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by Jason and Pia Rotman Have you ever done something so amazing, so positive, so GOOD for your body and soul, that you just had to tell everyone about it? Or have you dreamed of doing something thrilling, fulfilling, exciting and delicious? This is how we feel about the raw foods diet. Being on a raw foods diet has been, and continues to be, a life-changing adventure. Raw foods are a lot easier and more exciting than they sound. Having a raw foods diet nourishes your body and involves eating 100% “alive” raw fruits and vegetables. By eating this way, we are making a conscious choice to put only the healthiest, most nutritious foods into our bodies. This diet gives us an incredible amount of energy, positivity, and good health. It is also the most natural and effective remedy for many lifestyle-induced diseases and ailments, and we think it’s the best dietary choice to increase your immunity, motivation, mental clarity and positivity. We weren’t always on this high energy diet. Twelve years ago, Pia was introduced to the power of live foods while working at the Raw Experience, a gourmet Raw food restaurant in Maui, Hawaii. She became very aware of the connection between what she ate and how she felt—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Jason, in his search for natural ways to enhance his mental clarity, physical health, and intuitive awareness, came across Angel Tech, which glorified raw foods as having the highest transference of energy. Living in Chicago at the time, he visited a couple of the raw restaurants in the city to try this newfound way of eating for optimum deliciousness, health, and wellness. He liked what he tried, and immediately noticed a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity to everything happening around him...just from having a raw food meal.

Rev. Uki MacIsaac Spiritual Psychic

by love and support from the angelic realms, as channeled through Uki. Gain clarity and insight in all areas of your life.

(800) 883-2840 (760) 729-1111

Documented accuracy of messages.


Fast forward to Pia and Jason meeting in San Diego. They went to a local raw food restaurant “The Greenery” for their first date! It was a splendid dinner and a sign of many good things to come. Two years ago, we decided we would try “going raw” for seven straight days, with the intention of detoxing and the desire to experience the raw energy immersion. We had no expectations, and even gave each other the option of stopping after a few days. But after the first three days, we felt so much more energy, joy, lightness, mental clarity and intuitive knowing—all due to pure, fresh uncooked foods. It was a profound feeling, and a life-changing week. We discovered something so simple, easy and natural that provided a transformational effect on mind, body and soul. After our week was up we had a few cooked meals and noticed how sensitive our bodies were to the effect cooked meals had on our minds and bodies—we felt more sluggish. It was harder to digest cooked food, thus zapping some of our energy. Within a month, we chose to go 100% raw! We simply knew in our souls that going 100% raw would be the best choice for us to expand this amazing energy that was being generated from eating this way. Sparked by our abundance of energy and seeing the possibilities this experience could have on everyone, we learned the science behind raw food. Why does eating raw fruits and vegetables make you feel so amazing, help you lose weight and help reverse many lifestyle-induced diseases prevalent in our society (obesity, diabetes type II, atherosclerosis, etc.)? One major reason is that raw foods have all of their nutrients intact. According to the Max Planck Institute, cooking not only disrupts the energetic structure of your food, it makes 50% of the protein unavailable, destroys 60-70% of the vitamins, including up to 96% of the vitamin B12, 100% of phytonutrients – which boost the immune system and other body functions –and up to 100% of the food enzymes. This type of information certainly made us think about what we were considering as nourishment! Many questions surround this form nourishment, such as “If I don’t go 100% raw, will I still see some benefits of eating more raw food?” Yes! Incorporate more high energy live food meals and you’ll experience the difference. Some people also ask: “I have heard raw food doesn’t work for everyone’s body type, is it true that not everyone is designed to thrive on all raw foods?” We have learned and witnessed that anyone can thrive on a high energy raw diet, you just have to tailor it to your tastes and needs. If your body needs warmer food to help with digestion, then you can heat your food in a dehydrator. You can also take digestive enzymes after your meals to help digest the nutrients you are getting from your raw food. There are endless possibilities to make eating high energy foods work for you. Ever since we transformed our way of eating to all raw energy foods, everything has changed for the better; we encourage you to try it. Give yourself a week of all raw nourishment. Make sure you have variety—fruits, vegetables, and protein (try hemp seeds on your salads). Keep a journal of how you feel each day and what emotions, realizations and intuitive insights occur. Your magical week of high energy nourishment will awaken your highest potential. Jason and Pia Rotman thrive on a 100% living vegan diet and manage www. Visit their website for free raw recipes and an abundance of high energy nourishment choices.

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h o l i s t i c h e a l t h the gift and privilege of having food; develop greater compassion, empathy, and desire to help those who are starving in the world; and create a more balanced appetite and consumption habits by mitigating tendencies to gorge, binge, waste, or otherwise abuse the tradition of eating. You will be amazed at the countless gifts you will receive by surrendering one day’s worth of food each week. Finally, as we are all connected in the Great Circle of Life, your selfless offering will alchemically reduce starvation and poverty on the planet in a much more far-reaching and impactful way than any offering of money or time, because this type of gift is wired directly into the collective consciousness at the cellular and even sub-atomic levels. Always remember that there are three stages of eating: preparation, consumption, and clean-up. If you have not created enough time to complete all three phases of the meal – in grace – you do not have enough time to eat. If that is the case, it would be better to go about your busy-ness, and return when you can give your “breaking of bread” its due place of honor in your day. After your meal, the practice of restoring the space to an even higher level of grace than you found it will cap the dining experience with the ultimate blessing, as the next ones to come along will enter into and receive your blessing which, in the karmic cycle of life, returns it once again to you and all your future endeavors.

by Louix Dor Dempriey

Along with meditation, coming together at mealtime is one of the most holy and important times of your day, and for that reason, needs to be treated with the requisite level of sacredness that it deserves. The following are some simple guidelines for you to derive the highest vibration—and the greatest blessings—from not only your gathering (even when dining alone), but also from the food itself. The consciousness you are in when you create is what you create. It is important to treat the preparing of food as a sacred ceremony, for the people who eat it will be consuming the energy of the mental and emotional state you were in while you were creating it. If you are in a loving mood while making a meal, you will be serving love to whomever partakes of the food, regardless of what sits upon the plate; the opposite is also true (if you are angry, they will be fed anger). Add to that the importance of securing wholesome, organic food (ideally with a high concentration of vegan and raw food, though the same sacred practices and principles apply to nonvegan foods) best obtained from local growers, and you have the recipe for the most nourishing meal imaginable—on all levels of being. Some of the ways you can create a sacred space before and during meal preparation include prayers, blessings, candles, and soft, ambient music. This could include singing devotional songs; chanting a prayer, mantra, or blessing; or even humming sweetly. Bless the food while you are preparing it, every step of the way, continually blessing the growers, the sellers, the diners, and Mother Earth for providing it. Be in a state of deep gratitude, and focus on the joy and privilege of being able to serve others (and yourself) in this way. Remember that the real and only food we eat is prana (life force energy). Our earthly meals are only one of many different vehicles through which we draw prana into our bodies and auric fields. Others include meditation, yoga, pranayama, receiving darshan and shaktipat, healing music, art, exercise, and wholesome communion with animals and nature. The experience of eating is one of deep communion with your Lord God. Eat each meal with gratitude and respect. It is a wise practice to eat some of your meals in silence. If you speak at all, offer only words of love and joy, perhaps sharing your gratefulness for something beautiful which happened that day. Let go of the tendency to chatter and gossip. And never rant, complain, or discuss business during meals (if you are on a “business” lunch, do the talking/business part after the meal, perhaps over tea). I also highly recommend that everyone incorporate fasting one day each week—in addition to your yearly, or seasonal, fasts. This will kindle a deeper appreciation for V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

N atural H ealtH , P ersoNal G rowtH , P sycHics Oct 2-3 • San Diego

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The Sacredness of Meals

Louix Dor Dempriey is a spiritual Master who has come into this world to help others restore their inherent divinity and live as unconditional love. With grace and humor, Louix imparts timeless wisdom in contemporary, practical teachings—that transcend all faiths, paths, religions, and cultures—making self-mastery and true, inner peace attainable for all. He resides at Prema Drala Ashram, located in Laguna Hills, California. For more information, please visit: or attend Darshan with Louix Dor Dempriey, September 15, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at Rose Temple, 305 Rose Ave., Venice, CA 90291 To receive the blessing of this spiritual Master can have profound transformational effects, which often evokes exalted states of bliss, kundalini rising, and even, at times, healing of physical ailment. © 2006, 2008 Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation


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witH aD

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by Han Cheung

eflexology is generally associated with applying pressure to certain parts of the feet. “Yet,” begins Bill Flocco, Director of the American Academy of Reflexology, “Foot reflexology is merely one-third of the practice.” At his school in West L.A., students have been learning a unique combination of reflexology on the feet, hands and ears since 1982. To Reflexologists, feet, hands and ears represent a visual map of the human body, with certain parts corresponding to certain organs, glands, and structures in the body. “Think about the shape of your outer ear and think of a baby upside down in the fetal position and superimpose them,” Flocco explains. “The ear lobe has reflexes for the head, and the top of the ear has reflexes for the feet.” Flocco coined the phrase ‘ear reflexology’ in 1982, noticing Auriculotherapy (use of medical implements on the outer ear) charts’ similarity to reflexology when visiting different medical offices. Using all three methods with his clients, it soon became apparent that each reflexology map (feet, hands, ears) more effectively treated different conditions. Flocco began using this treatment pattern, called Priority Reflexing, in which the ears more effectively relieved neck, shoulder, and lower back pain; menstrual cramps or colon issues were reduced through the feet; and headaches and sinus problems were best worked through the hands. Soon after, he realized and implemented into his practice the added effectiveness of Progression Reflexing—a specific order for which the three methods are applied. Chemical buildup around the reflexes in the feet, hands, and ears is much like a corrosive car battery, explains Flocco. “Imagine a huge motor home that has corrosion on all three batteries. After eliminating the corrosion from one battery, that motor home is going to have more power, but not full power

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because of corrosion on the other two. Since we had been working with all three froms the very early stages, we weren’t attached to the feet or hands or ears,” Flocco said. “So this whole new body of knowledge emerged.” Initially a skeptic, Flocco entered the field 29 years ago, after a slow recovery from a serious illness during which he discovered reflexology. Having greatly benefited from the treatment, he began his work with others. “The first lady I worked on had a stiff neck for 12 years. I worked on her twice and gave her homework, and within two weeks she had regained a complete range of motion in her neck. That really got my attention.” Reducing stress and eliminating pain are the primary focuses of relief in reflexology, with “about 70 to 90 percent of medical visits resulting from long term stress,” adds Flocco. Some clients use reflexology as a precaution, hoping to prevent stress, pain, and illness by enhancing overall wellness. Aside from invitations to teach across America and around the globe including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Australia and China—whose most recent class had over 800 attendees, many of them medical doctors—in 1993, his team’s research study on the benefits of reflexology in reducing PMS symptoms was released in Obstetrics and Gynecology— the first of its kind to ever be published in scientific medical literature. Since then, he has amassed a collection of over 380 studies, which can be found on his Reflexology Research website. “It’s been part of my dream for many years to have that information to be available for free for everyone on earth that had Internet access,” Flocco said. Currently, his school teaches beginning classes and a 150-hour full professional certificate course as a state licensed vocational school. They also hold various continuing education and specialty classes, such as a Thai foot reflexology course. Students are able to pick and choose courses initially, but the professional certificate program requires students to learn all three methodologies and integrate them into one session. Many students already work in medical and physical therapy offices or spas and beauty salons, a great means to segue into and incorporate reflexology into their practices. Ultimately, students want to help others in a way that gives them deep inner personal satisfaction. Imparting words of endearment to his students, Flocco stresses “attentiveness to the client. Listening and working according to the needs of each individual is more important than a mastery of reflexology.” Bill Flocco, Director of American Academy of Reflexology, works out of his school’s campus at 725 E. Santa Anita Avenue, #B, Burbank, CA. He can be reached at 818.841.7741 or To view his collection of studies, or for more on Bill Flocco, visit To learn more about The American Academy of Reflexology, including course and enrollment information, visit

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© 2010 by Michael Raysses

“Courage is like love; it must have hope for nourishment.” - Napoleon Bonaparte


or most of my adult life I have experienced words in much the same way as I have people. Some please me just to see them turn up on the page merely because of old and warm associations (the word ‘apparatus’ comes to mind). Others I love because pronouncing them makes my tongue dance as they caress my ear (‘décolletage’ is at the top of that list). Still others I appreciate because of the magnanimity of their meaning. Take the word ‘nourishment’—as much as it refers to substances necessary for growth and a healthy condition, it also encompasses both the act of providing nutrition, as well as the state of receiving the same. There is a plenitude about it that I embrace increasingly with each passing year. When I was a kid my family didn’t have a lot of discretionary income for entertainment. When it wasn’t warm enough to go to the beach, we would congregate at one of my aunts’ houses. We’d have lunch, and weather permitting, we would spill out onto the front yard. The adults would sit on rickety lawn chairs, and after we had digested our meal, the kids would play games - physical games. There would be somersaults and cartwheels, and even the occasional human pyramid with all of us vying to be the last one to climb on top. Then, at some point, the adults would get involved. I loved that moment. It was as if the act of watching us having fun reminded them of their own childhood and love of play. That reverie obliterated the line between old and young. Typically the grown-ups’ participation ended when my Uncle John did his patented trick: lying on the ground face down with his arms stretched fully over his head, using only his splayed fingertips and toes, he would lift his entire torso off the ground. One day after Uncle John had finished levitating, we were milling around with a sense of wanting more but not exactly knowing what it was we were lacking. Then my Aunt Cal went into the house to put some music on the hi-fi. Suddenly, through the open living room windows, I heard the sound of trumpets blaring. Then there was a pause, a lull before a storm I didn’t know was coming. And then like a shot—tada-dump, ta-da-dump, ta-da-dump-dump-dump, ta-da-dump, ta-da-dump, ta-dadump-dump-dump! The squall of music lifted me up and began blowing me around

g r e e k

“Feed me, sucker!”

t o

m e

-Audrey, Jr., the flesh-eating plant from The Little Shop of Horrors

“I’ll take what the flesh-eating plant is having.”

-My Uncle Tasso the yard like a leaf caught in a phantom gust. As the music increased in tempo and intensity, I continued to run about the yard like some wild pony gone mad. As deeply immersed as I was in this feeling, I was also aware that I was being watched. That others were participating in this event in their own way. When the music finally died, I collapsed in a pile in front of my extended family. They looked amused; I felt sated. Thanks to the the William Tell Overture Finale, I was introduced to the notion that perhaps being nourished was as much to do with providing something to others as it did giving something to myself. It became evident that for me sustenance had a physical component to it that had little to do with putting something in me, but much as putting myself into something—an activity, an awareness, and thus a state of being. As I grew older I got involved in sports in an attempt to probe those subterranean levels that I became aware of when I posed questions to myself to which I had no answers. It wasn’t until college before I came to understand that my love of all things physical had evolved into a need for something that married the visceral with the cerebral. So I took a ballet class, overlooking that I had feet so flat they made 2 x 4s look elegant by comparison. But the misery of wearing the required “dance belt” – a remnant of the Marquis de Sade collection of support garments for male dancers that flattened any unwanted bulges while practically guaranteeing that whoever wore it would never father any children—made my stay a brief one. The irony of my wandering is today one of the things that nourishes me most. I shoot a hundred free throws a day; it’s sublimely physical, profoundly mental, and deeply illuminating. When I first started, I would count the hundred in one large chunk. Then I began keeping track by dividing them into ten groups of ten shots. My accuracy increased dramatically when I did so. Now I do my best when I keep this thought foremost in my mind: when shooting 100 free-throws, the best approach is to shoot them one shot at a time. I know that in all likelihood free-throws will give way to something else, but they have confirmed what I have always suspected: nourishment isn’t necessarily something consumed. It is where thought and movement and stillness and action and emptiness and fullness intersect and converge. In short, it is where I can most fully be me. Consistent with that notion, I hope that reading this has in some small way benefitted you. Nothing would nourish me more. Michael Raysses is a writer/NPR commentator living in Malibu, California. Email him at



VISUAL LECTURE AND BOOK SIGNING WITH KAREN DAVIS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 AT 6:30 PM Karen Davis, PhD is the president and founder of United Poultry Concerns, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl. Davis’ experience with chickens for more than twenty years has shown her that chickens are conscious and emotional beings with adaptable sociability and a range of intentions and personalities. She will relate her personal stories about the chickens at her sanctuary to how chickens are treated in factory farming and live poultry markets. Health Services Complex 3851 Rosecrans Street San Diego CA 92110-3115

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San Diego Animal Advocates is an all-volunteer, non-profit animal rights organization founded in 1984, dedicated to the abolition of animal abuse, neglect and exploitation through education, direct action, and community outreach.



