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fall/winter 2015

features 160 Years of History

Clothing styles have certainly changed over three centuries, but not Levy’s commitment to quality and customer service. 26

Luxury, Meet Power

Beneath the elegant exterior of Bentley’s Mulsanne beats the heart of a worldclass race car. 48

Something Old The unexpected touch that gives a room true distinction? It could be a well-placed item with an intriguing history. 62

Simply Scandinavian

Eton shirts were founded in Sweden—but they are born in the U.S.A. 70

Levy’s Reunion

Recently, we gathered nearly 30 customers who have appeared in Levy’s magazine over the years for a rousing reunion. 73

Some Like It Hot

Once a year, a tiny town shows the world how to do chili—alias “Texas Red.” 78

departments Invitation to Style Celebrating 160 years. 6

The Levy’s Guide

A sip of calvados between courses can take a meal from good to great. 85

The look of Milan…an uncommon dining experience… Sartoria Partenopea style… better brews…the grande dame of Music City…and much more. 9

Room Key


In Good Company


Service Directory

For the Picasso of jazz, nothing was merely incidental, in music or in attire. 46

Product Directory

From shoes and a shaving kit to cuff links and a cashmere robe—our fall must-haves are just that. 14

Miles Davis


The Argentinian varietal Malbec has regained its reputation for subtlety and balance. 81



Luxury has a Gallic accent at the Cheval Blanc on the Caribbean isle of St. Barts. 88 At Levy’s we’re always looking for an excuse to get together and have a good time! 90 Your guide to the Levy’s experience. 92 A list of the gorgeous merchandise featured in this issue. 94

Past perfect Timeless style at an historic hotel



Look Good, Keep Well

Ways to optimize your health and appearance—starting with a smile. 96


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invitattion to style

LEVY’S 3900 hillsboro pike, suite 36 na s h v i l l e , TN 3 7 2 1 5 615.383.2800 w w w. l e v y s c l o t h e s . c o m Store Hours M o n d ay t o s a t u r d ay: 1 0 a . m . t o 6 p . m . t h u r s d ay: 1 0 a . m . t o 7 p . m .


160 years sneak peeks

Winter warmer



A look back




hether you are a Nashville native or are new to the Nashville area, you are seeing changes in our community like never before. But one thing is a constant: Levy’s has been a part of the charm and history of our area since before the Civil War. Sure, we have been here a long time, but we are never standing still. For 160 years, our focus at Levy’s has been on providing a comfortable, inviting atmosphere where one can experience the finest in clothing options in a relaxed and friendly setting. Levy’s has provided on trend styles for generations. At Levy’s, it’s not about fast fashion, but more about the emotional connection that our clients feel when they are wearing properly fitting attire. Our buyers hand-select fabrics from the finest mills worldwide and have personally visited many of the

factories to see first-hand the intricate steps it takes to create the perfect garment for you. Five generations of Levys have remained dedicated to keeping Nashville and middle Tennessee patrons in the forefront of fashion. If you have been a client throughout the years or have recently learned about us, we invite you to stop by and get to know our friendly and knowledgeable associates. We think of our clients as family and want you to do the same. We hope you enjoy this special edition of Levy’s magazine. In this our 160th year, we raise a glass and toast all of you, our loyal clients. At Levy’s we respect the past and embrace the future. —Ellen and David Levy

Editorial Director Editor

david levy

Mark Dowden

Art Director

stephen M. vitarbo

Executive Editor

rita guarna

Managing Editor

Carol Bialkowski

Senior Editor

timothy kelley

Editorial Assistant


Contributing Editors Virginie Boone, Michael Hiller, Maria Lissandrello, Francesa Moisin, Josh Sens, Luca Sumberac

Contributing Photographers Peyton Hoge, Daniel Springston Publishing staff

Publisher Shae Marcus

National Brand Manager monica delli santi

Advertising Account Executive Dana larkin

Director of Production and Circulation Christine Hamel

Advertising Services Manager jacquelynn fischer

Senior Art Director, Agency Services Kijoo Kim

Production/Art Assistant alanna giannantonio

Accounting agnes alves, megan frank Published by Chairman Carroll V. Dowden President Mark Dowden Senior Vice Presidents Shae marcus, carl olsen

Vice Presidents Rita Guarna, christine hamel

l e v y ’ s Magazine is published twice a year by Wainscot Media, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645, in association with Levy’s. Copyright © 2015 by Wainscot Media, LLC. All rights reserved. E d i to r i a l C o n t r i b u ti o n s : Write to Editor, LEVY’S, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645; telephone 201.782.5730; email mark.dowden@wainscotmedia.com. The magazine is not responsible for the return or loss of unsolicited submissions. S u b s c r i pti o n S e r vi c e s : To change an address or request a subscription, write to Subscriptions, LEVY’S Circulation Department, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645; telephone 201.573.5541; email christine.hamel@wainscotmedia.com. A dve r ti s i n g I n q u i r i e s : Contact Shae Marcus at 856.797.2227 or shae.marcus@wainscotmedia.com.



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Rafale - Dassault Aviation

NEW BR 03-94 CERAMIC CHRONOGRAPH · 42 mm · www.bellross.com Download the BR SCAN app to reveal exclusive content


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LEVY’S guide The look of Milan


years of fashion Whether you’re a hard-core fashionista or simply an admirer of beauty, you’ll enjoy Nathalie Herschdorfer’s Coming Into Fashion: A Century of Photography at Condé Nast (Prestel, $65). This celebration of fashion photography, drawn from a museum exhibition, brings together some of the finest work from that publishing house’s legendary archives and the best of New York, Paris and Milan. Via the volume’s 208 images you’ll look through the lenses of renowned photographers and witness how the art of fashion photography has evolved—and how it has reflected change in society. (Among chapter titles are “The Golden Age” and “The New Wave.”) Early Vogue and Vanity Fair covers recall styles of a bygone era that feels very remote—yet also evokes a timeless elegance that speaks eloquently to us today.

You can’t count to Eleventy, but it’s a brand you can count on. Born in the fashion and design epicenter, Milan, Italy, in 2006 as a small line of polo shirts, it has expanded and gained international prominence with collections of meticulously crafted, easy-towear apparel. Eleventy has been likened to Brunello Cucinelli—but with prices that will leave you extra cash to gas up your Italian sports car. So the next time you’re out shopping on Milan’s Via della Spiga—or at Levy’s right here in Nashville— give Eleventy a whirl.

Build a brighter look

Would you turn to a trained architect to design your jewelry? If it’s Aviva Carmy, make that a yes. Carmy earned a master’s degree at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, studying with internationally acclaimed architects. She works with smaller “blueprints” today, but it seems the principles of design apply equally to an imposing edifice or the bracelet, necklace or watch chain that elegantly complements a woman’s outfit—or a man’s. When you visit Levy’s, we can show you jewelry by the Los Angeles-based Aviva Carmy Design Studio that embodies both precision and sensuality, from industrial steel mesh accentuated with diamonds to crosses and crowns that recall regal eras. And these pieces are built to endure. fall / winter 2015

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LEVY’S guide Shop local!

Here are 10 reasons why local merchants deserve your support: 1. We support each other. Studies have shown that locally owned enterprises put 70 percent more back into the community than national businesses, thus making your town stronger. 2. We create local jobs. Small businesses still account for most employment nationally; with more jobs being created right near where you live, your friends, family and neighbors can find employment closer to home. 3. We support charities. Nonprofit organizations receive an average of 250 percent more support from small-business owners than they do from large ones. 4. We keep the community unique. Locally owned stores contribute to your town’s distinctive character. 5. We’re “greener.” Locally owned businesses typically set up shop in city centers, requiring less transportation and making for less sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution. 6. We offer more choices. Small businesses typically select products based on the needs of their local customers and not on a national sales plan. Often they showcase the work of local craftsmen and artisans. 7. We put your taxes to good use. Local business anchors the neighborhood infrastructure and supports the local tax base, making possible improved schools, better roads and greater support for your local police and fire departments. 8. We’re more committed to the community. Local businesses tend to be owned by people who live nearby. Naturally, they’re more interested in the community’s welfare and future. 9. We know their wares. Local businesses tend to hire people with more expertise about the products they sell. 10. We give better customer service. Local business owners often will go the extra mile to ensure that you are taken care of and leave happy.

the little brewery that could

What do you get when you combine passion, hard work and a serious dedication to fun? You get a business that’s growing, innovating and ready to take on the world: Little Harpeth Brewing. Born in a garage in 2013, the Nashville-based brewery opened a tap room this September, and its beers are sold across the metro area. One thing that makes Little Harpeth different is its environmental practices, which reflect “who we are personally,” says Michael Kwas, whom the company lists as “founder–ambassador-dreamer.” (His cofounder was master brewer Steve Scoville.) “Any guys can raise some money and open a brewery,” Kwas explains. “We asked ourselves, how can we do that and have respect for the local community, for Nashville as a whole and for the larger community of Earth?” True to that spirit, the company continually explores Earth-friendly ways to do things, from giving its used grain to local farms for pig fodder to supporting the Harpeth River Watershed Association to using non-GMO locally sourced corn to reusing building materials rather than tossing them in a dumpster. “We don’t want kids to grow up on a landfill, so we don’t want to create one,” says Kwas. Little Harpeth’s most popular brew is called Chicken Scratch, but Michael’s fave is Stax, a black lager named for the ’60s R&B recording label that singer Otis Redding helped put on the map. The company takes its name from the Harpeth River, where Kwas frolicked in younger days; its lighthearted logo shows a figure on a rope over a body of water. “What we do should never be taken too seriously,” says Kwas. Little Harpeth Brewing, 30 Oldham St., Nashville; littleharpethbrewing.com or email kwas@littleharpethbrewing.com

Share and share a like

The food arrives—and you covet your neighbor’s. Or the entrée you’ve ordered is so divine you want your companion to enjoy it too. If you’re into sharing menu items with fellow diners, whatever the reason, visit Union Common. The 125-seat midtown Nashville restaurant encourages customers to order “with sharing in mind”—and provides the small plates to make it easy. Open for dinner seven days a week, Union Common—as its name hints—is all about the social, as well as the purely gustatory, aspects of dining out. And although it’s a steakhouse, it has glorious non-steak options such as the Nashville Tower, with oysters, crabs, lobster, shrimp and mussels for a table to share—a brilliant concept for seafoodies. The 27-seat bar boasts 100 bourbons and other whiskeys and more than 40 wines. The décor is upscale but, in keeping with the communal theme, comfortably so. And executive chef Bobby Benjamin reports that no preservatives are used in his food. Union Common, 1929 Broadway, Nashville, 615.329.4565; unioncommon.com

Hear the siren’s call

Sartoria Partenopea has been in business since 1996, but its approach is old-world and it draws on a century-old family heritage. Every suit and sportcoat is handmade by one of 70 master tailors who staff the clothier’s headquarters in Naples, Italy. The brand—named for a mythical siren that, legend has it, haunted the Gulf of Naples during the Trojan War—embodies the finest traditions of Italian tailoring. Every piece blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation to create an elegant yet relaxed look that you can wear every day. Check out the Sartoria Partenopea collection at Levy’s. The signature touches—smooth trouser lining, classic Neapolitan (unpadded) shoulders and plum-colored lapel button—will define you as a man of taste.



