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Donna Snow King

D-Day: The Turn of the Tide

“Come as you are” and get swept away by FREE live music in the great outdoors! Bring your picnic lunch and experience theatrical and patriotic favorites as we remember the 80th Anniversary of D-Day with music from Band of Brothers, Schindler’s List, Guys and Dolls, Salute to the Armed Forces, and many more.

Saturday, June 29, 8:00pm

Cumberland Square Park, Bristol, VA FREE ADMISSION

Sunday, June 30, 7:00pm

Leeman Field Park, Pennington Gap, VA FREE ADMISSION

Monday, July 1, 5:00pm & 7:30pm Banner Elk, NC

This concert is part of FORUM at Lees-McRae College. Tickets can be purchased on their website: www.lmc.edu/community/forum.htm

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was Robert Downey Jr. on page 31.
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Snow King


Themonth of June is the month we celebrate Father’s Day. For those of us who no longer have our dad around, it can be a sad time. However, on Father’s Day, I think about what my dad loved to do. He loved working in the garden and, of course, as a child, I wanted to help. I recall once when he was planting in the garden, I asked If I could help. He told me to get the garden hoe. I went to the shed to find it, but it wasn’t there. I went back and told him it wasn’t there. He asked me, “You used it yesterday, didn’t you?” I replied, “Yes.” He asked, “Did you put it back where you got it?” I never answered because I couldn’t remember. He turned around and picked it up where I had left it lying on the ground the day before. Handing me the garden tool, he said in a stern, but not scolding tone, “The lesson here is, if you put things back where you find them, they will always be there when you need them.” I never forgot that. A simple message that I hear whenever I can’t find something that is not in its place.

Moving to our new office has certainly presented the challenge of not finding things in their place. However, we are still settling in and looking forward to preparing for the fast-approaching holiday season in the next few months. It does seem a little early to talk about the holiday season, but the months of June and July are the months we begin to plan promotion, marketing, and look ahead to new book releases scheduled for late fall.

We hope all of you are tuning into our weekly podcast and signing up for our book blog, Bookmarked, which is the name of our podcast as well. Our podcast is centered on book publishing. The format includes different guests, discussions, and information. We are excited about the continued growth of our podcast. We welcome ideas and suggestions for topics.

Another way to keep in the know is by following Voice Magazine for Women and Jan-Carol Publishing online through our websites and social media. With our newly updated JCP link on our website, book purchases are available directly from our website. Sign up for our newsletter, which promotes a “book of the week” at a discounted retail price and free shipping. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and join the fun of the giveaways and other happenings. Email communications@jancarolpublishing.com to receive our newsletter.

We want to say thank you for all your support!

For that special day in June — a day for all dads — from all of us to all of you, Happy Father’s Day!

Thought of the month: “Sometimes we are tested not to show our weakness, but to discover our strengths.” — Success.com

Verse of the month: “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” — Isaiah 40:31 KJV

Celebrating our 20th anniversary! We wouldn’t be here and there without all of you!


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Voice Magazine for Women wants to provide a useful and complete reliable source of information for women and their families. We seek to celebrate women’s successes, and support their growth by defining and recognizing their needs and providing a concentration of resources for them. We want to be that “link” to all women.

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IF YOU OWN IT, CLAIM IT! Beginner’s Inspirational Guide for Women Seeking to Start Their Own JANIE C. JESSEE was written to inspire and encourage women to seek out their destiny. Author Janie Jessee shares simple truths in starting business or pursuing career dream. Presented in uncomplicated terms, quotes, and verses that will enlighten you, encourage you, and inspire you, this book the perfect read for the beginning entrepreneur or the seasoned business woman needing to be uplifted in simple terms. family to receive college degree, Jessee was the first to start and publish women’s monthly magazine in her hometown region. She owns successful book publishing company, Jan-Carol Publishing, and through her work this business and Voice Magazine for Women she hopes to inspire women to grow, to be encouraged, and to find their destinies. Purchase Janie C. Jessee’s books, Woman to Woman: If You Own It, Claim it! ($5 includes free shipping) and Gone Before Breakfast ($10 includes free shipping) www.jancarolpublishing.com or call 423.926.9983
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An Updated Approach

Simultaneously working with adults and children to increase family connection and stability.

Family dinners, library tours, cookie decorating, and water safety classes—these are just a few examples of the many activities members may engage in each month as part of the YW Family Network, a wrap-around services program of YWCA Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Made possible by the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Opportunity Act, this Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) funding is allowing YWCA NETN and SWVA to provide innovative, place-based services to support Tennessee families.

YWCA NETN and SWVA has been a pillar organization in the region since 1943. Capitalizing on the organization’s existing skill sets and long-term success in relationship building, the YW Family Network was born out of a desire to “bridge the gap” between programs and provide a more comprehensive support system for the entire family.

example of results not uncommon to the program outcomes, one family was able to transition to more stable housing and gainful employment from working with their Family Navigator and other community partners. This in turn yielded a reduction in food insecurity for the entire family and improved school attendance for the children.

The YW Family Network team is excited about what’s still to come in 2024. In July, the Sullivan County Health Department will be onsite providing free dental and pediatric screenings to TennCare patients. The Mental Health Association of East TN will be partnering with parents and youth in August to teach mental wellness. October will bring the YW Family Network’s annual Fall Festival, and so much more throughout the rest of the year!

To learn more about the YW Family Network, visit www. ywcatnva.org/family-network/ or email familynetwork@ywcatnva.org to be added to the mailing list for information about upcoming classes, workshops, and events.

“The YW Family Network is not just another program where parents can take a class or get help with utilities,” says project manager Katy Long. “This is a place where families are part of a network of support; a community. Our Family Navigators work closely with each family to help them identify and work toward their unique goals. We walk with them each step of the way, providing guidance, encouragement, and support. We’re here for both the parents and the children simultaneously, not in a pre-prescribed 20-step program, but in a 2-generation, whole-family approach. That’s where the real change happens.”

Real, positive changes have been happening in the YW Family Network. Since the program started in 2023, over 100 men, women, and children have benefited from it. As an

www.voicemagazineforwomen.com | June 2024 | 5 JOIN OUR TEAM WE ARE HIRING CHILDCARE EDUCATORS Visit Our Website: www.ywcatnva.org FULL AND PART TIME POSITIONS PAID SICK LEAVE | VACATION | HOLIDAY EMPLOYER FUNDED RETIREMENT DISCOUNTED CHILDCARE SERVICES DISCOUNTS AT BRISTOL BRIDAL STATION Email resumes to: careers@ywcatnva.org S u p p o r t i v e m e n t o r s f o r S T E A M ( S c i e n c e , T e c h n o l o g y , E n g i n e e r i n g , A r t , a n d M a t h ) b a s e d e m p o w e r m e n t p r o g r a m f o r g i r l s a g e s 8 t o 1 4 y e a r s . AFTERSCHOOL EDUCATORS Passionate about caring for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years while maintaining age appropriate classroom environment, lesson plans and activities

Outdoor Activities Ideal for Summertime

Summer can be a magical season full of fresh air, warm days and nights, blooming flowers, and plenty of opportunities to spend time in the great outdoors. There are so many ways to fill summer days, and people are urged to maximize time spent outdoors during this time of year. Since the sun’s rays can be particularly harmful between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., protective clothing and sunscreen are recommended during this time; otherwise, people can engage in outdoor activities during times when the sun is less potent.

Those seeking some summertime recreation inspiration can consider these activities.

• Family bike ride: Explore trails or bike paths in the area in advance, and then prepare bikes for an excursion. Bicycle riding is a great cardiovascular activity that people of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy. Try flat paths for beginners, and then build up the length and intensity of rides as experience is gained.

• Day at the beach: Some attest there is no more perfect place than the beach on a summer day. The waves lapping the sand, the birds calling in the air, and the sounds of children’s laughter and sunbathers’ chatter all combine to create a relaxing seaside symphony.

• Backyard obstacle course: Construct an obstacle course in the backyard that everyone can try. It can include having to jump through tires; climb a jungle gym; run through a sprinkler; and crawl under a low-hung clothesline. Family members can compete to see who can finish the course in the least amount of time.