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L i f e Q u a k e ™

Ask the LifeQuake™ Doctor

experience with inner bonding work specifically. Dear Dr. Toni: I am a 24-year-old gay man who has been in a relationship for one year. My partner drinks heavily and I am in recovery for an addiction to marijuana. I love this guy but I find I am now drinking more, although I am not addicted to alcohol. It is more a function of being socially involved in his night-life. I don’t want to lose him but I am also yearning to have a stronger spiritual life than I currently have. My mother is also an alcoholic and I have tried to get her

Dr. Toni Galardi

Dear Dr. Toni: I am a 28-year-old aesthetician, have been going to school part-time for several years and am an only child to immigrant parents. My grandmother is the only other relative I have. My parents are wonderful and do so much for me, but I did live with my grandma when I was a baby because my mother suffered from post partum depression. These factors might have contributed to my issues: I hate being alone for very long and attract men who are nothing like my sincere father – they’re total bad boys. They don’t treat me well and it takes me forever to let one go. I hold on until a new guy comes along and eventually the same cycle begins. I have been trying to break away from my current partner, who lives with me in my parents’ old house, but I can’t seem to do it. What do you suggest, Dr. Toni? Desperate and Lonely Dear Reader: There are a lot of clues here and I disagree with you that your parents are not part of the problem. I am not suggesting you have bad parents, but part of parenting is teaching your child to individuate from you, to become an adult capable of standing on their own two feet. Often, in first generation immigrants we see a burden of responsibility to the family tribe, and because you are the only child it totally falls on your shoulders. Since your parents are still supporting your living space (and it appears your boyfriends), it sets up a double bind of obligation. Your father being a good guy unconsciously compels you to choose guys who are the opposite of him. Until you have separated from your Dad both financially and emotionally, you will continue to choose the opposite type of significant other. As for your fear of being alone, perhaps you have a fear of abandonment issue that originally developed when your grandmother took over parenting from your mother. I may be projecting here but it seems that you trust your father more. I suggest you see a psychotherapist who can do some hypnotic regression to the pre-verbal time in your life (before age 2) and help you develop a healthy internal mother sub-personality who can bond with your infant sub-personality so that you begin to feel safe with yourself. Over time, a psychological separation will take place from your parents, and you will begin to feel good in your own aloneness. You will start to naturally choose better partners from this place. Interview therapists and find out if they have

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to stop drinking to no avail. I feel confused as to how to get him to stop drinking. Do you have any suggestions, Dr. Toni? Charlie C

Dear Charlie: Yes, it can be quite the burden to take on your own personal temperance campaign with those you love! My point, darlin’ is to focus on your addiction issues. It doesn’t work to try and change others. If you find that you are more prone to drink when you go out with him, don’t blame him or try to fix him – stop going out with him and find a sober community. I would suggest going to meetings: either AA, CODA – Co-dependence Anonymous, or Alanon (a group for family members of alcoholics) to support your own sobriety. As for your spiritual needs, take a class in meditation or visit a meditation center – Vipassana or Siddha Yoga have centers in most big cities. Read books that will inspire you to follow a spiritual path; I loved Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche’s classic Shambala, The Sacred Path of the Warrior – “With this book the warrior’s path is opened to contemporary men and women in search of self-mastery and greater fulfillment. Interpreting the warrior’s journey in modern terms, Trungpa discusses such skills as synchronizing mind and body, overcoming habitual behaviors, relaxing within discipline, facing the world with openness and fearlessness, and finding the sacred dimension of everyday life. Above all, Trungpa shows that in discovering the basic goodness of human life, the warrior learns to radiate that goodness out into the world for the peace and sanity of others.” Be an example for your family and friends, not a nag. Good luck, Charlie. Dr. Toni Galardi is the author of The LifeQuake Phenomenon, a public speaker, and life transitions coach. She works with individuals and groups all over the country. She can be reached through her website: or by calling 310712-2600.

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m i n d s t a t e s

Over 4000 years ago Chinese medicine said, “Blood is the mother of Qi”. The Old Testament Leviticus 17:11, “For the life of the flesh is in the Blood.”

How Does Qigong Heal?

Sunday, August 29, 2010, 10am - 6pm Marriott Hotel in Mission Valley

by Jeff Primack

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Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, of Huichol descent, performer of ancestral music from the Maya, Aztec, Tarahumara, Tepehuane, Yaqui, and other indigenous pre-hispanic peoples of Meso-America. Xavier has performed for the United Nations, at the 2002 Grammys, during the opening ceremonies for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize, & was commissioned to make the double clay flutes for the film Apocalypto. Special Performance at 4:30pm $20 advance, $25 at the door

Ruben Uriarte

- UFO researcher, author, international UFO “hotspot” tour group guide, MUFON liaison to Mexico’s coalition of UFO investigators, and subject of numerous radio and television interviews and UFO documentaries on Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, History Channel, etc.)

Special Workshop at 12pm $20 advance, $25 at the door

831.239.6835 or 951.277.9178 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


uring Qigong practice we feel a powerful pulsation of blood in our body. Often it takes people by surprise how warm they feel after making just a few hand movements. Qigong moves a lot of blood and generates a lot of energy without lots of movement or stress. Often people ask “What is a Qi blockage?” It is simply a small area where the blood cannot go, or an area where disease can occur. For example, some people may have a knot in their stomach or bad digestion. Qigong usually improves this condition. Blood can work itself through closed off capillaries when a person is relaxed and increasing Qi in that area. Wherever Qi goes, blood follows. Normal healthy people use about 60% of the circulatory system. When our Qi increases this percentage also goes up. Blood flow to the brain and organs is improved, therefore our health is greatly benefited. The electrical aspect of Qigong also plays a role. How is this different than jogging which is very beneficial to our health? In Qigong the body is totally relaxed, yet the blood is mobilized to flow powerfully. Because there is no stress response or cortisol release, which contracts blood vessels, the blood can enter areas that may have been blocked off for years. Microcirculation to the forehead is increased and digestion is greatly improved. Imagine the same blood circulation you get from jogging… while standing still, completely relaxed. No other exercise offers this level of circulation to organs and endocrine glands. Stiff shoulders beware: there is Qi and blood coming through. Healthcare practitioners can prevent themselves from getting drained by seeing lots of sick patients. This is a fact for many therapists and nurses that I encounter. Each year we train hundreds of registered nurses and nearly all of them complain that they constantly feel drained. Often massage therapists take on the aches and pains of their clients. While this may sound superstitious I assure you the phenomena is real. Often doctors who specialize in a certain aspect of medicine are exposed to a certain “Energy Information Signal” so frequently that they end up with the same problems they are surrounded by. What is a healer supposed to do? By using Qigong one can easily cleanse their energies. Dianne Dougherty is a nurse that we trained who says she is no longer affected by other people’s energy after learning Qigong. Now she has energy to finish her shifts. She is dedicated to a daily practice. Oprah Winfrey’s beloved Dr. Oz said on her internationally viewed show, “If you want to live to 100… do Qigong.” He also said, “Qigong is the best longevity exercise.” There are thousands of scientific studies that show Qigong has helped people to reverse cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Healing occurs in Qigong when one raises their energy high enough to push through the blockages of the nervous and circulatory system. Whatever Qi touches will be rejuvenated by it, however people are often blocked and thus need stronger continued on page 39


AU G U S T 20 10


m i n d s t a t e s We have some up and coming new groups that are really putting out amazing music. We really wanted to encompass all aspects of yoga. There’s never been one place where you can go and fully nourish the spiritual being. We have picked out the best lectures and discourses. And not everything is outside, we have two yoga halls that are inside and one is completely air-conditioned. The only thing that is outside is the music, but it is covered so people attending are protected from the sun as well. VM: What would be the most important element for Bhakti Fest for you? SS: For us it is the fact that a certain amount of the proceeds are going to be given to charity. This is a great vehicle for us to be able to support great charities. VM: On the spiritual level what kind of nourishment do you think the four days provide attendees? SS: Some of the lectures are from some very great spiritual teachers. It is a very deep session which allows you to come, close your eyes and receive the news of God. You will get everything you need. My platform is to do good and take care of people, feed everybody and show them love and compassion. Everybody is suffering [on some level]. When we see that, we are able to hold their hands, taking them from the dark side and showing them the light. Their lives could be truly amazing. Love and compassion are key. VM: If there is one thing that you do on a regular basis to make the world a better place, what would that be? SS: I really believe that discipline is the key to our lives; I love getting up everyday and meditating and doing yoga. It’s all about discipline. VM: What does the word Bhakti mean? SS: Bhakti is a Hindu word and it connotes an attitude of devotion. It is love,

Four Days That Will Change Your Life

A Conversation with Sridhar Silberfein Producer of Bhakti Fest by Sydney L. Murray hakti Fest has been called the Spiritual Woodstock, and for a reason. Amazingly it actually has it’s roots in Woodstock. During that summer of love producer Sridhar Silberfein connected with the coordinators of the event that will go down in history. Valuing this young man’s opinion they asked what he thought was missing from Woodstock he answered, “the spiritual component’. Having produced spiritual events for the last 30 years including Ram Dass and Ammagi, Silberfein is the perfect person to organize this amazing gathering celebrating yoga, spiritual teachings and kirtan. Taking place this September in Joshua Tree, Bhakti Fest is truly a life-changing gathering. Mark your calendars and be prepared to open your hearts, minds and bodies to the amazing beauty of the both the place and the people. Recently I had the opportunity to speak to Silberfein.


continued on page 39

Vision Magazine: Why did you create Bhakti Fest? Sridhar Silberfein: We are a nonprofit foundation called the Center for Spiritual Studies, which has been in existence since 1972. We’ve been raising money for charities and helping a lot of people. We wanted to provide a vehicle for this work, so to speak, and bring it under one roof. We decided it was time to bring it all together and Bhakti Fest was born anew last year. Bhakti Fest is a nourishment of the entire soul, we are taking care of people, bodies, minds, and spiritual hearts. Every aspect about this festival is about nourishing all of the people in attendance. We are feeding everybody the best vegetarian and organic food. Everybody is chosen for their compassionate hearts, including the vendors, as we require a review process of each brand. We offer free water to everyone as we are in the high desert and we want people to be hydrated. We have a variety of great companies coming and exhibiting. Not only that, we have twenty-eight of the top yoga teachers in the country giving classes from 6am to 8pm, all four days, in two yoga halls. The Joshua Tree Retreat Center is amazing with buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Sunburst Sanctuary Now is the time to renew your body and mind, and deepen your spiritual practice. Sunburst Sanctuary offers such a place. Join in our weekly Sunday meditation service at 10:30 am. Personal retreats available any time. Celebrate Life Weekends Aug 27–29, Sept 24–26, Oct 29–31, Nov 26–28 Enjoy a weekend of healing yoga, meditation, music, food and fellowship. Please contact us for more information and donation suggestion. The Sanctuary is located 40 miles north of Santa Barbara, California. Email: (805) 736-6528 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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l i v i n g

a r t s


Don Miguel Ruiz,

Author of The Four Agreements

One moment in His presence is worth a lifetime of searching.

by Jeff Primack

Southern California Events Aug - Dec 2010 21 Aug: Devotional Singing with Louix: 7:30 p.m. Prema Drala Ashram, 25742 La Serra Laguna Hills, CA 92653

15 Sep: Darshan: 7:00 p.m.

Rose Temple, 305 Rose Ave., Venice, CA 90291

8 Oct:

Darshan: 7:00 p.m.

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living 1613 Lake Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024

29 Dec 2010 – 2 Jan 2011: New Year’s Eve Retreat

The Lodge at Torrey Pines, La Jolla, CA 92037

For more information or to register for the retreat, please contact Samantha: ph: (888) 288-3735 e-mail: * All events are by donation, except the New Year’s Eve Retreat. Please visit for pricing details. All proceeds from this event will be used to support the Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. All attending these events consent to having their names, voices, images, and likenesses recorded and used for commercial purposes.


verything we are experiencing today is the fruit born of seeds we planted in yesterday’s soil. This simple wisdom applies whether we are discussing our ability to create our lives on a spiritual level, or talking about actual plants we harvest and eat. Just as we nourish our bodies with living foods, we nourish our minds with living wisdom. One of the great living examples of this philosophy is Don Miguel Ruiz, Toltec Shaman, speaker, and bestselling author of The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom. Don Miguel writes, “The human mind is like a fertile ground where seeds are continually being planted. The seeds are opinions, ideas, and concepts. You plant a seed, a thought, and it grows.” Don Miguel has collaborated with his son, Don Jose Ruiz, on the sequel entitled The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self Mastery. Its message is about reconnecting with our divine nature, so that we may always do our best to live our dreams of creating heaven on earth. Speaking about their new book, Don Jose says, “The fifth agreement is ultimately about seeing our whole reality through the eyes of truth. The result of practicing this agreement is the complete acceptance of ourselves just the way we are, and the complete acceptance of everybody else just the way they are. The reward is our eternal happiness.” The teachings found V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


AU G U S T 20 10

l i v i n g

a r t s

WISDOM HEALING QIGONG HEAL OURSELVES HEAL OUR WORLD MASTER MINGTONG GU received his training from a variety of Grandmasters of China, Tibet and at the world’s largest Qigong hospital. He is the founder of the Chi Healing Center and Wisdom Healing Foundation.

Imagine how your life would be when your body, organs, cells, heart and spirit are all nurtured and fulfilled by the Divine pure energy which is the source of all life! Master Gu teaches the Wisdom Healing techniques used by a Qigong hospital in China. As the world’s largest medicine-less hospital, it has treated more than 200,000 patients and 185 diseases with a 95% success rate.

“HEALER WITHIN” WORKSHOP awaken your aliveness, joy and fulfillment Sept. 11-12, Sat. & Sun., 10am-5pm, $150

Wisdom Healing Spiral

accelerate your healing, transformation and awakening together with the collective field

in these two books are resonating with hundreds of thousands of people, putting Don Miguel’s book on the New York Times bestseller list for eight years. Don Miguel’s teachings are simple and effective. Maybe it’s the nourishing experience you receive from his teachings and practices. The Four Agreements emphasizes how the words we speak have magic within them, a magic it would behoove us to use with awareness. Similarly, the words we hear and believe have an enormous impact on our lives. By freeing ourselves from making constant assumptions, we free ourselves from emotional poisons. Ruiz also encourages people to base their happiness on doing their best within the moment, rather than trying to derive happiness from future results and false ideas of achievement. Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz are making a rare Southern California appearance in late August teaching a workshop on “Living the Five Agreements” at the New Earth Expo in San Diego. This is a precious opportunity to experience Don Miguel in person, as he has significantly reduced his appearances and workshops. Truly Ruiz is a teacher not to be missed. Even more wonderful is he will be appearing at The New Earth Expo, where many practitioners will teach physical and spiritual nourishment. This Expo will feature speaker programs in both English and Spanish, emphasizing the producers’ belief in the importance of integrating cultures and awakening consciousness. There will also be a special performance by Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, who will perform a healing ceremony asking for the reconnection with Mother Earth entitled: “Awaken the Spirit–Journey into Sacred Mayan Ancient Sounds.” According to the Mayan, Aztec, Inca and Hopi traditions the year 2012 indicates an opportunity for a planetary shift in consciousness. Xavier is performing this ceremonial concert to prepare individual resonance, aligning people with this potential. Over 2,000 years ago music came from clay flutes and instruments made from natural materials from the earth. This music filled the temples and courtyards of ancient civilizations. Xavier has spent many years in studying and researching these continued on page 40 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


Sept. 11, Sat. 7-9pm, $20 University of California at San Diego

HEALING INTENSIvE realize your full potential of healing Oct. 25-Nov. 23, (3 sessions of 10 days each), 2010, The Institute of Noetic Science, Petaluma, CA CEs available for L. AC., MFCC, LCSW (License #4676)

“Master Mingtong Gu has brought a level of transmission of mind-body practice that Brian Bouch, M.D, director of HP Medical Center is unparalleled in my experience. ” “I have 20 years experience in Yoga, Qigong and energy healing. I have never felt healing energy like this before! ! “ George Anton, M.D

Don’t miss this opportunity - register now! Limited Seating • Advance Registration Required • CEU available

