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>> MIXING BIG CITY STYLE & FARM-FRESH CHARM, A SUN-DRENCHED SKYLINE BECOMES A FEAST FOR THE EYES, HEART & SOUL. THIS PAGE (CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT): root veggies craft a garden-grown boutonniere; hand-lettered calligraphy announces the day’s

harvest; cilantro flower adds a fresh zest to a loosely tied bouquet of peonies, roses & sweet pea in the day’s shades; watercolors & cascading script welcome loved ones to save the date; american un-gothic—it’s all smiles for a bride-in-bloom posing in a cotton carleen gown beside her brooklyn tailors outfitted sweetie; mismatched farmhouse chairs gather ‘round a hand-hewn table; OPPOSITE: a hodgepodge collection of potted plants, dainty china & bold blooms complete an eclectic al fresco dinner party.

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11/5/14 12:24 AM

WellWed - Hamptons [Issue No. 10]  

Boutique wedding magazine featuring the Hamptons' finest wedding professionals ready to help you plan the perfect east end wedding.

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