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A layer by layer look at the classic 1974 Plymouth Satellite


Variations off that same image showing the character underneath the hood of the car


Drawing with light


OneBloodFilms photo recap of their day at the Skate Park


Photos taken by the Editor


Artist Portraits of my fellow students in Computer Graphics

Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 1

THE CLASSIC 74’ PLYMOUTH She’s a Beauty!


or those of you that don’t know, This Is a 1974 Plymouth Satelilte Custom 4-door. This wide bodied sedan can be seen as a icon of the 70’s and 80’s where bigger was always better. The longer the car the better, (I’m guessing the people that used this motto never had to park in downtown Chicago) the bigger the engine the cooler it sounded, and no one cared about gas because for about 75 cents a gallon you could afford this 40 gallon tank. This baby was used by anyone and everyone. Moms picking theie kids up from school, Journalists comuting to the city ready to print up the new big headline, from fugitives running from the law, to the state troopers hot on there tails. ars like this one deffined a generation. More spesificly my fathers geranation. This was his car when he first came to the states. I grew up in this steel frame. I remember burning my butt on the blistering leather seats after it was parked out in the sun, the roar of the engine when we would smoke someone at a light, and the hours stuck in traffic watching the temperature gage hopeing it will not over heat. This picture was taken in my drive way a year ago, now it sits half in peices as I try to rebuild this peice of American History. But more importantly and Father’s and my history. hile spending hours working on the car I would reminise about the good and bad times we had in this car. I began to give the car a personality, the car gained a character in my mind that is very difficult to explain in words. Then in my Computer Graphics class we had a assignments thatCGF-12 gave Magazine me to oppertunity to further explain what I saw Volume 1 in that old rusted Plymouth thru art.



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fter resizing the image we started using the pen tool to draw the photo from background to foreground. We did this by out lining the main shape of the objects like the sky, house, people, and the grass to name a few. Then we used the eye dropper tool to fill that shape in with the perfect color that we extracted from the photo itself. We did this many times adding layer on to layer, each layer more and more detailed then the previous, until we thought we had the object dialed. As we added layer on to layer we also organized the layer and add sub layers to have easier editing capabilities later down the road if we wanted to reorganize layers or edit

a specific sublayer on a object. The only difference for this weeks post is that we all took personal photos and applied this process to them. In this photo you can tell that this car went to hell and back. The 74 Plymouth Satellite was heavily driven during the many years it has been on the road but if that was the only problem this would be a cake walk... Unfortunatly for the car and me it was heavily driven here in the mighty Mid-west. So due to all the erosion from snow and the salt on the raod rust is a huge factor with this car.

In these series of images I wanted to show the evolution of the drawing process I used in order to try and artisticlly recreate this piece of history.

Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 5

THE ONE A little background on the car. It was my dads first car when he immigrated from Poland to the United States. He was always proud of his old style American muscle car but never had to money to fix some of the esthetics to keep it looking good. My mother always wanted to throw it away but I convinced her to let me keep it. When I took this photo I was not expecting to do anything with it, I especially was not expecting to turn it into art haha.

“I especially was not expecting to turn it into art haha.�

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TIONS Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 9

GRIMY In this image I tried to potray the car in a different way. I didn’t want to just try and do a realistic creation of the car but instead I wanted to show the character of the car


Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 11

The glow of life can even be seen in the darkest places.


Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 13



Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 15


Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 17

Shades o In this series of images I was using Different types of shades of metals. After playing around with a few of them I stumbled on the above creation. I liked how the headights glow with light, but at the sametime it turned my image into almost a sunrise. Another thing that I changed was the color I made it sort of bronze because I liked how it resembles rust and sort of adds a old time glow to the image.

of Metal This image carries on the same idea as the one to the left but I further modified the variation by only appling the glow affect to the car itself and not the background and the house. I did this becasue I liked how it draws the focus to the car.

Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 19


In this series of images we took a very specific approach. We set down the objects and shined light on then from different angles untill we liked how it looked, then we tried to recreate the image by only drawing the light. Using lines to show the light we first drew the brightest light and slowly made our way to the darkest parts. When we were finished, these images aer what we got. A great learning experience taht tought us how to look at a object thru a different lends.

Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 21


These photos were taken at the end of the summer of 2012. The photos are of my younger brother Joe. He was BMXing at a skatepark we have never riden before. The weather was amazing.


Blue bird skies all day long and temps that are rare to find in the mighty midwest. These epic photos are a recap of that great day. Enjoy!

Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 23


Both of these photos where taken during my last trip to Poland last spring. I was visit my Grandparents which I have not seen since a little boy. I took the photo of the wishing well turning one of our trips into town. The photo on the right was taken a few miles from my grandparents farm. Its a abondoned house now that once was occupied by a older couple that pasted away. Family not clamming the house, it was left to be over grown and decay in the peaceful field that once provided food and life and now only spawns weeds.



Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 25


This was a picture taken at Lake Freeman Indiana from the summer of 2012. The person in the photo is brother and yes he is attempting the perfect belly flop ha. I wanted to get a series of photos that would show the whole thing go down from start to finish.


Instead of getting allot of photos of the whole thing start to finish, I managed to get a photo of the perfect entry ha. Needless to say this one hurt, but luckily I was there with my camera expertise to make it all worth it.

Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 27


I took this picture on yet another adventure with my brother and family this summer. When we finally walked from the trailer all the way to these piers the view was breath taking. As you noticed above the tittle is not much of a tittle at all. No I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget about it, I did that on purpose. I look at this picture and it spoke to me and I imagine it also did to you. I want the tittle above to be what ever it is you feel and take away from this photo not just what I feel.


Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 29

Art From Students in CGF-12

Artist Portraits: Jeff Hoffmann Danielle Cura Yadira Serna Lizet Alvarez Mahammad Zeekarya Brian Sykes

Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 31

Beauty in Simplicity

By- Jeff Hoffmann

By- Danielle Cura

Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 33

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Always Better With

By- Yadira Serna

Someone Next to You

By- Lizet Alvarez Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 35

Shangrila By- Mahammad Zeekarya

Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 37

SKY By- Brian Sykes

Magazine CGF-12 Volume 1 Page 39

About the Editor

My name is Waltter Brzoska and I am a Business Management major at Saint Xavier University. I enrolled here right after graduating from Amos Alonzo Stagg High School. The art I created In this magazine/portfolio was one of the first times I ever used this software. The photo if the Belly Flop is my younger brother Joe who also is the main focus in the OneBloodFilms article. This is my final project for my Computer Graphics class and I hope you enjoyed it.

CGF-12 Hyper- Stoked  

This is my final magazine assigmnet for my Computer GRpgics class this semester at Saint Xavier University

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