Register online at or call (619)757-7387 AU G U S T 20 10

r e g i o n a l

An Empowering Gathering of Indigenous & Contemporary Healing Traditions

by Jesse Wolf Hardin cattered amidst older neighborhoods of various of bioregions, the likes of Rosemary Gladstar, Mathew New Mexico towns and rural adobe villages dwell Wood, Phyllis Light, Charles Garcia, Kiva Rose and I Yerberas and Curanderas, traditional Hispanic will share our operative traditions, from ancient Mayan healers skilled in the ways of plant medicine. Their roots to contemporary nature-based, reflecting the spirited remain in Central America, where their families practice variety of our diverse practices. the same skilled discipline. In the jungles of Ecuador, Besides contributing to the well-being of friends Elder Hourani is the sole source of medicine for his village. and family, understanding the rudiments of herbalism To the east, an Appalachian “Grannywife” follows in the contributes to consciously serve the health of the footsteps of her mother and her mother’s mother as she community. Limitless explorations in this field includes kneels in her garden, tending to each species to deepen village healers, urban practitioners, healing arts teachers, her understanding of its characteristic blend of properties clinical herbalists, scientific researchers, field botanists, and effects. Across the ocean, herbalists in Great Britain’s plant conservationist or committed restorer of essential Fey Forest draw from historically traditional techniques, botanical habitats, to name a few. Like our huntercollecting specimens for holistic healing. In an effort gatherer forefathers, living close to the land brings us to hone in on a natural way of life—often independent closer to each other and to our planet. Together, we walk of prominent access to modern medicine–herboligists in the footsteps of the ancestors. around the globe seek to provide the most holistic care possible. Jesse Wolf Hardin is an acclaimed Lowered incomes and layoffs, dangerous side-effects teacher of Animá nature-informed of prescription pills, and the ever heavier burden of practice and the author of seven sky-rocketing health costs have greatly increased the need for self-sufficient inspiring books. He and his partners offer empowering online communities and spurred the rising interest in natural healing. Herbalism herbal and nature awareness correspondence courses, as well as epitomizes the strengths a natural and regional approach can offer in preventative counsel and healing consultations. Readers are invited to the and curative care, not eliminating, but certainly lessening the need for high-tech Animá Sanctuary, an ancient place of power, for wilderness tests, allopathic treatment, immunity-squashing antibiotics and other suppressive retreats and events: Animá Lifeways & Herbal School www. drugs. Besides saving money, developing natural healing skills is the most intuitive, For more information or to registration for nourishing and supportive form of primary care. A more intimate and cognizant the 2010 Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference visit relationship with nature increases bodily awareness and sensory input, affording the ability to read the conditions and needs of others–ultimately strengthening a global connection. From Sept. 17th-19th, over twenty renowned herbalists will join the Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference, an international gathering held at the beautiful Ghost Ranch retreat center near Santa Fe. This unique event brings together many of our times most vital voices into a single forum, emphasizing experiential learning and hands-on understanding for herbal students of all levels or anyone with an interest in effective personal health care. Hailing from a diverse range


Start Your New Career Today! Massage Technician • Massage Therapist Holistic Health Practitioner Locations in Escondido & Laguna Hills

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Over 4400 Successful Graduates! Providing Heartfelt, Holistic Education Since 1993

Healing Hands

School of Holistic Health 760.746.9364 • • 800.355.6463 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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c u l t u r e re you someone who cares about other on the floor. Allow your awareness to drop into people? Are you among the first to the earth. With gravity you are connected to notice if someone is upset? Do you the earth all the time—so feel it! like to help those in need around you? Are Once you are aware of this connection, you someone who often thinks of others’ allow yourself to soak up nurturing needs before your own? energy from this connection with the If you answered yes to any of the earth. Like a sponge in a clear pool of questions above, you are probably a person water, simply allow nourishing sensations with a lot of empathy. Someone who has to begin to fill you up a pace that works a lot of empathy can find it difficult to for you. What would that feel like? Do have both healthy connections and healthy your best to feel it. And take your time. boundaries. Yet, both are required in order to When you are ready to move on, notice how enjoy your life and not burn out as a caring, you feel compared to when you started this inner empathic person. Empathy increases our ability inquiry. You have taken the first steps to full body to feel exquisite joy and deep connection to life. It also presence. Over time, this simple practice will help you increases the capacity to feel everything else – which can develop a fuller sense of trust and confidence in yourself include pain, confusion, frustration, and fear. and the world. Enjoy! The key for keeping your capacity to receive life fully by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana without being drained is knowing how to take care of Suzanne Scurlockyourself to stay energized. Many people with high levels Durana, CMT, CST-D, of empathy find their attention often goes externally to is the author of Full Body helping others. They may even get most of their self-esteem from how well they Presence. She teaches and speaks around the world can help those in need around them. Noticing what is happening around you is and lives in Reston, VA. Visit her online at www. not the issue. The problem is when we lose our ability to sense what is going on Based on the book Full Body inside ourselves because of the habit of paying more attention to what others need. Presence: Learning to Listen to Your Body’s In simple terms, do you know how to turn your attention inward? Often it Wisdom ©2010 by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana. comes down to habits–what were you rewarded for in your family growing up? If Printed with permission from New World Library you were rewarded for taking care of everyone else, it was often at the expense of taking care of yourself. In order to know what you need, it is necessary to know how to sense what is going on inside yourself. Do you know what your needs are? Do you think it is somehow selfish or self-centered to pay attention to your own needs? In today’s stress-filled world we deal with on a daily basis, it is paramount that we learn to take care of ourselves. The airlines have it right—you must put your own oxygen mask on first before helping those in the seat next to you. If you don’t, there will be no one to help the child or the person in need beside you. It runs counter to how most of us were raised. Yet when we know how to fill our own containers, it gives us a lot more to offer the world around us. Our gifts are more fully and easily expressed. When you feel good and energized it makes you more effective and often more efficient. Have you ever noticed when tired or frazzled you make more mistakes? Research has shown this to be true across all professions, not to mention our private lives. Distinct skills in how to listen to your inner wisdom can be taught and learned. I have been gathering these skills from many different sources for a number of years. Initially I taught primarily healthcare professionals. But today more and more regular people are realizing the importance of these skills. So how do we learn the skills of staying full and energized? Can anyone learn these? Absolutely! First, start by being curious as to what is going on inside of you. Allow yourself to slow down and take your attention inward. You may need to partially or fully close your eyes. Simply notice what is happening inside your body with no judgment. Whatever shows up is fine. Once you are paying attention inside, take note of sensations, intuitive hits and physical awareness that is new or familiar. Register it all with a neutral mind. Be curious. You are simply drinking in your experience – it may offer you important information that only your inner landscape can offer Next allow yourself to feel the underside of your body. If you are sitting, feel your sitting bones on the surface you are resting on. Feel the bottoms of your feet


Is Your Compassionate Heart Burning Out?



AU G U S T 20 10

august b y


A d r i e n n e

A b e y t a

Adrienne Abeyta presents a unique forecast blending the tarot with astrology. A gifted reader of intuitive arts, she offers private consultations and psychic entertainment for parties and events. To set up an appointment, she can be reached at 619.917.0998 or (See her ad at the bottom of the page)

Aries: Judgment (7 of Cups) 3/21-4/19 When faced with the onus of responsibility, it would be wise to focus on what’s real or known. Though your recent struggles have become less of a burden, you remain stuck in perpetual worry. Stop focusing on your regrets; there’s no reason to blame yourself for what’s happening. It would be wise to not only acknowledge your flaws, but to learn from them. Be prepared: the last weekend of the month will trigger some shady and undesirable behaviors – in you and in others. To survive with your integrity intact, remain conscious and bring light to those dark places! Taurus: Temperance (8 of Cups) 4/20-5/21 Some pent-up emotions are in need of release; discover ways to bring forth these deeper feelings and you will uncover a new dimension of yourself. Concentrate on what’s important, abandon hopeless situations, and face the truth of what you’re feeling. Work on accepting your feelings by offering them space to move. Suppressing their effects denies the beauty and wholeness of your soul. For the artist, this is a profoundly creative period in which to resurrect an old project. An issue at the beginning of month will be resolved through compromise. Gemini: Magician (4 of Swords) 5/22 – 6/21 Your words are like arrows; aim carefully and to the mark. Through clever use of words and shrewdness of mind, you have a heightened ability to achieve what you want, particularly in the realm of business and sales. It’s important to maintain a calm demeanor and be conscientious to whom you are speaking – your silver tongue could stir up controversy and suspicion if you lose your cool. Around the 4th is a great time for intellectual pursuits, negotiating business deals or shopping for bargains. For you introverts, take time to write or meditate. There’s an open channel for deep thought. Cancer: High Priestess (7 of Pentacles) 6/22 – 7/22 This is a deeply reflective period for you, a time in which your focus should be on the internal workings of your soul. The projects you’ve been working on may lose their luster as your motivation dwindles. You may also experience fear regarding finances. Not to worry though, use this time to refine your efforts and listen to your intuition. Most importantly, don’t force yourself to comply to standards that aren’t in alignment with your values. Around the 6th, something will be revealed that you have been vaguely suspicious of – sit with it before you respond. Leo: Emperor (6 of Cups) 7/23 – 8/23 Family matters are at the forefront this month, and how you deal with them says more about you than you realize. You will be expected to take greater initiative and responsibility, and although this may be challenging, the rewards are countless. A male figure could provide extra support, but may also try to dominate the situation. It would be wise to turn down any help that comes with a price. Trust your own power right now! By the end of the month, the issue should become more manageable and you, in turn, more confident. Virgo: World (2 of Cups) 8/24 – 9/22 A relationship will yield some interesting prospects that could change the course of your life, be it a proposal, marriage, baby, rewarding partnership, or perhaps a reconciliation that brings great healing. It could also be a profound connection with something that generates a new sense of purpose and direction—art, nature, spirituality or a humanitarian endeavor. Your perception of life will be affected by everything around you. Make it a point to honor what’s most sacred and release the rest. Around the New Moon on the 9th, your magnetism begins to attract more than you may need. Be discriminating!

Libra: Justice (7 of Swords) 9/23 – 10/23 What’s fair to you is not always fair in the bigger picture. Admit your weaknesses or they may be used against you. In your quest for righteousness, you may run into the fallout of your own dubious justifications. If you’re not careful, a questionable circumstance will come back to haunt you; that, or you might find yourself dealing with a suspicious affair. Either way, watch your back and be sure to act from a place of integrity. The weekend of the 13th will likely stir up some controversy; fight fairly and be tactful in your speech. Scorpio: Tower (5 of Wands) 10/24 – 11/22 Minor annoyances prove to be more than just a thorn in your side, beginning to threaten the very security you have established. Your strong point is your innate resourcefulness and clever way of ascribing meaning to the mundane. The problems that arise this month are really answers in disguise: conflicts with others create opportunities to develop stronger boundaries, failures offer freedom from restrictive commitments and stressors are distractions to be avoided. After the 16th, you can expect things to get a lot hotter. Keep your internal temperature cool and things will blow over. Sagittarius: Sun (2 of Pentacles) 11/23 – 12/21 The various projects you have been managing will finally show signs of success, either monetarily or through validation from others. This does not mean that you can rest on your laurels just yet – some clever juggling will be necessary to keep things going. By the 24th have all your ducks in a row or what you’ve worked so hard for will fall apart. Concurrently, there are opportunities to gamble a little; don’t be too timid to take a risk. This is also an excellent time for self-promotion, entertainment, or competition. Capricorn: Chariot (Knight of Cups) 12/22– 1/20 Being noble in action comes not from contrived self-interest, but a place of centeredness – an evolved peaceful stance. Your interactions with others will likely trigger deep emotions, but allowing yourself to be carried away by them will only separate you from the lesson. Affairs of the heart can be the hardest to control, so don’t even try. Use this emotion to project your inner desires out into the world in a way that benefits you as an individual. A temptation during the weekend of the 20th may cause a wild reaction. Gain composure and move mindfully. Aquarius: Devil (8 of Pentacles) 1/21 – 2/18 All work and no play will certainly not keep the devil away. Take an inventory of your priorities – you may be over-stretching to keep yourself distracted. Examine your affairs and be honest about how you spend your time. You may find that the job you’re in is stifling your passion. Rather than use responsibility as an excuse, express yourself and see what happens. Office politics around the 22nd are likely to cause feelings of frustration. Do your best avoid choosing sides and when you’re feeling stressed, let go and breathe! Pisces: Fool (2 of Wands) 2/19 – 3/20 An idea you have been playing around with is ready for the taking. With two options for beginning, don’t be discouraged if your first attempt fails. No time for delay – the vision has coalesced into a manageable project. All that’s missing now is implementation. For those embroiled in a love affair, a surprise awaits you around the Full Moon on the 24th, hopefully for your benefit! Be open to spontaneity this month and you’ll discover a new passion for life. People will be attracted to your enthusiasm and want to be near you.

Becoming Who YOU Are! Adrienne Abeyta, Sacred - Self Coaching

Using Astrology, Numerology, & Tarot to discover the hero in your life story. Answering the questions:

• What is my purpose • What is the lesson of this challenge • When will my life look different • Where do I go from here Contact Adrienne for consultations, events, and private lessons. • (619) 917-0998 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


AU G U S T 20 10

FEED the Body,

c u l t u r e out some time to meditate or practice yoga. Still others can benefit from exploring their inner landscapes in the context of an empathic therapeutic relationship. Especially those who have gone through any form of trauma or abuse tend to wind up with deep scars that can create feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, and fear of true intimacy. Patiently exploring and treating these wounds in a safe environment can bring about an inner flourishing and reconnection with one’s sense of wholeness and inner unity. One must be as vigilant in one’s inner work as one is in the garden, finding and pulling out weeds of alienation, self-defeating beliefs, and watering the seeds of love, self-acceptance, and innate wisdom. These actually tend to blossom on their own as one starts to integrate the aspects of one’s being that may have originally been rejected in childhood—the characteristics that were initially felt to be unlovable or unwanted but in fact make up an integral part of one’s essence. By cultivating our inner gardens, we can become more aware of our interconnectedness with all beings and of our particular soul’s role and purpose in the world. In so doing, we take the first step on the path to healing from our sense of isolation as separate beings and come to realize that our roots are all intertwined on a deep level of the soul. We have all been entrusted with the lifelong task of nurturing our soul. Tend to her with infinite patience and care and she will grow and flourish beneath your loving hands, bringing beauty, love, and meaning to your every waking moment. Treat her as your most precious gift from God and she will light up your pathway to inner greatness, gracing your life with peace and joy throughout your courageous journey.

NOURISH the Soul By: Wendy Salazar


love to garden. There is something inherently satisfying about digging my hands deep into the rich soil, sowing new seeds, and patiently caring for the tender young plants as I watch them take root and grow. Time takes on its own rhythm in the garden—the ebb and flow of the seasons—spring’s overcast skies and gentle rains turning into the long, hot days of summer, which then make way for fall’s bountiful harvest. Time gets measured here in the inches of a tomato plant’s growth, the number of summer squash blossoms in bloom, the awe of the first tiny sprouts pushing their heads above the ground to bask in the warmth of the sun’s rays. One must be vigilant in the garden. Weeds tend to shoot up overnight and need to be removed before they have an opportunity to gain a foothold and take over. And the tender new plants must be monitored for pests that could destroy them before they have time to bear fruit. The size of one’s garden is much less important than the care that one brings to its tending. My own gardens over the years have ranged in size from a container or two of herbs perched on a sunny windowsill to a few square feet cultivated in a corner of the back yard to a much larger scale garden on a farm I once lived on for a number of years. But whatever its size, I believe that the best gardens are organic. I have learned the value of working with nature, rather than against it. Incorporating rich organic matter into the garden replenishes the soil’s nutrients and helps make the plants grow healthy, strong, and better able to defend themselves against disease. Harmful insecticides are of course avoided and a careful balance with nature is established by sowing a variety of plants to attract beneficial insects and birds that in turn feed on the garden pests. Having invested the time and energy necessary to grow my own fruits and vegetables has taught me to appreciate nature’s bounty so much more. One of the biggest rewards of having an organic garden is being able to enjoy the abundant crop afterwards and nourish my body with such healthy produce. Nothing tastes quite as good as a sweet, juicy tomato still warm from the vine and topped with a pinch of salt and a little fresh basil. And just as the harvest nourishes my body, the work in the garden nourishes my soul. I have found that gardening is actually a wonderful metaphor to describe the inner work that I have been called to do, both on my own soul’s journey, as well as with the clients that I work with. Just like the garden, the soul ebbs and flows in accord with its own inner seasons, much more in touch with nature’s ways than with our hectic modern day lifestyles. Learning to slow down and tune back in to the soul can be an extremely enriching experience. Our inner gardens have so often become arid and neglected nowadays from our lack of contact with them that our lives can frequently start to feel shallow and meaningless. Taking the time to turn our attention inward can begin the slow process of bringing needed nutrients back to the inner soil that becomes a fertile planting ground for the inner seeds of peace, joy, love, and compassion. For some individuals, tending their inner gardens might involve taking up a creative endeavor, such as painting or writing; for others, it might mean carving V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

Wendy Salazar is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in San Diego, California. She specializes in helping individuals who have experienced trauma or abuse to heal from inner wounds that prevent them from being in satisfying relationships and finding meaning in their lives. Please visit for more information or contact her at

