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Issue 1

Publication for Binghamton University’s Circle K International

Table of Contents In This Issue… Ø Letter from the Editor..………3 Ø Our First Spring Meeting…….4 Ø Zoo Clean-Up………………….…5 Ø Senior Citizen’s Dinner….…...5 Ø Bearcat Bake Sales….………...6 Ø Late Nite Scavenger Hunt……7 Ø AIDS/HIV Walk……….………...7 Ø Service Project…………………..8 Ø Out of Darkness Walk............8 Ø Relay for Life………….………….9 Ø Spring Semester Social..........10 Ø Boys & Girls Club Carnival……11 Ø Upcoming Events………………..11

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Ø The E-Board……………………….12

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A Letter from the Editor Dear All Lovely Volunteers, Guess what time it is? If you guessed “Time to get crunk,” then you are going to be disappointed. Actually, it is time to go back to school! Yes, we all want to keep playing Mario Kart and sleeping in until way past noon, but the odds are never in our favor. Luckily for you beautiful Bearcats, it also means we are back in action for Circle K! This month’s newsletter recaps our past spring semester’s events and gives you guys a sneak peek into our future service opportunities. Now for those of you who do not know, my name is Alyssa Famolari and I am your Editor for the 2013 – 2014 service year. Are you ready for some fun facts? It is my junior year at Binghamton University and I am an English and Spanish double major. I have been an active member of Binghamton’s Circle K for a year and I was a member of Key Club all throughout high school. Since I have so much admiration and love for this club, I am quite thrilled to present you guys with this month’s newsletter. If you have comments or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at Looking forward to an amazing year of service with all of you! Yours truly, The Best Editor in the Entire World (Alyssa Famolari)



Event Recaps

G.I.M. Excited! It is the beginning of the semester and you are scrolling through the massive list of club GIM’s your school is having that week. While quickly passing the Math Club meeting, something catches your eye – Circle K. Fast forward to the GIM that you dragged your friend to because you did not want to go alone. As you take a seat next to that kid from your Philosophy class, the Circle K President begins to tell you about the Kiwanis mission. Immediately, you are intrigued, but here is the catch – an icebreaker. After the initial awkwardness, you begin to socialize and feel comfortable with the people around you. In just a few months, these students would become some of your closest friends. That is what happened to the CKI Bearcats of Binghamton University. Let me paint the picture for you. It is a Thursday and the clock strikes 8:00PM – it is time for the meeting to begin. The President introduces herself as Walaa Ahmed. Your first thought is, “Where’s the rest of her? She can’t be taller than 4’10.” The shock finally passes and the sign-in sheet sits in front of you. After you fill out the information and giggle at the name changes you made, the real fun begins. Not only do you get to enjoy some delicious cupcakes, but also you get to participate in the semester’s first service project. Walaa begins to inform the twenty-or-so students on a project for the Rescue Mission, an organization that helps homeless men get back on their feet. Easter is hopping around the corner. What is better than a homemade Easter card? The answer is nothing!


You grab the yellow construction paper, those cute bunny stickers, and that purple glitter you had your eye on. After your failed attempt at bubble letters, you mask that atrocity with stickers. It is time to actually write inside of the card. Lucky for you, Walaa handed out a sheet with some corny Easter-themed quotes for you. What do you call a line of rabbits walking backwards? A receding “hareline”. Take a minute to compose yourself after that flawless joke. Just as you are finishing your masterpiece, you hear those dreaded four words. “Time for an icebreaker!” Everyone looks at each other with pain in their eyes. As Walaa begins to explain the rules, you thank your stars because it actually sounds like fun. “We are all going grocery shopping. You go around the room and each person states what they are going to buy. Here’s the catch: it has to be in alphabetical order and you have to repeat what everyone before said.” Everything went smoothly until the letter “J” came up and it was the president’s turn. What would you have said? Maybe you would have said, “Jell-O” or “Juice”. Walaa goes to the grocery store and buys jet fuel. After a few great laughs, everyone’s guard is finally down. You find out the girl next to you is Pre-Med too. The boy across the room cannot wait for the next season of Workaholics. Names and numbers are exchanged and before you know it, it is 10:00PM and the meeting is over. You walk to the front of the room, place your Hallmark worthy card in the box, and walk back to your dorm with one a new friend. You talk about how much fun you had and how the next meeting is going to be just as good. If only you knew, this meeting was the start of something special.

