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‘Lifting’ mosques to better service & being user-friendly A FEMALE congregant nearly shed tears because in the many years since she frequented Darul Aman Mosque, situated along Jalan Eunos, only recently can she travel up to the second storey and see the mosque from a `higher’ point.

wheelchairs and even caretakers to access in the handicap toilet with ease,” said Haji Mohd Ali.

“One example was the cost of erecting an additional structure to cover a gap which was initially concealed from a wall, was now exposed after the wall was removed,” said Haji Jamaludin.

Many more pioneers whom the mosque also serves are all smiley because their prayer spaces are now no longer restricted to just the first floor, but also at all available spaces on the higher floors.

This, he added, helped the mosque save donations from the project, benefitting the community and their assets.

All thanks to a newly installed lift. Together with other newly installed features, such as the revamped handicapped toilet, the 30-year-old mosque is now barrier-free after undergoing upgrading works under Phase 2 of the Mosque Upgrading Programme (MUP). The project was completed this year. Congregants are very satisfied with the availability of the new lift. The lift allows many congregants with physical disabilities and those who are wheelchair bound to access to the upper floors of the mosque,” said Mosque Chairman, Haji Mohd Ali Suri. He added that the handicapped toilet is also another new feature welcomed by congregants. “Many of the mosque jemaahs are senior citizens and they welcome the elderly friendly toilet. It allows


said one of those value-add factors that Warees’ provides is the sound real estate advice, which led to cost savings for the mosque.

New lift in Masjid Darul Aman.

Besides endowment projects, Warees Investments takes on the task of ensuring the community institutional assets – the mosques – cater to changing needs of the community. Warees has almost completed Phase 2 of the MUP, with Masjid Darul Ghufran in Tampines being the final major upgrading project. Phase 3 planning works are currently underway. According to partners in the mosque sector, Warees’ involvement as Owner Representative for mosque upgrading project has given added value to their projects. For example, Mosque Manager at Masjid Darul Aman, Haji Jamaludin Abdul Wahid,

Something red is coming your way… After more than a decade, the iconic heart of Katong, The Red House, will finally come alive, complete with a brand new bakery, to once again ‘paint Katong red’. Scheduled for reopening next year, The Red House, will return as a mixed development, offering rare experience of living in a historical building. Other interesting features are also lined up for the public to better appreciate the building’s heritage and its value and position as a Wakaf or Islamic endowment in modern Singapore. Prospective businesses are welcomed to seek opportunities for rental spaces available at The Red House’s five adjacent shophouses. For sales enquiries, contact us at community@warees.sg.

Sustainability Framework Community Centric

Environmental Protection

Heritage Preservation

Shaping Learning Minds Impact Investing Financially viable projects for equitable return on assets and create value-add to the community

Cultural Conservation Infusion of the Islamic ethos and cultural initiatives in all asset development

UNLIKE other developers, Warees Investments places strong emphasis on the preservation of both tangible and intangible heritage qualities. We see it as a commitment to ensure that all newly enhanced endowment assets reflect the strong heritage value and outcomes to ensure that future generations appreciate the efforts put in by our forefathers in building the nation and the community. As a prime developer for Wakaf or Islamic endowment in Singapore, Warees Investments infuses positive ethos, such as upholding good

ethics and financial practices, and promotes cultural initiatives in all asset development. These include ensuring that revenue generated by the assets benefits the community most, and creates value as well as positive impact for the community. Besides focusing on the community and ensuring good trust in the company to manage their assets, Warees Investments too contributes towards environmental protection initiatives with a focus on the reduction of resource use and obtaining Green Mark Certification.

bizSAFE and ISO9000 & 14000 Certifications

As part of the organisational excellence, risk and compliance business frameworks, Warees Investments has successfully attained the above certifications. The focus of this entire process involved all staff, ensuring processes are in place and how such certifications assist in running the entire operations to perform efficiently. a) bizSAFE level 3 certification This certification fulfills the requirement stated in the Workplace Safety and Health (Risk Management) Regulations and Approved Code of Practice in Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Risk Management.

b) ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications All departments within the entire company are committed to adopting total quality management in our operations to meet all applicable requirements and to achieve satisfaction from all interested parties.

Wakaf Business and Corporate Engagements As part of its continued effort in engaging its stakeholders, in mid-October, Warees welcomed the use of its meeting room and lounge facilities for capacity building programmes. Conducted by Muis, an engagement session was held for 30 Youth Leaders of Muslim Student Societies of NUS, NTU, SMU, UniSIM, Mosques and organisations. As co-host, Warees took the opportunity to share our efforts to unlock value of wakaf and manage wakaf operations on a daily basis. Q&A sessions helped address issues raised by youth leaders. Shaping Talents In November, Warees accepted the request from South West Mosque Cluster to facilitate SWMC’s inaugural Bakti Immersion programme. It is a learning journey for 20 participants who were Mosque Managers and Heads of Corporate Services. Warees’ Asset Manager, Human Capital, Mohamed Haniff Mustafa shared a heartwarming presentation to the participants on “Growing Human Capital – Warees Experience”. One of the participants shared the takeaways of the sharing session. Ms Norhaliza Rosley, Senior Head, Corporate Services Department (SWMC) said, “I’ve absorbed a lot of salient HR practices from Warees which opened up my understanding of how a conducive environment played a critical role in cultivating the culture of openness, innovation and creativity in the organisation for a healthy interactions between employees.“

Additionally, the company is fully committed to care for the environment and comply with all applicable legal and other implied requirements and prevent pollution within the scope and influence. Warees continues to look at other organisational certificates for improvements and excellence.

Participants from the SWMC‘s inaugural Bakti Immersion Programme.



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Warees Insights Issue 02 Dec 2015  

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Warees Insights Issue 02 Dec 2015  

Warees Insights - The second issue highlights on what Warees do as owner representative of Muis to sustain community assets and its continuo...