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Creation Song h e a l i n g

a r t s


n the Tree of Dreams there is a song,” Face in the Water said to me. She is a beautiful elder woman whose eyes reflect an ancient past, the tribal customs of her people. “Like any other living thing, the Tree of Dreams has a song to be sung. This song is to be listened for very, very carefully, for it teaches you that life is never ending. “The Tree of Dreams is you and me,” she continued. “We are all a Tree of Dreams, filled with yearning, joy, and love, filled with the teachings we have received and the experiences we have had. Our branches are the different times of our lives, the leaves our experiences—the colors, textures and aspects of the divine. When the leaves drop from the tree in the autumn, a harmonic is created. As the leaves fall—as we experience life—our song can be heard, playing on the wind as it is communicated to other trees, if they are listening. “The whale people who live in the north speak about the great whale and how, when she sings a song, it is heard sometimes a thousand miles away. Another whale picks up that song, and the echo is heard another thousand miles away. This goes on until that song is created around the world by all whales singing in unison. “The music that forms from the dropping of our leaves is similar. The song that is very much your own blends with other songs to create a harmony as it touches the earth. It is at that moment that all leaves become one, surrounding the earth with crimson, orange, red, and gold…. “You have your song,” she said. “As long as you have your song, you can never lose your direction or your vision. To lose your song is to lose your soul.” There is magic in this world if you want the world to be magical. If you want life to be special, it will be, filled with the songs of all Trees of Dreams on earth, and what a wondrous and special sound that is! Magic, like the power of Stonehenge, is part of the unknowable—that which you cannot describe, but which exists and makes your life extraordinary. It is part of the goodness of your spirit, the mysterious and intriguing part of your spiritual life. Magic comes from the soul, from within the human spirit in that


by Lynn Andrews

place where we are one with the Great Spirit and all of life. Your own song, the song of your Tree of Dreams, is what brings magic into your life and harmony to the earth as it blends with the songs of others. No one wants to be bored or consumed by ordinary drudgery. But what happens, all too often, is that when magic is presented to us, we don’t recognize it for what it is. The highly analytical Western mind craves precision and absolutes; it has no room for the unknown. Magic comes from the unknown, so our modern, scientific mind rejects it. Curiously, the more our science discovers, the more we realize there is much that we don’t know; and the more we realize that we don’t know, the more we can become open to possibilities we’ve yet even to dream. Still, the modern, analytical mind distrusts and rejects magic—magic, the unknowable force in the universe that makes all things possible; the essence of who we are that enables us to become anything that we wish to be, anything that we can dream. When you lose your connection with the magic in your life, you are in danger of losing your song. Then you no longer realize what can really be accomplished in your own life. One night as I was sitting around a ceremonial fire with my teachers -- a group of indigenous shaman women from native cultures on five different continents, known as the Sisterhood of the Shields—Twin Dreamers, a Kuna Indian from Panama and member of the Sisterhood, turned to me with eyes that were at once kind yet filled with a fierceness and a wildness that I knew came from knowing and loving who she is on a very deep level. “Your people have lost so much,” she said to me, electricity filling the air. “What do you mean?” I asked. “You have lost your spiritual families, your community,” she said. “We in the Sisterhood share this wordlessly, from heart to heart and soul to soul. There is a communion between us, a communion beyond what I know and see in your world.” What she was seeing in my world are a people who have all but lost their songs, a people terrified of letting our own true selves shine out into the world in all of our frailties as well as our strength; she was seeing a people who are even losing our desire to hear the songs of those around us, oblivious to the beautiful harmony we create when we share our experiences as one. Instead, we go around wearing headphones. We have separated ourselves from the world around us. We have separated ourselves from one another. And, tragically, we have separated ourselves even from ourselves, separated from our own songs and the magic of our souls. We are at a crossroads today in the human experience, a place where choices


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we make may well determine our ability to continue in this world as we know it. Our planet is in peril, at a point where our tampering with the environment is so clashing with the earth’s natural cycles, which have been going on for hundreds of billions of years, that whole species are going extinct at an unprecedented pace. Our societies have grown so complex, unwieldy and fragmented that we no longer want to know our own neighbors, and we have weapons so destructive that they are capable of wiping out entire cities in the blink of an eye. My teachers often say to me that human beings were never intended to live with the amount of chaos and stress that we face in today’s world, yet here we are. By its very nature, a crossroads is a place of great power, it is a place where choices must be made and decisions acted upon. We in the Sisterhood of the Shields believe that this crossroads is one that holds great promise for the future, precisely because of the same human creativity and ingenuity that has brought us to this point in the first place! We have at our fingertips such a wealth of scientific knowledge and ability and the incredible richness and diversity of every magnificent culture on earth, and we are capable of using all of it to make this earth truly a better place for all, if that is our choice. We are at a crossroads where we must choose between an old consciousness that says, “Take care of me, regardless of the cost to the world around me,” and a new consciousness that says, “I am responsible, and together we can make these changes happen for the good of all of life.” Which consciousness will we choose, going forward? It all depends on which songs we sing. “What is forever but a breath of the Great Spirit?” Agnes Whistling Elk, my dearest friend and teacher, said to me one day. “The design of the universe is nothing. All of time is but the snap of an arrow in the bow of the Great Spirit. The song of the tribes of plants was sung. The song of the tribes of the animals was sung. The song of

h e a l i n g a r t s the tribes of man was sung. Every world was remembered in song and no world was forgotten. The Great Spirit is sleeping in all the named and nameless things.” Which world will be remembered in song from this day forward, the new consciousness or the old? What is the song in your Tree of Dreams? It is the song that is made up of your experiences in this life, your dreams and your losses, the truth of who you are and your own personal vision to heal this world. There is a reason you chose to be born at this time on this planet, and the reason is clear. This is a time when the healing of Mother Earth is imminent, and you have gifts and abilities that will help in the healing process. What is your vision for a renewed planet Earth, and for your place in it? Sing the song of your own personal truth now. And as happens with the whales, once one person starts singing, another begins to listen; then that person starts singing, too, and the song is taken up until it is sung all the way around the world. Lynn Andrews is the New York Times and internationally best-selling author of the Medicine Woman series, 19 books and workbooks which chronicle her study, work and adventures across the globe with the 44 women of the Sisterhood of the Shields. You can learn more about Lynn at her website, www. From Tree of Dreams, A Spirit Woman’s Vision of Transition and Change, © 2001 by Lynn Andrews.

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s u s t a i n a b l e

l i v i n g


omething I’ve been asking myself a lot lately is how I can do more to respect and nourish our planet. One of the biggest environmental issues we’re facing is our use and disposal of plastic, especially single use plastics. Reducing our use of plastic is one of the simplest ways you can have a positive impact on the Earth. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of plastic. But David de Rothschild, founder of Adventure by Heath er L o u n s b Ecology, has found a way to make ur y, L.Ac. plastic work. After being inspired by a United Nations Environment Programme report, de Rothschild had the idea to build the world’s first boat made completely of recycled plastic bottles and calling her Plastiki. The Plastiki, a 60-foot catamaran made of 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles, is named after the Kon-Tiki– the raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer, Thor Heyerdahl, in his 1947 expedition across the Pacific. The project’s purpose is to raise awareness about the condition of our oceans and see first hand humankind’s impact. One of David’s other important objectives is “looking at waste as an issue—waste in our oceans and its consequences.” Exactly four years after that fateful day of coming up with the concept of the Plastiki, David and I had the chance to talk. He was on the final leg of trip across the Pacific-from San Francisco to Sydney.


Vision Magazine: How is the trip going at this point? David De Rothschild: We’re moving along nicely; sometimes a little bit slower than we’d like. Plastiki is pioneering the slow travel movement (jokingly). We’re setting an example that it’s about the adventure. It’s not about getting from point A to point B. Slow travel also means less of an impact on the environment. VM: What do you believe are the effects of a consumerism-based society? DDR: We’re told that we’re not happy unless we’re purchasing, consuming and throwing away. It’s a detriment to the environment, our natural resources and to our mental state. We’ve become be indebted, because we can’t keep up with it.” As a society, we are trying to consume as much as we can. Bigger and faster somehow equals better. The ecological apocalypse going on in the Gulf of Mexico makes it crazy to see how we’ve become so attached to these wasteful items. We chase after finite, toxic, expensive, smelly, and hard to reach energy sources. We don’t follow what nature is trying to show us. The best sources of energy come free and clean–the sun, ocean, hydro, tidal, geothermal. We’ve gone down this path that we’ve trodden for so long. And now we’re indebted to that path. My thought is let’s create system change. VM: How can we change our use and production of plastic? DDR: Plastic is the most ubiquitous thing on the planet. We messed around with it and created a product that will last forever. So, how do we dispose of it? Design for it? How can we manufacture it better? That’s the thing. Creating a better understanding and impact of the products we design. All we really need is that reevaluation, and to start producing differently. Businesses have this idea that it’s not in their interest to slow down and lessen their impact on the environment. I’m hoping to make them see the error in their thinking. [But what they don’t realize is that they will save on costs and actually make more profit by going green. The market is showing the demand is there. Organic products sales have increased by 6.2 billion in 2009. Sales were 26.4 billion in 2007. An increase of 17.1%] VM: What are the politics to inspire change? DDR: It seems like Obama just got in and has already started electioneering and worrying about getting re-elected. So you obviously get very reactive politics and policies. Who knows if there were an election today, how what’s going on in the Gulf would affect people’s decisions. Unfortunately it shows that it takes a tragedy like this to re think our treatment of nature. I see natural disasters as kind of defibrillator. Sometimes that’s what we need to wake us up. But this also can be too late. VM: What are Plastiki’s goals? DDR: Hopefully, Plastiki is inspiring people to think outside of the box and give them an opportunity to V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


AU G U S T 20 10

s u s t a i n a b l e figure out solutions. The ocean has been voiceless for so long. It’s only been in the last year or so, that there’s more awareness and information out there. The movie The Cove and Ocean is an example of this. We’ve got a chance now to show people how remarkable this part of our planet is. VM: How can we make oceans a priority in research? DDR: Billions of dollars are being spent to get to Mars, on asteroids and other research and yet very little is known about our own ocean. We are destroying it. There’s the plastic gyres and exploitation of ocean resources, and over fishing mainly because most people never see it, never connect with it. Most of the time, when you say plastic is ending up in our oceans, people who aren’t seeing it, don’t really get it. They think it has nothing to do with me, I’m landlocked, “So why should I care?” This is where we have to start emphasizing the health consequences of increased toxicity in our waters. People are more emotionally connected to it when its health related instead of environmentally related. We won’t have a sustainable world without an educated world. We don’t have a sustainable world without a healthy world. We’re all interdependent. I trained as a naturopath and have been eating a lot of organic food since then. You are what eat and breathe. . I think we can learn from the food movement. We can use this integrating into our messaging. We’re running this perilous path, assuming nature can easily recover. How do we measure the health consequences of pollution

in our oceans? VM: How can environmentalists inspire others? DDR: Don’t lecture. Allow people the chance to make informed decisions. People will say, ‘I now know this, so I want to do this’.” VM: We are talking on day 55 of the Gulf oil spill. This tragedy has many people feeling hopeless in regards to saving our planet. How do you stay positive? DDR: I have days where I’m feeling hopeless. It’s about realizing I’ll have bad days, but they’re balanced by getting great feedback. Like today, I spoke with 200 kids in Texas who have taken recycled and reclaimed plastic bottles and created insulation. These children are part of the solution. When you read and connect to people like that, it can keep you going.” We’re using Plastiki as a metaphor. What is your Plastiki? How can you have an impact? It allows people to be more aware of what is going on around them. Things can change quickly. I know things are moving slowly right now, but it’s shifting. We need to figure how to make our message more impactful and get people more connected with the issues. We need to hear more of the good news and focus on that.” Be more aware. Live off the grid more. Buy less stuff, reduce packaging, and try to be less wasteful, and cooking more, especially with locally grown produce. Continue to lessen our footprint as we educate ourselves and others. It took immense effort to make The Plastiki as sustainable as possible. If it’s possible for a boat, it’s no doubt possible for any building or structure: the homes we live in, the continued on page 40 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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l i v i n g

f e a t u r e fter receiving Chef Daniel Orr’s beautiful book, Farm Food, I was inspired to create some great food. I am not a natural chef, but his creations beckoned more than my stomach’s yearning to taste. I love food but rarely, since my childhood, have I felt the need to create a majestic meal. I’m used to enjoying mono foods at regularly spaced intervals throughout the day–an apple, yogurt an hour later, tamari almonds an hour after that, maybe a salad, a fresh juice of apples, kale and ginger. I love soups, great soups, but mostly my husband does those. The only one I make really well is clear red borsht. And of course there is my easy summer gazpacho. As you might have guessed I need some inspiration in creating great food. Enter Daniel Orr. His book is visually stunning and very user friendly, especially for the culinary challenged like myself.


started trekking back to Indiana to visit my folks. I loved Anguilla and New York, but I been on the move for years and needed an in-between kind of place, having never really settled in my life. I decided to return to Indiana, where I grew up, and open a restaurant, FarmBloomington, to parallel my experience of writing the book. The selection from the weekly farmer’s market got me cooking with the seasons and getting into the rhythm of southern Indiana after twenty-five years away from home. Initially wanting to document my progress, I found myself nostalgic for my childhood and kind-of rediscovering my inner Hoosier. That’s what the book is really about: reconnecting with my past and hopefully sharing it with other people that have had some of the same experiences, but also encouraging other people that may be younger, or may not have had the same opportunities and the same life that I had. Hopefully, I can inspire them to be a little more sustainable, to be a little more healthy, to support their neighbors by Vision Magazine: When you purchasing local meat or vegetables, and to simply think of the word nourishment what mimic their own changes and to find a new sense comes to mind? of nurturing and joy. Daniel Orr: Part of the reason VM: How do you think each one of us can eat I became a chef extends from my closer to the earth and be more involved with our passion for nurturing. As a very giving food? type, I love to take care of gardens DO: I always say that 90% of being a great and I love to take care of people. cook is being a good shopper, and the other 10% I love to feed people’s needs and is not screwing up what you bought. If you can desires and be creative in that way. By spend the time, don’t worry so much about fancy doing that, I’m not only nourishing recipes; buy the best food and create something my own desire to be creative, but simple. providing healthy, nourishing food, So many fancy recipes exist in order to hide and creating moments that people chefs’ or cooks’ inferior products. Learning the remember. These special times around by Sydney L. Murray basic techniques of cooking and shopping well is the table and around the kitchen are the best way to get started on eating healthy. nourishing for the soul. I love sharing The heart of a great meal comes from buying locally. Anything shipped longeither with family and friends or just distances either deteriorates or contains preservatives. When you’re buying local, with other staff members around the food hasn’t had to be blast-filled or picked under right, or treated with chemicals. restaurant. I think it nourishes our You shop more often and buy smaller portions, so there’s no urgency to create need to be this social being. huge dishes simply to use up all the ingredients you bought at Sam’s Club or the VM: What is one of your favorite food Big Box. I think that we need to get a little more European: shop more often and memories? with a sense of joy. Shopping should be a passion, not a chore! Buy a small amount, DO: I have so many… mostly vegetables, and enjoy them more. Fishing with my father – catching Walleye, breading them with cornmeal, VM: Looking at your cookbook I feel your food is really accessible. It makes me cooking them in bacon drippings and eating next to the camp fire. want to cook! Did you create it for both the foodie and the aspiring foodie? Spending time in my Grandmothers garden, picking sweat peas in the Spring, DO: Well yea, I’m in Bloomington Indiana, which is a college town. Part of shelling them in the kitchen, and cooking them with my grandparents. my thought when working with Indiana University Press to publish the book I remember going mushroom hunting with my family and bringing back a was interesting students in cooking. I don’t want it to just be for the parent-aged bunch of sorrels. crowd, I want students to buy and connect with it! I hope the book becomes a Having cooked professionally for 25 years, I’ve spent many memorable times in cherished memory from their college years. Hopefully, ten to fifteen to twenty France and the Caribbean, meeting people and sharing ethnic dishes from around years from now, wherever they end up, they can open the book and remember the world – Japan and India, making homemade charcoal… their days spent in Bloomington, Southern Indiana. There are just so many experiences that have blessed and nourished my life. VM: Why have so many Americans lost their connection to cooking and VM: Your book Farmfood is so beautiful. How did it come about? preparing fresh food? DO: After a two-year contract in Anguilla, the British West Indies part of the DO: It has all been a process, but you could say that the government has corrupted Caribbean, I returned to New York City, my home at the time, and started writing us, if you want to get really freaky about it. During World War II, the government Paradise Kitchen (due out next Spring). My Dad has some age-related issues so I spent tons of money developing ‘war friendly’ edible: packets, processed items, and chemicals for preserving and dehydrating food. By the time the war ended, the whole economy of food had

