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DRAFT June 19, 2009 Marketing & Sales Plan 2009-2010

Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority 2009-10 Marketing and Sales Plan Table of Contents Section


Table of Contents




RSCVA Mission, Vision, and Values


Competitive Set and SWOT Analysis


Executive Summary and Strategic Plan Overview


Market Assessment


Plank 1 Increase Convention Sales and Marketing • Marketing Objectives • Convention Sales Objectives

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Plank 2 Increase Tourism Sales and Marketing • Marketing Objectives • Tourism Sales Objectives

17-19 20-21

Plank 3 Special Events Philosophy and Funding • Marketing Objectives


Plank 4 Efficiently Manage Assets • Marketing Objectives


Plank 6 Address Average Daily Rate • Combined Departmental Objectives


Appendixes • Advertising Plan • Travel Schedules • Marketing and Sales Plan Definitions

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RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Introduction The 2009-2010 fiscal year is the third year of the RSCVA strategic plan. Developed to serve as a roadmap to guide the organization, the comprehensive plan focuses the organization’s efforts on the most important aspects of achieving success for Reno Tahoe’s tourism industry. The six overarching planks of the plan include: Increase Convention Sales and Marketing • • Increase Tourism Sales and Marketing • Implement Special Events Philosophy and Funding • Efficiently Manage Assets • Develop Capital Improvement Program • Address Average Daily Rate If a plan were developed today I would propose an additional plank; Financial Stability and Security. The current weak economy and the decline in travel nationwide have impacted the financial resources of the RSCVA. This underscores the need for additional reserves and a larger contingency fund. The marketing plan highlights the efforts of the RSCVA sales and marketing teams to achieve measured results for each of the key initiatives outlined above. Staff has made a concerted effort to continue focusing on programs that have demonstrated a track record of success and new initiatives that have the greatest likelihood of advancing tourism and convention sales goals. The 2009-2010 fiscal year is likely to be a year of transition for marketing and sales efforts. The RSCVA recently conducted and analyzed extensive new research. Now the organization will begin to implement the key findings of a market segmentation study, with a goal to grow the number of visitors to our region. Given the current volatility of the U.S. economy, the next 12-18 months are sure to present challenges for the travel industry. Competition will be fierce for a likely decreasing number of group and leisure travelers. The RSCVA is focused on aligning resources and providing insight for its stakeholders on the key initiatives that will not only allow the region to weather these times, but seize on the opportunities to grow as one of the premier destinations in the west. Sincerely,

Ellen Oppenheim, President and CEO

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



RSCVA Mission, Vision and Values RSCVA Mission The mission of the RSCVA is to attract overnight visitors to Reno Tahoe lodging properties through tourism marketing, convention sales and facility operations, featuring local amenities, attractions and events; thereby enhancing the economic benefit and quality of life for northern Nevada. RSCVA Vision Statement The vision for Reno Tahoe is to be a premier year-round, western destination for leisure and group/convention travelers. RSCVA Values Statement: In all our relationships we demonstrate a commitment to the following values: RSCVA Values: Integrity We demand of ourselves and others the highest ethical standards by always taking the high road, by demonstrating personal responsibility to treat people with respect and trust, and by honoring our commitments. Leadership By living the mission and vision of the organization, we inspire enthusiasm, belief, accountability and commitment. People Recognizing that people in all their diversity are the cornerstone of our success, we value and respect our individual team members and are committed to improving their knowledge, skills and abilities. Teamwork We recognize that our strength and competitive advantage derives from the collaboration and cooperation of our team members, partners, community and customers. Customers We commit to exceeding the expectations of our customers and constantly focus on customer satisfaction.

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Convention Competitive Set

Largest Single Facility Exhibit GSF (From TSW Major Exhibit Hall Directory)

Total Number Convention Hotel Rooms

Number of Daily Departures

Total Airport Passengers

ADR Year Ended Dec. 2008

(Reported by individual CVBs)

(From Individual airport Web sites )

(From Individu al airport Websites )

(From Smith Travel Research Unless Otherwise Noted)

Phoenix Denver

646,500 584,000

59,000 8,000

552 809

39,891,193 51,245,334

$124.79 $105.53

Reno Tahoe






Portland Vancouver, BC Seattle Austin San Jose Albuquerque Tucson Sacramento

315,000 315,000 268,000 246,000 223,000 167,562 147,000 134,000

23,000 10,000 9,000 30,500 8,000 16,500 15,800 15,000

225 289 428 133 149 112 61 137

14,299,234 17,852,459 32,196,528 9,039,075 9,717,717 6,467,263 4,225,869 9,982,427

$99.38 $136.72 $126.62 $110.07 $123.85 $74.89 $101.58 $101.21

* Ordered by largest single facility exhibit gsf ** Information from RSCVA Room Tax Department

Leisure Competitive Set These are similar cities and regions to Reno Tahoe that have common characteristics and attractions to offer visitors (e.g. abundant winter and or summer activities, western location, historical attractions, etc.) Specifically, Reno Tahoe boasts 18 world class ski resorts within 90 minutes of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, while Salt Lake City and Vancouver offer exciting skiing and winter activities. Reno Tahoe is rich in historical offerings as is Albuquerque, Boise and Tucson. Palm Springs and Reno Tahoe offer great golf experiences and a diverse arts and culture scene. Albuquerque Boise Palm Springs Salt Lake City Tucson Vancouver, BC

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



SWOT Analysis

Strengths • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Affordable/value destination Excellent variety of public assembly facilities owned or operated by RSCVA Recent hotel property renovations and expansions Good air service for regional population our size, easily accessible airport Lodging inventory (15,590 rooms) I-80 corridor access and proximity to California Lake Tahoe’s reputation and assets Year-round unlimited outdoor recreation Summer special events season Reno and Sparks redevelopment progress Nevada-style gaming Emerging arts, culture, and heritage product Top-tier entertainment University community

Weaknesses • • • • • • • • • • •

Metro area perception Trend of declining cash occupancy Gaming-driven marketplace, limited tourism revenue diversification Lack of capital for the public assembly facilities to renovate and upgrade Small base of convention business Lack of nationally recognized, full-service business hotel brands for convention use Limited number of committable hotel rooms and amenities within walking distance of RenoSparks Convention Center (RSCC) and the Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center (RSLEC) Perception of limited air service vs. competitive cities RSCVA dependence on room tax revenue Unconventional room rate pricing strategy versus competitive cities Limited mass public transportation for group and business visitors

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Opportunities • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Improve destination image and awareness Expand convention and group business as a component of overall business mix Leverage affordability of destination (especially during tight economy) Increase occupancy of facilities Continue to improve consensus building and regional cooperation Continue to increase average daily rate Continue region-wide redevelopment and reinvestment Develop new non-stop air service to key markets Expand special events season Growing shopping and outdoor/specialty retail opportunities Increase hotel inventory within walking distance of RSCC Improve service and strengthen culture of hospitality Improve the corridor and access between downtown and the RSCC Further improvements on the Truckee River corridor Bringing a nationally recognized convention business hotel brand to the market Evaluate future option to expand at RSCC Increase international tourism Increasing acceptance of gaming Leverage university system

