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Editor Letter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Meet the Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 DESIGNERS Coral Castillo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 MODELS Ashlee Nichole . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Kiritika Raj . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 HAIR & MAKEUP Carrie Tibbs (Canada). . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Oxana Bjornsen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Noelle Lynne . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 BEAUTY

Ask Karla . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Beauty List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 PHOTOGRAPHERS Marina Dean-Francis (United Kingdom) . .29 Carlos Teixeira (Portugal) . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Misty Madonna (USA) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 EDITORIALS Molly Her . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Travis Geny . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 John Agcaoili . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59

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ON THE COVER Photography: Misty Madonna Makeup: Gwen Pettie Model: Kalli Keith Hair: Emily Clark Wardrobe: Heather Carter




Hannah Boone moved to San Francisco in 2010 from Portland, Oregon where she studied graphic design and photography at the Art Institute.


R E A D E R S ,

Welcome to the fourth issue of Votive Magazine! Once again, we’ve had an amazing experience connecting with so many talented artists and I’d like to begin by saying, “thank you”. As many of you know, we are a very small team working diligently each month to bring you a publication worthy of your time and effort. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do and want to let you know that we appreciate each and every one of you. We at Votive have been welcoming the coming Spring with a few changes to the way we do things. We are incorporating a new, fresh design to celebrate all that is fun and youthful. We figure it’s time to put more of our personalities into what we do. Beginning this month, we are also accepting international submissions (though we are shifting our focus toward coordinating custom shoots with local talent).

We even have a few top secret events in the works for all of our beloved readers, so stay tuned to Facebook (facebook.com/VotiveMagazine), Twitter (@votivemagazine) and our website (votivemag. com) to receive event updates and here about all the new ideas we’re cooking up this season. As always, let us know if you have any suggestions or would like to work with us on some of these upcoming projects. We’d love to have you! This little experiement has grown into something beyond any of my expectations since our humble beginnings in September 2011. The Votive staff is constantly growing and reminding me that I started this magazine for the love of art and my fellow man. I want to lend a special thanks out to my team members. I truly appreciate your dedication, your patience, and most of all... your friendship. I foresee so many wonderful things in our future.

Hannah M Boone


SONIA CHOPRAASSISTANT EDITOR A n a t i v e t o t h e S o u t h B a y, S o n i a C h o p r a i s e s t a b l i s h i n g h e r s e l f as a model in the Bay Area while studying to further her career in business, fashion & journalism. Don’t let all that hard work fool you. She’s also a self-proclaimed nerd and goofball. OLIVER AUSTRIAFASHION EDITOR O l i v e r A u s t r i a i s a n a s p i r i n g f a s h i o n d e s i g n e r, w a r d r o b e s t y l i s t a n d a v e r y t a l e n t e d w r i t e r. H e ’ s o n e o f t h o s e w o r k h a r d , play hard types and goes by “Owleeber” on our beloved Facebook.(Did we mention he’s good at making us laugh?) KARLA NOVELOBEAUTY EDITOR K a r l a i s t h e n e w e s t m e m b e r o n t h e Vo t i v e s t a f f , b u t i s a l r e a d y m a k i n g a difference in the content that comes to our readers. She may seem shy a t f i r s t , b u t t h i s b e a u t y e x p e r t g i v e s a d v i c e l i k e n o o t h e r. S h e ’s a l s o good at transforming you into another being with her makeup magic. LAUREN HOELLEWRITER/ COPY EDITOR Lauren is our very talented journalist and aspiring filmmaker with an old soul and inspiring presence. She has also dabbled in the world of modeling. Be on the lookout for her new section in Votive coming in May 2012.

Designers | Page 5 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

CORAL CASTILLO article by lauren hoelle


t was the faces of her mother’s clients that made her do it. More specifically, it was the smiles on each woman’s face when she slipped on a dress and felt beautiful. Coral Castillo was the daughter of a dress maker who defied the wishes of her mother for the sake of a dream – to turn work into art. Risking her mother’s wrath and potentially breaking a vital component of the family business, Castillo taught herself how to use their industrial sewing machine in secret. “I didn’t like to disobey or make my mother upset,” says Castillo. “I couldn’t stop doing it.” At first it was Mexico’s bright color palate and the clean lines of her father’s engineering sketches that inspired her designs. After her parents’ divorce, her eye turned to darker colors. She moved from Mexico and began attending the Art Institute of California: San Francisco. The fuchsias, greens, reds, blues and oranges stayed behind but her admiration for engineering and architecture came with her.