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LEVY’S guide

The rise of power knits

The A-Z List With dozens of brands to choose from, you’ll always find what you’re looking for at Levy’s. See if you don’t find your favorites in the list below. Then visit the store for a shopping experience you’ll love. 34 Heritage AG Jeans Agave Denim Alberto Aldomartins Allen Edmonds Amour Vert Armani Collezioni Baci Ballin Bills Khakis Borgo Ognissanti 28 Brackish Carol Lipworth Designs Chelsea Flower Circle of Gentlemen Conrad r C eenstone Culturata David Donahue Dibello Dion Donald J Pliner Donna Degnan Eleventy Elisa Cavaletti Ermenegildo Zegna Eton Flynt Gimo’s Italiana Gitman Bros. Gravati Gucci Hickey Freeman High Cotton Hiltl Hook & Albert Hugo Boss I.C. Richard Choi J Brand Jack Victor Jonathan Wachtel JudyP circle of gentlemen

Left Coast Tee Lola & Sophie M Made in Italy Mac Magnanni Majestic International Margaret O’Leary Massimo Bizzocchi Measure Up Peru Unlimited Peserico PYA R. Hanauer Ramblers Way Remo Tulliani Robert Comstock Robert Graham Robert Talbott Roda Rodd & Gunn Rosemunde Royal Highnies Salvatore Ferragamo Sand Sartoria Partenopea Save the Duck Schneiders Scott Barber Scott Kay Southern Tide States of Mind Sue Surdi Designs Tees by Tina Tommy Bahama Torino Trafalgar UP Victorinox VK Nagrani Waterville Yoana Baraschi Yoga Jeans Zanella Zoe Couture

Get down

In wintertime in Tennessee, it’s cool to be warm. So make room in your closet for the season’s hot outerwear garment: the down parka. Handstich’s carefully crafted ecofriendly outerwear pieces will keep you toasty on frigid days. Designed for the guy or gal on the go, the parkas feature accommodations for easy electronics use, such as earplug openings and interior pockets that fit tablets. The Hudson quilted blazer includes a detachable vest for “two looks in one,” an outfit that can be worn indoors or out. And aesthetic details such as the woven herringbone wool and leather trim in the Kent quilted jacket will let the world know you care about form as well as function.

For women, the days of playing it safe with quiet cotton knits are over. “Girl power” has come to knits, thanks to Julio Santiago, whose company, Santiago Knits, outfits women in bold and brilliant knitwear. “Put one of my pieces on and you will feel different,” he proclaims. Reared in Cordoba, Argentina, Santiago developed a passion for knitting as a teenager, curious about how string was manipulated into fabric. He was inspired by strong women: his mother, grandmother and sister-in-law. Today he incorporates hues and textures that suggest his native land’s natural landscapes and uses only the highestquality yarns and leathers imported from Italy. In 2013, Santiago Knits expanded and brought 100 percent of its production in-house. The goal? Complete quality control. See what Santiago— via Levy’s—has for you.

The grande dame of Music City

With a guest roster that lists nine presidents, The Hermitage Hotel can honestly say that pretty much anyone who’s anyone has stayed there or at least stopped by for dinner, from Charlie Chaplin, Bette Davis and Babe Ruth to Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Arnold Schwarzenegger. And since this is Nashville, don’t forget the bold-face music names: Jerry Lee Lewis, Diana Ross, the Rolling Stones, Justin Bieber. The Hermitage has even rolled out the welcome mat (on different occasions, of course) for the Reverend Billy Graham and racketeer Al Capone. And it was long a favorite of politicians, who cut many a deal in its hallways and banquet rooms. Having opened its doors for the first time in 1910, The Hermitage is a Nashville landmark, and it’s the only hotel in Tennessee to be honored with both a Forbes Five-Star Award and a AAA Five Diamond Award. But awards don’t tell the whole story. Extensive renovations have restored and enhanced its classic form. There’s a charm and glamour to hotels of bygone eras. And there’s the shine and polish of a new establishment that’s at its peak. The Hermitage Hotel, entering its second century, embodies both. The Hermitage Hotel, 231 Sixth Ave. N., 615.244.3121; thehermitagehotel.com



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knock on wood


Consider yourself lucky if you score several of these fall must-haves.


Achieve a raw look with lace-ups by Magnanni, a sleek teak bottle by S’well, beaded bracelets by Sue Surdi Designs, Moonshine cologne, a stretch belt by Levy’s and a handsome flask from Will Leather Goods.


LEV.fw15.essentials.indd 14

10/6/15 2:34 PM

Building communities, one home at a time.

MISSY RODRIGUEZ BROWER ABR, CRS, GRI, Realtor® cell: 615.476.5455 office: 615.383.0183 Missy.Brower@Zeitlin.com

Nashville Business Jour nal’s Top 25 Realtors ∙ Realtor since 1998 ∙ Lifetime Award of Excellence Member

Zeitlin RIGHT.indd 1

10/6/15 11:51 AM


Looking Sharp Add more than a touch of elegance to your grooming ritual with King’s Crown. From the hand-carved rosewood handles to the badger hair brushes, this prestigious German brand exudes class, quality and exclusivity.



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Magnanni RIGHT.indd 1

10/6/15 11:50 AM


Cure the Common Cuff Tateossian cuff links are like a little surprise for your wrist, fashioned from innovative materials (dinosaur bone, meteorite, black diamonds) that are mixed and paired in unique, often playful combinations. The perfect marriage of innovative design and attention to detail.



LEV.fw15.essentials.indd 18

10/8/15 10:57 AM

You can spread your wings and still put down roots.

Nashville thrives on originality and imagination. Where people with small town roots accomplish big dreams. So here’s to the creative spirit. Here’s to dreaming big but never losing sight of where you came from. Here’s to the art of crafting a success story that takes you places you could only imagine…and then brings you back home.

Locations in Cool Springs, Cummins Station, West End, and Green Hills EQUAL HOUSING LENDER

15-AVE-0098 M1rb Levy's print 8.375x10.375.indd 1 Avenue Bank RIGHT.indd 1




7/30/15 3:59 PM 10/6/15 10:28 AM

essentials Nashville Love Represent our great city with these Tennessee must-haves, ranging from incredibly soft cotton T-shirts to “Play me” guitar boxers. If you are short on gift ideas...you’re welcome.



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Luxury in the Wardrobe Choose your color. Choose your trim. Choose your monogram. You’ll look and feel like a king in pure cashmere from Majestic International.



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Green Hills RIGHT.indd 1

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This entitles you to savings of $75 on any new men’s Fall sportswear purchase of $375 or more.

GIFT CERTIFICATE VALID THROUGH monday, november 30, 2015



This entitles you to savings of $75 on any new Fall furnishings and accessories purchase of $375 or more.

GIFT CERTIFICATE VALID THROUGH monday, november 30, 2015

One certificate per client. Must present certificate to receive credit. Not to be

One certificate per client. Must present certificate to receive credit. Not to be

used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases,

used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases,

sale merchandise, shoes, Made to Measure, special orders, Sue Surdi Jewelry,

sale merchandise, shoes, Made to Measure, special orders, Sue Surdi Jewelry,

Remo Tulliani Jewelry, Carol Lipworth Jewelry or Will Leather Goods.

Remo Tulliani Jewelry, Carol Lipworth Jewelry or Will Leather Goods.

3900 Hillsboro Pike • 615-383-2800

3900 Hillsboro Pike • 615-383-2800



This entitles you to $100 on any new men’s Fall suit, sportcoat and pant, or tuxedo purchase of $500 or more.

GIFT CERTIFICATE VALID THROUGH monday, november 30, 2015



This entitles you to savings of $100 on any new Fall women’s apparel purchase of $500 or more.

GIFT CERTIFICATE VALID THROUGH monday, november 30, 2015 One certificate per client. Must present certificate to receive credit. Not to be

One certificate per client. Must present certificate to receive credit. Not to be

used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases,

used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases,

sale merchandise, shoes, Made to Measure, special orders, Sue Surdi Jewelry,

sale merchandise, shoes, Made to Measure, special orders, Sue Surdi Jewelry,

Remo Tulliani Jewelry, Carol Lipworth Jewelry or Will Leather Goods.

Remo Tulliani Jewelry, Carol Lipworth Jewelry or Will Leather Goods.

3900 Hillsboro Pike • 615-383-2800



This entitles you to savings of $500 on any total purchase of new Fall merchandise of $2,500 or more.


3900 Hillsboro Pike • 615-383-2800



This entitles you to savings of $1,000 on any total purchase of new Fall merchandise of $5,000 or more.

GIFT CERTIFICATE VALID THROUGH monday, november 30, 2015

VALID THROUGH monday, november 30, 2015 One certificate per client. Must present certificate to receive credit. Not to be One certificate per client. Must present certificate to receive credit. Not to be

used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases,

used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases,

sale merchandise, shoes, Made to Measure, special orders, Sue Surdi Jewelry,

sale merchandise, shoes, Made to Measure, special orders, Sue Surdi Jewelry,

Remo Tulliani Jewelry, Carol Lipworth Jewelry or Will Leather Goods.

Remo Tulliani Jewelry, Carol Lipworth Jewelry or Will Leather Goods.

3900 Hillsboro Pike • 615-383-2800

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3900 Hillsboro Pike • 615-383-2800

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Ready for any Occasion

Your destination for “Fine” garment care.

