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Funding for this brochure provided by: Galax Tourism

110 East Grayson Street, Galax, VA

888-217-8823 • 276-238-8130 Visit Smyth County 276-646-3306

West Wind Farm Vineyard & Winery

Downtowm Galax

Courtesy Wytheville Convention & Visitors Bureau

Wytheville Convention & Visitors Bureau

Courtesy Galax Tourism

975 Tazewell Street, Wytheville, VA Intersection I-81/I-77 SW VA

877-347-8307 • 276-223-3355

Highlands Distilling Co.

Downtowm Marion

Courtesy Smyth County Tourism Association


nyone can ride the Claw of the Dragon, but do you have what it takes to Conquer it? The Claw brings to life all of the reasons a rider loves to ride, as this trek of road is the crowning jewel of Southwest Virginia’s back roads with it’s combination of thrilling open road and exhilarating twists and turns! The Claw of the Dragon is made up of multiple looped trails totaling over 350 miles which snake their way up, out and over several Blue Ridge Mountain ranges, including the highest elevation in Virginia. The Claw also features the heart-stopping action of the famous Back of the Dragon stretch on Virginia Route 16 that rolls through 260 curves and over three mountain ranges between Tazewell and Marion in only a 32 mile ribbon of pavement.

The trail travels through parts of seven Virginia counties and is easily accessible from Interstates 77, 81 or the Blue Ridge Parkway. Within the Claw’s loops a rider will find a variety of terrain including roller coaster like peaks, hair pin curves, corkscrew turns, switchback bends and rolling two lanes, enabling you to have an all-inclusive riding experience. Along with the thrilling adventure of the Claw, the trek winds

Courtesy Smyth County Tourism Association

through the breathtaking beauty of the Jefferson National Forest and several State Parks, boasting thick wooded forests, tumbling mountain streams and stunning scenic views. In multiple spots along the ride there is evidence of where the Blue Ridge Mountains got their name, as off in the distance the perfectly framed ridges almost blend in with the sky due to their soft blue-like hue.

MONTREAL 855 miles

DETROIT 562 miles

CHICAGO 659 miles



Downtown Marion is home to a thriving arts and music scene, with plenty of local dining options, from barbecue to brews. Take in a show at the Lincoln Theatre, the home of the nationally syndicated bluegrass music television series, “Song of the Mountains.” This beautiful facility is one of only three remaining Mayan Revival theaters in America. Right next door, the General Francis Marion Hotel is a favorite of riders, with its beautiful 1920s decor, and lounge area that was formerly a speakeasy. Stroll the quaint sidewalks of the historic district

• •

CINCINNATI 379 miles

BRANSON 802 miles

NASHVILLE 369 miles

BIRMINGHAM 435 miles


NEW ORLEANS 776 miles

• •

KNOXVILLE 186 miles GATLINBURG 180 miles

• PENSACOLA 681 miles


BOSTON 732 miles


RICHMOND 250 miles



CHARLESTON 126 miles

LEXINGTON 303 miles




LOUISVILLE 374 miles


NEW YORK 518 miles

CLEVELAND 371 miles



The Claw also offers a variety of unique attractions, delicious dining establishments and exciting entertainment venues within and along the trail. Stop in at Hungry Mother State Park to stretch your legs on the many trails while soaking up the incredible beauty of Hungry Mother Lake and take advantage of the free restrooms at the Welcome Center.


TORONTO 622 miles


to Sink

BALTIMORE 336 miles WASHINGTON, D.C. 299 miles



GREENSBORO CHARLOTTE 133 miles RALEIGH 137 miles 185 miles

COLUMBIA 228 miles


ATLANTA 372 miles


• • FL


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MYRTLE BEACH 359 miles

CHARLESTON 341 miles

SAVANNAH 389 miles JACKSONVILLE 517 miles

ORLANDO 652 miles


MIAMI 860 miles

for unique shopping, and fuel up at Broad Street Coffee & Treats, or sample a craft brew at 36 Fifty Brewing. Heading south from downtown Marion, be sure to stop at Highlands Distilling Co. on Hwy. 16, for a tour of the distillery, then have a bottle of craft moonshine or bourbon shipped home.