Look a t th beau ese tiful smile s! 4

Woo-Hoo for the Zoo What do people usually do on a cold winter’s day? Usually someone is sitting in their cheetah snuggie, sipping some hot chocolate, and watching Friends re-runs. Sure, that sounds nice and cozy, but does that sound beneficial to anyone? While that person is being a productive member of society, the Bearcats of Circle K are picking up their rakes and cleaning up their local zoo. As your snores kept waking up your roommate and your drool ran down your face, a handful of CKI members hit their snooze buttons. Less than a couple of hours after sunrise and these dedicated individuals made their way to their cars and set out for the zoo. As some of the kids wiped the sleep out of their eyes, they grabbed their rakes and got straight to work. Living in Binghamton, cold weather is not a stranger to the Bearcats,

Bon Appetit Imagine having the opportunity to give back to and learn from the most knowledgeable people to grace this planet right after Biology class. BU’s Circle K experienced just that during this past spring’s Senior Citizen’s Dinner on campus. Natives to volunteering at the dinner, excited Circle K members were ready to help. Tables do not set themselves. Using their creativity, the members beautifully set up the tables for the anticipated meal. As the last pitcher sat on the tablecloth, four large buses pulled up to the building. Holding the doors wide open, the Bearcats flashed their winning smiles to the freshfaced seniors walking through. Once everyone sat down, it was time to play restaurant. Utilizing the infamous buddy system, these amateur waiters successfully served the three-course meal. Starting with a salad, then moving on to a roasted chicken, and finishing off with a fruit tart, the guests’ stomachs were more than satisfied. These members catered to each person’s every need with a smile on their face. It was difficult for them to keep a straight face with the guests. Granted they shared their wisdom with the kids, but they were such comedians. From corny one-liners to a few dirty jokes, these senior citizens could not stop making them laugh. Each member felt a bit of a connection with the lovely guests. “They were so much fun. One entire table challenged me to a stated member Alyssa Famolari. If was not for their dance off.” frail frames, you would think they were college kids. They were so youthful and it was very refreshing to see that.

but it was unusually freezing that day. It could have been the combination of wind and the winter’s air, but it was most likely the fact that nobody came prepared with gloves. Ignoring the possibility of getting frostbite, the members developed a systematic distribution of shifts. Each person raked as many leaves as he or she could until the cold pierced their skin, which meant it was time to take a quick warm-up break inside. You have not seen dedication until you witness a bunch of college students rake leaves in the freezing weather without gloves on. After just a few short hours, the oversized black garbage bags were filled to the brim with the freshly fallen leaves. The Binghamton Zoo representative graciously thanked the club for their time and helpful effort. Finally, it was time to head to back to the extra long twin sized beds for a welldeserved slumber. Despite the minor frostbite, the members felt accomplished with what they did. Dedicated member Krishna Tejani elaborated, “I really felt like I made an impact at the Binghamton Zoo Cleanup. I enjoyed helping out my own community.” Hopefully, Binghamton’s CKI branch can volunteer with the zoo again in the future. Just picture it now. The sun shining down on the volunteers while they are working alongside some of the animals. I mean, if the zoo fits.

Member Greg Zorn said, “The Senior Citizen's dinner was my first event for Circle K and it really prepared me for what the club is about. I was able to meet so many wonderful people who truly wanted to provide for others. You could tell by the looks on each senior citizen's face that they all appreciated our efforts of not only supplying a meal, but more importantly conversation and consideration. Pure joy was felt by all parties, as well as excitement for the upcoming dinners each semester. The dinner was so gratifying that I jumped right into participating in Circle K, and have loved every moment of it.” BU students do not really get the opportunity to get to know the community they live in. Fellow member Amy Boglarski elaborated, “The senior citizens dinner was a really rewarding event because it was a great way to interact with members of the community.” An event like can reunite two completely different generations resulting in an awesome learning experience. There is no doubt that Circle K will continue to volunteer for the Senior Citizen’s Dinner.