OakwoodCleaners.com Couture • Wedding Gowns Environmentally Non-toxic


© HAAR 2015

Nashville • 615.620.6095 73 White Bridge Rd., Suite 116

Ready Ad OW_Levys.indd 1 Oakwood RIGHT.indd 1

Cool Springs • 615.764.0222 2000 Mallory Lane, Suite 170 Hermitage • 615.885.1281 4833 Lebanon Pike

2/19/2015 11:29:11 AM 10/6/15 11:51 AM

Dressing Nashville for

160 years 1855 & 1900

Left: Zadoc Levy, a German immigrant, began selling fabrics and custom-made clothing on South Market Street (now Second Avenue) in Nashville in 1855— making Levy’s the oldest family-owned and -operated retailer in America. Bottom left: Raphael Z. Levy with his wife and two children, Alfred and Herbert, who both worked at Levy’s in later years as the third generation.


As Levy’s popularity continues to grow, a second location opens in the suburbs of Madison. Notice the brands for sale at that time—Botany, Joshua Trent, Mavest, Mayfair.


Levy’s moves to a fancy new location on Sixth Avenue, North.

1932 This advertisement shows what a new spring suit cost at Levy’s during the Great Depression. And it came with two pairs of pants! The store was located on Fourth Avenue, North at that time.



The store’s advertisements become more sophisticated in the 1960s, featuring photos of staff members and promoting special events.


LEV.fw15.history.indd 26

10/8/15 10:58 AM

Levy’s and Nashville have “grown up” together over the course of three centuries. Clothing styles have changed, but Levy’s commitment to quality and customer service is a constant.


t’s fun to see how much has changed—and how much has remained the same—since Zadoc Levy opened his tailor shop in downtown Nashville 160 years ago. Zadoc outfitted style-conscious Southern gentlemen with the latest fashions from New York City. And Levy’s continues to do just that today, with an added emphasis on labels from Italy, of course.

On the other hand, you only have to glance at the vintage photos on these pages to appreciate how much clothing styles—and hairstyles—have evolved over the years. (Check out the striped pants and sideburns on Harry Webster!) Since 1855, Levy’s has expanded from a men’sonly clothing store to a full-range specialty store

serving men and women under the leadership of fifthgeneration owner David Levy and his wife, Ellen. It’s a “destination” where customers can purchase everything from shorts to suits, flip-flops to fine footwear. As the store has grown, however, one constant has been the couple’s commitment to quality and service. That, in a nutshell, is the secret to Levy’s longevity.


The opening of a third location at 100 Oaks reflects a shift in the local retail market; malls were new to Nashville in 1968.

1977 Gift coins were given out to Levy’s customers.

1963 Using your early-bird bonus,

1972 This rendering by artist Frank Nichols depicts the

you could purchase a coat at Levy’s for $53 in the early ’60s.

entrance of Levy’s fourth location in the Rivergate Mall.


Levy’s employee Harry Webster, who still works at the store, doubled as a model back in the day. Check out his safari-type jacket and double-knit pants in this Levy’s advertisement.


Fashion designer Oleg Cassini (second from left) attended a cocktail party at Levy’s fifth and largest store in Green Hills to promote his premier menswear collection for Phoenix Clothes. He’s pictured with A.J. Levy Jr., president of Levy’s; John L. Hanigan, president of Genesco; and Monty Comer, president of Phoenix Clothes, a division of Genesco. fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.history.indd 27

27 10/8/15 10:58 AM

Buy Local Drink World Class

(931)285-0088 (931)285-0088 Amber Falls LEFT.indd 2

amberfallswinery.com amberfallswinery.com (931)285-0088

10/8/15 10:13 AM


of Longevity in Business Generation_SS_Levys_Fall15_REV3.indd 29

10/8/15 11:37 AM

Success Stories


Arde Motorcars

The finest collection of luxury and sports cars in Nashville ARDE’S LOVE OF LUXURY automobiles began with his father, a banker specializing in European automobile company financing. While Arde worked at a country club and attended college as an aeronautic engineering student in the late 1970s, he also found the time to sell European classic cars. During that time he fell in love with the area of Brentwood and knew in his heart he’d reside there and open up his own dream European

Generation_SS_Levys_Fall15_REV3.indd 30

automobile business. His dream came true when he founded Arde Motorcars in Brentwood in the mid-1980s. He continues to cater to luxury and sports car aficionados, celebrities and sports personalities, who frequent Arde Motorcars to see new inventory. Today, Arde Motorcars is a boutique-type sports and luxury European car dealership with hand-picked selections for a pristine, previously-owned inventory

that is designed to satisfy the most discriminating client’s taste. Arde knows the value of every client’s time so he meets one-on-one, offering unparalleled customer service along with a no-nonsense and nopressure atmosphere. Arde’s great sense of humor and friendly laugh puts everyone at ease as soon as they walk through the door. Arde Motorcars proudly offers the finest collection of luxury and sport cars in Tennessee. Their

inventory is updated regularly on their website to provide you with the latest information to make the best buying decision possible. From a museum-quality 1961 Porsche 356 B/1600 Reutter Cabriolet to a collectible 1988 Rolls-Royce Corniche II to a 2015 Land Rover Range Rover, and numerous impeccable luxury Mercedes-Benz cars, Arde Motorcars is a complete playground for the luxury car aficionado.

10/8/15 11:37 AM

Arde Motorcars is a European Automobile Boutique that is only interested in offering this unique community the best in taste, luxury and sport motorcars.

Looking forward to serving you—Arde

www.ArdeMotorcars.com Generation_SS_Fall15_final.indd 31

10/6/15 3:16 PM

Success Stories



Over 80 years of Made-in-Italy heritage and craftsmanship
 CANALI HAS BEEN a paradigm of tailor-made Italian luxury and men’s elegance since 1934, promoting the values of Madein-Italy excellence through its artisanal know-how and creating sartorial masterpieces of exceptional wearability and comfort for over eight decades. A family-run company now in its third generation, Canali is a modern-day

Generation_SS_Levys_Fall15_REV3.indd 32

design and manufacturing group with its own production centers all located in Italy and more than 1,800 employees worldwide. 
 The brand combines sartorial heritage with innovation, continuously renewing its styles with a meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium fabrics collection after collection. Each season, Canali blends heritage, culture and

history with style and taste to create unique, high-quality pieces for the contemporary man. 
 The Fall Winter 2015 collection begins in 1950s Milan, creating an imaginary bridge between tradition and modernity along which craftsmanship and exceptional materials are interpreted in new forms and proportions. Silhouettes bring life to a well-defined and contemporary

elegance with a particular focus on leisure: coats and jackets in pure cashmere are made with an exclusive “double” technique that results in an extraordinary lightness and luxury. Lines are prevalent throughout the collection, creating diverse motifs and prints: delicate chalk stripes, shaded varieties for a mélange effect or crisscrossed in checks of all different sizes.

10/8/15 11:37 AM


Wainscot_Canali ADV_FW15.indd 33 Generation_SS_Fall15_final.indd 1

10/6/15 29/07/153:16 14:49 PM

Success Stories


Escape Day Spa + Salon

Indulge in Nashville’s luxury environment, exceptional service

TAMI SPRINTZ HALL AND JEFFREY HALL opened Escape Day Spa + Salon in the heart of Nashville in 2005, now celebrating its 10th anniversary. The spa’s ultra-success— and a favorite of bi-coastal athletes and celebrities—is attributed to outstanding, talented staff consistently trained, educated and inspired by visiting artists and experts.

Generation_SS_Levys_Fall15_REV3.indd 34

TAMI SPRINTZ HALL, a native Nashvillian, and her husband, Jeffrey, knew in their hearts a decade ago that the town was ready to welcome a high-end, fullservice spa and salon. When they opened Escape Day Spa + Salon they couldn’t have expected its growth—from a dozen employees in 8,500 square feet to over 70 employees in 18,000 square feet and today, the family-owned, award-winning spa remains unparalleled in the experience it offers every guest. Escape Spa is Nashville’s destination for a day of unprecedented pampering. Once you walk through the door, the soothing sound of water melts away stress. Each inch of space gives you the truest sense that you’ve stepped

into an oasis, from the serene meditation lounge and massage rooms to the ultra-chic hydrotherapy soak room and the inviting Vichy room. Your relaxation is top priority and Escape’s staff, all passionate experts in their field, make you feel that you’re in the best hands possible. They believe in aging gracefully and naturally, but with a feeling of immediate transformation, a philosophy reflected in every moment you experience. The staff chooses advanced product lines based on research and studies supporting their efficacy and you’ll notice a difference in your skin after one treatment. You’ll be consistently educated about how to affect your skin’s natural healing and renewal with a proper take-

home routine. In addition, your nails will be perfectly handled by the spa’s professional nail technicians, and you’ll feel inspired with the salon’s accomplished, forward-thinking hair stylists who are always learning the latest techniques. For a whole-body experience, you’ll be pampered by the spa’s massage staff, each known for their therapeutic knowledge, and who work with athletes who rely on them for progressive muscle healing techniques. Come experience why Escape was voted Nashville’s Best Spa and Best Massage since 2007, named by Vogue magazine as one of the Top Spas and Super Salons in the nation, and why actress Gwyneth Paltrow wrote about her magical experience on her GOOP blog.

10/8/15 11:37 AM

exceptional service luxury environment

Nashville’s destination day spa Voted best spa in Nashville 8 years in a row healing massage therapy, advanced skincare, relaxing hydrotherapy, perfect nail care and healthy, beautiful hair 615.325.3545 • escapespaces.com

Generation_SS_Fall15_final.indd 35

10/6/15 3:16 PM

Success Stories



Fine Swedish shirt maker, eton, offers the ultimate shirt experience ATTENTION TO DETAIL has turned Eton into one of the world’s finest shirt makers. Founded in 1928 by husband and wife Annie and David Pettersson, Eton’s dedicated belief in quality and craftsmanship has helped spread their story from the small village of Ganghester in the west of Sweden to some of the world’s most exclusive stores. To this day, Annie’s philosophy— ”never hand over a shirt before you are completely satisfied with it”—still permeates everything Eton creates. From rigid requirements for the cotton fibers to the fit of each shirt, Eton constantly improves and innovates. Every step of the production cycle—from cotton selection to a unique finishing process—adheres to the highest possible standards. Together with a well-composed variety of collars, cuffs and shirt styles, the Eton shirt is described as “instantly

Generation_SS_Levys_Fall15_REV3.indd 36

classic, yet modern and functional.” By working closely with the world’s best spinners, weaving mills and finishing facilities, Eton offers its very own range of high-performance fabrics, including poplin and twill. The result is an exclusive fabric that stays smooth all day. Great style starts with one’s shirt, but can be elevated with accessories such as a tie, pocket square or cuff links. To best match the quality of their shirts, Eton has developed close partnerships with artisans to guarantee uncompromising quality and to create designs exclusively for the company. “Attention to detail, a commitment to the finest materials and impeccable design...these were rules that my grandparents David and Annie Pettersson lived by, and they’re the same rules Eton runs on today,” says Hans Davidson, CEO of Eton.

