and collaborative process to all of our residential projects in the interest of creating buildings that provide maximum appeal to its residents while positively impacting communities.

“GAIR-2 maintains the integrity of the neighborhood while offering a spectacular new luxury option on the Brooklyn waterfront. It is one of New York City’s most exciting options for living and lifestyle.” - Jed Walentas Principal, Two Trees Management

Gair-2, 25 Washington Street Brooklyn, NY

Gair-2, 25 Washington Street Brooklyn, NY The conversion of this structure consists of renovating an old manufacturing facility with an exposed interior timber frame into a residential building with a two-story addition. We worked with the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission to achieve a solution mutually pleasing to both the Commission and developer.

Brooklyn Academy of Music Tower Competition Entry Brooklyn, NY As a response to a competitive City-issued RFP, WASA/Studio A designed a new arts and residential complex in downtown Brooklyn. This project called for a four-story base with dance performance and rehearsal spaces, topped by 26 floors of apartments. The intent was to create an �urban sculpture,� wedged between a varied landscape of commercial and cultural low-rise buildings.

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 1 Proposed Design Brooklyn, NY The city issued a competitive development project for a hotel and residential building on the Brooklyn waterfront. Our firm was selected by Two Trees Development to design their entry, consisting of a serpentine shaped linear design. The design is meant to relate to the natural contours of the park and the adjacent waterfront.

One Main Street Clocktower Apartment Brooklyn, NY The Clocktower Building located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, is the architectural landmark of this resurgent residential area. The apartment features a soaring three-story central space, complete with a sculptural wood and steel stair. All finishes are simple and elegant to emphasize the space and views.

adAPT MicroUnits HPD Competition Entry New York, NY This design competition allowed architects and developers to rethink current zoning and building code in an effort to bring new construction and affordable housing back to certain areas of the city. Our firm’s proposal was a mixed-use building featuring 61 “MicroUnits” as well as public amenities.

Cobble Hill Mews New York, NY In a historic landmarks district in downtown Brooklyn, WASA/Studio A worked with Two Trees Management and Beyer Blinder Belle Architects on a new 50,000-sf, 37-unit rental apartment building which includes ground floor retail space and a new landscaped entry court.

Seward Park Competition New York, NY In response to a competitive New York City RFP, WASA/Studio A designed three mixed-use buildings on Essex Street in Manhattan’s Lower Eastside. Each site contains a unique mix of residential, community and retail use. The goal of the design was to foster local economic development and community engagement through new models of commercial and residential uses such as micro-housing units, micro-retail for up and coming entrepreneurs and co-working rental bays for business start-ups.


DESIGN FOR PRESERVATION WASA/Studio A endeavors to provide appropriate solutions that respond to building assessments through imaginative and innovative approaches. We prioritize and offer realistic alternatives that assist clients in making intelligent decisions and taking the most suitable actions for the preservation and conservation of historic and contemporary buildings. The WASA/Studio A Preservation Group has a staff of architectural conservation specialists offering expertise in building pathology, materials science, water management, historical documentation, condition surveys and analysis, and more. We have an in-depth understanding of the historic, scientific, aesthetic, social and spiritual values, which may apply to buildings of cultural significance. All interventions designed by WASA/Studio A carefully consider the implications to authenticity and site significance within the framework of national and international documents and the overall management context. We have extensive experience successfully procuring approvals from various jurisdiction agencies, such as local historic-preservation commissions, State Historic Preservation Offices

(SHPO), and the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). The key to the Preservation Group’s approach to restoration is a thoughtful analysis to determine the cause of a problem, rather than simply repairing or replacing evidently failed material. Such an analysis eliminates unnecessary intervention, helps avoid the same problem from recurring, and saves the most original “fabric.” It also reduces owners’ long-term costs by having repairs endure, and prevents further deterioration in currently unaffected areas. The foundation to providing cost-effective solutions that succeed is understanding fundamental pathologies and life-cycle cost analysis—sometimes doing less is worth more.

