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TWICE AS NICE VIS À VIS SETS A NEW BENCHMARK IN MUMBAI In Delhi, the Experience Centre created new benchmarks in Lighting, Outdoor Living and Lifestyle industry. 90,000 sq ft of design solutions from the world over enhanced perceptions. Now, a 7000 sq ft villa in Mumbai showcases elements of high living and diverse solutions. Mumbai will experience a new language of lighting, perceive importance of outdoor living and preview an exclusive collection by Vibhor Sogani. The Experience Centre is a preview of yet another architectural dimension for work, mind, living and interactive spaces like retail, public, museums and hospitality.

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UN-LIT TO EN-LIT Manav Bhargava: mandala forum for design The Delhi Monuments Project is an attempt in the direction of highlighting the vast heritage of its more than 1000 years old history, scattered all over the city. It is an endeavor to create a dialogue between the city and its citizens by creating occasions of everyday association. The Design An integrated lighting approach was adopted for about 15 rather small monuments, situated in different public locations. The aim has been to connect the heritage with the

collective memory and identity of the city by highlighting it in the city dweller’s routine. The revelation of the structures, through the use of planned artificial lighting, has taken into account human scale and perception, scaling the experience that corresponds with the visitors at night. Although a cohesive overall approach, lighting for each individual monument was specific to its location within the city and its context with the surroundings. Lighting There is concentration on the use of a monochromatic light ‘color palette’ ranging within the family of whites and ambers. The combinations of various warm and cool tones of these create depth and a visual appeal. Subtle differences in intensities and lighting effects, combined with color temperatures, creates a visual hierarchy, yet concentrating on a unified composition. A customized anti theft installation system was also created. Lighting Tools by vis à vis: Tesis and Beamer – ERCO, Germany Moyra and Orion – Aldabra, Italy Naster – Castaldi, Italy About Manav Bhargava With a background in architecture, he has been involved with lighting projects ranging from art galleries, museums, heritage sites, hospitality, urban spaces including development of lighting master plans. He believes light is not about what one sees, but how light interacts with the observer - both at a conscious and subconscious level.

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MAGNIFYING MINIATURES Abhishek Ray: Matrika Design Collaborative

There are two kinds of light – the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures. ~ James Thurber Miniature Paintings have their origins in palm leaf manuscripts of medieval India, patronized later by the Indian Royals as representations of stylistic expressions. Miniature paintings involve highly intricate workmanship and artistic talent owing to the depiction of detailed features within limited area of palm leaves and papyrus screens. The Design The Miniature Painting Gallery at the CSMVS was one of the first concerted efforts in developing an avant garde exhibition space centered around the miniature paintings. This meant that the design needed to develop a balance between being an informative visual museum experience and a paradigm of preventive conservation involving lighting and environment control. The design included the introduction of modern techniques of interactive displays along with audio visual aids. Lighting While specialized climate-controlled painting exhibition cases were designed bearing ergonomic standards, special care was taken to design appropriate lighting methodology for the entire gallery. Indian miniatures have delicate surfaces with colors which are highly sensitive to light and ambient environment conditions. The lighting strategy employed was a three pronged approach.

– To keep low luminous emittance – Impart high levels of color rendering – Negate any ultra-violet radiation in the realm of illumination. This could fundamentally be achieved only through the use of advanced LED (Light Emitting Diode) based fixtures. Matrix Max, a specialized product from ALDABRA ITALY, proved to stand its ground through rigorous on-site testing and evaluation as the most preferred source for the miniatures. The luminaire could impart light with high color rendering index and temperature negating any degrading effect of resident ultra violet radiation often found in other types of light sources. The strategically placed adjustable light receptacles were custom built to fit the light batons. The gallery marks a paradigm shift in the way Indian museums will be developed in future, in a country which is bridled in its rich cultural heritage in the modern world. About Abhishek Ray Abhishek Ray is the principal architect, at Matrika Design Collaborative, that as a young design studio offers comprehensive and multi-disciplinary design solutions. He has the Ashoka Lemelson Fellowship bestowed upon him for his work as a social entrepreneur in developing design solutions for people with disabilities.

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Residential Lighting


Ambient – Light Quality Accent – Light Quantity Scenic – Moods and Emotions

Bright rooms raise association with the day, giving objects spatial presence. Darkness is linked to night and silence.

