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FILMMAKER: I like to explore the more existential interpretations. I feel a lot can be learned about the story after the fact, y’know? JAMES: Doesn’t the story very obviously end with the first one, though? Do you honestly believe it necessitates a sequel? FILMMAKER: Absolutely. The Diary of Anne Frank can only truly be realized in seeing her story after the fact. JAMES: In her death? FILMMAKER: Yes! God! Have you never seen It’s a Wonderful Life? JAMES: Excuse me? FILMMAKER: His trials are an almost perfect mimicry to what we’re talking about! JAMES: I can’t see anyoneFILMMAKER: And you wonder why people shun your opinion! Have you ever heard of true art? James eyes widen at the filmmaker. INT. KMAN STUDIO - LATER A lanky CONTORTIONIST stands with one leg up on the stool. He’s got the microphone pulled close in his hand, facing away from James. CONTORTIONIST: I dunno, it’s early. I mean, I’ll try it. James holds his hand over his microphone. JAMES: (Whispering) Sir! CONTORTIONIST: See, normally you’d inform a contortionist beforehand when you want them to perform. The contortionist begins trying to bend over and push his head behind his leg. JAMES: (Whispering) Sir! It doesn’t matter! It’s radio. He continues to try to bend his body, barely able to put it into any strange positions. CONTORTIONIST: Ugh, my hamstrings suck. Jesus. JAMES: (Whispering) Just tell them you’re doing it! CONTORTIONIST: Agh. I think I pulled something. The contortionist haunches over, stepping away from the microphone. CONTORTIONIST: God damn. I should have known better than to come on this show. JAMES: Excuse me, sir? CONTORTIONIST: I should have known the “everclear literature” guy wouldn’t be prepared for a contortionist or any artist, for that matter. JAMES: A quick commercial break, ladies and gentlemen. James slams a button on his soundboard. JAMES: Sir. I wish you could even begin to fathom how much I wish this town understood art. I didn’t travel half the


Vortex 39 - April Online  
Vortex 39 - April Online  

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