Photographer : Bang Truong ( www.bangtruong.com ) Designer : Coral Castillo Mua: Chris Lombardo Hairstylist : Aurora Dewey Jewelry Designer : Robert Anthony Model: Irmina Ragauskaite ( No Ties Management )

Designers | Page 7 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

continued... In fact, it was the waves of the San Francisco Transbay Terminal that inspired her design for a jacket that was published in the San Francisco Chronicle in 2010. Now a college student at the Art Institute of California: Orange County and a full-time mom, it’s still the expression of joy on a woman’s face when she wears one of her pieces that inspires Castillo to design. Her clothing first caught the attention of photographers after her collaboration with photographer Moja Ma’at. After that, she began entertaining offers from many photographers to provide the fashion for shoots. “Photographers who have an amazing portfolio, too,” She adds. “I never imagined I’d be in that position. I’m very thankful and pleased that they like my work.” Castillo faced many obstacles to reach this point. “My family would say I’m always doing more than I’m supposed to do,” says Castillo, who still calls her mother crying sometimes if she can’t find a babysitter in order to go to school or work. But she proudly embodies the qualities of a woman that she hopes to convey with her designs – independence, strength and femininity. “I don’t depend on anybody, I know what I want and I’m working to make it real.” She says she’s still soft though, and classy. “I don’t say any bad words and I love wearing black,” she jokes. Castillo says she has chosen black to be the dominant color

in her designs for its disparate meaning, disparate in the sense that it could “represent strength, intelligence, mystery, or evil, mourning… It could be good or bad. There is no other color with so many attributes. I want my work to represent more than one thing.” Her work is also characterized by the absence of prints and unique lines that reveal unexplored areas of the model’s skin– so that the skin itself is a component of the print when contrasted with solid fabric. She strives to invite touch and stimulate more than one sense and cites silk chiffon as her favorite fabric to work with. Her latest collection, “Game of Madness,” was inspired by Napoleon’s mistress Virginia Oldoini, the Countess of Constiglione. “Her life was captivating to me,” says Castillo. “She was Napoleon’s mistress and she was also a significant figure in the early history of photography as a collaborator of the photographer PierreLouis Pierson.” There was something about Oldioni that spoke to Castillo during a particularly hard recent move where she felt “lost and apart.” She describes her exploration of Oldioni as “part of [her] madness. Madness, or brilliance, we invite you to check out more of her work at her website at coralcastillodesign.com and her blog at coralcastillo.blogspot.com.




article by sonia chopra

shlee Nichole is a multi-talented creative making a lasting impression within the fashion industry. Approaching fashion from several angles, Ashlee is an established makeup artist and model. At an early age the model would scour magazines for makeup looks to replicate on her friends. By the time she was eighteen, Ashlee was hired by MAC Cosmetics as a freelance makeup artist and was able to sharpen her skills the faces of clients. She always knew she wanted to pursue modeling, but it wasn’t until she worked with multiple established models that she decided to jump in herself, focusing on networking and promoting herself as a model. With a list of projects behind her, and her increasing success, Ashlee says the individuals that have inspired her to continue thriving are Edie Sedgwick, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Anja Konstantinova, Daisy Lowe, Meghan Collison, Rachel Rutt, and Tiah Eck-

Models | Page 9 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

hardt just to name a few. She loves their uniqueness factor, whether it’s their physical looks, tattoos or hair. “In my every day life my biggest inspiration comes from the character of Dolores Haze” says the young model. “Lolita is one of my all time favorite books and movies (I even have ‘Lolita’ tattooed on my forearm!). I see a lot of my own personality in her and I’m completely inspired by her style.” With this inspiration, passion, and drive, she hopes to achieve her long term goals of moving to Los Angeles and traveling across the world as a model, all the while working as a special effects makeup artist within the film industry. So what does this down to earth talent love about fashion? Specifically, she loves having the ability to express herself through the character, role, or emotion she is portraying.