Threats • • • • • • • • • • •

Weak economy and ability/willingness to reinvest Growing competition from first- and second-tier cities to attract meeting, convention, tradeshow, equine events and special event business Economic turbulence causing shorter booking windows for conventions & leisure travel Loss of existing air service Continued reinvestment needed Proliferation of gaming worldwide, including the expansion of California Tribal Gaming and Internet gaming Tightening municipal, county and state budgets Lack of cooperation amongst stakeholders within the destination Pandemic or other health concerns Construction interruptions Weather

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Executive Summary and Strategic Plan Overview The 2009-2010 fiscal year is the third year of the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority (RSCVA) 5-Year Strategic Plan. This marketing and sales plan looks in-depth at the strategies and tactics currently underway and new initiatives geared toward achieving the ambitious organizational goals. Four planks of the RSCVA Strategic Plan focus on strategies that are the direct and indirect responsibility of the Sales and Marketing departments. Those four focus areas are as follows with the key measurements for each plank, or priority area of the overall plan: Increase Convention Sales and Marketing – The top priority is to sell the destination as a place for conventions, tradeshows and meetings, while leveraging the group facility assets to book maximum lodging property room nights. 2009-2010 KEY MEASUREMENTS: 1. Achieve or exceed annual convention sales department goals at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center (RSCC), Reno Events Center (REC), Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center (RSLEC) and National Bowling Stadium (NBS) of 272,000 room nights. Of the 272,000 room nights it is broken down as 40% hotel stand alone business and 60% groups utilizing hotels and a RSCVA owned or managed facility. 2. The original Strategic Plan goal was to have at least one major citywide convention a month for a total of 13 in FY 09-10. However, the definition of a citywide convention was recently updated to a definition of “a group utilizing a minimum of 2,000 peak room nights that requires two or more hotels and utilizes an RSCVA facility.” Additionally a category was created for a mid-size convention defined as “a group utilizing a minimum of 850 peak room nights that requires two or more hotels and utilizes an RSCVA facility.” As a result of these new definitions the goals for FY 09-10 are two citywide conventions and six mid-size conventions. 3. Continue to build convention and tradeshow occupancy of the convention center in the 2009-2010 fiscal year to 9.5 points below the national average. Increase Tourism Sales and Marketing – Increase individual traveler and group traveler business for Reno Tahoe by marketing regionally, nationally and internationally. 2009-2010 KEY MEASUREMENT: 1. Achieve or exceed Tourism Sales goals of 517,432 room nights. Special Events Philosophy & Funding -Develop and implement a reasonable special events philosophy and funding system that ties to increasing room nights, Average Daily Rate (ADR) and/or measurably increases brand awareness and propensity to visit Reno Tahoe. 2009-2010 KEY MEASUREMENTS: 1. Achieve room night goal of 99,000 associated with special events 2. Achieve a minimum 225% Return On Investment (ROI) for all RSCVA-funded events RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



3. Extend the special event season by adding two new special events in the off-season (October-May) by calendar year 2010. Address Average Daily Rate – Act as a catalyst and create and foster a destination-wide revenue management culture by providing stakeholders with tools, education, and incentives that promote growth in Average Daily Rate (ADR), Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) and RSCVA resources. 2009-2010 KEY MEASUREMENT: 1. RSCVA to create market awareness and demand that will enable lodging properties to make decisions to grow the annual ADR in the destination. The original goal was to reach an ADR of $85.63 by the end of the 2009-2010 fiscal year, an 8 percent increase over the forecast ADR from the 2008-2009 fiscal year. The volatility of the current economic conditions has impacted Reno Tahoe’s ability to grow rate and sustain occupancy. Reno Tahoe total lodging ADR is projected to finish FY 08-09 at $73.41. As a result the ADR goals associated with this Plank need to be revisited given the continued downward trend in ADR both locally and across the nation. The recommended goal for ADR in FY 09-10 is $72.55, consistent with the adopted budget for 2009-2010.

Marketing and Sales Departments Overview The RSCVA organizes marketing and sales efforts into three integrated departments with the following responsibilities: • • •

Convention Sales- Develops leads and helps close business to utilize hotels and RSCVA facilities for conventions, exhibits, trade shows, corporate meetings, incentive programs, association activities and special events, and provides support to booked business. Tourism Sales- Promotes Reno Tahoe as a four-season, resort, recreation and meeting destination to travel agents, online wholesalers, tour operators, motor coach operators, airlines and consumers. Marketing- Supports the sales efforts of the RSCVA and acts as the steward of the Reno Tahoe brand. Activities include advertising, research, promotion, Internet marketing, visitor services and public relations. Marketing efforts are efforts focused on existing customers, maintaining key feeder markets, growing overall visitation and developing new geographic markets. The Marketing department also administers the RSCVA Special Events funding program.

The remainder of this plan organizes and explains the more detailed marketing and sales objectives for each department in the 2009-2010 fiscal year in support of each plank of the RSCVA Strategic Plan.

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Market Assessment The 2009-2010 fiscal year opens with the global economy in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression. The mortgage foreclosure crisis, collapse of financial markets and rising unemployment are among the many factors leading to a slumping economy. The U.S. travel and hospitality industry has been hit hard by deep cuts in consumer spending. At the time of writing this report in June 2009, many economists were pointing to emerging signs of improvement or a hope that economic conditions were at the very least bottoming out. Still Northern Nevada and for that matter, the entire travel industry faces severe challenges in the next year. These conditions will directly impact the marketing and sales strategies of the RSCVA. The most recent data available by the U.S. Commerce Department in March 2009 showed spending on travel and tourism declined last year for the first time since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The impacts were highlighted by Americans canceling vacations, foreign travel into the U.S. declining, and businesses slashing travel budgets. Travel and Tourism spending fell at a 22% annualized rate in the October through December 2008 quarter, compared with the prior three-month period. The decline was the sharpest since the government's quarterly records began in 2001, topping the 19% drop after the terrorist attacks that year. The global economic recession is affecting every aspect of the meeting industry. Meeting sponsors that signed contracts before September 2008 for events scheduled to occur in the next two to five years were looking at a totally different economic reality than exists today. Attendance at some events is flat while other conferences are reporting attendance substantially down, causing financial stress on organizational budgets and, in some cases, threatening the financial solvency of the organization. These realities are causing meeting sponsors to re-evaluate, and sometimes renegotiate, contracts for meetings already on the books. On the other side of the table, hoteliers are facing declining occupancies, lower average rates, and declining RevPAR from last year. The US government’s decision to restrict the use of Troubled Assed Relief Program (TARP) funds for meetings and events had a far-reaching impact on the meetings industry. Whether TARP recipients or not, businesses in all sectors are cancelling meetings, events and incentive programs – despite legitimate business purposes – out of fear of public scrutiny. Comments made by President Obama mentioning Las Vegas were cited by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority as a contributing factor in the cancellation of over 400 conventions and business meetings scheduled. These cancelled events translate into a loss of 111,800 guests and over 250,000 room-nights in Las Vegas. Reno Tahoe has also been impacted but not to the same extent by the TARP concerns and the increased scrutiny being placed by governmental agencies looking at known gambling and resort destinations. However, first-tier cities directly impacted are now looking to steal clients away from second- and third-tier markets to make up for the lost business. This leads to an almost unprecedented level of competition for meetings and convention business. PKF Hospitality Research (PKF-HR) projects that the average U.S. hotel in 2009 will suffer a 9.8 percent year-over-year drop in RevPAR. RevPAR dipped nationally 1.8 percent in 2008. “The drop in RevPAR for 2009 will be the fourth-largest annual decline in this important measure since 1930,” RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