10/8/15 11:37 AM

Generation_SS_Fall15_final.indd 37

10/6/15 3:16 PM

Success Stories


Hickey Freeman

An iconic men’s clothier with over a century of distinctive and custom tailoring ushers in a modern era

HICKEY FREEMAN is the historical go-to brand for classic menswear style, as many presidents who’ve donned the company’s quintessential hand-tailored suits would agree, including Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson and George H.W. Bush. Founded in 1899 in Rochester, N.Y., where it still produces its tailored clothing,

Generation_SS_Levys_Fall15_REV3.indd 38

the company introduces suits with a trimmer, modern fit including slimmer silhouettes and lapels, softer shoulders and an expanded offering of fabrics including super-lightweight and wrinkle-resistant materials, and extremely fine Merino wool and rare vicuña fleece fibers from Loro Piana. Regardless of classic or modern fit, a Hickey Freeman suit feels and looks like no other. In addition to ensuring its luxurious fabrics from prestigious European weavers are developed to the company’s exclusive and exacting specifications, there are other exceptional details. Buttons made from durable, rich mother-of-pearl and water-buffalo horn are fastened with silk thread meant to endure daily wear. Bemberg silk, which never fades or shrinks, lines each suit. Hickey Freeman’s Rochester tailoring facility, historically known as the Temple to

Fine Tailoring, continues to hand-stitch and hand-press every detail to create an American suit that looks and feels superior. Shoulder sleeves are cut with a gentle forward curve to conform to the natural curve of a shoulder, while the sleeves echo the bend of an arm. Craftsmen hand-fit the shoulder pad to the armhole to ensure a perfect shape. Full Canvas Construction makes the suit soft, supple, and sculpted for a long life of supreme performance—just place the suit on a hanger and wrinkles magically disappear. Hickey Freeman participates in Levy’s Madeto-Measure department. Levy’s experienced tailors will take multiple measurements to ensure your Hickey Freeman suit will be perfectly fitted to your body. Call to schedule an appointment for your Made-to-Measure suit—the investment made can make the difference between looking good or looking exceptional.

10/8/15 11:38 AM

Generation_SS_Fall15_final.indd 39

10/6/15 3:16 PM

Success Stories


King Jewelers

Five generations of expert knowledge, first-class service and a passion for jewels and watches

SCOTT AND MAXINE KING continue to guide the family business established over a century ago by Scott’s great-grandfather. The couple works alongside their sons, David and Jono King, in directing two flourishing and stunning boutiques and innumerable satisfied customers.

Generation_SS_Levys_Fall15_REV3.indd 40

WHAT BEGAN IN 1912 as the family legacy, King Jewelers, evolved over time as it opened its once-famed Miami store catering to celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. Today, King Jewelers continues to be owned and operated by the King family, with an Aventura, Florida boutique and a second salon in Nashville, which hosts many Music City icons. Both the Aventura and Nashville showrooms are among the preeminent destinations for those in search of fine diamonds, luxury jewelry and exquisite Swiss timepieces. Since opening its doors in Nashville in 2008, King Jewelers remains the exclusive, authorized dealer for the area’s most elite names in the jewelry and watch industry that includes Rolex, Mikimoto, Montblanc, Roberto

Coin, John Hardy, Breitling, Cartier, Hublot, IWC, Forevermark, TAG Heuer and many more. King Jewelers is also known for the Nashville Watch Fair, previewing the region’s largest collection of the world’s most exclusive timepieces from the most respected European watch brands, including neverbefore-seen watch designs. The King family is personally involved in selecting each piece, recognizing the interests of their clientele. “We are the complete luxury jewelry store offering the best of each category,” says David King, manager of the Nashville showroom. “Our clients’ styles range from the classic to the eclectic, so we have a diverse offering of styles and price points to meet all tastes. We also have expert jewelry and watch repairs

performed on-premises, appraisal services and offer exceptional custom designs.” The experts at King Jewelers have collaborated with clients for generations to create beautiful custom, oneof-a-kind pieces of exceptional handmade craftsmanship and quality to celebrate special occasions. The Nashville showroom is a complete jewelry salon outfitted with European-style, shop-in-shop boutiques and sumptuous seating for relaxed browsing of luxury jewelry, gemstones, timepieces, men’s accessories, engagement and wedding rings and estate jewelry. Please stop by and join the King family in celebrating its 103rd year in business. For more information visit their website, Kings1912.com.

10/8/15 11:38 AM



Generation_SS_Fall15_final.indd 41


10/6/15 3:16 PM

Success Stories


Robert Talbott

The first Robert Talbott store opened in Carmel, California, in 1950.

Guardians of the highest integrity of materials, curators of impeccable style for 65 years

A FAMILY-OWNED COMPANY: Audrey Talbott hand sews first Robert Talbott bow ties in 1965. Today, Robert J. Corliss serves as President and CEO of the apparel side of the business with his son Bobby and daughter Shelby in key executive positions. Valuing retail partners, employees and customers as family has always been important to the company.

Generation_SS_Levys_Fall15_REV3.indd 42

WHETHER IT’S A BEST OF Class or Seven Fold, your impeccably hand-constructed Robert Talbott tie has most likely outlived every other brand of tie. Built to last and designed as the mark of a well-dressed man, the Robert Talbott tie set the foundation for this company’s rich history of quality Americanmade craftsmanship. The company began its journey in 1950 when Robert and Audrey Talbott turned a hobby of sewing custom bow ties into a business that has grown into today’s menswear and womenswear collections found in the finest stores across the country, including Levy’s and Levy’s Made to Order department.

For decades, the company carried on in Robert Talbott’s philosophy of creating a loyal group of retail partners, employees and customers by creating the finest product of its kind in the industry. In the late 1980s, the company expanded beyond neckwear into its first line of shirts. But in line with the Talbott philosophy, it would not be just any shirt, but the world’s finest handmade shirt, and from that success came growth into sweaters, accessories, women’s shirts and shearling outerwear. Today celebrating its 65th year, the Robert Talbott man lives polished and elegant in his exquisite attire, whether working or relaxing. From cashmere,

polos and soft coats, to the Made-to-Measure tailoring program, Robert Talbott serves the world’s most accomplished individuals. CEOs to professional athletes, including Silicon Valley entrepreneur Marc Andreessen and basketball legend Magic Johnson, choose Robert Talbott. And the Robert Talbott women’s line offers a wardrobe as elegantly refined and beautifully tailored as the menswear lines. For neckwear aficionados, Robert Talbott continues to make Seven Fold the old fashioned way, with perfect hand-rolled ends and seven folds slipstitched together, made in limited quantities, each tie imbued with unsurpassed quality.

10/8/15 11:38 AM

Generation_SS_Fall15_final.indd 43

10/6/15 3:16 PM

Success Stories


Victorinox Swiss Army

131 years of Swiss tradition, quality and innovation

THE LITTLE RED POCKET KNIFE with cross and shield emblem on the handle is an instantly recognizable symbol for today’s Victorinox Swiss Army. It all began in 1884 when Karl Elsener opened his cutler’s workshop in Ibach-Schwyz.

Generation_SS_Levys_Fall15_REV3.indd 44

Then in 1891 he supplied the soldier’s knife to the Swiss Army for the first time. And, in 1897 he would go on to develop the Swiss Officer’s Knife—now the iconic Swiss Army Knife—thereby creating the foundation for the company that is today present in more than 120 countries across the globe. The principles by which we do business are as relevant today as they were in 1897 when company founder, Karl Elsener, developed the “Original Swiss Army Knife”: functionality, innovation, iconic design and uncompromising quality. Adherence to these values continues to be an integral part of the company’s DNA to this day. And, our commitment to these principles over the past 131 years has allowed us to develop products that are not only extraordinary in design and quality, but

also in their ability to serve as reliable companions on life’s adventures both great and small. Today, Victorinox Swiss Army is proud to present a range of six global product categories which embody these principles and embrace the spirit of the “Original Swiss Army Knife.” The company’s unique, high-quality products, which are of practical use in differing areas of life, include Swiss Army Knives, household and professional cutlery, watches, travel gear, apparel and fragrance. Our customers around the world place their trust in our quality and are enthusiastic about the functionality and iconic design of our products, as well as the power of continued innovation that goes into their development and makes Victorinox Swiss Army products what they are: unique.

10/8/15 11:38 AM


functionality is part of our family LENZBURG JACKET

Congratulations to Levy’s for 160 years MAKERS OF THE ORIGINAL SWISS ARMY KNIFE | VICTORINOX.COM

ADF15040_Levy_Ad_9x10.875.indd Generation_SS_Fall15_final.indd 45 1

8/19/15 3:16 9:40 PM AM 10/6/15

icon Jazz trumpeter, bandleader and composer Miles Davis was an original who gave thought to every note of music—and to the distinctive sartorial notes he struck as well.