Holla for a Dolla What do all student clubs have in common? The answer is a bake sale. On your way to class, you glance at the table of treats but you make sure not to make eye contact. You do not want the guilt of refusing to buy the typical overpriced brownie and boring chocolate chip cookie. Lucky for you, Circle K’s infamous bake sales are nothing of the sort. With their excruciatingly adorable cupcakes and unique bake goods, it is nearly impossible for one to just walk past their table.

Look these at s tu d


Sporting pineapple sunglasses, the members had their game faces on for the bake sale. Taking a page from the previous bake sale, the Bearcats made themselves known and haggled the students and faculty. Their persistence and delightful desserts charmed numerous people. One teacher even bought $15 worth of goods for her office. She told the table, “We had a tough day and these are so cute. They will definitely cheer up the office.”

In the beginning of spring semester, Walaa led the first bake sale of the year for the Rescue Mission. The goal was to raise enough money to purchase a substantial amount of things on the mission’s wish list, such as underwear and socks. The night before the big day, a few members of the Bake Sale Committee met up and had a huge baking session. From piña colada cupcakes with umbrellas to Reese’s/Oreo minisandwiches, the hungry kids had to restrain themselves from eating everything.

Professionals at killing two birds with one stone, Circle K not only raised money but also spread joy and happiness to others with a simple homemade cupcake at a reasonable price. Quoted from many students, “Hold up! It is only for a dollar?” Those students got away with robbery when buying those treats. Using their diligence, the club raised a big chunk of change from the bake sale!

Fast forward to the next day, the Hawaiianthemed bake sale was set and ready to go. It is not really Hawaii without leis, so whoever tabled fell victim to wearing the itchy lei. For the next four hours, Circle K challenged their inner salesperson and haggled the students. The most determined of the day, Aaron Chernin, displayed his appreciation and modesty. “When you have a great cause and a winning smile, the treats sell themselves!” He was not lying.

The girl responsible for all this success, Angela, gave her perspective on the event. “The Bake Sale for the Humane Society was a fun experience! It felt nice to have a sold out bake sale, and it was even better because all the money we helped raise would go to an organization we really care for. The Humane Society protects animals by advocating and campaigning for more effective animal protection laws.

Throughout the sale, each customer complimented the one-of-a-kind desserts. “Wow! These are so cute!” said practically each student. After a bunch of laughs and a small karaoke session, time was up. The fundraiser was a huge success and Circle K bought a plethora of goods for the Rescue Mission. Do not think that the bake sales stopped there. Newly elected Bake Sale Committee Chair Angela Wu put on her first beachthemed bake sale for the Humane Society. For those who do not know, the Humane Society aims to prevent animal cruelty.


Since the club was fundraising for such a great cause, the bar was set higher. Angela researched the recipes and recruited some members for a baking session. The committee baked eye-pleasing treats, from beach cupcakes with teddy grahams lying under an umbrella to Oreo truffles.

e rabl o d A & ! ous! i c i l de

The Binghamton community was very generous with their donations because even though they knew they would be getting something in return, some people still decided to donate extra money. Many customers were impressed that we baked the creative and beautiful cupcakes and truffles ourselves. Several customers were surprised that we sold all our baked goods for only a $1. This event was a great way to give back to the community.” Make sure to keep your eyes peeled and wallet stacked for our next 6 bake sale!