said R. Mark Woolworth, president of PKF-HR. “Further, the nation’s hotels will not experience a year-over-year quarterly increase in RevPAR until the third quarter of 2010. The projected eight consecutive quarters of declining RevPAR, would be the longest stretch of falling revenues endured by US hotels since PKF-HR began tracking the industry more than 20 years ago. The entire state of Nevada and particularly the Reno Tahoe region (Washoe County) have been hit hard by the economic meltdown. In March 2009 the unemployment rate stood at 11.2%, above the national average of 8.9% for the same time period, and nearly twice the rate of just one year ago (6%). Regional Hotel-Casino stakeholders not only face pricing pressure on room rates but declining gaming revenues. In a national comparison released in May 2009 discount travel site reported hotel prices in the Reno Tahoe market have fallen an average of 20 percent from a year ago. The decline is the seventh-largest among North American markets. Washoe County gaming win dropped in March 2009 by 23.3 percent from the same month last year. This is the 21st consecutive month that gaming win has declined in Washoe County according the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Even more new gaming competition exists in the core drive market with the opening of the $500 million Red Hawk tribal casino just 30 minutes outside of Sacramento, California. The economic downturn has also impacted room tax collections in Washoe County. Total taxable collections are projected to finish the 2008-09 fiscal year down (July-June) approximately $50.3 million from previous fiscal year. The result is overall decreases in both the budgets and resources for marketing and selling the destination. This factor further underscores the need to harness collective tourism resources for co-operative marketing efforts. A quick review of recent research forecasting demand for leisure and business travel presents a murky prediction of when the bottom will be reached. The United States Travel Association (USTA) recently reported that leisure travel, although still declining, continues to outperform business travel. The USTA publishes a Traveler Sentiment Index which measures six major attitudes about travel. The index was up 8 percent in February 2009 compared to the same time last year. The USTA report cites many national studies that show a strengthening of consumer sentiment around leisure travel. However, travel follows the general trend of spending by consumers. The same USTA study showed travelers are sticking to the more frugal habits that dominated 2008 including: • Spending less on all aspects of trips • Driving more than flying • Cutting both the distance and duration of vacations • Planning more weekend getaways and day trips To further support these predictions, the Air Transport Association of America (ATA), forecasts that 7 percent fewer passengers (about 150,000 per day) will travel June 1 through Aug. 31, 2009, compared to the same period in 2008. Approximately 195 million passengers are expected to fly this summer on U.S. airlines, down from 209 million during the summer months of 2008.

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Travelers will find that saving money is much easier in today’s economic climate. Room rates and airfares are down considerably from last year. The Energy Information Administration predicts that gasoline prices will average $2.23 a gallon, down $1.60 from last summer’s average. Most economists point to consumer confidence as the key indicator for stabilizing travel. The April 2009 Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index hit a level of 39.2. The April number is the highest reading in 2009, driven primarily by a significant improvement in the short-term outlook. Still the drop in confidence is staggering when compared year over year. In April 2007 the index stood at 62.5, down dramatically from a level of 105 in August of 2007. The 2009 travelhorizons™ survey by the USTA and Ypartnership captures the apparent wait-and-see attitude of travelers stating, “Americans are waiting to see if the economy and their personal finances improve in the coming months and hunting for last-minute deals.” The study showed 45% of travelers surveyed will plan a trip and 39% will book within two months of departure. Opportunities may arise for Reno Tahoe in the short term during these challenging economic conditions. The USTA Travel Outlook report highlighted this point stating, “Those destinations favored by close proximity to major population centers, adept at understanding the consumer frugality and the anxieties of today, and having the wherewithal to market and promote effectively to address these concerns, could outperform the overall market.” The emerging trend of the Internet and social media has taken center stage in the travel industry. With Internet penetration past the 80% mark among U.S. adults, the reference to travelers with Internet access as “online travelers” has become redundant. At the same time the traditional news media industry has suffered closures and cutbacks decreasing both the sheer number and audience size of print and broadcast outlets. As traditional media shrinks the consumer voice has taken center stage as a respected source of information on online reviews and blogs. To underscore the dynamic environment and growth of social media consider the emergence of both Facebook and Twitter. Facebook reported that the company added the 200 millionth user in April, 2009. Silicon Alley Insider noted that if Facebook were a country, it would be the fifth-largest in the world after China, India, the US and Indonesia. Growth on Facebook is not limited to younger users. From January to March 2009, people ages 26 to 44 made up the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. Facebook population.

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



The research Website eMarketer estimates there were roughly 6 million Twitter users in the U.S. in 2008, or 3.8% of all Internet users. The same firm projected that Twitter users would continue to grow as illustrated in the chart below.

In the coming year the RSCVA public relations team will continue to explore alternative ways to deliver Reno Tahoe’s message through both new and emerging media channels. Successful public relations efforts, moving forward, will depend on participating in, engaging with and meeting the needs of both traditional and social media outlets. The 2008 RSCVA Visitor Count showed visitation declined to the Washoe County area by approximately 10%. The decline is attributed in large part to the economic slowdown. While a comprehensive Visitor Profile Study was not conducted in lieu of the new research mentioned later in this report the RSCVA estimates that approximately 4.58 million people visited Washoe County in 2008. This represents a decline of 19.3% when compared to the estimated visitation level in 2002 (5.68 million).