LEV.fw15.icon.MD.indd 46

10/5/15 1:37 PM

miles davis

For the Picasso of jazz, nothing was incidental— not the notes he played on the trumpet or the absence of buttons on his sportcoat sleeves. By Maria Lissandrello


f anyone knew from cool, it was Miles Davis. The legendary jazz musician got his start in the mid-1940s, moving from his native St. Louis to Manhattan to study at Juilliard—and play the trumpet with Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk and other cats on the bebop scene in Harlem. Even as a teenager, he had a sartorial style that was well thought out. Although his Brooks Brothers suits came from the friendly neighborhood pawnshop, Davis made them his own by slitting notches in the lapels in homage to the Duke of Windsor. Nothing about his appearance—or his music—was incidental. When he raised his trumpet to his lips, he controlled every detail. Designer and fashion illustrator Joe Eula recalled the instructions the jazz great gave him for an outfit he was to wear onstage: “When we talked about the jacket, we knew it could be no more than 54 inches from one arm to the other, straight out.” It was calculated, you see, to reveal no more than an inch of Davis’ bespoke shirts and cufflinks. And when he turned his back to his audience (something he was wont to do—a statement, some said), the natural drop shoulders were perfectly orchestrated, his jackets cut to accommodate his slouchy playing posture. By the mid-’50s, the Juilliard dropout had transitioned to the Ivy League, getting his suits custom-made at Harvard Square’s Andover Shop. There, owner and jazz fan Charlie Davidson came to know his preferences: English tweed and madras jackets with a natural shoulder and narrow lapel, chinos and flannel trousers, and broadcloth shirts with button-down collars. On Davis’ feet, Bass Weejun loafers—a

choice that made other men question their own footwear. Davis became so renowned for his fashion sense (wearing “what the well-dressed man will wear next year,” said Down Beat magazine in 1960) that press releases on his upcoming gigs reported not just the musical program but his outfits too—pink seersucker jackets, skin-tight trousers, Italian-cut suits, handmade doeskin loafers, a beige pongee suit. In the 1950s and ’60s, the trumpet player and band leader emerged as one of the most famous jazz artists in the world, not just for his music but for his image too. He was the subject of a Playboy interview and became the first jazzman to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone. A pivotal point in his career came in 1959, when his band released what would become the best-selling—and most influential—jazz album of all time, Kind of Blue. Romantic, melancholic and beautifully melodic, it ushered in a new jazz style. Ever-evolving both in his music and his wardrobe, Davis rewrote the jazz rulebook in the late 1960s by incorporating electric instruments into his band, creating a looser, rock-influenced improvisational style. At first, on albums like In a Silent Way and Bitches Brew, it was dubbed “jazz-rock” or “fusion.” But when the ’70s arrived he abandoned jazz completely—and his sartorial style became as funky and avant-garde as his music. Somehow he managed to get away with wearing purple bell-bottoms, kipper ties and hexagonal glasses. It was part of the trademark swagger and confidence of Miles Davis. And yeah, he was still cool.

fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.icon.MD.indd 47

47 10/5/15 1:37 PM

luxury, meet

power Beneath the elegant exterior of Bentley’s Mulsanne beats the heart of a world-class race car. By Luca Sumberac


eauty. Class. Poise. Think of Bentley Motors, and those are some of the words that come to mind. However, what most people don’t realize is that the automotive institution also has deep roots in speed, power and racing. Enter the Bentley Mulsanne, a luxurious limousine-like sedan with raw power that harks back to Bentley’s rich history of automotive excellence. It’s no coincidence that the vehicle derives its name from the renowned


John craig levy’s

LEV.fw15.auto.indd 48

10/5/15 1:38 PM

fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.auto.indd 49

49 10/5/15 1:38 PM

Rarely if ever in automotive history has such an agile dynamo also offered such regal comfort.

This page: The Mulsanne brings unmistakable grandeur to the road, with zesty performance lies its genius: It’s also easy to straightaway on the legendary Circuit that belies its aristocratic luxury. Its handcrafted interior reflects meticulous craftsmanship—in imagine the Mulsanne screaming de La Sarthe, home to one of the most one option, Apple iPad workstations with Internet access are integrated into retractable “picdown the Autobahn at speeds well iconic races in auto sports—24 Hours nic tables” in the rear cabin. Opposite, from top: an optional classic “flying B” hood ornament, a 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine and a wheel crafted from a single piece of aluminum. over 100 mph. of Le Mans. A race, by the way, that The exterior features the unmisBentley has won six times. Even more takable Bentley headlights, a beautiful polished stainless steel grille and unique 20˝ impressive? Bentley ranks fifth in the total number of Le Mans wins, placing alloy wheels (21˝ alloys available as an upgrade). Want to ensure your Mulsanne’s behind Jaguar, Audi, Ferrari and Porsche. uniqueness? How about some customization? Spring for the exterior accoutreLet’s be clear. The Mulsanne is not a supercar; it’s not even a sports car. ments available with the Mulliner Driving Specification option, which adds It’s something more. It melds the best of luxury, comfort and performance “Flying B” wing vents and the iconic “Flying B” radiator mascot. Still not enough? cues and wraps them up in one of the classiest bows on the market. Spy the With more than 100 exterior paint colors, 24 interior hide colors or a bespoke opMulsanne (consider yourself lucky if you do) and you’re instantly struck by tion in which you’ll work with Bentley to create a custom color scheme, there are its contours—the elegant yet powerful lines emanate regalness. And like the plenty of combinations that will make your Mulsanne like no other—crucial if you most stately of kings, it commands attention. After all, it’s big—Henry VIII plan on pulling up to a swanky gala. big. At just over 18 feet long and almost 6,000 pounds, So what powers this three-ton piece of art? Credit goes it’s the type of car you’d imagine seeing on Rodeo Drive Arde Motorcars is your to a 6.75-liter, twin-turbo V8 that produces 505 bhp and shepherding sheiks, earls, viscounts and baronesses on local source for the Mulsanne. 752 lb. ft of torque. All that power means the Mulsanne is extravagant shopping trips, or chauffeuring Hollywood 798 Old Hickory Blvd., Brentwood, capable of going from 0 to 60 in 5.1 seconds and can reach royalty during a weekend getaway in Monaco. And herein 615.376.3550; ardemotorcars.com



LEV.fw15.auto.indd 50

10/7/15 2:59 PM

weighs more than a Chevy Suburban. And inside? Whether you’ll be enjoying the Mulsanne in the driver’s seat, riding shotgun or taking up the rear, you’ll be greeted by an interior second to none. For starters, it’s dripping in leather—16 cowhides, to be precise, carefully curated to avoid any defects. Complementing the leather is one continuous veneer that wraps around the entire interior. Take your pick of Burr Walnut, Dark Stained Burr Walnut or Piano Black. If those options don’t catch your eye, you’ll be able to choose from eight other veneers. There are plenty of amenities on board—12v sockets, 14 speakers standard (audiophiles may want to upgrade to the 20-speaker Naim system) and programmable settings to adjust for different drivers. Oh, and let’s not forget the option of adding a frosted-glass bottle cooler with accompanying champagne flutes (ideal for those who prefer to be chauffeured)! At the end of the day, the Mulsanne won’t break any track records, it doesn’t get great gas mileage (11 mpg city/18 mpg highway) and its poster might not adorn the walls of 12-year-old car lovers. But none of that matters. It doesn’t need blistering speed. It doesn’t need exotic looks. It’s built for enjoyment of a higher class. The Mulsanne stands out without even trying—and that’s what makes this car so special.

The Mulsanne at a Glance

base price $306,425

Weight 5,919 lbs.

Dimensions length 18 feet, 3 inches, wheelbase 10 feet, 8 inches

Drive rear-wheel

Engine 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V8 with cam phasing and variable displacement

Gearbox 8-speed automatic

Suspension Air springs with continuous damping control; four driver-selectable settings

Output 505 bhp @ 4200 rpm, 752 lb.-ft. torque @ 1750 rpm

Top speed 184 mph

0 to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds

Weight-to-power ratio 11.8 lbs./HP

Closest competitor Rolls Royce Ghost Series II

fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.auto.indd 51

51 10/5/15 1:39 PM

Timeless Style At An Historic Hotel

past perfect Photography by Peyton Hoge Styling by Ellen Levy, Zachary Tamburin and Hallie Winstock Photographed at The Hermitage Hotel, www.thehermitagehotel.com



LEV.fw15.fashion.indd 52

10/5/15 1:39 PM

fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.fashion.indd 53

53 10/5/15 1:40 PM



LEV.fw15.fashion.indd 54

10/8/15 10:58 AM

fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.fashion.indd 55

55 10/5/15 1:40 PM



LEV.fw15.fashion.indd 56

10/5/15 1:40 PM

fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.fashion.indd 57

57 10/5/15 1:41 PM



LEV.fw15.fashion.indd 58

10/5/15 1:41 PM

fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.fashion.indd 59

59 10/5/15 1:41 PM



LEV.fw15.fashion.indd 60

10/5/15 1:42 PM

fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.fashion.indd 61

61 10/5/15 1:42 PM


something M

aybe it’s an antique rug. Or a vintage sign from a French grocery. Or your great-grandfather’s steamer trunk. A treasure from the past can add texture, detail and character to an interior—and often it has a special story to tell. See the antique African stool tucked under the side table on page 66? Designer Barbara Westbrook carried it on her lap on a flight back from Malawi! Reprinted with permission from Gracious Rooms by Barbara Westbrook. Copyright © 2015. Published by Rizzoli International Publications Inc.



LEV.fw15.home.indd 62

10/6/15 1:13 PM

Repurposed objects create a oneof-a-kind look in the bedroom—an antique trestle table serves as a nightstand, an old crock becomes a lamp, a pitcher turns into a vase for blooming branches. At the foot of the bed, an antique trunk with wonderful strap hinges and folkloric painting is the ideal foil for the subdued hues of the linens.

fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.home.indd 63

63 10/5/15 1:43 PM



LEV.fw15.home.indd 64

10/5/15 1:43 PM

In the dining room, French armless walnut chairs slipcovered in monogrammed ecru linen balance the rusticity of the antique trestle table and vintage â€œĂŠpicerieâ€? sign. The wrought iron chandelier is at once elegant and informal.

fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.home.indd 65

65 10/5/15 1:43 PM



LEV.fw15.home.indd 66

10/5/15 1:44 PM

This page, a restored vintage trunk serves as a visual focal point in the bedroom, while an antique area rug helps to ground the space. Opposite, from top, the living room brings together an array of textures—mohair, leather, tapestry, iron and wood. Of special note: the vintage coffee table and lamps fashioned from iron architectural fragments. In another bedroom, a dark-stained reclaimed fir bed and antique trunk with leather detailing add to the refined, masculine look.

fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.home.indd 67

67 10/5/15 1:44 PM




12:09 PM



Hattie B LEFT.indd 2

10/6/15 10:41 AM



TRUSTED BY AREA FAMILIES AND FAMILY OWNED BUSINESSES FOR OVER 36 YEARS ROBINS INSURANCE represents many of the most respected National and Regional Insurance companies in America. This enables Robins Insurance to meet most insurance needs of families and business owners and has allowed us to become one of the most successful independent insurance organizations in Middle Tennessee.