Wall washing – vertical Illumination for enhanced perceptions.

If light and dark are arranged too closely together, the impressions alternate between the two opposites.

Downlighting – for basic requirement of ambient light. Directional Spots – accentuation, hierarchies of perception, orientation. Decoratives – to add warmth & impact.

The key is to strike the right balance between luminance, accentuation and flexibility and switch moods with a dash of emotions through decorative lighting.







DIFFUSE & DIRECT – EMOTION Diffused & Directed By selecting the ratio of diffused to directed light, lighting designers can control the degree to which shadows give shape to forms and textures. Diffused Light Renders a soft atmosphere creating little shadows and few shaping effects.


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Directed Creates a high-contrast interplay of light and dark with crisp shadows. The objects get an enhanced 3D appearance.

Heavy shadow on wall and floor creates a greater link between the objects in the room and their surroundings; accentuates contours, creates silhouettes. Diffuse & Direct Light A combination of diffused and directed light creates a composition of both hard-edged and soft shadows, striking the right balance. Concept by ERCO, Germany

11/22/10 6:11:37 PM


INTERACTIVE SPACES RESTAURANTS Ambient luminescence Focal glow Play of brilliants

Gastronomic concepts are largely based on creating moods and atmospheres. Even a simple restaurant visit follows a fixed sequence from reception through to ordering, to the courses and onto payment. Hence, managing the interaction of light in time, space and atmosphere plays a crucial role in enriching a guest’s experience. Well directed, precise light beams, good color rendition, appropriate light color and a high level of brilliance is what models the meal and setting well. In order to keep the focus on party/dinner, it is vital to provide optimal visual comfort though cut off angles and dark light reflectors bearing luminaire. KAINOOSH By Anusuiya and Marut Sikka Architect/Designer: Ambrish Arora, Ankur Choksi, Lotus Inc. Location: DLF Promenade, New Delhi Products: Beat, Tom Dixon

RETAIL ORRA FLAGSHIP STORE South Extension, New Delhi, 3000 sq ft Architects: Shimul Jhaveri Kadri, Ushma Mehta - SJK Architects, Mumbai Mystery of the diamond – Orra at South Ext. has attempted to capture the sparkling & flawless diamond emerging out of the blackness of coal. The Subject: With the opportunity to use vertical façade of the building amidst a cacophony of images and brands, the designers chose to commence 'mystery' at the façade level. The Design: The 'silent' black glass façade with a twinkle of lights shining through, is actually a glimpse of the story, with an all black environment highlighting diamond jewellery. Drama of the 12' high mirrors and swirling trees, is a setting created to enjoy luxury of fine jewellery in an aura of romance and mystery.The suspended staircase, already part of Orra’s brand identity is at its best here in the 3 level space, lit selectively to continue the enigma.

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Lighting diamonds, reflective mirrors and black surfaces were a challenge. The wall display was particularly tricky considering the reflectivity of the glass shutters. LEDs used from XAL, Austria have been an effective solution. Space, branding, graphics and materials have all been closely orchestrated to generate the rich, silence in which diamonds glow. Other Lighting solutions for retail from vis à vis include: – Wallwashing for vertical illumination – Spotlighting for accentuation and creating hierarchies


11/22/10 6:11:45 PM




SUN TV NETWORK OFFICE Chic new age work space 7 lac sq fT 11 storeys Project Team: Mr. D. Bhat, Mr.Joshi, Mr. Ashish Sachdev, Ms. Meenakshi Architectural Firm: RSP, Bengaluru


10 receptions, 10 different languages, yet a design in harmony with the right balance of ambient, accent and emotional lighting. Country’s first installation of ERCO’s Optoelectronic technology. Application of collimating lens and dark light reflectors. Downlights, wallwashers, directionals, double washlight, washlights, used in Edit Suits, Executive Cabins, Studios. Highly efficient LED microprismatic downlights providing general illumination in open areas with a touch of emotions through COMBO Mirage, VELA Mirage etc from XAL, Austria.



Task and Gear in executive cabins add yet another dimension to rich and chic interiors, providing a highly efficient and comforting glare free environment. Get-togethers turn dynamic with use of FLOS Decoratives and XAL’s Tubo- a decorative functional light.





