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INTO THE WILD Tour the deep underground wonders of the Ozarks and visit the exotic animals that find refuge in Northwest Arkansas. Take time to enjoy the flight of our country’s national symbol amid a natural setting.


6386 Ark. Hwy. 21 N., Berryville cosmiccavern.com / 870-749-2298


See one of the longest soda straw

Eureka Springs

formations in the Ozarks, along with two

turpentinecreek.org / 479-253-5841

bottomless lakes, stalactites, stalagmites,

In the Ozark Mountains on 459 acres, this

flowstones, helictites, cave bacon, draperies

ethical, nonprofit animal-tourism destination

and many other speleothems. Enjoy a

offers lifetime sanctuary to survivors of the

guided tour, pan for gems and explore the

exotic animal trade. Learn about the refuge’s

rock shop. Motorcycle parking available.

mission through daily guided tours, or stay on the property in one of the unique lodging

WAR EAGLE CAVERN 21494 Cavern Road, Rogers

wareaglecavern.com / 479-789-2909 This private show cave features a spectacular natural entrance on the shores of Beaver Lake.

accommodations or RV/camp sites. Follow Turpentine Creek on social media for regular updates, photos, videos and more!


Follow the meandering

4024 Mundell Road, Eureka Springs

stream straight into

estc.net/belle / 479-253-6200

the mountain for an

Tour Beaver Lake aboard the

easy guided tour with wide, level pathways,

Belle of the Ozarks passenger

unique formations, two waterfalls and an

boat to view wildlife sightings

underground lake. More than 100,000 bats

and points of interest such as

call War Eagle Cavern home, and in spring or

Beaver Dam, a 200-acre game

late fall, hundreds hibernate and cling to the

preserve island, the prehistoric

walls and ceilings of the cavern. Don’t miss

Ozark Bluff Dweller’s burial

gemstone panning, the Lost in the Woods

ground and a submerged

maze, and the new Moonshiners’ Mystery

homestead. Cruises take place

Shack. Open Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m.

May through October, with October featuring

to 5 p.m. Stroller and pet friendly.

eagle watching and fall foliage tours.

Clockwise from the top: photos courtesy Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism; Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge; Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism; War Eagle Cavern

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2019 Northwest Arkansas Visitors Guide  

2019 Northwest Arkansas Visitors Guide