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94 OVILU TUNNILLIE, R.C.A. (19492014), CAPE DORSET / KINGAIT FALCON CATCHES FISH stone, signed in syllabics 15" x 17" x 12.5" — 38.1 x 43.2 x 31.8 cm. Literature: Inuit Women Artists, Odette Leroux, et. al, eds., 2006, page 233 $4,000—6,000


Note: Ovilu commented of a similar work during a 1991 interview with Odette Leroux, “right now the bird is my favourite subject to carve. [...] Right now, I like carving birds with the wings spread out. I like to carve the stone very thin on the wings. When I do this, a lot of the stone comes off because I try to take the bulk of the weight off.“ In lot 94, a falcon descends upon its prey, its great carved wings are swept upward to suggest that it was airborne only moments before. Carried out very naturalistically and with great technical ability, this work is surely one of the finest examples of a falcon by the late artist.

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Inuit Art | Nov. 22, 2016  

Inuit Art | Nov. 22, 2016