“The exterior façade restoration of the Guggenheim is an exceptional concrete repair project. The project team’s analysis was guided by a multi-disciplinary preservation approach that successfully addressed the complex challenges posed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s icon of modern architecture.” -International Concrete Repair Institute

Soloman R. Guggenheim Museum New York, NY Heading the restoration effort for Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Guggenheim Museum, we provided extensive on site documentation and monitoring of existing conditions, as well as detailed structural analysis of the building and testing of suitable repair products.

“Accomplished after meticulous research, this project is an example of the highest standards of historic preservation.” -Charles J. Robertson VP & Preservation Committee Chairman The Victorian Society in America

Château-sur-Mer Newport, RI This historic mansion had suffered extensive interior water damage as a result of ongoing leaks. Given the importance of the house to the material culture of the Victorian era, we were guided by the need for long-term service life, as well as discreet changes to the original design to improve water-shedding capabilities.

Fallingwater Mill Run, PA With responsibility for the materials conservation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1936 masterpiece, Fallingwater, we provided an extensive amount of services over a 15-year period to restore the building and create a leak-free structure for the first time in its 75-plus years of existence.

PS1 MoMA Contemporary Art Center Long Island City, NY PS1 Contemporary Art Center, an affiliate of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), is housed in a landmark-quality school building in the Long Island City section of Queens, NY. WASA/Studio A recommended a conservative approach to restoration, preserving the existing building fabric wherever possible. To fend off decay and to ensure the long-term viability of the building.

Tick Hall Montauk, NY After a disastrous fire burnt the structure to the ground, leaving only the chimney standing, we were selected to direct the reconstruction effort. No drawings of the house remained, so working from old photos and burned building pieces our designers redrew the house inside and out to match the original as closely as possible.

The Breakers Newport, RI The Breakers, the Newport, RI summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II, was completed in 1895. The limestone façades and chimneys were cleaned and repaired; the wood windows were restored; the tile roof was replaced with new custom terra-cotta tiles, which matched the original appearance as closely as possible; and new built-in copper gutters were connected to a rehabilitated storm-drainage system.

New York County Courthouse New York, NY Designed the restoration of the designated interior landmark New York County Courthouse. WASA/Studio A designed a climate control system with digital monitoring devices, dedicated to the Rotunda.

Queens Supreme Courthouse Jamaica, NY WASA/Studio A provided architectural, interior design, engineering and preservation design services for multiple phases of construction, thus minimizing the impact of the program on the continued use and occupancy of the building.

“WASA/Studio A did an exceptional job in designing the scope of work and administrating the contract. We consider this one of our most successful projects, and we are proud to have been part of an outstanding team.� -Paul Costaldo, Principal PAC & Associates, General Contractor

SUNY Oswego, Sheldon Hall Oswego, NY Originally built from 1911-13 as the new home for the Oswego Normal School, Sheldon Hall is now the flagship building for the SUNY campus at Oswego. WASA/Studio A performed an extensive investigation which included the documentation of existing conditions, identification of the pathology of deterioration, and repair documents.

Bayard-Condict Building New York, NY The goal of the restoration was to preserve as much of Louis R. Sullivan’s original terra-cotta façade as possible by disassembling all cracked units on the building, repairing then reinstalling them. The destroyed column capitals on the ground floor were also replicated and replaced to complete the building’s original appearance.


CONSERVATION 100 Broadway New York, NY

1515 Broadway New York, NY

60 Broad Street New York, NY

Tower 49 New York, NY


DESIGN FOR NON-PROFIT WASA/Studio A has had a long history of working with not-for-profit organizations. The firm’s central mission is to bring design excellence to New York’s communities and, in that way, help them facilitate their essential work. We believe that great design is especially important to our not-for-profit clients as it communicates respect and value to their staff, their constituents and the larger community. Working with non-profits promotes several guiding attitudes. First, we find that consensusbuilding is critical, that often we must satisfy the needs and opinions of many different, constituent groups such as executive staff, end users, board members, donors, funders and regulatory agencies; we have become adept at navigating conflicting expectations, priorities and desired goals. That being said, we see it as our role to move beyond consensus, once established, to create the level of excitement and client engagement through the design process necessary to create truly great projects. We take care to listen to all opinions, evaluate options, show alternatives and carefully explain our approaches and solutions.