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Mount Rogers National Recreation Area Courtesy Smyth County Tourism Association

Blue Ridge Parkway Access Courtesy Wytheville Convention & Visitors Bureau

Downtowm Galax LoveWorks Courtesy Galax Tourism

Big Walker Lookout

Courtesy Wytheville Convention & Visitors Bureau

British Motor Club on the Claw Courtesy Wytheville Convention & Visitors Bureau

The charming town of Galax provides an ideal break from the road, with it’s rustic downtown, rich history and a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options. A visit to Old Cranks Motorcar Museum & Ice Cream Shop is like taking a trip back in time with examples of some of the earliest automobiles, vintage clothing and memorabilia on display. Main street offers shoppers a range of unique treasures including specialty jewelry, gourmet foods, wine, natural body care products and much more. After enjoying downtown’s delights, stop in Creek Bottom Brewing Company, one of the many dining opportunities located in Galax, to sample one of eight year-round craft brews or one of the several seasonal options to compliment your wood-fired brick oven pizza and smoked wings. Wrap the night up with a visit to the Historic Rex Theater which serves as a live music venue, prominently featuring bluegrass and old time mountain music.

Cruising on the Claw

Courtesy Wytheville Convention & Visitors Bureau

At the heart of the Claw sits Wytheville which serves perfectly as a central location to begin each day’s ride, rest your head at night and experience a one-of-a-kind getaway. Whether you prefer hotel accommodations, a cozy bed and breakfast, a secluded cabin in the woods or something a bit simpler, Wytheville has just what you’re looking for. After a long day of riding enjoy Wytheville’s unique downtown dining or one of the other dozens of local restaurants, even dinner and a show at the Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner Theatre. After dinner enjoy locally crafted beers and entertainment at Seven Sisters Brewery or Seven Dogs Brewpub. Wytheville’s historic revitalized downtown district provides multiple museums, specialty shops, boutiques, cafes, parks and our LOVEworks display, all of which are within walking distance of each other.

Rex Theatre

Courtesy Galax Tourism

While traversing the trails in and around Wytheville a rider can also find several stop opportunities that allow for one-of-a-kind experiences. Climb the 100 foot tower at Big Walker Lookout & BW Country Store, enjoy the Flying Flowers Butterfly House at Beagle Ridge Herb Farm, interact with animals from six different continents at the Fort Chiswell Animal Park or visit West Wind Farm Vineyard & Winery to learn how wine is made. From beginning to end, the Claw makes a rider desperate to soak in every detail of the road and ride, as it offers so much for the senses to get lost in! If you are a rider in any sense of the word, whether your choice of travel is a motorcycle, sports car, or other vehicle, get lost in this beautiful land for a day or two and sink YOUR Claws into these Curves!

Back of the Dragon

Courtesy Wytheville Convention & Visitors Bureau

Big Walker Mountain Curves Courtesy Wytheville Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dining on the Claw