LIGHT IN THE OUTDOORS Artificial lighting has been instrumental in the process of man’s colonisation of time, specifically in public places, by complimenting the rhythm of urban life through day and night. Transitional spaces are gaining significance, balancing the contrast between interior and exterior. Architecture reinterprets itself with powerful dynamic play of light, scenography. Dense urban spaces of the cities and surroundings of private buildings, have a growing requirement for precision lighting, energy efficiency and visual comfort. This necessitates a new generation of lighting equipment – highly precise design tools for light in the outdoor area.

Photo: Hendrik Schwartz, ERCO

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11/22/10 6:11:50 PM



ALDABRA 1. ARIA Floodlight family for indoors Innovative heat management guarantees a continuous flow of air for optimal heat dissipation Hybrid optical systems Available in 17W, 42W and 64W Beam angles 16°, 25° and 45° Optionally Dimmable 2. HIDRA Floodlight family for outdoors Power LED technology-high efficiency Ground pickets and post tops Available in 8W, 17W and 34W Beam angles 16°, 25° and 45° 3000°K, 4000°K, 5500 °K RGB ‘Serigraph’ protection glass 3. SLIM Lighting of showcases and under shelf applications Triangular design integrates discreetly Transparent polycarbonate screen Linear optical group for narrow beam Standard version of 20W per meter ‘Plus’ version with 40W per meter Optional dimming DMX Interface






ERCO Light mixer

Diffuser Spherolit wallwasher segment

LED Modules

Darklight reflector

LED Optical System

Collimating Lens


Total internal reflection


Heat Management

Control Gear

System Design & Controls



Optical principle


Quintessence range of recessed luminaires features over 350 LED products.

The light is guided by three elements in an ERCO LED spotlight:

Especially in LEDs, where high visual comfort is required, ERCO uses optical systems based on the principle of reflection.

The primary lens which is directly mounted on the LED chip and produces a semi-spherical beam. The secondary lens in the form of a collimating lens to create a parallel beam and the tertiary lens in the form of a Spherolit lens. The design of the tertiary lens determines the actual light distribution for the specific application.

This is the case in the Quintessence range of recessed luminaires with Darklight reflectors.

The rise of the LED has caused lighting technology to develop further towards optoelectronics, a seamless connection of optical and electronic components. Factors facilitating innovative LED technology (above diagram).

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Here, to provide optimum glare control, the illuminated plane of the diffuser is set back from the plane of the mounting surface. This allows the exact cut-off angle to be defined. Darklight reflectors with Spherolit segments produce various light distributions.

11/22/10 6:12:01 PM


7 XAL MIRAGE CIRCLES & CURVES XAL luminaires are available in integrated, surface mounted and suspended variants. They are highly efficient, using energy saving LED technology with a completely innovative ‘microprism’ cover that enables effective lighting effects. The microprisms integrated into the material of the luminaire cover, produce various light- scattering effects for the LED tracks hidden beneath them, in order to generate extraordinary lighting which appears in various forms, from curved lines to circles, depending on the viewing angle. Mirage design is simple and elegant and so is the installation. Recessed and surface mounted variants are available in round, square, rectangle and triangular forms in various diameters and sizes.

FLOS 4. SKY GARDEN RECESSED Designed by Marcel Wanders. Inspired by the carved ceiling of his childhood home, Marcel Wanders created this beautiful light, carved in POP, glowing from within, that sits seamlessly into the ceiling, creating ‘a garden in the skies’. 5. KELVIN T LED Designed by Antonio Citterio. It uses 30 LEDs and an ad hoc diffuser with a special chemical photoengraving technique providing a warm, soft and comfortable light, while avoiding strong visual contrasts and dazzles.


Swivel head - 355 ° rotation Pantograph arm - 360° rotation FLOStouch™ technology Power consumption of 8W Color Rendering Index 95 30 TOP LED 2700 K; 270 Lumens


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“Give me the luxuries of life and I will w



BENT, XAL LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU NOT BRAND VAN EGMOND An explosion of laughter, a shower of tears – the thin line between love gained and love lost. It fits into the new collection with its Brand van Egmond’s trademark: a waterfall of emotions. BENT, XAL




SKY GARDEN (Suspension) By Marcel Wanders for FLOS

Rorrim is created with an elegantly curved shaped-glass mirror with depositional silver coating. It reflects the surroundings while allowing artifical light to radiate from within.

