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The Moebius Clutch

The Moebius Clutch I am passionate about creating unique leather objects and also deeply care about our natural environment. This is my initial contribution to an upcoming range of holistically designed and hand made artefacts. As a tribute to the Moebius Strip this formed leather clutch makes reference to the circularity and wholeness of life; a never-ending cycle. The sculpted object functions as a purse when embraced by the hand, snugly tucked into concave forms and directed into place by the wrist strap. When away from the body the design stands alone as an intriguing artefact of pure craftsmanship and simple beauty. Volker Koch

Photography by Alejandro Cavallo Leather by Metropolitan Leather

Features of the Moebius Clutch

Moebius inspired wrist band

hot-creased edge

invisible butted hand stitch

hand coloured with water-based dye

concealed thumb release

concave finger depression

magnetic closure vegetable-tanned wet-moulded leather

The Moebius Clutch  

An artefact by Volker Koch

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