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hospitality >

try’hospitality The sophisticated and exquisite hotels. The perfect rural tourism house or the simple, yet cosy, mountain shelter. Comfortable spaces and warm fireplaces invite to love, romance, reflexion, and total relaxation.

art >

try’art In the Northeast we not only have creativity but plenty of artistic events and places to observe it and live it. Theatre, dance, cinema, painting, sculpture, and so many other art to admire and contemplate...

handcraft >

try’handcraft From our rough and experienced hands, delicate, unique and handcrafted peaces of art are born everyday, in every small village. Northeast people transfer wisdom and knowledge, traditional and ancient beliefs to exclusive masterpieces.

activities >

try’activities Come, just relax...or, if you like, come and find our hidden pleasures, adventure yourself in full power adrenaline activities. With your family, with your friends, with your workers, or...just you!

castles >

try’castles The stones that built our monuments in the Northeast tell legendary stories...enchanted stories, about mighty warriors and famous kings and beautiful princess. The stones unveil secrets. Find them.

culture & tradition >

try’culture & tradition The Northeast of Portugal has traditional and genuine festivals, ritual and fertility festivals, about mother earth, initiation rituals, fears and beasts and demons, sin, pagan and love‌ It is all about love and pure spirits. Love Goddess blesses our lands. Every year.

food & drink >

try’food & drink Come and sit with us at the table of secrets that has astonishing revelations of taste, creativity, and centuries of experience. We like to share breath-taking and unforgettable food experiences. Because taste it’s easy to please, here, in the Northeast of Portugal.

nature & landscape


try’nature & landscape Nature is our essence. We have mountains and enchanted valleys, flourishing rocks, wild rivers and precious cascades, tender lakes and lagoons. Our landscape takes our breath away. Find our natural beauty.

heritage >

try’heritage Rustic houses are humble and simple, built with wood and stones. But we have lots of noble palaces, monumental and castles with centuries and also modern and elegant buildings in our cities. We have it all.

religious heritage


try’religious heritage Our religious heritage is huge and admirable, loaded with faith, art and everything God expects from humble servers like us. In our sacred temples we are thankful for the miracle of life...

products >

try’products Our land is rich and fertile and responds with excellent product quality to all cherish we put in the agricultural work.

try’contacts Rua Padre António Vieira, Edíficio GAT Apart n.º 1015 5301-907 Bragança Portugal

(+351) 273 332 925 (+351) 927 960 492

Try Nordestin' - Northeast Portugal  

Try NordestIn is a platform, a movement of innovation and promotion of territorial tourist destination, which is intended to cover the entir...

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