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Man of the Year The key to enhancing male performance lies in recognizing one powerful truth—a truth that has nothing to do with physiology or pharmacology. What a man cannot find with one woman he cannot find with two, 10, or 100. Seeking it among those two, 10, or 100 does not bring him any closer. Far from multiplying love, it divides it. —Dr. Rick Gunderman ’83 Read the complete talk at WM Online. Two weeks after the Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men named him Man of the Year, Dr. Rick Gunderman ’83 returned to campus to address the Wabash community. The Indiana University Professor of Radiology, Pediatrics, Philosophy, Liberal Arts and Philanthropy explored the relationship between marital infidelity and the physiological research of Claude Bernard and Masters and Johnson in a talk provocatively titled “Enhancing Male Performance.”

Rick Gunderman photo by Steve Charles

Ray Jovanovich ’84 was coming home after more than two decades in Asia; Professors Lizhu Fan and Na Chen were visiting Wabash for the first time from China’s Fudan University. Their convergence at the College in February yielded a harvest of teachable moments for students and faculty in the College’s Asia Studies program and beyond. Dean of the School of Social Development and Public Policy Fan spoke about “Religious Revival and Development in Contemporary China” to an audience that included faculty from DePauw, the College’s partner in the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant which helped both schools establish Asian Studies programs. Professor Chen took a close look at some of the cultural differences between China and the West that can lead to our misunderstanding one another. He ended his talk stating his personal determination to promote intercultural understanding.

Lizhu Fan 16


Recently retired as chief investment officer for Amundi Asia after living in Hong Kong as a player in the most rapid economic expansion in history, Jovanovich spent much of his return to Wabash listening: he sat in on the Chinese professors’ presentations; caught up with his former teachers and met newer faculty; and talked informally with students interested in finance and other opportunities in Asia. His presentation about the changing Chinese economy packed Baxter 114. “China’s economy can no longer sustain this one-dimensional nature of investment into manufacturing for exports,” Jovanovich said. “This rebalancing is vital to the next 30-year stage for China’s economic development. They have reached the limits of the export model. The country has to evolve and embrace change.” The learning continues this fall, when, thanks to the College’s new partnership with Fudan, Professor Chen returns to Wabash to teach for the year as visiting associate professor in rhetoric.

Na Chen

Ray Jovanovich

photos by Steve Charles

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