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Vira-lata, adj (animal) without defined breed. Vira: to change direction: v1. to place in direction or previous opposite position. 2. (to make) to take direction to. 3. to place head upside down. 4. to go to (a road that returns or turns). 5. to place the inside outside. 6. to move around oneself center. 7. to effort to overcome trouble or reach goals. 8. to suffer disturbance, to change. 9. to transform Vira-lata was born during our stay in Vila Matos, Salvador de Bahia, BR (2004). It is an open project, where whole format fits and doesn’t exist a unique or lineal process, but a concept and ways of work with a common base. Vira-lata is two people working together. Pretends to show things that “change direction”, that have different views, by investigation of different artistic areas such illustration, design, art street... Talking about a “Vira-lata”, we refer to an attitude, we try to learn from.