We are collaborators. From our work with not-for-profits we have developed a particular sensitivity to expectations of this particularly socially motivated group and, in our own way, we share that motivation. We understand that most not-for-profits are more concerned with their mission than with bricks and mortar and yet understand the importance of the physical environment and its impact on peoples morale and sense of well-being. We appreciate how difficult it is to raise each dollar, particularly in the current financial environment, and that the maximum benefit must be wrung out of every penny.

Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS) Harlem, NY This New York-based not-for-profit provides services to supportive housing groups and homeless individuals. The design of the largely open plan for their space is meant to foster collaboration between the various CUCS departments.

Venture House Mental Health Clinic Jamaica, NY Converted from an abandoned funeral home, the day clinic for Venture House (a program focusing on vocational and life skills training for people with mental illness) now has richness of color, form and light. Our strategy was to bring light and air into the building’s dark and somber interior using simple, economical materials.

“WASA/Studio A are experts at creating a home that we are proud to call our own as we continue our mission of changing lives and transforming the community.” -John Napolitano, VIP Community Services Director of Capital Projects

VIP Community Services Men’s Residence Bronx, NY

VIP Community Services Men’s Residence Bronx, NY The intention for this Bronx-based not-for-profit, specializing in substance abuse treatment programs, was to create a physical environment to support the recovery process and to enhance a sense of dignity for the residents.

SCO Family of Services Children’s Clinic Brooklyn, NY To address the client’s desire for a residential and playful feel, we employed bright colors and finishes with treatments resilient enough to withstand the rigors of a functioning child care environment, while maintaining a welcoming brightness and warmth.


DESIGN FOR THE WORKPLACE At WASA/Studio A our interior architectural design enhances the wide range of human activities that occur within the project spaces. We tailor every space to accommodate the specific needs of the client, while communicating their specific brand and core values. The WASA/Studio A Interiors Group is guided by the belief that the quality of the interior environment is profoundly critical; people spend the majority of their lives indoors-whether at work, school or play. Through an intelligent understanding and use of spatial relationships, materials, color and lighting, the group’s team of dedicated designers is able to specifically tailor each project to the client’s needs and the task at hand.

WASA/Studio A has made a commitment to developing methodologies and protocols within our design process to support the concept that highly productive work environments are a balance of pragmatic and functional concerns with aesthetic considerations. Our goal is always to create healthy workplace interiors that increase productivity and morale, and encourage interaction and collaboration while inspiring people to do their best work.

NorthStar Capital LLC New York, NY After 10 years of dramatic growth, this Manhattanbased real estate finance firm had outgrown its Midtown offices and sought a larger, more flexible space. The design approach combined tenets of both modern office and contemporary residential design, culminating in an efficient, yet comfortable, work environment.

A.R. Schmeidler and Company Inc. New York, NY A NYC-based asset management and financial advisory firm sought to create a new, architecturally distinctive image. In response, our firm developed a design that made use of sustainable materials in the interest of creating a healthy environment that maximized natural lighting while minimizing energy consumption.

Tocqueville Asset Management New York, NY Perimeter offices with floor-to-ceiling glazed walls allow for views of the extraordinary midtown scenes. The ceiling serves to tie together the various parts of this large open space, relieving it from a relentlessness and disjointedness so often found in corporate interiors.

Maurice Villency New York, NY An enigmatic glowing box that behaves like a work of “urban sculpture� was created for this contemporary furniture retailer. The storefront consists of translucent glass, punctuated by discreet openings of clear glass that serve to frame views of selected furniture in a unique and focused way.

Linblad Expeditions New York, NY The executive offices of Lindblad Expeditions, a company specializing in adventure expeditions in far-flung regions of the world, needed a new feel to match their ambitious trips. As �the beginning of the adventure“ for clients, the new space was intended to wet the appetite for travel at first sight.

Wedding Atelier New York, NY The Wedding Atelier, a New York-based bridal retail company, wanted to give an elegant experience in its new Fifth Avenue flagship store. The design strategy for this 2,400-sf, two-story loft was to create a graceful backdrop for the bridal fashions by composing a Modernist interior in luminous materials.