Winner of the Elle Décor Design Award.

HOOO!!! and HAAA!!! A duo of table and floor lamps.


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An extraordinary structure of edgy, asymmetrical facets form the one piece, glass body of the BENT and lends it an avant-garde appearance, reminiscent of the surface of a crystal.

SUPERARCHIMOON OUTDOOR By Philippe Starck for FLOS ZEPPELIN By Marcel Wanders for FLOS

Flos & Baccarat present Philippe Starck’s new lamps with text by Jenny Holzer, handcrafted by Baccarat. Limited editions of 49.

11/22/10 6:12:13 PM



ll willingly do without the necessities” Frank Lloyd Wright

PURE, TRIBÙ Pure Sofa teak, TRIBÙ, BELGIUM With the Pure Sofa collection, designer Andrei Munteanu reduces design to the essence, devoid of all excess: pure simplicity and elegance. This modular sofa consists of three elements: a right arm, left arm and corner element that combine easily into a corner sofa, long couch, bed, etc. Designer: Andrei Munteanu Material: Plantation teak




Intrecci Sofa, EMU, ITALY

The dense and regular weave, derived from traditional crafts, and the essential but inviting shape combine to create the informal and familiar nature that is the leit motif of this collection for exterior environments.

Intrecci, a complete set of outdoor furniture designed for EMU, is an original reinterpretation of classic interwoven metal, which has always been the highest expression of EMU’s technological expertise.

Designer: Francesco Rota Material: Stainless with Sassafras wood The Back and Armrest are woven in Aquatech or Rope.

Designed by Carlo Colombo, the project offers a complete collection, a system that can meet every need for combinability and modularity, projected towards both the retail and contract markets.



The Elitre double lounger amalgamates with outdoor environments and provides a natural scenic effect. Elitre combines comfort with the hidden aesthetics of a dream. A sophisticated slender leaf, charming in the transparency of its streaks, crosses the seat and protects from sunrays.

Designer: Jose A. Gandia Material: Anodized Aluminium profiles and canvas of plastic fabric Polyurethane foam rubber covered with plastic. Removable Plastic cover.

“The design is fun and exciting, able to capture attention; something which is simultaneously simple and complicated, made of particular and incisive details” says the designer. Designer: Carlo Colombo Material: Frame Material – Aluminium

Designer: Chiaramonte / Marin Material: Aluminum with Emu wicker


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“Gardens must be the homes of delight, of gaiety, of fantasy, of illusion, of imagination, of adventure.”

You can be assured of the comfort of fashionable and stylish sunbeds and lounging chairs at your pool side.

Garrett Eckbo, landscape architect

Spiritual and meditative areas demand a more subtle and sober approach. A well-crafted cabana or pergola, with low poufs and easy chairs that sit on outdoor carpets create a pensive atmosphere.

A simple quote by one of the greatest landscape architects summarizes the philosophy of vis à vis living. Until now, we have considered the spaces within our walls - our home, we talk of a cluster of rooms being our dwelling; but what we forget is the space outside, around those walls, beyond those rooms. Why does the ‘great outdoors’ have to mean wilderness, what about the outdoor spaces that fall within our reach? It is time to make these ‘outdoors’ great! "Gardens are places in which people live out of doors." Garrett Eckbo, landscape architect.


When you have the space, why ignore it? When you have the opportunity, why let it slip? Areas beyond our built forms have the potential to extend, enhance and exaggerate the liveliness and beauty of our interior spaces. By using appropriate means, we can create, delineate or dissolve outdoor areas to suit our needs. Landscaping is the obvious way, but using accessories such as furniture, screens and even lighting effects, broadens the architecture of our homes to the outside. We are accustomed to living in spaces divided for specific use, and in the exterior realm we feel intimidated with a large, boundless expanse. Outdoor living spaces can also be divided into sections and each can be rendered in a unique and specific manner. Bright outdoor lighting can highlight the best segment of your arena, while a relaxed combination of garden lights and lamps can change the entire image. Similarly, the use of color influences the moods created in your exterior spaces, just as it does within the house. We thus create spaces – for recreation, relaxation, entertaining, or we dissolve boundaries between spaces – inside and outside.