Farm Food

A Conversation with Daniel Orr



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changed. Production methods for quickly preserving food to ship off to soldiers were still intact, influencing the food industry. We have been fighting this ever since. In the past ten years, people have realized that they are not eating real food anymore, but food-like products. They’re saying ‘Enough already, let’s get back to real food’. The foyer of my restaurant says ‘Real Food for Real People’ for this reason. It’s about getting back to the basics and cutting out a lot of the unnecessary steps the food industry has put into getting food from the farm to the table. It should be a very simple equation – farm to table—instead of farm to food processing plant to packaging plant to freezer to table. VM: What is a simple way for chefs to include more fresh produce in their menus? DO: You want to enjoy the bounty of the seasons. You don’t need to eat asparagus in the middle of December. In southern Indiana, asparagus season peaks for about 2-3 weeks, occasionally stretching out to 6 or 7 weeks. You can enjoy a little asparagus, then it’s gone and you move on to the next thing–okra, followed by zucchini. Even if you don’t have space for a garden, browse the farmer’s market. Watch the flow of seasons as they come and go, enjoying those foods at the height of their freshness and most nutritious stages. It will be different for different regions of the country, but it’s the best way to get into a more natural way of eating. People in Italy, France, or Spain take pride in their regional cooking; they always eat local food. I don’t know why in America we feel that we need to have everything at our beck-and-call all the time. It’s not natural, nor is it green or sustainable. We suffer from gluttony, I as much as anyone else. I have to put myself in check from time-to-time and say, “Pasta, enough already, let’s take a break.” I encourage others to do the same–take a break and enjoy the local food, the local restaurants and the local culture. Celebrate it and don’t be ashamed. VM: I love the fact that you write that the act of breaking bread is a spiritual event. Do you also believe that cooking and preparing food can be spiritual? DO: It’s definitely spiritual and also very sensual. I think that food is sexy and cooking for friends and lovers and potential lovers is sexy. That’s why I really think that everybody should buy a good cookbook and learn a little bit about food and cooking, because it’s going to make you a lot sexier. It’s a sensual experience, both eating and preparing food, even hunting mushrooms and planting and sharing herbs with a close friend. If you have a big pot of Asian chives that you tear apart to give to a friend, that friend will add them to their garden or share them with their family. It’s very human and very sensual. It’s what separates us from other animals, the fact that we can enjoy both the preparation and the eating of food. It more than sustaining oneself to get through the day—its sexual and enjoyable. VM: How do you think your food was inspired by your time in Europe? DO: The chefs I learned from as I went through culinary school were entirely French. These famous French chefs were equivalent to rock-and-roll stars if you were into food. I was lucky enough to work for Andre Degas and other three-star chefs, which totally gave me a whole new appreciation for food. As a kid from southern Indiana, force fed fried chicken, biscuits and gravy by my Grandma, to go and eat French regional offerings under the wing of top chefs was the epitome of high cuisine at that time. Now, unlike my time as a culinary toddler, I don’t have to dress-up, it doesn’t have to be five-star, and it doesn’t have to be haute cuisine. The French Laundry is wonderful but how many people can afford to


f e a t u r e spend $500 on dinner? Creating Farm Food and my restaurant Farm Wellington, is a way of giving good food to the masses. VM: What new projects are on the horizon for you? DO: I spend time preparing for and hosting NPR’s weekly green, sustainable Earth Eats program with the local college radio station. Check out Earth. org, a really fun site where you can listen to the podcasts and see some video clips. My next cookbook, Paradise Kitchen, also with IU Press, will be out in Spring 2011. It’s about champion cooking, my time enjoying the culture in Aguilla and being a minority for the first time in my life—being on the other side for once. I’m also working on a children’s book called The Chef and Miss Kluckle and a cookbook called Sauteing Off The Pounds, a weight loss cookbook. As a chef you are constantly tempted, and as you get older it is harder to keep the weight off. I’m trying to come up with a weight loss program that indulges in wonderful food, healthy food and mostly local food. I am also working on pilot TV program called FarmTV. VM What is a typical food party for you? DO: Yesterday I gave a few different small parties at my house. In the morning, I went fishing with some of my kitchen staff, then we came back and made breakfast with the fish. Later I had a couple of my gardener friends over for lunch and my cousins stopped in for an afternoon snack. Then I had a couple of my employees over for an afternoon dinner and gardening party. This morning I went mushroom hunting. I took my Mom and Dad out–he loves getting out in the woods and mushroom hunting with us. We found a few at the end of their season, so we’ll be having those with a little bit of Fettuccine tonight. VM: What can change your relationship with food? DO: Keep a food journal. Write down every single thing that passes your lips–food and drink – for a week. In the process, you are going to start changing and making different choices. Once you put it down on paper you can’t kid yourself, and your mentality will change to‘ I don’t want to put that down on paper, so I’m not going to do that.’ A lot of people live in a fantasy life, not really realizing what they are putting between their lips. Just write that all down, then go back over it and begin to make changes. Do it for yourself, don’t do it for anyone else. That is the best way to make any lasting change–doing things for yourself and making decisions you are proud of. For more information visit and, and My Earth Eats radio show, and podcasts, can be heard at: eartheats/ or info on FARMfood Cookbook: info.php?products_id=93134. Take a visit to the family farm at: or read Orr’s new blog at:


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f e a t u r e

Archaic Consciousness, Rave Culture and the Disappearance of the


l a u t i R t n a l

by Daphne Carpenter

“If the words ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ don’t include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn’t worth the hemp it was written on,” said the late ethnobotanist Terrence McKenna, during his brief mission here on earth.


he eloquently articulate cosmonaut traveled extensively throughout the jungles of his own consciousness and brought back archaic secrets to our mundane world. As a lover of mind-altering plants, McKenna came to know universes alien to modern-day humans. Thanks to Mr. McKenna, I came to truly believe that plants are animated by spirits and that they contain codes to decipher universal mysteries. In simpler times, our ancestors walked the earth, harmonious with nature and with all the fruit that sprouted from the swollen belly of Pacha Mama. We were in tune with our bio-rhythms and with the cycles of the seasons. To honor this, the life of early man was steeped in ritual and the sacramental use of plants. So what changed? Here we are thousands of years later, in at time where a lot of modern society’s fears and biases against certain ritual practices simply have to do with the words used to describe the initiation rites. Words can be misleading. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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Don Ramon, a Huichol Shaman in Real de Catorce, Mexico, told me that the word “hallucination” doesn’t even exist in the Huichol Language—nor does any derivative of the word. In Western psychiatric context, the word “hallucination” implies a distortion in the perception of reality, which means that what one is seeing or perceiving is not real, even if you’re really seeing it in your mind. “Everything we perceive is real. Images are guidelines, messages we must decipher because they are tools in our life path,” Don Ramon told me in 2006. For the Huichol, a separation between the earthly world and the spiritual world does not exist. They believe there is an endless flow of sacred images constantly streaming from the mind’s eye into our physical body. To solidify their connection with the spirit world, they communicate with Hikuri—the spirit of peyote—who tells an individual what he or she needs to know in order to heal. The initiate may need to clear negative energy from the body-system-electromagnetic-field. According to the laws of natural medicine, to liberate oneself from cancer, viruses, blood disorders, or even that son of-a bitch pain in the lower left side of your back (that no amount of P.T. or massage seems to be helping) one must allow for healing on an energetic level, which often involves coming face-to-face with the negativity—let’s call this negativity “demons.” Healing a life’s worth of damage caused by self-deprecating thoughts and behavior means returning to the cosmic consciousness and getting to the root cause of the illness. This can be scary—I’m here to tell you, very scary! “With shamanism—and with the drinking of ayahuasca in particular—I’ve learned that, for me, the worse the experience, the better the payoff. There is only one requirement for this work, you must be brave. You’ll learn how to save yourself,” says journalist Kira Salak in her story in the March 2006 issue of National Geographic Adventure Magazine. The article continues to describe the spectrum of effects that often accompanies an ayahuasca healing experience—purging, crying, confusion and haunting, oh-so-terrifyingly beautiful visions. To a mainstream audience, this may sound like a “bad trip”. Why would anyone want to unearth old wounds and torture themselves? Our society is so far removed from these types of healing rituals. We’ve essentially paved over the earth and deforested our enchanted landscapes. The heavy hand of disconnect has pulled the plug on access to unexplored dimensions, perpetuating the distance between us and the cosmic consciousness. Things have gotten out of control. Today’s war against plants has had a negative impact on our society. As a nation of pill-poppers, we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that government organizations have our best interests at heart, especially when it comes to health. We need to step back and question the rules. Imagine this—tens of thousands of people are behind bars for some type of affiliation to “illegal” plants. What’s this all about? Weren’t plants here before us? Plants nourish us—how can you outlaw nature for god’s sake? “Earlier people developed the non-technological capacities of the human mind for health and healing,” says Michael Harner’s in his book, The Way of the Shaman. But today we experience terms like “the illegal possession of” and “the illegal use of” certain plants. These terms are synonymous with crime and criminality. Plants aren’t criminals, wake up! The government expects us to V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

f e a t u r e believe that if it’s against the law, it must be bad and/or wrong. At the beginning of the 1936 film Reefer Madness (put together and sponsored by church groups), an explanation was given as to why the film was made: “marijuana, a violent narcotic” would produce “dangerous hallucinations” and “acts of shocking violence.” Then there’s the “incurable insanity.” I researched casualties resulting from marijuana use; I couldn’t find anything. I only saw evidence that links marijuana to respiratory problems and from the act of smoking in general. I did, however, come across a report in Time Magazine (compiled by information from a study in the British medical journal the Lancet) that one in twenty-five deaths worldwide are caused by alcohol consumption. What drugs are legal? None but the most deadly: alcohol and carcinogenenhanced tobacco, which are “regulated” by the FDA. It’s always strange to drive by the neighborhood Narcotics Anonymous building and see everybody outside… smoking. We’ve been stripped of our rights to expand our state of consciousness. Plant prohibition dates back to The Inquisition, when the Spaniards arrived in the Americas and saw the Aztecs under the spell of the sacred Teonanácatl (literally translated, the “god mushroom”). Fray Bernardino de Sahagún wrote of the Aztecs drinking chocolate and eating mushrooms with honey during their ceremonies. When Spanish missionaries observed the Huichols eating peyote, they misinterpreted the act as “heathen rituals and superstitions.” Thus, in 1620, The Holy Office of the Inquisition enacted laws against the cactus and banned peyote. In 1953, the western world’s interest into the psychedelic state of consciousness was sparked when amateur mycologist and author Gordon Wasson published his experiences with esteemed Mazatec curandera, Maria Sabina. The Oaxacan shamaness initiated Wasson into the mysteries of the psilocybin mushroom matrix. Upon reading about his transcendent experiences, an emerging generation of freethinkers began to make their way south of the border. The mass introduction of psychedelics that permeated the 60s spurred a heightened sense of consciousness, but was quickly sent underground when these substances were declared illegal. Now, who is to determine what I can and can’t put in to my body? “To prohibit legitimate access to our deepest realms of awareness through rigid, fear-based legislation may be one of the most egregious errors of our contemporary culture, nothing less than a denial of our essence of human beings,” remarks author Jim DeKorne in his book, Psychedelic Shamanism. Luckily, the archetypal mind is very much in tune with itself, and society has found ways to continuously tap into our realm of higher conscious. Music, rhythm, dance, and drumming date back as the essence of rituals, elevating the mind and connecting with each cell of the body. Our society’s trance-like ritual emerged in the 90s as the enigmatic rave. My nostalgic memories urge me to share the beauty of this often-misunderstood culture: It’s Saturday, the moon is full. We are Indigo children. Gaia’s throbbing heartbeat overwhelms us, causing us to behave in strangely beautiful ways. A map wedged in our pockets outlines cryptic instructions; we’re on our way to a rave. It may be in some clandestine location—a warehouse or out in the desert somewhere—but the journey allures us even more. Dressed in our best, be it an astronaut suit or something visually disarming, we make our way to the site. The deep, rhythmic, trance-inducing drumbeat pulses through our bodies, seeming to echo the primordial sound of our ancestors. Altered minds suspend the awareness of our egos, heightening our senses and extinguishing the daily cautiousness that inhibits our joy. In enchanted forests of celestial trees, void of judgment of ourselves and each other, we experience universal love as our flowing energy alights the dance floor for hours. Our differences are continued on page 41


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REFLEXOLOGY CARLSBAD CHINESE MEDICAL REFLEXOLOGY in spa like atmosphere at Dr. James Tsai’s Acupuncture clinic. Specially formulated Herbal foot soak, neck and shoulder Massage included. Pacific Reflexology Treatment and Training Center. Regular price $59 Grand opening Special first time patients only $39. Next Chinese Reflexology training begins end of July 2010. www.pacificreflexologycenter. com, 760.890.4062 and at 2564 State Street. Suites A & C. 08.10 reiki SACREDTRANSFORMATION.NET. offers 30 CEU’s to nurses, acupuncturists, LCSW & MFT for Level 1-2 Reiki along with in-depth energy healing course. Contact 619.204.0504 for more info. 08/10 rentals RENTAL AT EYE OF BUDDHA. Rent upstairs meeting room for meeting,meditation or yoga classes. Also check for BUDDHA SUTRA Studies, Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Qi Gong going on every week. Call for info. 619.296.1150. 4247 Park Blvd. S.D. CA 92103. 11.10 WANTED CONSCIOUS BUSINESS IN THE HEART OF HILLCREST – 100 square foot massage or practitioner’s room that could be used for any number of conscious businesses from acupuncturist, chiropractor. High visibility building with great walk in traffic. Come by and see it today, 1281 University Ave. ground floor storefront in holistic building. Ask for Sydney @ Vision Magazine. 619.294.2393.

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fter an energetic sabbatical in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, San Diegobased artist and success coach Joseph Bennett, MBA has returned to California with a fresh perspective on how creative people can transform their talents and passions into meaningful, productive careers. An upcoming, one-day comprehensive workshop benefiting the San Diego Visual Arts Network ( is designed to encourage creative types to foster their passions and manifest their goals. Be it the most effective way to build a website, how to print the strongest business and announcement cards, establishing sustainable lines of client communication, developing plausible strategies for exhibitions, or learning how to delegate tasks, this marketing workshop will inspire each of us to take our careers to the next level. During this affordable, easy to follow and enjoyable workshop, you will experience the joy of sharing authenticity and mindfully, asking What next? instead of Why me? Learn the single most valuable tool in growing your business or passion (it costs about $1) follow the single most important step in growing your business or passion (it takes about 2 minutes), and discover what to do when your clients are listening to WII FM. We’ll teach you how to polish and present your professional ‘commercial’ and a whole lot more! San Diego Visual Arts Network is San Diego’s most comprehensive online artist resource and directory, with thousands of listings for individual artists and exhibitions venues, including public spaces and private sales galleries. In addition to maintaining this incredible free resource, SDVAN also organizes and coordinates a plethora of popular events throughout San Diego.