DESIGN FOR PERFORMANCE Over the span of many projects WASA/Studio A has developed an in-depth understanding of the needs of our performing-arts clients, and a method for applying our commitment to distinctive architecture to these unique and technically demanding architectural spaces. Although WASA/Studio A maintains a varied practice, the design of venues and facilities for the performing arts has become one of our specialties. Whether it be adaptive reuse of historic or contemporary structures repurposed as performing arts venues, or the infrastructural upgrade and restoration of existing theaters, or the design of additions to fulfill new programmatic requirements, or ground-up facilities, WASA/ Studio A has serviced a variety of theater projects with our commitment to design excellence, complimented by our efficient and exacting technical approach. Over the years we have acquired a significant range of experience in the design of theaters and theater-related projects. This experience covers all phases in the development of theater projects, starting with programming and space planning,

from dealing with issues of theater/seating configuration and related line-of-sight studies, to the selection, specification and detailing of sophisticated theater technologies. As places of assembly, there are special considerations, including fire protection, means of egress, and general code compliance, such as ADA accessibility. Requirements for green spaces and control rooms must be carefully planned, along with support spaces, and access to the stage for equipment and scenery. Consideration must be given to the flexibility of the space, designed for either multi-purpose use or specific types of live performances, both of which impact acoustical engineering and lighting. Through our long-term involvement with the design of performing-arts spaces, WASA/Studio A has the expertise to serve the needs of theater projects.

“Using a seamless design concept with simple materials and architectural language, WASA/ Studio A was able to bring the various venues together in their common mission and identity. The renovated and upgraded spaces within this project have given the Kupferberg Center, our students and the Queens’ community an iconic status worthy of the professional quality of work happening everyday on campus.” -Dave Gosine AIA, LEEDTM AP Director - Facilities Design, Construction & Management Queens College

Queens College Kupferberg Center for the Arts Queens, NY

Original rendering of Queens College, Music and Arts Center (1953-59) Designed by Fellheimer & Wagner, predecessor firm to WASA/Studio A.

Queens College Kupferberg Center for the Arts Queens, NY The goal of this project was to develop an identity for the Kupferberg Center for the Visual and Performing Arts at Queens College. The entire project incorporates major new landscape and environmental graphic design elements to create a more unified and consistent institutional identity for the center.

Harlem Stage Gatehouse New York, NY Completed in 1890 as part of the New Croton Aqueduct system, the building has now been reinvented to provide a theater venue for Harlem Stage. Excavated, renovated and restored, the design maintains the historic character of the building, while providing a new adaptive use to uplift the blighted neighborhood landscape. This project was designed as a Joint Venture with Ohlhausen DuBois Architects.

Harlem Stage Gatehouse New York, NY

Jamaica Performing Arts Center Jamaica, NY As a consultant to the NYC Department of Design and Construction, we developed a plan to create a state-of-the-art performance space within the abandoned 1858-59 First Reformed Church of Jamaica while preserving the historic character of building.

Baryshnikov Arts Center New York, NY Our client wanted a high-tech performance space flexible enough to accommodate dance, drama and musical events. We were able to create that space plus heighten the theatrical experience of each performance type by enhancing the connection between audience and performer.


DESIGN FOR CIVIC At WASA/Studio A we understand that the civic environment should convey dignity and respect for our government institutions at the municipal, state and federal levels.

WASA/Studio A has a long history in design and restoration projects for government. Civic buildings and sites are the physical representation of American democracy. As such, WASA/Studio A has developed an understanding of the requirements and special needs for government institutions, whether that be security concerns or upgrading of infrastructure. These types of projects must not only satisfy the functional needs of the users, but more importantly, contribute to the decorum of the functions housed within. Our design elements are carefully chosen and arranged to symbolically express these values; moreover, they complement each other so that the overall composition instills the proper respect for the

institution of government, while simultaneously creating a comfortable environment that will uplift anyone visiting or working in these structures. Our firm has designed a variety of civic projects. We have designed master plans, surgical insertions of infrastructure upgrades while restoring the historic grandeur of interior spaces, interior office-space renovations, new courtrooms within existing courthouses, plazas and parking garages renovations. We have performed feasibility studies and upgraded windows for blast-proofing. Our design work juxtaposes new elements with existing – often historic – features, producing enduring solutions as is befitting for civic institutions.