2 006













2,000,000 1,000,000 0 2002

20 03

200 4

200 7


The RSCVA conducted and analyzed significant new research aimed at improving the marketing and sales efforts of the organization with the ultimate goal of reversing the 11-year trend of declining visitation. Market potential research studies were conducted in both the core drive markets of Northern California (I-80 Corridor) and in select fly markets for Reno Tahoe. The goal of the research was to measure what would encourage visitation among new or lapsed visitors. RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Core Market Research Key Findings: • Recent visitors have an overwhelmingly positive impression of Reno – 80% favorable if they visited Reno in the past two years • Overall Lake Tahoe is the most frequently mentioned getaway location in the core drive market – Reno is tied for third place on the list • Almost 90% of the core drive market has been to either Reno or Lake Tahoe as an adult • Ease of access, fun and exciting, and value are the three most important attributes that people look for when traveling and most readily associate with Reno • Gambling is not a top motivator when choosing a travel destination Fly Market Research Key Findings 1 : • In all markets, perception of the Reno Tahoe area is generally positive, with consumers in nearer fly markets more aware of the area and more positive than those farther away • Those in the closer markets are the most likely to have heard about or visited the Reno Tahoe area • Attributes most commonly associated with Reno Tahoe are beautiful scenery, convenient air access, and gaming • For closer markets, the Reno Tahoe brand is fairly well defined and associated with specific positive attributes. As you look farther away, the brand is less well supported and would see longer-term benefit from brand messaging Notable When Comparing the Two Research Studies: • The region has a generally favorable reputation in both the core and fly-markets. There is little intensity to the ratings, but the area’s position can be regarded as softly positive, rather than negative or even neutral. • Combining the two destinations makes sense for visitors by air, but for drive-market visitors there is a greater distinction between Reno and Tahoe, and typically visitors went to either Reno or Tahoe. With the findings of this new research a comprehensive Marketing Segmentation Study was launched in January 2009. The firm hired to conduct the study further interpreted the research of the market segments identified in both the core drive- and fly-market research projects. The project will provide strategic messaging recommendations to promote tourism to the destination. The findings of the Market Segmentation Study are being presented at the same time as the development of this plan. As a result much of the emphasis of the marketing plan for FY 09-10 will be placed on implementing the recommendations and developing a refined tourism brand promise for the destination.

Quantitative research project focused on 11 separate potential fly markets for the Reno Tahoe area: Los Angeles, Orange County, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, New York and Vancouver


RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Plank 1-Increase Convention Sales and Marketing – The top priority is to sell the destination as a place for conventions, tradeshows and meetings, while leveraging the group facility assets to book maximum lodging property room nights.

Objectives for Marketing Department 1) Conduct new primary research to identify group and convention business that is an ideal fit for RSCVA public facilities and develop refined messages and target markets for convention and group business by the end of the 2009-10 fiscal year. a) Utilize existing RSCVA data and third-party information to look for patterns in repeat business and successful conventions utilizing public facilities in the region b) Gain a depth of understanding of the factors that make a convention in the area successful for meeting planners and attendees through interviews and focus groups c) Develop a target profile for convention marketing efforts that will result in leads that have a higher propensity to convert to successful multi-year business for RSCVA-owned/operated convention facilities d) Explore opportunities to align the updated destination positioning for leisure travelers to meeting and convention marketing and sales efforts Measurements • Complete research project and develop new messaging and target markets by end of the second quarter of FY 09-10, communicate key findings of the research to stakeholders, develop new marketing and lead generation campaigns to launch in third quarter of FY 0910 based on the group research findings. 2) Develop more leads and increase conversion rates from meeting and convention marketing initiatives. a) Identify key market segments and develop formal sales cycle for direct marketing efforts via advertising and Web site i) Execute and track the effectiveness of media buys in increasing exposure for sales team b) Develop a year-long direct mail/email campaign highlighting the findings of the new research and new market strategy c) Create more effective advertising and promotion strategies through association and meeting planner Web channels Measurements • Increase traffic to Meetings and Convention pages on, grow leads sourced to RSCVA marketing and public relations efforts, develop sales funnels and establish more thorough Web content and automated lead generation programs for new target markets identified through group research project.

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



3) Continue to improve Reno Tahoe’s image within the group and convention industry and further establish Reno Tahoe as a competitive western meeting destination. a) Develop specific and well defined key messages targeted at meeting planners that reinforce the destination’s new positioning b) Communicate key messages and campaigns in an integrated effort utilizing advertising, Internet marketing, social media and public relations c) Generate positive media coverage about Reno Tahoe in news outlets targeted at meeting planners and news outlets by communicating convention wins, news from conventions taking place in Reno Tahoe and significant milestones of the regional renaissance i) Use social media vehicles to communicate key messages ii) Develop and pitch quarterly social media releases (include audio, video, graphics, photos, social bookmarking links, search engine tags, etc.) iii) Continue to invite Meetings and Conventions media to visit the destination during group FAMs d) Update all convention collateral material to reflect findings of new convention research Measurements • Track PR measurements of Advertising Equivalency and Advertising Circulation specific to Meetings and Conventions publications, increase leads attributed to marketing and public relations programs, grow unique visits to the meeting/conventions blog, monitor activity and provide information relating to Reno Tahoe on leading group and convention social media sites.

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Objectives for Convention Sales 1) Achieve Convention Sales Team Goal in the 2009-2010 fiscal year. a) Deliver leads to stakeholders sufficient to achieve room night goal Measurement • Achieve goal of 272,000 room nights in FY 09-10. Of the 272,000 room nights it is broken down as 40% hotel stand alone business and 60% groups utilizing hotels and a RSCVA owned or managed facility. 2) Achieve prospecting calls and solicitation calls for group and convention business segments for the 2009-2010 fiscal year a) Conduct Phone sales blitz using list form DMAI to solicit new potential clients or generate new business from current clients b) Attendance at key industry trade shows (e.g., ASAE, IAEE, MPI, PCMA, etc.) c) Conduct two email blast and direct mail campaigns to generate more leads Measurements • Achieve or exceed the Convention Sales team goal of 2,775 prospecting calls and 2,950 solicitation calls. 3) Increase convention citywide business and Convention Center Occupancy for the 2009-2010 fiscal year a) Rebook repeat groups b) Identify and prospect top accounts that are citywide business for either the RSCC or REC c) Target site selection companies such as Helms Briscoe and Conference Direct Measurements • Achieve Convention Sales goals based on the new updated goals securing two major citywide conventions, six mid-size conventions, and build convention and tradeshow occupancy of convention center to 9.5 percent below the national average of the facilities of comparable size.