Courtesy Wytheville Convention & Visitors Bureau

of the Dragon The Claw of the Dragon Turkey Strut The ClawInterstate Interstate Lake/River Possum Run Horn of the Cow Horn of the Cow The Claw Woolly The Claw of the Dragon CountyMammoth Boundary Turkey Strut US Highway US Highway £ ¤ Possum Run £ The Claw of the Dragon ¤the Cow Possum Run Horn of th The ClawLake/River ofInterstate the DragonHorn of • POCAHONTAS Woolly Mammoth VAPrimary Primary VA Horn of the Cow Turkey Strut The Claw Turkey Strut Horn of£ the CowHighway Possum R US Lake/River Possum Run County Boundary Possum Run VA Secondary VA Secondary ¤ Woolly Mammoth Horn of t 102 Turkey Strut 61 Possum Run Woolly Mammoth The Claw VA Primary County Boundary Turkey St d R Interstate VA Scenic Byway Turkey Strut VA Scenic Byway Lake/River Possum R l l ey Woolly Mammoth s Va Turkey Strut b VA Secondary Interstate Lake/River b 61 Horn ofM th Woolly A Info/Tourism Center US HighwayWoolly Mammoth Lake/River County Boundary Info/Tourism Center Turkey S ® f £ ¤ OUTER ® f Info/Tourism Center Woolly Mammoth VA Scenic Byway US Highway 644 County Boundary County Boundary Possum R Convenience Lake/Riv £ ¤ Rd VA61Primary Lake/River Interstate Woolly M t Gas/Convenience n 100 Convenience LOOP ep en Lake/River t n Interstate Info/Tourism Center VA Primary Ho r s Lodging Interstate § ¨ ¦Boundary Turkey St ®VA Secondary f County Bo The Claw of the Dragon US Highway W Æ Lake/Ri 42 237.1 MILES Rd County Lodging Lodging £ ¤ US Highway County Boundary £ ¤ W Æ Convenience VA Secondary y Creek d Wolft Horn of the Cow The Claw of the Dragon Food lle US Highway Woolly w n ork R Indiann VA Primary Interstate Food CountyMB VA Primary k Va £ ¤ VA Scenic Byway e Village Interstate earfInterstate l e Food C r The Claw of the Dragon C Possum Run Horn of the Cow Lodging w n VA Scenic Byway s The Claw of the Dragon Attraction W Æ The Claw of the DragonVA Primary The Claw of the Dragon ker VA Secondary j Attraction " ) VAHighway Secondary Interstate Lake/Riv US Highw Wal 614 Horn of the Cow Turkey Strut Possum Run Info/Tourism Center US d 601 £ ¤ US Attraction Adria Rd Food Info/Tourism Center j d R Highway £ VA Scenic Byway ¤ " l ) ® £ f ¤ w n e 61 Horn of the Cow Virginia Scenic Byway Interstate Exit • BASTIAN Horn of the Cow " ) Turkey ®VA Secondary Horn of the Cow f VA Scenic Byway Possum Run pefi USPrima High Woolly Mammoth Strut Rd County Bo VA Claw of the Dragon The Claw of the Dragon The £ Gra VA Primary ¤ Info/Tourism Center Convenience VA Primary reek Attraction Interstate Exit Convenience 100 C 42 j ® " f ) " e ) t n Possum Run l Turkey Strut Possum Run tVA Scenic Woolly Mammoth 614 Grapefield Rd The Claw of the Dragon Info/Tourism Center Possum Run Lake/River n Li t t VASecond Prim 614 Convenience ® VA Rd Byway f Horn of the Cow Interstate Horn of the Cow n t n VA Secondary o t t Lodging Interstate Exit VA Secondary Lodging a Woolly Mammoth r County Boundary " G ) Lake/River d Horn of the Cow R Turkey Strut W Lake/River Æ W Æ Turkey Strut Lodging Convenience d VAHighw Secon alley of W Possum Æ TheaptClaw Dragon ELL Strut t n ZEWthe The Claw of the Dragon ist V Turkey TA arden R 623 Info/Tourism Center Gose Mill Rd G US Interstate County Boundary s 601 VA Scenic Byway VA Scenic Possum Run 61 e Run Possum Run k r Food B Food l Bu VA Scenic Byway £ i ¤ ® a f Food BLAND § w n ¨ ¦ • r Woolly Mammoth Woolly Mammoth w County n wClaw BASTIAN rass TThen VA Sceni GLodging Boundary Horn ofWoolly the CowMammoth US Highway Convenience Burkes Garden Interstate of the Dragon W Æ Turkey Strut . Blue £ ¤ E Horn of the Cow Info/Tourism Center 631 VA Prima Attraction 42 § Info/Tour Attraction ¨ ¦ Turkey Strut DUBLIN • j Turkey Strut LOOP " The Claw of the Dragon ) j d " ) Attraction Info/Tourism Center Lake/River R t n ® f Lake/River j Interstate ® FROGRun LEVEL • " f ek ) VA Primary Food US Highway Horn of the Cow e Info/Tou LOOP Woolly Mammoth r The Claw of the Dragon ® C f w n Possum £ ¤ • BLAND § n ¨ ¦ USRun BACK OF THE DRAGON ENDS HERE Exit wy 100 Lake/River " ) Interstate ® f Convenience 94 MILES Possum Interstate Exit In d i a VA Second Convenien " )Lodging Woolly Mammoth Highway Exit H Woolly Mammoth t n VA Secondary Horn of the County Boundary VA Primary Possum Run County Boundary W Æ Lake/River k Interstate 91 Cow Convenience £ ¤ e 82 