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MobileSOL MICRO-TRANSPORTATION Liberate your right-of-way

WHAT IS MOBILE SOL? MobileSOL is solar-sourced micro-transportation Neighborhood based, MobileSOL proposes an EVbased taxi and jitney service to serve isolated and residential communities when walking is too much Focused on delivering a joyous ride, MobileSOL begins with eliminating two of the most intrusive ambient pollutants: exhaust and engine noise

WHERE WILL IT BE? Initially, MobileSOL will be based in Venice, CA A depot is envisioned that will act as a social hub, green economy library, CSA drop spot, bike and car rental The ideal location is Venice BLVD @ Abbot Kinney. This site is currently being rented in 90 day increments for $12K/mo. Secondary site would be the post office at the Circle


TAXI! First and foremost, MobileSOL is a taxi service based on flat rates within the 90291 zip code Users will request a lift and receive confirmation and ETA via Twitter A subscription base will ensure a steady monthly income stream All EVs will have GPS making them trackable by subscribers

CLIENTELE BASE Venice is the perfect area for such a service, filled with stay-at-home workers and parents who require quick errands, but feel guilty taking the car Domestic help coming in on the 33 & 333 will be targetted with jitney service, allowing 3 passengers to share a ride to a specific corner Tourists will also find the MobileSOL experience a MUST to tops off their stay with us

Depot Pick-ups

MobileSOL basecamps for parking lots

FULLY solar pop-up space, allows charging of electrical devices.

LA TAXI FACTS Currently, the city of Los Angeles does NOT provide Medallions to drivers, but to car companies, of which there are 9, that then have franchises and lease the cars to the driver The cost of the franchise is unknown at this time and may be not applicable given the nature of the proposed vehicle Currently, drivers are disputing the franchise model

OPPORTUNITIES Currently, LA DOT is under immense pressure to alleviate congestion and improve transportation alternatives Because MobileSol will run in a very restricted area using green technology, it is believed that the City will grant a special license, allowing the company to operate as a subcontracted LA DOT special project

REQUIREMENTS Start-up costs a variable at this time but include: permits/medallions (if any) for 4 vehicles depot space, listed at $2.25M for purchase or Sarlo Plaza down the street for $2750/mo (no social space) $30K for the purchase and delivery of 4 DIY solar car kits $12K estimated in labor & paint for assembly


MobileSOL lends itself easily to a subscription base Since rides are “ordered” via Twitter, frequent users would be able to set up a monthly payment via TipJar or PayPal. This would be the basis to cover operational expenses


The SUNN components

Truck, great for shopping/delivery

Individual size, for rental or sale

THE DREAM The total start up cost is between $50 and 100K: a huge spread! As entry goes, this is VERY reasonable, since cab service with 10 cars can generate over $1M in revenue per month With a full-service space, MobileSOL will also be able to rent, market and sell solar-powered vehicles of all sorts, expanding the revenue base

REDESIGN This is an ugly kit Part of rallying the community behind and into the MobileSOL experience will be having a design competition The body needs to be updated to better reflect Venice It is thought that surf and skate board designers would be eager to retrofit this vehicle

INTERSECTION OF ART The car redesign will happen as an open call art competition Artists will paint the curent body and/or redesign it The cars could be “auctioined” then “loaned” back to MobileSOL with assigned name by owner 50% of proceeds from the celebration party would go to VeniceArts

OTHER CAR OPTIONS There are two other car options that dramatically increase the start up price These cars come fully built, so shipping (and the pollution that goes along with it) is a MASSIVE concern Alternatively, licensing the solar engine from the designer in Vermont may be a viable solution, allowing the entire vehicle to be built here in CA


This kit is $15K + shipping. Second passnger rides behind, not as “friendly� Rather polished but usual...

ZAP XEBRA This is a “well known� brand here in Venice, as they used to be depoted at the suggested MobileSol location They offer fleet pricing for this vehicle, which has a MSRP of $11.5K This car is a three wheeler, which does not appeal to most patrons. It has luxury interior, however, NOT solar

EVENTUAL AIRPORT ROUTE The Zap electric van will be charged with solar power and used to ferry twice a day passengers to LAX The fee for this service will be very competitive, around $25 RT, since there will be NO waiting for a van, no fuel expenses One pick up location at the airport, one drop point in Venice


UNUSUAL BIKES Venice is teaming with bike rental businesses None of them carry electric assisted bikes for sale There are a few that offer electric for rent, but only on the boardwalk MobileSOL would offer not only electric assist, but also cargo bikes and family solutions. Projected to begin 12 months into business.


This is a tandem solar assist.


CARGO BIKES Haley Trikes are made in Philadelphia Most bike companies here in Venice do not service families MobileSOL would be a reseller


Because there is nomediallion service, all drivers would be at will employees I would like to pay $8 - $9/hr The drivers would also be “managers� This would alleviate the need for layered workforce Operating more as a swarm, than as a pyramid Provides flexibility in duties, insures redundancy

NEXT STEPS Business Plan!

Buy web addresses

Legal advice on how to approach the city in setting up the special project

Research cost of communication devices

Deeper market research into users

Secure sufficient startup cash Work with Neighborhood Council

Mobile Sol  
Mobile Sol  

What would a solar taxi company look like?