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A 10.3-inch touchscreen is mission control of the infotainment system. Together with the knob-and-button interface, the audio, phone and ventilation systems are intuitive and easy to navigate.

Like Formula 1 racers, Lusso drivers can control the car without taking their hands off the wheel. Controls for ignition, headlights, turn signals and windshield wipers are mounted on the front of the steering wheel. Rotary switches for the audio system are built into the back of the wheel spokes.

The Lusso’s two rear seats aren’t just for looks—two people can fit snuggly in the back. It’s unlikely that a pro basketball player can squeeze in (this is a sports coupe, after all) but this car has 16 millimeters more legroom than its predecessor.

The company’s trademark twin rear lights broaden the horizontal lines of the rear profile. Tailpipes remind those who follow behind the car of its raw power.


With an AWD drivetrain and ground clearance higher than any other sports car, driving in everyday conditions (including nasty potholes) is a breeze.

Unlike many luxury sports coupes, the Lusso provides ample trunk space. Pop the hatchback and stow your groceries, luggage or even a couple of golf bags. Going skiing? Fold down the 50/50 split rear seats to fit all your gear.


Ferrari’s prancing horse emblem is mounted front and center on the large single grille, which provides all the necessary air intake to cool the mighty V12 beneath the hood.

Double pane glass is used throughout the vehicle, including an optional panoramic moonroof, giving riders a sweeping view of the surroundings. Though noise is an expected quality of Ferraris, the glass, coupled with an improved exhaust system and extra soundmuffling fiberglass, keeps the cabin quiet.

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3/12/18 8:07 PM

Andrisen Morton: Spring/Summer 2018  
Andrisen Morton: Spring/Summer 2018