The feasting section demands versatility in furnishing for varying occasions. Extendable tables and stackable or foldable chairs are ideal in this case. They allow us to move beyond the conventional furniture, to newer styles. Bright colors, playful poufs and stylish benches, trendy fittings, flamboyant lighting, and contemporary accessories are a perfect escape from the monotony of the restricted indoors.


Similarly, more intimate and personal spaces can also be designed - roll back the blinds on your day-bed and lay lazy under a starry night. Worldrenowned brands extend luxurious furniture ranges, exquisite designs, and celebrated quality to refurbish our outdoor lifestyle. It is finally time to embrace the space around us and experiment with the myriad of options which go beyond the conventional. Light-weight, weather-resistant, low maintenance furniture, cushions, fabrics and lighting give us the opportunity to use our gardens to create living spaces. So stop… imagine…step out now, and put that gorgeous space to use! “A garden must combine the poetic and the mysterious with a feeling of serenity and joy” Luis Barragan, architect


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HOSPITALITY PROJECTS Our upcoming Hospitality Projects: Grand Hyatt - Goa Products: Play Poufs, Cubo Poufs, Ray Rug & Float Poufs from Paola Lenti, Italy Unitech Grande - Greater Noida Products: Frame Modular Sofa, Island Poufs, Float Easy Chair, Float Poufs & Sevan Rugs from Paola Lenti, Italy Shade Parasols & Aero Bar Stools from EMU, Italy Farols Square & Verticals with Brasero from Gandia Blasco, Spain ICC Marriot - Pune Products: Butaca 356 with Mesa 356 from Gandia Blasco, Spain

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12 Tribù, of Belgian origin, is one of the world’s leading brands of exclusive, high-end outdoor furniture. It was one of the pioneers in the early 90s, to view the terrace and the garden as an extension of the house. Tribù stands for discreet luxury, a passion for contemporary, but pure and timeless design, durable, high-quality materials, exceptionally fine details and finish, innovation in use of materials, ergonomic seating comfort and lastly, a family company where respect and ethics are more than mere words. “Tribù’s style fits well with what I’m working towards in my architectural projects. No spectacular loud furniture, but a lasting, timeless line with an eye for detail. We share a love of pure forms and flowing lines and dare to go a step further technologically. Tribù’s unique technological know-how is a welcome added value in the development of the collection. Thanks to the special technique of injecting aluminum, for example, the frame is completely seamless, which only enhances the design with flowing lines.” - Vincent Van Duysen TWINS – LUI AND ELLE This outdoor accessory with a primal look is made of one massive piece of teak. Cracks and even holes in the wood, bring about its charm, making every piece unique. The curve of the block is identical to the one of the Lui element, so they fit into each other, creating an organic unity. Designer: Nathalie Timmermans Material: Java Teak wood

NEUTRA Sober elegance and timeless simplicity. Belgian designer/architect Vincent Van Duysen designed the Neutra collection with a pronounced sense of detail. The frame of the chair has a triangular profile that creates the illusion of an extra thin line and is completely weld-less. Designer: Vincent Van Duysen Material: Aluminium with Batyline or Belmadur seat.

TORCH This elegant flambeau is a real eyecatcher in style with its flowing lines. The torches come in three different heights (40, 80, 120 cms) and will make your winter evenings with friends and family more cozy! Designer: Nathalie Timmermans Material: The torch is made of stainless steel and burns bio-ethanol

NATAL TEAK – TABLE AND CHAIRS The Natal collection is an absolute bestseller. It combines functionality with impeccable class and a strong charisma. Designer: Wim Segers Material: Stainless steel with Plantation teak

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9 RECENT PROJECTS 1. Hotel de la Palaya, Valencia, Spain Product: Round Collection Brand: Emu, Italy 2. LA COQUILLADE, GARGAS, FRANCE Products: Terra armchairs, Terra loungers and Picass tables Brand: Tribù, Belgium



3. Hilton Double Tree, Milano, Italia Product: Ivy, Heaven, Round Brand: Emu, Italy 4. Maratabi Safari Company, South Africa Product: Casual Collection Brand: Tribù, Belgium 5. Marina Bay, Singapore Product: 356, Cama Chill Brand: Gandia Blasco, Spain 6. Hotel Thalatta, Agia Anna, Greece Product: Ivy Brand: Emu, Italy