Models | Page 11 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

photography: Stephen Kui model/ hair/ makeup: Ashlee Nichole

continued... With her constantly changing style, she plans on starting a fashion blog in the near future, and is always on the look out for new trends that are memorable and timeless. Aside from her professional life, after hours Ashlee is a huge fan of The O.C. (the television series), and like many twenty-somethings enjoys road trips and spending time with her friends. Something that people may not know about her is that she is a self-proclaimed “dork” who describes herself as feisty, wild, and confident. It is apparent to Votive that Ashlee is a well rounded force within the fashion industry where her high expectations and goals will only further her impending success. Votive readers can view Ashlee’s work on her Facebook page, Ashlee-Nicole, or follow her blog: ashleenichole.tumblr.com.




article by sonia chopra

iritika Raj is a 19 year old aspiring model born and raised on the Fiji Islands, currently living in Stockton, CA. Growing up, she did not feel artistic or athletic, but instinctively knew that fashion and modeling were her strong points. In school, Kiritika was often teased for being too skinny, but instead of being discouraged by the bullying, she was motivated to prove her strength and accomplish her goal of modeling. The reality is, Kiritika is a very motivated and passionate individual. Even so, her work ethic is balanced by her desire to have fun and be what she calls, “foolish” at times. Kiritika has been gaining a lot of experience with her modeling career over the last year and recently took the time to describe to Votive two of her most memorable shoots. Her favorite involved a great team of makeup artists and hair stylists, photographed by Photo Illumina. Having previously worked with this photographer, Kiritika knew that the final product would be a success. She recalls how, she “enjoyed every moment of it, no matter how cold or tired I

Models | Page 13 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

was at the time.” What the model loves most about Photo Illumina, is his obvious passion for art, where he can go on shooting for hours while maintaining excellence and never losing inspiration. Forever Stellar provided Kiritika with another very memorable shoot. Kiritika remarks that Forever Stellar used his creativity as not only a photographer, but “spur of the moment stylist,” to produce some of the model’s best portfolio pieces. With his idea of wrapping a black sheet around her, the photographer utilized the fabric as a way to highlight and hug Kiritika’s curves in a stunning light. “I enjoyed his spontaneous idea,” the model tells Votive. “It made the end results that much better.” If it isn’t obvious already, this young beauty has a warm demeanor that makes her very easy to talk to. She is not hesitant to give credit to those who helped guide her to this point in her life. She enjoys being with her family, who initially inspired her to become someone that can make a difference, without letting roadblocks stand in her way. We look forward to seeing more of Kiritika Raj this year.

Photographer : Forever Stellar Model: Kiritika Raj MUAH: Marlen Lopez Salazar

Makeup & Hair | Page 15 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

ANDROMEDA makeup- carrie tibbs photographer- dana brushette model- stephanie alissa hair- katheen sou




article by lauren hoelle

he’d always loved make-up, but her attention was divided between piano lessons, Broadway vocal lessons and making crafts with her mom. She’d always loved to paint and remembers spending her summers at the family cottage painting rocks on the shore. Years later, it was her husband who encouraged her to turn an interest into a full-bodied career. “He saw a passion and talent in me and knew that I could go further with make-up artistry,” says Tibbs. “[He saw] it as a way to express myself creatively but also to build a business.” Becoming a make-up artist felt very natural to Tibbs. “The challenge of creating goals and then achieving them is like nothing else,” she says. “Being published, as in developing a concept, pulling together a team, creating art, and then having it all immortalized in a magazine, is incredibly rewarding.” But for Tibbs, the make-up industry isn’t just about meeting goals and getting published – it’s about people and relationships, too. She recounts

a time where she brought a mother of a bride, who had never worn make-up except on the day of her own wedding, to tears when she looked in the mirror and saw Tibb’s beautiful work. “[She] gave me a big hug,” says Tibbs, “She said she felt beautiful and was so happy.” These stories are a reflection of Tibbs’ winning business model. “What I have learned is that professional make-up artistry is comprised of 50% talent and 50% personality. You can have all the talent in the world but if have a poor attitude, people will not want to work with you,” she says. “You’re working inches away from the client and it’s important that they feel comfortable with you as they are entrusting their ‘naked’ face to you.” But how does one establish trust so quickly? Tibbs replies, “I think it’s important to listen to your client, letting them know you will address their needs while ensuring that the goals of the job are being met and proper make-ups and tools are being used.”

