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ANTI-STRESS PHILOSOPHY A perfect balance between body, soul and mind.

The Spa at Vivosa Apulia Resort is an act of love towards your body, soul and mind, an essential place in which to find peace and rise with renewed energy. Enter our Spa and close the door. The world remains outside, a distant muted entity. We will welcome you with a smile, with the promise that the time you spend here is for you alone. For information or to book a massage, you can dial extension 2601 or talk to our staff at the Spa Reception. Let our expert Spa Team guide you in choosing the most appropriate treatments for your needs and desires.


wellness center A fully equipped oasis of well-being with a Finnish Sauna (85°C), a Biosauna where the temperature is never above 50°C, and a Hammam to purify the body. Three Fitness Rooms (two indoor and one outdoor), and an open-air swimming pool with a large whirpool area. Still more, a Scottish shower and emotional showers where the properties of water and chromotherapy come together as one.

Access to the Wellness Center is free and allowed only to guests aged 16 and above. We kindly ask you to wear a bathing suit or a towel from the Spa during your stay in the Wet Area of the Wellness Center (sauna, biosauna, hammam, emotional showers and pool).

treatments FACIALS ACTIVE PURENESS facial cleansing Freeing the pores and ridding the skin of impurities means letting your skin breathe through stimulating cellular regeneration, thus making it fresher, brighter and smoother. Facial cleansing is ideal to prepare the skin for the change of season or for any further treatment. Scrubs or face peelings exfoliate the skin, specific extracts purify it, whilst precious masks hydrate and nourish deeply. Cells are regenerated and the skin feels an immediate sensation of wellness, becoming revitalised, fresh and dry. € 80,00 (duration 45 minutes) HYDRAMEMORY hydrating This treatment is performed with a precious serum rich in Vitamin E and F, and with hydrating substances which give the skin a sensation of deep well-being. The rituality of the treatment, the modelling facial massage, and the stimulation of energy points allow to lose yourself in complete relaxation with the result of a skin which looks and feels fresher, younger and more radiant. € 70,00 (45 minutes) SKIN RESONANCE A soothing treatment particularly suited to delicate and sensitive skins, ideal also after exposure to the sun. The face will regain equilibrium, hydration and elasticity. The mask, which is rich in witch-hazel and seaweed, hydrates the skin deeply. The skin will find its innate shine thanks to the synergy between the facial massage and the energetic stimulation of the reflex points, combined to gift you with the magic of a luminous face. € 80,00 (45 minutes) RECOVER TOUCH An anti-oxidising and early wrinkles treatment dedicated to preventing the premature aging of the skin caused by the stresses induced by the environment and modern lifestyles. Vitamin A, Olive Oil and Hibiscus extracts together with the enveloping dexterity of the facial massage, allow the restructuring of the dermis, the regeneration of cellular vitality, and maintain hydration and suppleness giving a gorgeous new freshness to the face. € 90,00 (60 minutes)


TRIPLE ANTI-AGE FACIAL TREATMENT Deep treatment which truly acts as a lifting on muscular tonicity, on the oxidising processes and on the skin's natural selfdefence mechanisms, thus protecting its genetic heritage. The synergy between the products used, which restructure from the damages caused by genetic and environmental aging, together with facial, neck and cleavage massage, stimulates the process of tissue regeneration and firming. The oval of the face therefore appears fleshy, firm and harmonious, wrapped in new light. € 110,00 (75 minutes)


BODY PEELING Regenerating body peeling. It removes dead cells leaving the skin with a feeling of cleanliness, suppleness and elasticity. € 45,00 (25 minutes) AROMASOUL RITUAL SCRUB The ritual begins with a purifying peeling performed using the scrub most suited to your skin type. After cleansing it from impurities, the skin is then deeply hydrated and nourished with a rich antioxidizing cream which will make your skin glow. € 65,00 (45 minutes) ESSENTIAL MUD WRAP In these treatments the osmotic action of muds together with the final massage, which is performed using specific products based on the specific needs of the body, promote toxin elimination and tissue regeneration. € 80,00 (60 minutes)



SACRED NATURE de-contracting This massage is aimed at muscle relaxation. It provides an immediate relief to every contracted area for a deep sensation of well-being. Partial € 45,00 (25 minutes) Total body € 80,00 (45 minutes) MEDITERRANEAN MASSAGE relaxing A relaxing and calming massage which, thanks to a mix of movements that are gentle, fluid, light or deeper, frees the mind from worries giving psychophysical well-being. Suited to those who seek a moment of true relaxation, who desire a massage which is delicate and enveloping. Total relaxation which benefits those who are highly stressed and overworked. € 70,00 (45 minutes) SURF&TURF sport massage An intense body massage for fatigued muscles. You will find relief and well-being thanks to a deep work on the muscles. € 80,00 (45 minutes) DRAINING MASSAGE It activates lymphatic circulation and promotes the elimination of lymphatic stasis and water excess, stimulating those points that increase drainage and intensify its duration. € 70,00 (45 minutes) TIME FOR TWO A relaxing massage with a gentle touch and the use of inebriating scented oils to take the body and the mind to a state of absolute relaxation. An unforgettable experience to share with your partner. € 135,00 in couples (45 minutes) MATERNITY Hydrating and draining massage dedicated to both mums to be (post 4th month) and those who are breastfeeding. The massage loosens tensions and gives the body new and pleasant sensations, hydrating the skin deeply and making it more elastic. € 75,00 (45 minutes)


