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Your Photos can Create Beautiful Canvas Prints, Photo Art and Wall Art The world has gone photo crazy. With cameras attached to smartphones it means that people are snapping away much more than they used to with a traditional camera. The high quality of today’s cameras means that our non-professional photos turn out amazingly well, become wall art. A basic photo can be transformed into a work of art with the help of creative photo professionals. They take your photo and turn it into photo art with technological tools and tweaking. For example, your photo can be made into pop art, Andy Warhol style, or given a cartoon twist for funky and modern art. To turn your photos into high quality wall art, it is important you use the best quality photograph you can. For pop art you should only have one person (or pet) per photo. The photo should be clear and in focus, and try to have the background include no clutter if possible. A high resolution picture is recommended. A popular way of displaying your photos or pop art is on canvas prints. Ultra modern, light, and made on a cotton canvas using pigment based inks mean that your picture will be color strong for decades. Stretching widgets are placed in each corner of the canvas to help prevent it from sagging. You can order your canvas prints in many shapes and sizes, such as rectangles or squares, either portrait or landscape. And they are not just limited to your photos, you can choose from an array of photos and art prints, from wildlife to landscape, floral art print, children’s art, and modern abstract art. Canvas prints are also a great personal and sentimental gift for birthdays, whether it’s a special memory, photo from a memorable holiday, or one of your children’s drawings. They can also add vibrancy and colour to a workspace, especially if you have large walls to fill, and at a lower price than framed art. There are many types of photo art to choose from. You can have basic black and white or sepia, liven it up with colour splash or water colour, or get really funky with a pop art digital format. Digital artists and illustrators use special software that create . This type of wall art has become trendy in many restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs, offices and businesses. You can make a striking impression with one large brightly colored canvas, as well as portraying your company’s theme and style. Contact Details: Wall Create Room 1, Roscoe Rooms, Roscoe Street Scarborough North Yorkshire United Kingdom Telephone No: 0845 643 2728

Your photos can create beautiful canvas prints, photo art and wall art  

The world has gone photo crazy. With cameras attached to smartphones it means that people are snapping away much more than they used to wit...