Makeup & Hair | Page 17 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

Photographers | Page 23 | Votive Magazine: Issue Three

continued... Tibbs dedicates plenty of time to the business aspects, too – such as “[quick] response time to client inquiries, product and technique knowledge, communication, sanitation, delivering high-quality work, managing expectations, etc.” Her approach explains why her friends pick “professional” as one of the top adjectives to describe her along with “positive, passionate, and obsessed” - with make-up artistry, that is. “I mean I talk about it ALL the time – the projects I am working on, some really great product I am using, something that inspired me. Poor, poor them,” she jokes. But she does make time for indulging in her other passions such as watching movies, playing Halo or Gears of Wars on her X-box and sharing a “really

good, makes-your-tummy-hurt-chuckle” with her friends. “I love cracking a joke when I can because it’s a great way to break the ice and make a connection with another person.” After cracking a good joke and establishing a comfortable rapport with her client, Tibbs next draws her attention to his or her eyes. This is backwards from the traditional approach of preparing a foundation first, but Tibbs finds “the eyes set the stage for the rest of the application, allowing me to create a harmonized look on the lips and cheeks as well as the appropriate skin finish.” She says this approach is more practical too, because she can clean up any fall-out from the eyes without muddying the foundation.

continued... When asked if she is drawn to particular looks, she says its atypical, androgynous beauty that particularly speaks to her. “Don’t get me wrong, I love ‘pretty,’” she says. “But I don’t always do trendy or pretty. I do what strikes me, what moves me.” She says she also tries not to be so literal in her interpretations of established looks, like “retro” – unless of course that’s what her client wants. In her research and development for a concept she asks herself, “How can I make this my own – what new twist can I add?” In the near future, Tibbs dreams of traveling alongside her make-up idols, like Kabuki, to work in international fashion shows. She hopes to see her work looking back at her when she browses the magazine aisle at her local grocery store. She also hopes to try her hand at creative directing of photo shoots and at public speaking as a guest speaker at the International Make-Up Artist Tradeshow. Be sure to check out more of her work on her website at www.beautymarked.ca and on her Facebook at www.facebook.com/BeautyMarkedMakeup.

Makeup & Hair | Page 21 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

The challenge of creating goals and then achieving them is like nothing else.



in her own words...

xana Bjornsen’s fascination with beauty and style began at a very young age in her hometown of St. Petersburg, Russia. For Oxana, makeup and fashion has always been about transformation, a way to enhance a woman’s natural and unique beauty.

photographer should be able to photograph without excessive retouching.

“If a woman is happy with the way she looks, she will project this. She will have the confidence to hold her head up high.” This passion is what fuels Oxana’s attention to detail.

“My job is to inspire you to be a better person, to want what you deserve and never settle for less what you deserve.”

Whether it’s flawless skin or expressive eyes, makeup should compliment a woman’s individual look. This is about taking the beauty that already exists and bringing it out. A woman must be able to look into a mirror and recognize herself, yet a

Makeup is all about individuality and freedom of expression. There are no rules. There are no boundaries. There are only endless possibilities.

I want to thank all great models and photographers I ever worked with and my amazing friend Danny Mosquera. You guys inspire me to be a better person and never give up even when the times are hard.

Makeup & Hair | Page 23 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

Photographer De Ardenos Model Aglaya Sh Makeup/Hair/Accessories Oxana Bjornsen Edit Danny Mosquera (credits also apply to left page.)

Photographer Herm Pugay (hermpugayphotography.4ormat.com/index) Model Aglaya Sh Make up and Styling Oxana Bjornsen

Photographer Martin Delfino at Fotografica Delfino Model Anna Makovchik Makeup/Hair/Accessories Oxana Bjornsen