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Plank 2-Increase Tourism Sales and Marketing – Increase individual traveler and group traveler business for Reno Tahoe by marketing regionally, nationally and internationally. Objectives for Marketing Department 1) Implement findings of the Market Segmentation Study and develop an updated tourism brand promise for the destination that is integrated across all marketing efforts throughout the 20092010 fiscal year. a) Develop key messages to increase overall visitation to Reno Tahoe b) Build an integrated communications strategy c) Develop brand identity guidelines booklet d) Solicit buy-in from the local community for updated tourism brand promise e) Transition existing marketing efforts to new destination positioning throughout FY 09-10 f) As budget permits update existing collateral and corporate identity utilizing updated tourism brand promise Measurements • Achieve all milestones by due dates in project timeline including; Item Development of updated tourism brand promise Creation of integrated marketing strategy Launch of new creative reflecting updated positioning Development of a Reno Tahoe brand identity toolkit and logo guidelines Provide new marketing assets to stakeholders Tracking begins for new marketing measurement dashboard Presentation of results for new marketing measurement dashboard

Anticipated Completion Date in FY 09-10 End of Q1 Early Q2 End of Q2 End of Q2 Early Q3 Early Q3 Early Q4

2) Develop and implement expanded cooperative marketing efforts with regional stakeholders based on findings from Market Segmentation Project for calendar year 2010. a) Develop new co-op advertising campaign b) Grow financial participation from stakeholders and other destination partners to expand the reach of destination advertising c) Ensure that co-op campaigns are inclusive of both destination branding and individual stakeholder identity to enable financial participation d) Establish new measurements for quantifying the performance of campaigns Measurements: • Increased financial participation from stakeholders, expanded overall budget for co-op advertising programs, tracking performance metrics specific to marketing programs, and establish new benchmarks for follow-up perception and awareness research to be conducted in markets targeted by advertising and public relations efforts in FY 10-11. RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



3) Continue existing marketing programs that reinforce Reno Tahoe as a fun and exciting, easy to get to and value getaway while an updated destination brand promise is developed during the first half of the 2009-2010 fiscal year. a) Continue the “Reno Rules” campaign based on recent consumer research b) Utilize traditional public relations and social media outlets promoting “Reno Tahoe” as fun and exciting, easy to get to, and a value-oriented destination c) Continue with regional co-operative marketing efforts d) Reinforce niche marketing efforts for destination including ski, golf and outdoor recreation e) Monitor all Internet marketing programs including advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), and search engine optimization (SEO) •

Monitor advertising response including call to action, measurement of public relations efforts through ad equivalency and circulation, track number of times RSCVA key messages are blogged about, reposted online or commented on, track inclusion of RSCVA Web URLs and key messages in social media and online news outlet coverage. These measurements will be an addition to the overall PR Advertising Equivalency and Circulation goals above.

4) Increase national and regional Public Relations focusing on efforts to take advantage of both the growth of non-traditional (online news, social media) outlets and the decline of traditional media to grow overall coverage thereby increasing awareness of the destination and reinforcing the updated destination brand promise in the 2009-10 fiscal year. a) Launch aggressive public relations initiatives in FY 09-10 as recommended by the findings of the Market Segmentation Study to align to the media consumption preferences of new target audiences b) Increase new brand recognition of Reno Tahoe through editorial that communicates Reno Tahoe as a viable year-round travel destination focusing on ease of access, authenticity, fun and exciting atmosphere, outdoor activities, and special events c) Conduct proactive media relations with news and social media outlets that reach target audiences in key fly and drive geographic markets i) Perform an annual marketing FAM for FY 09-10 ii) Organize a new blogger FAM in the destination during FY 09-10 iii) Host a minimum of five journalists in the destination allowing them to experience what’s new and/or reintroduce them to the destination iv) Conduct at least five deskside visit trips in key markets during FY 09-10 d) Generate awareness of and engagement with the destination through social media (blogs, Facebook, twitter and partnerships) i) Stimulate more peer-to-peer reviews and posts about the destination on the most popular consumer sites (e.g. Yelp, TripAdvisor, TravelPost) e) Continue to develop relationships with media outlets targeted at tour operators and wholesalers Measurements: • Tracking measures based on measurement of public relations efforts through ad equivalency and circulation. In addition to traditional PR measures track number of times RSCVA key messages are blogged about, reposted online or commented on, track RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



inclusion of RSCVA Web URLs and key messages in social media and online news outlet coverage, increase the key metrics contained in quarterly social media reports. 5) Continue development and improve effectiveness of RSCVA Web-based strategies with the goal to increase awareness and drive demand for leisure travel. a) Provide additional marketing support to stakeholders, tourism partners and social media sites (e.g. updated content, updated photos and online tools that incorporate the updated tourism brand promise) b) Launch a mobile site for Reno Tahoe c) Continue to focus on updating existing and adding new content to increase natural search rankings. i) Create a greater depth of photography and video on the Web site d) Create and focus on specialized giveaway promotions on the Web site and through social media outlets to garner and enhance prospect databases. e) Enhance and grow the current strategy utilizing social media to introduce the updated brand promise to those in targeted markets and targeted groups. i) Develop Reno Tahoe content on leading social media sites (e.g. Facebook, flickr, Twitter, etc.) to increase engagement among leisure travelers. ii) Encourage and support partners’ attempts to improve social media efforts. Measurements: • Increase unique visitors by 5.5% and maintain session length for, improve overall search engine rankings, increased engagement with social media sites and develop benchmarks for the mobile website traffic after launch.

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Objectives for Tourism Sales 1) Achieve Tourism Sales (TS) team goal of 517,432 room nights, 100 new leads, 400 prospecting and 550 solicitation calls in 2009-2010. a) Use existing databases to solicit incremental business from current accounts and new additions collected through trade show and conference attendance b) Organize FAM trips and utilize social networking to prospect new business (Southwest Airlines Vacations Top Producing Agencies, AAA annual convention, Tourico International Sales Retreat, etc) c) Attendance at key industry trade shows (e.g. American Society of Travel Agents, POW WOW, Mountain Travel Symposium, etc.) d) Active participation in social networking distribution channels to discover previously untapped ski and golf group potential for distribution to strategic wholesale partners and area stakeholders e) Attract tourism industry events such as Mountain Travel Symposium, Go West, etc. to hold their annual meetings in Reno f) Reiterate and capitalize on the importance of the domestic tour operators to gain incremental room nights from the international segment g) Create new and exciting itineraries to promote, highlight and showcase Reno Tahoe h) Continue to partner and be pro-active with Nevada Commission on Tourism, U.S. Travel Association, U.S. Tour Operators Association and other entities to promote our area i) Identify new and emerging domestic and international markets with new potential air service that would bring new visitation to our area j) Organize and host the National Tour Association (NTA) Conference in November 2009 k) Organize and participate in sales calls, blitzes and Reno Tahoe nights educating and promoting travel agencies and wholesalers on our destination Measurements • Achieve sales goals, prospecting calls and solicitation calls for wholesale, ski/golf group, travel agency and international market segments for FY 09-10. 2) Manage and enhance Travel Agent Certification Program a) Develop a Certified Travel Agent quarterly newsletter b) Develop room night tracking system from hotels and solicitation to program graduates to participate in room night and ADR tracking program c) Promote program at every travel agent event (ASTA, Addison, traditional wholesalers product launches, etc. d) Leverage partnerships with Travel Agent media distribution channels to promote program e) Organize Super Travel Agent Appreciation FAM for graduates to showcase area Measurements • Increase graduates’ data base by at least 30% from last year’s final production, develop room night tracking system, and host 30 people in conjunction with Travel Agent University FAM. RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



