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Do you feel completely lost when it comes to preparing for your website? Do you want the web development company to do the thinking? The more you are prepared the smoother your journey will be and probably less costly!

Point 1 : Research Do your homework: First and foremost look at what your competition is doing. You could do it better or differently but if they are high up in Google then they are probably doing it right. What is also useful and will be an inevitable question is who is your target audience as that will also govern the look and feel of the site, a site for an old age home will be styled differently to a site for children’s wear.

Point 2 : What should the website do? What is the purpose of the site? Do you want to sell a product? Is it an information-only site? List your goals: Your goal might be to have fresh look, get better rankings in Google, ease of use or turning a static site into one that you can control and update yourself.

Point 3 : Who will be organising the content and liaising with the web guys? The web company will usually expect you to

create the textual content, hire a copywriter to create the content or use their copywriting services at additional cost. Want to save aggravation?; Be prepared, and come to a web company with all the content ready. This will avoid delays or a blame game later on when the site is not ready to launch because there is missing content.

Point 4 : List of pages and keywords List the pages of the site, Home, About Us, Services, products, Contact us. Any sub categories? If you can prepare a sitemap that is even better. This will help you and the web designer know the scope of the project. Please list your keywords… you might ask - “What’s that?” Many website owners will want their website to rank as high as possible in Google. To attract clientele it is not just your domain name that should be found but other terms relating to your business such as custom diamond jewellery if you are a bespoke jewellery manufacturer not just or web design London for us at VMAL.

Point 5 : Planning for the future More often than not a website is part of a larger marketing plan. Your website will need to be tweaked and updated in the future and maybe get a facelift a few years down the line. You don’t want to have to rebuild the site every few years. Ask your web designer how flexible the site is. Do you want to track your users? Google analytics is free tool that will show you how people are finding your site, their demographic and what keywords they are using and you should make sure your web designer links it to your site. Do you want to capture leads? Maybe you should offer a free download of some useful industry information that will give you an excuse to have a sign up box to capture email opted-in email addresses to send newsletters or updates to later on.

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