HOT STONE MASSAGE Aromatic massage with hot stones. A slow and deep massage combined with the benefits of aromatherapy. Especially relaxing, draining and detoxifying. Performed through the application of warm lava stones on specific points, it restores the body's energy balance. € 110,00 (60 minutes) VITAL FOOT Relaxing treatment. Gentle foot massage aimed at stimulating lymph drainage and at improving blood circulation, having a relaxing effect on the nervous system. € 35,00 (20 minutes) COMFORT TOUCH FACE Facial massage with a modelling, toning and draining action obtained through the combination of working on all the facial muscles and the stimulation of energy points. It promotes the skin's cellular regeneration and stimulates collagen and elastin production giving tautness and vitality to tired looking skins. € 40,00 (25 minutes) NUTRI HAIR Head massage. A massage which is both relaxing and energising. It helps reduce tension, improves circulation, and restores equilibrium to mind and body. € 40,00 (25 minutes)

rituals TRANQUILLITY AROMATIC SPA RITUAL Removes stress and tensions giving a sensation of general well-being thanks to a ritual which uses a gentle and relaxing massage and precious essential oils. € 70,00 (45 minutes) TRANQUILLITY AROMATIC SPA RITUAL DE LUXE The body massage is enriched by a luxurious facial treatment which has a brightening and antiaging action. € 110,00 (75 minutes) AROMASOUL RITUAL MASSAGE A pleasant massage personalised according to the specific individual needs of the moment, using different massage techniques and a custom blend of essential oils. It dissolves muscular tension leading to a deep sense of well-being and psycho-physical satisfaction. € 85,00 (60 minutes) BACK & NECK A de-contracting ritual specific for back and neck, which combines the benefits of de-contracting muds and an energetic massage aimed at dissolving muscular tensions and at giving a deep and complete well-being. € 90,00 (60 minutes) LOMI LOMI NUI A massage from the ancient Hawaiian tradition also called 'massage of the soul' or 'loving hand massage'. It relaxes the muscles and loosens the joints through a series of long and rhythmic movements called Hula, which alternate pace and intensity as in a dance. Very pleasurable and relaxing, it relieves stress and gives serenity and love. € 85,00 (60 minutes) TIBETAN SOUND MASSAGE A massage with Tibetan bells. Inspired by Ku Nye, an ancient indigenous medical tradition from Tibet dating back more than 3900 years. The Tibetan Sound Massage is a special and pleasurable ritual that promotes increased vitality, removes psycho-physical tension and has a detoxifying effect. It reduces and relieves muscle and joint pain, anxiety and sleeplessness. € 180,00 (90 minutes)


antico mediterraneo exclusive rituals The Antico Mediterraneo Exclusive Rituals will immerse you in a world of pampering and sweetness. The products used in these rituals are part of the Organic cosmetics from LABORATORI HUR. HUR is the acronym for "Hebes uti roribus", which means "To use the dew of Hebe" the Cupbearer of the Gods, a nymph offering nectar and ambrosia, the elixir of eternal beauty. All the treatments are rich with the essences offered by our land, elements extracted from the most precious and well-experimented local medicinal plants rich in active ingredients, among which stand out the properties of cannabis sativa, rosehip and fresh seasonal fruit. The masterly combination of these ingredients along with the extraordinary properties of extra virgin olive oil and Salento wines, such as Negramaro and Malvasia, which are rich in antioxidants, bioflavonoids and anthocyanins, mineral salts and trace elements from the soil where the plant grows, have all led to the creation of a line of exclusive products for VIVOSA Spa. The result is a unique experience where delightfulness and well-being blend in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, rediscovering genuine emotions. For our exclusive Antico Mediterraneo treatments, which use the products of our land and speak our history and traditions, we have chosen names in Griko, an ancient language still spoken to this day in some parts of Salento.

NUTRIKÈO (nourishment)


Rituals especially suited to stimulating cellular bio-renewal, ideal for tired-looking, dull, dehydrated skin.

