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A DRAGSTER'S DREAM - The Movie has launched on Kickstarter

Independent filmmaker Jean-Daniel Bloesch is seeking funding on Kickstarter for the completion of his one-hour documentary A DRAGSTER'S DREAM. In the United States, spectacular drag races are both a national sport and the manifestation of a popular subculture. In the midst of the deafening roar of these motorized jousts and the acrid fumes of exhaust and burning tires, a relish for challenge, the passion of victory, solidarity and friendship, but also money, competition and a moderate impact on the environment combine to produce an extraordinary drama at the Mason Dixon Dragway. Leader Press Release - April 1, 2013 - Hagerstown, MD - Jean-Daniel Bloesch is an independent filmmaker, originally from Switzerland, now living in Hagerstown, MD. He has bone producing and directing documentaries for many years. His films won a number of awards and grants. In the U.S., his feature-length documentary DANCE OR TEARS won a Golden Gate Award for Best Network Documentary at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Two years ago, while driving on Route 40 near Boonsboro, Maryland, his attention was drawn to the resounding roars of engines and plumes of smoke rising from the ground. Swerving off the

main road to get a closer look… he came upon the Mason Dixon Dragway. He immediately saw the kind of raw material there for a documentary about drag racing – which isn't just a sport, but also an entrenched piece of Americana. The idea was welcomed by Elmer Wachter – the owner of the racing track – and a crowd of amazingly interesting and friendly racers. The film will not only illustrate the most harrowing moments experienced by drag racers. It will also go behind the scenes, into the private lives of the heroes of this mechanical circus. The racers’ appetite for exploits and their love of the challenge - their disappointments and failures as well - are shared and lived through their personal anecdotes, punctuating the film, and forming a gallery of vivid, dedicated portraits against the backdrop of the most spectacular views of drag races from dawn to night. Filming began in the spring of 2011, and continued through December 2012. The project is now in its post-production phase. Providing the fundraising goals for the last phase are reached, the finished one-hour film is scheduled to be available for distribution in the summer-fall of 2013. Jean-Daniel Bloesch is now seeking support for the completion of this documentary. That is why he just launched the project on Kickstarter is the most powerful viewer-empowered fundraising – or crowd-funding - platform on the web. For both project originators and the supporters, participating in a promising challenge is a win-win opportunity. As compensation for support – based on the amounts pledged - individuals will receive a range of valuable rewards, from their names listed in the film credits, a poster of the movie, a DVD or a Blu-ray disc, a "Dragster's Dream" T-shirt, a personal invitation for two to the premiere, fullseason free entry passes for families of four for spectators, or even full-season free entry passes to Mason Dixon Dragway for racers. For backers, there is no risk at all, because Kickstarter operates on an all-or-nothing funding model where projects must be fully funded — e.g. pledges must reach the targeted total amount officially displayed on the Kickstarter project page. If the goal is not reached by the target date, all existing pledges will be cancelled and no credit cards will be charged. More info is available on

Contact: Jean-Daniel Bloesch - Phone / Fax: +1-240-469-4404 Email:

Dale, World Champion 2010 & 2012

The gate at Mason Dixon Dragway

Burning tires on a hot summer night

The Mason Dixon Dragway in Boonsboro, MD

A 'wheelie' at the starting line

The sound of roaring engines and the smell of burning tires

Filming at the Mason Dixon Dragway

Contact Info Jean-Daniel Bloesch Producer-Director 11126 Parkwood Dr Hagerstown, MD 21742 240-469-4404

A DRAGSTER'S DREAM - The Movie has Launched on Kickstarter  

Independent filmmaker Jean-Daniel Bloesch is seeking funding on Kickstarter for the completion of his one-hour documentary A DRAGSTER'S DREA...

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