Queens Supreme Courthouse Queens, NY WASA/Studio A provided architectural, interior design, engineering and preservation design services for multiple phases of construction, thus minimizing the impact of the program on the continued use and occupancy of the building.

26 Federal Plaza New York, NY Worked in collaboration with Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, landscape architects, to redesign the plaza facing Foley Square at the east side of the 26 Federal Plaza Federal Office Building. Gestural, sweeping landforms fold over the plinth of the FOB and link the project to its urban context. A grand, granite stair emerges from the rolling landforms to create an amenity that invites the public into the plan.

“With very limited resources our aim at Callen Lorde was to create a light filled space and to promote a sense of wellness that would connect to this under-served local community� -Jack Esterson, Design Architect

Mount Sinai Medical Center Eva and Glenn Dubin Breast Care Center New York, NY


DESIGN FOR SUSTAINABILITY In addition to serving the social and programmatic desires of their owners, buildings unavoidably must address issues of environmental sustainability. WASA/Studio A designs buildings to optimize these relationships in a way that is both environmentally sustainable, and beautiful. The best buildings are fundamentally connected to the world. WASA’s integrated design process facilitates the development of sustainable solutions, and allows designers to intelligently consider and assess design options. Our approach to sustainability begins with an assessment of the available natural resources on site. By taking advantage of site specific conditions, like existing buildings, sunlight, prevailing winds, and the thermal properties of the ground, we design to reduce energy use in construction and in operations, and to reduce the size and impact of mechanical systems. In addition to taking from nature, we design to reduce the negative impact of the building on the world. The environmental footprint of a site can also be reduced through energy conservation

measures. For example, mechanical and lighting system controls can also be specified and programmed to reduce a building’s energy use, and a well-insulated building envelope solution can further reduce energy use. Building mechanical systems are designed for efficiency, and high performance. Typically, measures like these not only benefit the environment, but also result in lower operating costs. We take care in the selection of materials and finishes to find materials that are reused, recycled, or derived from rapidly renewable resources. We seek to specify materials and finishes that are non-toxic, and non-outgassing, and that can be maintained, preserved, and restored without using harmful solvents and chemicals.

Columbia University, McVickar Hall New York, NY LEEDTM GOLD CERTIFIED

Baryshnikov Arts Center New York, NY LEEDTM GOLD CERTIFIED

Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY LEEDTM GOLD CERTIFIED

Collaboration through BIM Technology Bolstering our essential concept of Integrated Design is our complete immersion in the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools on all projects. This intelligent program encourages early decision-making due to the creation and sharing of information rich documents. It allows for an unprecedented degree of coordination and integration among the various trades, creating clarity during the bidding and construction processes and minimizing delays and cost to our clients. 1













WASA/Studio A’s practice has evolved beyond design services to providing construction coordination assistance. The use of our integrated BIM models help to support trade coordination efforts and create MEP shop drawings. Ultimately, this extends the as-built model to become the clients tool for facilities management.
















































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We call this evolution: DaCIM: Design and Construction Information Management CAFM: Computer-Aided Facilities Management


Integrated Design

With over 120 years of history, WASA/Studio A [Wank Adams Slavin Associates LLP] is one of the oldest continuously operating architecture and engineering firms in the United States. The firm owes its longevity to its ability to transform and grow with the demands of the marketplace and to constantly evolve its services to incorporate the latest technology and highest standards of the profession. Now, as WASA/Studio A, the firm has entered the 21st century as a fully integrated design firm — including the five major disciplines of architecture, engineering, preservation, interiors and sustainable design—it provides a uniquely structured holistic approach to design and Total Project Delivery.

WASA/Studio A is a multi-disciplinary firm with a wide range of in-house capabilities. This diverse experience allows us to collaborate as integrated project specific teams. Each project team comes together early in the design process and maintains creative collaboration, coordination and problem-solving techniques with the client. In this manner all aspects of a project are developed simultaneously and in concert with each other.