Scavenger FUNt Do you enjoy running around campus solving riddles and completing embarrassing tasks? Well, you should have participated in Circle K’s Late Nite Scavenger Hunt! The highly anticipated event not only drew in multiple contestants, but it also gave out a huge movie-themed grand prize, consisting of six DVDs, all the popcorn and candy you would need, and even a Hobbit poster! Whether or not you won, nobody left empty handed. Everyone received a bunch of candy and small games just for competing! A few weeks before the Late Nite event, President Walaa Ahmed was researching for the most mind-numbing riddles and thrilling tasks for the hunt. Here is a sneak peak. My life can be measured in hours. I serve by being devoured. Thin, I am quick. Fat, I am slow. Wind is my foe. Do you give up? It is a candle! Alongside of the brain-busters were the missions. Competitors needed to do the most obscure things, from taking pictures playing air guitar to proving one is an organ donor. Each team had forty-five minutes to finish as many items on the list as they could. The group with the most points won the grand prize. Circle K’s very own Jordan Asulin and his team won the coveted movie basket. The lovely champion expressed his feelings about his exciting experience. “Not only was the scavenger hunt a lot of fun, but my team also won!" Just because Jordan is a Circle K member, that did not mean he had an advantage. There was a specific committee assigned for the event and anyone involved sadly had to sit on the sidelines. This past semester Binghamton’s 16th annual AIDS/HIV Walk took place and Circle K was lucky enough to join the festivities. With the possibility of contributing in three different choices, each person fundraised for AIDS services in the Southern Tier. A participant paid a registration fee and obtained some donations. All of profits went straight to the cause. People had the option of participating in a 5K walk, 5K run, or if they were really up for a challenge, the Patterson’s Punisher. This obstacle course consisted of box jumps, supine pull-ups, wagon wheels, and so much more! Our CKI club had the opportunity to help with the terrifying obstacle course. The members ensured that the participants were safe throughout each task and more importantly, enjoyed themselves. Eventually, these Bearcats were green with envy and decided to try the course. Our own Aisha Bowen-Kennedy admitted to her jealousy and appreciation of the course.

Even though the members who helped set up the scavenger hunt could not play, they actually had the most fun. Member Alyssa Famolari said, “It was hysterical watching these kids run around like maniacs. One of the tasks was to take a picture with someone in uniform and all I see is a bunch of people run up to these cops asking them for pictures. The best part was the officers actually took the picture!” If you think the cops participation ended there, you are quite wrong. These two very intrigued police officers decided to play the game! Well, it was not really playing since they recruited a table of engineering majors to solve all of the riddles for them. Despite their valiant efforts, the cheaters were disqualified. Our very own Kristy Wolfson could not have been more proud of this night. "It was really exciting to spread awareness about Circle K in an innovative way. I think participants had a lot of fun and it gave them something interesting to do on their Saturday night also." Since the event was such a success, Circle K is planning to have a campus-wide scavenger hunt to support the Eliminate Project, which raises money to rid of maternal/neonatal tetanus (MNT) from the earth. The event is open to all of the Binghamton community. Not only is it going to be bigger, the grand prize will be worth so much more, and the hunt will be harder and more exciting! If you are up for the challenge, spend a Saturday afternoon exercising that noggin and come support BU’s Circle K club!

Do You Even Lift? “The AIDS Walk was a great experience. The strength and energy from the competitors in the punisher’s obstacle course truly rubbed off on me throughout the day. It made me happy that I made a sacrifice of waking up early to volunteer.” Although they completed the course, some of them – including our President – forget to lift with their knees. Someone’s back was hurting for the next few days. These “bodybuilders” did not leave empty handed. For their dedication and valiant effort, the volunteers came home with a free t-shirt and awesome balloon hats! An intense obstacle course might seem a little bit bizarre for an AIDS/HIV fundraiser, but it was a fun, exciting way to get the job done. You always hear about walking or running for a cause. You can never say that you have heard someone lifting a tire across a room to raise money. This unique event provided the 7 group with such a memorable experience and we 7 cannot wait until next year’s event!

Sew Cool Project Normally when you see a mouse, your inner three-year-old girl comes to surface and you immediately cower into the corner screaming your lungs out. However, when BU’s Circle K chapter deals with mice, they are made of felt and stuffing. Do not let confusion take its toll – it will all make sense in a moment. For the final service project of the semester, Binghamton decided to work with the Humane Society. The task was to make homemade mice toys for the cats to play with. You do not have to be a seamstress to sew a toy mouse, but for some reason, a bunch of members could not grasp the skill. What was the biggest issue? Most people could not put the thread through the needle. To be fair, the needle’s hole was abnormally small.