7. La Réserve, Ramatuelle, France Product: Forum loungers Brand: Tribù, Belgium 8. Private Villa, Phuket, Thailand Product: 356, Clip, Lipstick Brand: Gandia Blasco, Spain 9. Haneda Airport, Tokyo Product: Nao-Nao, Merendero Brand: Gandia Blasco, Spain


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ACHIEVEMENTS NEW PRODUCTS GOOD DESIGN AWARD, 2009 - HAVEN, PAOLA LENTI, ITALY Shalimar, EMU, ITALY The Shalimar collection is the great innovation of the Classic line inspired by the wrought-iron works of Moroccan art that adorn imperial residences. Shalimar consists of an armchair, a sofa, a low table and a partition: a modular structure enabling all sorts of solutions. It is available in two colours: black and Indian brown. Designer: Chiaramonte / Marin Material: Painted Steel

Canvas, Paola lenti, italy Sofa and platform for outdoor environments. Seat and back cushions with fully removable cover are available in materials and fabrics suited to remain outdoors. Designer: Francesco Rota Material: Aquatech or Rope interwoven on metal frame


Sahara Planters Lacquered, GANDIA BLASCO, SPAIN After the success of 'Red Dot' awardwinning Sahara planters with light, Gandia Blasco introduces Sahara in lacquered finish. These Plant pots Sahara, can be converted into low tables, poufs and stools. Designer: Pablo Girones Material: Roto moulded polyethylene



The stools, suitable for street or commercial projects, are available in four colors - white, warm grey, tobacco and black.

Mellow is designed with maximum regard to ease of use, cleaning and disposal, removable cushions suitable for outdoors and removable upholstery covers, available in practical, resistant and machine washable fabrics. The homogeneity of the materials used to produce each single component of the sofa simplifies any eventual disposal procedure.

Designer: Hector Serrano Material: Made of roto-moulded polyethene

Designer: Francesco Rota Material: Steel with light fabric, Luz or Rope T

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Pattern, EMU, ITALY


The first one-piece moulded and shaped outdoor chair made entirely of completely recyclable steel was made thanks to an innovative hightech method, making an important evolution for EMU in its approach to metal. Pattern was devised as a structural idea of transparency and lightness, immersed in the landscape, that suggests barely sketched outlines.

Minimalism with a playful twist, the Mirthe collection has everything that goes with a typical Tribù furniture piece: pure, clean lines, timelessness. Very particular are the legs which are welded seamlessly in the length in an angle of 90° and are actually integrated in the table top. The table top has curved edges which gives the table a soft look.

Designer: Arik Levy Material: Steel

Designer: Fabiaan Van Severen Material: 6 mm plate aluminium

11/22/10 6:19:37 PM



INSTILLING PASSION FOR A DIFFERENT LIFESTYLE! vis à vis Living presents a range of fresh, modern and exotic outdoor furniture from world-famous premium brands - EMU, Gandia Blasco, Paola Lenti and Tribù; that cater to the requirements of all your outdoor spaces. With the superannuation of cane furniture, and advancement in technology, you can now choose from an array of materials – be it wood, plastics, steel, aluminum, processed fabric and other man-made synthetic or processed materials. The introduction of better technology for processing of different materials permits these companies to craft innovative and fashionable pieces that are durable, easy to maintain and are good investments in the long run.

AQUATECH Aquatech is Paola Lenti’s high performance yarn made of a polyamide yarn that, through several processing phases, results in the appearance of natural straw. Aquatech is resistant to environmental factors, and it is treated to be water and oil repellent. The several colours available are resistant to UV rays, sea and swimming pool water.

FLEX Flex derives from a material that is used in its many variations by several different industries and that is transformed by Paola Lenti into a design product. Permeability to both air and water and fast drying time are among Flex’s most impressive features. The colored external surfaces, resistant to atmospheric agents and to UV rays, are an integrating part of the cushion.

TEAK Teak is pre-eminently the most suitable species of wood for outdoor furniture. It is an exotic hardwood with a high rubber and oil content, giving it extreme longevity, so it can be used outdoors without extra treatment. Untreated teak will acquire a silvergrey patina through water ingress and exposure to sunlight.

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Canax® is a brand-new composite material for which Tribù has exclusivity. It is a unique combination of natural hemp fibres and plastic. The hemp gives the material a completely natural feel and appearance. The PVC makes Canax® completely resistant to outside influences and resistant to rust and frost, UV-resistant and colourfast. Throughout its entire growth hemp absorbs large quantities of CO2, thus influencing the greenhouse effect in a positive way.

