Top IT Trends In 2020

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Top IT Trends In 2020 VLADIMIR VRBAŠKI We live in an era, where technology is rapidly evolving. This is important for businesses, as well as for everyday life. If you want to run a successful business, you need to stay in touch with the latest development in the IT industry. That said, let’s see what are the newest, the most interesting, and the most important IT trends in 2020. 1. Vladimir Vrbaski and His Opinion aboutAI improvements Over 70% of people in the United States use some sort of AI in their everyday life, such as GPS, iTunes, personal assistant apps and devices, etc. as VLADIMIR VRBAŠKI, one of our team members, has found out. Apart from just being used for personal convenience, AI is also used for important infrastructures, such as the train schedule, as well as in business, where it can help you account for the risk, improve effectiveness, and reduce costs. 2. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) News RPA, or in other words, Robotic Process Automation, is a system that allows the complete automatization of business processes, which is present in many industries. This ensures that fewer people are needed to do the same job, which increases productivity and reduces costs. 3. Virtual and Augmented Reality Virtual and augmented realities are separate systems, which, when combined together, give an immersive experience to the users. VR is what allows people to enjoy the experience in the virtual world, while AR is what makes the virtual environment better, and more immersive.

In the last few years, VR technology has greatly evolved and has found the application in education, professional military training, rehabilitation, and in business as well, in the form of marketing. 4. Blockchain System for Additional Security You might recognize blockchain if you’ve been using some of the cryptocurrencies, but it also has applications in some other fields. The essential definition of blockchain is that it is a chain of data, which can only be increased, meaning that you can only add more data to it, while you are not able to take some away, or in other words, you cannot break the chain. 5. AI Advancement through Machine Learning Computer systems are programmed to do a series of activities, and they do it almost flawlessly if there is no unpredictability. Their effectiveness stops there if they are not able to know something, for which they haven’t been programmed for. Machine learning allows them to learn new things, to recognize patterns, and eventually evolve, which is important in every industry. 6. Increasing Relevance of Edge Computing Edge computing is a system made to resolve certain issues, by using the algorithm capable of bypassing the effects of cloud computing and allowing the data to be properly processed in the data center. Vladimir Vrbaski explains this by telling us to imagine the edge computing as small independent data centers, which eliminates the need to overcrowd the main data center with all information. 7. Evolution of the Cybersecurity Cybersecurity itself has been around for quite some time, but as other technologies evolve, so does cybersecurity as well. It’s because, with the evolution of technology, online and offline threats also evolve, which means that tighter security is needed. 8. Rising Tides of Internet of Things There are a lot of new devices that include wireless connection, so they can be accessed remotely, from your smartphones or some other control devices. Here, we can mention things such as new remotely controlled doorbells, cameras for homes, door locks, and even those popular fitness bracelets.

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