• Walk a boardwalk: Those lucky to live near a coast can spend an afternoon or evening strolling the boardwalk, enjoying the various fare and fun activities offered. Many boardwalks have games of chance and small rides for kids. Adults may enjoy the restaurants, bars, and shops. Of course, no trip to a boardwalk is complete without coming home with some saltwater taffy.

• Hike: In a survey of Americans 18 and older conducted by the National Recreation and Park Association, nearly 50 percent said going for a walk or hike was their favorite outdoor summer activity. Hiking requires very little to get started and can produce numerous opportunities to witness nature and get some exercise.

There’s no limit to the ways people can enjoy the great outdoors when the weather warms up.

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Wildlife Humor

Can’t get enough of funny animal videos? They make us laugh and are even therapeutic as they help to reduce stress. Sometimes, just by being outside you can watch the humorous antics of wildlife without having to look for a video.

Squirrels run up and down trees all day long, often chasing each other or looking silly as they zigzag with their crazy movements. They might sit on a limb and stare for long moments, making me wonder if they are sleeping or plotting their next move.

“Hey, let’s both hang upside down at exactly the same height, so we look like a pair of bookends!”

A bird landed on the fishing pole of this little boy statue. Then, another bird landed right above him, like two lookouts climbing the crow’s nest on a sailboat.

The ETSU eagle camera is fascinating, as it allows us to watch the eaglets as they grow from fluffballs to stately birds. These eagles remind me of the movie, “Failure to Launch.” They’re fully grown, but it’s more comfortable to stay. However, tempers are growing short.

“I said get off my limb! I’m tired of looking at you!”

This sea lion swam up on a California beach and barked loudly to announce his arrival. Everyone stepped back as he seemed to pose for the crowd.

“I don’t see any fish out there, do you?”

“No, but let’s make people think they’re seeing double!”

“That’s right, buddy. It took hours in the gym to get a body like this!”

The next time you are outdoors, look around and watch what the birds and wildlife are doing. It might look like they are imitating humans, but actually, they are simply having fun!

{Pam Blair is a former medical librarian and communications manager who gets nervous when she doesn’t have something to read. She loves descriptive writing and has authored and edited a book and numerous other publications. Contact her at pblair919@aol.com.

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AsA Heart Behind Bars: Preparing for The ShawShank RedempTion

the curtain prepares to rise on Barter Theatre’s latest production, The Shawshank Redemption, an intricate journey begins beyond the footlights and into the foothills of Tennessee. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, Artistic Producing Director Katy Brown leads the cast and crew on an exploration of Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary, seeking not just the echoes of its storied past, but the beating heart of humanity behind its walls. Driven by a desire to understand and to empathize they delve into the depths of history and culture — weaving personal experience from the past and present into the fabric of their performance.

“Back in the fall when (scenic designer) Derek Smith and I began talking about designs for The Shawshank Redemption, I was driving down the highway and saw this big billboard that said ‘Museum. Distillery. Restaurant. Penitentiary’ and I thought, that can’t all be in the same place, what is that?” Brown begins. “I found that Brushy Mountain Penitentiary (in Petros, TN) had become a museum.”

The infamous Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary was once a high-security state prison, much like what Shawshank would have been like, run from 1896 to 2009.

“You can go up and tour the prison, and down below there are other facilities,” Brown said. “But the part that is so meaningful is you are in one of the most beautiful valleys I’ve ever seen in my entire life and you have this fortress in the middle of it where there has been so much human suffering. There’s this juxtapo-

sition between how dark and terrible the inside of the prison is and how awe-inspiringly beautiful it is when you walk outside — it does something to you.”

Brown said that she and Smith had a vision for the direction of the show and the scenery prior to visiting Brushy Mountain, however, that vision shifted a bit once they experienced being behind the walls of the prison.

“When you’ve got the beautiful material that is the novella The Shawshank Redemption, and all the images that you get from that, and then you go and you’re actually in that space, it affected the texture I imagined. It didn’t just affect the texture of the set, but how 3-Dimensional I wanted these people to be,” Brown said. “It really affected the way we are thinking about light. The light in that place is so fascinating. There’s incredible gorgeous light and then you step inside and it’s immediate darkness — it’s so striking.”

Brown explained that the reason she wanted to take the cast and crew to Brushy was to get a sense of the way it feels and to see what it was like being inside the cold walls of a prison.

“There were some things that fit the image that was in our head and some things that were surprising,” she said. “I wanted them to get that same feeling. We had two tour guides, one had been incarcerated at Brushy Mountain for years, and the other used to be a guard at the prison.

Because we have both inmates and guards in our cast, they were able to ask questions of the guides and hear from people who really lived there what it was like.”

The Shawshank Redemption runs June 15 – August 17 on Gilliam Stage. Content Advisories: (IL, SV, V) — This play is set in a maximum security prison and includes strong profanity, violence, and a theatricalization of sexual assault.

For more information, please visit https://bartertheatre. com/big-shows/the-shawshank-redemption/

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it’s not too late to Plant a Garden

If you are like me, it’s already June and you have no flowers or veg -tables planted, but there’s no need to fret. It is not too late to start. June brings heat, bugs, and less rain which makes for a little work but no more than fighting off spring bugs, cute but hungry animals, cold snaps, and heavy drowning rains.

Plenty of gardeners like to get their plants in the ground early in the spring. There are many benefits to doing this. Plants like peas and lettuce grow better in the cooler weather. It also helps get a head start on some long-growing plants such as broccoli. Others want to be able to harvest earlier in the season.

Many will tell you for our area to wait until after Mother’s Day to plant. This helps avoid frosts and late freezes. Planting later gives gardeners time to strengthen seedlings, find late spring plant sales, and amend the soil to make sure it has lots of healthy nutrients to grow this year’s harvest.

Whether you started early or now, you can still have a lovely, flourishing garden.

Here are a few Helpful hints wHen starting a little later in the season.

• Use seedlings instead of seeds if possible. Cucumbers will pop up in less than a week from seeds but tomatoes take weeks to get big and sturdy.

• Check the plant tag or seed packet for the days until harvest. Then count forward to ensure it is before the first frost in your area. Zone 7 averages around October 15 for the first frost.

• Be prepared for destructive pests. Aphids and slugs are the worst for seedlings.

• Bugs like to munch on gardeners too so watch for ticks and mosquitoes.

• Sometimes a hungry bunny will unwittingly take out a seedling while they are in their grazing trance. Install barriers like wire around your plants until they are established.

• Small plants and seeds need water to establish roots deep under the soil. Try to keep a schedule for a couple of weeks. If it hasn’t rained in several days, water the soil around the plants and seeds.

some plants and seedlings tHat will start well now are:

• Tomatoes

• Potatoes

• Flower annuals

• Vegetable and flower perennials

• Peppers

• Cucumbers — seeds or plants

• Zucchini — seeds or plants

• Squash — seeds or plants

• Small pumpkins if planted in full sun

• Small melons if planted in full sun

www.voicemagazineforwomen.com | June 2024 | 9 RENOVATION & CONSTRUCTION Residential & Commercial Building & Remodeling Seamless Guttering OFFICE: 423.968.5344 CELL: 423.340.1626 ® DANNY HENSLE Y, CONTRACTOR Licensed Class A & B Contrac tor VA & TN & Insured Since 1998 (CALL/ TEXT
the outdoors
Hensley works as an office manager and is an avid gardener, writer, and greenhouse hobbyist. April loves
and is
sionate about animal welfare and the environment. She can be reached at aprils1105@embarqmail.com.


From third-generation house mover to TV star to published author, Texas native Donna Snow King has truly done it all.

Growing up, Donna knew she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father, H.D. Snow, and grandfather, C.A. Snow, and become a house mover. “Understanding this way of life began with my Papaw Snow, then my daddy,” she said. “It made perfectly good sense to me, and deep down in my heart, I always knew I wanted to carry it on. Daddy worked a lot of long, hard days, weeks, and months, oftentimes missing a school play or games after school. Sure, it hurt knowing he couldn’t be there, but we knew why. He was making a better life for all of us.”

Donna said she helped with her father’s business on weekends and during the summer so that she could learn the business “from the ground up.”

“Daddy had a way of turning work into fun, and when you are having fun, you tend to pay closer attention,” Donna said.