MILES " ) Attraction t n Convenie j re Horn of the Cow " ) Turkey Strut t n C e t n l LodgingVA County Boundary ELEVATION PrimaryBoundary VA Scenic Byway VA Secondary TurkeyLake/River Strut The Claw of the Dragon County Turkey Strut Food Li t t W Æ VA Scenic Interstate Lodging Lake/River Interstate w n Possum Run The Claw of the Dragon Lodging Interstate Exit 604 W Æ Lodging 4,710 Feet " ) Possum Run Woolly Mammoth 601 VA Secondary W Æ W Æ Info/Tourism Center VA Scenic Byway Woolly Mammoth Interstate Food 91 Interstate ®Horn f 42 wy w Woolly n ofthe the Cow Horn of Cow § Mammoth ¨ ¦ US Highway Attraction US Highway Info/Tour kH Food County Boundary j County Boundary e The Claw of the Dragon " ) Strut £ VA Scenic Byway ¤ e Food £ w n ¤ Food Convenience • CLAYPOOL HILL Turkey Info/Tourism Center Turkey Strut r Lake/River Lake/River US Highway ® C f w n w n t n • PULASKI l e ® £ i f l ¤ Attraction t Possum Run a t r j i " ) T US Highway L Loops Ranging from 62 to 224 miles! s 717 VA Primary Possum Run VA Primary Center Lake/River Lodging Interstate Exit e Gras ELEVATION Convenience County Boundary d £ Convenien HornÆ the Cow ¤ VA Primary Attraction " Interstate )Mammoth Interstate Attractio Wof ® Info/Tourism Mammoth f Woolly j t n j " County Boundary ) Attraction " eR ) Turkey Strut t n Ma Woolly j ELEVATION u g " Just off I-77 and I-81! ) l The Claw of the Dragon Interstate Exit 4,150 Feet d 609 B " ) d i i Convenience R . d Food l Lodging Interstate l R e e VA Secondary VA Secondary VA Primary W wTurkey n VAHighway Secondary t Boundary n nS W Beauty Æ Strut 3,405 Feet County Ward Possum Run § ¨ ¦ Woolly Mammoth Interstate Enjoy the of the Blue Ridge while Knife US Highway Interstate Lake/River prinInterstate 717 US )Lodging " )" Rd Lake/River Interstate Exit W Æ Lodging £ ¤ " £ Attraction ) Food ¤ US Highway gs e j VA Scenic Byway Horn of the Cow " W Æ ) w n s £ ¤ a VA Scenic Byway Food testing VA yourself on the Claw! Scenic Byway The Claw Lake/River C VA601Secondary 42 Turkey Strut Mammoth This unforgettable driving Interstate County Boundary Food 91 US Highway Interstate Exit 610 VA Primary Attraction VA) Primary The Claw of th VA Primary " ) Woolly w n Boundary Info/Tourism Center j w n " £ ¤County d ® f County Boundary excursion extends across R Possum Run Info/Tourism Center y Info/Tourism Center Horn of th e Attraction Woolly Mammoth VA Scenic Byway Interstate Exit VA" jDragon ll " ) Convenience )Secondary ® Interstate f Lake/River ® f VA Primary three mountains! The£ ClawUS of theHighway Attraction Va VA Secondary t n Horn of the Cow VA Secondary Interstate j Interstate " ) e ¤ 610 Peppers Ferry RdConvenience § Interstate Exit ¨ ¦ on Turkey Strut Convenience " VA Scenic Byway ) Possum R t Lodging s Lake/River Horn of the t n W Æ The Claw of the Dragon Info/Tourism Center t n US Highway US Highway eeSecondary VAHighway County Boundary VACow Primary £ £ ¤ Interstate Frf ¤ VA Scenic Byway 100 Possum Run ® VA Scenic Byway 42 " ) US Info/Tourism Center 121 £ w Food Possum Run 680 n Lodging Turkey St ¤ VA Scenic ® Woolly Horn f of the Cow VA CountyMammoth Boundary W Lodging Æ W Æ VAPrimary Primary 32 miles of excitement! Byway Convenience Interstate Convenience VA Secondary Attraction j t n Info/Tourism Center " Lee Hwy StrutM ) Info/Tourism Center® n Turkey Strut t Run n VA Primary Lake/River Possum VA Secondary260 curves! 91 FoodOUTERTurkeyWoolly Food w Interstate ® f w n • FT CHISWELLf VA Secondary • WYTHEVILLE Lodging Info/Tourism Center Interstate Exit " ) Lodging W Æ Elevations of up to 3,500 feet! US VA Highway Scenic Byway ®VA Secondary VA Scenic Byway Turkey Strut f 680Woolly Mammoth W Æ Mammo LOOP £ ¤ Attraction The ClawWoolly of the Lake/Riv Dragon Attraction jConvenience Food jConvenience " ) US Highway t n " ) t n w n County Boundary VA Scenic Byway Lake/River ELEVATION Convenience £ Woolly Mammoth ¤ Info/Tourism Center Food tVA Scenic n ®VA Primary f 237.1 Info/Tourism Center w n 3,270 Feet Interstate Exit Lake/River ERE HornMILES of the CowCounty Bo j Attraction InterstateFt ChExit " ) Byway " )Lodging " )Lodging County Boundary VA Primary Lake/River is w ® RETREAT f W Æ Convenience W Æ S H Info/Tourism Center 91 Lodging 90 • RURAL Interstate e N The Claw of the Dragon The Claw of the Dragon t n e I k l i G W Æ ® l f Interstate Exit E Attraction