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 NADINA VILLACIS is a food and nutrition student who loves creating new

recipes! She holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and has been using her research skills as a health writer for the past year. As a nutrition student, Nadina loves sharing her knowledge of how food can fuel and heal the body. She has a passion for food photography and recipe development and loves to create healthier versions of your favourite dishes. Check out her Instagram and website for recipes. When she isn’t creating healthy recipes, you can find her in the barre studio getting her sweat on! FUN FACT “I am also a calligrapher and teach calligraphy classes in Toronto with The Calligraphy Workshop.” WINTER HEALTH TIP “Try adding antioxidant-rich foods to your everyday meals to keep yourself healthy through the winter months. Include foods like citrus fruits, red peppers and broccoli. Keeping your gut healthy is also a great way to prevent sickness during the winter months so reach for fermented foods, like kimchi and kombucha, to help keep your gut healthy and full of probiotics.” FAVOURITE PART OF CHFA EAST “I loved getting to meet other VistaMag Ambassadors and seeing all the new products coming to the industry.”  NADINA.VILLACIS  NADINA.VILLACIS

 IVA PRAVDA is a holistic nutritionist based in Kitchener, Ontario. She was born in the beautiful Czech Republic and is a university graduate that continued her studies in Germany and the UK. A desire to help her son is what ultimately led Iva down the path of holistic health. “When my young son’s health and wellbeing began to deteriorate and allopathic treatments were insufficient, I took it upon myself to find the answers,” says Iva. “Now, as a holistic nutritionist, I teach you how you can keep your child`s health at its best!”

FUN FACT “In Czech, my last name means truth. This fact might be why I enjoy doing product reviews.” WINTER HEALTH TIP “This season, try exchanging one of your coffees for a ginger tea with collagen. Collagen reduces inflammation in the gut and ginger is proven to aid digestion and fight infections, by boosting the immune system. FAVOURITE PART OF CHFA EAST “It was a great opportunity to learn about new products.”




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