She cites her father as the main inspiration for choosing the career of house moving, noting that he always encouraged and supported her. “Daddy taught me I could be or do anything I thought I was big enough to do,” she said. “And even though we were in somewhat more modern times as I was growing up, it was still a long road with many uphill battles being a woman in a male-dominated industry.”

Donna’s Papaw Snow began the family’s house moving business in 1942. When asked what she’s learned about herself during her time moving houses, she said the experience taught her not to walk away from a challenge. “It also taught me to lend

a helping hand when I was able,” she said. “I definitely know my daddy taught me through his actions and words to have a good work ethic.”

But Donna’s adventures don’t end with house moving. Fast forward a few years, and Donna became a main cast member on the hit reality series Texas Flip N Move, a professional home renovation show on DIY Network. The show aired its first episode in 2014; Donna was a part of it from the beginning.

“Filming Texas Flip N Move was something I had never dreamed of before,” Donna said. “As a matter of fact, being on TV was the furthest thing from my mind — and to think, it all started with a phone call. The man on the other end of the phone had a strange accent, and to be honest, I thought it was Randy, who played the Lone Wolf on the show. He often called and tried to talk like he had different accents and wanted a quote on moving a house.”

Thinking the man on the phone was her friend, Randy, Donna said she went along with everything the man said. “The man wanted to discuss a possible TV show,” Donna said, “a show built around house moving, saving houses from landfills, fixing them up, and auctioning them off. After a conversation lasting about an hour or so, thinking I had just pulled the wool over Randy’s eyes, I hung up the phone. I started laughing. As I was walking back to the front office, who do you think was sitting in the front office? It was Randy! I quickly figured out the phone call was for real and not a prank.”

Donna said the rest is history. “The best memories of filming the show were not only getting to work with a great production company and crew, but also, undoubtedly, getting to create these wonderful memories with my family — an experience very few ever get to do, but I did. For that, I am forever grateful.”

Donna starred in Texas Flip N Move with her sister, Toni, and the two were dubbed the “Snow Sisters” on the show. Donna’s brother, Gary, was also a cast member.

The show inspired Donna’s latest adventure — her very first book.

Snow Much Love: A Collection of Family Stories was released in November, and Donna said she was inspired to write down her many life adventures after members of the production crew on Texas Flip N Move suggested she write down her many “interesting sayings.”

10 | June 2024 | www.voicemagazineforwomen.com

“From the first day we started filming, it seemed like every time I opened my mouth, someone in the production crew would stop and ask, ‘What did you just say?’ Actually, it never dawned on me that people found my ‘sayings’ interesting. I guess I figured that everyone talked this way, but I figured out really fast that they didn’t. Several people suggested I put the sayings on T-shirts, which I did not want to do. Then, someone suggested I should at least write them down, so I did.”

Donna said that once she began writing down her sayings, she realized that each one had a story behind it. “The stories were from my family, some dating all the way back to my great-grandparents,” she said. “So, that is what I started doing — writing my sayings down along with the stories of where I first heard them and what was happening at the time.”

Donna said that thinking of herself as a published author still feels strange. “I think my little ‘pea brain’ thought I had to either be a house mover or an author,” she said. “Then, all of a sudden, one day, it dawned on me that I can be both at the same time.”

Donna acknowledges that she has had many wonderful experiences and adventures in her life so far, adding that one of her greatest accomplishments remains being recognized in a male-dominated industry such as house moving. “That would

top that list for sure,” she said. “But I am most excited about this journey of writing books!”

Donna’s advice to young women hoping to pursue their dreams — whether that dream is to write a book or go into a family business — is to never give up. “Never stop following your dream,” Donna said. “Take every stumbling block thrown at you and turn it into a stepping stone. Follow the path you want to and not what someone else tells you.”

When asked about plans for the future, Donna said she is currently “working with high school rodeo youth and bringing awareness and help to the military and veteran community — not to mention my ham radio adventures.”

In addition, Donna will continue to move houses with her sister and brother. “I intend to continue to follow my heart on different paths,” she said. “At the same time, I plan to write more. There is a lot in my heart and mind that I would love to put down on paper.”

Snow Much Love: A Collection of Family Stories can be purchased through Jan-Carol Publishing’s website, www.jancarolpublishing. com, as well as through Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s websites. The book’s accompanying audiobook is scheduled for release this month and will be narrated by Donna.

(Photographs Contributed)

The Snow Sisters,

www.voicemagazineforwomen.com | June 2024 | 11
Toni (left) & Donna (right)

Great Grilling Gifts for Dad

Grilling is a convenient way to impart flavor in various foods and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine along the way. Many people work hard to hone their grilling skills, including many of the individuals on Father’s Day shopping lists. Grilling is an opportunity for dads to flex their culinary muscles and deliver plenty of flame-licked foods.

Various organizations that specialize in grilling have found that men are twice as likely to grill compared to women. Therefore, gifts that cater to dads’ grilling gusto can be ideal this Father’s Day.

Create a Personal Price Plan™

• BBQ grill tools: Every grill master needs a quality set of tools to do the job. Ultimate grilling kits often come complete with a spatula, fork, tongs, heat-resistant gloves, skewers, and additional grilling gear.

• Digital food thermometer: Cooking food to the correct internal temperature is vital for safety and flavor. Various food thermometers are on the market, but ones that can remain in the food and then send temperatures back to an app via Bluetooth can keep grillers apprised of the cooking progress minute-by-minute.

• Engraved cutting board: Laser-engraved cutting boards can be customized with special messages or monograms so that Dad will feel extra special serving up his grilled feast.

• Premium wood chunks: Foods can be enhanced with extra flavor when grill masters utilize wood during cooking. Put together a gift package with woods like hickory, apple, and maple.

Sheila Wandell CLU® ChFC®

Bus: 423-722-AUTO www.sheilawandell.net

• Smoker: Expand Dad’s outdoor setup by buying him a smoker. Smokers enable low-and-slow cooking and are ideal for making briskets, pork roasts, and ribs. Some smokers come as combination models that have a grill on one side and a smoker box on the other.

• Meat grinder: Whether it’s a free-standing appliance or an attachment for a stand mixer, a meat grinder enables a person to make his own custom blends of ground meats to use in burgers or sausages. This allows full control over the quality of the meat cuts used.

• Personalized grill mat: This type of mat will add a personal touch to the grilling area. These mats look good, and many are made with anti-slip backing to ensure they stay in place. Standing on the mat can be more comfortable than standing on concrete or pavers.

Dad deserves the best for Father’s Day. For men who enjoy manning the grill, grilling accessories can heat up gift-giving.

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Prices vary by state. Options selected by customer; availability and eligibility may vary. State Farm, Bloomington, IL Call, click or stop by.
Agent 2313 Browns Mill Road Johnson City, TN 37604-1961

Sweet Dairy Treats to Share with Dad

No Churn Sweet Cream Ice Cream

16 ounces heavy cream or heavy whipping cream pinch salt

2 Tablespoons powdered sugar

6 ounces (approximately half a can) sweetened condensed milk

1. Place the cream, salt, and powdered sugar in a large, deep mixing bowl or the bowl of your stand mixer. Using a whisk or the whisk attachment on your mixer, begin beating the cream until you reach medium peaks.

2. Medium peaks have a similar appearance to cool whip. The cream should be glossy and fuffy and cling to the whisk if you invert it. The peak of the cream will fall over as gravity pulls on it. This is the point you are attempting to reach before continuing. This stage takes about 3 to 4 minutes to reach when whipping by hand. It may require less time if using a mixer at high speed.

3. Add the sweetened condensed milk to the bowl. Using the whisk or mixer, continue whipping the cream until you have arrived at the stiff peak stage.

4. Stiff peaks are a bit sturdier than the medium peak stage. When you invert the whisk from the bowl of cream upwards, the cream should adhere to the whisk and the peak should stand up without

falling. If you are unsure, simply stop when your ice cream base looks like whipped cream that could be spooned on top of dessert and hold its shape.

5. Transfer the ice cream base to an ice cream freezing container or a loaf pan lined with parchment paper to prevent sticking. Allow the base to freeze for at least 8 hours or overnight.


Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Yields 1 Quart

1 quart fresh strawberries, hulled and quartered

3/4 cup granulated sugar, divided

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

6 ounces of cream cheese, at room temperature

3/4 cup whole milk

1/2 cup heavy cream

2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

2 tablespoons light corn syrup

1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

4 whole graham crackers, chopped

1. Preheat the oven to 300°F. Line a large-rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.

2. Toss the strawberries with 1/4

cup sugar and the balsamic vinegar. Spread strawberries into one even layer on the prepared baking sheet and roast for about 30 minutes, or until the strawberries have darkened in color, are soft, and their juices have released. Transfer the strawberries and juices to a medium bowl and mash until only small pieces of fruit remain. Cover and refrigerate the strawberries until chilled, about 1 hour.

3. Meanwhile, in the bowl of a blender or food processor, puree the remaining ice cream ingredients, except the graham crackers, until smooth. Transfer to a medium bowl and press plastic wrap against the surface. Chill in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, or up to 1 day.

4. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker. Freeze according to the manufacturer’s directions. During the 5 last minutes of freezing, gradually add the roasted strawberries and graham crackers.

5. Transfer the ice cream to an airtight container, press plastic wrap against the ice cream, and freeze until firm and flavor is ripened, at least 2 hours.

Source: handletheheat.com/strawberry-cheesecake-ice-cream/

Looking for more ways to make homemade ice cream?

Check out this article from Handle the Heat with Tessa Aria: https://handletheheat.com/how-to-make-ice-creamwithout-a-machine/

www.voicemagazineforwomen.com | June 2024 | 13

New Storybook Trail Unveiled in Jonesborough to Encourage Literacy, Promote Healthy

Tennessee’s oldest town has turned the page with a new Storybook Trail.

Designed to encourage literacy, promote healthy living, and inspire stewardship of the natural world, the special trail opened last month at Jimmy Neil Smith Park, three acres of wooded land located behind the International Storytelling Center on West Main Street in historic downtown Jonesborough.

The unique trail is a perfect pairing with the 18 th century town, highly regarded as the “Storytelling Capital of the World.” Both the Jonesborough Repertory Theatre and the soon-to-open Jackson Theatre are located across the street from the International Storytelling Center headquarters.

The trail features pages from the book, Everyone Has a Story to Tell , on display in individual cases throughout the park along the walking path. The book is written by local authors Rebecca Isbell and Marilyn Buchanan, with illustrations by Jonesborough’s own Bill Bledsoe.

According to a press release from the Town of Jonesborough, the trail would not have been possible without a “great number of volunteer hours on the part of devoted community members who are engaged in investing in the Jonesborough community and increasing the quality of life of its citizens.”

The trail is a collaboration between the Friends of Jimmy Neil Smith Park, the International Storytelling Center, and the Town of Jonesborough. Funding for the Storybook Trail

Living, and More

was provided by Jonesborough residents Harold and Nancy Dishner, and it was inspired by a program begun by the Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation.

As an educator, Nancy is “devoted to providing opportunities for children and families to engage in literacy development and enjoyable educational activities,” according to the press release.

The Dishners chose Everyone Has a Story to Tell as the first book because it “centers on Jonesborough’s storytelling tradition, teaches the reader the importance of knowing their own and others’ stories, and was written and illustrated by beloved Jonesborough residents,” the release states.

The trail’s featured book will be changed seasonally, providing opportunities for families to visit the park regularly and always find something new to read with their children.

An unveiling of the Storybook Trail was held on May 11 at the park, during which the community met with the book’s authors and enjoyed refreshments. A belated grand opening celebration is planned later this summer, according to the International Storytelling Center.

14 | June 2024 | www.voicemagazineforwomen.com

Houser Shoes:

Father and Family Leave a Legacy

Houser Shoes is celebrating 50 years in business — a business where family and putting the customer first is key to the company’s lasting legacy.

Gary Houser, founder of the company, began his career in shoes working for the International Shoe Corporation while attending college in Charlotte, N.C. There, he worked part-time in stock and sales, selling shoes for women, men, and children. After a time, he was promoted to assistant manager.

Gary was eventually offered the manager position at Phillip Shoes in the Charlottetown Mall. He was relocated several times to manage stores, including Asheville, N.C., and Charleston, W.Va. After working his way up, he was transferred back to Charlotte as district manager of the International Shoe Company — the store where his shoe career began.

Here, Gary learned what would become the motto for all Houser Shoes stores: “Customers are the most important people in any business.”

In 1973, Gary was able to buy into a three-store lease operation with a few partners. This department store, Bon Marché, was located in Asheville, and after having success, Gary knew it was time to venture out on his own.

Fast forward to 1976, and the very first Houser Shoes opened its doors in Gastonia, N.C. In 2000, Gary and his daughter, Beth, opened GB Shoe Warehouse, one of the Southeast’s largest shoe stores.

Twisting the Truth

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil” – Matthew 4:1 KJV

Our eyes often play tricks on us. One day, when my daughter was younger, she was looking through a bag of candy and burst out in elation when she pulled out a “Health” bar. That’s right, a “Health” bar. She was so excited that candy could be healthy that she was ready to consume it in an instant. Of course, the truth was that it was really a Heath™ bar, a chocolate-covered toffee treat. Although I’m sure the makers of the candy would love for consumers to believe the treat was in fact, healthy, the truth was just the opposite.

In Matthew 4, we see Jesus handle this type of deception. After forty days of fasting and solitude in the wilderness, Satan

Around this same time, Houser Shoes began selling their products online and developed an online store. In 2004, the website, www.housershoes.com, was launched. Despite the lack of face-to-face interaction when buying shoes online, Gary has always kept the same philosophy in mind — always putting the customer first.

Today, there are around 150 people employed with the company. Houser Shoes, along with GB Shoe Warehouse and GB Shoes, forms a ten-store operation that has become one of the Southeast’s largest independent retailers.

Gary still owns and operates the company to this day, with the help of his daughter, Beth, and his son, Scott, keeping the store in the family.

“We are a small company that believes in making our people feel special,” the Houser Shoes website states. “We realize that our staff is the backbone of our existence and that our customers have faces and names, not just numbers.”

To learn more about Houser Shoes, visit their Kingsport store located at 1525 E. Stone Drive, or call them at 423-247-6002. For the full family story, visit their Facebook page @Houser Shoes Kingsport.

arrives to tempt Him with three very basic desires: food, material possessions, and power.

Knowing that Jesus was hungry, Satan suggested, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” His answer came directly from Scripture. “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'” (Deuteronomy 8:3)

The second invitation came after Satan took Jesus to Jerusalem, to the highest point of the Temple. “The Devil goaded him by quoting Psalm 91: ‘He has placed you in the care of angels. They will catch you so that you won’t so much as stub your toe on a stone.'” I love what follows. Jesus again quotes directly from Deuteronomy, “Don’t you dare test the Lord your God.”

The last temptation gave Jesus the offer of material wealth and power if, and only if, He would bow down and worship Satan. Jesus curtly replied, “Away from me Satan! For it is written, ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only!'”

Satan is described throughout Scripture as the Deceiver, that crafty old serpent, and the Father of Lies who comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. What is our best weapon to fight against him? It is the Word of God. 2 Timothy 3:16 says, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness…” The catch is that we must know it to be able to use it. Today, when the opportunity to believe a twisted truth presents itself, look again. It may not really be as “healthy” as it looks. www.homeword.com

www.voicemagazineforwomen.com | June 2024 | 15

“Love when your car doesn’t start, and the only few people who helped were a stranger, a friend, and an ex while everyone else ignored your calls...”

My grandson recently wrote this on his FB page, reminding me of a story I have read many times. A fellow was stuck on his rooftop in a flood. He was praying to God for help. Soon, a man in a rowboat came by and shouted at the man on the roof, “Jump in. I can save you.”

The stranded fellow shouted back, “No, it’s OK. I’m praying to God, and he will save me.” So, the rowboat went on.

Then, a motorboat came by. The fellow in the motorboat shouted, “Jump in, I can save you.”

The stranded man said to this, “No thanks, I’m praying to God, and he is going to save me. I have faith.” So, the motorboat went on.