Workshop facilitator Joseph Bennett is an artist, success coach, designer, and gallery owner. He currently works out of San Diego and San Miguel de Allende, where he co-owns and manages Sublime Design Interiors, LLC. Join him for Getting Known, A Non-Marketing Approach to Marketing on August 15, 2010 from 11–4 at Eveoke Dance Theatre, 2811 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104 ($49). For information, contact Joseph Bennett, MBA at 619.871-7925 or All are welcome! SDVAN.Net

Hypnotherapist Program! Mueller College of Holistic Studies is proud to add the Hypnotherapist program to its existing bodywork programs - the first new offering in its 34-year history! - Learn how to open your own practice as a professional hypnotherapist

The Joy You Seek In Life Also Seeks You • Intuitive Readings • Spiritual Healing • Feng Shui • Books

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18635 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91356 818.345.1100 for online sales & registrations V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

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Reiki For You and Your Pet by Lisa Peterson


eiki (pronounced Raykey) comes from Japanese words Rei and Ki, meaning spiritually guided life energy. Reiki, a form of spiritual healing that helps harmonize the mind, body and soul, may be practiced on any living being. It is a treatment for relaxation as well as a tool for releasing negative emotions and superseding limitations. Reiki is a safe, painless, non-invasive practice that doesn’t interfere with any medical treatment. The practitioner serves as a vessel, exerting healing energies to address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. Technicians Candy Boroditsky and Ming Chee-Brown of Reiki Fur Babies, an animal Reiki service based in Venice Beach, use distance-healing techniques to communicate with pets in need. Before their convergence at Reiki Fur, Candy was a physical therapist and head of the volunteer organization at Garfield Medical center, Ming was a Pharmacist and USC graduate. Together, Candy and Ming channel their energies to increase their healing capacities. “If you double the number of people doing Reiki in a group you won’t have twice, but four times the amount of Reiki flowing through your body,” they stress. Their combined passion for healing through Reiki embellishes their already unique abilities: Candy is able to understand the equivalent of words an animal may be expressing—interpreting last words or deducing the root of their physical or emotional issues. Ming is able to pinpoint the disease or source of pain, and send “healing and angels” to alleviate symptoms. “Reiki is ideal for all our fury, or maybe not so furry, friends. They seem to respond faster and in a shorter time to the treatments than people,” says Dr. Ming Chee-Brown. Used to treat illness, injury, and trauma from abuse or neglect, Reiki is gentle, causing no discomfort and reduces stress, relieves pain, headaches, stomach upsets, asthma, back problems, sinus, respiratory, canine hip dysplasia, anxiety and more. Healthy, or seemingly healthy animals can also benefit—Reiki is an overall form of prevention, healing imperceptible and diminutive ailments before they worsen. For very ill or dying animals, Reiki provides comfort to keep pets from feeling afraid and anxious. Lifelong clients brim with love and appreciation for Ming and Candy’s work, evidenced by line after line of their website’s two hundred testimonials. With services extending all over the world, Reiki Fur Babies provide clients—both human and animal—hope for a brighter tomorrow. Call 408.634.8884, email or visit for more information on distance-healing services. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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Dr. Richard Bartlett

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Our Philosopher’s Stone: Resveratrol

As Explained by Dr. Bryan Donohue, Compiled by Hayley Sher


hen was the last time you woke up and your first crackle of being radiated ‘Man I feel good’? If you’re eating well and slept eight hours last night, it may have been this morning. But for many, this feeling was so long that the premise is scarcely a reality. “There’s a guy that has been plagued over his adult life with rheumatoid arthritis.” I’m on the phone with Dr. Bryan Donohue, Chief of Interventional Cardiology at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Shadyside Hospital Cardiac Catheterization Lab Director, and Georgetown University School of Medicine graduate. “He can’t even turn his head from side to side or shrug his shoulders.” Donohue completed his residencies in both internal medicine and cardiology at the University of California at San Francisco. He speaks excitedly, from 26 years of experience to date, regarding a revolutionary, resveratrol-based product of perfection called Vindure900 he and a team of scientists have produced after years of intensive research. “The doctors put him on all these meds, but all these crazy side effects practically deformed him….his skin was blue and he looked like a monster.” In addition to working with traditional cardiology treatments, Dr. Donohue is an advocate and researcher in alternative medicine. “––I put him on Vindure in February 2009, and by 2010 he was asymptomatic.” You may recognize the name resveratrol from its numerous mentions over the years in health articles and advertisements as the convenient cardiovascular benefit to sipping a glass of red wine. Dr. Donohue’s years of research and insights reveal resveratrol’s potential not just as an added perk, but an antidote for life. Resveratrol is nothing new—its healing powers were first mentioned in the Indian Vedas, a part of Ayuervedic medicine, 1200 years before the birth of Jesus. Its poignant, life-changing sweeping potential for all, however, is a much more recent discovery. In a special interview, Dr. Donohue shares his fascinating experience with Vindure900: In 1935, a physician published a paper describing how during times of famine, animals don’t age. Despite its intrigue, this observation went unexamined until 1999, when a young Australian came to MIT in Boston and pulled the blankets on that dusty observation, asking “How can it be that calorie restriction prolongs life?” Caring for the PHYSICAL & MENTAL Later moving to Harvard University, now Scientist and Professor, David WELL-BEING OF ALL CREATURES Sinclair and his team of researchers found severe calorie restriction ignites a gene • Reiki for Pets • Reiki for People • Angel Attunement domain called Sirtuins. This being unrealistic for humans, Sinclair set out to find • Distance Healing • Receive 4x the Benefits an alternate method to upregulate Sirtuins—and prolong life. • 2 Reiki healers performing the session instead of 1 Sinclair’s team of Harvard Researchers tested hundreds and hundreds of • Candy has the ability to hear what your animal is saying, such as last words or what is bothering them • Ming can pinpoint the pain or disease and send healing or angels where needed products, including resveratrol. Resveratrol had been on the radar because of its • 2nd Degree USUI Reiki Practitioners affect on the French, who tend to consume rich and fatty foods but live longer on • You receive a detailed report about your session average than Americans. • Please read our testimonials The study included two groups of mice: one on a highly restricted caloric • • 408.634.8884 agenda, the other force fed peanut butter throughout the day and given resveratrol.

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h o l i s t i c p r o d u c t s The results were intriguing: imagined. resveratrol counteracted the Vindure users have been taken by this increased energy and need for less sleep, detrimental effects of a high- by a crispness, a sharpness, a new sense of focus. The pace of activity has increased fat diet, effectively matching and being able to be on the ball is an enormous benefit for all of us. As you the biological process induced age, you begin a kind of slow degradation curve that continues until you hit the by calorie restriction ground: gene activity levels fall and you also become less insulin sensitive. The In 2006, the team published wise gardener has to water the root and likewise, we have stumbled across a way their findings in Nature, a to lengthen life, the pure joy of life. Resveratrol influences sensitivity even among leading science and medical the least insulin sensitive group, diabetics. It lessons the body’s strain to increase journal. Since then, the world insulin production which is necessary to maintain the same degree of wellbeing. caught on, producing hundreds It’s important to remember that the root of enlightenment for all supplements of supplements. But, not all resveratrol is is making healthy choices. Unfortunately, people who have fallen into this or created equal. that—heavy, diabetic, hypertensive—trap of life encounter bigotry. They need Unlike the majority of these products, our to be protected and feel safe as they work themselves out—and they are. People collaboration with Dr. Sinclair’s team fostered are climbing out of the woodwork, fat broken down elderly people who are finally the creation of very powerful product called feeling their sails fill up with wind. It’s not just the sort of thing just yuppies can Vindure900. Resveratrol is not an isolated substance, but take; it’s really exciting for everybody. part of a compound of Phytoalexins (often referred to as Last year, a woman was brought into my hospital with an aorta calamity, she polyphenols), antimicrobial substances synthesized by was a complete mess. Well-regulated c-reactive protein levels for the average person plants that accumulate rapidly at areas of incompatible pathogen range from 0-10; hers peaked at 98.9. After surgery, I started her on Vindure and infection. Sources of naturally-occurring resveratrol such as measured her progress: in March 2010, her c-reactive protein was 100; in May, plants and red wine contain a host of polyphenols, which in 50; in June, 30. Vindure900’ potential to revolutionize the health industry—both themselves were found to increase the Sirtuin gene domain. holistic and modern—and improve the quality of life for millions is incredibly Because resveratrol traveled with its sister molecules in the lab, powerful. We’re just getting started on this. we were careful to ensure the mg/kg dosage closely follow Sinclair’s work. Vindure contains 400 mg of pure resveratrol, 400 mg of the Bryan Donohue, M.D., F.A.C.C. and his family have been using Vindure since other related polyphenols, and 100 mg of Curcin, a naturally occurring June 2009. For more information or to purchase Vindure visit or phytotoxin which increases the absorption of resveratrol. It’s a completely call 877-4-Vinomis (877-484-6664). Feel free to contact the team at their corporate unique product and it’s very cost effective—about a dollar a day. office, 509 Hegner Way, Sewickley, PA 15143 or email them at In July 2009 I began administering Vindure to over 300 of my patients afflicted with a range of illnesses from heart disease to dementia—everyone except those on blood thinning medication, actively going through chemotherapy, or breast Encinitas feeding—and it has been incredibly interesting and tremendously exciting to observe. Users have ultimately expressed three incredible Insurance Agency forces of change: they reencounter their own vivid wellbeing, begin to feel a sense of their own joyousness, and experience profoundly increased alacrity of thought. (760) 942-5555 With clinical trials coming out left and right, we’re testing 148 N. El Camino Real this product from all different angles. One study we published Encinitas looked primarily at college students. Initially we were looking at their athletic power, but adding on a cognitive study, we found CA Lic: 0686321 there was a marked cognitive improvement in people that didn’t have a deficit. There is a measured increase of blood supply in the cerebral profusion, the actively circulating area stimulated by San Diego's only thought. Another study on dementia shows preservation of the Sirtuin group, whose degradation is associated with impaired Certified Green memory. These are incredible findings. Insurance Agency The enhanced blood circulation ignited by Vindure for endurance and power, has also been powerfully beneficial for athletes, increasing energy, enhancing recovery time, and reducing cramps. A lot of human misery consequently results from inflammation, a series of biochemical events that causes pain. Vindure is a potent anti-inflammatory and increased blood circulation throughout the body revives physical and mental vivacity. Nothing like a caffeine Mountain Dew moment, the experience runs deep—literally from a cellular level. The cleansed sense of well-being lifts the veil on our own native intelligence. Straight away you’re healthier and feel © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company better, allowing you to experience the potential life you may have V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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b u s i n e s s



or those concerned about approaching a doctor regarding medical marijuana, Dr. Robert F. Sterner and his experienced staff at the Anti -Ageing Arts clinic invite your questions. Dr. Sterner, one of San Diego’s first physicians to support medical marijuana, has been an activist on the forefront for promoting a holistic approach to preventative medicine in San Diego and throughout the country since the early 1980’s. Dr. Sterner, a graduate of UCLA Medical School and Harvard Univesity, acts as a second opinion after a patient is diagnosed by their physician, acupuncturist, or chiropractor. As to a relationship with any other care physician, a patient’s privacy remains sacred at all times. Alternatively, if a patient wishes to remain private about their personal medical marijuana usage, providing proof of a persisting medical condition on any basis—a scar or a missing limb for example—would allow them to obtain a prescription without an initial diagnosis from the patient’s primary physician. Anti-Ageing Arts is open seven days a week and is located on 1516 W. Redwood Street. Walk-ins welcome or call 619-543-1061 for an appointment. AUG10 Vision Magazine 1/4ad_Layout 1 7/27/10 3:53 PM Page 1

Dr. Robert F Sterner, M.E.


Certified Hypnotherapist & Program Director Maureen Pisani Offers to Set the Record Straight on Hypnosis Suspicions have long surrounded hypnosis. Yet, hypnosis is a state of mind we enter naturally twice a day: before we fall asleep and as we awaken. If we automatically pass through another hypnotic state in order to reach full alertness, it’s not a far cry to induce a similar state of mind. Everyone has experienced a state of hypnosis—a wakeful state of focused attention. Ever been in ‘the zone’ and driven straight past your exit on the freeway or become absorbed in a book to the point that only someone shouting your name catches your attention? In this state of hypnosis, physical relaxation accompanied and induced by mental concentration caused you to ‘zone out’. When we recognize a habit, pattern, or behavior we want to change, a process begins. First, the decision to make change; next, an effort to implement the new behavior; and last, we attempt to integrate the new pattern until it becomes regular. Yet, invariably, despite our best efforts, the initial energy and momentum begins to dissipate and we slide back into the negative old habit. How often do people attempt to quit smoking, lose weight or be rid of anxiety only to eventually give up? Hypnosis helps overcome hurdles that hinder success. Under hypnotization, the subject, experiences a deep mental and physical relaxation. Suggestions offered in self—or hetero-hypnosis access the subconscious mind—our brain’s programming hub—until they are assimilated and accepted. There are many benefits to consciously incorporating hypnosis into your life. If you’re interested in a Hypnotherapy career, the courses offered at Mueller College are fascinating, informative and fun! Initially, you’ll experience inadvertent beneficial changes in your personal life as you set and achieve goals and remove habits detrimental to your success. As your own life improves, success for your clients will follow. Maureen Pisani C.Ht., N.L.P. can be contacted through Hypnotherapy courses starting soon—contact Mueller College 619.291.9811 for additional information.

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“How Does QiGong Heal?” continued from page 12


stronger energy to clear the pipes so Qi reach the problem areas. Some schools teach that people need the help of a powerful master to send strong energy for that initial boost. After personally training with seven high level Qigong masters, I do not believe this to be true. The most effective way to begin the healing process is to enter a large group energy field. They knew it China when they repeatedly gathered 30,000 at a time and people were getting up out of wheel chairs. I saw a retired nurse enter my seminar wheeling a walker. On the fourth day she was walking laps around the massive ballroom without her walker. In all honesty, the Qigong is very powerful, but it is the group energy that turns it into overdrive. Every person has a biological magnetic field. When a group of even three people practice together the results are atleast double. A larger field is created than any of us could generate on our own in their Qigong events. Immersing oneself in this high amplitude energy is the single fastest way to jumpstart ones internal energy. This is the understatement of the century. On August 21st-24th, 2010 the QI REVOLUTION seminar “4-Days of Hands on Qigong Training for $99” comes to San Diego Convention Center. Senior Instructors Kai Van Bodegom-Smith, David Beaudry and 25 other instructors will teach all 3 levels of Qigong Healing & Breathing Applications for $99. Seating is limited. To register or for more info: 800.298-8970 / If you want to read scientific studies visit where you can find the largest database of scientific papers on Qigong’s effects.

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“Bhakti Fest” continued from page 13

devotion and compassion. The goal is to make every day to be in the moment and filled with compassion for yourself and others. VM: What do you think people walked away with? SS: 99% of the comments that we received from last year from the attendees of Bhakti Fest that responded that their whole lives were changed and they wished that Bhakti Fest was all year long. People said it was the most successful first time event that they had ever been to. All of the venders did well financially so we have a lot of them coming back this September. Our ticket prices are so reasonable that most everyone can attend. We have a variety of sleeping arrangements at the retreat center and have special arrangements with all of the hotels in the area to allow discounted rooms. We have accommodations for about 300 people at the retreat center and we can provide camping for up to 1000 people. VM: What did you walk away with last year? SS: I walked away with a beautiful feeling in my heart, a feeling of satisfaction and reward. We did it, we got it together, and it was a lot of hard work, actually years of hard work. It was a beautiful thing for everybody. I was completely satisfied. VM: What would be the one thing you would like people to know about Bhakti Fest? SS: Come to Bhakti Fest and share the spirit, share the love, open up your heart and dive deeply into what we are offering you. We are giving you an opportunity to set aside your everyday life and set aside the ways that you are living and just come and immerse yourself for four days amongst the sun and the stars and enjoy the love and oneness with your highest self that Bhakti Fest offers. It is amazing gathering and we welcome one and all.

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Prayer for Reuniting Twin Flames

In the name of my Higher Self and the Higher Self of my Twin Flame I pray that we reunite I call for the consuming of all portents of our returning negative karma, clouding our ability to recognize each other, and creating a sense of separation. I call to dissolve the human imposed self-limitations that keep us from the full expression of our twin flame identity, and the fulfillment of our original contract with Spirit in service to mankind.

I call for my Higher Self and the Higher Self of my Twin Flame. My Higher Self and the Higher Self of my Twin Flame. My Higher Self and the Higher Self of my Twin Flame. My Higher Self and the Higher Self of my Twin Flame. My Higher Self and the Higher Self of my Twin Flame. I pray that We reunite Uniting Twin Flames ~ Susay

Laura Geralyn Kline • Healer • Spiritual Messenger • Twin Flame/Soulmate Reconnection

For more information or to buy tickets visit or call 866.992.4258. Joshua Tree Retreat Center is located at 59700 29 Palms Hwy. Joshua Tree, CA 92252. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

Enhance Emotional Wellbeing Research Shows Lessening of Compulsive Behaviors Increased Access to Subconscious


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“New Earth Expo” continued from page 15


historical instruments, thus enabling him to become one of the few people able to reproduce and construct instruments which are said to be identical to the ones used by our ancient ancestors. Xavier will be demonstrating a wide variety of these ethnic instruments. The talented musician has performed for the United Nations, at the Native American Grammys in 2002 and during the opening ceremonies for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize in Rome, Italy. Whether you are looking for physical or spiritual nourishment, you can find a variety of products and practitioners at the New Earth Expo. This truly is a unique and exiting array of both products and services by renowned teachers and educators. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Don Miguel Ruiz and his son Don Jose. They are truly amazing teachers that offer you the opportunity to transform your life. The New Earth Expo has gathered wonderful and unique vendors offering truly nourishing traditions, products and services.


Come to the New Earth Expo and find herbs, organic weight-loss products, products for your home, gemstone jewelry, and spiritual counselors from tarot readers to mediums. This extraordinary event will take place on August 29th, from 10am to 6pm, in San Diego at the Marriott Mission Valley, located at 8757 Rio San Diego Dr. For more info about the New Earth Expo, go to to find the Ruiz’s books visit www.amberallen. com.

“Plastikii” continued from page 23

cars we drive, the offices we work in can all be made less toxic! The technology is out there. It takes commitment, but as David de Rothschild, his crew and the developing team have proven, it’s possible. The Plastiki will definitely inspire other industries to head in the same direction.

Margo Mariana

Clairvoyant Counselor, Life Coach Medical Intuitive – Clarity and guidance for career and creativity, relationships, transitions and health – Personal tools for stress management, wellness, success and harmony – Discounts available

Appointments: 619.465.7909 Email: Web:



Free Monthly Message Circles Need Answers?

Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac., an environmental activist for 20 years, has been in private practice for over 15 years as an acupuncturist, herbalist, nutritionist, and Reiki master. At her clinic in Santa Monica she treats a variety of ailments, specializing in pain management, gynecology, mental health and addiction, & digestive disorders. As a well-respected physician, Heather’s unique holistic approach to healing encompasses all aspects of her patients’ needs, allowing for the best possible results. www. David de Rothschild, the mastermind behind the Plastiki, is a British adventurer/ environmentalist and head of Adventure Ecology, an expedition group raising awareness about climate change. David was awarded the accolade of “Emerging Explorer” by National Geographic, was appointed an “ international ambassador” by NGO Clean Up The World and nominated as a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum. de Rothschild wrote The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 Essential Skills to Stop Climate Change—Or Live Through It, the official companion book to the Live Earth concert series.

