Walhampton ISI Inspection Report

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Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI)

“Excellent in All Areas” 2018

Thoughts from the Headmaster

In the penultimate week of the Autumn term of 2018, Walhampton

was inspected by a team of five experienced Head teachers from the Independent

Schools Inspectorate. The process was rigorous and involved interviews, questionnaires, lesson observations, work scrutiny and the analysis of documentation.

As one united team – pupils, staff, parents and Governors – we were delighted

to discover the inspectors had judged Walhampton to be ‘Excellent’ in all areas. This is the highest ‘descriptor’ a school can be awarded by the ISI.

This achievement is the result of considerable effort and hard work over the six years

since our last inspection, in 2012. It is the result of extraordinary teamwork. We have made enormous strides forwards. Achieving ‘excellence’ has been our goal; not so we can impress a team of inspectors, but because we believe, with a passion, that every pupil at Walhampton deserves nothing less than an excellent all-round education. It is the pupils that have been, and remain, our motivation.

In their report, the inspectors enthusiastically celebrate the breadth of Walhampton’s

all-round education. There are glowing comments about standards of teaching, academic progress, our pastoral care, pupil behaviour, food, environmental awareness, community outreach and our distinctive school ethos. In this booklet we have collated a selection of comments from the report.

There are a number of quotes that resonate especially strongly; however, as the Headmaster, there is one in particular that epitomises an inspiring education:

“Pupils develop a strong confidence that anything is possible and within your reach if you set your mind on it, responding to teachers’ constant encouragement.” This expresses so many of the core values at our school.

Confidence. Vision. Focus. Grit. Encouragement. It’s a line that celebrates ‘excellence’ here at Walhampton.


“Anything is possible and within your reach�

“All pupils make excellent academic progress�

Quotes from the ISI report - A C A D E M I C All pupils make excellent academic progress.

Pupils of all ages demonstrate strong development in their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Pupils’ excellent application of their skills of analysis, selection, inference and deduction are demonstrated through their highly competent work.

Pupils’ communication skills are particularly well developed and are integral to their success in their learning... older pupils are very articulate, responding well to the skilled, challenging questioning they receive in many lessons.

Pupils described how the school has helped them to feel more confident in their learning compared with their experience in previous schools. Pupils with SEND and EAL are particularly appreciative of the individualised teaching they receive. Pupils achieve so well because the school is proactive in creating opportunities for them to do so and because of the pupils’ entirely positive attitudes to learning. The younger pupils are absorbed in a richly colourful and stimulating environment. A high proportion of pupils gain awards and scholarships to senior schools for academic, musical, artistic, dramatic and sporting successes.

Quotes from the ISI report - P E R S O N A L


The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.

A very large majority of parents, pupils and staff responding to the questionnaire agreed that the school successfully supports pupils’ personal development and welfare needs, and this view was completely supported by evidence gained during the inspection. Pupils across the age range work very well together and are mindful of the value of kindness and gentleness, due to a strong family atmosphere. Pupils are self-aware, confident and independent.

Pupils have a strong sense of responsibility for their own behaviour and support each other in a mature way for their age... they develop team work and cooperation, as well as empathy and compassion. Pupils show compassion for those with different needs... they engage enthusiastically in activities that contribute positively to the lives of others in the school community and beyond. Camaraderie is present everywhere, and older and younger pupils socialise very well together, with a caring attitude clearly displayed by the senior pupils towards their Pre-Prep peers. Pupils are happy, energetic and enthusiastic learners… they have a buoyant and good-humoured approach to their learning but are always diligent and determined. Pupils successfully live up to the school’s stated aims of: “a joyful and dynamic environment where pupils acquire a love of learning and an outstanding education” The boarders benefit greatly from the warm family atmosphere, where they learn to live with others from different parts of the world and share experiences.

“Camaraderie is present everywhere�

The strong Christian, family ethos and the warm

and welcoming environment provides a home from home in which both day pupils and boarders can thrive.

This is due to the consistent and positive relationship

between pupils and staff, excellent role-modelling, high

expectations for pupils’ personal and academic outcomes,

and adherence to the school’s core values and ethos which

aims to nurture and inspire. Pupils are very well prepared for the transition to the next stage of their lives. ISI REPORT 2018

Walhampton School, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 5ZG