Then, a helicopter came by, and the pilot shouted, “Grab this rope, and I will lift you to safety.”

The stranded man again replied, “No thanks, I’m praying to God, and he is going to save me. I have faith.” So, the helicopter reluctantly flew away.

Soon, the water rose above the rooftop and the man drowned. He went to Heaven. He finally got his chance to discuss this whole situation with God, at which point he exclaimed, “I had faith in you, but you didn’t save me; you let me drown. I don’t understand why!”

God replied, “I sent you a rowboat, a motorboat, and a helicopter. What more did you expect?”

Sometimes, we need to be reminded that there is help around us if we pay attention and that God answers our prayers unexpectedly for a reason.

I’ve been struggling for a while with a condition called Tennis Elbow. That doesn’t mean I’ve been playing too much tennis. Tennis elbow is a painful condition caused when the tendons in your elbow are overloaded, usually by repetitive motions of the wrist and arm. I’ve had cortisone shots in my right elbow

many times, but the pain keeps coming back. Recently, the pain became so severe that I bought a battery-operated toothbrush because I couldn’t brush my teeth. It hurt to lift the toothbrush to my mouth.

One morning, in despair, I prayed and asked God to please heal my elbow, to remove the pain, whatever it took. “I have so much to do, God, I complained. I can’t do it with this arm hurting me so much!”

That day, I went to the store to purchase a case of bottled water that weighed about 30 pounds. I stood there with my hands on either side of the case when a voice said, “Ma’am, let me get that for you.”

I turned and looked, and a vast guy was standing beside me. He reached down, picked up the case, placed it in my buggy, and walked away as I said, “Thank you.”

After I checked out, I pushed the buggy outside to the car and was preparing to lift the case out of the cart when an older man walked beside me and said, “Can I lift that for you?”

He placed the case in my trunk, smiled, and walked away. When I sat down in my car, I felt so grateful. My arm still hurt, but these two individuals had not only lifted my heavy case but also a load from my heart. Their kindness had soothed my troubled mind.

Later, I decided to go back to the doctor and tell her how severe the pain had become. I even thought about what I would ask her to give me. Instead, she listened patiently, gave me a prescription, and referred me to some physical therapy, and yes, my arm was getting better.

It is easy to tell God how you want your prayer answered, but He knows what else we need. God doesn’t always answer my prayers as I expect, but that doesn’t mean He hasn’t responded to my needs.

I sent my grandson a copy of this story, adding a reminder that it is more important to focus on the people who are there for us rather than those who are not.

{Deana Landers, a retired nurse and health educator, is Christian speaker who strives to educate and encourage. She may be contacted at dlanders1511@gmail.com or 276-780-7355.

16 | June 2024 | www.voicemagazineforwomen.com

Lessons Learned Along the Way

Eight years ago, my debut, YA-novel, Honeysuckle Holiday, was released by Jan-Carol Publishing. Since that time, JCP would publish six additional titles that I penned: another YA novel, a novel for MG readers, two chapbooks, and two early chapter readers. My pride and gratitude grew with each publication, as did my humility. But it was the lessons learned along the way that not only opened my eyes to the stark realities of the publishing industry in general, but (and perhaps of most importance) to the intricacies of marketing and promotion. For most writers, this last concern weighs heavy and costly. At some point, writers come to realize that while the ability to tell a good story that resonates with readers is certainly important and, to some extent can be learned, it’s a craft that is gifted as much as the gift of composing music or laying brush strokes on a canvas.

That’s the good news. But it’s the flip side of that coin that brings myriad challenges.

Writers are not marketers. They’re not promoters. They’re not PR professionals. They’re writers. Marketers, promoters, and PR professionals are just that: professionals. And their services are costly. For writers to assume that they are marketers, promoters, and PR professionals is absurd and, to be honest, the assumption is offensive. But in today’s highly competitive publishing industry, like it or not (and we don’t), it is crucial to the success of our work that we find ways to embrace the marketing and promotion of our work, even though it’s a bit like walking through a darkened room and feeling our way around.

It’s not enough to tell a good story. It’s not enough to have an appealing cover design. It’s not enough to be proud of our work. Each of those is a mere spoke on a bicycle wheel. It’s the core that matters. And the core is getting our work into

the hands of as many readers as possible. It sounds simple, but it’s anything but that.

We must first recognize that we can only do what we can do. And with the knowledge that 80% of all books read come from referrals, we hold tight to that domino effect. We must take the initiative to visit libraries and schools. We must accept invitations and seek out opportunities for book signing events. We must approach independently owned bookstores. We must build and build (and build) an impressive email list. We must consider freelance work in order to keep our name in the news. We must engage on social media. We must actively ask for reviews. And even if we’ve checked every single one of these boxes, there is no guarantee of financial success—none. In the end, we could do everything right and still come up short. It is at that point when we must ask ourselves, “Why do I write?” And the answer that wells up in your heart will either move you forward or invite you to close the door, softly and with the strongest of convictions.

www.voicemagazineforwomen.com | June 2024 | 17
{ Kathleen M. Jacobs writes books for young readers. She holds an M.A. in Humanistic Studies and divides her time between the Appalachian region and NYC. PHOTO BY ELLA DILLON


The Mitchellgoshes: Party in the Wishing Well (Book 2)

Written by Retta West

Illustrated by Grayson Campbell

The Mitchellgoshes are back. They are getting ready for their biggest adventure yet, and yes, our sweet friend the pink pig is back with new friends of her own. Can’t wait. See ya soon.

Online readers: click here to order.

The Green Knight: A Fairy Tale & A True Story

Written by Anna L. Sobol

Illustrated by Blake Marsee

Candisi Avita loves being a Green Knight. But when she must choose a different path, she finds a new adventure that changes her life forever.

Online readers: click here to order.

Abramo’s Gift

Written by Donald Greco

Abramo’s Gift is a family saga and love story that takes place in Youngstown, Ohio, in 1920. A disheartened, young, Italian widower, an immigrant named Abramo Cardone, arrives in Youngstown to work in one of the steel mills there. At the time, the small city seethed with ethnic strife between Italian and Irish immigrants because they were forced to underbid each other for low-paying jobs in the mills. Amid this turmoil, Abramo saves the life of an Irish girl who has been raped by two members of a vicious local Irish gang called the Hannons. Abramo is also injured in the rescue, and his life is saved, in turn, by a little orphaned street urchin who hides him from the same gang. All the people in Abramo’s life interact in this story to unite him, the Irish girl, and the little girl who saved his life. It is a multifaceted love story.

Online readers: click here to order.

Surprises Are Okay, Secrets Are Not

Written by Justin Shepherd

In Surprises Are Okay, Secrets Are Not, follow Logan, Victoria, and Sophia on a journey of friendship, trust, and doing what’s right. These three friends share everything until Logan discovers a troubling secret. As he grapples with his promise to keep quiet, Victoria learns from her mother: surprises bring joy, but secrets can harm. Guided by their parents, the trip realizes that secrets have no place among friends. They vow to always speak up when something feels wrong, while also learning a crucial lesson: adults should never ask kids to keep secrets.

Online readers: click here to pre-order.

Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc. is a small independent publishing press with a motivated force of authors. Mountain Girl Press, Little Creek Books, Express Editions, DigiStyle, Broken Crow Ridge, Fiery Night, Skippy Creek, and RoseHeart Publishing are all imprints of Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.

Ancestral Travels: Learning My German Heritage

Written by Joye Cantrell

What do you know about your ancestors? What was their home like? How did they make their living? What shaped their values? How are you like them and why did they leave their homeland? The author tries to answer these questions about her German ancestors from Ladbergen, Germany in this historical memoir of her ancestral village. Research was conducted through family genealogies, ship records, and histories of life in Ladbergen. The author uses impressionistic art to recreate typical life on a small German farm in the 1800s. Traditional cottage industries and farm life are shared through illustrations and simple descriptions.

Online readers: click here to pre-order.

