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FB Niche Explosion Review and Guide Discover how your niche website went from a piddly 50 visitors per day to 5,000+ visitors per day (without SEO)

Step 1: Choose a Niche Not all niches are good for Facebook. In this module you'll learn: 18 suggested niche markets; each being a stand-alone Facebook page topic or inspiration for niching down within the market. Niche research steps to take to hone in on your niche. How to test a niche to see if it will be a viable long-term business.


MODULE 2: Set Up a Blog/Website Includes access to 16 video tutorials on setting up a WordPress website. VIEW MORE DETAIL AND GET BONUS HERE

MODULE 3: Set Up a Facebook Page

Basic stuff here - access to basic tutorials for setting up a Facebook page.


MODULE 4: How to Add Facebook Posts (that get engagement and send traffic) This module shows you real-life samples of Facebook posts I use that generates engagement and website traffic. I show you exactly the 2 types of Facebook posts that I use exclusively. Real samples from my Facebook page provide. I reveal the types of posts Facebook pages use way too often and explain why they're a waste of time. VIEW MORE DETAIL AND GET BONUS HERE

MODULE 5: How to Get Facebook Fans ... Free & Paid • Fans are the lifeblood of your Facebook traffic funnel ... • Discover 5 FREE highly effective ways for getting fans (doesn't involve commenting, spamming or begging). These are highly powerful methods that can generate a flood of new fans fast and on an ongoing basis ... all for free. • You'll learn my ALL TIME FAVORITE methods for acquiring fans. Every detail for the process is set out - just follow along. • I show you samples of some of my best performing ads for fan acquisition as well as real samples of the fangate I use that converts like crazy for getting new fans. • What's a Fangate? I show you step-by-step how I set up fangates using free software ... fangates are the magic for getting fans (and email subscribers). • Includes full Facebook ad screenshots of how to set up an ad campaign and how to set up your Facebook page for highest "like" conversion.

MODULE 6: How to Generate Tons of Great Content Fast and Free  Niche marketing requires content: • You'll learn 14 content generation ideas. Several include free and fast content generation methods your fans will love (I use the fast and free content methods almost exclusively and my fans love it). • Even if you hate writing, no problem. I show you how to get content your fans will love with no or very little writing involved. • You'll also learn how after a few months you'll need only a fraction of the content ... this is where you hit economies of scale and make even more money (and continue making your fans happy). VIEW MORE DETAIL AND GET BONUS HERE

MODULE 7: Monetization: How to Make Money from Your Facebook Page... with new fans immediately  I leave no stone unturned here. You'll learn how to: • Start profiting as soon as you acquire some fans (it doesn't take many fans to start making money). • Successfully promote affiliate products without annoying fans (and get free content in the process). • Scale high-engagement posts for bigger, ongoing profits. • Optimize Adsense ads for big earnings. I reveal 3 different Adsense layouts that work best for me (after testing more than a hundred variations). Also includes suggestions for ad types and customizing your ads. • What not to do to avoid alienating your fans. VIEW MORE DETAIL AND GET BONUS HERE

MODULE 8: How to Build Your E-mail List with Facebook (and profit immediately) • THIS IS HUGE: You'll learn a dead-simple method for building a buyers' list (without having a product to sell). • How to get fans and subscribers at the same time (2-for-1 investment - I do this every day - it's my favorite listbuilding strategy of all time). • How to structure content to get 10+% opt in conversion from visitors on your website (great for promoting posts with Facebook ads and getting email subscribers for a very low cost). • One sure-fire way to successfully monetize your email list every day in a way that doesn't annoy email subscribers (I do this 5 to 7 days a week). VIEW MORE DETAIL AND GET BONUS HERE

MODULE 9: Put the Entire Operation on Auto-Pilot • Learn 2 ways you can turn your Facebook niche business on auto-pilot so you can jump into more niches. Once you have everything in place and earning profits, it can easily be turned on auto-pilot.


MODULE 10: How to Launch Niche Business #2 and #3 with the Same Fan Base This module shares 2 ways to leverage your Facebook niche page - including how to instantly start additional email newsletters and how to start new Facebook pages in a different niche with less than half the effort and time leveraging your first niche Facebook page. VIEW MORE DETAIL AND GET BONUS HERE

Fb niche explosion review and guide  

Fb niche explosion review will help you know more the way to increase 5000 daily traffic visitors

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