30 Burton Hills Blvd., Ste. 300 | Nashville, TN 37215

615-665-9200 www.robinsins.com

Robins RIGHT.indd 1

10/6/15 11:49 AM



Scandinavian... but born in the USA

For incomparable Eton shirts, there are other stops along the way.


ounded by husband-and-wife team David and Annie Pettersson in the village of Gånghester, Sweden, Eton has been synonymous with quality men’s shirts since 1928—but Eton hasn’t always been its name. The original name, Shirt Factory Special, changed in 1948 following a visit by the two entrepreneurs to England. “They fell in love with Eton, a

charming English town with a storied history, and a new brand moniker was born,” says Chris Donohue, Director of Sales in North America. Today the company’s luxe shirts, ties, scarves and pocket squares are sold around the world, yet this still partly family-owned operation continues to pride itself on superior garments that take up to six months to craft.

This international story actually begins in America, as 90 percent of Eton’s extra-long staple (ELS) cotton comes from San Joaquin County in California. (The rest is grown in Egypt.) “ELS, which accounts for only 3 percent of the world’s cotton, has superior fiber qualities, such as stronger filaments and higher torsion thread, which is why we use it exclusively,” Donohue explains.

After harvest, raw fibers are shipped to Italy, where they’re spun and woven by some of the world’s most highly skilled artisans. Albini Group, located in Albino, Italy, is famous for its looming, and Eton is its largest partner. “Besides conceiving new patterns and color combinations for our shirts and ties, we also constantly invent novel weaving techniques that continuously revolutionize the market,” says Donohue.



LEV.fw15.eton2.indd 70

10/5/15 1:44 PM

In Switzerland, all shirts next go through a specialized—and top-secret—finishing process, wherein scientifically trained workers actually alter the cotton’s molecular structure to make it more wrinkle-resistant. Most manufacturers try to prevent creases with a formaldehyde-based topical treatment that coats fibers, but that method has two drawbacks: Sealing cotton means it can’t “breathe,” with the result that clothes tend to trap heat, and the substance washes off after several dry-cleaning cycles. Says Donohue: “While that procedure takes four days to complete, our finish is accomplished over the course of four weeks.”

Cutting, sewing and trimming of Eton garments happen in Eastern Europe, at exclusive production facilities bordering the Black Sea. It’s an exceptionally controlled 40-step process that alone takes one month to execute. “By remaining hyper-focused on shirts, ties and other accessories, we’ve been able to perfect our manufacturing process since Eton’s earliest days,” says Donohue.

At a time when many clothing manufacturers use the quickest production methods to meet bottom-line pressures, Eton opts for the refinement that only an investment of time can provide. And while many competitors outsource some operations, again to save money, Eton owns its entire international production process. It is therefore able to control all aspects of the creation of each shirt, assuring unparalleled quality. —Francesca Moisin fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.eton2.indd 71

71 10/6/15 2:36 PM

Little Harpeth LEFT.indd 2

10/6/15 11:41 AM

reunion: I levy’s

f you read Levy’s magazine on a regular basis, you know that we feature a few of our favorite customers in each issue. This time around, we gathered nearly 30 clients who have appeared in these pages for a rousing “Levy’s Stories Reunion.” What better time to honor the past and look to the future than our 160th anniversary year!

fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.stories.indd 73

73 10/5/15 1:47 PM



LEV.fw15.stories.indd 74

10/5/15 1:47 PM

First row: Barry Tamburin, Theresa Messenger, Christie Wilson, Susan Monday, Mary Jo Cheuvront, Bruce Robins Second Row: Pat Shea, Chuck McDowell, Jo Ellen McDowell, Chris Horsnell, Jeff Irvin, Martin Hansberry, Mark Messenger, Alan Fry, Deb Sandvik, David Cross, Kristin Lombardi, Jonathan Merck, Sandy Towers, Gerald Greer Third Row: Justin Graham, Joe Calloway, Neil Osheroff, Jere Ervin, Steve Cheuvront, Marti Adams, Doug Lewis, Maggie Barnhart, Robbie Barnhart

fall / winter 2015

LEV.fw15.stories.indd 75

75 10/5/15 1:48 PM

A seamless blend of craftsmanship and technology in each and every shirt we sew.

Proudly made in Ashland, PA

Gitman LEFT.indd 2

10/6/15 10:41 AM

• Bras • Lingerie • Swimwear • Bra-Fit Specialists

The Fitting Touch RIGHT.indd 1

1556 W. MCEWEN DRIVE SUITE 110 FRANKLIN, TN 37067 615.771.2727


10/6/15 11:48 AM



LEV.fw15.food.indd 78

10/5/15 1:48 PM

some like it


By Michael Hiller

once a year, a tiny town shows the world how to do chili—alias “texas red.”


erlingua, Texas, population 58, isn’t much to look at—a dusty ghost town of caliche roads, prickly ocotillo and sagebrush tangles. But on the first Saturday of November each year, this patch of desert west of Big Bend National Park bustles with thousands of chili fans and hundreds of cooks who arrive to compete in the town’s world-famous Chili Appreciation Society International Chili Championship. Almost overnight, the air fills with the scent of wood smoke, too much beer and simmering pots of Texas red. It’s a rowdy crowd that shares a love for country music, the Lone Star State and chili con carne, a spicy dish born on the cattle trails near San Antonio whose primary ingredients are red chiles and meat. Every other ingredient, from tomatoes to onions to seasonings, is subject to intense debate. But on one thing every Texas chili-head agrees: Real chili contains no beans. Use beans in your chili at this cook-off and you’ll be instantly disqualified. Frank Tolbert, a journalist and historian who was considered the state’s leading authority on chili until his death in 1984,

regarded beans as heretical. “Heaven help us one and all,” he wrote in response to a Yankee cook who espoused a beany recipe. “You might as well throw in some puffed rice, or a handful of shredded alfalfa, or a few maraschino cherries!” A line from the Terlingua Chili Cook-Off ’s anthem says: “If you know beans about chili, you know that chili has no beans.” Texans are no more bashful about chili than about anything else. “Chili concocted outside of Texas is a weak, apologetic imitation of the real thing,” insisted Lyndon Johnson. In 1977, the legislature proclaimed chili the “state dish,” declaring, “The only real ‘bowl of red’ is that prepared by Texans.” Of course, not everyone agrees. Nontraditionalists across the U.S. not only dare to include beans, but also like to put their own spin on this classic, adding turkey, pork, even spaghetti to their chili pots. Some say those dishes are more properly called stews or soups or casseroles. And some call them delicious. But in Terlingua, they won’t call them chili.

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malbec’s comeback

This Argentine varietal has regained its reputation for subtlety and balance—and hard times actually helped. By Josh Sens


on’t cry for Malbec, Argentina! The truth is, the wine for which that country is best known came through the economic crash of the late 1990s and early 2000s. It didn’t just survive; it flourished. Over time, the downturn had an unexpected upside, as runaway inflation corrected an imbalance in the market. In the sour climate, it no longer made sense to bottle low-end Malbecs because it was pretty much impossible to turn a profit on them. So vintners slashed production of their two-buck chuck—the subpar swill they’d been pumping out for years, staining Malbec’s image around the world. “So much cheap stuff had been getting out there

This label announces a subtle, widely suitable varietal—a far cry from the not-so-distinguished table wines that recently diluted the distinction of the Malbec name.

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Clockwise from top left: Winemaker Paul Hobbs with Bertrand Vigouroux, whose family has produced Malbec in France for 150 years; wine caves at Argentina’s Pulenta Estate winery; the wine-making Pulenta family: Hugo, Don Antonio, Eduardo Jr. and Eduardo; the Viña Cobos winery in western Argentina.

early aftermath of the crash it gushed out in even greater torrents. Much of that it was hurting Malbec’s reputation,” says Paul Hobbs, a veteran wineit was over-oaked and over-extracted, with all the subtlety of a sledgehammaker and wine importer. “It was a serious problem. But the Argentine mer. Some of it was fraudulently labeled. economy solved it for us.” “It got so bad that there were ‘Malbecs’ on the market that didn’t contain As it happens, Hobbs lent a hand as well. A former winemaker for Robert Mondavi, Hobbs has roots in Malbec that run decades deep. He first turned any actual Malbec,” Hobbs says. “We used to joke that they were born with a birth certificate of Bonarda [a less nuanced grape varietal] but his mind to it in the late 1980s, when he traveled to Argenwere traveling with a Malbec passport.” tina and was struck by the varietal’s vast untapped potenMeanwhile, Hobbs kept at it, and when the economic tial. Though Malbec grew abundantly around Mendoza, tasting notes crash crushed the low end of the market, the Malbecs he the country’s largest wine-making region, its quantity far had championed came to the fore. Hobbs has since been outstripped its quality. Most Argentine Malbec wound up Cobos Malbec 2011 $210 joined by a growing number of Malbec producers who are in inexpensive blends known as “criollas”—ho-hum table A dark, elegant wine that opens with out to show the grape for all that it can be. Among them wines with not much to recommend them other than their hints of coffee and caramel, but are wineries such as Riglos and Pulenta Estate, in the bargain-basement price. Hobbs envisioned a different fate plays out on the palate with bright berry and cherry notes. rolling folds of the Mendoza region, on terrain that inches for Malbec, a noble French-born grape that he believed toward the Andes foothills, where the climate and the soil just needed to be treated with more dignity. Pulenta Estate give rise to complex fruit. Using old-vine fruit grown by Nicolas Catena, one Malbec 2011 $29 Like Hobbs, the vintners on these properties lean of Argentina’s most respected vintners, Hobbs began a The first impression: French oak toward low-tech practices, a minimalist approach that deep dive into Malbec, applying Old World practices to and mulling spices. But those wintry lets the winning traits of the grape shine through. Their New World wine production. The result was Malbecs of notes make way for a springtime symphony of lavendar and vintages demonstrate impressive range—some lean and unusual refinement, not the high-alcohol brutes that so honeysuckle, followed by a clean supple, others round-bodied and robust. And contrary to many consumers had come to know. plum-tinted finish. Malbec’s stubborn reputation as a varietal best suited to In 1999, Hobbs co-founded Viña Cobos, a Mendoza Riglos Gran steakhouse fare, these wines are strikingly food-friendly, winery, where he experimented with varied root stocks, Malbec 2012 pairing beautifully with sirloin, sure, but also with pasta, planting the varietal on new sites that showcased Malbec’s $35 seafood, curries and more. distinctive terroir. The wines he produced earned wideA juicy but balanced wine that never grows too jammy, it mingles “To a lot of people, it used to seem that Malbec had spread accolades for their bright notes and balance. But in floral flavors with a ripe minerality, a serious problem,” Hobbs says. “But the bigger problem the world of Malbec they were the exception, not the rule. and a just-right touch of tannins was, we didn’t really understand the grape.” Cheap Malbec still flooded the market, and in the tickles the tongue.