Life is Lemonade with Peaches and Cream

Written by Frechia Glass Collins Winchell

In this follow-up sequel to Great Granny and Her Yucky Old Cat, a young girl begins to realize life is not always peaches and cream. Now thirteen going on fourteen, Molly is not a little girl anymore, but not quite a woman either. This is a very challenging time for a young girl, and if not guided with good and wholesome direction, it can be detrimental. Molly feels as though she’s stuck somewhere in between with all the confusing feelings this age entails. Return with her and her best friend, Shelby, to GG’s for more fun outdoor adventures, a highspeed car chase, a runaway horse, and more close calls. There is always good food, laughter, and tears to share! Molly meets new friends to fall in love with along the way.

Don’t miss the sweet surprise ending!

Online readers: click here to pre-order.

Cloth and Dagger

Written by John H. Hilton

Murder, passion, and intrigue follow the Reverend Michael Brandon as he attempts to redeem his life with a new career in the Church. This story is about how the most gifted of us fall prey to the contradictions in our own characters. As he excels in his vocation, Brandon is both rewarded and haunted by demons that tend to particularly torment the man of passion.

Online readers: click here to pre-order.

18 | June 2024 | www.voicemagazineforwomen.com Jan-Carol Publishing Books www.Jancarolpublishing.com www.Amazon.com www.Barnesandnoble.com
every story needs a book
Wri t by Retta West back. their biggest sweet friend the of her own. soon. Party in the Wishing Well G ayson Campbell Book 2 story that takes place disheartened, young, Italian Cardone, arrives in mills there. At the time, between Italian and Irish underbid each other for turmoil, Abramo saves the two members of Hannons. Abramo is also in turn, by little from the same gang. All story to unite him, the life. It is multifaceted early 20th century, fought for survival clashes and love that This is a wonderful were experienced A Abramo’s Gift DONALD GRECO What do you know about your ancestors? What was their home like? How did they make their living? What shaped their values? How are you like them and why did they leave their homeland? The author tries to answer these questions about her German ancestors from Ladbergen, Germany in this historical memoir of her ancestral village. Research was conducted through family genealogies, ship records, and histories of life in Ladbergen. The author uses impressionistic art to recreate typical life on small German farm in the 1800s. Traditional cottage industries and farm life are shared through illustrations and simple descriptions. Ancestral Travels is the product of family research and hobbies of retired high school teacher. Joye Cantrell is graduate of Appalachian State University and California State University of San Bernardino. Cantrell holds teaching degrees in home economics and science. She had the pleasure of teaching culinary arts and environmental science to students in Rialto, California for 30 years. She is currently residing in Rogersville, TN with her husband, Steven Cantrell, and their fur baby, Mimi. Ancestral Travels Learning My German Heritage Vo ume 1 Joye Cantrell Ancestral Travels Learning My German Heritage V ume 1 Perfect Bound Cover Template “Just as Michael Brandon’s new career as an Episcopal priest begins, the community is rocked by a series of murders. Power, corruption, and intrigue envelop Michael as he navigates through the twists and turns coming at him from all sides, culminating in an ending even he would never have imagined.” A Cloth and Dagger is an explosive look inside the lives of the old money, blue bloods of Virginia. The affluent are often envied, but one should be careful of what they wish for as the seemingly perfect lives of the rich and powerful are frequently filled with unimaginable secrets. John Hilton has unraveled fascinating web of deceit.” — M G A M O K S C D Murder, passion, and intrigue follow the Reverend Michael Brandon as he attempts to redeem his life with a new career in the Church. This story is about how the most gifted of us fall prey to the contradictions in our own characters. As he excels in his vocation, Brandon is both rewarded and haunted by demons that tend to particularly torment the man of passion. John Hilton is a Novelist and Historian. His writing and research interests include the History and Literature of Renaissance Europe, and British and American History and Literature, with a particular emphasis on the English Novel. John lives in Arlington, Virginia, where he grew up. C l o t h and D a gge r

Juneteenth, is a federal holiday in the United States. It is celebrated annually on June 19 to commemorate the ending of slavery.

• President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. While this was an important step toward enslaved individuals receiving their freedom, the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment after the conclusion of the Civil War in 1865 officially abolished slavery. On June 19, 1865, enslaved Africans living in Texas finally received news of their freedom, prompting a celebration and marking the unofficial beginning of Juneteenth.

• Juneteenth celebrations often feature music, prayer services, fun activities, and barbecues. When Black people migrated to other states, they brought their celebratory traditions with them.

Saturday, June 8, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Book Signing at Food City Virginia Avenue, TN

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

every story needs a book


Appalachian Authors Guild

Tuesday, June 11, the Appalachian Authors Guild will conduct a Board Meeting/ Workshop at Virginia Highlands Small Business Incubator, 852 French Moore Jr Blvd, Abingdon, VA. A program, “How AI Is Affecting Writing” will be presented by J.C. Schweingrouber from 1 pm to 3 pm. All are welcome to attend.

Frechia Glass Collins Winchell Great Granny and Her Yucky Old Cat and Life is Lemonade with Peaches and Cream

Saturday June 29, 4 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Watermelon Crawl Festival 119 S Spencer St, Duncan, SC, 29334

Linda Hudson Hoagland

The Lindsay Harris Murder Mystery Series, The Best Darn Secret; and anthologies Easter Lilies; Broken Petals; Wild Daisies; Scattered Flowers; Daffodil Dreams; and These Haunted Hills: A Collection of Short Stories Books 1-5

Saturday, June 1, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Book Signing at Food City Clintwood, VA

Sunday, June 2, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Book Signing at Big Walker Lookout Wytheville, VA

Friday, June 7, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Book Signing at Food City Damascus, VA

Book Spotlight:

Honor Juneteenth with Road to Reconciliation... and Beyond: Unlikely Friends Become Brothers by Charles H. Norman. Though on the cusp of national music stardom in 1960, young singer Mark Prince faced prejudice and racial discrimination in his small Texas hometown. His way of dealing with injustice serves as a template and inspiration for those who desire to live in peace and harmony in our present day.

To Survive Divinity by M.

Appalachian Authors Guild Board Meeting/Workshop

12 p.m. – 1 p.m. Board Meeting

1 p.m. – 3 p.m. J.C. Schweingrouber on “How AI Is Affecting Writing”

Virginia Highlands Small Business Incubator Abingdon, VA

Friday, June 14, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Book Signing – Angel Afghans Patchwork Quilters Jamboree

Graham High School Gym Bluefield, VA

Saturday, June 15, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Book Signing – Angel Afghans Patchwork Quilters Jamboree

Graham High School Gym Bluefield, VA

Tuesday, June 18 GO VOTE!

Friday, June 21, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Book Signing at Food City Marion, VA

Saturday, June 22, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Book Signing at Food City Pulaski, VA

Sunday, June 23, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Book Signing at Big Walker Lookout Wytheville, VA

Friday, June 28, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Book Signing at Food City Bluefield, VA

Saturday, June 29, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Book Signing at Food City Radford, VA

Gay pride or LGBTQ+ pride refers to a worldwide movement and philosophy asserting that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals should be proud of their sexual orientation and gender identity. People can advocate for equal rights and benefits for LGBTQ+ people. Celebrate Pride Month with these authors and books!

Things That Women Do by

www.voicemagazineforwomen.com | June 2024 | 19
Daffodil Dreams "The Tomato Graveyard" short story Steamy Creek "Extra Security" short story

Julia Hurley

In this beautifully illustrated book, a very contrary fairy, a daughter, didn’t want to do the things she was instructed to do. This very contrary fairy sure has a lot to say about what she must do each day. So, with her bad attitude, she decides to run away. She gets lost. She gets scared. Can she get back home? Can she find her way? Her father is so sad. What will he do?

With Father’s Day just around the corner, what better way to show the fathers in your family just how much they are loved and appreciated than by giving them one of these sweet and cozy books to read with the kids?

This selection of children’s books is a great way to encourage father-child bonding as well as a lifelong love of reading!

Justin Shepherd Nikki Burdine Michael G. Grindstaff

Meet Victoria, a curious little girl who wonders why she gets to see her mom’s family but not her dad’s.

Help your child navigate the complexities of family and boundaries with Boundaries It’s a story of love, understanding, and the power of setting healthy limits.

Betty Carver

Live Like Grunt is a story about a yellow lab who gave the Burdine family unconditional love and loyalty for about a dozen years. Grunt was his name and love was his game. Grunt followed the girls wherever they went, did whatever they did, and was always happy to do so. The feeling was mutual. But the girls slowly learned, it was Grunt’s attitude that was worth emulating.

