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INT. KMAN STUDIO - LATER A WORLD MUSICIAN is now seated at the stool. She is covered in a loose shaw and other raggedly, gypsy-like clothing. She hacks and strums on a banjo, singing nearly intelligible words every now and again. As her song appears to draw to a close, she begins a poor excuse for a banjo solo. INT. KMAN STUDIO - LATER A MAN is seated at the stool, holding a small book very close to his face. Crammed between the book and his face is the microphone. He reads from the book, his mouth pressing hard into the microphone. MAN: "I work in the wing where children with leukemia are hospitalized," Bruce went on. "Leukemia is a disease that attacks blood cells and prevents them from fighting infections. So, I was thinking – why don’t we dedicate this race to the people at Hope Hospital?" James stares in confusion at the man and takes a drag on his cigarette. He shakes his head slightly, listening to the man drone on through his book. MAN: "I’ve lined up a few sponsors who will help us raise money. That way we can really help the little heroes who fight leukemia every day. We can do it, can’t we, Geronimo?" INT. KMAN STUDIO - LATER An ICE SCULPTOR is on the stool. ICE SCULPTOR: Yeah, this time of year is definitely a bit more quiet for ice sculptors. JAMES: You don’t just simply move to an area with colder temperatures and more of a demand of ice sculptures? ICE SCULPTOR: More demand? JAMES: Well, certainly there are better markets than Northeastern Kansas? ICE SCULPTOR: Oh . . . I don’t really know. JAMES: So, what do you do in the – what did you say – off-season? ICE SCULPTOR: I usually spend my time on the off ramp to Highway 177. JAMES: Sculpting? ICE SCULPTOR: No. Pause. JAMES: What, then? ICE SCULPTOR: I don’t think it’s much of your business. JAMES: Well, I can’t get you to talk about much else. I’m not sure what the point of this interview is. ICE SCULPTOR: Begging for money, if you must know. James lowers his head and rubs his forehead. INT. KMAN STUDIO - LATER A FILMMAKER stands at the microphone, his hands waving around as he speaks.


Vortex 39 - April Online  
Vortex 39 - April Online  

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