3) Reinvigorate, support and grow Motor Coach and other non-traditional distribution channels. a) Work closely with Key Holidays and Amtrak to increase overnight stays on Fun and Snow trains b) Utilize National Tour Association’s presence in Reno this year to identify potential upscale motor coach companies to bring incremental room nights to Reno Tahoe c) Organize Northern California sales mission with regional hotel partners d) Solicit and attract ski and golf groups to play and stay in Reno Tahoe e) Participate in industry conventions (NTA, ABA, Bank Travel, etc) Measurements • Increase Key Holidays room night production by 25% over last year, achieve or exceed room night goals for the “motor coach and other” segment, included in the total goal of 517,432 room nights. 4) Increase and enhance Reno Tahoe destination exposure with top traditional as well as Online Travel Agents (OTA). a) Develop and participate in regional co-op marketing campaigns with stakeholders b) Provide OTA partners with technology and media to showcase dynamic content on their Reno Tahoe destination page (special event calendar, Reno Tahoe Adventures/Minute video, brand and seasonal targeted flash imagery) c) Provide similar dynamic content for regular distribution to OTA reservation center staff d) Play an active role on the Tourism Sales Blog on e) Increase tracking participation with existing and new wholesale and OTA partners f) Educate and recommend to stakeholders to embrace rate integrity when contracting with wholesalers g) Organize destination reservation presentations to those wholesalers who utilize actual people rather than technology as their booking agents h) Ensure Reno Tahoe is included in specialty programs like ski, golf, outdoor adventure with respective tour operators and OTA companies. Measurement • Inclusion of RSCVA-generated dynamic content by at least 10 OTA wholesale partners

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Plank 3 - Special Events Philosophy & Funding -Develop and implement a reasonable special events philosophy and funding system that ties to increasing room nights, ADR and/or measurably increases brand awareness and propensity to visit Reno Tahoe. Objectives for Marketing Department 1. Achieve the Key Measurements of Plank 3 of the Strategic plan, Special Event Philosophy and Funding during the 2009-10 fiscal year. a. Continue development of tracking system to achieve room night goals associated with Special Events and have a baseline figure for FY 09-10. b. Achieve satisfactory return on investment (ROI) for RSCVA-funded special events c. Utilize special events funding and in-kind benefits to attract new special events in the shoulder season to extend the special event season. d. Work with regional entities (i.e. Cities of Reno and Sparks, Washoe County, Incline Village) to develop systems and messaging to attract new events to the Reno Tahoe area. Measurements: • Development of a baseline figure of verifiable room nights for FY 09-10 fiscal year, achieve a minimum ROI of 225% for RSCVA-funded events, support of two new regional events occurring in the shoulder season October 2009 through May 2010. 2. Work to improve current tools for special event organizers (e.g. in-kind, networking, and education programs) and develop new tools to assist special event producers separate from the cash funding portion of the Special Events Program. a. Continue working with special events on a one-on-one basis to find opportunities to provide assistance with programs and support that compliment the grant process b. Continue to develop the special event networking and education programs to benefit all special events in the region c. Work with local event producers on developing a buying program that connects vendors and special events while providing potential reduction in expense costs Measurements: • Creation of a special event buyer’s program by end of calendar year 2009 for implementation by 2010 special events, development of comprehensive tracking program for all in-kind benefits provided to all special events in the Reno Tahoe region. 3. Perform a three-year review of the Special Events Program adopted in February 2007. a. Establish a Special Events Task Force made up of stakeholders including the RSCVA Board, hotel-casino representatives, community members, staff, event producers, and special events experts to perform a post-funding review of the special event program and make recommendations for the future. b. Conduct a post-funding workshop to get thoughts and ideas from special event producers on potential improvements for the program. RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



c. Develop a recommendation for consideration and adoption by the RSCVA Board of Directors in Q3 FY 09-10 regarding the Special Event Program and any potential improvements. Measurements: • Complete review of program in the second quarter of FY 09-10, prepare recommendations for the RSCVA Board of Director’s by the end of the third quarter of FY 09-10. 4. Oversee production of RSCVA-partnered special events. a. Partner with the University of Nevada to successfully execute the 2010 Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Tournament while improving financial performance over the 2009 tournament i. Maintain accurate budget while increasing sponsorship sales, maintaining ticket sales and decreasing overall expenses to produce a profitable tournament. ii. Create a planning timeline with clearly defined duties and conduct regular meetings with all vested parties (RSCVA, University of Nevada, Wolf Pack Sports, and Western Athletic Conference). iii. Work closely with the Western Athletic Conference, University of Nevada, and Lawlor Events Center to create effective marketing programs that maximize event ticket sales. b. Work with Interkultur and Artown in advance of the American International Choral Competition and Festival to be held in Reno, NV in May of 2011. i. Develop and implement fundraising program to be executed in FY 09-10 in order to achieve contracted fee schedule. ii. Partner with Artown to develop production program for the planning of the 2011 event. Measurements: • Execution of successful and profitable 2010 WAC Tournament event achieving all financial performance measurements, development of successful fundraising program for 2011 ICC event that meets the RSCVA’s fiscal responsibilities in FY 09-10 & FY10-11 and development of a production plan for the 2011 ICC event.

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Plank 4 - Efficiently Manage Assets – Manage the RSCVA assets (primarily the pubic assembly facilities and golf courses) at maximum efficiency to free up additional funds to support RSCVA key priorities. Objectives for All Departments 1. Provide marketing support at both the national and regional level for RSCVA-managed and/or operated facilities to increase bookings and achieve revenue goals for the 20092010 fiscal year. a. Provide individual marketing materials and staff support to all facilities that align with overall facility sales and marketing goals i. Reno-Sparks Convention Center ii. Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center iii. Reno Events Center iv. National Bowling Stadium v. Wildcreek Golf Course b. Develop marketing tools that support all facilities and reduce overall marketing expenses i. Assist in the development of improved Web pages for each facility ii. Public relations support iii. Yellow page phone book listings 2. Achieve Facility Room Night Goals in the 2009-2010 fiscal year. Measurement: • Increased Web traffic specific to RSCVA-managed and/or operated facilities and other metrics supporting lead generation and sales goals for each facility. Achieve total room night goal of 109,640. Facility room night breakdown: RSCC-1,500, REC – 53,000, NBS – 12,000, RSLEC – 43,140.

