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Swiss-Italian, born in 1971, educated in Italy and Switzerland, where he lives and works as a photographer. This provides him the perfect frame and background to invent, create and totally produce images that blend fine arts and craftsmanship. No, not simply images, as Christian Tagliavini loves designing stories with open endings (requiring observer’s complicity) on unexplored themes or unusual concepts, featuring uncommon people with their lives and their thoughts made visible. This rich and exciting collision of circumstances results in photos as a final product. Roger Norheim Editor Š Christian Tagliavini 2013. All Rigths Reserved

Carte, Regina di Fiori

Carte, Regina di Picche

Carte, Justus il Traditore

Carte, La Matta Rossa

Carte, L'Amante

Carte, Lo Speziale

Carte, Regina di Quadri

Carte, La Matta Nera

Carte, Regina di Cuori

Carte, Il Voyeur

Carte, Asso di Picche

w w w. C H R I S T I A N TAG L I AV I N I . c o m


2013, BIELSKO-BIAŁA - POLAND 5th Foto Art Festival Group Exhibition 11 — 27 October 2013 2013, PARIS - FRANCE Galerie Esther Woerdehoff CARTE, Solo Show 23 May — 12 July 2013 2012, TOULOUSE - FRANCE Le Printemps de Septembre Group Exhibition "History is Mine!" 28 Sep — 21 Oct 2012 2011, LONDON - UK DIEMAR/NOBLE PHOTOGRAPHY Solo Exhibition "Cut Out & Keep" 3 Nov 2011 — 7 Jan 2012 2011, PARIS - FRANCE PARIS PHOTO with Galerie Esther Woerdehoff 10 — 13 Nov 2011 2011, MILAN - ITALY MIA ART FAIR with Galleria Cons Arc 12 — 15th May 2011 2011, UTRECHT - THE NETHERLANDS ART ANTIQUE ART FAIR with Sophie Maree Gallery 17 — 25 April 2011 2011, CHIASSO - SWITZERLAND GALLERIA CONS ARC Solo Exhibition "Quadreria Privata" 27 March — 30th April 2011 2008, CHIASSO - SWITZERLAND VI BIENNALE DELL' IMMAGINE Group Exhibition 4 Oct — 23 Nov 2008 2008, BIENNE - SWITZERLAND LES JOURNEES PHOTOGRAPHIQUES Group Exhibition 5 — 28 Sept 2008

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