Finnanimation Catalogue Q2 2022

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Q2 2022

Finnanimation catalogue Co-produce with us, the network of Finnish animation producers

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Flower Show Type: Short films for adults Release: Development completed, looking for funding Production: Böhle Studios, Finland Contact: Kimmo Sillanmikko Jani Lehto

Courteous formality, allusive sexuality and mysterious nature entwine at the annual flower show. During the celebration, wild flowers are stomped to the ground. In the woods nature and fragile leg hairs continue to grow. The symbolic film portrays a story of three females in different phases of life, confronted with different expections. It addresses how we have cultivated women like flowers for generations, and it may take many more growing seasons to breed new ways into this system. Page 3

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Troll Karl and Lillan Type: TV series/cross media concept, 52 x 11 mins Release: in development, pitched in Cartoon Forum 2021 Co-production btw Finland, Germany and Norway Contact: Eliza Jäppinen, the creative director

Two foster trolls have bounced from home to home til their potent unruly magical gifts coupled with their endless appetite for play and adventure get them uninvited. That is until the Fairy Queen Giselda falls in love with them and becomes their new foster mom!

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Fleak Type: Animated feature, 84 min Release: estimated premiere in 2023 Production: Anima Vitae, coproducing with Anima Point (Malaysia), Animoon (Poland), Godo Films (France), Parka Pictures (Denmark). Contact: Antti Haikala, producer and creator,

Lauri, a 12-year-old boy, can’t walk after an accident. Luckily, a gentle, hairy creature from another dimension leads him on a fantastic adventure into a parallel world, where, by separating from his shadow, he regains the use of his legs. Winner of the Co-production Development Prize at Cartoon Movie 2020 targets the whole family with the 5 MEUR budget. Page 7

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Mini Techs

Type: series, 52 x 11-min, CGI comedy-adventure Release: in development, pitched in Cartoon Forum 2019 Production: Ferly, Yellow Animation (Canada), Zephyr Animation and APC Kids (France), trailer in collaboration with Anima Vitae, Toy Plus as the master toy partner (Hong Kong) Contact: Joonas Rissanen, producer

Tiny technicians do their best to repair things in the house while trying to stay hidden. A group of new recruits and their fearless leader use teamwork and problem-solving to fix everything from clogged drains to broken household appliances. Page 9

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The Landing Type: Short Release: 2021 / available Production: Kaiho Republic Contact: Patrik Sigmundt, Producer, +358 50 380 6320

A girl is spending the day in a zoo with her mom and bunch of other tourists. Suddenly an unknown ship floats in the dock of the zoo and two strange looking creatures step out. The tourists are insecure about where the newcomers belong. Are they friends or enemies? Luckily the guard of the zoo knows what to do.

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Momolu and Friends Type: Preschool series, 78x7minutes Release: in production Co-production with Ferly, Yellow Animation (Canada) and Digital Graphics Animation (Belgium), broadcasters TVO, SRC, Knowledge, ITV, YLE, the design brand created by Leena Fredriksson Contact: Joonas Rissanen, producer

The series follows Momolu – a gentle, unassuming panda with a knack for stumbling into funny situations requiring his help. Each episode helps teach children how to problem-solve, manage challenges, and to work together to find solutions.

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Hansperi The Hamster Type: a stop motion puppet animation series, no dialogues, comedy, 26 x 5mins Release: in development, looking for international partners Production: Pystymetsä Oy, in collaboration with YLE Children Contact: Outi Rousu, producer +358 (0)40 5412922

The siblings Jasmin (10), Iris (8) and their brother Leo (5) are very excited when their long-awaited pet arrives home. The hamster called Hansperi is cute but uncontrollable gremlin at the same time in the story that presents an animal’s right to simply be an animal without having to comply to a human’s every whim. Page 15

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Goodnight, Mr. Clutterbuck Type: Series 52 x 7mins Release: in pre-production Production: Monkey Business Pictures (FIN), and Aurora Studios (FIN) BFX CGI Animation Studios (IN) Contact: Petteri Pasanen, showrunner/producer

Mr. Clutterbuck is blissfully unaware of his reputation as the busiest sleepwalker in town. He is a timid gentleman by day and a fearless, sleepwalking adventurer by night. The scripts are based on the media franchise character Mr.Clutterbuck by author Mauri Kunnas, the most successful children’s author in Finland, and 10 million books sold globally. Page 17

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Wrestlers Type: Short films for adults Release: 2023 Production: Böhle Studios, Finland Contact: Kimmo Sillanmikko Jani Lehto

Two wrestlers confront each other in the most passionate struggle of their lives.

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