Channeled Guidance for Life’s Issues & Your Soul’s Path to Joy

Rev. Elivia Melodey

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“Archaic Conciousness” continued from page 27


irrelevant—we are one. I merely experimented with drugs; they never became my life. Unfortunately some youth push the envelope—we’ve all heard terrifying accounts of young ravers overdosing on Ecstasy. Yet, who’s to blame for wanting to expand their state of consciousness? In the quest to fill the spiritual void, psyconauts are more concerned with synching the human mind to earth rhythms than obeying spiritual evolutionaryimpeding regulations. Dr. Adrian Novotny, an anthropology professor at Long Beach City College, met up with me to discuss current society’s relation to the spiritual world over a Yerba Mate. As part of his popular class, Magic, Witchcraft and Religion, students accompany him to and participate in Native American ceremonies. “It’s obvious through our behavior, philosophy and values, that we’ve lost our spiritual connection,” notes Novotny, as our discussion shifted towards a missing link in our modern urban society—the rite of passage. “In native cultures, there’s a clear demarcation between the world of childhood and the world of adulthood,” he continues, going on to describe the full experience: During a Native American Vision Quest prepubescent boys are guided into adulthood by journeying solo into the wilderness. Preparing for the journey includes fasting and specific instructions from elders. Alone with nature, the youth tunes into the spirit world, waiting for a guardian animal to come in a vision or dream (which may or may not happen). Alone for days, sometimes nude, he engages in deep meditation, chants, and sometimes eats peyote, waiting for a message. Upon return, the experience is discussed with an elder, who then interprets the direction the young man will pursue later in life. Vision Quest is not limited to Native American cultures, but is practiced all over the world as an expression of what Joseph Campbell termed the “archetypical hero’s journey.” “In most male adolescent rites of passage, the boy must figuratively die,” adds Dr. Novotny. “Through his symbolic death by cutting, bleeding, circumcision, or busted teeth, for example, he must prove that he can take the pain. He’s put through trauma and if he comes back, he’s a man,” But what does it even mean to become a man today, I ask Novotny? “A man is a protector of woman, children and the earth, a warrior. But without a formal rite of passage to manhood, boys tend to experience arrested adolescence, whereby the boy becomes a man chronologically and biologically, but remains an adolescent in emotion, psychology, and behavior.” So, how about American boys—when and how are our California youth guided into manhood? According to Novotny, most aren’t. “In our current society, boys are becoming more like a schoolyard bullies instead of a considerate, sensitive adults. It’s particularly dangerous when these ‘arrested adolescents’ achieve nearly unlimited power in religion, politics, and business. We’ve see it over and over—a banker leaves a family homeless in a bank foreclosure because it’s ‘his job’.” When we think for ourselves and make choices based on our personal righteousness, we can begin to understand our connection as galactic family, rather than exist as independent entities. More people are tuning in and becoming aware of the collective human mind. Henry David Thoreau once said, “The only obligation which I have a right to assume is to do at any time what I think is right.” As we evolve in our challenging surroundings, it’s important to distinguish the reality we’re led to believe from the reality of truth. Truth is at the heart of every action, and sticking to it will create a better world.

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Daphne can be found either sitting in a tree, laughing hysterically, dancing wildly in a drum circle, wandering through gritty and beautiful urban areas at night, or sitting at her computer writing this. Read her blog about homeless youth in Brazil at www. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

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to of

ay eya

ns h re SD

onth #D



on and o /430

ts & oups

‘star’ continues to herald the return of the Christ

Nuremberg Germany Learn about the World Teacher Maitreya Introductory Presentations 3 pm 1st Sunday of month Controversial Bookstore 3063 University Ave - SD 6:30 pm 2nd Wed. of month Philosophical Library 2091 E. Valley Parkway #D Escondido SD cable public access channel Wed 9:30 pm Cox Sat 5:30 pm Time Warner Visit our booth at local street fairs Serve through Transmission Meditation 9:30 am Sun, 7 pm Tue and 8 pm Fri in San Diego (619) 223-6703 For LA/SF info about events & Transmission Meditation groups in other cities:

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A NEW DAWN EMERGES –ALL OF THE FORCES OF LIGHT ARE GATHERING Spend an afternoon with British author Benjamin Crème speaking of Maitreya the World Teacher at Veterans Memorial Auditorium at 3pm August 1st. 4117 Overland Ave. Culver City, Free Will Donation. Call 818.785.6300 or visit www. HIMALAYAN KUNDALINI KRIYA YOGA MASTER YOGIRAJ SIDDHANATH & HAMSA YOGA SANGH PRESENTS - WAY OF THE WHITE SWAN–US 2010 TOUR Kriya Yoga Workshop and Empowerment into Kundalini Kriya Yoga with Yogiraj Siddhanath, $108 for new Initiates. Sunday August 1st 3pm to 8 pm, Vision Center for Spiritual Living 11260 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92124Questions & Registration: 858-8773219 or Learn more at and www. AUGUST 4 WEDNESDAY HYPOGLYCEMIA – LOW BLOOD SUGAR, MENTAL FATIGUE, ANXIETY Traditional and documented remedies, therapies. Steve Schechter, NP, HHP. Natural Healing Institute, 760.943.8485,



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AUGUST 11 WEDNESDAY DIABETES & ERATIC ENERGY Traditional and documented remedies, therapies. Steve Schechter, NP, HHP. Natural Healing Institute, 760.943.8485,


AU G U S T 20 10

AUGUST 12 THURSDAY WINE WOMEN & HORMONES – Join Dr. Janette Gray and Chris Givant, RPh, national experts in the field of balancing hormones and healthy aging. Free, RSVP. Aug 12, Sept 16 The Center for Health and Wellbeing, 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103 www.integrativemedicinesandiego. com, 619.814.5542. FOUNDATION FOR MEDITATION – Establish an effective meditation practice. Guided meditations. Natural Healing Institute, 760-943-8485,

AUGUST 13 FRIDAY NIGHT OF KIRTAN DEVOTIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL Sponsored by the Krishna Lounge. Come celebrate and immerse yourself in transcendental vibrations! Ecstatic-Chanting-Dancing-Community every 2nd Friday of the month. 7-11pm Hare Krishna Temple 1030 Grand Ave. Pacific Beach 92109 858.405.5465 www.

AUGUST 14 SATURDAY REMEMBERING & LIVING THE AWAKENED LIFE with Joseph Sheehan, 2-4:30pm, $25 suggested donation. www.


Are You Ready For Transformation? Manifest Your Intentions & Desires

Have better relationships, live the life you love! Come Join Us At The La Costa Resort And Spa For The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success Transformation Circles

Aug 15th • Sept. 19th Tuition is $25/advance and $30/door. For more details and registration visit

The Tibetan Meditation Center

Invites you to attend an amazing concert of sound, healing & transformation

THE ALCHEMY OF SOUND with Jan Tober and the Crystal Singing Bowls

Sunday, August 15th, 2pm - 5pm Seaside Center for Spiritual Living 1613 Lake Drive, Encinitas, CA. 92024

For centuries various spiritual traditions have used the power of sound to heal, to center, and to expand. These Crystal Singing Bowls are profound, and along with Jan Tober’s powerful voice, their tones will resonate with extraordinary frequencies.

Sign up and help the Tibetan Meditation Center to complete their building project before His Holiness The Drikung Kyabgon arrives to inaugurate the monastery. Donation can be made at: Donation: 760.738.0089 $35 before August 1st or $50 at the door or by mail: The Tibetan Meditation Center 1601 Sheridan Plance, Escondido, CA. 92027

GETTING KNOWN: A NON - MARKETING APPROACH to MARKETING! A unique, engaging & stress-free approach to putting yourself out there. Sunday, Aug 15th, 11-4pm. Presented @ Eveoke, 2811 University Ave, North Park. Facilitated by Joseph Bennett, MBA. Only $39 if registered by Aug 1, $49 afterward. Call 619.871.7925 or joseph@artbybennett. com Proceeds benefit All are welcome! HIMALAYAN KUNDALINI KRIYA YOGA MASTER YOGIRAJ SIDDHANATH & HAMSA YOGA SANGH PRESENTS WAY OF THE WHITE SWAN – US 2010 TOUR Full Day Immersion – El Rey Theater with Yogiraj Siddhanath Sunday August 15 1pm to 10pm, Food & Music call 866YOGIRAJ Learn more at www. and HamsaYogi

AUGUST 15 SUNDAY TIBETAN MEDITATION CENTER invites you to The Alchemy of Sound with Jan Tober and The Crystal Singing Bowls. Sunday Aug. 15th 2-5pm at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living 1613 Lake Drive, Encinitas. Ca 92024 www.

AUGUST 21 SATURDAY GIGONG REVOLUTION SAN DIEGO “The Most Powerful Experience of Energy” $99 for 4 days of QiGong Healing. San Diego Convention Center Aug.21-24th. Seating is limited 800-298-8970. www.

DETOXIFICATION, FASTING & ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH - Specific foods, supplements, herbs, juice therapies, amino acids, aromatherapy, + more. Individualize both detox programs and/or fasting programs. Steve Schechter, NP, HHP, Author of the best-selling Detox book. Natural Healing Institute, 760-9438485,

AUGUST 22 SUNDAY YOGA CLASS with Nationally respected yoga instructor. Includes Hatha, Vinyasa, Breath Work, More, individualized to you. Overview of comprehensive, unique Yoga Instructor, Somatics, & Movement Therapist–(RYT, YISMT)™. Natural Healing Institute, 760.943.8485,

AUGUST 16 MONDAY DAY OF MINDFULNESS with Esther Kennedy 9:30 to 3pm. $35 suggested donation.

AUGUST 25 WEDNESDAY IMMUNE DYSFUNCTIONS, CANCER TREATMENTS & PREVENTIONS 8/25 & 9/1 Specific herbs, foods, supplements, amino acids, aromatherapy, massage, more. Steve Schechter, NP, HHP, NHI Director. Natural Healing Institute, 760943-8485,

LAW OF ATTRACTION CLASS 7-8:30 pm (Intro evening Monday, Aug 16, 6-weeks starts Aug 23 Monday $75) The Center for Health and Wellbeing, 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103, 619.814.5542. AUGUST 20-26 FRIDAY-THURSDAY CONTEMPLATION - A PORTAL to the RHYTHMS of the UNIVERSE with Esther Kennedy at Santa Sabina Center in San Rafael, CA www.SpiritMountainRetreat. org, see calendar for ‘off-site’ programs. AUGUST 21 SATURDAY PRACTICAL grINTUITION TRAINING TAUGHT BY MIKE AUSTIN & REV. STACY CHRISTOPHER It’s all About Intuition. Practical grIntuition helps you learn to remember what modern social conditioning made you forget. The experienced teachers of Practical grIntuition create a safe, confidential, focused environment to discover, uncover and recover the inner guidance we all possess. Two part training August 21 and 28, 2-4pm at The Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91356. $35 per session, $55 in advance. Registration and more info at 818-345-1100 or online at AUGUST 21 SATURDAY LIVING THE SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES OF HEALTH AND WELL-BEING Webcast 2101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica 1 2:30pm (or tune in live at live) Facilitated by MSIA Spiritual Director John Morton Webcast free (donations welcome). This broadcast is based on the new book “Living the Spiritual Principles of Health and Well-Being” by John-Roger, D.S.S., with Paul Kaye - a book filled with practical wisdom that expands our spiritual awareness while taking us through simple steps to improve our health. Explore ways to make small improvements to your health and well-being that, when consistently applied, can make a big difference. Open to all. No registration required. Contact Tonie at or 323.737.4055. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

AUGUST 28 SUNDAY FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOUR LIFE – Yoga Therapy Techniques with Michael Kolasa, MFT–Saturday August 28, 1-3:30pm, $40 The Center for Health and Wellbeing, 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103, www.integrativemedicinesandiego. com, 619.814.5542. THE LOVE YOU DESERVE – A LOVE ACTIVATION! - Become a Love Master! Leading relationship/love experts. Interactive exercises. Create Intimacy. Discover Your Real Life Purpose. Natural Healing Institute, 760-943-8485, AUGUST 31 TUESDAY

On Tuesday, August 31 Join Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Joan Borysenko, Bruce Lipton, Debbie Ford, Jack Canfield, Lynne Twist, Lynne McTaggart, Duane Elgin, James O’Dea, Andrew Cohen and over forty other Evolutionary Leaders from around the globe in support of a future that is not what happens to us but is what we create. Performances by Rickie Byars Beckwith, the Agape Band and Agape Choir plus Siedah Garrett performing her song, “Man in the Mirror”.

A Call to Conscious Evolution Our Moment of Choice

Royce Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles Program 7:30pm, Catered reception 9:30pm General seating $50 Preferred seating and reception $150

Learn more and buy tickets here:


AU G U S T 20 10

SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER 2 THURSDAY SAN DIEGO ANIMAL ADVOCATES PRESENT “The Social Life of Chickens” lecture and book signing with Karen Davis. $10 donation requested with Hors d’oeuvres and sweet treats. Thurs. Sept 2. At 6:30pm Health Services Complex, 3851 Rosecrans St. San Diego 92110. www. SEPTEMBER 4 saturDAY COMPREHENSIVE 6-WEEK COURSES ON REIKI AND ENERGY HEALING CA Board of Registered Nurses approves this course for 30 CE contact hours. CEP 15226, Starting Sept. 4th. www. 619.204.0504 SEPTEMBER 4-6 SATURDAY-MONDAY

38th Annual


Sheraton Universal, Hollywood

– Alternative Therapies – Nutritional Approach including Laetrile, Gerson, Hoxsey, Poly-MVA & Immunotherapy. Also Chelation, DMSO, Oxygen, Herbal, Cellular & Electro-Magnetic Therapies.

Lectures / Movies / Exhibits $40.00/day CEU’s for Nurses & Dentists $45.00/day Tijuana Clinic Tours – Sept. 8 & 18

CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY 2043 N. Berendo Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 663-7801 SEPTEMBER 7 TUESDAY WISDOM HEALING QIGONG Discover your Inner Medicine Wisdom Healing Qigong (Zhineng) is one of the most powerful systems of self healing from China. It has been clinically researched in the largest Qigong Healing Center in China for 25 years, achieving a 95% success rate on 200,000 patients and over 185 diseases. Master Gu will guide the group in an extraordinary life changing energetic healing experience, revealing powerful tools for improving health and opening to spiritual dimensions. Sept. 7, Tues 6:308:30pm, $20, Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, Encinitas

SEPTEMBER 9-12 THURSDAY-SUNDAY BHAKTI FEST – SPIRITUAL WOODSTOCK IN JOSHUA TREE – Gather for this amazing weekend that draws the best and the brightest from the Bhakti Movement. Practice Yoga all weekend, chant Kirtan, make new friends, relax under the bright blue skies of Joshua Tree during the day or bask under the blanket of stars that covers the night sky. Come join us at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. Performers include: Krishna Das, Deva Premal & Miten, Dave Stringer and many more. Yoga Instructors include Shiva Rea, Mark Whitwell, Saul David Raye, Seane Corne and many more. Constant Kirtan 85 hours, 26 Yoga Teachers, Private and Group Meditation, Vegetarian Cuisine. For more information or for tickets visit www. or email info@bhaktifest. com or call 866.992.4258.