Our Process The real benefit to our clients lies in our diverse expertise in the design process itself. We incorporate Evidence Based Design, Integrated Process and Design Excellence through an all-inclusive holistic approach. The results of this process are buildings and spaces that are responsive to client needs, straight forward in their use and thoughtful of the environment.

Our Services Architectural Design Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineering Historic Preservation Adaptive Re-use Interior Design Feasibility Studies Conditions Assessment Site Analysis Building Code & Zoning Analysis Programming Space Planning Blocking and Stacking Studies FF&E Selection Facilities Management Support

CLIENT LIST Our client list includes not-for-profits, private corporations, government agencies, as well as cultural and educational institutions. Working with such a diverse group of organizations has taught us invaluable lessons in how to achieve quality design within a wide variety of contexts. A selected list of clients includes: Healthcare Beth Israel Medical Center Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center Callen Lorde Community Health Center Calvary Hospital Community Health Center of Richmond Long Island Jewish Medical Center Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital Mt. Sinai Medical Center New York Presbyterian Hospital New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center NYU Bluestone Clinical Research Center NYU David B. Kriser Dental School Queens Child Guidance Center Sidney Hillman Health Center St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Su Casa Methadone-to-Abstinence Residence SUNY Downstate Medical Center Venture House Not-for-Profits Addiction Research and Treatment Corporation American Cancer Society BRC Human Services Corporation Center for Urban Community Services Cicatelli Associates Coalition for the Homeless Edwin Gould Foundation National Basketball Players Association Neighborhood Defender Services of Harlem New York AIDS Coalition NY Immigration Coalition Odyssey House Planned Parenthood Post-Graduate Center for Mental Health Queens Child Guidance Center SCO Family Services St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital United Negro College Fund Young Israel of Woodmere Academic/Cultural 37 Arts

American Museum of Natural History Bank Street College Bard College Brooklyn Academy of Music Brooklyn College Brooklyn Law School The Brooklyn Museum City University of New York Columbia University Cornell University Fordham University Hofstra University Hunter College Jersey City State College Kean University La Guardia Community College Manhattan College Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day School Museum of American Finance Museum of Modern Art/PS 1 Moseum of Moving Image New York University Pace University Palisades Nature Association Princeton University Pratt Institute Queens College Smithsonian Institution Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum State University Construction Fund SUNY Oswego University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ University of Pennsylvania The Vanderbilt Museum Wagner College Commercial Clients Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP Bozell Worldwide CBS, Inc. CitiGroup, NA Delta Airlines Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, PC

Guardian Life Hanscomb IBM Intel International Paper Company Lindblad Expeditions Marsh & McLennen Group Marvin Shulsky NASDAQ Plaza Hotel Procida Organization QRS Digital Photography Republic National Bank Rocket to Asia Time Equities, Inc. Tocqueville Asset Management The Wilkerson Group, Inc. Westbury Hotel Retail A&Co. Bergen Plaza Century 21 Christian Dior (National) H&M (Nationwide) Louis Vuitton Macy’s Maurice Villency Sterns/ Federated Stores The Wedding Atelier Washington Plaza Public Agencies & Authorities 34th Street Partnership Dormitory Authority of the State of New York Metro North Railroad Metropolitan Transit Authority NYC School Construction Authority NYC Housing Authority NYC Department of Design & Construction NYC Department of Parks and Recreation NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development NYC Economic Development Corporation NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation

NYC School Construction Authority New York State University Construction Fund New York State Office of General Services Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services Town of Greenburgh, New York United States General Services Administration United States Military Academy United States Postal Services Village of Port Chester, NY Historic Preservation Art Institute of Chicago Bayard Condict Building Carrie Nye & Dick Cavett County of Bexar, San Antonio, Texas Department of General Services The Ed Sullivan Theater Guardian Life Macy’s Museum of Modern Art/PS 1 Plaza Hotel The Preservation Society of Newport County Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Unity Temple Restoration Foundation The Vanderbilt Museum Western Pennsylvania Conservancy Developers Artimus Development Blackstone Development Cheever Development Gershon Development The Kushner Companies LVWK Northstar Realty Finance Procida Companies Riverbay Corporation Silverman Properties Southbridge Towers, Inc. The Starrett Organization Two Trees Development Xin Development