Edit Danny Mosquera Model Amanda Plummer Photographer Yesenia Bocanegra (www.yeseniabocanegra.com) Makeup/Hair/accessories Oxana Bjornsen



interview with hannah boone

otive Magazine: You have an amazing portfolio as a hair stylist. Do you have other creative outlets to add to the list? Noelle Lynne: My love for hair is one of two of my creative outlets. I am also the lead Wardrobe Stylist of Betsey LynneStyle. Fashion is a love of mine and through wardrobe styling I feel I can really express my view and thoughts. I try to use vintage as much as possible when wardrobe styling and never use real fur (always faux). I believe that fashion can be animal friendly and the companies that continue to use real fur in this day and age with our technology are cruel. I hope to bring these issues to light, and hope that eventually all fashion houses will also follow these cruelty free ways. VM: Did you go to school to learn hair or are you self-taught? NL: I attended the Cinta Aveda Institute in San Francisco. I had some of the most amazing teachers from around the country including Candace Marks (who is currently in Arizona), Shayne Thurston who is still local in the Bay area, Jesse Tempte who is located in Minnesota, and Priscilla Marie who is still teaching at the Cinta Aveda Institute. I would not be

where I am today without there support, tips, and knowledge that was shared with me. VM: Do you have any ties to a salon or do you work freelance? NL: I am currently a freelance hairstylist and absolutely love it! I feel so blessed to have these opportunities and to have walked through the open doors I have. Its defiently a priveldge to have the oppurtunity to work for myself, as I love to be my own boss, I feel like any creative idea I have is a door I can open. I prefer being a freelance stylist, however I do plan to open a Salon sometime in the future (ten years or so)! VM: How did you come up with the idea for the Votive shoot? NL: The inspiration for this shoot was put together by Bailey Harda Stone (the photographer). She has such an amazing perspective on fashion and is always quiet fashionable herself, rocking cat eyes and some of the cutest heels and hats. I have never doubted working on a shoot with her, as she is always sure to show a strong essence on fashion through her work. For this particular shoot I bought one wig (the red one) that was already colored from

Makeup & Hair | Page 25 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

Model: Claire of Look Models Photographer: Bailey Harda Stone Styled by Paula Renee Hair by Noelle Lynne Makeup by Andrea Mortega a Wig Shop in Sacramento,and enhanced a blonde wig to have a bit more yellow to it. VM: Every artist has a role model or source of inspiration. Who is yours? NL: Audrey Hepburn is my biggest inspiration, I just adore how she kept her image of class, elegance, and feminine chic beauty through every point in her life. Another role model of mine is Betsey Johnson, I just love how she expressed her inner creativity while being fun and chic, who cant love someone who does cartwheels on the runway! VM: Who’s in your fashion “black book”? NL: There are so many amazing people in this industry, who I adore to work with including everyone on this team and soo many more. The bay area has so much amazing emerging talent, including my friend and Designer Phoung My, emerging Sacramento makeup artists Olga Pirmatova and Cindy Crabtree (Moonshine Makeup), and some amazing photographers including Stephen Sun and of course Bailey Harda Stone.

T H E B E A U T Y E X P E R T Our beauty editor dishes out advice and discusses her favorite products.


otice anything new in Votive this month? Your observational powers serve you well! We now have a beauty section thanks to our lovely beauty editor, Karla Novelo. As an introduction, Karla has chosen four of her favorite beauty products (in celebration of our fourth issue) to share with you and hopefully to make your morning beauty routine a little more tolerable. In addition to Karla sharing her reviews of new products and beauty tricks with old favorites, she will be accepting your beauty questions on Facebook (facebook.com/VotiveMagazine), Twitter (@votivemagazine), and through email (karla@votivemag.com). Each month, we will choose five beauty questions to be answered. (Don’t worry, we’ll only print your name if you want us to.) We’re accepting questions now, so what are you waiting for? You now have a beauty expert at your disposal.

Photographer Martin Delfino at Fotografica Delfino Model Anna Makovchik Makeup/Hair/Accessories Oxana Bjornsen

Beauty | Page 27 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four





M AC S t u d i o S c u l p t Fo u n d at i o n

T iGi Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray

Super Skinny Ser um by Paul Mitchell

Miracle10 Conditioning Tr e a t m e n t

My favorite foundation! Its a creamy gel-based foundation (already sounds refreshing!) that provides medium coverage yet feels so lightweight and looks natural, giving skin a satin glow. Not only that, but it is long-wearing, water-resistant, hydrating and protects your skin with its SPF 15.

I love the extra hold this hairspray gives. It smells amazing and lasts for hours! Seriously spray after your desired style, finger comb or brush out and lock in that style for the rest of the day. It’s perfect if you don’t have time to redo your hair between work and drinks.

