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JUNE 2018

Cities Developing Night Time Economies Allan McGowan More and more Cities throughout the world are

These moves are making life better for venues, artists

developing their music scenes as part of what is

and audiences. VIP will report on progress as we receive

being instituted and supported by national and local

information, such as this press release from Greater

authorities to strengthen both cultural and economic

Manchester, and the new guide on this important topic

growth under the heading of the Night Time Economies.

from Sound Diplomacy.

Plans to Strengthen Greater Manchester’s Music Scene Radical new plans to strengthen Greater

Granada Studios - Allied London’s new St

by three chairs: Inspiral Carpets legend Martyn

Manchester’s music scene, from established

John’s development.

Walsh, former Sony UK CEO Ged Doherty

artists to up-and-coming musicians of all genres, have been revealed.

- who also chairs the British Phonographic The review will look into Greater Manchester’s

Industry and the Brits, and Karen Boardman,

musical strengths, as well as where the music

Co-Director Crisis Management LLP.

Working alongside UK Music and a panel of

scene can be improved, ensuring that artists

experts, Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy

are supported to develop sustainable careers


Burnham has set up a major review to see

where everyone can access music in a safe

Burnham said: “Greater Manchester has

how the city-region’s thriving scene can be

and inclusive way.

led the way when it comes to British music,

nurtured, encouraged and refreshed.





producing some of the greatest bands this Building on Greater Manchester’s incredible

country has ever known from Oasis to The

Over the next six months, voices from

music heritage, the review will support bands

Stone Roses, as well as being home to

across the music industry will be asked

of all cultures and backgrounds including

internationally-renowned orchestras.

share their views and experiences of

our well-defined indie legacy to music of

Greater Manchester’s music culture as

black origin, brass bands and orchestras.

part of these exciting plans, which were unveiled at Low Four Studios part of Old

“The music greats of our past inspire young musicians of today. We must build on this,

UK Music will lead on the review, supported

beyond the already well-defined indie legacy, to truly embed culture and the arts in the heart of our communities and give future generations the opportunities to fulfil their creative potential. “This review will enable us to support artists, businesses and audiences of all genres so that they are able to get more out of creating the music they love.” UK Music publishes annual reports on the

Andy Burnham


economic contribution of music. The 2017 Measuring Music report revealed that the

VIP News Premium - June 2018  

VIP-News is emailed monthly to more than 20.000 Entertainment Industry Professionals all over the world.

VIP News Premium - June 2018  

VIP-News is emailed monthly to more than 20.000 Entertainment Industry Professionals all over the world.