Neil is a boy with an imaginary friend, Langston. As Neil grows older, he loses contact with his friend. Langston has not been forgotten, but will they ever find one another again?

Andrew Searches for a Forever Family tells a story about a little boy named Andrew, a special needs orphan, who is on a journey to find a forever family. This story of adoption is written in poetic form from the view of the adoptive family, as well as the child, expressing the joy of these two becoming one family. We see the patience, labor, and love involved in the process and the joyful ending.

20 | June 2024 | www.voicemagazineforwomen.com Jan-Carol Publishing Books Click on the cover to purchase • www.Jancarolpublishing.com • www.Amazon.com • www.Barnesandnoble.com
Order this book directly from JCP — for a discounted price and FREE shipping in June! Go to the “JCP Book Shop” at www.jancarolpublishing.com.

Originally started by the American Publishers Association, Audiobook Month runs June 1 – June 30 every year. The goal of this celebration is to increase awareness of and engagement in this format. Check out these Audiobooks from Jan-Carol Publishing!

Kevin L. Schewe, MD

Check out Book 1 in the Bad Love Series!

Imagine if you and your friends stumbled across a time machine. You’d have the opportunity to go anywhere you wanted.

Kevin “Bubble Butt” Schafer and his friends, known as the “Bad Love Gang,” embark on a journey to rescue the Jews and Gypsies from the Holocaust using this time machine.

Jenn Sadai

Dark Confessions of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman is a raw and emotional coming-of-age story.

“Ten years ago I was a drug-addicted, chain-smoking thief who willingly stayed in a physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive relationship for several years longer than I should have.”

Too many dark secrets are guarded behind closed doors. It’s time to bust down some doors and make a difference.

Donna Snow King is featured on our front cover this month! She invites you to go along for the ride as she shares experiences through her short stories and lessons learned.

Donna Snow King is a proud, multi-generational Texan, born and raised in Fort Worth. Growing up a third generation house mover, eventually led her to the TV world where she and her sister, Toni, (The Snow Sisters) were introduced to the world. Her Audiobook will be available soon!

Order these books from our JCP website (Jancarolpublishing.com) for free shipping! Click on the cover to purchase or go to “JCP Book Store” at the top of our homepage!

Yesterday’s Books and Tomorrow’s Reading
Books You May Have Missed!
Donna Snow King
Jan-Carol Publishing Books www.Jancarolpublishing.com • www.Amazon.com • www.Barnesandnoble.com
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Now Accepting Your Horror Short Story Submissions

Deadline is June 30, 2024

Bookmarked is a platform designed to highlight and promote authors and books associated with Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc., and beyond. The blog and podcast feature interviews with authors, updates related to JCP events, and other bookish content you won’t find anywhere else.

Bookmarked Interview with Micki Bare

BOOKMARKED: What initially inspired you to start writing?

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MICKI BARE: I’ve always loved writing. My favorite classes were the ones that incorporated writing or grammar. It was my second-grade teacher who noticed how much I loved writing and encouraged me to create stories when I was done early with my assignments. She helped my parents find a collegiate thesaurus for me for Christmas. I still have that now well-worn thesaurus on a shelf in my home office!

Aside from your writing career, you’re also a social studies teacher at a middle school. How would you say teaching students has affected your relationship to writing or what topics you write about?

I’m fortunate to be able to incorporate writing and reading skills and strategies into the social studies curriculum. Teaching is a storytelling platform, especially when it comes to social studies. I’m able to flex cre ative muscles, even with factual events, in the classroom. It keeps me both inspired and fueled for creative expression. So does being around the creativity of students. While it doesn’t affect the topics I write about, it does inspire me to keep writing and creating.

What would you say are the key ingredients to writing a compelling children’s or middle-grade novel?

I believe the stories need to be relatable, fun, engaging, and surprising. The characters and setting may get them hooked, but the plot twists and cliffhangers are what keeps them reading!

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The Benefits of Summertime Fun for Seniors

It’s easy to forget our seniors when spring and summer hits. The kids are out of school. Ballgames, band, soccer—vacation! May through August is almost as busy as January through April. Still, it’s important to remember that your aging parents should be included. There are, of course, those who cannot participate due to health issues, but then there are those who can and would love to be a part of family activities. The misnomer for seniors is that they just can’t do what the family does. That is simply not true. We tend not to take the time to walk a little slower or drive the extra mile to include them. It’s not that families set out to exclude their seniors. We often assume our loved ones won’t want to participate in the activity.

Physically, joy emits laughter, raising moods and encouraging a sense of feeling better. When seniors are feeling better, they are up and moving. Light exercise and walking strengthen muscles and help tight joints move. It improves cardio and encourages the body to respond a bit quicker. Exercise takes the mind off of negative thoughts and worries that may feed depression and anxiety. A walk in the morning sunshine provides much-needed vitamin D and D3 that stimulate cell growth, encourage calcium absorption, and help to boost the immune system.

Plan a little summertime fun for your aging parents. Develop memories, take pictures, and enjoy older adults. Listen to their stories and ask about their memories. You and your children will cherish these things in the years to come. Remember, you won’t have them forever, so make those necessary memories while the opportunity is still available. Not only will you be increasing the health benefits for your loved ones, but you will be doing the same for your families.

Human interaction means so much. We need touch and conversation. We need joy and fun. Take the time to include your seniors in family activities this summer. The benefits far outweigh the negatives.

The benefits of spring and summer activities are huge for our seniors. For starters, spending time with family brings joy, and the benefits of joy can be life-changing. Emotionally, joy brings a sense of contentment, feeling needed, and mental relaxation. Happiness and joy strengthen the brain and speed up the circulatory system, affecting the heart, blood vessels, and blood and lymphatic system. From a medical perspective, joy triggers chemical neurotransmitters that signal nerves and cells and aid in almost every way, from oxygen to blood flow to digestion.

{Cindy K. Sproles is a novelist, speaker, and conference teacher. She is the cofounder of ChristianDevotions.us and the managing editor for Straight Street Books and SonRise Devotionals, imprints of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. Visit Cindy at www.cindysproles.com.

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Notable Issues

Affecting Men’s


Men and women are vulnerable to many of the same diseases, but the prognosis for men is often worse than it is for women. According to WebMD, out of the 15 leading causes of death, men lead women in just about all of them (the lone exception is Alzheimer’s disease). Although it may not be possible to prevent every illness or condition, knowledge of the issues that affect men can encourage them to take a proactive approach to improve their health.

Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is a major issue for men. The American Heart Association suggests that heart disease is likely to remain the world’s leading cause of death. In the United States alone, heart disease is responsible for one in four deaths among men. Half of those individuals have no symptoms to alert them to problems. Health experts at Mercy Medical Center say smoking, obesity, diabetes, physical inactivity, and excessive alcohol consumption contribute to cardiovascular disease. Men should routinely have their blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked, and have frank conversations with doctors about heart disease risk.

Lung cancer

Lung cancer is a significant concern for men. Lung cancer can spread early, usually before it grows large enough to cause symptoms or even show up on diagnostic

testing. WebMD says tobacco smoke causes 90 percent of all lung cancers. Fewer men now die of lung cancer thanks to falling smoking rates, but more work is needed.


More than half a billion people around the world have diabetes, offers the Cleveland Clinic. And the numbers keep growing. Left untreated, high blood sugar levels can lead to heart disease. Lifestyle changes and medications can help people manage diabetes and decrease the risk of disease progression and serious illness.

Prostate cancer

Although the prostate is only the size of a walnut, it is vulnerable as men age. Apart from skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. Although many prostate cancers are slow-growing, others can be aggressive, so abnormalities in health should always be discussed with doctors who can map out a plan and see if treatment is necessary.

Testicular cancer

According to Dr. Daniel Sullivan of the Cleveland Clinic, testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men between the ages 15 and 35. Testicular cancer is very treatable if caught early. The most common sign of testicular cancer is a painless lump in the testicle.

Recognition of issues threatening their overall health can help men take steps to live longer and healthier.