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palate reboot

A sip of calvados between courses can take a meal from good to great. By Virginie Boone


he dinner is splendid, but its many fine flavors are starting to confuse your taste buds. That’s the moment for what the French call le trou Normand (literally, “the Norman hole”). It’s a traditional break in an elaborate meal to cleanse the palate, aid digestion and prepare for the next course. And it usually features calvados, the world’s pre-eminent apple brandy. Calvados has been made by the Normans in northern France for at least 400 years. At one time, it is said, some farmers paid their rent with barrels of the fermenting cider from which the brandy is made. But it was only in 1942 that calvados was given an officially protected name in France’s system of AOCs (appellations d’origine controlees), geographically protected zones linked to specific wines and other agricultural products.

Taking a break to sip an apple brandy like Château du Breuil Calvados from the heart of Normandy reawakens the taste buds, restores the appetite and prepares you for maximum enjoyment as the dinner proceeds.

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spirits Clockwise from top left: Apples give calvados its distinctive flavor; the brandy shares its name with a geographical “department” in Normandy: the Château de Falaise in the Calvados region is more than a thousand years old; barrels of calvados produced by Boulard await shipment.

There are actually three specific AOCs known for calvados. But the heart of this brandy’s homeland is one called Pays d’Auge. That’s where, around 1960, Christian Drouin Sr. bought a farmhouse surrounded by apple trees. He hoped to supplement his income by selling the fruit, but prices at the time weren’t compelling enough. Yet Drouin’s friend Pierre Pivet, a native of the area, happened to have a mobile still and was in the habit of visiting farms to help farmers distill cider. He suggested Drouin give it a go. He did, stocking away much of what he made within his cellar until 1979, when his son Christian Drouin Jr. figured it might make sense to actually sell a bit of the stuff. It turned out to be exquisite. The family was soon offering the world single-vintage bottlings of calvados, igniting a wave of new interest in the spirit, especially among Michelinstarred chefs. Christian Drouin’s namesake firm continues to have the world’s largest selection of single-vintage calvados, with each vintage representing the year of distillation, usually the calendar year after harvest. And Drouin still farms its original roughly 50-acre orchard in the town of Gonneville-sur-Honfleur, as


well as a second property known as Domaine Coeur de Lion in Coudray-Rabut, which tourists can visit. These properties provide roughly half of the apples required yearly to make Christian Drouin brandy. The other half are sourced from nearby longtime growing partners, all of whom subscribe to diversity, growing apples in four categories: sweet, bittersweet, bitter and acidic. When they’re ready to harvest, apples are shaken gently out of trees, to be gathered from the ground by hand. Ripening varies among the types of apples, beginning in late summer and extending through the winter. Farmers store the earlier-ripening varieties so that the distillers have all four kinds at their disposal once they’re ready to press the apples into cider. And pears are sometimes included in the mix as well. Often the cider is pressed at the farm in order to take advantage of the wild yeasts that are present for fermentation, then double pot-distilled and aged a minimum of two years in used sherry, port or oak casks. How do you know when this timehonored Gallic palate-cleanser has done its job? Suddenly, you’re absolutely ready for the next course.

five to try Calvados Roger Groult Réserve 3 Year Old Calvados Run today by a member of the fifth generation of the Groult family, JeanRoger, this producer in the heart of the Pays d’Auge farms about 57 acres planted with some 5,600 apple trees. One of its signature processes is double-distillation over a wood fire. It then ages its calvados in 100-year-old oak casks. This reserve-level calvados was named “world’s best” at the 2014 World Drinks Awards; it’s meant to be a pure expression of the fruit, enjoyed as an aperitif or within a cocktail, a combination of crisp green apple and caramel-vanilla. It’s also made in eightyear-old and 12-year-old versions.

Christian Drouin Fine Pays d’Auge Calvados Made in the Pays d’Auge by Guillaume Drouin, grandson of Christian Drouin Sr., this is the youngest of the producer’s appellation calvados, aged a minimum of three years. It possesses intriguing amounts of body and depth around classic notes of white flowers, caramel, vanilla and apple.

Christian Drouin Pommeau de Normandie A combination of three-quarters apple juice and one-quarter calvados, Pommeau is aged three to four years in oak and is lighter in alcohol than a typical straight-up calvados, at 17 percent instead of the more common 40 percent. This gives it a refreshing

quality that’s ideal with food, or as an aperitif, while retaining that signature scent of baked apples and brown sugar. Served chilled in a tulip glass, it’s also a popular accent in cooking as well as a nice addition to cocktails, especially when paired with champagne or Prosecco.

Domaine Louis Dupont Calvados VSOP Aged five years in oak barrels, a quarter of them new, this is just one of many worthy calvados produced by the Dupont family, another Pays d’Auge stalwart, which traces its roots in the region to 1703. Dupont’s use of new oak is provocative as well as innovative, but the wood flavors are balanced by striking tones of vanilla, almond and licorice. This is an effective digestif, enjoyed slowly after dinner.

Germain-Robin Heirloom Apple Brandy Founded in California’s Mendocino County in 1982 by Hubert GermainRobin, a native of Cognac, and Ansley Coale, Germain-Robin uses locally grown heirloom apple varieties such as Black Twig, Wickson and Ribston Pippin for this rare American apple brandy, distilling each variety separately, then blending distillates that range in age from six to 15 years. The calvadosinspired result is then aged in French Limousin oak. It tastes exquisitely of green apple with a floral back note and just a hint of butter.


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room key

st. barts:

a beauty on the beach Luxury has a Gallic accent at the Cheval Blanc St.-Barth Isle de France. By Rita Guarna


From top, Should you tire of relaxing on the beach, a tranquil pool awaits at the Cheval Blanc St.-Barth Isle de France. Enjoy cocktails for two with a breathtaking view from this private ocean-facing perch.


f the Hotel St.-Barth Isle de France were a woman, you could say she married well. French luxury brand LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) could have its choice of lovely “mademoiselles” when searching for a suitable match in North America, but the boutique hotel on Anse des Flamands, probably the prettiest beach on the island, won out and after a year-long engagement (read: renovation), it joined the exalted Cheval Blanc family. (Other family members include Courchevel in France and Randheli in the Maldives.) Perhaps the best part of the union is that it appears that little has changed at the beloved hotel, now called the Cheval Blanc St.-Barth Isle de France. The staff—the hotel’s heart and soul—remains the same: affable, accommodating to a fault and decidedly French. The only difference is that now they don charming seersucker uniforms. Similar too are the guest quarters—40 suites, bungalows and villas, which feel less like hotel rooms than the bedrooms of a Provençal family. The whitewashed country furnishings have been upgraded with the brand’s signature taupe plus accents of the palest salmon-pink, which you’ll find on everything from beach towels to pillows to glassware. Thankfully, the popular daily fashion shows remain too. They feature resort wear from the hotel’s closet-sized boutique stuffed with everything from Pucci bikinis and stylish caftans to straw hats and jewelry. Don’t be surprised if the model, Roxane, looks familiar: When she’s not strolling the sandy catwalk, she’s taking your dinner order in a charmingly halting English. Oh, yes, the food. As a French territory, St. Barts not surprisingly has a cuisine that reminds you of dining in the south of France. Chef Yann Vinsot oversees a pair of excellent eateries on this property: La Case de L’Isle, featuring sophisticated FrenchCaribbean plates (plus a 150-odd selection of wines and champagnes) and the more casual La Cabane de L’Isle, site of the fashion shows. Only eight miles across, St. Barts (short for St. Barthélemy and sometimes spelled St. Barth) is a hilly (thanks to a number of volcanic peaks) speck popping out of the northeast Caribbean in the French West Indies. Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 (who named it for his brother Bartolomeo), the island was settled by the French and owned for a while by Sweden before returning to French control. It became chichi


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after the Rockefellers and Rothschilds fell for its charm in the mid-’50s. With no direct flights, getting to St. Barts isn’t easy. Some folks fly to St. Maarten and take a short flight or ferry across. A more civilized crossing (read: easier) is flying to San Juan, then boarding a tiny puddle jumper. One of Tradewind Aviation’s multiple daily flights will do nicely. Its Pilatus PC-12s are comfortable and sturdy—important features as the eight-seater threads between two jagged peaks before touching down on a teensy runway. (Flights from St. Thomas and Antigua are also available.) While the atmosphere is relaxed, folks do dress to impress while shopping or dining in the capital city, Gustavia, with its yacht-lined harbor. (The island hosts one of the world’s most thrilling yacht races, Les Voiles de St. Barth.) Luxury brands abound along with unique boutiques, often outposts of exclusive Parisian designers. Prefer to test your sea legs with a more gentle cruise? Rent a catamaran with crew for a day-long or half-day tour. Our captain, Miguel of St. Barth Sailor, anchored in the bay near Colombier, where we swam to the beach (the only one of 16 beaches not easily accessible), after which we sipped champagne and nibbled on a gourmet lunch prepared by Cheval Blanc (lest we miss the restaurants’ gastronomic delights too much). Back on terra firma, we proceeded to Bonito, where fashionistas flock to enjoy a delicious Latin American menu alongside unrivaled views of the harbor from an open-air pavilion. If your “cruise” doesn’t offer enough of a respite, the spa back at Cheval Blanc will chase away any lingering stress. It offers signature Guerlain treatments. (It’s the only Guerlain spa in the Caribbean.) Try the Solar Escape, a body massage combined with a facial, or let a beauty coach choose an indulgent experience for you. Do you think you could enjoy an island with no casinos, no all-inclusives, no cruise ships in port? An island with no poverty, no crime, no beach vendors? With unfailingly polite people, awe-inspiring vistas, white sand (or shell or stone) beaches and top-notch cuisine? I do. Clockwise from top, a private pool, one of the many amenities of the tucked-away Garden Suites; modeling the statement-making fashions available at the tony boutique; snorkeling in the blue waters of the Caribbean right in the resort’s backyard; the ultimate in luxury: a three-bedroom villa set on the white sand beach; salade niçoise, perfect for a light lunch.

fall / winter 2015

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in good company



Fun times

At Levy’s, we’re always looking for an excuse to get together and have a good time. Recently, we partied with some of our favorite people at our Spring Client Appreciation Party and Nashville Fashion Week. We also had the opportunity to visit Eton in Sweden and see first-hand how their famous high-performance shirts are made.