AWARDS 2014 Jacob K. Javits Federal Building Plaza 2014 US General Services Administration (GSA) Design Honor Award Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, Life Recovery Center Silver Award of Merit - SARA | NY Design Award Baryshnikov Arts Center, Jerome Robbins Theater Architecture Merit Award – United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) 2012 VIP Community Services, Men’s Residence, New York, NY Brick in Architecture Award—Best in Class, Health Care 2011 K430 Mock Courtroom at K430 Brooklyn Tech High School, Brooklyn, NY Harry H. Mellon Award of Excellence in Job Order Contracting—2011 Best of the Best Regional Awardees Northeast Region Winner Pratt Institute, Myrtle Hall, Brooklyn, NY Building Brooklyn Award - Education Category Municipal Arts Society MASterworks Award – Best Neighborhood Catalyst Society of American Registered Architects – National Design Award Society of American Registered Architects – Regional Design Award Baryshnikov Arts Center, Jerome Robbins Theater Society of American Registered Architects – Design Award, Interior Design Category Chateau-sur-Mer, Newport, RI Victorian Society of America – Preservation Award for Exterior Restoration Rhody Awards for Historic Preservation 2010 The Breaker Gates, Newport, RI Rhody Award for Historic Preservation—Preserve Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission Baryshnikov Arts Center, Jerome Robbins Theater LiveDesign Excellence Award for Venue (Theater or Performance) 2009 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY AIA New York State – Honor for Architectural Excellence in Historic Preservation International Concrete Repair Institute – Award of

Excellence in Low-Rise Category New York Landmarks Conservancy – Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award Preservation League of New York State – Award for Excellence in Preservation AIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson Chapter – Honor Award Jamaica Performing Arts Center, Jamaica, NY Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award—New York Landmarks Conservancy Honor Award— AIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson Chapter Adaptive Reuse Award—Metropolitan Chapter of the Victorian Society in America PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, NY Brick NY Awards—Brick Industry Association 2008 Pratt Institute, 536 Myrtle, Brooklyn, NY Design Award, Projects Category—Society of American Registered Architects Hofstra University, Performing Arts Center, Hempstead, NY Archi Award—AIA Long Island Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award—New York Landmarks Conservancy Northstar Realty Finance, New York, NY Design Award, Interiors Category—Society of American Registered Architects Cadman Plaza US General Post Office & Courthouse, Brooklyn, NY Award for Excellence in Preservation—Preservation League of New York State Honor Award in Preservation—US General Services Administration (GSA) Design Awards Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award—New York Landmarks Conservancy Harlem Stage Gatehouse, New York, NY Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award—New York Landmarks Conservancy 2007 Harlem Stage Gatehouse, New York, NY Citation for Architectural Excellence in Historic Preservation AIA New York State 2006 Metro-North Railroad, Chappaqua Train Station, Chappaqua, NY Citation for Architectural Excellence in Historic Preservation AIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson Chapter Weeksville Hunterfly Road Houses, Brooklyn, NY Excellence in Historic Preservation Award—Preservation

2005 Cadman Plaza US General Post Office & Courthouse, Brooklyn, NY New York Construction’s Best of 2005 Award of Merit: Adaptive Reuse, New York Construction Bayard-Condict Building, New York, NY Commendation—Victorian Society of America

1998 Callen Lorde Community Health Center, New York, NY Design Award, Healthcare Category—AIA NYC Chapter Fordham University, St. John’s Hall, Bronx, NY Outstanding Buildings Award for Historic Preservation—American School & University Cadman Plaza US Post Office & Courthouse, Brooklyn, NY Design Award—General Services Administration

2004 PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, NY Citation for Architectural Excellence in Historic Preservation—AIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson Chapter

1996 New York Supreme Court, New York, NY New York Preservation Award for Restoration of the Rotunda, the Supreme Court Murals—Municipal Art Society of New York

