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Know Everything About Different Types Of Stones And Their Applications Article Written By: Stone Design By Santos Stones are one of the excellent materials for building houses and other structures. Stones are classified on the basis of minerals they hold and their manufacturing process. Stones made of minerals can be differentiated by their hardness, color as well as crystal formation. Few important types of quartz slabs and building stones are listed as follows. Granite It is one of the most common types of stones widely used in different building applications. Granite stone comes under igneous stone category and jointly made up of potassium, feldspar and quartz. Durability, amenability and high load capacity are the few characteristics of granite stone. Undoubtedly, granite is a durable as well as strong stone type. Granite is commonly used as architectural stone for exterior as well as interior floors and walls. It is also monumental stone that takes large amount of gloss polish in order to shine and look beautiful. Marble It is other beautiful stone widely used in decorating interiors and exteriors of the property. Marble is also used in many historical buildings because it is durable and strong stone kind. It is a shining stone. Marble stone comes under metamorphic stones. It is made by re-crystallization of limestone with the help of heat as well as pressure. The main ingredients of marble are dolomite and calcium. Few specifications of marble stone are easy in crafting sculptures, smooth textures, durable and reasonable strong. In order to shine, marble stone consumes good polish. These days, marble stones are popularly used in building sculptures, skirtings, floors, table tops, wall claddings, risers, treads, artifacts, etc. Usually, marble stones are divided into 3 types.   

Calcite: this type of marble stone has less than five percent magnesium carbonate. Dolomite: this type of marble stone has more than forty percent magnesium carbonate. Magnesium: In this type of marble stone, you will find magnesium in between 5% and 40%.

Slate It is other type of metamorphic stone. Slate is one of the finest stone types derived from sedimentary rock ‘shale’. Due to its fine grained surface texture, it provides very graceful as well as natural finish to any building or structure. Slate is made by combining three common materials, quartz, chloride and mica. Slate is thinner as compared to other stone types; therefore slate stone can break easily. There are such slates available that offer extremely beautiful surfaces. Moreover, slates are cost-effective as compare to other floors as well as wall covering options. Other types of stones

Along with above mentioned types of stones, there are several others such as sedimentary stones (limestone, sandstone, soapstone, travertine), metamorphic stones (serpentine) and man-made stones (terrazzo, agglomerates or conglomerates, cultured or faux marble). Final Thoughts If you are looking for a durable and affordable stone type then you can go with marble. Yes, marble is the stone type that perfectly matches with your requirements. In order to purchase marble stone, you can online. Over internet, there are end numbers of different types of stone providers available.

Know everything about different types of stones and their applications  

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