Here is a piece of advice: do not buy the 99cent sewing kit; splurge a little. With the eclectic music blasting through the speakers, this service project flew by. Eventually, these college kids got the hang of it and were well on their way to making over thirty mice. Who would have thought that Ludacris and sewing went hand in hand? While belting out Beyoncé, members personalized their mice with drawn on faces and funny catchphrases on the bodies. Each mouse contained a small bell in the midst of all the stuffing to create a more fun for the cats. E-Board member Alyssa Famolari boasts,

One of the greatest benefits of being apart of CKI is getting the opportunity to spread awareness about body chilling concerns. Recently, Binghamton University participated in the Out of Darkness Walk held at the Hinman residential community. The Out of Darkness Walk raises awareness and fundraises for suicide prevention and destigmatizing mental health. The walk educated others that suicide is a disease that affects one’s mental health. Any profits from this event went toward programming in the Southern Tier to support suicide survivors and possible suicide victims. Our club contributed to the cause’s event for about two hours before the actual walk – during registration. Members sold personalized friendship bracelets, giving walkers the ability to pay homage to those they lost to this troubling issue. President Walaa Ahmed was very avid about volunteering for this event. “Binghamton’s campus experienced losses through suicide and we wanted to help shed light to the campus, community, and the world about those suffering with depressing thoughts and actions. Fortunately, it can be prevented and I am very happy that Circle-K got to be a part of that.” Treasure Kristy Wolfson thoroughly enjoyed her time at the walk. "Words can’t describe how amazing it felt to be part of such a moving experience. We made memorial bracelets for families and friends of victims while raising suicide awareness."


“Do not tell Walaa, but my mouse has three bells inside. My cat’s mouse is going to be the best, just saying.” Naturally, there was a bit of competition over which mouse was the best. It is time for a spoiler: it was mine. Service Project Committee Chair James Cownie loved the creative project. “It was a great example of doing something seemingly small, but it having an immeasurable effect. If five minutes of work on our part could bring smiles to faces, then of course it is worth it.” Each member contributed to this wonderful cause with such ease and excitement. Now, get ready for many more service projects from Binghamton University!

The volunteers did not feel confined to tabling the entire time. A few of CKI’s Bearcats took the initiative and actually walked. Every person feels some form of attachment to this illness and to have an opportunity to help fight against it is too amazing to pass up. Our very own Raven Gomez said, “I was really glad to be a part of something that brought awareness to something that is really not given the attention it needs.” Helping to make friendship bracelets might seem unimportant, but it is all about what it symbolizes. A simple homemade piece of jewelry dedicated to a suicide victim proves that their memory still lives on and that is all that matters. Knowing that Circle K provides students with the option of aiding such serious problems proves that it is so much more than another thing to put on your resume.


Relay for Life How would you feel if you could help fight cancer and have a whole lot of fun? It would feel pretty damn good, right? Circle K recently raised money for the American Cancer Society during Binghamton University’s annual Relay for Life. It is an overnight community fundraising walk with plenty of food, games, activities, and performances. Our CKI chapter channeled their inner Martha Stewart and baked a hundred cupcakes to sell! At just one dollar, each customer could decorate their very own cupcake using a variety of frosting and sprinkles. Nobody was more passionate than President Walaa Ahmed. “Relay for life is one of the biggest events on campus every year by the Colleges against Cancer club. It was great to see all different kinds of clubs who fight for and represent different causes coming together to raise awareness and money for the same cause.” At 11:00 PM, a group of members arrived at the Events Center with trays of cupcakes in their hands, ready to fundraise for the next three hours. As soon as the table was set up, people’s sweet tooth kicked in. Eager walkers decked out their mini cakes with such enthusiasm and a lot of precision. If Binghamton does not work out for these kids, they should think about decorating desserts, no joke. Well, maybe not. Get an education, people! Now, you might be thinking, “Three hours is a really long time to be there. I could never do that. I would be so bored.” Hate to burst your bubble, but your thoughts are far from the truth. The group only needed two people to table a time, so anyone else could take a walk around, play some games, and get free food! It did not hurt that our table was right next to a huge pillow fight. Just so you guys know, these Bearcats do not play around. That was one intense pillow fight! Fellow member Alyssa Famolari shared her experience.