Rd " ) Boundary B j VA Secondary np Interstate Hungry Mother " Convenience ) r County Possum Run Interstate N Lodging Food 94 County Bounda u Food O Center VAHighway Secondary W Convenience Æ § ¨ ¦ t n w n w n Food £ US nT Horn of the Cow RAG State Park o ®n New River Trail wInfo/Tourism Horn of the Cow D t n s • SALTVILLEf US Highway Interstate E Food Interstate Exit £ ¤ Æ The Claw of the Dragon " wVA n ) ¤ ScenicOFByway Turkey Strut TH US Highw Lodging Gray WYTHEVILLE § ¨ ¦ State Park VA Scenic Byway Attraction Interstate Attraction £ Convenience ¤ j Lodging W j " Attraction ) " ) K Possum Run VA Primary 107 j US Highway " C W Æ t) n Attraction VA Primary The Claw of the Dragon Possum Run A j 94 £ "Info/Tourism ¤ • 62Horn ) B LOOP MILESof619the Cow 619 Woolly Mammoth VA Prima 749 VA Secondary Center Food Info/Tourism Center Food US Highway VA Primary Interstate Exit BACK OF w n Lodging Interstate Exit Interstate Exit " Horn of the Cow ELEVATION Exit ) Interstate " ) ® " Turkey Strut ) f " ) ® w n f £ • MARION ¤ W Æ VA Secondary 100 Strut Turkey THE DRAGON Lake/River 2,702 Feet VA Second VA ScenicAttraction Byway VA Secondary IVANHOE • Run Convenience Possum Run Convenience 619 Possum Attraction j VA Primary j " t n Woolly Mammoth ) Food " ) t n w n Center VALodging Scenic Byway Turkey Strut VA Scenic Byway Woolly CountyMammoth BoundaryVA Scenic ®749 Info/Tourism f Turkey Strut Lodging Interstate Exit Interstate Exit W Æ " ) Lake/River " ) VA Secondary Cedar Springs Rd P W Æ Attraction Convenience 749 Info/Tourism Center 619 o j TheInfo/Tourism Claw of the Dragon CenterWoolly Mammoth " ) plaLake/River 107 t n ® f Interstate Info/Tour r Food C ® f w n ® f Woolly Mammoth Lodging Food am Convenience County Boundary Horn of the Cow Lake/River W Æ w n VA Scenic Byw Mt Rogers t n Interstate Exit pR )• CHILHOWIE" US Convenien Convenience d Highway County Boundary Food Attraction Lodging £ ¤ National Recreation j Possum Run w n County Boundary t n " ) t) n W Æ Interstate Lake/River j AttractionArea Interstate " Info/Tourism Attraction VA Primary Food Lodging C j Turkey Strut " ) ® w n f Interstate Exit § • Sugar Grove Interstate " W Æ )Lodging W Æ ¨ ¦ US Highway Exit £ ¤County Boundary " ) Interstate£ " 762 ) Interstate Exit Woolly Mammoth Convenience US Highway j Attraction " ) • HILL VAHighway Secondary SVIL ¤ t n MARION wLE Food n 94 Food US The Claw of the Dragon VA Primary wLake/River n Exit £ ¤ " Primary ) Interstate The ClawVA of the Dragon Interstate Lodging VA Scenic Byway LOOP • 138 MILES j Attraction Horn of the Cow " GALAX ) W Æ Attraction Boundary VACow Secondary VA Primary Horn of the VA Secondary jCounty " ) e US Highway Possum Run Pik Info/Tourism Interstate Food £ LOOP • 60 MILES ¤ " ) Center nf Interstate VA Scenic Byway Possum Run w n o ® t VA Scenic Byway l Interstate Exit § l ¨ ¦")US Highway VA Secondary o Turkey Strut rr VA Primary Info/Tourism Center Convenience Turkey Ca £ ¤ ®Strut f t n j Attraction " ) Info/Tourism Center Woolly Mammoth VA Scenic Byway Mt Rogers VA Primary Convenience Woolly Mammoth ® f Lodging t n VAConvenience Secondary 762 W Æ r Exit Lake/River " D ) Interstate VA Secondary Lake/River ELEVATION W Lodging Æ ar t Info/Tourism Center tVA Scenic n u t Food County Boundary S Byway ®n f w 5,729 Feet E. VA Scenic Byway Food Countyn El k Lodging wBoundary W Æ Cr e Interstate Attraction • GALAX ELEVATION jConvenience 94 Interstate ek " ) j Attraction § t n ¨ ¦ Info/Tourism Center " ) ® Info/Tourism Center f P § Food ¨ ¦ kw ® f US Highway 4,935 Feet w n 89 £ ¤ y " ) Interstate Exit InterstatePkwyExit 97 " £ )Lodging t Convenience n ELEVATION ¤ US Highway W Æ Convenience VA Primary e Attraction j " ) Lodging Grayson Highlands t n VA Primary 5,530 Feet idg W Æ R y 97 e Hi g h VA Secondary • INDEPENDENCE w Food n Pkw State ParkVA Secondary lan d s n kwy Food Blu Lodging Interstate Wi l s o 600 " ) son Exit ds P Pkw n y W Æ 97 n a wy a l H t h wy VA Scenic Byway Gr in S Tro VAHigScenic Byway j Attraction j Attraction " ) " ) Ma Food . u td W Info/Tourism Center w n 89 ale Info/Tourism Center ® f " ) Interstate Exit 620 ® OUTER f Exit •Cana Hw " ) Interstate Aerial Photos and Maps at Convenience LOOP kwy Attraction P y t n Convenience j e " ) g d t n 690 e Ri Lodging 620 u l 237.1 MILES W Æ B Lodging W Æ 89 " ) Interstate Food Exit

