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dear industry Sex Apps Take New Twist On This Taboo Subject by Aaron Valentic

Valentine’s Day: one holiday, countless emotions (depending on your relationship status). A day where couples spend every waking moment with each other, fulfilling their so-called “duties” as lovers. Whether it be through sending bouquets of flowers, paying for extravagant meals to celebrate their love (which may cost half your paycheck these days), or getting down and dirty in the boudoir, it happens on Valentine’s Day. But this antiquated holiday is about to get a major wake-up call from none other than our cell phones. To our continued amazement, every day there are countless phone apps introduced that feature an array of topics, from social media, shopping, to everyday utilities. Apps that focus on the topic of sex are becoming less taboo in this day and age, especially because the topic was hardly even discussed privately 50 years ago. But because sex has become a mainstream subject, companies are beginning to take note that even some of the most taboo and controversial ideas can even become apps. So instead of soaking up time with your significant other this Valentine’s Day, grab your cell phone and surf the web for the next great advancement in sex—who cares about dinner anyway?

Sex With Google Glass As one of the most revolutionizing products of the 21st century, Google Glass is about to take users to the next level. Established by Wearable Tech Hackathon in London, the Sex With Google Glass app allows couples to experience sex from each other’s points-of-view. When users state, “OK Glass, it’s time,” it directs the app to record the couple. Couples can also use the sidebar to help zoom in and out, as well as allow themselves to change perspectives so that they can view each other from different angles. Additionally, the app allows the users to select mood music as well as pick from a list of sex positions. When you’re finished, you just have to say, “OK Glass, pull out” and the video can be played for up to five hours before being deleted permanently.

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HappyPlayTime Masturbation: everybody does it, nobody likes to talk about it (especially women). And that is what HappyPlayTime is all about. One of the more controversial apps, it addresses female masturbation, and aims to help women learn to explore themselves through an interactive, instructional game. The app, which features “Happy, the Friendly Neighborhood Vulva,” allows users to track statistical information on how many women worldwide masturbate regularly as well as submit their own habits to a global online community. Happy hopes to help women by liberating them from the stigma surrounding female masturbation while teaching them how to understand their own bodies.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


An unlikely pairing, but Bill and Melinda Gates are in search of the newest and greatest condom technology, to which they are rewarding $100,000 in grants to get this new technology produced and $1 million in rewards if the product is successful. Over 800 designs were presented to the Gates’ foundation in the hopes of improving condom design, including one designed to feel like skin (made from collagen fibers from cows’ Achilles tendons or fish skin), a “one-size-fits-all” condom with memory shapewear and a condom with pull tabs to be applied in a single-motion.

It has only been a few years since Pinterest swept over the social media world and millions of DIY and fashion obsessed users swooned over the chance to organize their personal tastes ranging from books to cooking, decorating to fashion. PinGay is the homosexual counterpart to Pinsex (a porn version of Pinterest), and, like Pinterest, is a social media platform that allows users to upload, share, save and peruse the (NSFW) pictures and gifs. It also allows users to follow one another based on their preferences, to comment on pins and to see what has been repinned.

February 2014: The Sex Issue