“I watched one of our friends get attacked by six people. Each person had two pillows! I am not going to lie, it was funny to watch.” After getting our butts kicked, we did get to keep the pillow. Fun fact: that had to be one of the most comfortable pillows. As everyone sat down to catch their breath, what do they see? Across the room is the club’s Vice President, Jordan Asulin, on stage competing for Miss Relay. Sporting a beautiful, form fitting green dress; Jordan paraded around the room with his purse gathering donations. It was not a surprise that he was the winner of Miss Relay! One of our very own is a pageant winner. After a few more laughs, the MC of the evening announced that there was a new fundraiser. He was going to play nonstop Justin Bieber until they raised $50. It is true that it would be a terrible thing to only listen to Biebs, but who does not enjoy a little “Baby?” If you say you do not, we all know you are lying. We all had that Bieber Fever at one point. Sadly, they raised the $50 before the first JB song even finished. What a bunch of haters! Before we knew it, the night was over and it was time to go back to the dorms. BU’s Circle K sold over 40 cupcakes! In just three hours, our club made a difference while having a great time. After the event, member Krishna Tejani said, “Relay for Life was great! It was nice seeing how excited people got to make their own cupcakes!” Krishna was not the only happy camper there. Our very own Greg Zorn chimed in. “I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Relay for Life by selling cupcakes. Supporting cancer prevention and research will always be of importance, and I was happy to help.” Our effort does not stop there. Expect to see Circle K at Relay for Life this year too!

Je a l ous yet?



Sundae with a Dance BU’s Circle K had a very eventful semester and deserved one more night together before summer vacation temporarily separated them. It was time to have an ice cream sundae social! When Walaa came to the club and said she was thinking about having a social, she had us all at “ice cream.” It is free food and dancing. Who would not go?

Okay, so the mushy stuff is out of the way. Walaa surprised some of the club members with awards, such as Best Meeting Attendance, Best Events Attendance, and Recognition. Once the lucky few graciously accepted their awards, BU’s CKI witnessed their first ever slideshow. Alyssa Famolari said, “It was so nice to see all of the pictures! We saw how we evolved as a group in just a few months. It is crazy to think that in such a short time we did so much. Who knows what will happen next year?”

Since you could consider this a fancy event, it was mandatory for the club to dress up. The girls showed up rocking their prettiest dresses and the boys were on their suit and tie sh**. Even some people from Cornell’s Circle K chapter showed up to the social! Looking around the room, people saw the blue and white tables and the dance floor covered in balloons. Well, we attempted to cover the floor with balloons. It seemed that we blew them up too much and they started popping on their own. We deserve an “A” for effort, though.

Leaving the certificates on the table, everyone rushed to the ice cream table and pimped out their sundaes. After the club inhaled their dessert, it was time to burn off those calories. It is not a social until you are raising the roof with your Kiwanis advisors! We danced to every type of song, from Big Poppa to Call Me Maybe. The music was so loud that some people from the event next door showed up to party with us for a bit! Once our feet were just about ready to fall off, it was time to call it a night. This party was our way of going out with a bang, and we sure did!

Our very own Walaa Ahmed expressed her feelings about the coveted event. “Binghamton’s first annual social was a big milestone. Kiwanis, Lieutenant Governor Renee Girard, Cornell President Travis Westbrook and past treasurer Akhil Patel came as well. It was rewarding to see everyone who had contributed to Circle-K’s success. Whether it was helping with dues, funds, planning, organizing, volunteering or just attending meetings and putting up flyers.” Before the members went ice cream crazy, Walaa wanted to get through the agenda. Our Kiwanis advisors, Alan and Joan Kline, made a very thoughtful speech. Our club was lucky enough to have our very own Lieutenant Governor, Renée Girard, not only come to the social, but also say a few words. Then, came the waterworks. It was Miss Walaa’s turn to speak and boy, did she get emotional. It is completely understandable as to why. This club is pretty much her baby and she is so passionate about it. For her to such a successful first semester as president was a huge accomplishment on her part. We love you, Walaa, and we could not have done it with any other leader!