2003 New York University College of Dentistry, David B. Kriser Dental Center, New York, NY 2003 American Portfolio Award (Educational Design Excellence)—American School & University Ruttenberg Cancer Ambulatory Treatment Center, Mount Sinai Medical Center 2003 Citation of Merit—Healthcare Design Bayard-Condict Building, New York, NY Annual Village Award—Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation Tick Hall, Montauk, NY Residential Architect Design Award—New York Association of Consulting Engineers Centennial Award for Continuous Practice

1993 East Midtown Plaza, New York, NY High-Rise Repair Award—International Concrete Repair Institute Metro-North Railroad, Peekskill Train Station, Peekskill, NY Community Facility Excellence in Design Award—AIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson Chapter Queens School of Music, Flushing, NY Society of American Registered Architects Brooklyn Law School, New York, NY Award of Merit—Concrete Industry Board of NY

League of New York State

2001 Tick Hall, Montauk, NY Commissioner’s Annual Private Sector Achievement Award for Historic Reconstruction—New York State Historic Preservation Office South Bronx Community Center at Melrose Houses, Bronx, NY Excellence in Design Award—AIA New York State Chapter 2000 St. John’s Hall, Fordham University, Bronx, NY Tucker Architectural Award of Excellence in Historic Preservation—Building Stone Institute 1999 New York AIDS Coalition Headquarters, New York, NY Vanguard Award Venture House Mental Health Center, Jamaica, NY Best Healthcare Award—Interiors Magazine

1992 Manhattan Municipal Building, New York, NY Honor Award—National Trust for Historic Preservation Design Excellence in the Restoration of the Statue of Civic Fame and Masonry Award for Excellence in Design—Art Commission of New York Queens College, Aaron Copland School of Music, Flushing, NY Building Award for Excellence in Design & Construction—Queens County Builders & Contractors Association First Prize for Excellence in Design—Queens Chamber of Commerce

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PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS Pratt Institute, Myrtle Hall Brooklyn, NY Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA

One Main Street, Clocktower Apartment Brooklyn, NY Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA

Hofstra University, Performing Arts Center Hempstead, NY Jim Brown

Cobble Hill Mews Brooklyn, NY Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA

Columbia University, McVickar Hall New York, NY Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA

Soloman R. Guggenheim Museum New York, NY David M. Held

Brooklyn College, Library Café/Computing Center (Phase 1) Brooklyn, NY Brian Rose

PS1 MoMA Contemporary Art Center Long Island City, NY F. Charles Photography

Brooklyn College, Library Café/Computing Center (Phase 2) Brooklyn, NY Jim Brown Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, Life Recovery Center Bronx, NY Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA Beth Israel Medical Group, North 7th Street Family Medicine Clinic Brooklyn, NY Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA

Tick Hall Montauk, NY Walter Dufresne The Breakers Newport, RI Fernando LaRosa New York County Courthouse New York, NY Cervin Robinson Queens Supreme Courthouse Jamaica, NY Walter Dufresne

Mount Sinai Medical Center, Eva and Glenn Dubin Breast SUNY Oswego, Sheldon Hall Care Center Oswego, NY New York, NY Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA Callen Lorde Community Health Center New York, NY Brian Rose

Bayard-Condict Building New York, NY Cervin Robinson

ARTC Day Treatment Center Harlem, NY Jim Brown

Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS) Harlem, NY Jim Brown

Gair-2, 25 Washington Street Brooklyn, NY Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA

Venture House Mental Health Clinic Jamaica, NY Jim Brown

VIP Community Services Men’s Residence Bronx, NY Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA

Wedding Atelier New York, NY Jim Brown

SCO Family of Services, Children’s Clinic Brooklyn. NY Jim Brown

Queens College, Kupferberg Center for the Arts Queens, NY Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA

NorthStar Capital LLC New York, NY Jim Brown

Harlem Stage Gatehouse Harlem, NY John Bartelstone

A.R. Schmeidler and Company Inc. Harlem, NY Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA

Jamaica Performing Arts Center Jamaica, NY Jim Brown

Tocqueville Asset Management New York, NY Jim Brown

Baryshnikov Arts Center New York, NY Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA

Maurice Villency New York, NY Brian Rose

Queens Supreme Courthouse Queens, NY Jim Brown

Linblad Expeditions New York, NY Jim Brown

26 Federal Plaza New York, NY Alex Severin/RAZUMMEDIA





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