Keeps your hair so smooth, frizz free and protects from any heat damage you may cause from curling, straightening or blowdrying.The texture is not too thick or runny, so a little goes a long way. Best of all, it smells delish!

The only to have repaired my damaged locks! I love this product and I almost owe my life to it. You can have the worst, tangly, spider web kind of hair and spray a little spritz of this product for silky smooth, touchable hair you’ll be proud of.


Photo grapher- Mar ina Dean-Francis Model- Er ika Valiunaite of Base Models MUA and Styling- Er ika Valiunaite Postproduction- Mdf retouching



article by hannah boone

ailing from Bristol in the United Kingdom, Marina Dean-Francis is a former model turned retouch artist now making a name for herself in the world of photography. The artist tells Votive about the beginnings of this latest creative venture, “I used to retouch my own photos for my portfolio and sometimes other people I knew asked me to retouch their portfolios. This led to setting up my retouching business after I quite modelling. I bought a camera just to use as a hobby. I did a couple of photoshoots with model friends.. I put my images on ModelMayhem and in two weeks I got my first paid job for a British TV presenter for her publicity shots”. Running a retouching business doesn’t leave as much time for photography as Marina may like, but she says that developing her skills as a photographer is among her top priorities for 2012. She is planning to make the change from shooting lingere to taking hair and beauty shots and seems to be focusing in on one genre of photography at a time, perfecting each one over the course of a few months. Marina has always shown promise as a creative individual. As a child, she participated in school plays

and spent nearly seven years in ballet school. Poetry was also an of interest to the artist who came in second and fourth place in a national competition while she was attending university. Though Marina admits to having very little free time, she manages to stay active by doing yoga, tai chi and a little pilates when possible. Going to the cinema with her husband is another favorite past time of hers. As for the editorial with Erika, Marina says they were very lucky to have had such wonderful weather on a November day in England. Even with this good fortune, the photographer says the shoot almost didn’t happen. “I came to the models place which is in the center of London,” Marina recalls, “I couldn’t find a single parking spot for about an hour and a half. When I was about to turn around and go home we suddenly saw an empty spot right next to the model’s apartment”.

To view more of Marina’s work visit: mdfretouching.com & marinadeanfrancis.com. She is also on twitter to answer your photography or retouching questions: @MDFretouching.

Photographers | Page 31 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

Photographers | Page 33 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four


HEAT OFFUN Photo grapher- Car los Teixeira Model- Yuka (Elite Models) Hair-:Alfredo Miranda Makeup- Xana Lopes Production- V i viana Ma galhaes



T E I X E I R A article by oliver austria

hen Carlos Teixeira held his first camera in early 2002 for a photography trip, he was simply fascinated with beautiful sceneries. The Portuguese photographer remembers his early beginnings as beautiful experiences that taught him well and molded him into the artist that he is now. Carlos’ ingenious techniques are characterized by a method and persistence that reflect his upbringing: “I grew up in a village called Arouca, a beautiful place surrounded by an enormous natural wealth. It was there that I spent my childhood.” He became very interested in fashion photography eventually and fell in love with the process that transforms the simple garment into beautiful art. “I am a very passionate photographer for fashion,” Carlos shares. He considers every moment intense

Photographers | Page 37 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

when he photographs “I always give my best in everything that I do. I try to improve every level, every day.” Teixeira describes his home of Portugal as “a very quiet corner has immense wealth at all levels” but also believes it could be a bit more developed. Like the rest of the world, Portugal is experiencing financial troubles that has many of its citizens nervously awaiting better days. Carlos, however, remains optimistic and is gaining now gaining international attention due in part to his positive attitude and dedication to his craft. The photographer recently completed an editorial in Barcelona and says the experience was one of his “proudest moments” as a photographer. Carlos is also planning trips to Milan and hopes to visit the United States in the near future as well.