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Stop for some New York style pizza and a slice of frontier-style history in Hillsville when hitting the Galax Loop. Soak up the surrounding beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway as you browse the many unique shopping opportunities in Cana and Fancy Gap. Take a break from the road with some slow smoked BBQ and your favorite flavors of craft brews in downtown Galax.

n w j Attraction " ) Have a world famous hot dog and

W Interstate Exit Y TV H I E L L E " )

see the “Big Pencil” on the 89 Wytheville Loop. Unwind after a day’s ride with drinks on a rooftop, dinner in a historic home or live music at a local venue in Wytheville’s charming downtown. Venture into the Blue Ridge “Outback” on a safari or learn about the history of making ammunition in Fort Chiswell. Fill your senses with an aromatic lavender farm in Cripple Creek or the taste of freshly baked sourdough bread and pies in Rural Retreat.

Fanc y Gap Hwy

Troutdale Hwy

S. Main St





Whi t etop





The Marion Loop also includes some of Smyth County’s most jaw-dropping sights, including Virginia’s two highest peaks, Mount Rogers (#1) and Whitetop Mountain (#2). The loop continues through the adorable towns of Chilhowie and Saltville, a must-see for history lovers. In downtown Saltville, the Museum of the Middle Appalachians offers an overview of this fascinating town’s 30,000 year history, from woolly mammoths to the jet fuel that sent Apollo 13 to the moon.




check out handcrafted " ) Interstate furniture and savor specialty meats and cheeses in the community of White Gate. Keep an eye out for glimpses of untouched nature and the local wildlife on Little Creek Highway and stop for a one-ofa-kind experience with a side of ice cream on Big Walker Mountain in the middle of the Jefferson National Forest.

. of theDragon



While traveling along the Bastian Loop, stop for a bite to eat and visit a brewery in the town of Tazewell. Enjoy a variety of Amish prepared food and baked goods inside Burkes Garden and step back in time to a reconstructed indian village in the loop’s namesake of Bastian.

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n Food w j Attraction " ) Along the Bland Loop,

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