Rituals dedicated to rebalancing body and mind

Fiuru (flower) Facial Treatment. € 70,00 (45 minutes)

Ranta (droplet) Treatment and face & body massage, draining and remodeling. € 200,00 (120 minutes)

Ardua (pomegranate) Body scrub and massage. € 90,00 (60 minutes)

Agapi (love) Treatment and face & body massage, relaxing and rebalancing. € 200,00 (120 minutes)

Griddha Kalèddha (lovely clay) Facial treatment, scrub, mud and body massage. € 110,00 (75 minutes)

Ghèlio (smile) Treatment and face & body massage, energizing and revitalizing. € 180,00 (90 minutes)


aesthetical services

Professional aesthetical services dedicated to the beauty and care of the body.

EPILATION Lady & Gentleman Legs € 30,00 Legs and bikini area € 40,00 Half leg € 20,00 Underarm € 10,00 Bikini area € 10,00 Brazilian bikini € 15,00 Arms € 15,00 Upper lip € 8,00 Eye brows € 10,00 Shoulders and back € 40,00

HAIR CARE Blow-drying € 30,00


Blow-dry with extensions € 40,00

Lushly Spa Manicure from € 45,00

Woman's cut € 25,00

Lushly Spa Pedicure from € 45,00

Man's cut € 25,00

Lushly Pedicure De Luxe € 75,00

Hair dyeing € 50,00

Lushly Manicure De Luxe € 75,00

Styling € 50,00

Nail polish € 15,00 Semi permanent nail polish from € 35,00 Removal gel € 20,00

lifting gym


A practice that was conceived backstage in the world’s most famous theatres: from the Paris Moulin Rouge to the Moscow Bolshoi Opera. A long-held secret passed down amongst generations of dancers, actresses and singers to radiate beauty and slow down ageing, improving the luminosity and colour of their skin. This is a beauty therapy that is based on simple, proven movements – contraction, relaxing and stretching – of facial muscles to tone the skin and reduce swelling. The therapy is conducted in small groups, in the spa, outdoors under the pine grove or relaxing on the green lawn under the shade of the olive trees. Our beauty experts will teach you the secrets and phases of these facial movements. For further information and reservations, please contact the Spa Reception.

LIFTING GYM ® is a beauty treatment that you will take back home with you!

information & rules HEALTH All Guests are asked to kindly fill in the form relating to the state of health. Guests with conditions such as high or low blood pressure, cardiac problems, allergies or particular pathologies, and expectant women, are kindly asked to inform the personnel in the Spa Reception, preferably upon booking. Likewise, guests are asked to immediately inform the therapist of any discomfort during treatments. The use of the sauna and the Turkish bath is absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy, and for those who suffer from cardiac conditions, respiratory conditions, epilepsy, hypertension, hypotension, arteriosclerosis, varicose conditions, skin infections or open wounds. Do not use the Spa if so advised by your doctor. BOOKINGS AND CANCELLATIONS In order to ensure availability of the desired treatments we kindly ask you to book in advance. It is possible to cancel the reservation at no extra charge up to 24 hours prior to the treatment. Should we not receive cancellation within said deadline, you will be asked to pay for the full cost of the treatment. The Spa Team is at your service for any information at the Spa Reception or on extension 2601. BEFORE & AFTER TREATMENTS You are kindly asked to arrive at the Spa Reception 10 minutes prior to your treatment. In case of late arrivals the duration of the treatment will be reduced. In order to avoid possible skin irritation, please avoid shaving prior to body peeling treatments. In order to obtain the best possible results for men's facial treatments, it is advisable to shave the same day of the treatment. After treatments where essential oils have been used, avoid exposure to the sun. CLOTHING In the gym and for fitness activities we advise using suitable wear and shoes. For your treatments you will be given a robe, slippers and single use underclothing. During your stay in the wet area you are kindly asked to wear a bathing suit or the bath towel provided. Access to the wet area is not allowed with shoes used outdoors. RULES OF BEHAVIOR The Spa is the temple of well-being and tranquillity. For your relaxation and that of other guests you are kindly asked not to use mobile phones or other electrical equipment, and to maintain a low tone of voice. Showering is mandatory prior to accessing the swimming pool. Running or diving is not allowed in the pool. LOST PROPERTY VIVOSA Spa cannot be held responsible in case of loss or damage to personal belongings. We suggest not leaving your valuables unattended. Should any items be found they will be handed in to the Reception in the main Hall.


Via Vicinale Fontanelle I - 73059 Marina di Ugento T (+39) 0833 931 002 F (+39) 0833 933 646 info@vivosaresort.com vivosaresort.com

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The Spa at Vivosa Apulia Resort is an act of love towards your body, soul and mind, an essential place in which to find peace and rise with...


The Spa at Vivosa Apulia Resort is an act of love towards your body, soul and mind, an essential place in which to find peace and rise with...