Photographers | Page 39 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

elec ric chapel Photographer: Misty Madonna Model: Kalli Keith Makeup Ar tist: Gwen Pettie Hair Stylist: Emily Clark Wardrobe Stylist: Heather Car ter

Photographers | Page 15 | Votive Magazine: Issue Two



otive Magazine: Do you have a daily ritual of some sort? Something you do the same way every day? Misty Madonna: The first thing I do when I wake up is check my email. I don’t really have a daily ritual though, but I always spend at least two hours every day researching and looking at fashion magazines and blogs to stay inspired. VM: What gets you going in the morning? MM: I drink a lot of tea, especially Earl Grey and Chai. My maltipoo, Theo Huxtable, usually wakes me up. VM: Do you ever have free time from your work? What do you do with it? Or do you consider your work “free time”? MM: I don’t really have free time. I’m always working on something. If I need a break from it, I’ll go to a concert or out to listen to live music. VM: What do your loved ones think about what you do? MM: I think my family understands a little more now what I do than they did when I first started. My friends are really supportive and a lot of the people I work with on shoots are now some of my best friends.

Photographers | Page 43 | Votive Magazine: Issue Four

c ove r s t o r y VM: Were you creative as a child? MM: I used to save my lunch money in middle school to develop my film. I’d shoot anywhere from two to four rolls a week. I also used to make mixtapes. I’d blend a bunch of music together and listen to it. VM: Was there ever a fork in the road that you took intending to come back to the “road not traveled”? Or did you decide on photography without hesitation? MM: I’ve wanted to do photography since I was eight and I’ve always stuck with it. I had a lot of doubters, but you can’t let people tear you down. I was editor of my high school yearbook and took almost every photo. Then, I went to college and studied photography. It’s difficult at times because people always try to tell you you’re wasting your time doing photography, but you have to get rid of people that like in your life. VM: Do you ever feel you’ve become a role model/ inspiration to others? Is that a scary or encouraging thought? MM: That’s a nice thought. I hope I am. I always try to help people when they ask for it. I definitely want to teach photography some day because I never had a strong photo teacher.

continued... VM: Who are some of your role models? What do they do to inspire you? MM: My biggest role model is Lady Gaga. She encourages people to fight and die for their beliefs and dreams no matter what. I’m also inspired by Margaret Bourke-White, Madonna, Hillary Clinton, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Anna Wintour. VM: Are you currently working on any exciting projects? I’m actually working on my jewelry line which will debut sometime later this spring. It’s a mix of opals, quartz, amethyst and other gems. Some of the pieces will be in raw form and some will be polished. VM: There is a lot of religious iconography in your editorial, “Electric Chapel” (as well as your middle name, Madonna). Is religion a big part of your life or did you use the motif to symbolize something else? MM: I made the choice not to use my last name in my fashion photo brand because I use my full name for my photojournalism work. Religious iconography is always something that I’ve found to be beautiful. I planned for this shoot for about three months so it was well worth the hard work. VM: How did you choose the location for the shoot? MM: It was shot at a church near the Asian District in Oklahoma City. I passed by the church pretty often because it was near my house and I knew it was perfect. VM: Did you experience any mishaps or funny moments while shooting? MM: It was extremely cold and I think I was the only one that didn’t end up sick by the end of the shoot. VM: Any personal mottos you live by? Advice for other artists? MM: Surround yourself with positive people. If you want to do something, do it! Don’t listen to people that say you can’t. “Ignore all hatred and criticism. Live for what you create, and die protecting it.” — Lady GaGa

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Votive readers can view more of Misty’s work at www.mistymadonna.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mistymadonnaphoto.

L A T E B LO O M E R Photographer: Molly Her Designer: Electrik Trice Hair stylist: Laura Milo Make-up Ar tist: Olga Pirmatova Model: Bostyn Sirovina Model: Jason Lawless Jewelr y: Haute Baubles

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Model- Olivia Chouinard of Option Model and Media Photographer- Travis Geny www.travisgeny.com Makeup, Hair, Wardrobe- Olivia Chouinard

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MUA/ Hair/ Model: Morgan O’Morrow Photography: John Agcaoili

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YO U N G & RESTLESS Model- Kim Cozzens Stylist- Charmaine Adrina Cinematographer-:Alex Bauzon Set Design- John Nguyen Photographer- John Agcaoili Makeup- Ivadell Vida Hair- Mar y Craig

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Votive Magazine: Issue Four: Dramatic Flair  

Votive goes international with artists from Canada, England and Portugal as well as some of your California favorites. Print Version: http:...

Votive Magazine: Issue Four: Dramatic Flair  

Votive goes international with artists from Canada, England and Portugal as well as some of your California favorites. Print Version: http:...

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