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Plank 6 - Address Average Daily Rate – Act as a catalyst and create and foster a destinationwide revenue management culture through providing our stakeholders with tools, education, and incentives that promote growth in Average Daily Rate (ADR), Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) and RSCVA resources. Objectives for All Departments 1) Continue to convey the RSCVA revenue management message and utilize tools that assist Reno Tahoe stakeholders in making more intelligent revenue management decisions. a) Provide tools to analyze Reno Tahoe performance against other competitive destinations (e.g. ADR, RevPAR, etc.) b) Deliver key messages about the effectiveness of increasing group, convention, and special event business to drive predictability and effective revenue management i) Educate stakeholders on the importance of increasing group and convention business from the historical levels of approximately 15-20 percent of total cash occupied room nights to 20-30% c) Utilize and measure progress on the Trends, Analysis, Projections (TAP) Report d) Conduct quarterly Best Rates Audits e) Conduct meetings with hotel-casino stakeholders during FY 09-10 to discuss broad destination strategies on such topics as rate integrity and managing OTA distribution channels Measurement: • Growth of ADR to a level of $72.55 to compare against historic Reno Tahoe numbers and better align with other competitive markets, increased referrals to Best Rate partners from the

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Appendixes •

Advertising Plan

Travel Schedules • Convention Sales • Tourism Sales • Marketing

Marketing and Sales Plan Definitions

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Summary of Advertising Plan 2009-2010 RSCVA Consumer Media Buy Consumer Online - $100,000 •

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Other consumer online efforts

Regional Co-Ops/Consumer Niche Efforts - $200,000 • •

Regional Marketing Committee (RMC) - $100,000 o Maintain existing and support the development of new regional air service Ski o Participation in Sierra Ski Marketing Council Co-Op - $ 80,000 ƒ Ski & Skiing - half page ads in four issues ƒ Online efforts Golf o Participation in Golf the High Sierra Co-Op - $10,000 ƒ Regional Golf Planner ƒ Online effort GLBT

Bay Area Co-Ops - $305,000 • •

Bay Area TV - $145,000 o Continue 2009 Destination broadcast co-op ƒ Flights in July and October San Francisco Chronicle Co-Op - $160,000 o Continue co-op with destination partners through 2009 ƒ Full Page ads in Datebook plus full page editorial/advertorials ƒ Full Page ads in Thursday 96 Hours section

Miscellaneous - $20,000 • •

AT&T Phone Book Listings Other programs

Updated Tourism Brand Promise Media Plan– $621,960 • • •

Public Relations efforts Develop and implement new co-ops with destination partners for calendar year 2010 utilizing new creative direction Consumer online efforts

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Convention Sales Advertising Meeting, Conventions and Tradeshows Media Buy- $276,000 • •

Top Trade Publications Insertions and email newsletter campaigns Reno Tahoe Group Co-Op Contribution Direct mail/email campaigns

Total Advertising Budget: $1,522,960

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor's Authority Fiscal 2009-2010 Travel Schedule Convention Sales City Events

Date JULY 2009 July 8-11 July 11-14

New Orleans, LA Salt Lake City, UT

Fraternity Executives Association MPI WEC

AUGUST 2009 August 2-4 August 5-7

Reno Tahoe, NV Atlanta, GA

August 15-18

Toronto, Ontario

Summer FAM Trip Kellen Annual Meeting American Society for Association Executives Annual Meeting and Exposition (ASAE)

SEPTEMBER 2009 September 9-10

Washington, DC


So. Cal & No. Cal PA/NJ Chicago, IL Denver, CO

Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International’s (HSMAI) Affordable Meetings-National California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE) Golf Tournament & Sales Calls Sales Calls Sales Calls Sales Calls


Atlanta, GA/Florida No. Cal Dallas, TX

Sales Calls Sales Calls Sales Calls

Phoenix, AZ Washington, DC Minnesota, MN TN, KY, AR

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Education Conference Sales Calls Sales Calls Sales Calls

NOVEMBER 2009 November 12 TBD TBD TBD DECEMBER 2009 December 6-9

Denver, CO

December 8-10

Atlanta, GA

December 9

Sacramento, CA

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft

International Association of Hispanic Meeting Professionals (IAHMP) International Association of Exhibitions & Events Expo! (IAEE Expo! Expo!) California Society for Association Executives (CalSAE) Seasonal Spectacular



December 15

Chicago, IL


Washington DC

Holiday Showcase Washington Area Convention Bureau Satellite Offices Holiday Event (WACBSO)

January 11-14 January 21-22 January 22-24 TBD

Dallas, TX Las Vegas, NV Reno Tahoe, NV Seattle, WA and Portland, OR

Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) Annual Conference HelmsBriscoe Annual Meeting HelmsBriscoe FAM Sales Calls

FEBRUARY 2010 February 25

Washington, DC


San Francisco, CA New York City, NY WI, MI

MARCH 2010 March 10-11

Atlanta, GA


Boston, MA

March 17

Denver, CO

ConferenceDirect Annual Partner Meeting New England Meetings Industry Conference & Exposition (NEMICE) Sales Calls Meetings Industry Council of Colorado (MIC of CO) Conference & Tradeshow


IL, IN Kansas City, MO, IN, Chicago

Sales Calls Sales Calls

APRIL 2010 April 8

Washington, DC

April 7-8

Chicago, IL

April 12-14 TBD

Long Beach, CA Southeast

Springtime Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International’s (HSMAI) Affordable Meetings – Mid America California Society for Association Executives (CalSAE) Annual Meeting & Tradeshow Sales Calls



Sales Calls


Dallas, TX

Sales Calls

JUNE 2010 June 9-10

San Jose, CA


Chicago, IL

Affordable Meetings-West Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International’s (HSMAI) Affordable Meetings – West


Destination Showcase & Sales Calls Northern California Chapter MPI (NCCMPI) Annual Trade Show Sales Calls Sales Calls

MAY 2010

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitor's Authority Fiscal 2009 - 2010 Travel Schedule Tourism Sales JULY 2009 July 18-20

Reno Tahoe, NV

Biggest Little City 25th Anniversary Golf Tournament

August 3-9

Reno Tahoe, NV

Legends Reno Tahoe Open

August 20-23

Reno Tahoe, NV

National Ski Council Federation Annual Meeting

August 23-26

Winter Park, CO

Ski Tops Summer Meeting

September 9-10

Victoria – Vancouver, Canada

Addison Travel Trade Show

September 13-15 September 21-23

Las Vegas, NV Phoenix, AZ

The Trade Show (American Society of Travel Agents) Travelocity Partners Conference

St. Paul, MN

MLT University Trade Show

Minot, ND

MLT Call Center Presentation

Reno Tahoe, NV

Reno Tahoe University Graduate Travel Agent FAM

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Ski Dazzle

Citrus Heights – Ontario, CA

Goldrush Getaways Travel Agent Presentations

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Ski Fest

November 14-15

San Jose, CA

San Jose Ski & Snowboard Fest

November 15-19

Reno Tahoe, NV

National Tour Association Travel Exchange

December 8-10

Banff, Canada

United States Tour Operator Assn Annual Conference

December 10-11

Las Vegas, NV

Expedia/ Partner Conference

January 9-10

Santa Clara, CA

Bay Area Travel Show

January 15-19

National Harbor, MD

American Bus Association Market Place



OCTOBER 2009 October 5-7 October 8 October 8-10 October 29November 1 TBD NOVEMBER 2009 November 7-8



RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



January 29-31

Dallas, TX

North Texas Golf Expo

Arlington-Dallas, TX

Star Telegram 2010 Vacation & Cruise Show


Sacramento, CA

Go West Summit

February 5

Sacramento, CA to Reno, NV

Fun Train Inaugural – Key Holidays

February 7-9

Milwaukee, WI

Bank Travel Conference

February 9-10

Los Angeles, CA

North American Journeys Summit – West

February 12-14

Portland, OR

Portland Golf Show

February 12-14

Seattle. WA

Seattle Golf Show

February 19-20

Orlando, FL

Receptive Services Assn of America Summit


Long Beach, CA

Southern California Golf Show

Reno, NV

Ski Reno Tahoe FAM

San Jose, CA

Northern California Golf Show

March 24-26

Winnemucca, NV

Rural Roundup

March 26-28

Dallas, TX

Texas Ski Council Bid Fest

April 7-10

Jasper – Alberta, Canada

Ski Tops Network

April 11-17

Banff – Alberta, Canada

Mountain Travel Symposium

San Francisco, CA

Active America - China

May 15-19

Orlando, FL

International Pow Wow


Tempe, AZ

US Airways Vacations Call Center Presentation

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Internet/Wholesaler Call Center Presentations


TBD MARCH 2010 March 5-7

APRIL 2010

TBD MAY 2010


RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor's Authority Fiscal 2009-2010 Travel Schedule Marketing Department City Events

Date JULY 2009 July 26-30

Atlanta, GA

DMAI Annual Convention and Atlanta Media Desksides

AUGUST 2009 Aug. 30–Sept. 1

Incline Village, NV

United States Travel Assoc. ESTO Conference

New Orleans, LA Reno Tahoe, NV


SEPTEMBER 2009 OCTOBER 2009 October 13-17 October 18-20

NOVEMBER 2009 November 7-10 San Diego, CA

PRSA International Conference

November 11-13

San Diego, CA and Los Angeles, CA

Southern California Media Desksides

November 18-20

Las Vegas, NV

Word of Mouth Marketing Summit & Research Symposium

FEBRUARY 2010 February 21-23

Reno Tahoe, NV

Media FAM

MARCH 2010 March 10-13 March 18-19 March 21-24

Reno Tahoe, NV San Francisco, CA Chicago, IL

WAC Basketball Tournament Bay Area Media Desksides IEG (Sponsorship Conference)

TBD May 16-20

Reno, NV Orlando, FL

National Tourism Recognition United States Travel Assoc. International Pow Wow

JUNE 2010 June 9-11

Portland, OR and Seattle, WA

Pacific Northwest Media Desksides



SMG Tourism Conference


APRIL 2010 MAY 2010

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Marketing Plan Definitions Convention Sales

Citywide Convention

Familiarization Trip (FAM)

Mid-Size Convention

Prospecting Call

Qualified Leads

Site Selection Companies

Solicitation Call

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



A citywide convention is defined as a group utilizing a minimum of 2,000 peak room nights that requires two or more hotels and utilizes an RSCVA facility. A free or reduced-rate trip offered to travel professionals meeting planners, or qualified media professionals to acquaint them with what a destination, attraction, or supplier has to offer. A group utilizing a minimum of 850 peak room nights that requires two or more hotels and utilizes an RSCVA facility. Prospecting calls are initial calls made to new customers with potential to meet in the destination.


An inquiry by a corporation/association/organization/ independent event organizer that includes a request for a minimum of 10 sleeping rooms over a specific set/range of dates and is forwarded by the CVB sales staff only to those hotels that meet the event organizer’s event criteria. These are companies that represent either corporations or associations and aid said organizations in locating either cities or hotel locations to book their convention or event. Solicitation calls are calls made to existing customers with potential for a specific prospective or tentative future meeting in the destination.

Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI)


National Tour Association (NTA) RSCVA RSCVA




Definition •

Trends Analysis Projections (TAP) Report


Trends Analysis Projections LLC is a data service provider to over 45 convention bureaus in the U.S. and Canada. TAP Peer Set Reports allow destinations to measure their performance against competing markets for market share, pace and conversion performance.

Tourism Sales •

Motor Coach

Online Travel Agent (OTA)

Tour Operator


A company that provides local travel services, including transportation or guide services as part of a tour or sightseeing trip within a single or multi-destination itinerary. Online companies that sell travel services, issues tickets and provide other travel services to the traveler at the retail level (e.g. Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.) A company that creates and/or markets inclusive tours and/or performs tour services.


A company that usually creates and markets inclusive tours for sale through travel agents. Usually sells nothing at retail, but also does not always create his/her own product; also less likely to perform local services.


A means of converting editorial space in the media into advertising costs, by measuring the amount of editorial coverage and then calculating what it would have cost to buy that space, if it had been advertising. Hotel room revenue divided by the number of rooms sold. Hotels use this measure to calculate the average price at which they are booking hotels each night.

Institute for Public Relations



Marketing •

Advertising Equivalency

Average Daily Rate (ADR)

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft






Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)

Social Media

Time on Site (Session Length)

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft



Generic name for any Web site featuring regular posts arranged chronologically, typically inviting public comments from readers. Blog postings are generally short and informal, and blog software is generally free and very easy for individual users, making it a popular tool for online diaries as well as more professional publications. The number of readers who might have had the opportunity to be exposed to a story that appeared in the media. Sometimes referred to as “opportunity to see”. An “impression” usually refers to the total audited circulation of a publication or the audience reach of a broadcast. An individual responding to an RSCVA marketing initiative requesting information or other fulfillment.

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)

Institute for Public Relations


A performance metric in the hotel industry, which is calculated by multiplying a hotel's average daily room rate (ADR) by its occupancy rate. It may also be calculated by dividing a hotel's total guestroom revenue by the room count and the number of days in the period being measured. Consumer-Generated Media (CGM) or User-Generated Content (UGC) or Social Media is online content created by Internet users posted in publicly available online sources. The most popular sites include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Yelp, TripAdvisor and TravelPost. A period of interaction between a visitor's browser and a particular Web site, ending when the browser is closed or shut down, or when the user has been inactive on that site for a specified period of time. Most analytics software (including Google) consider a session to end if the user has been inactive on the site for 30 minutes. 36



Unique Visitors


Web Widgets (Dynamic Content)

RSCVA 2009-2010 Marketing and Sales Plan-Draft

Definition Unique Visitors represents the number (filtered for spiders and robots) of unduplicated (counted only once) visitors to a Web site over the course of a specified time period. A Unique Visitor is determined in the RSCVA Web analytics software by Internet Protocol (IP) which in simpler terms is an individual computer or network address. A small application designed to reside within a Web-based portal or social network site (e.g., MySpace or Facebook) offering useful or entertaining functionality to the end user.





2009 - 2010 Sales and Marketing Plan  

2009 - 2010 Sales and Marketing Plan

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