SEPTEMBER 24-26 FRIDAY-SUNDAY RAW SPIRIT FESTIVAL! World’s Leading Healthy-Living, Raw Vegan-Music-EcoYoga-Peace-Educational Inspirational Celebration! Raw Demos & Tastings, Dance Kids Program, Job Fair, Peace Walks and more! Fantastic Food and Fabulous Friends! On the wild rocky shores of Watson Lake Park of the gorgeous Granite Dells near Prescott Arizona. Onsite camping and parking with motels nearby. $130 for 3 days! 929.308.2146 or visit

SEPTEMBER 11 SATURDAY WISDOM HEALING SPIRAL – ACCELERATE YOUR HEALING, transformation and awakening with the collective field Master Mingtong Gu will be leading this healing spiral to amplify healing for individuals and the planet as a whole. Move slowly and personally through a spiral made of creative healing energy, activated and manifested as human vibration -- movement, visualization, music, and prayers. This is a process of releasing dis-ease, limitation of the past, and re-creating the body, mind and spirit from the source within. Come join us, collectively with your friends, family, and healing community, to magnify the healing of yourself with the universal energy. Bring your intention and gifts to this collective activation of community transformation. Sept. 11, Sat. 7-9pm at UCSD $20 pre-registered online (with special 2 for 1), $15 at door (as space allows). For more information:

SEPTEMBER 25-26 SATURDAY-SUNDAY HOLISTIC ARTS FAIR 10am-7pm Free psychic, health, art fair. Communication and Tantra for Love classes, panels, speakers, etc. 1540 Hicks Ave. San Jose. Free Parking in lot/along streets. EXHIBITORS WANTED! 408.448.6726 eameece@sfo. com

SEPTEMBER 25 SATURDAY QIGONG TRANSFORMATIONAL BODY Relaxation with Fay McGrew, Saturday, Sept 25, 1-4 pm $45. The Center for Health and Wellbeing, 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103, , 619-814-5542

OCTOBER OCTOBER 2-3 SATURDAY-SUNDAY BODY MIND & SPIRIT Oct 2-3, DoubleTree Mission Valley BMSE brings to life a positive, healing environment. Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5, weekend admission $12, $2 off coupon online! or mollie@


Harmony Grove

SEPTEMBER 12 SUNDAY DAY OF MINDFULNESS with ESTHER KENNEDY 9:30-3:00pm $35 suggested donation

SEPTEMBER 18 SATURDAY THE ART OF LETTING GO - Transforming Grief and Loss with Yoga and Meditation with Michael Kolasa, MFT –Saturday Sept. 18 1-3:30 pm, $40 The Center for Health and Wellbeing, 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103, www.integrativemedicinesandiego. com 619.814.5542. WOMEN INSPIRING WOMEN – LEADERSHIP, CREATIVITY & THE ARTS Part One – September 18, Part Two – October 9 and Part Three – November 6th for more information.

Spiritualist Association


Incorporated and Serving ALL in California Since 1896

SaturdaysHealing 1:00pm Church 2:00pm Sundays Healing 10:00am Church 11:00am

Psychic Fair

1st Sat. of Month, 10:00am-4:00pm

Certification and Personal Growth Classes

• Mediumship • Healing • Ministerial • Ordinations

Private Readings Available Information about Speakers & Directions


Escondido, CA V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

SUNDAYS SPICA -–WAY OF LIGHT INSPIRATIONAL SERVICES 2nd Sunday of the month at 10am, 4th Sunday at 9am. Myztic Isle Bookstore, 8036 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA. 619.588.6483 for information. 10/10 GONG MEDITATION & ONENESS BLESSING Sundays at 7pm (Donation) Starting Aug 15 The Center for Health and Wellbeing, 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103 www.integrativemedicinesandiego. com, 619.814-5542 TRANCE-FORMATION CIRCLE – STRESSED OUT? Feeling overwhelmed & out of control? Losing sleep? Not getting what you want in life? Attend this circle to find out how to feel more relaxed and in control, sleep peacefully through the night, and increase your confidence & motivation so you can reach your goals. Led by Mazda Lakpour, this circle convenes on Sundays from 2–4pm at The Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356. $10 donation at the door. Register at 818-345-1100 or online at ONENESS MEDITATION & ENERGY ATTUNEMENT CIRCLE – Offers deep breathing meditation and alignment of your personal energy field. An interactive Oneness group where each shares their gifts and holds the space for each other’s healing and empowerment. Don’t know your gifts? Goddess Light and Ordained Metaphysician Tauheedah Shakoor-Curry creates safe space and delivers spirit messages to help clarify your calling. 11am–1:00pm at The Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana, CA 91356. Register at 818.345.1100 or online at www.theimaginecenter. com. $10 minimum love offering. DEVOTIONAL SINGING MANTRA MUSIC Every Sunday 7-9pm. FREE! Led by Cass Smith, Donna & Teeto Cheema, Jim & Lynn Chow & Friends. Singing and chanting the sweet names of God, with love and devotion is the easiest and most effective way to reach liberation. 2845 Cacatua St. La Costa, CA 92009. 760.431.7658 or 760.753.3353. CARLSBAD CRYSTAL BOWL SUNDAY YOGA 9am use the power of sound and awareness to center, ground, and remember the Self. 2564 State St Ste C. or call 760.890.4062. FIND THE CENTER OF DIVINITY WITHIN! Inspirational prayers, metaphysical teachings, music, social hour to follow. 10:30AM-11:30AM. Teaching of the Inner Christ 1100 N. Second St. Suite 1114 El Cajon, CA 92021. 619.447.7007 11/10 MONDAYS $8 BEGINNERS YOGA CLASSES Monday @ 6:00 p.m. Tuesday’s @ 5:30 p.m. 2333 Camino del Rio South #240 92108 619.917.0998 FREE PSYCHIC READINGS every FIRST Monday 7:30pm by students in Vessa’s INTUITIVE INSIGHTS Clairvoyant Program, 4455 Morena Blvd. #108, 858.509.7582 www.MyIntuition.Net 10/10


AU G U S T 20 10

TUESDAYS FIRST AID FOR THE SOUL, FORGIVENESS CIRCLE – Use guided visualization to release anger, blame, shame, guilt and fear; applying the selfhealing balm of forgiveness to promote transformation, empowerment and well-being. Led by Rosalba Fontanez, Certified Hypnotherapist and Theta Healing Practitioner. 7–9pm on Tuesdays at the Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana, CA 91356. Free parking in the rear. Call 818.345.1100 or register online at www.theimaginecenter. com. $20 per session. 08/10 ARISE AND SHINE YOGA with Michael Kolasa 7:15-8:30 am Tuesdays ($15) Starting Aug 10, The Center for Health and Wellbeing, 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103, www.integrativemedicinesandiego. com, 619.814.5542 08.10 WEDNESDAYS MIRACLE CIRCLE MEDITATION: Connect with your inner divinity through deep meditation, inspirational prayers, and group discussion. 7PM-8PM. Teaching of the Inner Christ 1100 N. Second St. Suite 1114 El Cajon, CA 92021. 619.447.7007 11.10 KUNDALINI YOGA WITH MICHAEL KOLASA 9-10:15 Wed and Fridays ($15) Starting Aug 4 The Center for Health and Wellbeing, 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103 www.integrativemedicinesandiego. com, 619-814-5542 THURSDAYS FREE DETOXIFICATION AND WEIGHT LOSS CLASS 1st Thursday of every month. 6:30 PM. Easy and successful program. Register @ Body Basics Health Center, San Diego. 619.296.7390 09/10 FRIDAYS SPIRITUAL CINEMA FRIDAYS 7:30 pm (Donation) Starting Aug 20 The Center for Health and Wellbeing. 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA92103 619.814.5542 HAPPINESS CLASSES - Based on the life-healing teachings of VERNON HOWARD, Fridays - 8pm; Sundays - 10am. New Life Foundation, 5779 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CA. 714.899.9300 Conquer stress, handle difficult people with ease, banish problems. Donation basis. 09/10 SATURDAYS WEEKLY PSYCHIC SKILLS ATTUNEMENT CIRCLE – Strengthen your intuitive abilities and your connection with Spirit. Learn to safely send and receive loving messages from spirit guides, angels and deceased loved ones; messages from the highest and best good of each participant. 1–3:00pm at the Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356. $15 minimum donation. Register at 818.345.1100 or online at

v i s i o n a r y


“I love bright colors, so when it comes to art, I squint. To me, color and light are the essence of life and art itself. My work is all about color, perception, and the moment. First impressions are essential to me in the creation process, and I often describe a painting as having wonderful moments —it’s all about the moment.” Charles Good studied drawing and painting in the early 70’s at Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, during which he exhibited his figurative work and painted with many influential artists. Following the communal lifestyle of the time, Charles wandered to Tennessee, where he joined painters, including Alan and Brian Hart, and developed his Neo-Folk Art style of painting. Later, under the geographical influence of Taos, New Mexico and the Southwest’s unique lighting, Charles experimented with various techniques, painting primarily landscapes. Inspired by the likes of Nuevo-Impressionist painters such as Rod Goebel, Charles has been living in San Diego since 1985, painting works that reflect his spiritual journeys and introspective life.

Charles has many diverse works displayed in his collection, while this issue of Vision Magazine, we focused on works that defined our theme “Nourishment”, his entire collection spans a wide range of subjects, ideas and moods. Please be sure to take a look online or in person. Charles’ can be contacted through The Art Union, 2323 Braodway (at the corner of 23rd), San Diego, California or visit myspace. com/81529517. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


AU G U S T 20 10

a r t i s t

Evolutionary Leaders in Service to

Conscious Evolution


n 2008 renowned Evolutionary Leaders met at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California, to explore their extraordinary potential as a collective. Out of that first meeting came discussions that led to the drafting of: The Call to Conscious Evolution–Our Moment of Choice. This Call was jointly issued by thirty-eight visionary leaders and change agents whose names you will find listed below. They share a global, long-range perspective and a deep faith in our combined creative capacities to shape our own destiny. The future, in their view, is not what “happens to us” but rather what we can NOW imagine–actually see, taste, and feel–as possible and then go forward to create through our actions. This group of individuals met to address the global prospects for evolutionary leadership. Their legitimacy however comes from a universal mandate that empowers us all: If not us, who? If not now, when? These Evolutionary Leaders know that the way we create meaning and purpose in our lives is through the narratives we tell about ourselves, where we’ve come from, what we aim for and why–and if we don’t like the way it’s reading now, we can change our story. This is a radical view of human freedom at a time that many fear our fate has already been sealed. “People are joining us in this cause–over 40,000 have signed the petition,” says Dale Colton, who’s currently in public relations and promotion in the consciousness movement. “We’re inviting everyone to join us and become evolutionary leaders. Our tag line is “in service to conscious evolution.” We believe that everyone has the potential to be a leader in their community, in their schools, workplace, or wherever they can gather people to make a conscious effort to shift the planet. We’re calling people to get involved and become evolutionary in their thinking and their involvement with the community.” The Call underscores current issues affecting the globe. Our economy is in crisis, wars are continuing to add to their deadly toll, and the balance of world power is shifting dramatically. Meanwhile, trust in government is at a historic low. Are we entering an era of chaos and decline, or are we poised to jump to a higher order? Today’s mounting world problems are merely symptoms of a fractured, dualistic way of thinking (us vs. them, human vs. nature, win/lose) that is dangerously out of touch with the acute interdependence, wholeness, and unity in diversity of all that lives. Looking outward but not inward, reacting to external symptoms but not the root cause, we can’t see why our world is out of balance. No wonder! As Einstein famously said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. In his book Global Mind Change: The Promise of the 21st Century, the late visionary Willis Harman wrote “Throughout history, the really fundamental changes in societies have come about not from dictates of governments and the results of battles but through vast numbers of people changing their minds. By deliberately changing the internal image of reality, people can change the world.” “There’s still this unending human spirit of positivity and willingness to continue, to move past all the hardships,” continues Colton. Evolutionary Leaders believe there is hope and that they can shift the planets consciousness, and they’re working very productively to make those changes, to be conscious and respectful of others and the planet. Once the consciousness has shifted so will everything we’re experiencing.” Only such a shift in our shared field of consciousness, a collective waking up to our real human potential, will put us on the path to a life-enhancing future. But how can such a shift occur? Will it happen only after a fatal tipping point has

been reached, with nothing to break our fall, or can we now intentionally choose to wake up to our shared responsibility for our future? Even a single butterfly moving its wings can, according to Chaos Theory, cause a ripple effect large enough to change global weather patterns forever. Consciousness, similarly, is a unified field that can shift dramatically when the spontaneous emergence of new possibility captures increasing attention. Witness the sudden, over-night collapse of the Soviet system of Communism when the real possibility of freedom took hold in people’s minds. “It’s all a matter of treating the world we’re living in as part of a family. If we can change our own consciousness, starting with small acts of kindness and concern, it will collectively be an enormous change.” says Colton. The butterfly, for which the global ripple effect is named, is a potent symbol of transformation. While mere change can mean becoming an ever bigger caterpillar, transformation is fundamentally different. The caterpillar inside its cocoon dissolves into a liquid carrying imaginal cells that construct an entirely new kind of creature with great beauty and the power of flight. The human imagination has a similar power—to perceive entirely new possibilities in our present conditions and to bring those possibilities into being. That is why Einstein reasoned, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” “To become evolutionary in ones thinking you have to believe more is possible,” adds Diane Williams, Founder and President of The Source of Synergy Foundation and a member of the Evolutionary Leader’s initiative. “It’s about moving forward and not only activating one’s highest potential, but taking a step beyond that to a zone where true evolution takes place.” Join the Evolution! Signing the Call signifies that you are ready to begin encircling our world, as its old forms are dissolving, with a fresh imagining of what is possible, to share this sense of possibility with as many others as you can, and to work with them to consciously create with guided action a peaceful, just, harmonious and vibrantly beautiful world that reflects in every way the true nobility of our common humanity. The time has come. Vision Magazine readers are encouraged to sign the Call and become evolutionary leaders, first on a personal level of commitment and then as part of a community effort to elevate consciousness collectively world-wide. On August 31st A Call to Conscious Evolution will be presented at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus. Join Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Joan Borysenko, Bruce Lipton, Debbie Ford, Jack Canfield, Lynne Twist, Lynne Mc Taggart, Duane Elgin, James O’Dea, Andrew Cohen and over forty other Evolutionary Leaders to co-create a new narrative of conscious evolution by: Building a global community and creating a culture of peace Restoring ecological balance to nourish all life and mitigate the effects of climate change Engaging in social and political transformation by calling for a more conscious democracy Promoting health and healing by acknowledging the profound mind-bodyspirit connection Supporting research and education that optimizes human capacities Encouraging integrity in business and conscious media This is Our Moment of Choice. Call 310.825.2101 which is the UCLA Ticketmaster office Mon-Fri. 10am4pm. Or 800.745.3000 or visit or visit this link www.

Evolutionary Leaders In Service to Conscious Evolution

A Call to Conscious Evolution Our Moment of Choice

Thursday, August 31, 2010 Royce Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA Program 7:30 PM • Catered Reception 9:30 PM General Seating $50 Preferred Seating and Reception $150 Internet Global Live Streaming Available Join Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Joan Borysenko, Bruce Lipton, Debbie Ford, Jack Canfield, Lynne Twist, Lynne Mc Taggart, Duane Elgin, James O’Dea, Andrew Cohen and over forty other Evolutionary Leaders from around the globe in support of a future that is not what happens to us but rather what we create. Together we can co-create a new narrative of conscious evolution by: • Building a global community and creating a culture of peace • Restoring ecological balance to nourish all life and mitigate the effects of climate change • Engaging in social and political transformation by calling for a more conscious democracy • Promoting health and healing by acknowledging the profound mind-body-spirit connection • Supporting research and education that optimizes human capacities • Encouraging integrity in business and conscious media This is Our Moment of Choice.

Special Performances The Agape Band will open the evening with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith who will be joined by the vibrant

Rickie Byars Beckwith The Agape Band and Agape Chorus will accompany outstanding composer and singer

Siedah Garrett Performing Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror ( co-writer )

Join The Evolution Evolutionary Leaders Don Beck • Michael Bernard Beckwith • Joan Borysenko • Gregg Braden Patrick Brauckmann • Rinaldo Brutoco • Jack Canfield • Scott Carlin Deepak Chopra • Mallika Chopra • Andrew Cohen • Dale Colton Wendy Craig-Purcell • Stephen Dinan • Gordon Dveirin • Duane Elgin Leslie Elkus • Barbara Fields • Arielle Ford • Debbie Ford Ashok Gangadean • Kathleen Gardarian • Tom Gegax • Mark Gerzon Charles Gibbs • Craig Hamilton • Andrew Harvey • Kathy Hearn Brian Hilliard • Jean Houston • Barbara Marx Hubbard • Van Jones Ervin Laszlo • Bruce Lipton • Howard Martin • Judy Martin • Fred Matser Rod McGrew • Steve McIntosh • Lynne McTaggart • Nipun Mehta Nina Meyerhof • Deborah Moldow • James O’Dea • Carter Phipps Carolyn Rangel • Ocean Robbins • Rustum Roy • Peter Russell Elisabet Sahtouris • Yuka Saionji • Gerard Senehi • Christian Sorensen Emily Squires • Katherine Woodward Thomas • Lynne Twist Diane Williams • Marianne Williamson • Tom Zender

Tickets: UCLA Central Ticket Office: (310) 825-2101 - Open Monday-Friday, 10am to 4pm Ticketmaster: (800) 745-3000

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To Order: Amazing Health Benefits from Red Wine Compounds

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Activating Longevity Genes Vindure 900 contains the compound found in red wine called Resveratrol. Animal studies have determined that Resveratrol and other red wine compounds activate the longevity genes. Each Vindure tablet contains the ResveResve ratrol equivalent of over 100 bottles of red wine!

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Amazing Value - Absolutely Risk-Free Vindure is a terrific value, too. No other food or supplement provides longevity gene activation along with an antioxidant powerhouse for only about a dollar a day.. And every bottle of Vindure comes with our no-hassle money-back guarguar antee. Return any bottle of Vindure within 60 days for a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied. Yes, even empty bottles!

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