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Healthcare professionals often say the best approach to a healthier lifestyle is one that an individual will stick to. That philosophy reflects that each man is different, but there are some simple daily habits all men might want to consider as they seek to improve their overall health.

• Drink more water. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that drinking enough water each day provides a host of health benefits, including preventing dehydration.

• Eat breakfast. One-the-go guys may skip breakfast, which can cause a ripple effect throughout the rest of the day that ultimately harms their overall health.

• Get up and walk around throughout the workday. Men who work in office settings or other environments that require them to sit for long periods of time should make a concerted effort to get up and move around during the workday.

• Cut back on screen time. Parents may work hard to ensure their children are not spending too much time on their devices, but men also can benefit from spending

less time staring at screens. The Mayo Clinic notes that cutting screen time can encourage men to be more physically active, improve their sleep quality, and make strong social connections. Each of those things can improve overall health.

Some simple adjustments to their daily routines can help men improve their overall health.


Original: Butter and oil

Swap: Applesauce, mashed avocado, or mashed banana

Original: Frying in fat

Swap: Different cooking methods like: baking, broiling, grilling, air frying, or roasting

Original: Sugar

Swap: Maple syrup, honey, or mashed fruits

Original: Salt

Swap: Herbs and other spices

Original: White rice

Swap: Brown rice, quinoa, or couscous

Original: Breadcrumbs

Swap: Almond meal or milled flaxseed

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a perfect choice for:

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Establishing Kids’ Roles in Caring for the Family Pet

Children and pets living together can make for a boisterous but happy household. Having pets is an ideal opportunity to introduce children to some measure of responsibility, and it may encourage youngsters to become advocates for animal welfare. Children shouldn’t be given all of the responsibilities of caring for pets, but there are some notable roles they can play.

Teach gentle interactions

Toddlers and even kindergarteners may be unaware of how rough they are being. Therefore, they will need a lot of supervision and reinforcement to learn how to be gentle when petting or engaging with companion animals. Parents and other caregivers may need to spend a lot of time emphasizing gentle play with pets.

Start off with some play sessions

Playing together is a great way for kids and pets to bond and get some exercise. Purina behaviorist Dr. Annie Valuska suggests games like high-five, rolling over, finding treats in hidden places, and practicing tricks or commands. Children also may be able to do short training sessions with pets, like helping them get acclimated to a new pet carrier or wearing a leash.

Family vet visits

Children can learn a lot about pet health and care at the vet’s office. Bring youngsters along to see what is involved in routine veterinary visits. Kids can soothe and distract the pet during the administration of vaccines and watch how a vet assesses an animal’s overall health. Watching a pet go through a physical examination also may help a child become braver in relation to their own check ups.

Participate in feeding and bathing

Children can be responsible for putting pre-measured scoops of food in the bowl for feeding and help refill the water. When it comes time to groom a pet, children can assist with scrub downs in the tub or at a grooming facility. Kids may find it soothing to brush pets, but they must do so gently.

Teach about quiet time

Pets need opportunities to rest, and children should understand that quiet time means the pet should be left alone. Kids can help set up a cozy napping spot where a dog or cat can retreat when they need some rest.

Children can be taught responsible pet care when their parents feel they’re ready. With trial and error, family members can see where kids’ strengths lie in caring for pets and gauge the animal’s tolerance for interaction with youngsters. Pet owners must remember to ensure young children and animals are never together without adult supervision.

Celebrate your love of pets with a good book! Check out our “Pet Pals” section in our online bookstore.

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A Foray into Plumbing

The joys of home ownership. Our upstairs heat pump, or rather the a/c side of it, doesn’t like spring. For the past several years, as the night temps start to rise, so does the heat from the rest of the house to make our bedroom into a mini sauna. Now, I don’t mind it—to a degree. But my Angel and Miss Reagan would rather sleep in an icebox. So, my Angel tosses and turns, Reagan pants, and I don’t get much sleep from the motion and commotion.

I hold off as long as I can until I’m certain winter has given up her ghost. Then I make my annual call to Brian Reynolds and Stuart Orr at Custom Heat and Air to come tinker with “The Beast” and bring us another season of relief. Tomorrow is D-Day, and all will be well again at The Cliffside. Or so I thought.

HappyIt’s A


Short and sweet film reviews of old, classic movies perfect for a girls’ night in!

June! Summer is finally upon us, as are a myriad of celebrations, including Father’s Day, Pride Month, and Juneteenth. This month’s movie recommendation is the 1972 classic musical, Cabaret, directed by the legendary Bob Fosse. This film takes place in Berlin in the 1930s and follows American cabaret singer Sally Bowles (played by Liza Minnelli) as she meets British academic Brian Roberts, who is finishing up his university studies. Despite Brian’s confusion over his sexuality, the pair become lovers, but the arrival of the wealthy

Now, our master bathroom toilet has decided to join the fun. On refill, the valve in the back starts whistling, chirping actually, to the point Scottie and I swore a bird had gotten into the house last night. After a frantic search—have I told you I’m morbidly afraid of birds, of all things—we discovered it wasn’t Tweety on the loose but the back of the commode making the sounds of an Amazonian jungle.

As scared as I am of birds, I’m equally scared of handyman work. I’ve screwed up enough to know my limit is watching a YouTube video and turning it off before I think I have enough knowledge to supervise the pro I eventually hire to fix stuff. But alas, it’s a toilet valve. People replace ’em every day—they say. So, I’ve got mine coming express mail tomorrow, and I’m honestly not relishing the thought of contorting my frame and trusting my lack of skills to keep from somehow blowing up the whole house.

I’m gonna suck it up, pull on my big boy pants, and take a crack at it. So, if you hear of me going into traction or a couple of dogs and a big guy lost at sea from an inland mishap with a flood of whistling toilet water, just mind ya own business. Unless you’re a plumber, then give me a call and bring a float— both commode and boat.

{playboy Maximilian von Heune complicates matters. This love triangle plays out against the backdrop of the rise of Nazism and the collapse of the Weimar Republic. The movie still manages to feel fresh and daring, expanding the possibilities of what musicals can do or say. It was a fairly controversial film in the 1970s, presenting a darker, more self-indulgent exploration of human nature, and tackling taboo subjects like sexuality and the politics of pre-World War II Germany.

Wine Pairing:

Watch this decadent musical with a glass of Ruby Port in your hand. If you’re feeling especially luxurious, you can also pair it with some dark chocolate.

Ken Heath is a Marion, VA hometown boy who expresses his passions in his writings and through music. After his ‘real job’, Ken is owner of the legendary Cliffside Roadhouse, doggie dad to Miss Reagan and their rescue Scottie the Wonder Dog with his wonderful wife. Follow him on Facebook and on Twitter at #kenheath.
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Make Your Next Family Vacation More Affordable

Families who are watching their pennies but still want to vacation this year can rest assured there are ways to travel without breaking the bank.

Visit a national park

National Parks are located throughout the country and around the world. The U.S. National Park Service says that entry to many of these parks is free, and those that are not free charge much lower entrance fees than typical family attractions like theme parks.

Be a visitor in your own city (or one nearby)

Who says you have to travel far to have a good time? Enjoy the sights closer to home that you may never have experienced. Some day trips to attractions within driving distance can cut costs when a family is traveling together.

Split a rental home cost

Rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO give you plenty of options when traveling. It may be more cost-effec -

tive to rent a large home at a particular destination with several bedrooms or sleeping areas and take a vacation with extended family or friends to divide up the costs.

Buy or rent an RV

The RV lifestyle has grown by leaps and bounds. While always a popular way to see the country, RVing interest exploded during the pandemic, when people wanted safer options for getting away. An RV is essentially a hotel on wheels, so the opportunities for affordable vacations are innumerable once the initial RV investment is made. Plus, people who purchased RVs at the height of COVID-19 may be looking to unload their relatively brand-new vehicles at discounted costs.

Tailor splurges

If you want to splurge on a more expensive vacation, cut back on other luxuries, such as limiting how many meals you eat out or how many new vacation outfits you buy. Put dollars toward the most important elements of the trip.

Money is still tight for many people, but smart vacationing allows families to get away.

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The goal of Sudoku is to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers so that each row, column and 3×3 section contain all of the digits between 1 and 9.

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