ALUMINIUM Aluminium is a malleable and ductile metal (the second most ductile and the sixth most malleable). Its typical resistance to corrosion and oxidation due to a thick layer of Alumina that forms on its surface when it is exposed to air and its characteristic low weight, make it an important resource for industry, used in multiple applications and in particular in the production of outdoor furnishings. Also used in anodised and thermo-lacquered forms.

BATYLINE The textiles of Batyline® have provided the best technical and long-lasting solutions for more than 15 years now. Batyline® is ideal for near the swimming pool or the sauna. The combination of polyester and PVC makes it very strong and resistant to tearing. The regularity of the fabric also helps the furniture to keep its shape.

CERAMICS Ceramics have been used for centuries for all kinds of purposes. More recently the technology has evolved so rapidly that large surfaces can be made with ceramics. Table tops in ceramics are thus a brand-new application of a material that has stood the test of time. With their unique characteristics ceramics are ideally suited as basic material for table tops. They are completely UV-resistant, frost proof, extremely scratchproof and completely stain-repellent.

Italian Porphyry Italian Porphyry is a natural stone which is exceptionally durable, very hard (high resistance to pressure) and resistant to abrasion. Porphyry is also practically impermeable and has no capillaries, making the growth of moss and fungi on the stone quite impossible. Dirt (also oil and grease) is completely washed away by natural weather conditions over the course of time. Each table top is unique.

11/22/10 6:19:44 PM

US RECENT PROJECTS Hospitality The Oberoi, Gurgaon & Mumbai Trident, Gurgaon & Mumbai Westin, Gurgaon, Pune & Mumbai Hyatt Regency, Pune ICC Marriott, Pune Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai Langham Place, Pune Crowne Plaza, Ahmedabad & New Delhi Pullman, Gurgaon The Park, Hyderabad & Kolkata Hans Plaza, Gurgaon Jaypee Greens Golf Resort, Greater Noida Tapasya Hotel, Faridabad Taj Khazana, Goa Geoffrey-Park Plaza, Faridabad Kainoosh, New Delhi Dhaba – Claridges Hotel, New Delhi Underdogs Sports Bar, New Delhi Joy Luck Moon, New Delhi Unitech Grande, Noida Grand Hyatt, Goa ICC Mariott, Pune Infrastructure, Public Places Macawber Factory, Kasna Greater Noida Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi Retail Anmol Jewelers, Mumbai Chemistry, Mumbai & New Delhi Orra, New Delhi Monpri, New Delhi Patina Designs, Emporio New Delhi S.Oliver, New Delhi & Mumbai Art Galleries Miniature Paint Gallery (CSMVS), Mumbai JN Art Gallery, Mumbai Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai Krishna Art Gallery, Mumbai Gallery 7, Mumbai Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai Vadehra Art, New Delhi Rimari Art Gallery, New Delhi Façade & Landscape Hiranandani Ventura, Mumbai Lodha Belisimo, Mumbai Lodha Costiera, Mumbai Bharat Diamond Bourse, Mumbai Akruti Nirman, Mumbai IREO Water Front, Ludhiana Offices Sun TV Network Corporate Office,Chennai GMS Motors, BKC Mumbai Suzlon, Pune Unitech INFRA, Gurgaon Yahoo Office, Mumbai Natraj Studio, Mumbai K2 India (Architecture Studio), New Delhi FireStone Diamond, Mumbai Warden House, Mumbai Marathon Office, Mumbai Boeing Office, Bangalore INITTO Office, Gurgaon Indorama Office, Gurgaon Plus High End Private Residences

Registered Office: vis à vis India Pvt. Ltd., 90 New Manglapuri, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, New Delhi 110030, India T +91 11 41838037/39 F +91 11 41838038 Experience Centre Delhi: vis à vis Micasa Farm, Khasra No.622, Maidangarhi Road, Chattarpur, New Delhi 110030, India T +91 11 26302678/79 F +91 11 26302778 Experience Centre Mumbai: Gauri Kunj (Kishore Kumar Villa), Kishore Kumar Ganguly road, Off Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai 400052, India T +91 22 33410360/61/62/63 F +91 22 33410364



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