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1. Welcome to York! So you’re playing Salvation later tonight – how many times have you played York now? I’ve played Salvation about a dozen times before, doing UV nights every month or so. Others as well – Gallery, Revolution... I’ve got around! 2. So would you ever consider playing the legendary Willow? I’ve heard of that place! I’ve heard it’s somewhere you end up at the end of the night. Sure, why not?!

4. How did you get into club percussion? It’s quite unusual... Obviously I started off just playing drums, but then started working doing promo work and helping at club nights. Then I started to think about integrating my own musical interests, and started playing free gigs and having chance meetings with people in the club and dance industry. 5. How important are the visuals in your shows? They make a big part of the experience and we’re always looking to make bigger and more exciting shows.

3. How long have you been playing drums for? Since I was about 6. I’ve had about 19 years training.

Maddy Pelling and Louisa Hann talk to Britain's Got Talent Semi-Finalist and York nightlife regular 'Fish on Percussion' about clubbing in our humble city, Rocket Toms and snogging David Walliams...

6. So you’ve managed to rack up 3000 likes on Facebook, and you appeared in Britain’s Got Talent – have you ever been recognised in public? Well there was this one time in H&M... but not really. I only really get recognised in clubs. People see me with the bongos and they know it’s me. 7. Which cities do find have the best club scene? York of course! Seriously.... London is a whole new world, while with York you get to know people and recognise faces. You know these people are having a good time. 8. Were you the first person to think of LED bongos? Yes... but people have copied them since! 9. Britain’s Got Talent judge, David Walliams, said he loved your hair. If you could swap hair with any of the judges who would it be? Oh God... it’s not going to be Simon is it?! I’d have to say David. We have quite similar hair! 10. Can you tell the difference between Ant and Dec? No! They’re lovely guys, though. They make you feel like you’re really at home and they’re just like your mates, really. 11. We all know what the live shows are like from the comfort of our sofas – what’s the atmosphere like when you’re actually there? It’s a lot smaller in real life. With the audience there it just feels like you’re playing a gig, despite the camera there playing out to thousands of other people.

Scene Editors: Jordan Lloyd & Maddy Pelling

Deputy Music: Louisa Hann & Martin Waugh Books Editors: Philip Watson & Joanna Barrow

14. If you could collaborate with anyone musically, who would it be? Without a doubt David Guetta. I know I’ve made it if I work with greats like him. 15. What’s been your weirdest experience with clubbers? Stalkers. I had a girl at my last show whose camera literally followed me wherever I moved, and she was right at the front of the stage. 16. Snog, Marry, Avoid: David, Simon and Amanda? Hmmm... Snog David, marry Simon and I’d have to avoid Amanda! 17. What’s the best act you’ve seen recently? Swedish House Mafia in Ibiza. That was amazing. 18. How much say do you have over your set and the effects employed? I often make suggestions such as what dancers I want amongst other things, but I don’t have control. The set people know what they want and will go ahead with it. They copied David Guetta's idea of the post box, which was annoying.

17. What’s the best act you’ve seen recently? Swedish House Mafia in Ibiza. That was amazing.

19. "Who is your favourite ever drummer?" I'm a fan of Thomas Lang, love how he's both technically good and visually impressive to watch...check out a video of him on YouTube and you'll see what I mean!

12. Here’s a difficult one: what’s your favourite percussion instrument? Hmm... bongos are far too obvious. I’d have to say my rocket toms. Just for the name!

20. So what’s next for Fish on Percussion? Travelling, gigging, going up and down the country to get my name out there and get my stuff well known. I hope to be playing bigger and better gigs soon.


Music Editors: Niamh Connolly & Nina Pullman

13. Would you ever consider playing a show without sunglasses on? Definitely not! They’re part of my act. I can hide behind sunglasses and have a habit of pulling weird faces when I’m on stage, so I can cover this up and really get in the zone.

Deputy Books: James Carr

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Scene Issue 226  

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