2 5


6 1 Brian Kestin and Adrian Ivasic at Levy’s Spring Client Appreciation Party. 2 Circle of Gentlemen fashion show during Nashville Fashion Week. 3 David Levy and Nick Bishop at Levy’s Spring Client Appreciation Party. 4 David Levy, Dr. David Cross and Harry Webster at Levy’s Spring Client Appreciation Party. 5 The Eton Manufacturing System Shirt Factory in Ganghester, Sweden. 6 David and Ellen Levy at Eton in Ganghester, Sweden. 7 Ellen Levy and Michael Magnone at Nashville Fashion Week. 8 Jeremy and Holly Barnhart, Maggie and Robbie Barnhart, and Kline and Troy Stackhouse at Levy’s Spring Client Appreciation Party. 9 Levy’s staff at the store’s Spring Client Appreciation Party.





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10 David Levy and Chuck McDowell at Levy’s Stories Reunion Party with vintage Levy’s mailing box owned by Chuck’s grandmother. 11 Jonathan Merkh and David Levy at Levy’s Stories Reunion Party. 12 Doyle and Susan Monday, Robin Rose, Barry Tamburin and Ellen Levy at Levy’s Stories Reunion Party. 13 Vicky Brown and Christie Wilson at Levy’s Spring Client Appreciation Party. 14 Michael Magnone with Maggie and Robbie Barnhart and family at Nashville Fashion Week. 15 Enjoying Fireball shots at Levy’s Spring Client Appreciation Party. 16 Susie Parsons and Kristin Lombardi at Levy’s Spring Client Appreciation Party. 17 Robin Rose, Michael Magnone, Wes Davis, Temo Welland, Ellen Levy, Zachary Tamburin and Brian Kestin at Nashville Fashion Week.




fall / winter 2015

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Service Directory the

levy’s Personal Service

expertise A central part of the Levy’s experience is unmatched, exceptional service. When you need expert, individualized attention, you’ll get it. Each Wardrobe Consultant has particular areas of expertise, includ-

As a local, family-owned business, we take a lot of pride in everything we do. Levy’s expert associates are happy to help you create a wardrobe that reflects your individual style and taste. Our philosophy is “committed to you and your image,” and our goal is to constantly exceed your expectations. Here are some of the things we do to take care of you. Of course, special requests are always welcome!

ing menswear, women’s apparel, Made-to-Measure and more. Our knowledgeable staff is well versed in all the brands we carry, the trends of the season and how to fit each body type.

made-to-measure service Exceptional fit is essential to impeccable style. Your invest-

complimentary alterations

ment in Made-to-Measure clothing can make a world of dif-

Most sizes vary greatly between designers; often, some simple tailoring can transform the fit into one that’s perfect for you. Levy’s is proud to offer complimentary standard alterations on all of our regular-priced clothing. We even perform routine wardrobe maintenance. Should a button become loose or lost, we’ll be happy to replace it—and press your garment—while you wait.

great and looking exceptional. Our experienced tailors will take

wardrobe consultation Levy’s Wardrobe Consultants are highly experienced professionals who can show you how to build outfits around your favorite pieces, incorporate new items and adapt to seasonal trends. We’re happy to come to your home and help you sort through your closets to determine what works, what doesn’t and what items you’ll need to

ference in your appearance—the distinction between looking multiple measurements to ensure your garments will fit your body perfectly. You can select from hundreds of fabrics in a variety of colors, patterns and prices—and design your own model, choosing the lining, the lapel style, even the buttons.

Special Orders Whether it’s a suit, sportcoat or pair of shoes, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know. We’ll do our best to locate it from one of our many resources.

levy’s gift cards Having trouble picking the perfect present? A Levy’s gift card guarantees your gift will be the perfect style, size and color. Levy’s gift cards are available in any denomination and can be purchased in the store, over the phone or online at levysclothes.com.

round out your new wardrobe.

private shopping Whether you’re seeking style advice for a total wardrobe overhaul or assistance with everyday clothing needs, Levy’s private shopping service is the ultimate way to shop. You can sample your favorite designer collections at your leisure with a knowledgeable member of our staff or your own stylist. Selections can be made prior to your arrival and previewed in our private shopping room. For more information on Levy’s private shopping service, visit levysclothes.com.


convenient front-door parking Green Hills is notorious for traffic and over-crowded mall parking lots. At Levy’s, we offer an abundance of easily accessible front-door parking. In addition, we can provide you with maps and directions to Levy’s!

that’s a wrap! We’re here to make your life a little easier. After choosing the perfect gift at Levy’s, let us take care of the final touches. Our complimentary gift wrap makes your milestone, birthday or holiday gift extra special.


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product guidE Page 53

Page 53

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Page 54

Page 55

Page 55

Sand sportcoat and shirt, Agave jeans, Torino belt, Ferragamo shoes

Yoana Baraschi dress, Carol Lipworth necklace and earrings

Elisa Cavaletti jacket, Tees by Tina tank, Up! pants, Carol Lipworth layered necklaces, Sue Surdi earrings

Canali sportcoat, Eton shirt and pocket square, Armani Collezioni tie, Ermenegildo Zegna trousers, Torino belt, Ferragamo shoes

Sartoria Partenopea sportcoat, Eton shirt, Robert Talbott pocket square, Ballin trousers, Torino alligator belt, Ferragamo shoes

Muse dress, Carol Lipworth earrings and necklace

Page 56

Page 56

Page 57

Page 2

Page 58

Yoana Baraschi dress, Carol Lipworth necklace and earrings

Ermenegildo Zegna suit, shirt, and tie; Roda pocket square; Torino alligator belt; Gravati shoes

Yoana Baraschi dress, John + Jen jacket, Aria necklace, Sue Surdi bracelet, Carol Lipworth earrings

Armani Collezioni suit and tie, Eton shirt, MDL Designs pocket square, Torino belt

Elisa Cavaletti top, AG jeans

Page 58

Page 59

Page 59

Page 60

Page 60

Page 61

Save the Duck jacket, Shawlsmith scarf, AG jeans

Save the Duck vest, Gitman Bros. shirt, Left Coast Tee T-shirt, AG jeans, Torino belt, Swims shoes

Waterville coat, Eton shirt, AG jeans, Torino belt

Aventure des Toiles coat, Second Yoga jeans

On her: Kinross cashmere coat and scarf, JudyP tank, AG jeans, Sue Surdi earrings. On him: Eleventy sportcoat, Circle of Gentlemen shirt, 34 Heritage jeans, Torino belt, Ferragamo shoes


I.C. by Richard Choi sportcoat, Circle of Gentlemen shirt, AG jeans, Torino belt


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look good, keep well

Oh, Joe!

A new study found that folks who drank four or more cups of caffeinated coffee (about two Grandes at Starbucks) had a 25 percent lower risk of developing melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, over 10 years. Researchers theorize that something in the roasting process produces vitamins that may protect against UVB damage. —Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Go ahead, daydream


It might just help you multitask. Turns out daydreamers have a better working memory, which helps you retain and recall details— even in the midst of distractions.


—University of WisconsinMadison


Eat fruit, veggies first

Believe it or not, the first food you select from a buffet triggers what you’ll take next—and how much. So say researchers who studied 124 diners. Head to the salad and fruit first, and you’ll be less likely to sabotage your day’s eating. —Plos One

Cuff ’em

The only way to get a truly accurate blood pressure reading is to cuff both arms. When a person’s systolic pressure varies by 10 or more points between arms, the risk of heart attack or stroke increases 38 percent. Plus, a big difference between arms could be a sign of peripheral artery disease, or clogged arteries. —American Journal of Medicine


Spending this much time doing resistance training could improve your long-term memory by as much as 10 percent. —Acta Psychologica

The percentage increase in the number of men going to plastic surgeons for both surgical and nonsurgical procedures in 2015 thus far. —American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Beware the grouch

Did you know that a negative attitude can be passed along from one person to another just like the flu? Apparently, we mimic each other’s nonverbal cues, then internalize them, making them our own. Of course, we can’t always steer clear of a sourpuss, thus the best move: Do not engage. —University of Notre Dame

Beet it to low blood pressure

Drinking just one cup of beet juice every day can lower blood pressure in people with hypertension, according to recent research. Study participants’ systolic blood pressure (the top number, which measures the pressure in your arteries as your heart beats) dropped 8 points. Diastolic BP (the bottom number, which measures pressure between heartbeats) dropped 2 to 5 points. The reason? Beetroot contains high levels of nitrate, which the body converts to nitric oxide, which in turn improves blood flow and relaxes arteries. —Hypertension


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PROUDLY HOSTING NASHVILLE’S MOST BEAUTIFUL SINCE 2009 As Nashville’s only Four Star Hotel, we are distinctly different from any other place in Nashville, always redefining Southern Luxury. Whether you are in town for work or play, the Hutton Hotel will create a memory to last a lifetime – guaranteed.

| w w w. HUTTONHOTEL .c o m |

1 8 0 8 W E S T E N D AV E | N A S H V I L L E , T E N N E S S E E | 6 1 5 . 3 4 0 . 9 3 3 3 F O R R E S E R VAT I O N S

Hutton Hotel RIGHT.indd 1

10/6/15 10:43 AM


Ferragamo LEFT.indd 2 31456_Ferragamo_Wainscot_RHP_9x10.875_PR.indd 1

10/6/15 10:41 AM 7/30/15 11:41 AM

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