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There is always a good window.

rick by brick. When one door closes, another one opens. Follow your inner compass. These are all fairly trite ways of stating a universal truth— that a certain amount of patience, discernment, and resilience are the only way we get through life with an ounce of grace. That’s because times aren’t always good, and it’s not always a good time.


Having the perspective to know when those windows are open is the real value of a Realtor.

The bright side? There is always a window of opportunity, a next right time to buy, sell, rent, reduce, remodel, stay put, or start over.

Count on us to help you find your best window of opportunity in 2019.

With over twenty years of hard-earned experience, our uncompromising ethic, and a level of expertise that is unparalleled in Houston, you’ll find the proven value of working with one of the 65+ trusted advisors of Boulevard Realty.

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M Penner: Spring/Summer 2019  

M Penner: Spring/Summer 2019