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Viper Equity Partners

Palm Beach, FL, United States

Viper Equity Partners is America’s leading growth transition consultation firm in the dentistry and plastic and cosmetic surgery industries. We support all businesses ranging from dental, health and cosmetics in order to help support you in every effort of consolidation, putting you on the best path to find success within your business. Viper Equity Partners also offers comprehensive marketing plans for great opportunities within their network. With Viper Equity Partners, you can enjoy the benefits of established relationships with finance partners, banks, equity firms, lawyers, and more. This ensures that clients enjoy mutually beneficial results through their partnerships. They are led by their fearless leader, David C. Branch, who has many years of experience. With every single practice-owning plastic surgeon receiving a consult before we contract with them, and from our high integrity, efficiency, and our one-of-a-kind, value-creation approach, our closing rate of 97% speaks for itself. Learn more at


What Are Med Spas?

October 26, 2022