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EUREKA SPRINGS AT-A-GLANCE County / Carroll Population / 2,095 Area / 6.8 sq. miles Founded / 1879


inding mountainside

workshops. Festivals and

streets that don’t

special events are held

meet at right angles are

year-round, spanning the

the first clue that Eureka

gamut from classical music,

Springs has a flair all its

opera, blues and jazz, to

own. The town’s Victorian

UFOs, antiques and visual

architecture beckons

arts. Regular musical shows

visitors to enjoy leisurely

and The Great Passion

scenic drives past historic

Play draw visitors, as do

homes of all shapes, sizes

other attractions such as

and colors hugging the

wineries, the E. Fay Jones

picturesque cliff sides.

architectural delight that

Eureka Springs’ entire

is Thorncrown Chapel, and

downtown area is on

Turpentine Creek Wildlife

the National Register of

Refuge. Nestled in the heart

Historic Places. More than

of the Ozarks, Eureka is also

150 independent and

a great hub for outdoor

unique retail shops and


Blue Spring Heritage Center / pg. 52 Eureka Springs Downtown District / pg. 33 Eureka Springs Historical Museum / pg. 66 Keels Creek Winery / pg. 80 Lake Leatherwood / pg. 49 Opera in the Ozarks / pg. 38 Ozark Mountain Ziplines / pg. 54 The Great Passion Play / pg. 35 Thorncrown Chapel / pg. 80 Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge / pg. 55


Eureka Springs Advertising & Promotion Commission (470) 253-7333 EurekaSprings.org Eureka Springs Historical Museum Visitor Information Center 95 S. Main Street

restaurants fill the town’s many elaborate Victorian gingerbread storefronts. The culinary offerings on tap are plentiful, including American, Bavarian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Thai.

White River

activities. Trout fishing is popular on the White River, and in Eureka Springs West, Beaver Lake offers the fun of water sports, camping,

Downtown Shopping

fishing and hiking. Zip lining Artist Working Downtown

is also available, and the city is a favorite destination

The heavy influence of

for motorcyclists. Mountain

an artist community is

biking enthusiasts get ready

obvious – from the beautiful

to shred on new downhill

galleries of fine art and fine

runs at Lake Leatherwood

jewelry, to creative outdoor

for the ultimate enduro-

art installations and art

style riding experience!

May Festival of the Arts

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2019 Northwest Arkansas Visitors Guide  

2019 Northwest Arkansas Visitors Guide