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existing buildings. they’re our thing.


Buildings may require renovations or rehabilitation for any number of reasons. Whatever your reason, we can help. Licensed in all 50 states, Wallace has provided structural and civil engineering services for thousands of renovations and expansions throughout the country. Our firm has evaluated every kind of structure with every kind of loading condition on every type of soil. Our experience includes masonry, concrete, steel, heavy and light timber, and light gage.

| project: convert former grain distribution warehouse in high seismic area into a grocery store

| challenge: adapt and seismically upgrade building while preserving historical appearance for community | solution: keep exterior walls and silos as historical references and build new structure inside

| project: renovate former plumbing supply warehouse built in 1951 into a brewery and restaurant

| challenge: create a series of garage door openings in an existing unreinforced brick wall | solution: design steel moment frames to resist wind loads, aid in jamb support and

serve as anchor points for fabric canopies, avoiding anchorage into the existing brick

| project: remove 400,000 square feet of existing convention center and expand/renovate remaining to 1.4M square feet; originally built in 1957 with four expansions

| challenge: additional reinforcement of the structure was necessary to modernize the functions of the facility | solution: customize each reinforcement modification to the various structural systems, materials, loads, etc.

| project: tenant improvement program included facade renovations, storefront modifications, HVAC upgrades and implementation of a new conveyor system for the top performing retail and distribution locations

| challenge: building was modified previously and no original or as-built drawings were available | solution: conduct a field survey to identify strategic support points that both satisfy existing structural constraints and architectural aesthetic for new facade without major reinforcement of the structure


Wallace provides on-call engineering services in response to emergencies and disasters. We have been involved with inspections of structures damaged by earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, heavy snowfall, foundation problems, landslides, and more. We also provide rapid design of damage repairs, shoring design, remediation design for construction errors, and construction observation services.

| damage: tornado | response: evaluate structure and design repairs | solution: specified shoring and temporary walls to allow the store to be open during repairs and meet expedited deadline of upcoming holiday shopping season

| damage: vehicle impact | response: perform structural assessment of CMU wall and associated roof framing, and design repairs | solution: design temporary shoring and repairs for CMU wall and metal stud wall panels

| damage: fire | response: perform structural assessment and design repairs | solution: reinforce and replace damaged structural deck and skylights, and repair insulation and TPO membrane

We have designed projects throughout all 50 states and Puerto Rico, giving us in-depth knowledge of all model building codes, as well as experience with local codes and jurisdictions.

we know existing buildings.

We’re ready to listen to what you need and help shape what you want. Let’s get started.

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