Our LTG Renée had some great words after that night. “A few days before the social, Walaa gave me a sneak peak of the end of the semester video she made for the social. After I watched it, I knew I had to come meet the BUCKI members. Plus, I heard there would be ice cream at the social and I never ever pass up ice cream. I am so proud of everything Binghamton Circle K has accomplished in such a short amount of time. I am expecting BIG things from BUCKI this upcoming 2013-2014 service year and looking forward to more visits and getting to know all of the members!” When you get the thumbs up from your LTG, you know you are doing something right.

K Circle rty o Pa t s e k Li im e ! T e h t All

If you want to have as much fun as we did, join Circle K! After spending so much time with these members, you become great friends who know how to have a good time. Not only are you creating amazing bonds, but you are also helping a community that seriously appreciates what you do. It is such a privilege 10 to be a part of this organization and we hope to see so many new members this year!

Just Bead It Sure, it is nice to fundraise money for worthy causes, but what about the younger generation? Circle K recently teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club of Binghamton at their annual carnival. This organization gears towards providing a safe, fun, and educational environment for underprivileged children. As members of this community, it is our job to help the kids of our future and what a better way than at a carnival! Each year a multitude of clubs, including CKI, participate in this event with various activities and performances for the boys and girls. For this year, our group made friendship bracelets with the children. This was our Vice President’s, Jordan Asulin, first ever event he ran on his own and it was a huge success! Not only did they make a bunch of bracelets, but they also had a chance to interact with the kids. Everyone knows that children are possibly one of the funniest people in the world, so getting the opportunity to hang out with them for a couple of hours was a gift on its own.

Our very own Dana Shanon had a great time volunteering at the event. “Volunteering at The Boys and Girls Club carnival was great! Since we made friendship bracelets, we had the chance to sit down with the children and talk. The kids were funny and sweet and loved telling us their stories!” No matter what children go through, they are always so cheerful and put a smile on everyone’s faces. It is heartwarming to know that there are organizations out there solely focusing on working with these kids and creating a healthy atmosphere for them. The man in charge, Jordan, was so proud of this event that gave back to those who deserve it. “The boys and girls carnival was great. It was a volunteering opportunity where you were able to see the smiling faces of the people you were there for. I loved it!" Circle K is definitely looking forward to working with the Boys and Girls Club in the future! It is time for us to brainstorm new, fun activities to do with the children. If we work together, we can come up with something really great and worthwhile.

Walk to Stop Diabetes When: 11/3/13 Where: Oakdale Mall

Fall DLSSP When: 9/20/13 – 9/22/13 Where: Ithaca

Making Strides against Breast Cancer Walk When: 10/19/13 Where: Recreation Park

Campus-Wide Scavenger Hunt When: 9/28/13

Light the Night Walk When: 10/1/13 Where: NYSEG Stadium 11


The Lovely E-Board President – Walaa Ahmed Vice President – Jordan Asulin Secretary – Dana Shanon Treasurer – Kristy Wolfson Editor – Alyssa Famolari Webmaster – Stacy Villalva Kiwanis Advisors – Alan & Joan Kline Eliminate Committee Chair – Krishna Tejani Bake Sale Committee Chair – Angela Wu Scrapbook Committee Chair – Raven Gomez Fundraising Committee Chair – Amy Boglarski Service Committee Chair – James Cownie Advertising Committee Chair – Elise Cecil Governor’s Project Committee Chair – Bridget Okoh District Project Committee Chair – Sammi Wu Icebreaker Committee Chair – Aaron Chernin




Spring '13 newsletter  

This contains most of the events Circle-K was involved in, volunteered for or fundraised for in the spring 2013 semester!

Spring '13 newsletter  

This contains most of the events Circle-K was involved in, volunteered for or fundraised for in the spring 2013 semester!